My Parents Chapter #2

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My Parents Chapter #2After laying there watching my dad clean my cum from my mom’s pussy we all went our separate ways. I went to take a shower where I jerked off with the thoughts of what just happen. After my shower when I walked out of the restroom and through my parents bedroom my dad was laying on the bed. “Hey you going to mow the yard tomorrow right” he asked. I shook my head yes and went to my room. A little while later my mom called me to the dinner table, I sat there kind of in a strange way. I felt strange sitting there did not know what to say and even lost my ability to eat supper. My mom broke the silence “So dad tells me you will mow the yard tomorrow” “I don’t want you to get to hot and please drink lots of water” Then dad “He is a grown man he can handle the heat along with anything that is thrown at him” My mom chuckled “Like today huh” We all just kind of smiled and finished dinner up. It was getting late and we all ended up going to bed.The next morning I got up and dressed to mow the yard. As I walked out the door I say my mom give me a smile I had never seen before. I really did not think about it at the time other than I noticed her unusual smile. The yard is rather lager and both lots on either side of us was ours. It take a full day to mow it all and it is hard work for anyone. I was mowing when I saw my mom coming from around the front of the house with something for me to drink. I stopped mowing and met her about halfway in the yard. “You need a cold drink” my mom said as she handed me a glass of ice tea. “I sure do this yard is about to whip my ass” I said and then took a large drink. My mom turned and walked away and as she did I just stood there watched her big ass swing back and forth as she walked. I never noticed she had looked back and caught me looking at her ass. So I went back to mowing and at the end of the day I was beat and wore out. I went into the house and noticed no one was home. I did not care all I wanted to do was shower and rest. I hopped in the shower and cleaned up and then went to my room. I laid on the bed naked as I was still hot and drifted off to sleep. I was woken by my dads voice calling out to me. I jumped up and was grabbing some close. I had not really noticed that I was hard, but oh well I through on my cloths and headed to my dads voice. I walked into the living room and there sat my mom, my dad and my aunt. I was shocked to see her there as she hardly comes by we always go to her house. But no matter I was glad to see her and said hello. That is when my mom said “Well looks like someone was having a good dream” as she looked at the bulge in my pants. My aunt chimed in “Yea I noticed as he walked in the room” “Very impressive I might add” she said. My mom then comments “Oh sally trust me that boy is very impressive it is shocking how impressive he is” then my dad “That boy is hung and taste wonderful too” I was shocked and embarrassed. My aunt spoke “Oh so you both know of this so I guess your all’s secret is out HUH” Mom laughed and said “Yea it all come out and I think everyone is pretty happy too about it” My aunt got up off the sofa and walked over to me, she then gave me a hug and then she leaned in and kissed my forcing her tongue deep in my mouth. I did not stop her hell I joined her in the kiss. “He is a pretty damn good kisser” she said after breaking the kiss. then she went güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and sat back down. I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants. Mom asked me if I go get everyone a beer and I headed to the kitchen. I returned and we all sat there talking about family and drank our beers. Then I was asked to go get a few more beers. Hell with in an hour I think we all had about four or five beers in us. I know I was buzzed and I am sure everyone else was as well. I then heard my mom say to my aunt “Well you can not drive home tonight you will have to stay the night” My aunt “I was planning on staying anyhow and more so after I saw the bulge in my little nephews pants” “Not to mention that kiss” “MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Everyone just laughed. That is when my dad said “Ok everyone to bed now” I got up and headed to my room, my aunt in tow. I watched my parents disappear into their room and they did not shut the louver doors. My aunt and I stood there and watched them both get undressed butt naked. My dads dick was semi hard and mom wasted no time dropping down to her knees and start sucking on him. My aunt and I just stood there watching them. Mom was working dads shaft as she played with his balls and dad was for sure enjoying it. We could hear him moaning and