My Visits to Sex Shops in Coppenhagen

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My Visits to Sex Shops in CoppenhagenChapter oneI was visiting Copenhagen as a student and staying in a roomMy landlady was a mature blonde who opened the door to meHello darling come in you are very welcome have you been here before?No mam I have not but am looking forward to enjoying it over the weekendAs she took me to my bedroom she said she would give me any info I neededThe room had a lovely double bed and a tv setYou can get adult films on channel 900 I know you young boys like to watchsexy movies she said with a wicked smileThank you I will ask you for directions after I get ready to go outI opened my suitcase and took out my pantys bras stockings etcI stripped and had a shower in bathroom across the hall.I decided to wear my red pantys and matching red lacy braI lay on the bed feeling my lovely silky pantys my cock going hardI got up and put on my white pink suspender belt and black stockingsThen I put on my tight fitting red mini dressI examined my image in the mirror wow I would like to fuck me tee heeI put on my high heel red shoes and fixed my short cut girly hair with a wisp over my eyeIt was a warm evening so I put my handbag over my shoulder-I was ready to hit the townI went into the hall and Ingid appeared from her bedroom and exclaimedWow darling you are so sexy I could eat you all up she quippedThank you I want to go to a sex shop and cinema can you give me directionsOf course darling come in here and I will show you on the map where to goWe went into her bedroom and she went into bathroom and returned just wearing little white lacy pantys and a white lacy bra.My cock hardened as she put her hand up my skirt and caressed my cock in my pantysFuck me darling please fuck me she begged as she felt my ballsI threw her on the bed and opened her legs wide and pulled her pantys aside and started to lick her big hairy cunt lipsMeantime Ingrid had pulled my pantys down and was greedily sucking my hard cockYou want fucking bitch I snarledPlease master please i opened her cunt lips and pushed my hard cock right up her cuntmy balls were right up against her cunt lipsShe squeezed my balls as i rode her juicy cuntShe screamed as she came over my hard cockI turned her over and fingered her tight arse hoOh no Master my arse is virginMy cock tingled as I put the head of my throbbing cock up to her arse hole entranceI plunged my cock deep up her tight hole she screamed in agonyOh I was so horny I rode her harder and harder as she moaned and criedAs I continued to ride her tight arse I wanked her hairy cuntand soon she was riding my cock with her arseshe screamed as she squirted all over her sheets and I shot my cum up her arse holeIngrid licked my cock clean and I pulled up my pantyswow Ann that was awesome darlingI would love you to play with my schoolgirl daughter?I would love to Ingrid but its time to go visit the sex shopand see what it has to offerI followed the map Ingrid gave me and came to a large sex shopI went in tipping along in my high heels and swaying my tight arse in my red mini skirt.It was fab to notice a lot of men ogling me with open lust full looksAn arrow pointed to a stairs leading down saying DVDS and VideosI daintily swayed down the stairs followed by a couple of older menI wriggled my bottom and half way down stopped and bent down to fixmy high heeled shoe. I made sure my red tight mini rode up revealingmy lacy red pantys and suspender belt.I looked up and saw them both ogling my panty clad cunt with total lustI smiled sexily at them and walked on down the stairsI went through a door into a room full of hard core fuck videos and DVDsAs I examined the range I saw a man and woman chatting together and then seperatingThey were an older couple and I gathered they were English by their accentsShe was wearing a black blouse and very short tight black mini skirtwith white stockings and high heels all dressed up to be fuckedHe was wearing shorts and a t-shirtThe husband made a bee line for schoolgirl vids showing lovely young teeniesbeing fucked by big cocksI went over and bent over to pick a little black girl being fucked up hertight little arse I could feel his eyes watching my tight bum in my lacy pantysI pretended to stumble and in a flash he was helping me steady by holding me upby my arse with his hand.Thank you kind sir I whispered to him and let him feel my hardening cock in my pantysHe went erect and I put my hand down his shorts and felt his stiffening cockand took it out and started to suck itHe moaned with joy and pulled up my mini and slipped his hand down my pantys andstarted to finger my tight arse hole.Two old men were watching and wanking their cocks vigorouslyI squeezed his balls and felt his cock stiffen ready to shoot his loadI licked the tip of his cock and stroked his cock hardHe started to jerk and I felt his hot cum gushing into my mouth from his jerking cockI love hot cum and greedily sucked and swallowed itCharles Charles she