My wife and the tiny dick club

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My wife and the tiny dick clubMy wife and the tiny dick clubBy Chris Christopher All rights reservedI didn’t mean to do it. Normally I would never have done something like this but at the time, I thought it might be important.But I’m getting ahead of myself.It was a beautiful Saturday in late summer and my pretty little wife was outside puttering around with her roses. She really likes gardening and roses are her pride and joy. We must have three dozen rose bushes in the backyard and she has named every one of them. I was inside sipping a tall cool one after having just finished my portion of the yard work.That’s when it all started.Our home phone rang, I did not recognize the number but I answered it anyway. “Hello is Eve there?” a voice that sounded slightly familiar asked. “No Eve here,” I answered. Hanging up I quickly returned to my frosty glass of refreshment.Then her cell phone rang indicating an incoming call. The ringing stopped and shortly the phone beeped indicating someone had left her a voice message. I wondered who it might be but my Corona seemed much more important at the moment.A minute or so later her phone beeped again indicating a text message. Now my curiosity had been peaked. I thought that it might be important since they left a voice message as well as a text message.My wife never locks her phone, so it would be easy to check this out and see if it was important enough to put down my Corona and take the phone outside to her. I picked up her phone and noticed that the missed caller ID looked like the same one that had called our home phone. The text was addressed to ‘Eve’. “Eve I got things set up for next weekend. At least four interested. Let me know. And thanks again for the other night.”This really shocked me as my wife’s name is not Eve! I quickly scrolled back through the previous messages to find out about ‘the other night’ but there were a lot of them. Before I could start reading, I heard my wife open the patio doors. Feeling guilty as sin, I quickly closed the text screen and replaced her phone on the stand.“Want me to open a nice cool Corona for you?” I asked.“That would be great,” she replied as she sank down into her chair.I returned with her Corona in a frosty mug just as she was putting her phone down. “Do we have anything planned this coming weekend?” she asked me.“Not that I know about.” I said. “You have something in mind?”“No really, just checking.”So she was going to be coy about the weekend. Now I was really curious. “So who was that call from?” I asked her.“Just an old friend,” she replied. “Maybe I’ll tell you all about it later, IF you’re really nice to me!”“Does it have to do with our plans or lack of plans for next weekend?”“Maybe, but I really can’t say. Let’s just play like it’s my little secret and maybe I’ll surprise you with it later.”Three days went by without another word about the call or the weekend. Then on Wednesday evening, after dinner, she started into her little girl and daddy game where she teases me and eventually makes do exactly what she wants.“Do you remember that night we met Jazz?” she asked me.“How could I forget that night? I loved winning that bet!”“Well, what if you could win another bet without even having to bet?”“That doesn’t make any sense, but, OK, I’m interested!”“Well, you remember that last guy I spent time with? He’s called me a few times and he really wants to get together again.”“Are you talking about that sports announcer on TV?”“Yea, him.”“I’m not sure I want you out there on the street without Jazz with you,” I said.“Oh, it’s nothing to do with the street. Stu wants to have a little party at his place for some of his friends. And he wants me to be their figure model.”“A model,” I asked, “what kind of figure modeling will it be and what’s in it for you?”“Well, you know how much I liked his cute little penis? Well, he tells me that he has some friends who have little ones too. He said that he’s one of the bigger guys in the group. And, well, I’d like to see them,” she giggled a little when she said that. “His friends get together every week or two and do goofy things together.”“Hmm, that’s interesting I guess, but what kind of modeling does he want you to do?”“Well, he wants me to play like I’m an erotic figure model. You know, the lady in the center of the art class? These guys will be playing like they are artists and trying to painting my picture.”“Do you really think that’s all that will happen? Maybe the best drawing wins you as a prize?”“I told him that I would not be doing any porn stuff for them. I did agree to pose fully nude for them for the evening but I told him I would not do anything more than that.”“So you’ve already agreed to do it? I think you’re being a little naive about his plans.” “I think I’ll be perfectly safe since I’m taking you along as my driver and body guard. He agreed that you could sit in the room and watch everything that’s happening. And I know how much you like to watch me with other guys. You’ll love it! Oh, silly me, I didn’t tell him that we were married. He thinks I’m single.”As you can guess, my dick was responding to her just the way she planned it. I love showing her off to other men. Sometimes she goes a little further but that’s OK with me, I find it all pretty exciting. “So just you and a couple of guys and me, and you will be naked, right?”