New Neighbor

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New Neighbor
“Hi neighbor!” Katie stopped and put down the box she was carrying as the young couple from the house next door approached. “I’m Jill and this is my husband Todd. We brought you a welcoming gift.”

Jill handed Katie a cold beer from the six-pack she was holding.

“Thanks, I’m Katie, nice to meet you.” Katie opened the beer and sat down on the top step of the porch. She’d been unloading boxes from her rental truck all day and this was the first time she’d taken a break. She was sweaty and filthy.
“We didn’t expect you until next week.” Todd said. “Are you all moved in already?”

“I’m a few days early.” Katie took a drink. “The movers will be here with my stuff on Tuesday. I just have clothes and some small stuff with me now. I was planning on staying here, I brought some sleeping bags with me, but the water isn’t turned on yet. So after I move in the rest of my boxes and then drop off the truck I need to go find a hotel room for the night.”

“We could give you a hand with the boxes, if you’d like.” Jill said looking into the back of the truck.
“That would be great.” Katie smiled.

It took about an hour to unload the truck. Todd took every opportunity he could to check out their new neighbor. She was gorgeous – about 5″ 7′, her chestnut brown hair was in a pony tail and she had big beautiful brown eyes. She wore a tight, light blue t-shirt, which showed off her flat stomach and firm breasts nicely. Her tan shorts gave Todd a great look at her ass each time she bent down to pick something up. Katie’s legs were also very nice. Todd figured that was due to the well worn pair of Rollerblades he’d seen in one of the boxes.

“Thanks a lot!” Katie smiled as Todd carried in the last box. “I guess I’d better go return the truck and find a place to stay. Is there a hotel in town?”

“Nothing close by, the closest hotel is maybe half an hour away.” Jill thought for a minute. “You’re welcome to stay at our house for the weekend, we’ve got a couple of spare rooms.”

“Really? That would be great.” Katie smiled.

“Our new neighbor is cute, huh?” Jill said as Todd was drying off after his shower. Jill had undressed and walked in to the bathroom so that she could shower. She stood behind Todd, pressing up against him, her arms around his chest, she looked at him in the mirror. “I saw you checking her out. I was checking her out, too, Todd.”

“She’s cute, yes.” Todd smiled.

Jill slid her hands down over his chest to his waist. She took his limp cock in her right hand, she started to stroke it gently as it stiffened. He took a deep canlı bahis breath and closed his eyes.

“You were thinking how you’d undress her, pulling off her shirt, getting your hands on her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, weren’t you?” Jill whispered in his ear as she stroked his erection. She watched her hand sliding up and down his cock, in the mirror. “Then you pull her shorts down her legs and get behind her, bending her over like you do with me and you push your big cock into her tight wet pussy from behind. She’d gasp and moan as you slide all the way in to her slowly, then pull back and plunge in again, harder. And then you’d really start fucking her, pounding her again and again, faster and harder.”

Jill turned Todd around so he was facing her and knelt in front of him. She took a tight grip on his cock and stroked his full length faster now.

“She hasn’t been fucked in a long time, Todd.” Jill said without looking up at him. Todd closed his eyes, listening as his wife described him fucking their new neighbor. “She’s rocking back, meeting each of your thrusts, moaning louder each time your cock plunges into her. She is sooo close to cumming, fuck her Todd! Slam your cock into her! Grab her by her pony tail and fuck her hard!” Jill’s hand was working faster now up and down his shaft, she could tell he was going to explode. “She wants to feel you cum inside her pussy, Todd. She’s starting to cum, she’s moaning, begging you to fuck her harder, to cum inside her Todd, oh, yes! ”

With that, Jill felt Todd’s cock pulse and his whole body stiffen. He gasped and grunted as he blasted a huge ribbon of thick white cum all over Jill’s face and neck. Jill pulled him closer and pressed his cock between her breasts as he continued to cum with four or five more spurts.

Todd let out a heavy sigh as he relaxed. Without letting go of his cock, Jill stood up and smiled at him as he caught his breath.

“You’re a mess.” Todd grinned looking at his cum all over Jill’s face, neck and tits.
The doorbell rang.

“That would be our new neighbor, Todd.” Jill smiled slyly. “Can you get that? I need a shower!”

Todd smiled as he opened the front door. “C’mon in. Jill’s in the shower, she shouldn’t be long though.”
“Okay, great.” Katie said as she followed Todd into the kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink, a soda or a beer?” Todd asked.