shouted and I saw the English women coming towards usMarge this girl is absolutely what we have been looking for She is so sexy and hornyHis cock started to harden againMarge was appraising me and I could see lust growing in her eyesI went up to her and kissed her hard on the lipsHer mouth opened and we started to suck each others tonguesI fondled her tight arse through her mini skirt while she quicklyslipped her hand up my dress and felt my pantysOH wonderful she gasped as she felt my hard cock through my lacy pantysI opened her blouse and lifted her big tits out of her lacy braShe took my small tits out and began to suck them until my nipples were rock hardCharles and the two older men were watching us in awe and wanking their engorged cocksI cleared a table full of dvds and lay Marge on the table and eased her pantys downover her knees as I Sucked her wet cunt hole she grabbed my hard cockand started to suck it hardI fingered her cunt hole and she begged Oh fuck me guickshe grabbed my cock and plunged it up her wet wriggling cunt holeAs I started to fuck her she grabbed the two old guys cocks and started to such themShe tensed up as she started to climax riding my cock for all her worthSuddenly I felt a cock ramming up my tight arse holeIt was exquisite I rode Marge with my cock andat the same time wriggled my arse impaled on Charles big cockAs Marge climaxed again I shot my load up her cunt andCharles shot his hot cum up my all too willing arse holeI bent down and licked and sucked all the lovely cum of Charles cockAs I sucked I joyfully felt another cock been rammed up my arse hole by one of the old guysthe second old guy was on his knees licking and sucking my cock hard againThe first old guy was fucking my tight arse harder and harderI was in heaven and Charles cock started to stiffen and I saw a third old guyimpale Charles arse on his big hard cockSuck me oh fuck me Charles moaned as he shoved his arse hard back on the big cockI started to wriggle my arse on the lovely cock riding me and squeezed his swinging ballsI felt my cock tremble ready to cumOh darlings I am going to cum I cried and as I felt the exquisite joy in my cock I shot a load of hot cum into my old guys sucking mouthWOW I tasted a full blast of Charles hot cum as he filled my eager mouth andI was fucked and filled with more cum up my willing arse holeI now noticed two young black boys were fucking MargeOne big black cock in her cunt hole and the other black boy with his cock right up her arse holeMarge was moaning and crying in joy and riding both cocks as hard as she couldCharles put his cum wet cock in her mouth to lick cleanMarge screamed as she climaxed once then again as the black boys filled her holes with their hot cum loads.We all pulled up our pantys and trousers and agreed to meet the following day at the sex cinema next door.I went back to my lodgingsAs I entered the apartment Ingrid came out to greet meShe was wearing a one piece black open crotch pantys and open bra with her big tits jutting out and her nipples were erectOh Ann darling did you have a good time??As I told her about all my lovely fucking she was feeling my cock in my pantysMy daughter Mia is in the sitting room wigh her young brother MaercCome in and meet them they will love you she giggledI peeped into the sitting room Mia was lying on the settee in a tiny black mini skirtand a black blouse .Her brother was trying to kiss her but she was pushing him awayIngrid went in past meOk you two stop fighting kiss and make upMia haughtily snapped No Mum he is trying to get into my pantys and fuck meLet him play with you Mia he is always wanking watching you undressingpoor dear and she sat down beside MaercOh Mum thank you for understanding and he started to finger hercunt hole through the open pantysIngrid kissed him hard on canlı bahis şirketleri the mouth and opened his zip and took out his hard cockI am disgusted shouted Mia and got up to storm out of the roomI stopped her and kissed her on her pursed lips and gently pulled her towards meShe pushed to break loose but I darted my tongue into her mouth whileslipping my hand up under her mini and started to caress her cunt through her lacy pantysShe started to respond and her hand pushed up my mini skirt andshe felt my erect cock in my pantysShe gasped in surprise and moaned as I put my hand down her pantys andstarted to wank her lovely cunt with my fingersIngrid was sucking Maercs cock as he watched me play with his sisters cuntI eased Mias pantys down and gently pushed my big hard cock into her wet cunt holeOh fuck me darling please fuck meI pushed my stiff cock deep up her juicy cunt and started to ride herMeanwhile Maerc was riding Ingrid on the setteeI lifted Mia up and she started to ride my cock furiouslyFuck me fuck me I am a bad girlEveryone were moaning and riding cunt and cockSuddenly everyone was cumming and climaxingI loved having my cock deep up this young schoolgirls cuntI felt so horny as I shot my hot cum into her young cunt holeAfter we had all cum Mia