giving her words of encouragement. “OH BABY DAMN BABY SUCK TAHT DICK MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” “MMMMMMMMMMM YEA BABY USE YOUR TOUNGE LIKE THAT IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD BABY” “OH YEA PULL ON THOS BALLS BABY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” As we watched my mom pulling on dads balls. It looked like it would hurt but the more mom did it the more my dad would fuck my moms mouth. My aunt leaned against me and whispered “You like to watch the don’t you” Al I could do was shake my head yes. Then mom told dad “BABY BEND OVE TEH BED BABY LET ME EAT YOUR ASS BABY” Dad bent over the bed and I watched mom reach up with a hand on either butt check and spread dads checks apart. I watched my mom go down and start licking my dads ass. Dad let out a loud moan “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOD DAMN IT BABY THAT FEELS GOOD” Then mom did it even more and I watched her ramming her tongue in and out of my dads ass. I could tell he was enjoying is as he was fucking back to my moms tongue thrust. I heard my aunt moan “MMMMM that looks fun” I turned to see her with her hand down the front of her pants playing with her pussy. I had not even realized that I was tugging on my hard dick through my pants. That is when my aunt reached over and unbutton my pants and pulled my hard dick out all in one smooth motion. She was still playing with her pussy and now stroking my dick. I turned back to my parents to see my mom still licking and kissing my dads ass while she was stroking his dick as if it was a cows utter. She break from my dads ass and go down and suck on his balls and the head of his dick. Al the time my dad moaning “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GODDDDDDDDDDDDD DAMN IT BABY YOUR FUCKING GOOD” “FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR TONGUE BABY OH GODDDDDDDDDDDD” I then watched mom put a couple of fingers in her mouth and suck on them as if it was his dick. Then pulled them out dripping with her saliva. She bent over and licked his ass leaving her saliva there as well. Then I watched her ease two fingers into my dads ass. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEA BABY FUCK MY ASS BABY OH GO DAMNNNN IT BABY DO IT BABY” my dad called out. These made my aunt stroke my cock even pinbahis harder. I was turned on as well I thought I was going to cum I went to say something but before I could get a word out my aunt put two pussy juiced cover fingers into my mouth. I wasted no time in cleaning her juices off her fingers. as she pulled them out she dropped to her knees and engulfed my dick. “OHHHHHHH DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD AUNT SALLY SUCK MY DICK PLEASE SALLY SUCK IT” She did just that and damn it felt good. I looked up to see my mom watching my aunt suck my dick and I watched her fucking my dads ass with her fingers. I was about to blow my load in my aunts mouth when all of a sudden she stopped and somehow controlled my cumming needs. My aunt stood up dropping her cloths to the floor and then turning to me and taking my cloths off as well. I felt her pushing me back onto my bed but I did not want to loose sight of what my parents where doing. I think my aunt sense it and grabbed my hand and lead me to their bedroom. As soon as we were in their room she pushed me onto the bed. I could see my dads face and look up at my moms face and her tits swaying with ever shove of her fingers. My dad was still moaning with a look of both pain and pleasure on his face. My aunt moved her body over mine and lowered herself down on my dick. She rode me like a wild a****l bucking up and down on my dick. I felt hands on my balls and as I looked it was my dad playing with them. I did not care it truly felt good and it was as if he knew just how to touch them. I then watched my mom move on the bed with my aunt and me. She straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I could hear her moan “MMMMMMMMMMMM EAT IT BABY EAT MMOMY’S PUSSY” then I heard a muffle sound and realized her and my aunt were kissing. All this time dad was still playing with my balls. I then felt him move between my legs and his tongue touching my balls. I shivered it felt so good. My aunt riding me while I am eating my mom’s pussy and dad is licking my ball. Then my aunt reached back grabbing both my legs and pulling them up in the air. I was not sure why but then I felt my dad’s tongue against my ass. Oh it felt so damn good I was in a lost world of pleasure. Then I felt my dad tongue fucking me I was not just liking it I was loving it never had I had this done like this before. My mom started bucking against my mouth I heard her “OHHHH BABY MOMMY’S CIMMING BABY EAT IT EAT MOMMY’S CUM EAT HER PUSSY” “OH EAT YOUR MOMMY’S PUSSY EAT HER CUM AND THEN FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM” my aunt screamed out. Just about that time mom started cumming and I was trying to get ever drop in my mouth I had never seen so much juices flow from a woman not even on a porn site. At the same time I started shooting my load deep in my aunts pussy she let ou a scream “OH YEA BABY CUM IN MY FUCKING HOT PUSSY FILL THAT PUSSY FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM OHHHH YESSSSSBABY CUM FOR YOUR AUNT SALLY CUM FOR ME BABY” “OH DAMN IM CUMMING TO BABY FUCK MY PUSSY BABY FUCK YOUR AUNTY’S PUSSY” I felt my dads tongue move from my ass and balls to my shaft. