My New Neighbour (part 5)

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My New Neighbour (part 5)Sorry about the delay in writing part 5, had to drag myself away from all the inspiring pictures and videos of the sexy CD’s Tgirls, fembois young and not so young.”You may begin Princess, Daddy has been waiting all day for his little sweetheart to suck his cock, can’t you see how excited it is to finally meet you? it is positively drooling in anticipation already.” My cock was practically jumping out of her hand as it twitched uncontrollaby, causing her to grip the shaft even tighter which made the head of my cock bulge even more as she drew back my foreskin, the big purple blood filled dome brought a gasp from her lips. “Oh Daddy, it is so beautiful, i hope i can fit it all in my mouth” she replied. I lifted my hands from her head to grasp the bottom of my Tshirt, struggling to pull it up over my sweat soaked chest, the material whispering as it rasped up over the salt and pepper curly hairs on my chest, briefly catching on my nipple rings. Claire was to be the first person to see them since i’d had them pierced, i’d been waiting a very long time for my wife to see them or even notice their outline below my Tshirt but as she’d not seen me topless in as long as i could remember i was glad that Claire was to be the first to make use of them to give me heightened pleasure, apart from myself of course. They’d always been sensitive and larger than the average male nipples and the small 18ct gold rings served to make them even more sensitive, so much so that just walking about with clothes rubbing against them made them hard which in turn made my cock harden, i spent a lot of time with a semi erect cock leaking pre cum wastefully into my boxers, no longer, from now on i thought to myself, this little vixen will be fed my pre cum every chance i get. I made a mental note to have her write out a calendar of her work schedule so i knew exactly when she would be at home, and tell her that she should always be prepared and ready at very short notice to serve her new Daddy from this day forward.Tshirt tossed casually on the floor i made myself comfortable so i could watch as Claire began her duties for the first time, my fingers reaching for my rings to play with them. Claire was still staring at my cock her eyes glazed over, her expression a mixture of rapture and wonder, rapture because she was finally fulfilling her dream of being Claire and loving a Daddy, wonder because my cock was big, not huge but compared to her clitty it was big, nine inches and a bit under normal circumstances although i swear just looking at her made it grow another half inch at least, and thick lefkoşa escort enough that her thumb barely touched her fingers when she’d wrapped her hand around the middle of the shaft. She was squeezing it so hard that it looked like the mushroom head might fly off like a balloon as it turned from red to purple to almost black as more and more blood flooded into the thick vein that ran the length of my shaft. “Are you going to stare at it all day Princess? it won’t bite you and i don’t want you biting it, not yet anyway, nibble if you like, maybe even chew on it when your jaw tires but good girls don’t bite their Daddy’s cock.”Claire looked up into my eyes, they looked bigger than i’d remembered and darker, they looked like she would burst into tears at any second, she smiled, those full lips parting to show her teeth, a smile that melted my heart all over again. “Sorry Daddy, i’m just so happy, this is the happiest day of my life, i never thought i’d meet a man like you who sees me as i want to be seen, who is prepared to treat me as his little princess, thank you Daddy.” I felt the lump in my throat as i pondered the situation, here was someone who was in a small town like this in a different bracket to me, financially and socially, not that i cared one way or the other, i was well enough known across all sections of local society that i could move and mix at will when the mood took me which was never often, i had, on her knees, between my legs, the only person i wanted to be spending any time with yet i knew i would have to start coming up with excuses for being absent from the house as many nights of the week as possible from now on. Not to mention the fact that my wife would want to make friends with our new neighbour, wouldn’t hurt in her line of business to be on good terms with the new doctor but we’d cross those bridges when we came to them, these next few days and nights were all about me and Claire.I ran my fingers down over Claire’s cheek and under her chin, cupping it in my hand, lifting her head upwards as i leaned forward until our lips met, we kissed, a soft kiss, my tongue flicking across her lips parting them to find her teeth as it ran across them and her gums, my lips pressing harder against her lips, she gasped softly, her teeth parting to allow me to find her tongue with my own as we kissed for several minutes before i could feel the muscles in my shoulders tighten and her hand tighten around my cock, her free hand playing with my big hairy balls, rubbing a finger up and down my perineum, from the base of my lüleburgaz escort sac to my asshole and back again. I broke our kiss and sat up, Claire’s eyes beaming up at me. “Wow baby girl, you are a great