My first job

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My first jobI was off school, I had just had my braces removed that morning, and would have preferred to go to school and show off my clean teeth, maybe the other guys in my class would stop ribbing me now. I could hear my daddy on the phone down stairs, he sounded a little pissed. I realised he was doing his best for the two of us, since my mom had left. He had been working in construction but lost his job just a couple of after paying for my braces. Mom was a high school teacher and when our family income reduced she seemed to lose interest in both daddy and I. finally she walked out on us and moved in with one of her ex students. Daddy was doing any work he could find until a few months ago, when he told me he’d started his own business, but he wouldn’t say what sort of business.I found daddy in the kitchen, the phone sitting on the table, daddy was looking worried so I asked him what’s wrong.“I’ll be honest dear, my new business, it’s a dance troupe, and we have a show tonight but our assistant has just cried off, she’s one of the dancer’s wives and something has come up, so I looks like we’ll have to cancel, I’m not sure how we will be able to give back all the ticket money”“I can help Daddy, if you need an assistant, I’ll do it”“Erm, I’m not sure, you’re only fifteen, and the type of dancing is not really suitable for girls your age, particularly not my daughter.”“But if it’s the only way Daddy, you know I’d do anything for you”He thought for a while, he knew it was the only way the show could go on, “Ok then, but promise me you will never tell anyone especially your mom, and if anyone asks, tell them you’re eighteen, make sure you wear some make up!. Normally Dave’s wife does it for us, but I’m sure you’ll be ok. And finally if you feel anyway uncomfortable tell me and we can cancel, Ok?”I nodded, a sense of excitement ran through me, I was growing up, I was about to start my first job.We arrived at the venue, posters at the front of the building said – tonight – “The Passion boys”, Ladies only. Strictly over 18. We found the back stage area, and I was introduced to the guys, Dave was about daddy’s age and very muscular, tall with dark hair, Brett was the youngest, he was blonde, tall and very athletic, while Todd was afro American about 30 I’d guess and very handsome. The guys were setting up the small room, as daddy introduced me, and explained the situation, there were portable curtains that made two private areas, one was for changing in and the other had a not stuck to it saying “Private area please knock”My job was to make sure the costumes were ready, and that there were plenty of drinks, loads of water and beer. As I was getting the drinks organised, the four guys got changed, each dressed as a cop, but each seemed nervous. I could hear the hall outside filling and when the music began daddy and his troupe ran on stage to loud cheers.When the first song ended all four arrived back in the changing area, in just tight boxers, and their police uniforms in their arms. Daddy’s dance troupe was strippers!For the next few songs each guy took it in turns to perform a solo routine, I wished I could watch, but from the changing room I could see nothing. Each guy went out dressed as a construction guy or something like that and returned just wearing a thong. They had an interval, and as they all sat and had a beer daddy asked me was I comfortable with everything, I was happy to say yes, so the show went on.The four dancers got dressed for the next part, I noticed each one was wearing a tight thong, and seemed to be nearly bursting from their underwear, I was proud to see daddy’s package was at least as big as the rest. Just as they were about to go onto stage, the audience were shouting for more, but Brett shouted out of the changing room, “I cant go on I cant get hard”. daddy looked through the curtains and suggested he skip this dance and take some “private time” at which Brett went in behind the other curtain.The noise outside was nearly deafening but I could make out moans and groans coming from the area Brett was in. I peeked through the curtain and on a TV screen I could see a film of two people having sex, as I looked around the curtain, I could see Brett had his costume around his ankle and had his penis in his hand. He was stroking it up and down, but kastamonu escort it didn’t look like it was getting hard for him. After a few minutes he appeared from behind the curtain, and taking a peek at his costume I guessed watching the film hadn’t worked. Brett looked embarrassed so I asked him if I could help.“I wish you could, but that wouldn’t be right, normally there are some of the audience you can focus on, that are em hot, but tonight’s audience are all quiet old.” he said.“What would you normally do if this happens?” I asked“Well Dave’s wife would normally …… Erm …. Help …..but”I said “look don’t be embarrassed, I’m here to do whatever you guys need, just tell me, I have to make sure the show goes on that’s why I’m your assistant”“I need to get hard” he said“How can I make you hard”He seemed very annoyed and pulled down his pants and thong, his penis was soft but it was the first real penis I had ever seen. He tugged it a bit, but it didn’t react. I had seen a clip on a website once and my mind raced to what I had seen, I knelt in front of him, and with the crowd outside ringing in my ears, I put my fingers around his penis, I lifted it to my mouth and closed my lips around it. As I ran my tongue around the cock, as if I was French kissing a boy, I felt it grow in my mouth. Gripping the base I began to slide it in and out of my mouth, my lips puckered and my tongue caressing the hardening cock. The more I sucked and licked the harder he seemed to get. I could hear him