My Son’s Secret Desire – Caught

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My Son’s Secret Desire – CaughtThis is a continuation of My Son’s Secret Desire Series here are links to previous installments: Darby could not believe what she was seeing!Tony was up behind Shannon West and he was fucking her like a jack hammer with that nice big boy cock! She watched as he grabbed her ass and Shannon was moaning for him to cum on her ass. Leigh was rubbing her own horny pussy. It had been so long since she had been fucked! Her husband and she had divorced a year ago and she had not really been with anyone since then. Deep in subconscious she had always liked younger men. Tony pulled out and Leigh watched as his sperm shot on to Shannon’s ass. Leigh rubbed her clit and as her orgasm hit, her purse fell to floor with a thud. Leigh watched as the two people fucking were suddenly aware that someone else must be nearby. Leigh swiftly slipped away as the two quickly dressed.The next day Leigh was still tingling from the sight of Tony fucking the mature teacher. She had become obsessed with the thought of fucking that nice big boy cock! As she thought about it she began to tell herself “Why not?”! She sent a detention notice to Tony saying that he was to report by the end of the day.Tony was concerned when he saw the notice to come to detention after school. He suspected that his session with Ms. West may be the reason for the sudden appearance of the notice. On the other hand there was no apparent change in Ms. West’s behavior and in fact she gave him a quick sexy wink when nobody was looking.Tony walked into the detention room and found Principal Darby waiting for him. Tony always loved older women and Mrs. Darby was a sexy MILF just like his mom. He could not help but feel his cock start to stiffen as he looked at her.“Tony, I am glad to see that you found your way here on time.” Leigh said as the young man entered the roomTony took a seat and Leigh looked at him. She had wondered how she could steer the conversation toward sex but at the end she decided that there was no need to beat around the bush. She looked at him and could see the young man behind his teacher fucking her so hard he made her body vibrate.“Do you know why I sent you a detention notice today?” She asked as she looked the boy over“No mam….” Tony asked“Tony, I really just wanted this time to talk with you about something that could be big trouble for many people, including you!” Leigh said with a tone of seriousness that got his attention“I’m not sure I know what you are talking türkçe bahis about Mrs. Darby.” He said but he could not help but wonder if this had something to do with his fucking Ms. West“Inappropriate contact between a teacher and a student can be a serious issue. It has come to my attention that you may have been involved in just such an incident.” She said as Tony became genuinely concernedLeigh allowed the boy to worry for a minute. She actually reveled in the sensation of being in control.“I need to know did Ms. West touch you in any way that was inappropriate.” Leigh asked as she felt her heart race“Inappropriate? I’m not sure what you mean?” he asked hoping that he could find out what she knew“I need to know was she the one who initiated the sexual contact between you and her or was it you?” she askedTony was speechless as he looked at the sexy principal who now held him in her hands.“Tony, I really need to know was the sex between you and Shannon West consensual or did she m***** you?” She asked as her eyes focused on Tony“Uhhhh…..Well…you see…it was…we both wanted it.” He managed to say“I don’t know Tony. An older woman can be so much more experienced she might have tempted you. Maybe she tempted you by showing her big tits like this?” Leigh asked as she bent over to give the boy a look at her big titsTony looked at the principal’s nice big tits and felt his cock stiffen. He also could see that the principal was more aroused than angry. It occurred to him that he was about to fuck another mature woman and he grinned.“Actually she showed me her ass but I was the one who licked it and eat her pussy.” He said as he grinned“Was that before or after she sucked that big cock you have?” she said with a giggle“Before! Would you like to see my cock?” he asked as he looked at her“Yes!” Leigh answered as her pussy flooded with juiceTony stood up and opened his pants as Leigh locked the door. She had no intention of being caught the way Ms. West was. Then she saw the long stiff cock and she inhaled sharply. It was a perfect cock!“Here is my cock now let me see those big tits!” Tony said as stroked his dick and grinnedLeigh removed her blouse and bra. She had large tits and she loved the way he looked at them with his mouth open. They were the best birthday present her x-husband had ever given her.“I think that cock could use a nice titie fuck! Sit here on the desk!” Leigh said and the boy quickly compliedLeigh pressed the long dick in her cleavage and then held her tits together. She lifted her tits up and then let them come back down. Tony grinned as he felt his dick being pleasured by the sexy woman.“Oh fuck you have such a nice dick! Tony, I need a good fucking just like Shannon! Can I fuck you too?” Leigh güvenilir bahis siteleri needed a cock so bad Tony loved seeing the sex older woman work his dick. Her face looked like so many of his fantasy women that he had sketched. Then she lowered her mouth just over the tip of the cock and a large string of spit landed on the head and dripped down the dick. The added lubricant increased his pleasure. Leigh could feel her pussy juices running down her thighs.Leigh could see the cock form a drop of pre-cum and it made her mouth water. Tony suddenly was aware that he was about to blow his load and he did not want to just cum on her neck. He wanted to cum in her mouth!