Opening the Door-Expansion

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The silence that swept our table for six in the posh restaurant was palpable. Larry looked at his Laurie with stunned amazement. Yet, his astonishment was infinitesimal compared to David’s.

“Well,” Trish asked her husband, “do you?”

“Trish!” David said, staggered by her original question.

“What?” she snapped back at him, her stomach churning with her own outrageous behavior. “Don’t you think I’m hot enough for somebody else to want?”

“No,” David answered, “I mean, yes. No, I mean, you’re not supposed to ask that question!”

“Oh, dear,” Kim said, smiling behind her napkin. “I believe you’ve embarrassed my husband.”

She turned toward Ken. “Are you embarrassed dear?”

“Yeah, a little I guess. Shocked, too,” her husband mumbled.

“Ken’s not used to hearing that women like to fuck,” Kim said. “So, David, do you think Ken would like to fuck Trish?”

“I don’t have a clue,” David answered, reaching for his wine glass.

“Well, I think,” Kim suggested, “that he’d be a fool if he didn’t. What do you think, Larry?”

Larry considered his options. He was aware that the question was supposed to be originated by his wife and directed to him. Trish had horned in and stolen Laurie’s opportunity. Last week, Laurie had asked Larry if he thought David would like to fuck her. This week, Laurie was supposed to ask Larry the same question regarding Ken. Trish’s question directed to David had trumped that effort.

Laurie began to giggle. Larry looked strangely at her as he replied, “She’s certainly attractive enough,” he said. “If Ken chooses not, he’d be making a mistake.”

“I think we ought to get out of here before they throw us out,” Laurie suggested through her giggles. “If anybody overheard our conversation we’d be asked to leave.”

The six friends rose from the table and made their way toward the door.

“We’re all meeting at Laurie’s in a half-hour, right?” Kim asked.

“That’s what I understand,” Trish told her. “Birthday cake!”

“And presents,” Kim said, grinning widely.

“Games and party favors,” Laurie added, with a broad smile on her face.

“What the hell just happened?” Larry asked his wife as they drove away from the restaurant toward their home.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Trish just sort of jumped the gun. I thought I was supposed to ask you, you know, like we have in the past.”

“Maybe she wants him,” Larry offered.

“Could be,” his wife said. “Maybe she felt bad about me always being the one to ask. Or, she just could have been trying on the part for size.”

“Well, David didn’t seem to take it too well,” Larry observed. “You’ll have to find out what his issue is.”

Laurie grinned. “I’m sure that won’t be a problem.”

Once the six friends reassembled in the den of Laurie and Larry’s home, the hostess asked David to help her in the kitchen. She set about positioning candles on the birthday cake as she spoke with him.

“What’s going on, David?” she asked.

He seemed genuinely confused. “What do you mean?”

“At the restaurant. You seemed annoyed.”

“I was surprised, I suppose,” he said. “Trish and I have never talked like that before.”

“Well, you heard me ask Larry the same question last week about you, didn’t you?”

David nodded.

“You were pleased with the results?”

“Of course,” he answered.

“Well?” Laurie encouraged him.

David shrugged. “I don’t know. I was sort of shocked.”

“Sweetie,” Laurie said to him, “if we’re going to continue with this, you’re going to have to loosen up, some. Trish is going to get some, but so are you. It can’t always be a big problem with you.”

“I know,” he nodded, “and it’s not. I just hadn’t considered Trish thinking about that. I thought Betturkey you’d be the one.”

Laurie laughed. “And, so I will. But, so will Trish. And, I’ll bet, before the night’s over, you’ll find Kim to be quite accommodating. That’s not too horrid to contemplate, is it?”

“No, of course not,” he said.

“Good,” Laurie told him. “Now, put that green-eyed monster to bed and let’s go see how we’re all going to get laid tonight.”

After the obligatory birthday celebration, the friends sat comfortably around the den, sipping wine and chatting. Laurie asked Kim what she’d like to do next, seeing the celebration was in honor of her birthday.

“Let’s unwrap the presents,” Kim suggested.

“I didn’t see any presents,” Ken said.

“They’re here,” Trish told him. “Each of us brought one.”

“But, before we unwrap them, we have to wrap them up,” Laurie reminded them. She brought out three strips of black cloth and handed one to each of the women. “Ladies,” she instructed them, “please wrap your present for the birthday girl.”

The women had the men stand as they tied the strips on as blindfolds.

“I’m a gift!” Larry said.

“Shush,” Laurie directed. “The gifts are not allowed to speak.”