greedily sucked the cum off my cock andIngrid was avidly licking her sons cock clean of his cum[ winked at Ingrid and said lets swap darlingShe hopped up and came to me but I said no darling you have Miaand I sat down beside a surprised MarecI felt his hardening cock as he felt my lacy pantysI whispered have you been fucked in your arse yet?He stuttered no neverToday is your lucky day as I turned him over and lifted him onto my stiff cockI opened his arse hole with my fingers then let him gently come down on myawaitjng cock and with a jerk impaled his virgin arse on my throbbing cockwhile wanking his hard cockHe screamed as my cock ripped open his virgin arse holeIngrid and Mia were licking and sucking each others cunts but lovingthe agony of Maerc impaled on my rampaging cockMaerc wriggled and tried to escape my hard ramming cockIt was wonderful and I could not stop my cock jerking and shooting my cum up his holeAs I wanked his cock harder he trembled and shot his load over the floorWhat a day some of the best fucks everChapter 2I woke up feeling horny looking forward to a visit to sex cinemasWhat will I wear? I pondered the possibilitiesI stretched out luxuriously on the bed in my silky black lacy baby dollsMy cock was hard band pushing against the silky panty materialI loved the feeling of lacy silky pantys against my cock and ballsThere was a knock on the door and without waiting for an answerIngrid dressed in a maids outfit short black satin mini skirt andmatching black transparent blouse with white lacy pantys andwhite half cup white lacy braHer big tits were flowing out of the tiny bra. Her big nipples were erect and waiting to be suckedShe was wearing high stilletoe black shoesHer black stockings were held by a white lacy suspender beltShe was a vision of a horny fuckI stretched out on the sheets giving Ingrid a clear view of my hard cock in my lacy pantysShe stopped in her tracks and nearly dropped the tray she was carryingShe gazed lustily at my panty clad cock and started to lick her lipsI loved being desired I rolled over showing my tight arse off to her gaze”Ingrid today I want to sample the delights of your sex cinemasAt 4pm I am meeting the English couple at the cinema next door to the sex shopBut I would like to stroll around Copenhagen and see the place in my sexy outfit andwould like you Ingrid to be my tour guide darling?””Oh Ann I need you to fuck me now pleaseeee Ann” she begged”The longer you wait the bigger the cum fill Ingrid” I quipped”We will have a great time and I promise you will be thoroughly fucked by the end of the day”Her face lit up “Great but what will I wear”” Thats easy darling exactly what you are wearing you will be my sexy maid”I smiledNow lets see what I will wearFirst I selected a very tight fitting orange mini dress with a zip going from top to bottomThis would allow easy and quick access to my arse love hole and my hard cock in the cinemaNext I picked my orange silky open crotch pantys with a white ribbon on the back when untied allowed unrestricted access to a cock to my arse love hole while wrapping the cock in the silky panty material(which gave most men added joy and thrills)The front had a similar white ribbon which when opened gave unfettered access to my juicy cockI eased the pantys over my hardening cock and fuck ready love arse hole”Oh Ann you are so so so horny” Ingrid moaned as she finger fucked her wet cunt in her pantysNext I put on my matching orange bra with white ribbons on each cupWhen the ribbons were untied my pert tits were available to be licked sucked or pulledMy white suspender belt was next and I fitted in place ready for my stockingsI choose a white silky pair and slowly pulled them up my creamy smooth legsand attached them to my suspender belt( a lot of older men love to catch their cocks between the suspender belt and the girls thighs and by moving back and forth wank their trapped cock)”My cunt is like a tap non stop dripping of cunt juice I am so horny” Ingrid moanedI stepped into “the dress and eased it up over my body”Ingrid stop wanking darling for a minute and zip me up” I orderedIngrid started to zip me up pausing to feel my panty clad cock and my pert tits as she zippedWhen she had finished I felt a hand caressing my arse and squeeze my arse cheeksIt was Maerc Ingrids son”You naughty boy” I said lustily as I grabbed his hard young cockI pulled Ingrids lacy pantys aside and pushed Maercs cock into her sopping wet cunt holeIngrid screamed with delight and started to ride his hard cock with lusty gustoMaerc grabbed her by the arse and shoved two fingers up her tight arse hole as he plunged his cock in and out of her slimy cunt holeI squeezed Maercs swinging balls hardThey both screamed as they climaxed together Maerc squirting his load of hot cum up his motherslusty cunt holeIngrid greedily licked his cum soaked cockI am never one to miss out on tasty cum so I licked and sucked all Maercs cumout of Ingrids cunt rim and inside her cunt holeI swallowed all the lovely cum”Right Ingrid were ready