One Night Stand

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One Night StandOne Night StandMy name is Lisa. As I stood signing the registration form at the motel reception desk in the country town I felt his eyes on me. I turned to glance at him and was immediately charmed by his engaging happy smile. He knew I’d caught him perving on me but his grin of pure pleasure wiped away my initial unkind thoughts. My job on the road causes me to meet many men who put me off with their obvious lust. While I still have a good figure, based on the looks I receive, as a married woman in her mid thirties with a husband and two c***dren at home I’m not really looking to be picked up. I met him for the second time only minutes later when he parked his car next to mine and offered to carry my bags into my room. Normally refusal of help came easily; after all, I valued my independence. His disarming genuine manner and aura of integrity caused me to put those thoughts aside to graciously accept his assistance. Our third meeting came when he knocked on my door to introduce himself, politely asking if instead of eating at the motel restaurant alone I’d like to join him at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Something lovely about him, including the impression that he was not hitting up on me, made me accept his invitation. He was right; it is no fun eating alone. The meal and wine was excellent, Clive’s company even more so. He was older than me by about twenty years I guessed, but nevertheless he seemed to be in good shape, taller than me, of medium build, with wonderful blue eyes and grey hair, clean shaven, with alluring aftershave and a non egotistical humorous outlook on life. I felt safe inviting him back to my room for coffee.While he’d held my arm walking to and from the restaurant when I put the jug on to boil he really touched me for the first time. It was so simple. He was standing next to me putting coffee in two cups when he placed his hand around my waist and thanked me for my good company and wonderful night out. I can’t explain my reaction to his touch, but I turned into to him, placed my hands around his neck and kissed him while I whispered my thanks too for such a great evening. Clive returned my kiss, both hands around my waist. Our lips and mouths slowly explored each other. It seemed we were both waiting for the other to back away from this impromptu embrace. Instead our mouths moved over each other, his lips and tongue on my ears, eyes, and the nape of my neck. The fire of lust flamed in both of us. His fingers released the first few buttons of my blouse. His hand slid over my chest, into my bra, cupped my heavy breast, and gently massaged my thickening nipple. Sexual desire coursed through my body, through my boobs, down my belly, between my legs, into my thighs. I wanted him. Clive explored my mouth canlı bahis siteleri and face with his lips and tongue. His hands though unfastened my blouse, eased it out of my skirt, unhooked my bra, cupped both aching breasts, and teased both nipples to hardness. We stood away from each other while he removed my blouse and bra. He bent and covered my breasts in kisses. His hands found the clasp of my skirt. Undone, it pooled on the floor around my high-heeled shoes. I undid his shirt, pulled the tails out of his trousers, kissed and tongued his nipples, noted the fuzz of grey hair on his chest. Clive embraced me, his bare chest against my breasts. I felt his hardness through his trousers against the skimpy lace of my panties. My hands reached for his zipper. Clive stood back and let me undress him. I knelt in front of him, removed his socks and shoes, dropped his pants around his ankles, and drew his jocks slowly downwards. Never one to think much about cock size I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the huge thick muscled tool that curved upwards to his navel from the tight sac between his thighs, the large bulbous knob a lovely pink flanged helmet of smooth flesh. Clive drew me upright and eased my panties down over my bottom until they dropped to my ankles. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, coffee for both of us forgotten. He knelt beside me on the bed, kissed my face and mouth reassuringly. His mouth and tongue danced over my breasts. Both nipples ached from his touch. He kissed his way down my belly. The nerve endings shivered. His mouth passed through my trimmed brown bush to my pussy. Clive moved and I parted my legs to accommodate him as he crouched between my thighs. The first tongue stroke across and through my gash pulsated throughout my body, but nothing like the intensity of the sensations when his tongue caressed my clitoris. My body heaved under his mouth. He sucked and stroked. Fire coursed through my legs, my belly, my breasts, my nipples, my labia and the inner recesses of my vagina. My god he had the touch. Involuntarily my snatch lifted to meet his mouth. His tongue strummed my clit; he sucked it into his mouth, his teeth gently grated across my sensitive flesh. The first orgasm shot through my being, my cunt mashed against his face, my body heaved up at him. Aaah it felt so good! As I came down from my pleasure I wanted his cock in me, wanted it now.Clive knelt between my bent thighs, my feet flat on the bed on either side of his body. His knob slid across my wet open slit, my parted pussy petals swollen in lust. The head of his cock rested briefly in the orifice of my cunt. Gently but firmly his enormous hard cock slid inwards, penetrated my cunt, stretched and filled bahis firmaları me. Inwards and deeper it slid until the thick base and ball sac rested against