One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 25

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 25
Karen and Keith headed for pool. Karen was wearing her orange swimsuit that she had shown off to her son earlier in the trip. It was skimpy to say the least and most women – even young ones with decent figures – could not wear one like it and look as good as she did. Keith was trying to figure out how to get to the pool without sporting the major erection in his trunks that he was currently struggling to hide.

“Maybe you should go on ahead and save us spot and get your eyes off of and out of my ass, son!” Karen said with a proud laugh. “Maybe by the time anyone sees you, you will have gotten that thing under control. I will be there in a few minutes.”

Keith agreed and headed for the pool, settling on holding a pool towel over his crotch as a means of not giving away all of the details. The corridors and elevator were cold and that helped soften him up a bit. By the time he reached the adult pool, he was under control. He got in the cool water and sat in shallow end. He was planning on fucking, not swimming, so there was no need to go deep. He settled on a place at the 4 ft marker and looked around at the other pool patrons to see what was happening, if anything.

There were three other couples in the water, all younger – probably in their 20’s. A couple of the guys were a little on the chubby side and their girls were likewise. The other couple was attractive although nothing to draw his interest. There were four older couples in lounge chairs around the pool. They looked to be a little older than his mother, but none of them had anywhere near the looks his mother had. She arrived a few minutes after he did, wearing the shear sari over her bikini that matched her suit. It hid nothing, but it gave the appearance of trying to appear modest. Young and old, everyone saw her and watched her as she entered alone, removed the shear sari and d****d it over a lounge chair. Most of the men, Keith observed, fumbled around trying to adjust their cocks without their women noticing. One of the older guys in a lounge chair was not so lucky and his wife gave him a good hard smack on the shoulder when she saw him looking and rearranging his junk. He feigned innocence, but she wasn’t buying it.

Keith noticed a couple of jaws drop when she proceeded to get in the water and snuggle up to him in the water. She put her arm around him and made a big display of kissing him on the cheek and flirting with him, running her hands over his chest and shoulders. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was hers. The only doubt in anyone’s mind was which of the two was the luckiest.

Keith moved his hand down over his mother’s ass and between her legs. She spread them for him to give him access and that is when he first discovered that the crotch was held together front to back by a small strip of velcro. Holy shit, he thought, she thought of everything.

He began by rubbing her pussy lips through the fabric, paying special attention to her clit. He had no trouble finding it because the fabric was thin and her clit was as hard as a pebble. She immediately let out little sighs, indicating he was touching all the right places with all the right pressures. She reached over and squeezed his cock through his trunks, knowing he was getting rock hard. Karen scanned those in the pool to see if anyone was paying attention, but no one appeared to notice. She scanned the pool deck and a couple of the older men were still appreciating her fine figure and its full display, but they were doing so discretely so as not to stir the ire of their spouses.

She noticed one man was nudging his wife and convinced her to get in the pool with him. She was the only one of the older women who had a decent figure even though it did not stack up well to Karen’s. Karen decided she would communicate a little flirting action by regularly making eye contact with the man and make it clear that her young man was getting more than just wet.

The man strategically placed himself on the opposite side of the pool directly in front of Karen and Keith and his wife was by his side. They were making small talk and he was holding her in her arms, with her back to Karen. Karen looked the man in the eyes and smiled and then closed her eyes in a fake orgasmic expression and then stirred in the water as if she were taking her man’s cock deep inside. The man’s eyes widened a little, correctly interpreting the body language, and proceeded to lower his hands to his wife’s ass and squeezed it under the water. Karen could tell that his wife looked at him strangely and moved to lift his hands off her ass. His wife looked around, clearly uncomfortable with his gesture, but was not mad at him. She chided him a bit, but playfully.