“That’s about it, honey! Oh and I forgot to mention they’ll pay me a hundred bucks! Can we do it, honey? Please honey.”I forgot to mention that this conversation was taking place while she had my cock in her hand stroking it. She leaned in close to the head of my throbbing dick as she repeated the ‘pretty please honey’ part a couple of times. I could feel her hot breath on the swollen head of my dick, that’s how close she was. I suddenly realized she was not going to get any closer unless I said yes. Which, of course, I did!As quickly as that word pasted my lips, her mouth gobbled up the purple knob at the end of my cock. Her tongue made it feel like I had airplanes circling, diving and doing loops around the head of my dick. As I watched I could see her cheeks move outward as her tongue swirled around my swollen cockhead. She really knows how to treat a guy’s dick, that’s for sure! She popped my member out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “One more thing, I forgot to tell you, they might be doing more masturbating than drawing.” And with that little statement she sucked my dick back into her mouth. She sucked so hard I almost forgot what she had just said. Let’s just say that she turned a boring Wednesday evening into a fantastic night of sexual indulgence. Just fantastic!When Saturday finally arrived I thought we were going to be late because she was taking so much time getting ready. When I saw her at the top of the stairs I was shocked by how sexy she looked! Not quite classy sexy and not quite slutty sexy but a beautiful blend of the two that was more aphrodisiac than fashion. She was dressed in a soft Robin’s egg blue sleeveless mini-skirt. Her panty hose were a lighter shade of blue. The high heels she was wearing I had never seen before, but they matched the darker blue shade of her dress. Those spike heels gave her about six more inches of height. She had combed her reddish blonde hair just the way I like it. Straight bangs with straight sides that hung down to her shoulders with just a light flip at the end.She twisted her body into a typical modeling pose awaiting my approval. I noticed that her finger nails had also been painted blue except for the ring finger on each hand. The right one was a dark, blood red that was a close match to her lips. The left was midnight black just like her eye shadow. Her wedding ring was missing.“So how do I look?”“Beautiful! Will you marry me?” I jested.“Well of course I well, but first I have to sow a few wild oaks. What to join me? I’ll make if fun for you.” She laughed as she spoke the words, but the laugh was one of those deep, sexy, ‘I’m going to be nasty’ laughs. I liked it a lot.When we arrived at Stewart’s house (I called him Stewart because that’s what they call him on the TV news), there were a number of cars parked on the street and in the driveway. I wondered if they were all inside of Stewart’s place or if some were just neighborhood cars. We rang the doorbell. Moments later Stewart opened the door. “Eve, it’s so wonderful to see you again!” They did a lingering hello hug and then we followed him into the house. He explained that this was actually Evan’s house as it was his turn to host their get together. We went down the stairs to the game room and found a lot more than a ‘couple’ of guys standing around a small bar at one end of the room. Most were holding a can or a bottle of some type of refreshment. There were maybe eight or ten guys there. Stewart introduced ‘Eve’ to the group as they all crowded around her to hug her. They asked if she wanted something to drink and she said a beer would be great. I stood off to the side while the guys surrounded her at the bar. I watched as she alternately drank and laughed at whatever they were saying. Stewart told them that I was there to make sure that no one got out of line with Eve. They all promised to be gentlemen.I had asked my wife earlier in the week about that name ‘Eve.’ She told me that Jazz had given it to her. Jazz said that she needed a street name to be out on the stroll. Telling my wife that since it was early in the night and it was my wife’s first night that she should go by ’Eve’.This meet and greet went on for some fifteen or twenty minutes. The guys seemed to be taking turns being next to my wife, touching her here and there to get her attention. After my wife finished her second beer, Stewart said that they should get started. My wife asked to use the restroom. Stewart took her by the hand and led her to a restroom / changing room where she could get ready. A few minutes later Stewart reappeared and told everyone to prepare for their guest of honor to appear. He turned off most of the lights so that one end of the room was almost totally dark. The lighted end, that would be the stage, had a couple of ceiling spot lights. A single chair had been placed in the center of the lighted area.My wife, their Eve, walked out wrapped in a small towel to a chorus of howls and whistles and cat calls. So much for being gentlemen! Stewart held her hand as he led her over to their little stage area. Then he posed her on that dark brown wooden chair. After dr****g the towel around her shoulders, across her body and down one side, he stepped back to admire his creation.The room fell silent as these strangers gazed upon Eve’s semi-naked beauty. The murmuring seemed to indicate that initially they were happy with the pose but that only lasted for a minute or so. Then one of them said that