On the Loveseat Ch. 16

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Hello Readers!

First off, I want to say thank you for reading this tale for this many chapters. I had never intended it to be so long; it had started as a simple fantasy and now has taken on a life of its own. Your encouragement has made this happen, and I am grateful for that (though it has delayed other stories and the promised future chapters of Pool Party Orgy). Please leave comments or messages; I read them all whether they are good or bad.

I hope you enjoy this installment!

Note: There is a synopsis of the story up to that point in Chapter 10 for longtime readers to refresh their memories if needed. New readers I would like if you started at the beginning.


Wednesday afternoon I decided that I had neglected my aunt Jessica for far too long and decided to pay her a visit.

I texted mom to let her know I wasn’t coming home from school so she wouldn’t be left in some awkward position or dishabille when my siblings arrived. That was something she didn’t need to have to explain to them. How would she tell either pre-teen why mommy was kneeling in the living room without any clothes on!

I didn’t say why I wasn’t coming home. I mean, I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret from my mother. Not that I could. I’m sure my aunt would let her sister know that I had come over at some point. I just wasn’t being outright in informing her of my intentions. I might even let her know where I’d been when I did return home, but I wasn’t going to do that before the fact. I’m sure she wouldn’t have argued about my decision, or complained that I wasn’t there with her, but the situation between mom and her sister was still delicate and I didn’t need to make it worse.

Besides, with mom in her current ‘condition’ she couldn’t fault me in seeking something more than a quickie oral or even anal. Not that anything that I could do with mom wasn’t always awesome, but …

I guess I was just trying to justify it to myself. I just wanted to go have sex with my dreamy aunt and fuck her brains out!

Can’t blame a guy for that!

I knew that Aunt Jessica got home from work soon after I got out of school, so I hung around chatting with some friends before making my way to her house. Her car was in the drive when I pulled up. I wondered if I maybe should have texted or called her before just showing up. She’d kept telling me to come over during the week, even though I had never gotten around to it, so I hoped my unexpected arrival wouldn’t be a problem. If it was, it would be too late to go home and be able to do anything with mom as Johnny and Jojo would be home by then. Not that mom and I couldn’t find a way!

Aunt Jessica seemed truly surprised to see me when she answered the door. She gave me a quick hug and ushered me in.

My aunt looked as scrumptious as ever in her snow-white turtleneck sweater and skin-tight stretchy black leggings. Unfortunately, her ass was hidden by the white knit.

“What brings you over?” She asked curiously.

“You, of course! You keep telling me not to leave you waiting. Since you couldn’t do anything Friday night, I’m here to give you a nephew injection.” I’m sure that that had sounded better in my head.

Aunt Jessica snorted at that.

“A nephew injection! I’ll have to remember that one!” She wiped at a watery eye. “You’ve never managed to get here before, why now?” Her look became more serious. Suspicious even.

“Can’t I want to see my gorgeous and sexy aunt?” I answered guilelessly.

“Not unless there was something wrong at home. Is Jenny sick or something?” She suddenly seemed concerned.

“Something.” I said flatly without meeting her stare.

“Something?” She paused for a few seconds, her tone alluding to more coming. “Hmmm. Oh, wait! I know!” She suddenly exclaimed. I stood in fear.

“It’s her time of the month, isn’t it? You can’t get any at home, so you decide to grace me with your presence like I should be grateful!” She scolded me, fire burning in her hazel eyes.

I withered beneath her verbal attack. Maybe this hadn’t been a good idea! But it had seemed so before I had arrived!

“I … uh …” I studied her carpeting intently, unable to look up at her face.

“Gotcha!” Aunt Jessica cried out, poking a finger into my ribs as she did.

I looked up at my aunt astonished. She had the biggest grin on her face.

“I can always get you to fall for it, can’t I, Jeremy?” The fire in her eyes was no longer a blast furnace, but was now a welcoming cozy warmth.

“You scared the crap out of me, Aunt Jess!” I felt embarrassed that she’d made me feel like she had.

“You deserve it for thinking so little of me. That you can’t get it at home, so you’ll throw one my way?” I could still feel a touch of ice in her voice. The way she put it, I deserved it too.

“It’s not like that Aunt Jessica. I do mean to come over, I really do. It’s just so busy with school and homework and everything. I don’t even mean mom either!” I pleaded. “And it’s not that matadorbet I can’t get any at home.”

“Oh?” Aunt Jess stared at me as if I had the answer to everything (42, BTW). “I know Jenny doesn’t have sex when she’s on her period. What, is she blowing you day and night?”