Meanwhile, Keith managed to loosen the velcro tabs so that he could get to the flesh of his mother’s pussy unimpeded by any material. He inserted his middle finger into her pussy, which was soaking wet from her juices, not the pool water. Now she let out an involuntary gasp and neared a real orgasm as Keith proceeded to finger fuck her. He reached up with his free hand and, as she sank down into the water up to her chin, he cupped a tit in it and squeezed. The man across from her was watching intently as his wife was relaxing, leaning against him. His hands moved to her ass again and this time she did not object. Karen realized that she could not see the woman’s hands through the clear water and that she must be playing with her hubby’s cock through his trunks. Karen smiled and then had to cover all physical reaction to the huge orgasm she had on Keith’s finger.

The man moved his wife down to a little deeper water and turned her so that her back was against him. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded and discretely looked Karen’ direction, then quickly looked away. Karen whispered in Keith’s ear to take note of the couple and was betting that the man was about to fuck her. Keith noted to himself that the woman had a lovely face, large tits that probably sagged a bit when turned loose, but otherwise had a good figure. The man’s hands disappeared from around his wife’s waist for a couple of minutes and hers appeared to go to her crotch. Then the man’s hands wrapped around her waist again and it looked as if he lifted her slightly and then lowered her again. canlı bahis Her eyes closed and her teeth clenched momentarily and then the movement stopped. She reached behind her and put one hand on the back of his head and leaned her head to one side and rested it on his shoulder.

Karen was in no mood for watching someone else fuck. She turned and faced Keith and put her hands on his shoulders. He had turned his swim trunks slightly and hiked them up as much as he could so that his cock came out from under one leg of his trunks rather than pull them down and risk some kind of scandal. His rigid cock was out and he guided it into her waiting pussy and she quickly sank down on it, gasping as she felt him fill her up. Rather than making the obvious movements of humping on his cock, Karen decided to try an experiment. She whispered to Keith to just stand away from the pool wall far enough that she could wrap her legs around him. He did as requested and she started using her well-developed pussy muscles to squeeze his cock and then relax, squeeze and relax. She asked if it was working and he nodded and swallowed hard as it seemed to have the same effect as the regular fucking motions. He held on to her ass tightly and let her exercise her cunt on him. He looked over to see that the man was taking it slowly, but was clearly lifting his wife up and down in the water and tits bobbed on the surface in their one piece swimsuit.

Karen continued to massage her son’s cock and they occasionally shared a kiss and otherwise appeared to be standing in the water in a perpetual embrace. After several minutes, Karen looked around and realized that the pool was empty except for her and Keith and the other couple across the pool from them still enjoying their slow fuck. Karen realized it must be close to lunch time and slipped off of Keith’s hard rod.

“The pool is empty, son. Fuck it! Just get busy and fuck me. I don’t care if the other couple knows what we are doing. They are doing it, too, anyway!” She grabbed the edge of the pool, allowing herself to float with her face toward the water and her legs spread. Keith moved in between her legs and drilled her, holding on to her hips as he began a steady pace of sliding his cock in and out of her. The other couple took their cue from Karen and the man started grunting and lifting up and pulling down his wife on his cock. She was no longer shy herself and let out several loud moans as if not to be outdone by the mother and son.

Keith had quit paying any attention to them other than the sound effects drifting in his direction and just before he busted his nut in his mother’s pussy, Keith heard the woman let out a loud shriek as she came on her husband’s cock. The man grunted even more loudly than before as he announced he was busting a load in her and Keith heard the splashing of two bodies in uncontrolled orgasm across the pool.

Karen obviously heard all the commotion and was turned on by it more than she already was. She let out a wail of her own as she came not just once, but twice, before Keith unloaded a large blast of semen in his mother’s pussy canal. Just as he had pulled out and adjusted his trunks as if nothing had happened and Karen had fastened her bottom with the velcro again, people started wandering back into the pool area. Karen announced that she was going to the ladies room to clean up a bit and that she would be back shortly.

She went into the shower area just off of the pool deck and began to rinse herself off. She made sure she was alone and unfastened her bottom to rinse the cum off when her counterpart in the pool fuck walked in.

“Well,” the woman began, “I want to thank you and your boy toy! That was the best fuck I have had in 15 years and it was all because you got my hubby all boned up playing with that young man of yours. You are one lucky lady to be able to get a young stud like that!”

