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my coworker brianwhen my husband left for his first tour, i was working for a credit union. the tellers pretty much were split between the teller line and the drive thru. don’t know what really kept the two sides separate, but that’s the way it was. anyway, out in the drive thru it was me, traci, alicia and brian. things were normal for the first month or so until one day traci, brian and i were in the drive thru and we were playing a modified form of truth or dare… well, there wasn’t much in the dare column cause we were working. traci asked brian which one of the tellers he’d like to kiss most. he said traci… i was a little offended cause i’m way better looking, but okay, whatever… then her next turn, she asked him who he would like to sleep with… and he said me. well, guess that’s a bit of a redemption. anyway, that kind of set things rolling but i really didn’t think so at the time. the game went on for a little longer and we kept playing over the next few weeks off and on.i was getting antsy not having rob around to play with, and more and more i was thinking about brian when i was taking care of myself. so, along with the game, i started to flirt more and more… asking more questions playing the game, lingering glances, little harmless touches that started lasting longer and stuff. after a couple weeks of this and not having any real sex, i was in a bad way. brian and i were scheduled to work together that saturday so i was ramping things up through the week. leading questions, more touching, wearing skirts instead of pants… well, on saturdays the drive thru is the only part of the bank that was open so it was me, brian, and one of the bank officers who had to open the door and vault and then close everything up again, but he never came out to the drive thru area so i knew i had from 8:30 to noon to play around. i wore a black sundress with matching sheer thong and lacey demi-bra with spaghetti straps and a light, white sweater. We were allowed to come in jeans on weekends, but i wanted to get things started and tease him early. We got our tills and got things open… i knew this would be a good time because the weekends were always slow except for the atm. we went through our opening checklist and he kept finding reasons to get close and touch or rub against me. just what i wanted.we started playing our little truth or dare game again. i asked him why he wanted to kiss traci but screw me. he told me something about having kissed her before so it was possible and with me being married he didn’t think i would, but that he didn’t think he would get to sleep with either one of us so he chose me. guess that made me a little happier . it was his turn, and he asked me what i had on under my dress. So I told him. the next time i stepped things up, and said dare. he dared me to show him my panties. so i stepped out of site of the window and raised my skirt flashing him my panties and the briefest glimpse of my pussy. i asked him if he wore boxers or briefs, and he said boxer briefs… mmmm… he asked me how much i shaved… he had to roll his tongue back into his mouth when i told him i was baby smooth. a member drove up and needed something other than just cash so i had to step out of the line of the window and put my back to it. brian came up behind me and wrapped his hands around me to pick up some other paperwork pressing himself against me pinning me to the counter and took a deep sniff of my hair. so as not to keep the person waiting, i thrust my hips back into him which he loved… he let me by to go back and finish the transaction. then we stopped playing the game and started getting serious. out of the view of the window, i started by again sliding my dress up my legs and showing him my panties, then flashed my barely bra clad boobs. another member came up and brian started working on him. i reached up under my dress and slipped my panties off and tossed them onto the desk in front of him. then i sat in the chair just to the side of brian and being careful to keep the guy in the drive thru from seeing what was going on, i worked my foot into his lap and could feel his growing bulge. He was barely able to finish the transaction. as soon as the guy drove off, brian turned toward me so my foot dropped further into his crotch and he ran his hand up my leg from my calf to just short of my ass trying to peek under my dress. i dropped my foot cutting off his advance and jumped from my chair to the far side of the room… i had my back to him but turned my head enough to see him out of the corner of my eye. he crept up behind me like he was going to pounce, but he wrapped his arms under mine sliding his hands up my sides and along the outside canlı bahis şirketleri swell of my breasts before coming around the front to cup them and then let them slip back down across my tummy, lower abdomen and mound of my pubic bone. he could feel every curve through the thin fabric, and i could feel him growing harder as he pressed his hard dick against my ass.just as he was about to run his hands between my thighs, the bell dinged and another car pulled up. damn!!! it was funny watching him try to walk back to his station without the person in the drive thru noticing his hard on. looking at the clock i was relieved to see it would be the last member of the day. i was beyond horny and needing more than a touch, i needed to get him in me and get fucked. but first, we had to go through the end of day processes and put our stuff up and try to pretend nothing was going on so the other guy would notice anything. i was rather worked up and edgy by the time we locked the door. brian had my panties in his pocket and we walked to our vehicles, parked side by side. he got into his car and i leaned down to the window which he promptly rolled down as i was showing a lot of cleavage. i leaned into the open window and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said ‘i guess i don’t have to tell you to follow me home do i?’ he shook his head no and quickly started up the engine. i went to my x-terra and got in feeling very horny dropping my sweater into the passenger seat. it was only about a ten minute drive to the house with the lights, but i wanted to keep myself worked up so i was rubbing myself through my