“No!” I answered vehemently. “Well … not just that. I mean when she told me the other day, and then said she didn’t want to … have sex, I had been a little upset. But we’ve still been able to manage. It’s only for a week. And well … yesterday, she had me do her … ass again.” I shouldn’t have felt nervous around Aunt Jess, she had been my first anal, among many other firsts, but that didn’t alleviate my feelings.

“You’re making her quite the anal slut huh?” She teased.

“So, if you’ve not been cut off at home, why are you here then?” She glanced at her watch.

“I did really want to see you, to be with my naughty auntie. I’ve missed you. But if you’ve got something to do, I can go.” I guess it had been a bad idea!

“No, no. I’ve missed you too! As I’ve told you, I don’t expect you to come over, I mean, you don’t have to. I love that you do, when you do, but I know you want Jenny, not me.”

“It’s not like that Jess, you know that. I do want to be here with you. I’ve dreamed about you for so long, I still can’t believe that I’ve gotten to live my fantasy. It seems like it still is a fantasy! No matter what happens with mom and me, you will always be kinda my first girl.” I spoke from my heart.

“Your first?” Aunt Jessica looked at me curiously, with her head cocked.

“The first that I … you know.” I couldn’t say it.

“That you what? I wasn’t the first you slept with. I know you’ve had girlfriends before. I thought that Beth you were with was cute, in her own way. So what do you mean, first?” Her eyes bore into me.

She was going to make me say it!

“The first one that made me … um, uh cum.” There, I said it!

“What! Wait, what?” Her mouth hung open. If it hadn’t been for the awkward moment, I might have wished for my dick to be in that mouth right then!

“You had come over one day. You had on a short skirt, very short! And your blouse hung open and I could see the tops of your … tits. My dick got hard and it scared me. I had to go to my room and as I grabbed it trying to make it go back to normal, it started to feel so good. Then it happened. I had my first orgasm.” I’m sure my face was tomato red right then. I couldn’t meet Aunt Jess’s eyes.

“You saw my ass and my tits and I made you cum?” She asked so nonchalantly. “Aww, how cute.” Her voice was the tone used for a six-year old!

“Aunt Jess!” I protested.

“Does your aunt’s tits and ass still make you cum Jeremy? Do I still make your dick get hard?”

“You are now!” I finally looked at her face.

Her hand went to my crotch.

“Does my hand feel good, like yours did that day?”

“Aunt Jess!” I exclaimed.

“What do you think my mouth can do?” Her smile would have melted glaciers!

“Shit, Aunt Jess!”

“Jenny may have won the war, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up the fight.” Her fingers had me rock hard beneath her gentle touch.

“I’m a lover, Aunt Jess, not a fighter. I’m not a prize to be won, and I don’t want you to fight with mom over me. I’m sorry if my mom means more to me than my devilishly sexy angelic aunt, and I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you because of it. I can’t say that I would change anything that’s happened; I just wish that someone didn’t get hurt because of anything we’ve done, and no matter what happens, someone is going to be hurt. Mom, dad, Johnny and Jojo, you, me.

“People have problems with regular relationships, love triangles seem impossible; what does that make you, me, mom, and dad? It all makes my head spin. Maybe that’s why I just let my little head do the thinking. It feels better with what he thinks!”

Aunt Jessica just looked at me with a wistful curiosity when I finished.

“I don’t mean to feel hurt because of you and Jenny; it’s just something I can’t control. You’re right though that someone is going to get hurt in all this, but I love each of you and I don’t want anything to happen to any of you. Even your father in his way. He’s made Jenny so happy over the years, though I guess, not so much lately. You should have seen the two of them when they got married, you wouldn’t recognize either of them! Jenny was Justin’s whole world. I was so jealous for them! But I was so happy that she’d found the one for her. Maybe that’s why I feel hurt. Because now she’s found the ‘one’ twice! And I get her scraps. No, sorry, you’re much more than scraps. And that’s where you are wrong; you are a prize, Jeremy. And not one that can be won; only you can award yourself to someone. Having picked your mom, there is nothing that I could ever do to change that. It doesn’t mean I won’t try, it just means my attempts are futile. Maybe that’s what hurts. That I’ll try even when I know that it’s hopeless.”

“Like matadorbet giriş I said Aunt Jess, maybe that’s why I let my dick do my thinking! I didn’t mean to come over here to start some deep, soul-searching conversation about my, our lives.”