to go darling “”Can I cum with you Ann please please” Maerc begged”Not this time darling but you and I will go later in the week” I smiled lustilyIngrid and I tottered and wagged her arses down the main street to the harbourIngrid said there was a sex shop with a small cinema just off the main streetAs we lustily walked along the street I fount all men young and old leering at ussome rubbing there crotches meaningfullyAlso a number of young and old women smiled and winked at usMy cock was rock hard in my tiny pantysWe came to the turn off and went down a side street and there was a big neon signsaying SEX SHOP AND CINEMAWe looked in the window and there were all sorts of sex toys on display and big postersdetailing the different sex movies on in the cinemaIngrid nudged me and whispered”Looks like we have a following hehe”A number of old guys had come after us and started looking in the windowI felt one of them push up hard against my arse and started to hump my arseAnother old guy was doing the same to IngridI turned around and playfully slapped his hard bulge and gave him a flirty smileand then ushered Ingrid in front of me into the shopThe shop was empty except for an old guy looking at porn DVDsThe shop owner was sitting behind his counterHis face lit up when he saw us enter followed by a troupe of randy old men”Welcome ladies anything you want is free my darlings””Thank you darling so kind of you” I said with my sexiest smileand enquired where the cinema was”Straight ahead at the back of shop be my guest its also free to both of you”Ingrid and wagged our way and entered the cinemaIf was empty with 6 rows of seatsOn the screen a black slave girl was being pulled by a white old guy on a horsewith a rope around her neckShe was wearing a torn black dress revealing little white pantysenclosing her black cunt hole and arseA prim dressed old woman was riding a second horse with a young black guyfully naked his big cock swinging as he stumbled alongIngrid and I were standing at the back of the cinemaWe noticed all the old guys had their cocks in their hands wanking away watching the movie on the screen and glancing back to watch Ingrid and me standing behind the seatsThe old guy and woman had decended from the horses and brought the two slaves into the houseThe old guy had his hand in the young girls pantys feeling her young tight cuntThe old woman was leading the young black boy into the house holding canlı kaçak iddaa his now erect cockA young boy greeted his mum and dad” Are these the new slaves?” he asked gazing longingly at the young black girl been felt by his dad” Yes darling we are just going to break the in you can watch if you like son” the old woman said lustilythe son sat on a chair to watch the breaking in sessionThe owner of the shop had come into the cinema and stood between Ingrid and me”You like the movie darlings” he asked as he caressed our panty clad arses”Yes it is very horny Sir” I answered submissively as my cock stiffenedI then felt his fingers surround my throbbing cock and then a finger being pushed up mytight wet arse holeHe had pulled Ingrids lacy pantys down and had plunged his hard cock up her juicy cuntTwo old guys had cum back and one pulled my pantys down while the other was bent down sucking my wet cock licking the tip and also licking my ballsOh heaven I thought getting ready to be fucked up my arse hole as my cock is being suckedOn the screen the old guy ordered the young black boy to fuck the young girl”The girl protested she was a virgin and begged the old guy to let her go”The old woman had started to suck the young blacks big cock getting it rock hardThe old guy then brought them together and pushed the young black boys cock up into the opening ofthe young black girls virgin cunt holeFuck her hard he ordered fuck her as he wanked his hard cockThe young black boy started to push his hard cock deep up her tight cunt breaking her sealThe little black girl screamed in pain and tried to get her torn cunt off his hard plunging cockHe pulled the weeping young girl back hard impaling her deeper on his rampaging black cockThe young black girl screamed in agony as his big black cock opened up her tight virgin cunt hole further His black hands pulled and slapped her young ripe tities as he rode her harder and harderOk growled the master shoot your load of cum up her cuntThe young black boys cock started to convulse and shot his hot cum up the young black girls cunt holeIngrid cried as she climaxed on the shop owners spurting cockI felt the cock fucking my arse hole stiffen and then explode in my very happy arse holeI felt that glorious state of happyness as I shot my load of hot cuminto my sucking licking old guys mouthI bent down after swallowing the load of hot cum and greedily put the shop owners cum soaked cockin my cum sucking mouth and swallowed some more lovely tasty cumOn the screen the young black girl was crying with bloody cum seeping oput of her black cunt holelay on the floor with her legs wide apartThe old guy knelt down