if this is going to be an adult bayraklı escort erotic art session then Eve should have a man with her. They all agreed that it would be fun to have a male and a female on stage, just like Adam and Eve.Stewart asked my wife, I mean Eve, if that was OK with her. She shrugged her shoulders and answered “Sure, that’s fine with me.”Stewart asked for a volunteer the pose with Eve. Everyone blurted out at once for the chance to join Eve on the stage. Then one voice seemed to crowd out the rest. “Let’s each have a turn. That’s the only fair way to do it.”The decision was taken and the group selected their host for the night, Evan, to be the first ‘Adam’ to join ‘Eve’. Evan stepped forward and Stewart reset the scene. He had Evan sit on the chair with Eve curled up on his lap, one arm around his neck, with her free hand poised to unbutton his shirt. Of course he also tossed her towel away.Almost immediately the group said no, that’s not right. To be Adam and Eve, Adam needs to be totally naked, just like Eve! The same strong voice of reason could again be heard, “Yes, absolutely, if we are going to worship them, Adam and Eve must both be naked!” The group quickly agreed. My wife shot a quick look at me. I just stood there wondering what it would be like to see my wife in the arms of a totally naked stranger. She shrugged her shoulders and I did the same. Then she told the group that that would be OK with her.She stood up. Evan stood up and stripped. I could see immediately that he was indeed a ‘little guy’ just like Stewart had promised my wife. His little pink penis was as stiff as possible but only three inches or so in length. I watched my wife ogling his manhood. I could tell by the smile on her face that she liked looking at it. I wondered what she was thinking.Stewart then placed Eve back on Evan’s lap but this time he had her straddle Evan so that his little cock was just in front of her belly. Her arms around Evan’s neck with her back hunched out and her head looking down. Everyone liked the pose. Stewart said that they would change the pose every five minutes and each guy would get three poses. The group agreed as did my sweet little wife.The next pose had Eve sitting on the floor between Evan’s legs holding his cock between her thumb and index finger. She had a look on her face that seemed to say that she had never seen such a little thing in her whole life.As the clock slowly ticked off the minutes, Evan’s little general was beginning to shrink as they held this pose. With his little general in full retreat my wife grasped Evan’s dick but when she did, his whole penis disappeared in her hand. She was squeezing that little penis in her hand, not really a stroke, just a pulsating squeeze. She quickly brought him back to full stature with most of the head of his cock showing above her cute little fist. Her movements were similar to how your fingers flex when you’re milking a cow. I noticed that she kept squeezing him for the remained of the 5 minutes. I was so proud of her. What a professional!For the last pose a couple of guys shouted that they wanted to see Adam’s dick in Eve’s mouth, but Stewart, ever the gentleman, reminded them that there would be no real sex. So they settled for Evan letting his penis lay on her cheek. For five minutes it just lay there. I could see that Evan was almost in pain, wanting to stroke his cock and rub it on her face. He did flex it every few seconds as my wife would wiggle her head, lightly rubbing her cheek against his manhood. I wondered if my shy little wife was also using her tongue to press her cheek into him. When Stewart said that Evan’s time was up, my wife grabbed his little penis and gave it a few furious strokes then she rubbed the head of that little cock back and forth across her lips. Her lips were now glistening from his pre-cum. She stood up and Evan stood up and they hugged and she gave him a big wet lipped kissed before he knew what was happening. He then returned to the audience. I noticed that he did not put his clothes back on. I also noticed that just under my wife’s neatly trimmed pussy hair, her clean shaven pussy was shining with her wetness.Stewart picked the next guy and he stripped before joining my wife on the little stage. This time Stewart had Eve kneel on all fours while dr****g the guy over her back. His cock was between my wife’s legs. Well, if his cock had been a little longer it would have been between her legs. As it was, it just pointed between her legs in the direction of her moist pussy. There was only about two inches between his body and her ass. But this guy would have had to grow a lot bigger to bridge that little gap.Stewart had Eve place her weight on her forearm closest to the group giving all of them a great side view of one of my wife’s beautiful 34B boobs. He moved her other hand between her legs and so that the tips of her fingers cradled this strange male’s miniature manhood. As I watched, it seemed that my wife’s fingers were continually moving like she was playing a piano. She was teasing that little guy as her fingers rolled his wienie from side to side. It was like she was urging him to grow bigger and come to her.Stewart placed one of the guy’s hands on Eve’s ass and the other one around the far side of her chest. From where I was sitting I could not see where that hand was, but I would bet anything that his hand was full my wife’s other boob.For the second pose, they had Eve on the floor on her back with her legs wrapped around the guy’s waist. He was in a pushup position but with his knees on the floor. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. From my position I could not see my wife’s pussy or his penis. I just hoped that Stewart had them posed slightly apart!The final pose had Eve still on her back with one leg up on the chair and the other leg bent at the knee laying on the floor pointing toward the audience. She was turned slightly giving everyone a great full frontal view of her boobs and pussy. I’m sure that they could all see how wet she was. Even from as far back as I was sitting it was obvious.Then they switch to the next new Adam, placing him between the chair and her leg and hunched over so the tip of his cock would just touch the folds of her pussy. My wife’s hand was in his hair as if she were pushing his head down to her left tit. He was close enough that when he stuck his tongue out he could lick at her firm nipple. If his little peter had been three inches long, the head would have been an inch deep inside of my wife! But at only about two inches, her pussy seemed pretty safe.For five minutes they held that position. My wife was playing with his hair as he licked and occasionally sucked at her left breast. She was also moving her hips up and down just enough to let the tip of his dick slide up and down the length of her slit. The head of his little cock was lightly massaging the folds of her pretty pink pussy lips. I was amazed when I noticed how wet his cock was getting with only the tip touching her. It seemed the whole head and most of the shaft was gleaming with dampness. I wondered if I had missed seeing him slipped inside of her a few times while I was watching her smiling in pleasure as he lick and suck on her boob.When Stewart said that the time was up, my wife pulled on the guy’s hair bringing his face up to her face, their lips met as she held him tight. I was not sure, but it seemed that I caught a glimpse of someone’s tongue just before their lips touched. Moments later I noticed that her leg that had been on the floor was now wrapped over his ass and holding it as tightly as her arms held his head. She was pushing his groin into her soaking wet pussy. Even as short as he was, there must have been some penetration. I wondered how deep he was inside my wife’s pussy as the muscles in her legs pulsed and jerked against his ass. Suddenly I found myself pondering what something that short might felt like to her.My wife seemed to be getting raunchier as each new model arrived. As my wife released the guy, Stewart announced, “Scotty, you’re up next!” Scotty stepped forward out of the shadows, totally nude, walking toward my wife. His left hand was feverishly stroking his cock as he walked. Scotty was a little guy, not that much bigger than my wife, maybe 5’3 and 110 or 115lbs at the most. Perhaps that’s what made his dick look so large. He might have been the largest one yet, but still not much over four inches in length.Stewart had Scotty stand in front of my wife with his right side toward the group. He placed Scotty’s right hand on his hip but ignored the left hand which continued stroking that little rigid digit. Stewart then placed my wife on her knees behind Scotty. “Eve, put your knees on either side of Scotty’s right foot. Slide in closer so that your body is pressed against his leg and place the left side of your face on the side of his right ass cheek.”My wife scooted forward so that her pussy was pressed against Scotty’s calf muscle. Her chest was hugging his thigh and her cheek was against his butt cheek. “That’s perfect Eve! Now with your left hand reach between his legs and take hold of his balls. Scotty, spread your legs a little wider for Eve.”My wife’s left hand appeared between Scotty’s legs and quicker than you can read this Scotty’s balls were cupped in her hand. Her slender fingers and those beautiful blue nails seemed to dance as she massaged Scotty’s scrotum.“Now take you right hand and hold Scotty’s dick,” Stewart instructed. “Scotty, you need to let Eve take over for you. Please let go of your cock!”Scotty reluctantly released his grip on that bantam sized shaft. My wife quickly grabbed it before he changed his mind. But she didn’t just hold it; she took over stroking it just as Scotty had been doing. Her strokes were a little faster than his. With her smaller and more willowy fingers, she was getting a longer stroke than Scotty. She would do 10 or 12 strokes then pause for a little while then start stroking him again. When she stroked his cock her body would move a little. I enjoyed watching he right nipple gently rubbing against Scotty’s thigh. I could only imagine how it must feel to Scotty having this beautiful woman’s body, tits and pussy wrapped around his leg while she masturbated him.Scotty’s eyes were closed and his head was tipped back and his cock was glistening as the pre-cum covered its purple head and dripped down to my wife’s fingers. There was so much pre-cum by the end that it was running off of her hand and puddling on her left thigh.“OK, time to change positions,” Stewart announced. “Eve, you stay where you are. Scotty, turn around to face Eve. Eve, put your knees together and Scotty, put one foot on either side of her knees.” They shifted positions as instructed. Scotty’s left hand was again on his cock escort bayraklı stroking it.