soft dress trying to keep the tension building, not that i needed a lot of coaxing. getting to the house, i opened the garage with the auto opener. i rolled in behind rob’s tahoe and parked in the driveway motioning for brian to park in the garage. it wouldn’t do for the neighbors to see a strange car in the driveway all night… i got out and followed him into the garage and lead him into the house. no sooner were the doors closed than his hands were on me again. it felt so good to have manly hands on me, roaming my body up and down from behind. he cupped my breasts and started kissing the side of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. he slipped a finger under each side of my bra and lightly pulled to each side letting the straps fall off my shoulders. his lips followed the path of the straps giving my goose bumps… he didn’t need to seduce me but he was doing a damn fine job of it and i wasn’t about to stop him. his hands made their way from my breast down my ribs and across my stomach to meet and farther down to lightly rub across the top of my pantiless pussy before briefly pushing between my legs… my knees went slightly weak putting more of my weight on his hands and my pussy… god it felt great to have someone else touching me there. brian moved his hands again after just a few moments. raising back up my sides and to the back of my dress he gripped the zipper and teasingly slow pulled it down so that my dress slipped off, leaving me only in my bra which was half off. i turned and pressed into him giving him a long deep kiss. his hard-on was evident and i was eager to get him naked as well. he deftly worked my bra with one hand and undid the binds that held my breasts from him. i broke the kiss after a minute and stepped back letting him hold the front of my bra and slipping it from my arms. i stood naked before him letting him take in the sight as I did a slow modeling turn… i could see by the look in his eye he appreciated what was before him and he wanted to get into my body as much as i wanted him to be.i turned to head out to my bedroom and with my best come fuck me look i turned over my shoulder and motioned for him to follow me… it didn’t take a second motion before he was on my ass… literally… he pinched my butt cheeks and i sauntered through the living room, and down the short hall to the bedroom. once there, i turned and kissed him again. he was a great kisser. our tongues dancing around each other’s mouths in a wet tango, making me more horny and slick between my legs. i untucked his shirt and broke our kiss to pull it over his head, he wasn’t the most buff guy, but he was in good shape non-the-less… nice chest barely showing abdominals and the man v that i love to see on a guy. i started kissing him again and undid his pants letting them pool around his ankles. He picked me up and flopped on the bed with me on top of him, pressing my boobs into his chest and my legs open across his hips, the only thing separating me from my goal was the thin fabric of his boxer briefs. i lifted myself up so i was straddling perabet giriş his hard dick and began flexing my hips forward and back long the length, teasing both of us in the process before dropping back down to his chest and sucking one nipple then the other, trying to give him the electric butterflies i was feeling. i moved to the side so my mouth could trace his splendid body down across his stomach across his hips and then to tugging at his drawers, freeing his hard schlong. it was bigger and better than i thought… about 10 inches long, nearly three fingers wide and cut. my mouth started to water as i knew I had to suck this magnificent cock.i wrapped my hand around it just barely able to touch my slender fingers to my thumb and lightly stroked this monster. feeling the heat and light twitching as my hand rode up and down its length. i leaned in and kissed the tip of his cock and let my tongue swirl around the hole in the end. keeping my tongue out, i licked and kissed from one side underneath to the other and began doing this down the length of his rigid member. he took the opportunity to reach around my leg and really feel my pussy for the first time. stroking his finger up and down my lips and along my ass, i was slick to his touch as he continued to work me up. i kissed and licked at his balls before coming back to the top and sucking the head into my mouth… i had to stretch wide to fit the bulbous tip in, but it was well worth the fight my tongue was having for space in my mouth… i started pumping him again with my hand working some precum out of his cock… i love the taste anyway, but his was sweeter than most, or maybe it was just because i was deprived for so long. either way, i was feeling like i was in for a treat. i took as much of him into my mouth as possible and then worked him a bit into my throat… i tried not to gag, but he was just a bit too big for that… most time it’s not an issue, but he was well hung to say the least. my other hand busied itself playing with his heavy balls, lightly scratching at the skin feeling them move around on their own. he began tugging at my leg and i knew what he wanted… i was more than happy to give it to him. i wiggled around and threw one leg over his head and exposed my slippery pussy to his face.he wasted no time, using his hands to spread my cheeks and his thumbs to open my lips so he could lick deep into me… i almost came the second his tongue touched me. he started at my clit and worked up… his tongue danced around my inner and out lips, penetrating into me, darting in and out, sucking at my lips and clit. he wiggled a little and licked at my puckered ass sending new waves of euphoria through my body. he had me so excited i started bobbing my head faster and pumping my hand up and down his shaft… i wanted him to cum… i wanted to taste it and feel the power of it. but he held out… he was lasting longer than rob ever did when i sucked his dick. my jaw was starting to hurt from being stretched open so far, but i was determined to keep at it. the faster i worked his cock, jerking him off into my mouth, the more he would focus on my clit and sucking on my lips. he ended up winning the struggle and i came before he did with a wild moan of ecstasy that was muffled by all the man meat in my mouth. my hips bucked