and started to lick and suck her cum soaked cunt holeThe old woman was sucking the young black boys cum wet big black cockShe felt his balls and squeezed them hard as she sucked and licked his cock hardShe stripped her dress off and pulled down her white pantysShe sat on her chair and opened her legs wide”Right boy put your big black cock in my cunt hole boy” She ordered lustily”Yes Mistress” He replied and went over to her and plunged his big hard black cockdeep up the old womans eager cunt hole”Oh great your cock is so wonderful fuck me hard boy fuck me hard” cried the hornywild old women rising from the chair and mounting his cock and impaling her cunt holedeeper in hois fucking black cockHrer son came over and with a holler pushed his hard young cochk deep up his mothers arse holeShe turned her head and rode up and down faster and faster on the two young cocks pounding hereager cunt and arse holesShe screamed in joy as she climaxed with both young boys shooting their loads of cum upher eager arse and cunt holesI loved the sight of so many of the old guys shooting their loads of cumin a group cummingbrought on by the great fucking up on the screenOn the screen the old guy was playing with the young protesting black girls sore cunt hole”Please Master my wee wee hole is very sore Sir please have mercy on me ” She whinedThe old guy turned her over and opened her legs and gazed at her tight black arse holeHe bent down and started to lick her tight hole with his probing tongueNow he put a finger up her tight virgin hole”No Master that is painfull Sir”He stopped and instead put his hard cock up to the rim of her arse holeHe gently pushed the tip of his cock into herr tight arse hole”AH ah Master Stop Please Please Sir”The old grinned and plunged his cock deep up her arse hole ripping her openShe screamed in pain as he fucked her harder and harderAs her screams got higher and higherThe old guy shot his load with a scream ogf delightThe remaining old men shot their loads of cum in delerious delightI pulled up my pantys and Ingrid hers and we left the shop with grins all over our facesChapter 3Ingrid in her sexy black satin maids short dress and white lacy pantys tottered up the main streetI accompanied her in my tight orange mini dress white stockings and white suspender beltI was wearing Open crotch orange pantys with white bows on the crotch andanother white bow on the arse love hole openingI loved the lusty looks we were getting from old and young menthey openly showed their lusty desires to fuck us with their leery brazen gazesas I waggled my arse in my tight orange mini dress as I smiled sexily at themWe arrived at the cinema just as the mature English couple Marge and Charles arrived.Marge was wearing a black transparent blouse opened showing her white half cup lacy bra her big tits jutting out and her nipples hard and erectShe had a black cross over loose skirt easy to open and reveal her lacy red pantystopped off with black stockings and a red and white suspender beltShe tottered along on very high heeled shoesI kissed Marge full on her lips and she kissed me backwe caressed each others arsesCharles was kissing Ingrid passionately slipping his hand up her maids dress to get a feel of her juicy cunt holeWe entered the small sex shop on the ground floor and saw the stairs leading to the sex cinemaCharles went to the counter to buy cinema ticketsThere were a number of men in shop looking at the horny DVDS on displayAs we started to walk up the stairs a number of the men gathered at the bottom of stairsso they could look up our dresses and skirts as we climbed the stairsHalf way up the stairs Marge Ingrid and I stopped and adopted fuck pose positionsOur legs wide open so the watching men could see our pantys and the imprint of our cunt lipsshowing through the pantysWe wriggled around opening and closing our legs teasing the leery watching menWe proceeded into cinema reception which had 20 monitor screens showing all the fuck movies currently available to watch.Behind the bar counter was a young blonde girl with her big tits on full viewTwo older men were chatting with her and when she gave them a drink they were able to feel her titsOn the right of the bar was an aisle leading to two cinemasOne directly on the right as you walked in and then a toilet on the left and through an archway into the second cinema with rows of seats going down to a clear floor area and the big screenFurther on were 8 individual booth each with a choice of 30 films to watchTo the left of the bar in the reception area was another set of 8 viewing boothsCharles headed off with Ingrid to the cinemasHis hand was up Ingids short black satin maids skirt and inside her lacy pantys caressing her arse cheeksMarge and I strolled (sexually waging our arses) to the left of the reception towards the viewing booths area.We came to the first booth occupied the door was left ajarIn it was a young guy watching mature women being fucked by young boysHis trousers were pulled down and he was sitting on the