One Question Pt. 02

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My birthday seemed like it was all a dream. The blowjobs, the face fuckings, the sex; and all with my own hot mom! I couldn’t believe it had happened. However, as I arrived at my first period the morning after, all the memories started flooding back and I realized that it was far more than a dream. It had been reality; a hot sweet incestuous reality. She had given me the absolute best birthday present ever. What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t over.

School went okay. Especially since I was a senior, I had learned the process of school well. Especially high school. Plus, I was actually a fairly smart guy in the sense that I didn’t need to study to maintain straight A’s. As long as I regularly used the knowledge I had, I could keep it stored away no problem. There was one aspect of school that I had yet to master, though; being distracted by my amazingly sexy teacher Mrs. Wilson.

Every math class was the same. She’d play with that super sexy blonde hair of hers and I’d be lost in a fantasy world. I think it was because playing with her hair was something I normal attributed to young girls who were trying to be flirty. So every time I watched her play with her hair, I’d think of her as a young flirty girl wanting to have sex with me. Then I’d remember that she’s my teacher and that she has experience and the fantasies would get even hotter. Thank god math was my best subject or I’d never learn a damn thing in that class.

Math was the last class of the day, for me, so I went home horny as hell. Fortunately for me, I was about to receive some release.

As I got home I noticed that there was another car in our driveway. It looked like Lauren’s, my mom’s best friend. Knowing seeing her with my mom was only going to make me hornier, I started to prepare for an excuse to say hello and then bolt to my room.

I entered my house and found them on the living room couch, talking. “Hey Adam!” my mom greeted.

“Speak of the devil,” Lauren said. “We were just talking about you.”

“That’s nice,” I said, not sure what else to say. “Well it was nice seeing you, but I should really take care of some work.” Being as close as I was to my mother, we had come up with a code for anytime I wanted to be left alone in my room; usually to masturbate. That like, “take care of some work” was the sign that I wanted to be alone, and I’m sure my mom knew why I wanted that. I started to go toward my room as Lauren kept talking to me.

“Oh, are you sure?” she said in a seductive tone. “I could help you with that. After all, I’m sure my mouth would feel better than your hand.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Did I hear that right or was I just super horny? The way she had said it made it sound like she knew I was going to masturbate and that she was offering to use her mouth on it instead. There was no way that I had heard that right.

“I thought about what you said about Lauren,” my mom chimed in, “and figured what better birthday present could I give you than the mouth of my best friend?”

“Oh yes, I was very pleased to hear what your mother told me about how you thought about me, and I’m even happier to satisfy one or more of your fantasies.”

“One or more?” I asked. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well let’s just say it’s why your mother is still in the room with us,” she said with a devilish smile. “Now come over here and show me what you’ve got.”

I walked over to her, still not 100% sure that I was understanding everything correctly. I set my bag down by the couch and stood in front of Lauren, looking so sexy with her long, wavy red hair and those seductive green eyes. Her fingers traced over my pants where my hard on was. “Mmmm,” she moaned. “Looks pretty big from the outside. How about we go ahead and release it.”

Her fingers toyed with my belt and then my zipper, taking down my pants. She then leaned forward and kissed my penis over my underwear. Out of instinct, one of my hands went to her head and grabbed her hair. “Oh, you like that?” she asked rhetorically. She then kept her eyes looking up at me as she began to give my penis several kisses over the cloth. She traced her tongue up and down my shaft and I desperately wanted to remove my underwear so I could feel the real thing.

Luckily, my mom was there, and she said, “Come on, Lauren, enough teasing the poor boy. Suck his cock already.”

Lauren gave my mother a look I couldn’t read and then she said just barely loud enough so that only I could hear, “I think she’s excited to watch me suck you off. Maybe a little too excited.” She then gave me a wink and began slowly sliding off my underwear as I wondered what she meant. I was brought from my thoughts as I felt a warm pair of lips around my lower head.

Lauren had shifted onto her knees in front of me and was now sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe it. This was actually happening! My mom’s best friend was sucking my dick while my mother watched with another expression I couldn’t quite read. My hands gripped hard in Lauren’s hair, causing her to moan. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation of Lauren bobbing fixbet her head slowly up and down my shaft. She was incredible. My mom was definitely better, but she was still amazing.

