My first bi-guy (part 2) – a true story.

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My first bi-guy (part 2) – a true story.This is the second part of my true story, if you haven’t read part 1, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find it here: excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words that may pop out at you – oh, the joys of being a dyslexic cnut! Setting the scene – so, I am working away from my old home town, living in a shared house, and my old mate Simon is visiting & staying for the weekend. Last night, Friday, we both shared our first bi experience with each other, but it didn’t go as well as it could < this being a massive under-statement, it was a bloody disaster! Anyway, Saturday morning and my housemate tells us he’s off camping, so we will have the house to ourselves tonight, which is handy. Simon’s grandparents live about 30 miles up the road, so he’s off to visit them today, which leaves me with plenty of time to make some plans for tonight.First things first, I need to head into town and get some poppers from the sex shop, and this was in the days before the fun-police banned Amyl Nitrate in the UK, so proper old-school poppers not the crap that you get nowadays. My porn collection was just a few wank-mags, and tonight I was expecting to be a bit special, so I decided to invest in a couple of hardcore videos too. I so wanted to get some gay or at least bi videos, but the thought of my housemate or someone else discovering them, freaked me right out. So, I settled on a couple of gangbang compilations, so at least there would be a high proportion of fit guys & big cocks to check out.That mission sorted, next was a trip out to a local farm to see a contact that could sort me out with something nice to smoke, I certainly didn’t want to drink much tonight, but wanted something to help us both relaxed. I asked him if by any chance he had anything special, because [little white lie here] I’ve got an old girlfriend staying the weekend and I want her to enjoy her stay. Blow me, he had some magic mushrooms, again this was before the fun-police made them i*****l in the UK, left over from the last picking season and gave me about 100, refusing to accept any money for them & wishing me luck.I get home late afternoon, and decide to drag the spare mattress down from my bedroom, and put it front of the sofa, to give us a comfortable play area in front of the telly whilst the videos played-out. After that, I make myself a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy that and a nice smoke, first in a few weeks.At that moment, there’s a knock at the door, it was Simon, and I had this warm feeling come over me, God was I looking tokat escort forward to having fun with his lush body tonight.“Oh, something smells good”, says Simon.“Your timing is perfect, I’ve just lit it, here, you take that, and I’ll get you a cuppa.”Returning to the living room with his cup of tea, he says, “What’s the spare mattress doing down here?”“Well, I picked-up a couple of porn videos, so I thought it would be nice to get comfortable in front of the telly.”He smiles, I continue, “And, as a special treat I’ve managed to get some magic mushrooms, to help us relax even more.”“Fucking hell mate, you have certainly been plotting and planning”, he’s grinning like a Cheshire cat, and the twinkle has returned to his eyes, I can feel my heart rate increasing. Then he tries to throw a spanner into the works, as he says, “You know what, I am not sure about this, I mean I’ve never done anything like this before, I was seriously pissed last night, I don’t know if I actually want to do anything like that again, and basically, I don’t want to let you down.”Oh fuck, a bit of quick thinking is required here, to get things back of track, “Oh Simon, don’t worry, I am feeling the same, I am not sure about any of this, there’s something in me saying I want to try it, but I very nervous too.Look, here’ s what I suggest – we do the mushrooms, kick back & enjoy the trip with some good sounds. After the peak and we start coming down, I’ll put on the porn videos, and let’s see, well, what pops-up. Look if nothing happens, or we decide all we want to do is wank ourselves, that’s fine. I am not going to push myself onto you, and I am certainly not going to make you do anything you are uncomfortable with. How does that sound?”“Sounds cool to me.”I’ll fast forward to the moment I am ready to put the first video on……It was a hot evening, and I was feeling very hot….and fucking horny, so I suggested we get comfortable by striping down to our pants as I took off my t-shirt off and started to undo my jeans, pleased to see he was following my lead, we then both sat back on the sofa, I was a bit disappointed he decided to sit as far away from me as possible, but hey ho, early stages.We started to talk about the video, commenting on the fit bird enjoying six fucking fit & hot guys, I commented on a couple of the guys, but he was being a bit more reserved tonight. I kept glancing over at him, checking out his hot body and the growing bulge in his pants, but he was transfixed by the action on screen.