“Perfect! Now Eve, I want you to look up into Scotty’s eyes, and Scotty, look down at Eve. Eve place both of your hands on Scotty cock and take over for him.” I could see a smile on my sweet little wife’s face as she placed her hands around Scotty’s dick. She really could not get both of her hands on his dick and get much of a stroke. With just five of six of her fingers touching him she began jerking it, pulling his cock downward on each stroke. She alternated between looking up at him and smiling at his cock. It was so fucking sexy that I wanted to join the crowd by pulling my cock out and stroking to the vision in front of me.And then it happened. In less than a minute Scotty thrust his hips forward as his ass cheeks tensed. You could see the shiver run through his body as his dick twitched and then exploded. One, two, three ropes of hot, fresh cum shot out from the head of Scotty’s cock. It was a short trip before each jet of cum splashed onto my wife’s sun tanned skin. The first blast hit her just below her chin. The white streak was running down her neck. The second shot hit her just above her left breast. The third was almost centered on her chest just below her neck.My wife reacted to this cummy surprise by pulling his cock lower and moving forward until she could rub the head of his cock on her breasts. She continued milking every last drop of cum from him. Globs of pearly white semen were slowly dripping down her chest. Scotty moaned in pleasure. His head was still thrown backward. He almost looked like a little wolf howling at the moon. His hands were now holding her head and pulling her into him as she kissed his stomach.We all sat in stunned silence as we watched them. Eventually Stewart stepped out of the shadows and started calling Scotty a real dumb fuck! “But you guys know I’m always the first to cum. I just couldn’t help myself,” he protested.My wife took over for Stewart, “Scotty, Eve is not happy with you. You have made a nasty little mess all over Eve’s titties. I want you to clean Eve up, right now!”I have no idea what my wife had expected him to do. I wonder how surprised she was when Scotty knelt down in front of her, bowed his head, and begged her forgiveness. “Please Eve, please forgive me. I’ll do anything for you.”“Well,” she said, “you need to clean up this mess, RIGHT NOW, you naughty little boy.”With that, Scotty grabbed her by the hips and pulled his face to her breasts and started licking his cum from her boobs. She grabbed him by his hair, pushing his head from side to side as his tongue continued licking her body. Now my wife had her head tilted backward moaning, “You bad boy. Clean up your mess. Make Eve proud of you. You’re such a naughty little boy.”We watched this play out for a couple of minutes before Stewart told Scotty, in an obviously disgusted tone, “Your time is up.” Then he turned to the group and said, “I hope this little mistake does not ruin the evening for everyone else.” Looking at Eve he continued, “Please forgive us. We talked about this earlier and everyone promised that this would not happen. Can you forgive us?”“Maybe it was my fault,” my wife said, “I might have been holding him too tightly.” Then looking down at Scotty, she cupped her hands around his face, pulling him up to her. “Will my little Scotty boy promise Eve he will be a good little boy for the rest of the night?”“Yes, yes,” there was a pause as if he was not sure what to say next, “yes, Mistress Eve.” Then my wife kissed Scotty on the forehead. They stood up and everyone applauded. Stewart spoke, “I think it’s time for some refreshments. Evan, what’s on the menu tonight?”“I’ve got some snacks, mixed nuts, lots of beer – Corona, Bud and Mickey’s on ice behind the bar.”My wife looked at Scotty, “I’d like a Mickey’s Big Mouth. Scotty, please go and get Eve the coldest Mickey’s you can find.” Scotty rushed off into the darkness. Just then the lights came on and I was suddenly aware that Stewart and I were the only ones in the room that were not naked. My wife sat down in the chair and waited for Scotty to bring her drink. When he arrived she told him to kneel down and open it for her. He did as she instructed. Then he handed her the bottle. She took a long swallow. She placed her feet on Scotty’s thighs. “Eve’s feet are cold and tired. Scotty, warm up Eve’s feet and make them feel better.” His hands began rubbing my wife’s delicate little feet. She took another drink from the green bottle. “Scotty, you stay close to Eve and keep my drink cold and my feet warm.”Someone brought me a cold beer and I sat there, feeling so self-conscious being so overdressed. Everyone was drinking except Scotty who was busy rubbing my wife’s feet. I noticed that his dick was hard again and he had her feet wrapped around it.As my wife finished the Mickey’s, Stewart stepped up behind her and asked if she would like to take a quick shower. I’m not sure when it happened, but Stewart was now as naked as the rest of them.“Thanks, that sounds really good.”Stewart took her hand to help balance her as she stood up. Then, placing his arm around her waist, he walked her to the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the naked couple paused and my wife looked over her shoulder at Scotty, “When I get back I expect you to be right there with another cold drink for me, understand?”