“Then what did you come over here for?” Her eyes glinted that suggested she already knew my answer.

“To spend time with my,” oh, how did I put it just now? “My devilishly sexy angelic aunt!”

“And do what with her? Oh, that’s right; you’re a lover, not a fighter.” She stepped closer to me. I could feel her breath on my face as I stared at her. “I think you said something about a nephew injection? Is that a shot I take orally or anally?”

I’m the one that snorted now!

“I do love you Aunt Jessica! I hope you know that. And not just because you’re so damned hot!”

“I know, Jeremy. I know.” She kissed me. Lightly and tentatively.

At first.

She pulled away from me after a few minutes of intense spit-swapping, tongue-tangling, lip-locking making out! She glanced at her watch again. I stepped back.

“Is there somewhere you have to be?”

“No. It’s just that … Well, to be honest, Margie is coming over shortly.” Aunt Jess looked at me guiltily. “I can tell her to leave if you want. Or if you want to go …”

“Come on Aunt Jess. You should know me better than that!” I looked at her intensely.

“Or you could stay and join us?” She asked somewhere between hesitant and hopeful.

My aunt always knew the best options!

“If neither of you mind.” I half asked.

“I sure don’t, and I’m sure that Margie won’t either. She’s mentioned you a few times. I’m not sure she’s completely bought the girlfriend story.”

“Oh really? Why not? Teens hook up at the drop of a hat; break up just as quick too.” I said.

“Not ones that have sex with their aunts, or their mothers!” She said emphatically.

She was right there!

“I think she thinks that your mother and I are keeping you to ourselves.”

“Aren’t you?”

“Well, half of us are.” Aunt Jess said a little caustically. Then her tone changed. “I’m sorry. That’s not fair. But Margie is kind of right. Jenny and I are hogging your affections.”

“And I am more than okay with that!”

“You know, even if it is to my benefit, I do agree with your mom. You should have a girlfriend your own age. You shouldn’t be keeping your mother and your aunt satisfied. There is a whole generation of girls being deprived of you!” She looked unhappily at me.

“A generation that had its chance. It’s not like I had girls knocking my door down when mom’s hand slipped into my lap!” I defended myself. I had flirted with a number of girls since this started, but once you find what you want, why keep looking?

“What of Gretchen? Still have her phone number?” Aunt Jessica said accusingly.

“She’s not really ‘my age’ is she? Yes, I still have her number. I do plan on calling her … sometime.”

“Oh, you think she’s just waiting around for you to deign to give her a call? Maybe your generation isn’t avoiding you, maybe you are avoiding it.”

“Hey! Gretchen only came along after you and mom. I would have been all over her before that fateful night. But that’s not the way it worked out.” I was feeling somewhat picked on. Maybe I didn’t want to stay and take this abuse. I didn’t see that I had done anything wrong. Even Veronica had left me without an explanation, and that even with all the oral sex we’d given each other, she’d never let me fuck her. I felt I had done nothing wrong there and yet had ended up alone. But I also didn’t want to lose my aunt’s affections either. Even if we didn’t ever have sex anymore, I didn’t want her to come to hate, or even dislike me.

“Truce?” I asked.

“I was just saying that I agreed with Jenny. I did also say that it was to my benefit that you weren’t looking, didn’t I?”

Yes, she did.

“I’m sorry Aunt Jess.”

“I’m sorry too. My brain says this is wrong, but my pussy seems to win the argument!”

“Go with your pussy then Aunt Jess!”

This brought us both to tears with laughter. The laughing broke the mood, and the tears washed it away.

It was at that point that the front door opened and Aunt Jessica’s auburn-haired friend walked in.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you had company Jess.” Margie took a half step backwards.

“It’s okay Margie. You remember Jeremy?” Aunt Jess said waving towards me.

“I remember his big cock!” Margie took two steps forward.

“Margie!” Aunt Jess exclaimed.

“I remember how well he fucked me! Like I haven’t had in a long time, or since!” The redhead said boldly. “I also remember how good he fucked you and then,” she looked at me like a prosecuting attorney, “his mother.”

It almost sounded like she was about to blackmail me, us.

“Jeremy came over to visit me today. I asked him if he wanted to join us. If you don’t mind?” My aunt glared at her friend.

“What about his girlfriend?” The accusatory tone in her voice was very evident.

“She um …” I began. How do I explain that I was still with my ‘imaginary’ girlfriend but that I could still have sex this one time with her and my aunt, without Margie wanting to see more of me?