“Can we ask for a drink?” David wanted to know.

“You may,” Trish told her husband. “You want one now?”

“That would be lovely,” David said.

Trish filled her husband’s glass and handed it to him.

“All right,” Laurie said. “In the hat on the table is a stack of poker chips, red, white and blue. Each color represents one of our gifts. Kim, pick one.”

Kim pulled out a red chip.

“Trish,” Laurie ordered. Trish pulled out a blue chip.

“And this one,” Laurie said, holding up the white chip, “is for mine. Now, on each turn, one of the women will draw a chip from the hat. Each chip represents a single article of clothing. As you remove one from your gift, you must also remove one of your own. Once they’re naked, a chip is one turn. You’re gift is yours to do whatever you’d like for a short period. We’ll start with one minute and increase it for each turn. Kim, since you’re the birthday girl, you may draw first.”

Kim closed her eyes, stirred the chips in the hat and pulled out a red one. She went to her husband and removed his polo shirt. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “You’re about to get lucky, fella.” Then she slipped off her own tank top.

Trish drew next and pulled out a white chip. She pulled Larry’s shirt off, grinning at Laurie as she did. She slid off her blouse and tossed it on the back of the sofa.

Laurie pulled a red chip. She looked at Ken, standing shirtless. “Shoes,” she ordered, “take ’em off.” Larry complied and Laurie slipped out of her own sandals.

The rounds continued, with each of the women giggling and whispering, especially to their own husbands when they drew their own color. Within six rounds, they were all naked. Laurie stood in front of Ken, having drawn his color chip. She took his hands and put them on her breasts.

“One minute,” she whispered to the newcomer.

Ken looked dubious. He caressed Laurie’s breasts, flicking his thumbs across the nipples, feeling them grow into rubbery resistance. When the time dinged the end of the minute, Laurie backed away.

“Not Kim,” Ken said.

“Correct,” Laurie answered, looking at his member as it bobbed to half-erect status.

Kim drew the white chip. She didn’t hesitate a second, dropping to her knees in front of Larry. Her host groaned as she wrapped her hand around his cock and sucked it into her mouth. When the timer sounded, Laurie tapped her on the shoulder.

“That’s a very nice one,” Kim said.

“I know,” Laurie told her. “All right, Trish.

Trish Betturkey Giriş drew a red chip. She knelt in front of Ken and looked at Laurie. The hostess nodded that the time had been set for two minute and Trish sucked her neighbor’s thickening member between her lips.

“Oh, mercy!” Ken said in surprise.

Trish released him for only long enough to state, “No mercy for you, tonight.”

Kim drew David’s chip from the hat. She instructed him to lie on the carpet, face up. Then she knelt across him and draped her ample breasts across his face. David did not disappoint her. His tongue and lips actively sought out her flesh, laving and slurping as he nursed on her. No one noticed that David’s blindfold had slipped off. He grabbed Kim by the back of the thighs and forced her slit toward his waiting lips. Kim readily complied with the pressure, her own mouth seeking out his erect member and sucking it in.

Laurie touched Trish on the shoulder and nodded toward the sixty-nine between Kim and David on her carpeted floor. “That’s hot as Hell,” she whispered to Laurie. Trish left Ken and pulled out a white chip from the hat. She moved over to Larry and pulled off his blindfold. She smiled into his face.

“If you’ll fuck me, I’ll let you watch your wife with Ken,” she whispered to Larry, who readily agreed.

Trish spun around and dropped to her hands and knees. Larry took position behind her and slid his meat easily into her hot, moist love tunnel.

Meanwhile, Laurie stood in front of the still-blindfolded Ken. She put pressure on his shoulders and Ken followed her lead, dropping to his knees. She lay on her back in front of him and pulled his arms forward until he was prostrate between her legs. She held his head in her hands and guided him between her thighs. Ken took a couple of deep breaths, inhaling her essence and then began to lick her. He stopped only for a second when Laurie pulled off his blindfold. Ken looked up, grinned wickedly at her and renewed the efforts of his tongue and lips to stimulate her.

The timer was ignored when it sounded.

“Does it worry you that I’ve become such and unrepentant slut?” Laurie asked her husband sometime later after their guests had left.

“Are you serious?” Larry asked her back.

She smiled at him. “A little, maybe. You realize I had sex with two different men tonight, neither of them my husband.”

“I was hoping to correct that,” he said, grinning at her.

“Did you have any idea I could be like that, seriously?”

He shrugged. “Hope springs eternal.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?”

“Darling,” he said, “I was right there. Remember, I had sex with two women, also, neither of them was you. Are you upset with me?”