chair wanking his big cock”You naughty boy your hard cock tells me you like seeing older women being fucked” Marge said smiling and licked her lips looking at his erect cockThe young guy looked up at Marge and with his free hand opened her skirt revealing her red lacy pantyshe felt her cunt through the pantys and quickly pulled the pantys aside and started to lick her wet cunt juice and then put two fingers up her cunt hole and started to finger fuck herHe stood up”Suck my cock bitch” He ordered MargeShe bent down and eagerly put his hard cock into her eager mouth and started to lick the rim of his cock with her tongueHe put his hand down her little red lacy pantys and started to feel her tight arse hole with his two fingers inserted in her tight holeMarge moaned as she sucked his throbbing cock and started to lick his cock shaft ending with his balls in her mouth sucking them as the young guy finger fucked her arse hole”Get up cunt whore” He growled at Marge as he opened her blouse and grabbed her big titsHe pulled her up by her tits and canlı kaçak bahis then lifted her upon his rock hard cock”Oh fuck me fuck me darling” she moaned as he plunged his throbbing cock roughly up herwet eager welcoming cunt holeI stood watching my dress pulled up and my hand rubbing my little orange lacy pantysMy big cock hard straining against the silky lacy feel of my pantysI was so horny and looked around to see an old guy his trousers around his ankleslustily watching the young guy fucking her cunt and Marges arse bobbing up and down as she rode his fuck weaponI went over and caught the old guy by his hard cock and brought him over to Marge riding the young guys cock moaning and begging him to fuck her harder and harder”Fuck her arse Sir” I asked sexily as I inserted his stiff cock into her tight arse hole”Oh Oh Ahh AHHH” Marge moaned and cried as his hard cock plunged deeper and deeper up her very tight arse hole. I squeezed the old guys balls which encouraged him to bury his cock right up Marges bouncing arse and cunt on the two hard cocksI felt my cock tingling and opened the white bow on the front of my pantys and eased out my erect cock primed to fuckI put the tip of my cock up against the old guye tight arse hole and started to push my cock into his lovely very tight arse hole”No No I dont take cock up my arse” He cried back at me”Darling you are just going to open up your arse treasure to me”Saying this I plunged my cock up his arse ripping it openHis scream was joy to my ears and made my cock harder and I pushed even deeper up his lovely hole and joy of joys he added to my cocks delight as he wriggled on it trying to escape its hard thrusting up his arse holeSuddenly I felt a hand opening the white bow on my orange pantys by my arse holePleasure soared through me as a young black hard cock was pushed up my tight wiling arse holeAt the same time I was enjoying ripping open the virgin arse of the old guyI was in heaven with a cock in my tight arse hole being fucked by a lovely young black guyI love young black cocks and also juicy cunt holesA couple of old guys were watching the four of us fucking fucking” Cum over darlings and let me suck and taste your lovely cocks darlings” I said to the old guys watching and wanking their old cocks furiouslyThey shuffled over to me wagging their hard cocks at my open welcoming mouthI sucked each of their cocks and then took both cocks into my mouthI felt the young black cock stiffen in my tight arse hole was riding itSuddenly I felt the warm gush of his hot cum filling my arse holeIt was too much for my trembling cock andAs the two old guys shot their loads of tasty cum into my eager mouthI felt the delicious tingle of joy as my own cock splurting my cum load up the tight arse hole I was fucking At the same time the young guy in booth filled Marges willing cunt hole with his hot semenHer arse was filled with hot cum by the old guy fucking herI swallowed the hot cum it was delicious I just love licking sucking hot cumMarge was sucking any cock she could grab She also loved cumAs she was reaching for the young blacks cum wet cock”No you dont Marge he is mine” I said as I grabbed the young black cock and started to lick and suck it clean of his cumMarge and I pulled up our pantys and set off to explore the cinemas with broad smiles of contentment and some white spots of cum on our mouthsIngrid and I went past the reception desk down the aisle into the first cinemaThere was no sign of Ingrid or CharlesAs we looked around the cinema a young couple came in and sat in the front rowThe girl was brunette wearing was wearing a very tight black and green dress with a plunging neck lineshowing off her bright pink half cup bra her big tits jutting out her nipples rock hardThere were two old men in the back row wanking each others cock watching the fucking film on the screenIngrid and I sat in front row me beside the girl and Ingrid sat down beside the young guyWe all looked up at the screenIt was a film about cheating wives in an English villageA