I then felt a hand touch mine on the back of Lauren’s head. I opened my eyes to see that my mother had gotten on her knees next to her friend and had put an encouraging hand on the back of her head. “Come on Lauren,” she said, “suck that cock like you mean it. Don’t be so prudish.” Lauren looked like she was about to retort, but my mom pushed her head deeper onto my rod.

I thought Lauren was going to fight my mom’s push, but my mom grabbed Laurens silky red hair and started fucking my cock with her mouth. And it was so hot the way my mom started talking. “That’s right you little bitch. Suck my son’s cock. Does it feel good in your mouth? I bet you like it. Take it down your throat you whore.”

This was a shocker that my mom would be talking this way to her best friend and treating her like this. Course, I didn’t mind because it meant the forced throat fucking I was receiving was phenomenal. My dick was going so far down Lauren’s throat: my second greatest blowjob fantasy, and being satisfied with help from the woman of my absolute greatest blowjob fantasy.

“My son is going to shoot his seed down your throat,” my mom said. “And then I’m gonna make him cum one more time but in your hair. He’s going to streak that red with his white cum. But first you have to make him cum in your mouth!”

Honestly as excited as I was at the prospect of ruining Lauren’s hair with my cum, I was more excited by how my mom said it in that she was going to make me cum. I was hoping that meant she herself would do something to get me to cum. The idea excited me.

My boiling point was hitting as my mom kept shoving her best friend’s face down my cock. I decided to give a verbal warning. The response I got from my mom was, “Do it, son. Cum down this bitch’s throat!”

How could I say no to my mother? I erupted down Lauren’s throat. Despite being forcibly fucked on my dick, Lauren seemed to be enjoying the treatment, even pulling me deeper into her using my ass. I unloaded straight down her throat. My fingers laced deep into her hair as I helped to hold her face to me. When I was finished I held her head there for a little while longer just to relish the feeling. Finally I let go and she fell back, panting.

“Damn, Izzy,” she said to my mom. Hearing my mother’s first name inspired me to want to use it myself. Not sure why, but I did and it turned me on. “Your son sure has an animal in him. I like that. So he has to cum in my hair now? And just how do you intend to do that?”

My mom blushed. “Oh I was just wrapped up in the moment. I didn’t really have a plan.”

“Well at the very least we should turn him on again, and I know just the way.”

“Oh I don’t-” but my mother was cut short as her fiery friend pulled her in for a kiss. My mother resisted a little, but as soon as Lauren slid her hand into my mother’s hair, she was putty in her hands. My mother molded into the kiss and the two women even began fondling each other. It’s safe to say that I got hard very quickly. However, I wasn’t quite sure how to get it satisfied or how I could best interrupt. I also didn’t want to interrupt, yet I wanted to get involved. Then I realized the best way to do both.

Taking my hands, I placed one hand in each of their hair. I then gripped both manes roughly, causing both ladies to moan in pleasure. Standing beside them, I then slowly slid my cock in between their interlocked lips. They didn’t miss a beat. They just kept making out, except now it was my cock they were kissing. It was heaven as both their tongues worked their magic on me.

My mom and her best friend were slobbering all over my cock. Talk about paradise. I held their heads to my cock by their hair, using it like a leash, sometimes controlling just where they were on my shaft.

Then I decided that I wanted my cock inside something; just having their lips along the sides wasn’t enough. So I pulled back a little, and then guided Lauren’s head to the tip, and pushed in. She moaned as once again she had me in her mouth. I still held onto my mother’s hair, making sure she didn’t go anywhere. Then I realized, my mother had already had her mouth over my cock. Why not take it a step further and give her a turn with it in her mouth?

Pulling my dick out of Lauren, I then aimed it at my mother’s lips. She didn’t resist whatsoever as I pushed myself inside; even opened up a little and immediately started running her tongue over it. I gripped her brunette hair and pumped my cock as Lauren watched. It amazed me and turned me on that Lauren wasn’t at all phased by any of this.

Realizing I had a golden opportunity, I pulled out of my mother’s mouth and shoved my cock into Laurens. I pumped it a few times and then put it back inside my mother’s. After a few pumps there, I put it back in Lauren’s. They seemed to get the idea and just kept their mouths open as I went back and forth face fucking them.

