My Son in Law (Part 04)

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My Son in Law (Part 04)
By Dina Petro

A continuation of the same story from part (03)

Writer’s Note:
Dearest Fans & readers, this is a true story that happened to one of my very close friends, not me personally, but she had given me the full consent and approval, to go ahead and write it.
Of course I have done my best to alter all of the personal facts and informations, to protect privacy and personal life of her and her family, it will be written as the first person, in my own words, for making it more fun to read and enjoy, the story was broken into a few parts to avoid making it boring for the readers.

My Son in Law (Part 04)

A continuation of the same story from part (03)

Josh, Sheila, Mai and I had exchanged house keys a long time ago, so I did not want to knock, I wanted to make it a surprise, as I have said earlier, I got inside the house, walked on the tips of my toes, but I heard some noises coming from his bedroom, I was shocked, does he know other women, the son of a bitch is fucking me and my daughter, aren’t we enough for him, out of curiosity, I wanted to find out, who he was fucking that night, instead of me or Sheila.
The living room was so dark, the bed room lights were fully on, the door wasn’t closed, nor was it fully opened, it was just cracked slightly, I hid behind the door trying to peek inside, that was when I almost had a heart attack, I could not believe my eyes, I rubbed my eyes twice and looked again, it was the same person I saw first time, I wasn’t dreaming or imagining, it was my other daughter Mai!.
I backed up, leaned on the door as I could barely stand up and hold myself, I almost fainted, I covered my face with both of my hands out of shock, a couple of minutes passed before I tried to look again, hoping I was imagining things, but unfortunately I wasn’t, it was my own second and baby daughter Mai, fully nude, who had a tiny petite body, with a pair of small tits that had not grown fully up yet.
She was lying on her back, wide spread, with that pastured on his knees munching on her tiny, fully waxed cunt, he was licking her pussy while her whole body was shaking, she was trembling and screaming loud with many words, bad words too, like “lick my pussy, fuck me, make me cum…etc.” I was almost dead, I could not believe my own eyes, and I did not know what to do or say.
All I wanted to do at that moment was, to go inside and kick that pastured on his balls and kill him, but I had to be wise and think first, what if I did and he told my daughter he fucked me too? I had to cool down and think deep before I make any move, I was frozen there without being seen by them, thinking what to do.
I did not have that many choices by the way, if I showed up and let them see me, she might be scared, but I know how much of a bastard he was, to get himself out of that situation, he would easily do anything, including telling my daughter he had been fucking me for a while.
I also could not just walk out and imagine as if nothing happened, how could I? It was my daughter being fucked by my son in law who was married to her older sister, not only that as you all know, he was fucking her mother regularly for a long time, a real bad situation I was cornered in, no woman in the world would want to be in my shoes at that moment.
I started thinking wisely, cooling down, and asking myself “what the fuck? He has güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri been fucking me and my older daughter Sheila, his wife for such a long time, he is now fucking my younger daughter, besides, Mia does not seem to be cornered or pushed into doing that with him, she seems to be enjoying him as much as he was enjoying her, it seemed to be her own choice, all of that thinking made me relax, come back to my senses, I almost forgot about being mad or pissed, what the heck, he ended up fucking all the family females.
I found myself peeking again on them, but this time was out of enjoying the scene, trying to digest it and maybe accept it, weather I liked it or not, they were in 69 position, she was sucking on his hard and huge cock, taking it so deep in her mouth and throat, and his tongue was licking her pretty cunt, which was so clear to my eye sight, somehow I enjoyed looking at her pussy which really looked different than looking at my own pussy.
while watching her pussy being pleased and licked, it was so wet and shiny, I even clearly saw her pussy lips swelled, and making a high mound under his lips and tongue, something strange started tangling my whole body, believe it or not, I was being turned on, getting so horny, my pussy was getting wet again, while watching my daughter’s bare pussy for the first time ever since she grew up and became old enough to hide her assets from her mother.
By that time, Josh stayed on his back on the bed, while Mia got up, she stood up, saddling his body, by that she was displaying her fully nude body for my eyesight, i would be lying if I said I wasn’t somehow attracted to her fully naked, frontal view, she even was teasing him, moving around, as if dancing with her cute, petite body.
Mai was looking Josh in the eyes, smiling, rubbing her lovely set of titties, shaking and dancing, making a sexual show for him, she lowered her hands, started massaging her lovely pussy, trying to open her lower lips wide for him to see, that by itself was making his massive dick almost twice the length and size it was before doing it for him, she was turning him on by all means.
To be totally honest with you, and with myself, she was turning me on as well, my pussy was leaking wet by then, I found my hand going down under my dress, lifting it up, moving my panties aside, rubbing my own pussy, while my other hand was over my big tit, rubbing it and pinching my own nipple.
Mai started lowering her cute, sexy body over his cock, I was shocked, I could not imaging a little girl, who looked like a sweet, hot butterfly could handle such a monstrous dick like his’ in her little tiny pussy, strange enough, I personally imagined she was a virgin till then, but no longer I guess, she did not look it, neither did she act it, she was acting like a real slut, a big whore, hidden in the body of an innocent little girl.
I was still waiting for her pussy to reach his dick, I wanted to see if she was able to handle it, I was afraid she would scream of pain, or even bleed over his cock, but once her pussy lips touched his cock head, she looked up, closed her eyes, and started pushing her body down, forcing his cock to go inside of her cunny.
To my own personal shock, my little daughter was taking that monstrous dick and accommodating it inside her little pussy very easy, she kept tipobet giriş pushing and sliding over it, and the cock was sliding into her pussy nonstop, in one paste, inch after another till she rested over his cum filled balls, she did not even stop when the cock was balls deep in her pussy.