“A beer would be great.” Katie grinned.

Todd got two beers from the fridge, opened both and handed on bottle to Katie. He stood leaning on the opposite side of the counter from Katie. His tipobet giriş cock was rock hard, thinking about the little hand-job fantasy Jill had played out for him a short while earlier.

He watched as Katie took a sip of her beer. She was wearing a yellow sun dress with tiny pink flowers. It had thin shoulder straps, and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. The dress ended about mid way down Katie’s tan thighs. Todd wondered if she was wearing panties. She was wearing a pair of flat sandals and she had a thin gold ankle bracelet on her left leg.

“Thanks again for all your help today.” Katie said. “I’d still be out there unloading boxes if it weren’t for you and Jill.”
“No problem.” Todd said as Jill walked in to the kitchen.

“Hi Katie!” Jill smiled. She was wearing khaki shorts and a tight red blouse which really showed off her large breasts. Jill’s light brown hair was up in a ponytail. She stood about 5″ 8′, just slightly taller than Katie.

“You guys ready to go?” Jill came around the counter and put her arm around Todd.

“Sure.” Katie said finishing her beer.

Jill turned to Todd, “I can see you’re ready again!” she said under her breath. Looking down she could see his erection pushing against the front of his shorts.

The three of them went to dinner and had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know each other. Jill and Katie really hit it off and Todd spent most of the night staring at Katie’s tits and feeling Jill’s hand stroking his cock through his shorts every chance she got.

They returned home around midnight. Jill had already made up the bed in one of the spare bedrooms for her, and Katie she went directly to bed. She listened to some music on her phone for about half an hour trying to unwind and then decided to go to sleep. Removing her earphones, she thought she heard voices but quickly realized it was Jill giggling, in the next room. Katie rolled over and closed her eyes but realized that Jill’s giggling was turning into a more naughty laugh which soon turned to moans. Katie realized that Todd and Jill were having sex.

She laid there for a few minutes doing her best to ignore the all too obvious sounds coming through the wall. They weren’t loud, but Katie had no doubt that things were getting steamy in the next room. She could hear Jill’s moans slowly build up to sharper, louder groans that must have been several orgasms over a few short minutes.

Becoming aroused herself, Katie rolled onto her back and kicked off the blanket. She pushed her pajama shorts down and and then tipobet sat up to slide them off her legs. Next she pulled her light cotton pajama top off and laid back.

Katie closed her eyes and cupped her breasts with her hands. She gently squeezed her breasts and circled each nipple with her thumbs, feeling them stiffen until they were fully engorged and tingling. Pinching her nipples now between her thumbs and forefingers sent ripples of pleasure all through her body and gave her a feeling like butterflies in her belly.
Slowly she slid her right hand down over her flat stomach, to her pubic mound. Drawing her legs up and spreading her knees wide apart, she traced the outline of her vagina lips with her fingertips. Slowly sliding her fingers up and down her slit, feeling her lips beginning to open and become plump. Spreading her thighs a little further, she slipped her middle finger down and lightly played around her opening, surprised at how wet she was already. Using her left hand she continued to play with her nipples, pinching and tugging a little harder now. Katie could hear the rhythmic thumping of the bed in the next room as well as Jill’s matching short moans, she knew Todd was fucking her.

Katie thought about Todd and how he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off her all through dinner. She’d enjoyed that. She noticed that Jill had been checking her out as well and Katie had found that exciting also.

She slipped first one and then a second finger into her slick pussy. Slowly she began finger fucking herself, letting the rhythm build until she was keeping pace with the couple in the next room. As she slid her fingers in and out, she licked the fingers on her left hand then reached down and found her plump clit. Starting slowly she rubbed just above it, in a circular motion letting her fingertips lightly graze her stiff bud with each circle.

Katie lost track of the rhythm and grunting from the next room, concentrating on herself, imagining that it was she who Todd was fucking. Quickening the pace of her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, and with the fingers of her left hand fluttering directly over her clit now, she knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Just as she was on the verge of exploding she heard clear, loud moans from both Jill and Todd and she knew they were both cumming. Katie rammed her fingers into herself one more time as a massive orgasm crashed through her. She clamped her thighs tightly together, the fingers of her left hand firmly pushing on her clit as she arched her back and her hips bucked up and down. She gasped, trying not to make any noise as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. Slowly the contracting muscles of her cunt released their grip on her fingers.

Spent, Katie relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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