wildly on his face and chest as he struggled to control my legs clamped around his ears, but i managed to keep him firmly lodged in my mouth… i was going to taste his baby batter. after several more minutes of sucking and pumping, he let me know he was about to cum… such a gentleman… i backed off to the head and sucked hard to draw the cum out of him. i was rewarded a few moments later by the first jets of warm jizz splattering across my tongue and rocketing down my throat. it was salty and sweet at the same time. i loved the taste of his cum. i swallowed as fast as possible, but was having trouble containing all of it… some dribbling out of my mouth and down onto my hand. after about ten good spurts, his spasms slowed and i pulled my aching mouth from his still rigid cock.turning around to face him, i kissed him deeply, something rob would never have let me do, tasting myself on his tongue while letting him taste the remnants of his juice on mine. i lay with my leg over his, cuddling for a short time feeling the post orgasmic bliss wash over be before looking down to see that he had lost nothing in size or strength after cumming in my mouth. yes!! time to get that thing where it really belongs i thought… i slipped my body on top of his and pressed myself up to a sitting position with his hard cock against my back… i raised up and reached between my perabet güvenilir mi legs to grasp his penis and guide it to my opening, still slick with his saliva and my lubricant, which was good because i was going to need some help getting this thing into me. i adjusted a few times to get the right angle and slowly slid down his pole. it took me several minutes of working it up and down before finally getting up the courage to just drop the last few inches onto him and fully impale myself… sitting on my haunches with his full length into me i felt so full… like he was in my tummy from the inside… it was sheer joy knowing i was going to get fucked proper by this man. i started rocking my hips a little, feeling him slide in and out slightly, then rotated them feeling him move around inside me, pressing against all of my inner walls. stretching me. uuuuhhhhh…. the sound of satisfaction escaped my lips. his hands began to wander up my legs to my sides before pulling me down to suck on my nipples. i was loving life at that moment… brian sucking my nipples as i slid up and down his inflexible b**st. my ass bouncing off his thighs as i bottomed out, feeling his full length pushing against my back wall time and time again. i alternated between riding him up and down at a full fuck and slowly sliding down to grind my clit against the bone above his hard cock. lightly scr****g my breast against his chest teasing him, feeling him grope and knead my tits or sucking my sensitive nipples. i was driving for another orgasm and it was feeling great… i didn’t want it to end. i fucked him cowgirl style for at least 30 minutes before he stopped me… he rolled over to be on top of me and pushed back at the opening to by inner most secrets again. i spread my legs wider for him than i could while i was riding him, bending them at the knees so my toes pointed to the ceiling, and he sank deeper into me, pushing against my cervix… it hurt a little, but loved it at the same time. i was going to be sore later, but in a good way and it didn’t matter at that moment. he bottomed out with his balls hanging against my ass. i rolled my hips up and locked my legs behind his back giving him more leverage to pummel my pussy into submission… making me want him to fill me with his cum.he started pumping his wonderful piston in and out of me like a car engine in high gear. my tits began a rhythmic motion in time with his thrusting. his pubic bone smashing into mine over and over again. the ridge of his cock head scr****g against my engorged gspot each time he pulled out only to force his way back into me pushing the air out of my lungs in breathless delight. i couldn’t help myself and came a second time… shaking, spasming and moaning out like a whore in heat. he raised up on his legs to a semi squatting position with his butt just over his feet and pulled me to him so that the entirety of his dick head was pushing against the front wall of my pulsating pussy, extending my orgasm. he continued to thrust into my sopping pussy, the sounds and smell of sex permeated the air. i was a whore in heat, fucking another man in my marriage bed… i really didn’t care at that point, i just knew i wanted him to keep fucking me with that magnificent cock. he came back up my body with my legs still wrapped tightly around him, sucking and nibbling at my tits, pushing them together and letting them fall aside before putting his hands on either side of my head and going into over drive. like a jockey riding in the derby, he spurred himself on, i knew he was in the final stretch… after several minutes of this exercise, he thrust in a final time holding himself in place and unleashing a torrent of his cum into my ravaged pussy. he had unleashed a large load in my mouth and i expected he would not be so full, but his balls were still heavy and jet after jet of thick ropy cum flooded my void beyond capacity and i could feel it squishing out around the tight seal between cock and pussy and sliming its way down my ass and onto the bed spread.brian collapsed on top of me after a full minute of cumming in me… his breath ragged in my ear, a sheen of sweat covered both our bodies. his chest squishing my ample tits beneath him. i could feel the contractions of his stomach as he worked to control his breathing. with his breathing returning to normal we started making out like horny teens with his cock still embedded in my body. how i relished the feeling of being so full. eventually he pulled out of me leaving a gaping hole where my pussy lips usually come together. i felt empty without him in me, but knew it would not be long before we were going at it again… this was a rest stop in a marathon weekend of sex.we had sex off and on for several months until he got a steady girlfriend… lucky girl… but rob would be coming home soon and i needed to let myself tighten up again so i would be fresh for him. but, i will always have the memories of those times with brian.

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