During fixbet giriş a time I was in my mother’s throat, Lauren said, “It seems to me that we are just your son’s fuck toys.” I pulled out and went into her mouth as my mother said,

“In order to be fuck toys, we would need to be fucked.”

“That can be arranged,” Lauren said, stripping off her clothes. She then laid down and rubbed her pussy. “Come fuck me big boy,” she said to me. Quickly I got on top of her and positioned myself in between her legs. She aimed my cock head to her pussy and I slid in no problem. She was plenty wet.

“Oh god yes! Izzy your son’s cock is god-like! I don’t ever want it out of me.”

I started thrusting slowly, pushing deep inside her. I then remembered that my mom was supposed to help me cum. “Lick my balls Izzy,” I demanded. “Help me to cum like you said.”

My mother seemed to dive in between my legs at the command with her name. It felt great, feeling her tongue on me as I took Lauren. My balls were getting ready to blow. Remembering I had to cum in Lauren’s red mane, I decided I should get her off before I pulled out, but she had a different idea.

Into my ear she whispered, “When you’re ready to cum, pull out and stand behind my head. Wrap your hard shaft in my soft locks and release yourself. If you’re worried about me getting off too, then push your mother’s face into my cunt when you do and I’ll cum from her tongue.”

God that idea made me hot. It wasn’t much longer before I was itching to cum. I pulled out, shoving my mother’s face into her friend’s cunt. Lauren buried her fingers in mom’s brunette mane, holding her there as I wrapped Lauren’s red locks around my cock. As I began releasing myself, Lauren began screaming as she inevitably came from my mother’s tongue. My semen soaked those red locks as I watched my mother passionately ate out her best friend. After yesterday I thought that nothing as great would ever happen to me again, yet here I was in an insane situation.

Deciding I had had enough fun, I left the two women alone, who apparently still wanted more. Lauren kept my mother in her cunt even after she came. I just grabbed my stuff and went to my room. Sure I could have watched and maybe fucked Lauren again, but something told me that this wouldn’t be the end of this adventure. So for now at least, I went back to my room.

Around a couple hours later I decided I was hungry so I went into the kitchen to fix myself some dinner. As I passed my mom in the living room I said hello. Lauren had left and she was reading a book, of which she looked up to respond to my greeting with a loving smile. Once I made my food and was on my way back to my room, she spoke, “Hey Adam, are you still coming by to brush your mother’s hair tonight?” There seemed to be a little worry in her voice, like I might not want to. Of course I wanted to.

“Absolutely, mom. Same time as always,” I assured. That made her beam.

“Good,” she said, and then returned to her book. For a moment I just stared at her. That’s when I fully realized, I wanted to fuck my mother. I wanted to fuck her regularly, not just special occasions. In order to do so, I’d have to be smart.

Evidently I stared a little too long. She looked up and asked, “Everything okay, son?”

I gave a wicked smile, “Better than ever,” and I returned to my room.

When it came time for me to go to brush my mother’s hair, I decided to wait a bit. Unsure of why, but I had a gut feeling that I should be just a few minutes late. After waiting around five minutes, I headed for my mother’s room.

As soon as I opened the door she lit up and quickly went to the chair she sat in. I was slowly getting the picture as to how I could continue to fuck my mother. It would be a power play, and so far I was winning. Hell, I don’t think she even realized that we were playing yet. Nonetheless, I just had to keep winning and getting as much ground as I could, that way there’d be no way for her to win.

“I thought you might not be coming,” she said, grabbing her brush and holding it out for me. I completely ignored it and just sunk my fingers into her hair and began playing with it. She seemed a little disheartened, and partially confused, but didn’t mention it. “So did you like your belated birthday gift?”

“Of course!” I replied, grabbing handfuls of her brunette mane and slightly pulling on it. As an afterthought, I figured I should be less enthusiastic. Any enthusiasm could be utilized as a weakness. As dark as it was, this was a mind game. And as I already said, I was determined to win. “I mean, it was something nice to come home to I guess.”

“Would you enjoy that as a regular thing? I’m sure she would be up for a repeat performance. She seemed very eager for the first time the moment I suggested the idea. I could barely get all the words out before she agreed.”

My hairplay got gradually rougher. I started guiding her head around, subtly trying to assert my dominance over my mother. “As long as it went exactly how it went today, I definitely won’t mind.”