“Fuck! I want to cum in your mouth! Get on your knees! Hurry!” he said and Leigh dropped on her knees as the student pushed his dick in her mouth Leigh felt the first blast of seamen land on her tongue even as his cock entered her mouth. More and more cum flooded into her mouth and Leigh loved the way it made her feel to have the boy empty his balls.Tony loved the feel of the mouth sucking the cum from his dick. His balls were now empty but the sexy principal licked and sucked his cock as if anticipating that more would explode in her mouth at any second.“That was fucking fantastic! I loved the way your tits felt on my cock!” He moaned as the mature licked his cock head“That was tasty! Did you cum in Shannon’s mouth?” she asked as she giggled“Yes and she swallowed every drop of it just like you!” he said with a laughTony helped the sexy principal up. He unhooked her skirt and lowered her panties. Leigh looked him in the eyes and knew the boy was now going to give her what she wanted so badly. He moved her to the desk and pushed her back. He spread her legs and looked at her hot and wet pussy. He pushed a finger into her pussy and watched her shiver with pleasure. He found the g-spot that his mother had taught him was hidden just inside the pussy. He massaged it and watched Leigh squirm with sexual arousal. His other hand pinched and pulled her nipple.Tony lowered his mouth and sucked the other nipple and felt the mature woman orgasm on his finger. Leigh felt her eyes flutter as her body orgasmed. She had never cum so quickly for anyone. She was just getting over her orgasm when she felt his tongue lick her clit. Tony sucked on the swollen nub as Leigh groaned with pleasure. Then she felt his finger gently toy with her asshole. She could not control herself and she went wild as another orgasm rocked her. She was grabbing his head and humping her pussy against his face as his tongue fucked her open pussy. Leigh new what she really wanted.“OH FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY!” she screamed at the top of her lungsTony pulled her around and pushed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her upper body forward so that her lovely mature ass was right in from of him. Leigh reached back and pulled her ass apart and Tony positioned his cock at her sweet fuck hole. Then he pushed his cock slowly into the aroused pussy.Leigh groaned as the first cock in over a year entered her but then she looked at the boy who was less than half her age who was starting to fuck her and she moaned. Tony started to push in and then pull out of her pussy. His cock seemed impossibly long. Then Leigh heard the steady slapping noise of the boy as he fucked her ever harder. “Yes baby! Use my pussy! Fuck it baby boy!” Leigh moaned and her mind thought of all the young studs who went to her schoolAs she felt his cock pounding her pussy Leigh thought how much she wanted this kind of fucking all the time. Her mind swirled as she thought about all those good looking guys that walked into her school every day. She was already thinking of how she would be seducing boys from now on. She knew she would never want to go without boy cock again.“I want to ride your cock! I want to ride it like a whore!” she moanedTony pulled out and lay back on the desk as the sexually aroused principal mounted his cock and started to ride it. Leigh loved the feeling of his cock filling her. His cock slid into until his balls pressed against her clit. Leigh had never felt a bigger cock in her. She started to ride the boy. She could not believe how sloppy wet her pussy was and the sexy noise that it made as his cock moved in and out of her. Tony could feel his balls ready to burst again and he wondered if he should tell her but then decided that he was just going to give her a surprise….a creampie surprise.Leigh felt the boy grab her tits and then he moaned but this moan was that of a guy cumming. She was suddenly aware that she had stopped taking her birth control pill and here was a fertile stud filling her fertile pussy with his cum. Then she started to orgasm again and the repercussions of unprotected sex would wait for another time.Tony grinned as each squirt of his sperm blasted into his sexy principal. He could feel his cum dripping from her pussy and down on his balls. She collapsed back on him and he held her by her tits as they both enjoyed the post fuck ecstasy. Finally she slipped off her young student and she looked him and smiled.“That was fun but from now on you should not be fucking your teachers at school.” She said in a mocking way“Yeah, what about the principal?” he asked and she laughedThe end….or the beginning for Mrs. Darby(A word from the author: well my character of Tony is getting around in these stories. I hope you have been enjoying but I intend to have Mrs. Darby followed for a while as well. She has two daughters and an X-husband with a young girlfriend. Of course we also need to see how Samantha and Tony evolve as well. Please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed. As always I do enjoy your comments and messages.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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