kisser, even if that was giving me serious backache, i think Daddy’s cock is overdue thos lips and tongue of yours getting to know it better, don’t you?” She nodded her head, “Yes Daddy.” was all she said and lowered her head, her lips opening and sliding over the head of my cock as i watched her cheeks puff out and her chin lower as her jaw stretched to take as much in her mouth as possible first go. She gagged and came up coughing and spluttering, her eyes watering as she gulped in air before making ready to try again.”No baby, don’t try to swallow it all at once, if you haven’t sucked a cock before then you should take your time, a little goes a long way, just lick and suck the head until you feel ready to try a little deeper, i don’t expect you to deepthroat my cock the very first time you suck it, one day hopefully, besides i think you are going to have a very long time to practice on it, years and years and years if you want to?” She grinned up at me and nodded, “Yes Daddy, years and years and years.” She poked out her tongue and licked the bead of pre cum that was forming on the slit and smacked her lips, murmering to herself, “years and years and years.” Claire spent the next five minutes just licking my cock, up one side and down the other, all over the engorged head, squeezing the shaft and stroking it to milk more pre cum out onto her tongue, each time she’d coat her tongue she’d smack her lips and murmer the same thing over and over, “years and years and years.”I’d never felt more relaxed or turned on at the same time, a state of satisfied euphoria especially when she decided to lick my balls coating them liberally in her saliva before returning to coax some more pre cum from my cock, not a difficult task as by now it was running down my shaft to meet her tongue as she licked her way slowly back up my shaft. This went on for nearly twenty minutes and she still hadn’t tried sucking me again, not that i cared when on her next visit to my balls she lifted them with her free hand and licked beneath them tracing the path her fingers had taken earlier while we kissed, she even reached as far as my asshole which was a first for me, never having had my asshole licked before, it felt amazing, “I intend to get used to this being a daily occurance” i told myself as quite unexpectedly i felt her finger rubbing around my biga escort rosebud as she licked, her little finger rubbed and then gently prodded inside until it reached the first knuckle and stayed there. I looked down to see her looking up at me smiling, “You don’t mind do you Daddy? i just thought i could perhaps give your prostate a little massage later when the time arrives for Daddy to feed me my first mouthful of your delicious Daddy cum?” How could i resist an offer like that?”Not at all baby girl, just as i know you will not mind it when Daddy massages the inside of your pussy with his cock later and fills it with his creamy Daddy juice, breeds his little girl for the first time to show you how much he loves his little Claire.” “Oh yes please Daddy, i want that more than anything but i think i should try sucking you again and do a better job if it to keep my Daddy happy, thats my role, my life from now on, making my Daddy happy.” She practically dived down onto my cock but remembered to only take a couple of inches in her mouth before starting to suck me. I glanced at the clock above the fireplace and noticed she had now been licking my cock for forty minutes, why i wasn’t on the verge of exploding i’ll never know, even if she’d never sucked a cock before i knew her training made her familiar with the workings of the male penis and i guessed she had been using this knowledge to provide maximum pleasure while not allowing me to get too excited by concentrating on the same area for too long, whatever she’d been doing i knew i would gladly submit to a repeat performance several times a day if at all possible as i’d never felt so chilled out in my life. Claire must have been reading my mind as she paused, letting my cock fall from her mouth with a loud pop. “Daddy? i’ve prepared something for you to relax, its sitting on the table beside you. I turned to my right and saw for the first time a joint and a lighter on the table, to be honest i hadn’t even noticed the table until she mentioned it. I lifted the joint to my lips and lit it, inhaling deeply, tapping her on the head with my other hand i offered it to her, she took a hit and handed it back to me, lowering her mouth back onto my cock as i watched a trail of smoke escape from her nostrils as she sucked. Exhaling myself i took another hit and tapped her on the head again. This time instead of offering it to her i lifted her up and kissed her, exhaling the contents into her throat before kissing her. It was pretty strong stuff and i hadn’t had a hit in a while so i thought it best to leave the rest till later so i stubbed it out in an ashtray and kissed her again. “I think its time Daddy joined in baby, at this rate it will be morning before we get round to Daddy taking your cherry, spread all the cushions and seat cushions on the floor in front of the fire so we can get comfortable, Daddy wants to eat your pussy and play with your clitty while you suck my cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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