“Yes Mistress.”I finished my beer and part of another one before my wife and Stewart reappeared at the bottom of the stairs. His right hand was on her left shoulder and her left hand was holding his dick as she led him down the stairs. But even stranger, her hair was dry and his hair was wet. She sat back down in the wooden chair. Scotty opened a new bottle for her.Now my wife is pretty small. She’s only 5’1 tall and just over 100 lbs. Slim, narrow hips and perky b-cup breasts. Her measurements are 34-24-34 – nice and easy for me to remember. But the problem with her being that small is that she’s not a great drinker. She’s what one friend called “a really cheap date!” By my count her total so far was a couple of beers, two malt liquors and Scotty had just gotten her another one. I was starting to get a little worried about how drunk she might be getting. Unlike a lot of people when she gets drunk she doesn’t act drunk, she just does things she would not normally do.Stewart brought me another beer and asked if everything was going OK? I told him that as long as Eve was happy, so was I. He paused to look me over. I thought he might say it would be OK if I wanted to get naked too, but he just turned and walked away without saying anything.“Well,” Stewart announced as he shut off most of the lights, “shall we get back to modeling? Who wants to be next?”A heavy set guy stepped up. For such a big guy, Jason really was a ‘little guy.’ I’m not sure if he was hard or soft because I could not see it at all. Stewart had him sit on the chair and helped my wife up into his arms. I could tell that this guy was more muscle than fat when his biceps bulged as he held Eve in his arms. He didn’t seem to break a sweat as he held her there, just inches above his lap. Her arms were around his neck and she laid her head on his shoulder. I could not see anything else but I know how much my wife loves to nibble on my necks and ears. They held this pose for the full five minutes. I was impressed!Stewart then positioned them so that my wife was sitting on his thighs facing him. Her arms were still around his neck and they were both looking down. She must have been watching his little prick and he was obviously enjoying this close view of her tits, belly and neatly shaved pussy.Another 5 minutes passed, but before Stewart could change their position my wife told Scotty to get her another Mickey’s. While she waited for Scotty to return, Jason started rubbing her thighs. I watched as each stroke went higher. Just as Scotty arrived with her drink, Jason’s hands reached her pussy. I watched as he seemed to be exploring between her legs. She sipped and he explored. Then he spread his legs further apart and let her slip down a little bit. Her legs were outside of his, so when he spread his legs, he also spread her legs. She leaned back to take another swallow of her drink. He reached around to grab her as if he thought she might be falling. His hands held her by the waist and pulled her closer into him. As he pulled, her ass slid up his thighs.I had still never seen his dick, but I was pretty sure that when he could not pull her any closer their genitals must have been pressing into each other. I saw no sign on my wife’s face that anything had happened. She just kept drinking her beer. Jason kept her balanced and kept her pressed closely into him. Scotty was sitting by the side of the chair rubbing one of my wife’s feet. Stewart stepped away from this three some and they held this pose while my wife slowly finished off her latest drink.Stewart stepped back into the light and announced that Jason’s time was up. Jason stood up still holding my wife by her waist. She wrapped her legs around his midsection locking her feet together at his back. Their bodies were now at right angles to each other. Jason started to walk back toward the bar with her held tightly in that position. He was a strong boy!“Jason,” Stewart called, “you have to bring her back!” Jason stopped, looked at my wife and slowly turned. He slowly walked back to the wooden chair and with his back to the group lifted Eve up until they were face to face. She clasped her arms around his neck and put her lips to his ear. I could not tell if she was whispering something to him or just nibbling on his ear. Slowly he lowered her down to the chair. He kissed her on the lips and then retreated into the shadows.Stewart watched until Jason disappeared into the murkiness of the bar area. He held out his hand to my wife. She arose from the chair to stand against Stewart, putting her arms around him and pressing her body to his. He then invited the next guy up front. This guy was the total opposite of Jason. He was tall, and thin. He seemed to emerge from the darkness and reach the chair in no more than two or three steps.“Jack, sit in the chair,” Stewart positioned him in a semi-reclining position. In that position there was no doubt that this guy’s cock was much longer than the others had been. Although it was the longest of the evening, it was easily the skinniest. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘pencil dick’ you know exactly what I’m trying to describe.My wife told Scotty to be a good little boy and go get her another Mickey’s. That puts her over five drinks and officially she is now fucked up drunk!Stewart held my wife’s hand as he helped her straddle Jack. He had her sit on Jack’s stomach, lying back on his chest. Jack’s erection stood bayraklı escort bayan tall between the arches of her deeply tanned and widely spread legs. The shaft of that long skinny dick was just touching her soaking wet pussy. Before Stewart could tell her what to do, the tips of my wife’s fingers were caressing Jack’s rod, lightly move along the shaft, holding him against her. For five minutes she stroked Jack. Her fingers moved up and down that shaft as the tip of his cock pumped out per-cum. He had moved his hands downward from where Stewart had placed them on her shoulders. He now held onto both of her sweet little boobies. His hands were so big that her 34B breasts completely disappeared from view.This pose was my favorite so far. Most of the guy was hidden, but most of my wife’s body and her pussy were gloriously on display. At some point in time, my wife stopped rubbing Jack with her finger tips and just pressed his shaft in between her pussy lips. She then started pushing that skinny white shaft back and forth across her sopping wet pussy. With each pass of his member across her pussy, the tip of his cock would rub over the exposed nub of her clitoris. After what seemed a long five minutes Stewart stepped forward, his cock now at full mast, to reposition this latest erotic Adam and Eve scene. “Jack you stay where you are. Eve could you get on your knees between Jacks legs and pretend you’re about to give him a blow job?”“You mean like this,” my wife asked as she knelt down and opened her mouth just above his dick.“Yes, that’s just about perfect,” Stewart answered. “Would it be possible for you to keep your mouth open for five minutes with his cock inside? Remember, you don’t have to suck him.”“Sure, I can do that.” She looked back at her feet, “Scotty, WHERE IS MY DRINK?”Almost instantly Scotty handed her another cold green big mouthed bottle. It was open and she took a long swallow, then a quick breath followed by another long shot from the stubby green bottle. After one more big gulp and she handed the mostly empty bottle back to Scotty who quickly finished it off!She turned to Jack, “my, you are a big boy!” She knelt down between his legs, grabbed a hold of his erection and brought her mouth down until the head of his dick vanished inside her mouth. She did not wrap her lips around it. Lifting her head she asked, “Is this better?” The whole group seemed to answer in unison: “Yes!”Her head dropped back down with his cock inside her mouth. Then she started masturbating him with slow, short strokes. I could see her lips were not touching him, but I wondered what her tongue was doing.Damn, my cock about to burst. I could not believe how far she was going. But like I’ve said before, she does not handle her liquor very well. And by my count she had finished of six Mickey’s and two beers!The naked guys in the audience were starting to cheer her on. The more they cheered, the faster she pumped Jack’s dick. Then Stewart stepped into the light and asked if it would be OK if he had one of the last two guys join in the modeling session?She raised her head just enough to say, “Sure, one or two more guys might be fun!” Fuck! This was something I had never heard my wife say. I had dreamed about her saying it but never thought it might happen.Two new guys walked up to my wife as she continued stroking Jack. One pushed Jack’s leg out of the way as he crawled under my wife. His head was between her legs and his little dick as resting against her arm.The third guy pushed Scotty out of the way. Kneeling be behind her he straddling her leg. He appeared to be rubbing his cock on her ass cheeks and up and down the crack in her ass. He reached around from the rear to fondle one of her breasts. The guy on the floor had his arms wrapped tightly around her thighs. I wondered if his face was in her pussy or just his tongue but sadly that was something that I could not see from my side of the room.Moments later I heard a muffled moan from my wife. I looked back and Jack’s cock was now held tightly in her sweet lips as her head bobbed up and down. She tossed her head back and mumbled, “Don’t stop, oh, oh, yes, right there! Yes, yes that’s it. Oh, that feels so good!” Then the slurping sounds started again as she went back down on Jack’s cock.By now everyone in the room was standing around her masturbating. There were so many men that I lost sight of her completely.Walking forward I tried to find some place around the edges to see what was happening but I had no luck. Just as I was about to do something to get in to make sure she was OK, I heard that strong voice out of the shadows back by the bar, “wait, this is not what we all agreed too.”At the sound of his voice everyone stepped back from my wife. The guy under her crawled away. Even my wife stopped sucking on Jack’s cock as she turned to listen to the voice from the darkness.“Everybody give her some breathing space. Take a step back everybody.” The whole group did just that. Hell, even Jack got out of the chair and stepped away. Then this guy emerged from the shadows. “I think everyone here except me has had the privilege of spending some time with Eve.” He was naked as the day he was born but his dick was a lot bigger now! It might have been the biggest dick I have ever seen in real life. Just fucking huge! His flaccid cock swung from side to side as he walked forward. “Eve, would you please be so kind as to lay flat on your back with your arms and legs spread out?” Without saying a word, she complied with his request. He walked up to her and stood with his feet on either side of her head.