She started dancing over the cock like a butterfly, or else I should say like a real cock hungry slut who was enjoying each and every inch of her sister’s husband’s cock, she was easily fucking that monster cock which was 10+ inches long and very wide in girth, she would go up till only the head was in her pussy, then pushes down so fast, slamming her ass over his balls, taking it balls deep again in her pussy.
I was totally shocked, by all the meaning of the word shock, I could not believe it, my own little daughter, whom I thought was a naive virgin baby girl, is acting as if she was a whore, a big slut, she did not seem to be fucked by that dick for the first time, in fact, I would say she must have been fucked countless numbers of times, may be by other cocks as well, other than her own brother in law’s dick.
Mai leaned over josh, he held both of her tits with his hands, rubbing and pinching her lovely looking nipples, while she kept only the lower part of her body going up and down, using her legs, to bend and straighten till she was fucking the full length of his dick, she was trembling, shaking and screaming, yes, my daughter was cumming over that cock, she seemed to be enjoying it very much, which was another reason for me to shut up and let go.
Josh turned her around, they switched places, he was over her, in between her legs, he started fucking my daughter missionary for a few minutes, they changed position again, he was behind her while she was on all fours, doggie style, he was fucking her slutty cunt balls deep, she seemed to be enjoying all of it with much pleasure, may be more than I did myself while fucking his dick.
They were so loud, especially Mai, she was a real loud whore while fucked, she would talk, ask to be fucked, to be licked, scream and say all kinds of dirty words in the book, he seemed to be responding to her, till I heard a word that turned all of my measurements of sex and life upside down.
Josh was pulling his well lubed dick out of her pussy, it was in full display to my eyes by then, so were her full fucked and fully used pussy and her little ass hole, which both looked so tempting in fact for me, the magic word that almost killed me was when he said to her “I am going into you ass baby, are you ready for it?”
And she answered him “of course I am, I could not wait to take it up my ass, I thought you would never ask?”
Wow, there was no way I could believe my ears; I wasn’t hearing those words, was i? There was no way I could imagine my little Mai could take that monstrous cock up her little, tight ass hole, how could she? If I, being her mother, the fully experienced woman, with two daughters, over twice her age, had never been fucked in the ass till that time, I did not think I could take such a cock in my ass, how could Mai.
It was only a few quick moments, till I believed it all, when I clearly saw that huge, monstrous dick sliding into my little daughter’s ass hole quickly and easily as if it was a thin, two or three inches cock, she was taking it deep in her ass with no pain tipobet güvenilir mi or any obstacles whatsoever, she was moaning, shaking her ass of pleasure, receiving that cock balls deep with so much, pleasure that was so clear with no doubts to me, I was damn sure by then it wasn’t her first time, second or even the tenth, to take that dick up her ass, they must have been fucking and playing around for a long time.
Mai started Cumming over Josh’s cock in her ass, he was cumming too, deep inside of her ass till I started seeing the cum seeping down her thighs from her ass hole around his cock, strange enough I was cumming too, exact same time, I had to stuff my hand in my mouth to prevent any sounds of coming out of me while Cumming, watching Josh fucking my little daughter in front of my own eyes, without them knowing I was watching the whole show.
I was busy trying to rearrange my clothes back in place without noticing Josh walking out of the room in a rush, he almost tripped over me, when he was about to scream “MOM”
I glued my hand to his mouth, stopping the noise to come out of it, pulled his hand walking him till we got into another bedroom, I closed the door behind me screaming “how dare you fuck my little daughter you son of a bitch?”
He looked at me with a smile saying “how long have you been there mom?”
I said with anger again “long enough to see everything, the whole show”
He stood there right in front of me, with his cock still hard, leaking cum almost over the carpeted floor, he responded in a cool relaxed way “did you notice any force used, was I forcing my cock inside her pussy, was she crying asking for help or anything like that?”
I said “No, but you must have seduced her, she is too young to decide for herself”
He smiled again saying “Oh really? If you watched the whole thing, then did you notice how innocent and naïve your little daughter was, while being fucked, did you concentrate on the way she was staking my dick into all three of her fuck holes, nice and easy?”
I was ashamed, looking down, in fact my daughter was truly taking his cock in all three of her fuck holes, like a real slutty whore, not like the naïve innocent girl I thought she was, I said “But I still think you seduced her and fucked her against her own well, maybe not this time, but you must have initiated it anyway”
He said “Ok, then let us ask her, let me call her for you to ask her how did I fuck her the first time”
I screamed “No, do not call her, I don’t want her to know I saw her in that shamed act” I also tried to change the subject knowing how much of a pastured he was, he would black mail me for fucking me, may be saying it in front of my daughter.
I looked at his Cum leaking, hard cock saying “why don’t you wipe that thing out, it would leak over the carpet, and how could you pull it out of a girl, you were supposed to be making love to, and run like that so fast?
Like a real pastured, he answered in a cool manner “well, first of all, I pulled my dick out of your daughter’s ass right after I came in her ass, because I heard a noise out there, luckily she did not hear it” he looked at his cock and at me, smiled and continued “secondly, what you have called a thing, which is my cock, is fully immersed in a precious mix of my cum, your own daughter’s pussy and ass juices, it should not be wasted and wiped with a dirty towel or paper towel”
He was pointing at me and at my mouth, he must have wanted me to suck it, my lower jaw dropped almost to the ground, screaming “what? What did you just say?”

To be continued in (part 5) of the same story

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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