blonde middle age housewife Diane was in her kitchen serving breakfast to her older husband Georgewho was reading the morning paper dressed in his office suit and as he finished he got up and kissed his wife on the cheek as he picked up his briefcase and made for the door”See you this evening old girl” he said in goodbyeDiane watched her husband disappear down the road to get his train into LondonWhen he was out of sight she rushed up to their bedroomShe stripped off her dressing gown and cotton nightyShe had very full big tits a lovely curvy bum with sticky out arse cheeksHer cunt hole had a nice hairy bush enclosing itDiane took out a selection of lacy pantys and decide on a silky satin pair of yellow transparent pantysShe slowly pulled the wispy pantys up until they were fitted sexily on her arse and cuntA sexy thrill ran through her body at the feel of the slutty pantysNext she selected a matching yellow bra with open cupsShe examined the result and admired her big tits jutting out from the whispy yellow braThe final touch was her white stockings held by a white yellow suspender beltShe put on a white transparent silky negligee She was readyHer heart leapt as she heard the doorbellDiane rushed down the stairs and then opened the doorA young black plumber was standing there. Diane had seen him at her friends house and decidedshe would get him to fix the dripping taps in kitchen”Come in Joe” she smiled at confused young black as he gazed at her sexy outfitThe young black guys cock hardened in his overalls and Diane looked at the swelling bulge”Come this way” she said as she tottered on her high heels along the hallway into the kitchen”What needs fixing Mam” the young black guy askedShe put her hand down and grabbed his hardening cock and started to rub itAt the same time she put his hand down to her lacy pantys”My cunt needs fucking darling I havent been shagged in ages”He lifted her up on the kitchen table and opened her legs wide and bent down and started to lick her cunt through the yellow lacy pantys She started to moan and cried in joy as he pulled the pantys asideand stuck his darting tongue up her wet cunt hole while at the same time started to pull her tits hard with his handHe stood upright and took out his big black hard cockThe brunette whispered to her boy friend”I just love black cocks darling” as she started to wank his cock hardMarge put her hand down and started to feel his ballsI thought the bitches are going to have all the funso I unzipped my dress and let it drop to the floorStood up in front of the boyfriend and the two old guys in the row behindBent over him and started to such his hard cock in my wet mouth as the girls wanked it hasrderMarge and his girlfriend undressed and tried to grab his cock back from meThey both stood up and the boyfriend pulled their pantys down and started to finger both their cunt holesI stopped sucking his hard cock and went into sitting position over him and guided his stiff cock up into my arse hole ass I pushed hard down and impaled my arse hole on his beautiful cockHe started to fuck the girls cunt holes hard with each hand as I rode his cock up and downI was in heaven riding this young big cock and the girls were moaning as their cunts were being finger fuckedI wanked my tingling cock as I was enjoying my arse hole being fucked so hardOne of the old men went down on his knees and started to suck my tingling cockThe second old guy stood in front of me holding his cock out to meI grabbed his cock and put it into my eager mouth and tasted the pre cum on his stiff cockI started to feel the cum load well up in my cock being sucked and the young guys cock trembling in my hot arse hole and as the cock up my arse squirted its cum load up my arseThe old guy shot a hot load of cum into my eager mouthwhile I in turn shot my load of cum into the other old guys sucking mouthI tasted the hot cum in my mouth and swallowed it with joyThe young girl was being fucked by a young black guywhile Marge was riding an old guy guys hard cock with gustoI took the opportunity to lick and suck the cum of the young guys cockWhen finished I pulled up my lacy orange pantys and went in search of Ingrid and CharlesI stopped to watch tne young girl being fucked in her cunt hole by the young black guyWhile sucking a second young black guys hard cockIngrid was riding one old guys cock and another old guy plunged his erect cock deep up her arse hole and started to fuck her arse while the other guy fucked her cunt holeThe girls were screaming and moaning in joy as a group of men watched and wanked their cocksI walked through the archway between cinemas I had put my dress in my bagI was dressed in my bright orange open crotch pantys matching bra suspender belt and stockings and high heeled shoes feeling great after being so well fucked and still savouring the taste of all the lovely hot cum I had just swallowedI wondered what horny joy awaited me in this cinemaJoin me again to find out darlings

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