moaning lowly as his cock slipped in and out of my mouth. Within a couple of minutes, he asked me to stop, he pulled his cock away from me, it looked huge as it fell from my lips. He pulled up his thong, struggled to stuff his cock inside the small triangle of material, and even pulling up his pants didn’t hide the huge bulge. As he ran out on to the stage to join the others, the crowd nearly erupted.I was alone, and my brain was going over what had just happened, not only had I seen my first cock, but I think I had given my first blow job, as I wondered was it good, I started to realise the effect it had on me. I could see my nipples had hardened, they were rubbing against my cotton bra, and poking through my tee shirt, and between my legs I could feel a warmth, as if hot liquid was leaking from me. It was the same sensation I experienced when I got a chance to masturbate, the warm juices escaping from my pussy, and soaking into my panties. The music was still playing, and the cheering was loud, so I sat on a chair and pulled my skirt up. I rubbed my panties between my legs, the dampness had soaked the crotch, then slipping my finger inside the cotton material, I felt the heat, my pussy seemed to be already open, as if waiting for my finger as I pulled the crotch aside. My light pubic hair was damp and matted to my pubic mound. I slipped my finger between my legs, as the women outside seemed to be screaming. The wetness poured from within, soaking my finger and my thighs. I lifted my finger to my mouth, the juice that coated my finger was quiet pleasant as I tasted it. I was so turned on, when I reached back down to my pussy I tried to get two fingers inside. My skirt was too tight, so I slipped my panties down to my ankles, and pulled my skirt over my waist. When I spread my legs over the arms of the chair, I was able to insert two fingers. My pussy felt full and the sensation I felt as I slid my fingers in and out was sensational. I knew this must be what sex fells like. I could feel a strange sensation build up deep inside me, my toes were curled up and I could feel every muscle in my body begin to tense. This was the same sensation I had only experienced once, it was the first time I had orgasmed, and I knew it was close.My whole body began to rock, as if I had no control, I was shaking but yet felt stiff, my fingers locked inside my pussy. I could not focus on anything, the only sense that seemed to work was my hearing, the crowd outside were even louder, as every other sense in my body was focused on my pussy, and the sensation deep inside it. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded my body, for several minutes I had lost control of myself.Finally my orgasm began to subside, my senses started to return, the pins and needles sensation that had gripped my body was disappearing, escort kastamonu my eyes began to focus, the cheering outside had reached a crescendo, and then I could hear daddy and the guys voices, they were getting closer. I dropped my legs from the arm rests, and reached down grabbing my panties I stuffed them in my pocket. Just as four naked men ran in to the room. Each holding their costume, and each with a full erection. I pulled off my glasses, to try and focus, Brett’s cock was huge, but Dave’s was thicker and Daddy’s was longer, but Toby’s was the biggest.None of the four seemed to notice me, they were giving each other slaps on the back and high fives, but watching their man meat, erect was restarting the sensations inside me. Toby was the first to speak, “We could do with your wife now Dave” the four laughed, then daddy looked at me and went bright red, his embarrassment was immediate as he realised I was sitting in the room, he had been so focused on the show that he had forgotten about me.The four men were approaching me, as he got closer daddy’s erection was beginning to subside, Dave spoke, “Brett, how did you get so hard so quickly for the last set?” his eyes turned to me then Brett, as Brett looked at me, his face made our secret obvious, it seemed to dawn on all four at the same time.“Guys, she’s my daughter, and she’s only fifteen”“You never said she was your daughter, and you told us she was eighteen” the rest said in unison.By now the four were surrounding me, Dave’s cock stood at a ninety degree angle from his body, about an inch from my face. “Daddy you told me I had to do anything to make sure the show goes on” I said then turning my face slightly I gently kissed the tip of Dave’s cock.His cock twitched, a drop of fluid appeared at the little hole on the tip, his whole body was covered in oil, but the drip of fluid seemed to shine, I stuck my tongue out, and took the little drip on my tongue, it didn’t taste too good, but his reaction told me he liked what I’d done.As I turned my head, Toby’s huge black cock was on my other side. I pulled my hands out of my pocket, my pink cotton panties fell to the floor. “Daddy you told me tonight was to be a secret, so I wont tell anyone” I kissed the tip of Toby’s cock, opening my mouth the head slipped between my lips, my mouth was open to its fullest and he barely fitted in. As if by an involuntary movement I felt my thighs part slightly, I could feel my dampness leaking from my pussy, the heat warming my thighs. I felt Dave’s hand on my shoulder, then on my breast. His hands were large and cupped my small breasts easily. I could feel my nipples erect and rubbing against my bra. I let Toby’s cock fall from my mouth, he stood hard and erect, his penis glistening with my saliva. At least two sets of hands pulled my tee shirt over my head, then I felt my bra being opened. I could see Brett moving forward, he knelt in front me, and his hands pushed my thighs apart. He planted soft kisses on my inner thighs, working his way up my legs and back down again. There