“They kind of broke up. That’s why he came over; he wants to get back together with the girl and was asking for my advice. I think they will be able to work things out, but for now, he’s available. Lucky us!” Aunt Jess explained.

Margie still eyed us both suspiciously.

“Yeah, lucky us.” Her eyes devoured me and found I was tasty! “I personally don’t think she’s good enough for you. You need a real woman that can appreciate your … gifts!”

“You mean his big dick don’t you Margie?” Aunt Jess asked snidely. “And why would you wish ill to a relationship that has just hit a rough patch?”

“Is this girl out screwing other people like he’s doing, if it’s such a good thing?”

“Maybe I’ll leave.” I said. I may have liked the coarse woman the first time I met her, but she was beginning to grate on me now!

“Is that what you want Margie? Should Jeremy leave? Or I’ll have my nephew stay and ask you to leave?” My aunt looked harshly at Margie.

“No, no, no. I want him to stay, I want to stay. Oh, what do I know of relationships? I can’t get a guy to stay with me for more than two months, or a girl for much more!” Margie looked back and forth between Aunt Jess and me. “If it wasn’t for you Jess, I’d never have any sex! And you found a nice cock for me and here I am, getting him pissed at me. I’m sorry Jeremy, I really am. I hope for the best with you and your girl. She’s lucky to have you. I know I would be.”

Her apology seemed genuine and heartfelt. I glanced at Aunt Jessica. She nodded her head.

“It’s okay, Margie. I’ve just been on edge since this thing with … my girlfriend happened. I think she’s the one and I don’t want to lose her.” I acted remorseful over my supposed loss.

“Is she the one that gave you that hickey on your neck?” Margie asked as she cocked her head to stare at me.

I nodded without a word.

“Well then, should you be having sex with your aunt and her friend then?” Margie’s tone still seemed a touch unsympathetic, but I ignored it. The prospect of grabbing her big tits and ass while shoving my dick in her wet pussy may have been clouding my judgment also!

“Probably not, but are you going to tell her?” I asked defiantly.

“I don’t even know the girl!” Margie answered happily, realizing her silence got her pussy filled!

“So what now? I only have a couple of hours until I should get home for dinner.” I asked.

“Aren’t you eighteen? Do you have to rush home to mommy and daddy?” Margie asked condescendingly.

“You haven’t seen him eat Margie. And after we’re done with him, I’m sure he’ll be able to clean out a whole aisle at the grocery store!”

I wouldn’t go that far!

“I certainly don’t have enough food in my house to feed him!” Aunt Jess added.

“Well, okay then.” Margie said as if to say she was dropping it.

“I think I want to see you two kissing first!” I said as a way to change the subject and to get the proverbial ball rolling! I was going to have sex with two women again and I didn’t want to waste a second of it!

“What? Are we just supposed to be your live porn show?” Margie asked coarsely with a glare at me.

“If you want my dick you do!” I answered back in the same tone. I was risking having her refuse, but I presumed how badly she wanted to get fucked!

“Lucky for you I’ve been waiting all day to kiss Jess!” Margie practically bowled my curvy aunt over with the way she went to her and grabbed her roughly.

My cock lurched in my pants at the sight of the two women, one auburn-haired and the other strawberry blonde, with their lips locked together. Soon their tongues were evidently involved. Within a minute four hands were roaming over both their bodies. Within four minutes, those hands began to pull clothing off.

“Are you going to stand there gawking or are you going to get naked too?” Margie said fiercely. “I want to see that cock again!”

Well, okay!

I whipped off my shirt and shucked my jeans down in one motion. My cock showed how happy it was to see the two now-naked women by standing and saluting them!

“God, that’s a nice cock!” Margie crowed.

“Isn’t it?” Aunt Jessica agreed happily.

I wiggled my hips so that my nice cock waved at its appreciative fans.

“Sorry Jess, but I gotta suck that thing!” Margie pulled from her friend and dropped to her knees before me. She gave me a hungry look before she grabbed my dick with one hand and wrapped her red-lipstick coated lips around my solid shaft, then enveloped me nearly to the base.

“Let me show you how it’s done!” Aunt Jess knelt beside her friend and grabbed my dick from Margie’s grasp, and in one quick motion that I still found hard to believe even if I had seen it many times, my aunt deep throated me with a kiss on my short curlies!

“Give me that thing!” Margie wrapped her hand over Aunt Jess’s and pulled my dick back to her own open lips.

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