Her eyes shone brightly. “You’re here with me now, aren’t you? You still love me?”

“Passionately. That’s why I like watching you have fun.”

“I am, you know. I never knew it could be so much fun. I just don’t want you to be mad at me.”

He smiled and touched her face gently. “My fantasy, remember? It just keeps getting better and better. You’re amazing. You’re incredibly hot, beautiful and wonderful to watch. Then, you come back to me and we have this astonishing connection to each other. You’re all here. Nothing’s broken, missing, or lacking. You’ve just had fun and so have I. We’ve done it together. We are together.”

“And the sex?”

“It’s just sex, honey. Now, do you want to make love or fuck?”

“Why don’t you show me how hot it makes you to watch me fuck,” she ordered.

“That I can do,” he nodded. “I’d appreciate it, though, if you’d fuck me like you fucked Ken tonight. Get up here and ride me so that you control the pace and power.”

“You saw?” she asked, rising to straddle her husband’s hips.

“Oh, yes,” he acknowledged. “I saw it, could feel it, and was thrilled watching it.”

Laurie shivered as she lowered herself on her husband’s hardness. “You know how I love feeling your cock inside me? As good as the others feel, yours is still the best.”

“You’re going to make my head swell, as well,” he answered.

“You think I’m a nasty slut?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Nope.”

“Well, fuck me like I’m nasty,” she urged.

He raised his hips to meet her downward thrusts, remembering the vision of her earlier in the evening during her interlude with their neighbors.

“What did you do to my husband?” Kim directed at Laurie when the klatch met in Marta’s kitchen on Monday morning. “He’s gone insatiable!”

Laurie looked at her friend in amazement. “Nothing special, I swear,” she protested.

“Well, I got laid four times yesterday, once last night and again this morning,” Kim told the group. “I haven’t had sex this much since my honeymoon.”

“You braggin’ or complainin’?” Toni asked the blonde.

“David’s been the same way,” Trish contributed. “Once in the morning, as soon as he gets home from work, and again when we go to bed. And, it’s not the quickie-type sex, either. My nerves are twitching from all the oral he’s given me. And, believe it or not, I’m getting to feel like the blow-job queen of the block. He’s getting them all the time, either straight up or sixty-nine.”

“I’m going to have to tell Ken to back off starting Thursday or he’s not going to have anything left for this weekend’s festivities,” Kim told them.

“Speaking of weekend festivities,” Laurie said, “Trish, honey, I don’t mind if you want to jump into the middle of the seduction process. Next time, though, let us know. We had a couple of uncomfortable minutes there. Larry knew what was going on. I’m not sure David had much of a clue, though.”

“What happened?” Lindsay asked. “Let’s hear the details.”

Kim explained that Trish had stolen Laurie’s line, and that David’s response had been less than enthusiastic. “I don’t know if he was shocked, pissed off, or what.”

“What line?” Toni wanted to know.

“Well,” Kim said, “Laurie is supposed to ask Larry if he thought Ken would like to do her. Then, Larry says something like he’s sure that he would. But, Trish jumped in and asked her David if he thought Ken would like to do her. David got all tight, like, and it seemed like he didn’t know how to play it.”

“Actually,” Laurie countered, “Larry was like that the first time I did it to him. His jaw kind of dropped and he sort of stared at me. I think it was the surprise. After that, he sort of knew what to expect.”

“I just got so excited,” Trish told them. “I heard Laurie do it and thought I could play it the same way. David’s such a stick. I wanted to give him the V-8 smack on the head.”

“But, Ken did do it, didn’t he?” Lindsay asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Trish said. “He did us all. So did my darling David, eventually. Of course, we didn’t give him much of a choice.”

“This week, though,” Laurie decreed, “we’re going to have a plan and stick to it, all right?”

“That would be best,” Trish said. “I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut. Well, until I’ve got a nice cock in front of me.”

“Oh, shut up!” Kim said, her words distinct and tinged with humor. “Blow job queen.”

During the subsequent meetings that week the women determined that Marta’s Mitchell had the particular hots for Kim. Marta admitted that Larry had been the subject of an occasional fantasy in her forays into dreamland.

“Not that Ken or David is any slouch,” Marta quickly inserted.

“That’s good,” Trish reminded her, “because you’re going to have to do them all sooner or later.”

Marta smiled shyly and nodded. “I know,” she said. “There’s something to anticipate.”

“And, once Laurie gets ahold of Mitchell, you’ll see a changed man, I promise,” Kim joked.

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