Karen laughed a little, wondering what the woman would think if she knew the whole truth. “Thank you. I have no doubt that if you didn’t already have a husband, you could have a younger model yourself. So maybe it is you that is lucky. I don’t have a husband.”

They both laughed when the woman suggested that she trade partners if Karen thought she was so lucky.

“I’ll pass.” Karen said politely, “I don’t want to be the cause of any family discord.”

“Wouldn’t be any discord on our part, as long as my hubby could get his hands on you and I could get some dick from that young stud of yours.” They both laughed, but Karen wasn’t taking the bait. Keith had already told her he wanted only her on this trip and she wasn’t going to ruin that. Besides, she was spoiled by his attention and that from Rick when they had the time. She was more than eager to keep her pussy reserved for just those two well hung studs.

After another hour or so in the pool, Keith and Karen cleaned up and ate some lunch. Karen was a little surprised, pleasantly so, that it was Keith’s idea that they go into town and scout out the shopping nearby. So she put on a cute little pale green sun dress she had bought for the trip and he put on some jeans and a polo shirt and they headed into town. But before they left, Keith playfully lifted the hem of her dress to reveal a pair of basic white panties that would not show through the thin material of her dress.

“I think you are overdressed, mom. Leave the panties here. You never know what I will want and they would only get in the way.”

Karen moistened a little at her son’s lascivious comments and hoped those were not just empty words. So she removed her sandals, then the panties, then put her sandals back on. She lifted her dress to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy region.

“Better?” she asked seductively.

“Perfect,” Keith said with a big grin.

“Are you sure there is nothing you want right now before we leave?” Karen asked, leering at him.

“Not right this minute,” he said, leering back.

Karen mock-pouted at the “rejection” but recovered quickly and they headed into town for what she knew was his gift of time to her for making the trip so wonderful.

They walked up and down the streets, stopping in several shops. Some were tourist trap shops with souvenirs and knickknacks and some were clothing stores with sidewalk sales in full force. She pretended to be serious about her shopping, bahis siteleri but Karen was mostly content to hold her son’s hand or walk arm in arm without anyone they knew seeing them and passing judgment. She realized at that moment how confining their relationship was when at home because they could not let it me known or even suspected that they were fucking each other or even saw each other as a romantic interest.

They walked into one store that had more than it’s share of discount clothing items and Karen saw one dress she really liked. Keith suggested that she try it on and model it for him. She took it into the dressing room and put it on, then stepped out for him to assess and provide his thoughts. The store was packed with shoppers and the staff was overwhelmed, so they did not notice when Keith nodded his approval and then followed his mother back into the changing room.

She stepped into the room and began removing the dress when she heard the bolt lock the door. She knew what was coming and she knew who would be cumming.

“I was really hoping you would do this, son! Oh, fuck, I want you to take me right here,” she whispered to him.

Keith already had his pants down and his hard cock was staring her in the face. She got on her hands and knees on the padded bench and he rested one knee on the bench behind her and pushed up the not yet purchased dress before she could remove it and stuffed his cock into her quickly, causing her to yelp in pleasure-pain for an instant. He reached up the dress to find her tits and massaged them roughly as he banged away at her pussy. Her heat level quickly matched his as her hope for a good dressing room fucking became a reality. She turned her head toward him and whispered, “Don’t hold back. Fuck me and cum. Don’t concern yourself with me right now. We don’t want them to think they know what we are doing in here.”

Keith wasted no time and even though he came more quickly than usual, his mother still got a smaller than usual cum out of the deal anyway. As soon as Keith had emptied his balls in her, she reached for her handbag and counted herself wise to have brought some tissues on their outing so that she could mop up the cum running down her leg.

She changed back into her sun dress and made sure, in all of the flurry of a quick fuck, that she had not left anything of her own behind. Keith stepped out of the dressing room ahead of his mother and she quickly followed him. He felt a couple of questioning and knowing looks from some of the other shoppers, but no one on staff seemed to notice. Karen decided that she should buy the dress since it had been fucked in and therefore was now “used” and she liked the dress anyway. They quickly left the store laughing at their naughty behavior and moved on down the street, holding hands and acting like a couple of young lovebirds.

