My wife Janine and Amber gang me!

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My wife Janine and Amber gang me!This is a work of fiction. Kay asked me to show her some stuff I wrote back a while, before I started publishing it. This was an early one.. Let me know if you like the early stuff.*********Janine and I have always had a fantastic sex life but nothing had ever prepared me for what happened last night. One of our favorite games is for her to tie me down on the bed, spread eagle, naked as a newborn babe and then blindfold me. From there she has done everything from the basic straddle me and rides me, to one night she put whipped cream on me and licked me clean!!! She has a good imagination and when I have a blindfold on, I do too. Sometimes she just leaves me like that and once she even went shopping and came back!!! So when she left the room last night and went to the front room, I figured I was in for another evening of wondering and waiting. But then I heard her moving around in the kitchen and then out in the family room, so I knew I was not alone, I just wondered what she had cooked up for me. I could hear her turn on the stereo and start cranking up some music which was a little odd, and my mind spent the next 15 minutes running from possibility to possibility. That was when things began to pick up. She would walk down the hall, come into the room and bite, or lick or suck on me for just a moment and then walk back out only to be back in a minute or two and do something else like drag her fingernails across the inside of my thighs!! It was so incredible!! At times she moved so quietly I would not hear her come in or I would not hear her leave. So the sudden brush of her cotton panty against my tied down hand was a surprise to say the least since I could have sworn I had heard her walk out a couple of minutes before! That was when she really surprised me. I heard Escort Bayan her moving and then I felt her panty drop across my face. Her musk was heavy with lust and I was ready to go nuts. That was when my right hand touched her pantyless privates and was I ever surprised. She has always kept herself well trimmed, but there was not a single hair on her love mound and she seemed so excited that her lips were fuller and looser, as if they were hanging out of her! I slowly examined her folds with my fingers. She has always enjoys this and has often bragged about how incredible I could make her feel with just a finger or two. With her hair gone, though, she seemed to have more flesh and as I pinched I heard her moan. But the moan did not sound quite right eithe. It sounded as if she had just sucked on helium. Her voice was higher. That was when another article of clothing dropped on my face. I assumed it was her bra, but it wasn’t. It smelled like another set of panties, which I knew could not be because I had been touching her for over a minute…. That was when I felt a well trimmed woman’s sex rub against my other hand and I heard her say, “Didn’t I tell you his fingers are magic!!” And then the laughs revealed that there was also a third woman in the room!! I thought I recognized her friend Sadie’s laugh from down at the foot of the bed and I was just about to ask what the hell was going on and who all was in the room when my wife said. “Ahh, he’s starting to wilt already. Sadie, can you do something about that?” I felt a body crawl up on the bed from the foot; her soft long hair sliding over my right thigh. Her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and squeezed tightly as her lips slid smoothly over my head and then back to the tip.” Like this?” I heard her ask in an attempt Bayan escort to sound innocent and then all three women burst out laughing. I started to say something but was quickly silenced by two fingers from the other woman suddenly shoving the cotton panties into my mouth. “You just see how long you can last there big boy, while we ladies have some fun.” Came the voice of Amber, my wife’s best friend who has the biggest natural boobs I have ever seen on a skinny chick. It was her private parts I had been diddling and I suddenly realized she was grinding my hand, wanting some more attention, so I started trying to please the birds in both of my hands!!! Pieces of clothing were coming off now and being dragged across my bare flesh and the ladies were thoroughly enjoying tormenting me!!! Meanwhile, I was doing my very best not to explode in Sadies mouth or hair as she worked at just keeping me hard. Then it began in earnest. My wife, who is a little heavy and has good sizesd boobs herself, dismounted my hand, and began leaning over me and rubbing her dangling breasts across the sensitive inside flesh of my arm. Amber took her queue and began doing the same thing from the other side and then Amber took my nipple between her lips and began to bite and suck on it. My wife not to be outdone was soon nibbling and sucking on my neck and shoulder I felt Sadie sliding a thick string around my cock and balls and she began tightly tying them. At first I could not concentrate on what she was doing enough to care, with what Amber and my wife were doing, but then I realized she had just expertly tied a cock ring on me that would keep me rock solid for as long as she wanted!!! I was going crazy with lust now. I could hear the women kissing, but I did not feel any kisses myself!! I began Escort imagining my wife and Amber tonguing and kissing each other. Amber, being very short had somehow curled so that my hand again had found her puffy naked lips and was beginning to ride them as I did my best to bring her to a thunderous climax. Suddenly, they all three got off of me and I felt the bed being pulled out from the wall. Then there was the tell-tale sound of a vibrator being turned on and I wondered what was going to happen next. A set of thighs, very thin, that I could imagine belonging to Sadie climbed onto either side of my head and began to tempt my straining tongue to reach her split peach’s nectar. A pair of lips I knew in an instant to be my wife’s began to lick and suck on my cock which left me wondering what Amber was up to. Sadie leaned forward and distracted me from my searching for Amber by beginning to untie my throbbing member. Then she moaned and I heard the vibrator click on again. I could tell now what was happening. Amber was screwing Sadie from behind while my wife and Sadie were sharing a taste of my hard staff!!! Hands, mouths and tongues were everywhere now. Amber brought Sadie off then Amber climbed onto my face as my wife mounted my cock. I felt Amber move up and begin sucking on my wife’s breasts as I sucked and nibbled on her tender flesh for all I was worth. Sadie then moved up and I could tell she was taking turns sucking on the breasts of the other two women. When I came, my wife pulled me out and my hot cream shot everywhere to the delight of all present!! The straps holding me in place were undone, but the blindfold was left in place as the women curled up with me on the bed and we continued to play, tease and take each other to heights I never dreamed of before. It was late when they left, but when my wife closed the door behind them, she looked at me and said, “So, now it’s your turn to plan a little fun for me…. Wanna join us???*********************************************************Please let me know what you think. Thanks!!

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