was one mouth clamped to my small breast, the tongue flicking my hard nipple. Another hand was on the back of my head, directing my mouth on to a large black cock. Toby’s cock was back inside my mouth as his hand guided the tempo as I sucked him. The more I sucked the bigger he seemed to get, but the easier it seemed to be to take him in my mouth.I could feel Brett’s tongue, playing with my clit, then he pressed his tongue between my labia. Suddenly I felt my body tension, spasms rocking through my whole nervous system as my pussy was entered by someone else for the first time. My orgasm was intense and the person on my breast seemed to be biting my nipple, the slight pain just adding to my orgasm. As my orgasm began to subside I felt a rough finger being inserted into my pussy, the finger was much bigger than my own, and the effect it had on me meant another orgasm quickly followed.My third orgasm was beginning when Toby pulled his cock out of my mouth, I reached out, my hand covering the glistening head, as his cum shot from the tip, coating my palm in his hot sticky goo. Dave moved forward, his cock pressing against my mouth as I opened up to accept him. His cock felt solid in my mouth and quickly my tongue was flicking the underside kastamonu escort bayan of his erection and tracing the veins on his cock. By the time my third orgasm was fully released Dave was pulling out of my mouth, his hot sticky cum spraying on to my breasts and stomach, the hot stickiness drying into my skin quickly.Brett offered me his cock next, he was able to stand straddling the chair so his cock was straight in front of my face, I opened my mouth again, his cock was rock hard, and soon he was sliding it in and out of my mouth. The head was bulbous and I could taste a liquid leaking from him, as I sucked him I was trying to insert a finger into my pussy. Brett’s legs were in my way so I was just able to rub my hard clitoris. My pussy juices were leaking out I used them to lubricate me little bud. My finger was bringing me to yet another orgasm, I wanted to moan but Brett’s cock had filled my mouth and I could hear no noise coming out. The welcome release of another orgasm was building inside me, my muscles tensing all over my body, every inch of skin tingling, as the pulsation of nerves raced for my groin. As my body began to rock, I heard a loud gasp from Brett, then I felt a hot salty wad of cum hit the back of my throat, he tried to pull out of me, but I reached around and held him in my mouth. Each spray of his cum matched my own spasms in our joint orgasm. Eventually Brett’s cum stopped hitting the back of my throat, and as his cock softened it fell from my mouth. I had swallowed as much of his hot sticky cum as I could without gagging, so when his cock slipped out, the rest of his cum dribbled out on to my chin. My whole body felt sticky and hot from all the cum that soaked me.Three men were now satisfied, and as Brett moved away, daddy came into view. He was staring at me, his little girl, but the strange look on his face, and the size of his erection he had in his fist told me he wanted to cum too. “Remember daddy, I’m just your assistant tonight, and I hope your assistant has kept the best for last”With that three pairs of hands lifted me off the chair and moved me onto a small counter top. I pulled my legs up on to the counter, and my pussy was spread wide and open. Daddy approached, I reached out, and taking his cock between my fingers I guided it to my opening. As the tip touched my opening I felt my labia spread, as if welcoming him. My pussy was soaking with all my love juices and he gently prodded my small opening. Slowly my pussy seemed to spread, his cock was big, and my pussy had never received anything bigger than a finger. As his body got closer to mine, his cock filled me deeper, he was being slow and careful. At first I wondered if my pussy would be able to accept his manhood but I seemed to be able to spread wide enough, until he was all the way in. my pussy felt stretched, but the sensation was fabulous. Then he began to move, his hips causing his cock to slide in and out of me, his pace quickened as did his breathing. With each penetration I could feel my own body respond. Another orgasm was building, this time it felt even stronger than the previous ones, this time the penetration of daddy’s cock was making me feel even more responsive than previous. My whole body began to shake, daddy’s hips still rhythmically bouncing against me, his cock creating a void in my pussy, then filling it as he pushed his cock deep inside me. I could feel numerous hands holding me up, as all my strength seemed to be sapped from my body, I felt as if I was about to collapse. Wave after wave of orgasm ran through me, my moans and shouts getting louder. Then without warning daddy grunted, a wave of hot cum filled my pussy, my sensitive pussy could feel his cock pulsing inside me, as he filled me up. When he eventually pulled out of me, a flood of our cum juices dripped from me, I could see his cock shine with our natural lubricants, as more hot sticky cum soaked my body, my thighs and dripped onto the counter top.I was lifted off the counter top, and placed back on the chair, daddy’s cock was starting to soften, our juices dripping off it, I reached up and pulled him towards me, taking his cock between my lips I licked and sucked our juices off him, the mixture in juices was both salty and sweet, and I knew the taste was something I wanted to experience again.My body was lifeless and I had absolutely no energy, the four guys packed up all the gear and had to carry me to the car, still naked as we drove home, only my stained skirt still on. Each one, including my daddy saying I should come to more of their shows.

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