My mother gave a guilty smile. “I don’t know about exactly.”

“No? You didn’t enjoy the way she made you feel?” I said, my hand moving to my shorts to slide them down.

“I did.”

Slowly pulling down my shorts, freeing my cock, “So you didn’t enjoy pleasing her?”

She seemed transfixed by the fact that I had so boldly pulled out my cock. “Adam…” she whispered.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back roughly, her locks brushing my bare cock. “Answer the question,” I demanded.

After a second of hesitation, “I did,” she answered.

“And what about how you made me feel?” I asked, wrapping her hair around my shaft and using it to masturbate myself. “Did you not enjoy that?”

She wouldn’t answer. I knew this would be hard. However, I figured if I wasn’t bold enough, she wouldn’t bend to my desires. I had to play risky or she could easily snap back to reality and realize that she shouldn’t be doing this. But she wanted it, I know she did. My mother was one of the closest people to me. I knew how she thought. I knew that when she was debating between what she should do and what she wanted to do, she struggled and just needed a push in one direction or the other. Well that’s what I was doing. Part of her wanted this, but part of her knew society frowned upon it. I was just trying to make her forget about society. All she needed to be concerned about was her and me. No one else existed at the moment; except for maybe a cameo from Lauren.

“Answer my question,” I said softly as I continued to pull on her hair with one hand and fuck it with the other.

“Oh god…” she muttered under her breath.

In my head I debated as to whether I should call her mom or use her name, but I couldn’t see any benefit to either. So in the end I went with what turned me on more.

“Answer me mom!” I said more aggressively as I continued fucking myself with her hair. I was so close to cumming. I was sure that just her answer would be enough to push me over.

As expected, she still hesitated, but finally she cracked almost shouting, “Yes! I loved sucking my son’s cock and feeding it to my friend!”

Just what I wanted to hear. My cum began rocketing into my mother’s mane, soaking her lovely locks. She just stared in amazement that I had actually done that. “Well I guess I should go clean myself off.”

“First,” I said, “you should clean me off,” I said, turning her around in her spinning chair and aiming my cock at her mouth. However, she stopped me.

“Adam,” she said. This was it. This was the breaking point. All the work I had put in could be undone if I didn’t play this right. However, I knew what to do. I had been waiting for this moment and planned it accordingly.

“What we did on your birthday and earlier today was fun and yes, I enjoyed it, but we should stop now.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

She looked up at me, shocked. “Excuse me?”

“If you want me to ever brush your hair again at night, you’re going to be my personal cock sucker. Clearly you enjoy it or you wouldn’t have done it so much for me, especially after our rules ended. We set rules, and you broke them. You want my cock more than I want you on it, and you love having me take the time to take care of your hair. So if you want that special treatment, you’re going to suck my cock every time I want it.”

“Adam… I…”

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She gasped.

“Do you understand, bitch?”

She was quiet. This was the moment. I waited anxiously, until finally I knew too much time had passed. She was quiet too long to win.

“There’s no way you’ll hold to that. You’ll brake first.” There we go. She recognized this was a competition, and she had only just started as I was nearing the finish line. “You’re going to brush my hair and just have to dream of my lips around your cock.”

I let go of her hair and began to walk out. “I guess I should go sleep then so I can start dreaming sooner, because one day they’ll come true.”

I don’t think she expected that, and I left with a smile on my face. So it had begun.

For the next few nights, my mother sat at her chair in her room, awaiting for me to come in and brush her hair. Every night I’d just pass her door, intentionally taking my time as I passed, not even looking in and just head to my room. Nothing else happened.

Most people might brake under the pressure, thinking that the spark would be gone. I’ll admit, I was a little worried I was misplaying my hand and that without any interaction, my mom wouldn’t submit to me. However, I had a backup plan in case just the simple desire to have her precious hair taken care of wasn’t enough.

After a week, Lauren was over again after school. Finally. This is what I had been waiting for. Knowing that this would be risky, but figuring the odds were in my favor, I walked into the house, leaving my backpack at the door. My mother and her were hanging out on the couch. As soon as Lauren saw me, she gave me a wink and said, “Hey there sexy!” I knew that this would work. I just continued walking over to her, undoing my fly and pulling down my pants enough to bring out my cock. Lauren muttered an “Oh fuck yes!” just before I shoved my cock into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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