They walked past a jewelry store window and admired some of the diamond rings and watches on display. Karen was a little surprised that Keith lingered with interest longer than she would have expected, but paid it little attention at the time. After a full afternoon of shopping and only a few minor purchases to show for it, they decided to eat dinner while they were still in town. They picked out a nicer Italian restaurant. By nicer, Keith judged it to be nicer because it actually had linen tablecloths that went almost all the way to the floor. Karen asked for booth in the corner if one was available and the hostess accommodated them. The eatery wasn’t packed at that time, so they more or less had their choice of seating.

The waiter approached the table and took their drink orders and asked if they were interested in any appetizers. Karen thought that appetizers would be too much, but she ordered some wine for both of them. By the time the waiter returned with the wine, they knew what they were going to order. He informed them that each meal was prepared to order, so it would be 15-20 minutes before the food would arrive. Karen smiled and said that would be fine. Karen sat close to Keith and let her hand play up and down Keith’s leg, occasionally checking to see if it was having the desired effect. It was. The waiter came back, apologized for the delay, and left the wine bottle on the table for them as a complimentary gift for their patience. He said they had made a mistake on their order and had to start over, so it would still be another 15 minutes.

As soon as the waiter disappeared, Keith turned to his mother and realized she had disappeared as well. Or so he thought. Then he felt her hands on his jeans, unfastening his pants and reaching in to pull out his cock. She peeked out from under the linen tablecloth with a big grin on her face.

“My turn to surprise you, baby. Enjoy – but look natural.”

With that, she went down on him, sucking his cock at a rapid pace. He knew he was not supposed to make this one last any longer than necessary, so he concentrated the best he could on quickly filling his mother’s mouth with a creamy wad.

Just as he was about to bust in his mother’s mouth, the waiter arrived with the food.

“Where is the lovely lady you had with you?”

“Uh she, uh, just went…to the…restroom. She…will be right…back. Thank you.” Keith was trying to answer the question at the same time he was pumping stream after stream of cum into his mother’s mouth.

The waiter smirked a little and set the food down and left, looking over his shoulder briefly as he walked to the next guest table. Keith gave his mother the “all clear” and she crawled back into her seat, laughing uncontrollably at hearing her son try to talk during an orgasm.

“That’s not funny, mom. Do you know how fucking hard it is to carry on a conversation while you’re cumming?! It’s one thing to talk dirty while you are cumming. It’s a whole other deal when you are trying to talk to the waiter while your cock is exploding under the table. Shit!”

Karen was laughing so hard, tears were running down her face. They both managed to regain their composure and enjoy their dinner and the free bottle of wine on top of it all. But they both continued to laugh about it all the way down the street as the twilight hours began to settle in.

“Mom, you feel like going to a movie? There’s a theater and they several to choose from. I’ll pay for the tickets this time bahis şirketleri since you have been paying for everything else.”

“Sure, we don’t have an schedule to keep. But I pay. This is your trip and you don’t pay for anything.”

They bought their tickets and took their seats at the back of the theater. It was a small stadium seating theater, so they climbed the stairs to the back row.

“Why on earth are you dragging me all the way up here to the back row, Keith? That isn’t where we normally sit when we go to the movies.”

Keith gave her a sly grin. His mother rolled her eyes.

“You are insatiable!”

So are you, mom. Admit it.”

“Okay, okay. I admit it. I like the way you think. But if it gets crowded in here, we only do some heavy petting or something. I don’t want to get blamed for warping some k**’s mind by seeing us fucking in the back row.”

They had chosen a romantic sex comedy, the type of movie neither of them normally preferred, but it seemed appropriate for the kind of day they had had so far. Either the weather was too nice for most people to want to be in a theater or the movie had been playing for several days because the theater only had four or five other couples in it – mostly sitting toward the front half of the theater, when the opening credits started.

