My Husbands first time (1). This is a true story

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My Husbands first time (1). This is a true storyHello and thank you for stopping by.I am Gabriel and my mission is to explore and try to understand my own sexuality and the sexuality of others, and have fun while doing that.My very first memory of anything remotely sexual or that gave me some weird but pleasurable feeling was while actually playing on the kitchen floor with my toy cars. Of course….One of my older female cousins walked over me to grab something from a counter and I looked upwards candidly.What a surprise when I realized that there was no actual bulge between her legs. This experience sent a strong tingling sensation down my spine, which I did not clearly understand at the time but felt both pleasurable and exciting.And of course I got an instantOf course I did have erections before this but I had never associated a hard on with some sort of attraction and I had always thought that these were things that happened at night and sometimes woke me up.It is something that women do not understand very well.I suppose, not having any sisters, I had never even imagined what female bits could look like and I presumed that we all had our dangling bits between our legs.However as time went on I realized that my little brother had a mind of its own, related to either arousal, sleep cycle, hunger and many other conditions could bring it up.Usually this tends to happen at inappropriate moments. And yes girls, it is not always caused by you and there is little you can do to prevent it from happening.It was then that I first realized that my penis was not only for getting rid of unwanted urine and sinking paper ships in the toilet but that he had a mind of his own, but we were bonded together and in stuck with each other for life. He needed my support.He had to have a name. So after much thinking and because he spends just over half his time flaccid I decided to call him ..It was not until a bahis firmaları lot later in my sexual development that I realized that some women could find squishy attractiveAlthough I have had all sorts of reactions when I introduce him to girlsorThe bottom line is that from that glorious day when I accidentally glanced at my cousin’s crotch onwards, I started liking to look at girls and women in general. I had a morbid curiosity to know what a woman looked like naked. I became an instant voyeur, trying to position myself in strategic locations where I could see more of what I was craving for.And although I tried my hardest, it was sometimes very difficult to see anythingand it could get me into giving difficult explanations.I also started imagining how a vagina would feel instead of my hand and started putting my squishy everywhere just to try it out…Until one day, I got caught looking at my parents friend,Jennifer, though the bathroom keyhole…And after the natural scolding that followed my mother’s embarrassmentI was sent to bed without supper.Once in bed, I was feeling mortified about what kind of a freak I was,but the more I thought about it the more that sensation rushed though my body and Squishy started popping out again thinking at how lightly, my mom’s friend had taken the situation.and then the more I thought about how gorgeous her body was, the less squishy, “Squishy” got.And that was the first time that I actually masturbated. And this instantly proved two things to me. First, it was awesome, amazing, mind blowing and second, Mum was wrong. I did not become blind for doing this.From then on I got hooked. I just could not stop. All of a sudden I realized thatThe next day my mother sent me to her friends house to apologize for what I had done. On the way there I just decided I was going to come out with the truth.So I told her as it was. I confessed to her that I had kaçak bahis never seen a naked woman before, that I thought she was just amazingly attractive and that I had wanted to see her naked.That i went to bed later on and the thing that I wanted most was to touch her and how Squishy got harder and harder and as I thought of her nakedness, I had a convulsion and some white sticky liquid came out of the tip of Squishyand then how I just collapsed into a heap.Well, although i expected that she was going to react like this..Jennifer did not scream blue murder or told me I was a pervert, instead she just smiled and said…”Poor soul, you must be in need of a woman’s touch. You mean you never masturbated until last night?” . She smiled and added…She saw my nervousness and I think I cried with the anxiety of the situation…It is normal to masturbate, I do it as well, and I love it she added and then she said invitingly….Then she told me I could ask her anything and she would help me to understand my feelings, my emotions and everything I wanted to know about women and sex.Just anything. It will be just between you and me. So I just stammered, “can you show me your breasts?”.I could not believe she was going to do it.It was a sight for sore eyes. I felt Squishy very hard against my underwear straining to come out. She just took her breasts out so naturally and gentlyand I realized that she had pierced nipples.The first nipples I had ever seen in the most fantastic breasts my eyes have beheld to this day and they were pierced.I was lost for words and the only thing that came out of my mouth was..I was enthralled with their shape and the nipples were so juicy and inviting with their own jewelry. I need to feel them, to touch them and I went into an automated irrational ramble of why I needed to touch her breasts urgently….She smiled graciously, and looked down at my crotch. I realized kaçak iddaa that my zipper was about to explode with Squishy’s pressure.Take your pants off, she whispered. I proceeded to do as I was told, with some embarrassment but left my underwear on. Then she gently said, “you can feel my boobs if you want” and she came closer to me while her hand rested on Squishy….Just as I started squeezing her left breast gently, I felt my breathing was becoming deeper and deeper. Jennifer softly touched Squishy through my underwear….and then got squishy out and stopped for a second to observe him. She laughed out loudly and said….Then she started to run her index finger up and down its back and then circling over Squishy head. Very gently and softly.And suddenly I felt this pulsation, this contraction in my pelvis while I emptied the contents of my manhood straight on her skirt. It was lots and lots, and I seemed to contract for ever. Oh, No, it was…I thought she was going to be mad with me because of my “accident” and I felt terrible that I had not lasted very long. It just felt very awkward and I stared into Jennifer’s face, thinking what her reaction would be. ..But she did not even look in the least surprised. I quickly uttered a stammered “I am sorry”, and she commented…but, she went on ….Then she used her finger to clean my semen from her skirt and looked deeply into my eyes..Gabriel she said, this is going to be great! You and I… nobody needs to know.She cleaned me up and sent me home with a sweet kiss and a promise that we would try this again in a more relaxed way. “When we meet again”, she added…But that is another story which I will tell at another time.Thank you for visiting my page again. Leave a comment on what you thought, good or bad. Send me a message even if you wish. I will try to respond.Remember Samantha’s principles:and my favorite which I subscribe to:Now Please come and read the end of this story which I will post soon. Instead surfing.Gabriel

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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