“Fuck this, I need wank, OK with you if I drop my pants”, “sure” he replies, without even looking away from the screen. I was as hard as a rock, and started escort tokat very slowing wanking my think 7 inches, whilst fondling with my balls, checking him out more than what was happening on screen.At fucking last, he turns his head to look at what I am doing, he takes a long hard look at my cock, lasting for what seemed like ages, but was most likely only a minute or two, before finally looking up and giving me a grin, “I think I need a wank too”, he says, peeling off this pants and releasing his hard 6 inches of pleasure.We both wank for a few minutes, then I decide to make my move, I shifted along towards him a bit, and suggested we could wank each other. It was clear he wasn’t sure, this wasn’t going according to my plan at all. Suddenly, I had a light bulb moment, the poppers, I had totally forgotten about them, I reached for my jacket and pull out that little brown jar of joy.“Hey, Simon, I know you’re not sure about this, but I’ve got a proposal. Look, here’s the deal, I don’t expect you to do anything for me, I am happy just to wank myself, but I would love to go down on you. How about we both take a hit on this and I knee down between your legs, whilst you watch the film, and pretend it’s a bird giving you treat?”“You sure, you don’t expect me to return the favour? Only I am not sure I feel like it, and it seems a bit mean to receive, but not give.”“Hell yeah, I really want to try this, you only live once, and I like to try everything at least once, I am totally sure about this, totally happy to just wank whilst sucking you.”“OK”Thank fuck for that! I get into position, and take a small hit on the poppers, before handing them to Simon, I take hold of his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, and slowly bend forward, and start licking up and down his shaft and around his purple head. The poppers were working on him, the blood was building up in his cock, and I started taking his throbbing cock into my mouth.I started slowly, just a couple of inches, my tongue working on it, actually inside my mouth. Then slowly I started moving my mouth up & down on his beautiful shaft, taking just a little more into me after every few movements.He started groaning a little, I was clearly doing a good job, he slowly started to pumped me, his cock hit the back of my mouth, fuck, there’s that fucking gag reflex again. I pull back, grab the poppers, take four big hits, handing him the bottle, before getting back to work.Still I only had half his cock in me, simply not enough, I wanted it all. The poppers started to kick in, here was my chance, I had to take it, in went a little more, even more, and more again, until I finally tokat escort bayan took it all. Fuck you, gag reflex, the poppers sorted you out. I am bobbing down and down on his cock, and as the poppers hit him, he went wild, he grabbed the back of my head, and started pumping, I was in heaven.I was no longer having to do anything, but knell there, as he held my head, thrusting up from the sofa and down my throat, I was being face-fucked and loving every fucking minute of it.The poppers started to wear off, I pulled back, “give me those fucking poppers, and get on this fucking mattress, I want to get comfortable & totally give myself to you, and I want you to face-fuck me as hard as you can.” Jesus, where the fuck did those words come from?Simon looked shocked, oh I hoped I hadn’t freaked him, I took six massive hits on the poppers, handed the bottle back to him, positioned myself on the sofa, with my head hanging over the edge, and as he screwed the lid back on the poppers, proclaimed, “come on, fuck my face, give it to me, feed it to me, fuck my fucking brains out.” Again, where the fuck did these words come from? I was acting like a total slut, not a care in the world, except the need to swallow cock & cum.He moved forward, and thrusted his cock all the way into me, until my nose was embedded in his sack, and being a good boy, did exactly what I had asked, starting slowly, and gathering pace, pumping that cock in and out of my mouth & throat, he was like a wild man, and I was in heaven.Suddenly, I felt him tense a bit, his cock seemed to expand in me, he cried out, “Oh, fuck”, and with that I felt him start to unload in my mouth, as he thrust forward again, his cum was shooting straight into my throat, whilst some was leaking from my lips onto my face.His body was shaking, as the last of his juices exploded into my mouth, he tasted so fucking good. He pulled out & collapsed onto the mattress, I rolled off the sofa, and went to work licking up whatever cum I could, this was why too good to waste. Just as I had finished cleaning him up, he regathered himself, and proclaims, “Oh fuck, this has gone too far, way too far”, as he grabs the sheet and pulls it over himself.I just started laughing, “what the fuck are you laughing at?”“Well, you, too far? It was the logical conclusion, you fucked a face, and emptied your sack into it, fucking perfect conclusion, as far as I am concerned.”He smiled, well that was something, but I feared that was the end of the evening’s entertainment, as he pulled the sheet over his head & curled up under it. That made me go soft, I crawled under the sheet, without getting too near to him, and curled-up with my back to him.Was it the end?Hell no, there’s a part 3 to come.If you liked this, please click the like button below, and if you are registered on here, please leave a comment – your feedback encourages me to continue writing-up my experience.

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