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEA YOU TWO TATSE SO GOOD TOGETHER” in a muffled voice “OH YEA LET ME EAT HIS CUM FROM YOUR PUSSY SALLY” I heard my dad ask. I felt my aunt moving off me and I saw her with her ass up in the air and my dad cleaning my cum from her pussy. Mom has now moved off the bed and was pinbahis giriş sitting in a chair next to it. She motioned me over to her and I did just that. She said “Now watch what is about to happen you sit here in the chair and watch I will let you know when to join us” She got up as I sat down, making her way to her night stand. She pulled out a strap on dildo and she put it on. She then moved in in front of my aunt and as she did my aunt started sucking on the dildo that was attached to the strap on. With in just a few minutes as my dad continued to clean my cum from my aunt. My mom moved in behind my dad on the side of the bed. She leaned over and started licking his ass, then raised up and placed the head of the dildo at dad’s asshole. In one smooth push she shoved it all the way in. Dad let out a loud moan only muffled from my aunts pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”I watched my mom start fucking dad’s ass and my aunt was working her pussy and ass against his face. I do not think my dick ever went limp I just sat there watching and stroking my cock. My mom looked at me and said “It is time for you to join in I think” I stood up as my aunt moved from in front of my dad. She patted the bed for me to get where she was. I sat there in front of my dad and watched him open his mouth and engulf my had dick. My aunt got next to me and leaned in and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. I was ready to cum but dad controlled my needs and wants like a pro. Just then I felt my dad’s finger on my asshole and then the push and he was in. I felt him massaging the inside of my ass I was going to cum I could not control it. My aunt sucking and licking my nipples I was there no holding back. “OHHHHHH IM CUMMING OH MY GOD IM CUMMING” “DAD IM CUMING” Mom was pounding dad’s ass as I shot the biggest load ever into my dad’s mouth. He never slowed down never let a drop out as he continued to massage my ass hole and suck my dick dry. My aunt kept licking kissing and sucking on my nipples as mom continued to fuck dad. Then dad “IM’M GOING TO CUM OH IM GOING TO CUM” My aunt jump down under him taking his dick into her mouth and just as she did I saw my dad shoot a huge load of cum into her open mouth. She caught ever drop of it but did not swallow it. She moved from under him and with a mouth full of his cum came up and kissed him while feeding it to him. My mom pulled the dildo out of his ass and came up and joined them in the sloppy cum kissing.I laid there watching them and my dick still hard and throbbing I started stroking it, my mom encouraging me now “THAT IS BABY STROK IT OFF YOU WANT TO CUM FOR US NOW CUM FOR US” I kept stroking it and as I did my mom and aunt started kissing each other and dad was playing with their pussies. I was watching all of that while stroking my dick. I was ready to cum again and that is when my mom and aunt laid down in front of me on the bed and I shot my load on their tits and faces. I noticed dad was standing over them as well stroking his dick and shot his load on them as well. Once the last drop landed on them my mom and aunt started cleaning it off each other. Once they was all cleaned up My mom said to me “You should rest tomorrow will be a new day for us all” Then my dad “Son if you ever need to cum we would like to keep it in the family and I am willing to help you any time” my aunt spoke “You just wait until your morning wood I will take care of that for you and when you come to visit me your uncle and cousin will love to join in as well” I was in shock but not really I was like is this a freaking dream of is my family this sex crazed. Well I guess so I was already turned on again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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