They lifted the arms to upright so that they could snuggle against each other. Keith put his arm around his mother, resting his hand on her shoulder. She slouched into the crook of his arm, leaning against his chest and let her hand rest on his thigh. During one of the steamier scenes, Keith lowered his hand from her shoulder to her tit and began playing with it. He slipped his hand inside the top of her dress to play with the bare flesh and pinch her nipple lightly. She began to stir, responding to his stimulation and her hand crept to his crotch.

Keith pushed her upright and got down on the floor between her legs and lifted her skirt to reveal her bare pussy. She briefly wondered if he was getting even with her for the restaurant blowjob under the table, but then it occurred to her that he was simply returning the favor. He dove into her, tongue jutting in and out of her love hole at first, then he changed technique and began to suck on her clit and lick it as it it were an ice cream cone. Then he changed up again and began tongue fucking her. With every change, he set her on fire more intensely than from the previous method. He knew her so well that he knew exactly what she liked, when she liked him to change and how to bring her to the edge and push her over. He sent her over the edge and she had to put her hand to her mouth and bite down on her fingers to keep from disrupting the movie for the meager crowd further down.

She sank back in her seat, worn out from the intensity of her cum. Her chest rose and fell in large heaves as she attempted to catch her breath. Keith lifted his head from under her dress, glistening from the wetness she deposited on his face. He made no effort to hide his next step. Still facing her, he stood up, pulled down his pants and then sat in the chair beside her and motioned for her to sit on his cock.

Karen half stood up, lifted her dress and let him guide her descent onto his shaft. Once he was fully inside her, she leaned forward and placed her hands on the back of the seat in front of her. She looked at the screen and watched as the fake fucking in the movie began and as she felt him slide in and out of her, she thought how much better the real thing was and the kind of movie they could make if they were so inclined. Keith had shoved her dress so high that he could freely play with both tits as she controlled the pace and the movement of their fucking. The movie scene ended and the plot moved forward, and Karen decided it was her turn to change things up. She let him pop out of her pussy and for a second, Keith thought she was stopping the fun before either of them were finished. But she reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and guided it to her asshole. Then she slowly started her own next scene, letting him gradually penetrate her ass with his swollen tool.

Karen still controlled the motion and the pace, letting herself enjoy the sensation of his big cock sliding in and out of her ass. Her breathing was heavy and his was getting heavier by the minute. She could tell he was getting close to busting another nut. She ramped up the pace a bit to help bring him to an orgasm and she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit vigorously. She wanted to time it as perfectly as she could so that they both would cum at the same time. She had her head down now, paying no attention to the movie at all and began to rocket into her own orgasm as she felt is cock swell and twitch and then the familiar sensation of his warm cum filling her ass. She had managed to time it perfectly as she rocked back and forth on his cock, riding out her own finger induced cum as he emptied his balls in her.

Again, Karen was proud of herself for bringing plenty of tissue, because she was leaking a big wad of cum onto her son’s lap. His pants were down around his ankles and his bare thighs were covered in her juices and his cum. She pulled her dress down, retrieved the tissues and gave her son a good, motherly wiping before he pulled up his pants. They spent the rest of the movie just holding and kissing each other and still fondling each other throughout. As they left the theater, Keith asked her what the movie was about.

Karen laughed and said, “I have no idea. It must have been about lovers fucking for 90 minutes, because that is all I remember happening!”

They got back to the resort and showered together, enjoying the mosaic tile walls of the shower and washing each other down from head to toe.

“How many times have you cum today, young man?” Karen asked with fake sternness in her voice.

Keith thought for a minute. “I count four. That last one could count as two though and that would make five. That was one intense cum.”

“I’ll say,” Karen mused. “I still have cum running out my ass. You certainly enjoyed that one. But you are slacking off, k**do. I want a good old fashioned, face to face, lying in bed, slow fuck before you can go to sleep.”

“Oh, mom! Do I have to?” Keith teased. He removed his towel from around his waist to reveal another boner in development.

Karen laid on the bed, arms and legs spread, tits poking straight up in the air and a look of deep lust on her face. “Yes, young man, you have to. Now get over here and properly fuck your mother.”

That was the end of day three…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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