my snatch. He began to slowly and deeply fuck me with his long thick marvellous muscled prick.The fuck with Clive was slow, steady and gentle. His tool covered places deep inside my vagina not normally covered by other men. The bulbous head of his cock slid back and forth over the fabulous hot spot deep with my belly. His inwards thrusts seemed to reach to my cervix, his thick tool sucking my clit inwards against his flesh, his grinding pubic bone and ball sac sending fire through my labia and love bud. I lifted my body to meet his thrusts, my pussy muscles grasping the flesh of his tool. Clive bent his head down to my breasts, in turn sucked my inflamed nipples into his mouth. The sensations roaring through my body were enormous. What a lovely slow gentle deliberate deeply penetrating fuck this mature man delivered. The orgasm shattered and tore through my body. I heaved and humped myself up at his impaling prick. Pleasure soared everywhere at once. Oh yes Clive, oh yes fuck me, fuck me. I came. My legs stretched out in the air on either side of his body, my toes curled like talons in the rictus of orgasm, pleasure burning through my thighs, my clit, my cunt, and my belly.As I slowly returned to reality Clive looked down at me, a happy smile on his face, his prick still hard, still pumping slowly into my depths. He stopped and withdrew with a wet sucking sound. I’m sure disappointment showed on my face. Roll over Clive suggested and let’s try a little doggy. I rested my head on my arms supported by two pillows, my thighs spread wide, my bum in the air, my pussy ready for his attention. Given my wetness Clive’s lovely fat hard prick plumbed my inner most recesses with ease. His big balls slapped gently against my open gash. His huge knob sc****d over that point of pleasure hidden deep in my love tunnel. I almost swooned when he reached around my body with his hands to gently grasp each super sensitive elongated nipple between thumb and forefinger. I reached one hand back under my body, rested my fingers around the hole of my cunt, to feel the heavily veined thick hard pole of his prick as it slid in and out of me. My cunt muscles gripped and released his shaft as he fucked me. I humped my backside back at him to meet his inward thrusts, to completely impale his prick in the depths of my cunt.My climax came fast and hard. My belly heaved, my body humped. Spasms and shivers shook my body. I felt absolutely marvellous in this wonderful fuck with Clive. My wet cunt sucked as he withdrew his prick. He rolled me onto my back, placed a pillow under my bum. When am I going bahis firmaları to get you there I wondered aloud. This one’s for me he replied. My arms and legs enveloped his body, my legs crossed at the ankles around his waist, his chest against the mounds of my breasts. As his lovely prick slithered into my cunt I grasped him tightly. Clive’s mouth met mine, our tongues intertwined. I humped him hard. He plunged his cock harder and faster than before. I luxuriated in this fuck. As before I came quickly but I had no control over my physical responses to Clive. I held him to me in my cocoon of arms, legs and mouth. Slowly awareness returned to my consciousness. He plunged his prick in and out of my cunt. Heat permeated his skin. He groaned loudly. Spasms shook his body. His prick twitched and throbbed in my cunt. His cock pulsed. He cried out as he came, as his cock pumped his copious load of spunk into my depths. Slowly, slowly his thrusts diminished. Finally he stopped, rested his body on mine. His cock still occasionally throbbed. I squeezed my cunt muscles along his shaft, milked every last drop of his cum. We both felt our combined juices seep out of me as our bodies relaxed. Eventually we lay side by side on the bed, our legs intertwined, my pussy sopping wet. We talked, fortunately a review of our respective performances not considered necessary by either of us.Time passed comfortably. Clive stroked my back from my neck to my buttocks. I in turn teased his nipples before wrapping a fist around his flaccid cock. Part of my mind noted that soft it was still bigger than most of the men I’d encountered when fully erect, a wondrous piece of equipment that he certainly used well, with care and gentleness. Under my caresses I was pleasantly surprised when over time it slowly hardened again.I kept him flat on his back and mounted him, my knees on either side on his body. I lifted myself high in the air and with one hand fed his knob into the aperture of my vagina. I lowered my body, engulfed his thick shaft with my cunt, felt his cock slide deep into my depths. My pussy rested on his sac before I lifted off again. I grasped his nipples between my fingers, used my hands on his chest to assist the hard work of my thighs in raising and lowering myself on him, my body impaled on his prick. Quickly I found rhythm; gradually I picked up the pace. My whole being responded to my efforts. Pleasure began to stream through my body. Soon I soared to another shattering orgasm. As I came off my cloud I was surprised to see that look come over Clive’s face as he humped himself up at me. I resumed my fuck, my cunt muscles clasping his shaft firmly. He came. His cock throbbed between my thighs. His spunk pumped into my depths.Again we rested. Reluctantly, eventually we agreed it was time to call it a night. We stood at my room door for one last tender embrace. No phone numbers or contact details were exchanged. We simply agreed to keep an eye out for each other in our work travels. I slept well that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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