“Now, I would like all of you to ask Eve it you can have the privilege of giving her a massage. I think there are nine of you, so that would be a 18 handed massage. I’m sure that’s something that few people have ever experienced.”He paused as he looked around the group, “well?” In unison they all asked Eve if they could give her a massage. She timidly nodded her head ‘yes.’ She remained silent as she gazed upward at that huge cock dangling down no more than fifteen inches above her face. He turned his face downward toward my wife, “Well Eve, I think they forgot to say ‘please.’ Are you willing to allow them to give you a massage, please?”This time she answered, “Yes, that sounds really nice,” then added, “I think.”“OK gentlemen, please knee down around this wonder young lady and treat her with the greatest of respect.”Nine men crowded together as they knelt beside my wife and gently started to massage her arms and legs and feet. A couple of lucky ones were able to reach her belly and boobs. Scotty seemed to have claimed her pussy.The big guy asked her, “How does that feel my dear?” That was a very easy question to answer! One glance at the tremors running thought her body and anyone would have know that she just had just experienced a short climax.“Wonderful,” she stammered. As an afterthought and a couple of breaths, she added, “Thank you very much gentlemen, and especially you Scotty!”“Now see how easy it is it be a gentleman at all times?” He looked around at the men and then down at my wife. “You see, our little group has not had many good experiences with women. They really don’t know exactly how to treat a lady nor do they realize the rewards that the proper treatment will illicit from the correct woman.”He looked my wife directly in the eyes and asked, “Eve, would you consider stroking my cock for me?”“I..I,” she stuttered, “I would be happy to do that for you.”“Gentlemen, would release her left arm please.” He then placed his limp cock into my wife’s hand. She grasped it like she would an ear of corn that she was about to pick. She worked on his cock, pulling and twisting and stroking but it remained limp and lifeless in her hand. “For some reason I don’t think it’s working, Eve. Is there anything else you can do to help me?”The others kept massaging her legs and feet. Scotty was still working over her pussyr. Her legs were still shaking at times.She pulled that colossal drooping dick closer to her until the big guy finally knelt by her head. Then she pulled him all the way into her mouth. Tilting her head back she started trying to sucking all of him into her. I could see her cheeks move as her tongue swirled around that big dick. She kept sucking him deeper into her. She could get most of that giant thing in her mouth but only for a few seconds at a time.We were all watching intently. It was as if we could not turn away from the sight of her mouth working on his manhood. Gradually the base of his shaft appeared to be getting larger. My wife kept trying to get all of him into her mouth and throat but he was now growing too big. He shifted his position so that his knees pressed into her shoulders. Her head was tilted back and her face was between his thighs, his nuts swung from side to side bouncing off of her nose as she continued to stroke and suck his cock. He was starting to thrust gently into her mouth and likely into her throat, she seemed to be enjoying it despite his size.He leaned forward putting his face near her pussy. The guys rubbing her legs lifted them up so that her wet vagina moved directly into position for him to lick. His tongue seemed to be lapping up her juices like a puppy at a teat but he sounded more like a Great Dane slurping at a water bowl.Then he stopped licking her, and removed that huge dick from her mouth. Not wanting to let it go, she held onto it and kept stroking it.“Eve, I have a confession to make to you. This is the first time I’ve had an erection in a year. I thank you for that. I thank you for this wonderful night. You are the first woman that I’ve tasted since my wife died. Your pussy tastes so delicious, just like my wife’s pussy tasted. I thank you for that too. I didn’t think I would ever taste that taste again.“But now I have to tell you more about our little club. You see we are all confirmed masturbators. We love giving ourselves pleasure and we love sharing that pleasure with other eachother. Thanks to you, I think I might actually be able to masturbate tonight.“Normally when we get together the boys and I show each other pictures of our wives or girlfriends or we watch porn movies while we masturbate. I want to ask you a really big favor. You don’t have to say yes unless you really mean it. “Would you let me and the rest of the boys do a live tribute to you?” I think he saw the quizzical look on my wife’s face, so he explained, “When we find a woman who inspires all of us, we print out her pictures and then we all kneel around and worship her body as we masturbate to her photos. Eventually our alms of tribute cover the photos until we have no more cum to worship her with. To us, cumming on a woman’s picture is the ultimate tribute to her beauty and sexuality. We donate to her our very essence of life.“So, for tonight, would you agree to be our very first live tribute lady?” As he posed the question all the guys were silent and motionless. Apprehension and anxiety filled each of their faces.“I’ve never heard of anything like this but sure, I’ll do it. So

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