Our First Black Encounter

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My wife and I are in our early fifties. We’ve been in the swinging lifestyle for well over ten years and we’ve both seen each other with other people sexually. We had never avoided encounters with people of others races, but we hadn’t specifically sought them out either. Other wives who were friends of ours and also in the lifestyle seemed surprised that my wife, Dana, wasn’t particularly driven to find a big black cock (BBC) to fuck. Dana made it pretty clear that she really didn’t care about the race of the guy the cock was attached to. Average and bigger was great but it was more about the guy wielding it and his personality. If he was a jackass, she wasn’t going to spread her legs for him. If he was arrogant, she wasn’t going to give him any time or pussy. If he was a nice guy… an interesting guy… no matter his race, and reasonably attractive, she was happy to give him some play. As for me, I’m a guy. If the woman isn’t ugly, is built reasonably well and has an IQ higher than the average plant, I’m usually good to go, right?

Dana and I had discussed encounters with couples of other races and the conversations always ended up and described above: neither of us particularly held it as a fantasy we wanted to fulfill and neither of us was against it at all. All playmates and experiences would be fun provided we focused on personality to determine compatibility. And that’s where we were in our outlook when we attended a hotel party in New Jersey one weekend. The party was hosted by a large group from a swinger’s site and there were almost 200 couples in attendance. The party was very well managed and hours long. We had secured a room on the floor that was dedicated to the group’s use, so clothing was optional in the hallway and security kept anyone not wearing the right color wristband off the floor.

The party ran from eight to midnight in the reserved ballrooms and then moved up to the secured floor. Scheduled events rand until two a.m. on the secured floor but the partying lasted far beyond that as those folks who had reserved rooms continued to host other couples. Most of the hotel room doors were open and people moved in and out among the rooms until almost four a.m..

Dana and I got to the hotel about 4:30, checked in and headed up to unpack. We got an early dinner at a nearby restaurant and then went back to our room to freshen up, shower, make sure everything was freshly groomed, etc. By about 8:15 we were in the main ballroom wearing our wristbands, drinks in hand and mingling. We’d been to other hotel parties hosted by the group so we knew a few folks and enjoyed reacquainting ourselves with them. One couple in particular, Regina and Dominic (Gina and Dom), we’d played with at the last hotel party we’d attended. Dom had been up for nearly 24 hours before getting Dana back to our room for play, so he had a few performance issues based on exhaustion.

We ran into Gina and Dom in the ballroom about 8:30, and we all greeted each other warmly. We found a table and sat down with Dana focusing on Dom and me focusing on Gina. About ten minutes into the conversation I was enjoying with Gina, Dana touched me on the arm and said, “Dom and I are going to go upstairs if you don’t mind. We’ve got some unfinished business to attend to.”

I smiled and replied, “I don’t mind at all.”

Gina spoke up and asked, “Are we going too?” I couldn’t form a reply before Dom spoke up.

“That’s up to you all,” he said with a smile. “Last time you all had plenty of fun but exhaustion kept me from taking care of Dana the right way. I want to make up for that. She wants to experience it and it’s early enough in the evening… and I got enough sleep today… that I can do this now and have more energy for play again later.”

Gina nodded at his statement, smiled and said, “Go have fun, baby. Wear her out.”

Dana said, “I hope so!” with a big smile and blew me a kiss before she got up and followed Dom out of the room. I turned back to Gina and we continued our conversation. A few other friends came and went and we continued to have our conversations in between. We got some snack foods… enjoyed another round of drinks… I introduced Gina to some people I know and she introduced me to others she knew.

It was about forty minutes later… around 9:30 I guess, when Gina introduced me to Darren and Evelyn – or Evie as she quickly told us to call her. Not that it mattered in my day, but Darren was an inch or so taller than I am (so he was about six feet tall), looked a few years younger than my 55, and was very fit. He was a black man with a medium complexion, carefully trimmed goatee and either bald or shaved smooth head. In the course of conversation I learned that he was a school teacher in Virginia. Evie was a bit shorter than Dana, which put her at about five feet four inches tall, and built well. Her chest was full, maybe a C or D cup and well presented by whatever bra she was wearing. Her white button down shirt was unbuttoned down past the bra and she was sporting Betturkey a lot of cleavage. Her tan skirt was mid-thigh length and worn over fishnets leading down into some low heeled shoes. I idly wondered what was under the skirt and found myself hoping I might find out later that night. Evie worked from home as a piano teacher and was in her mid-forties. Her hair was short, leaving her neck bare and I also found myself wondering about the taste of her skin. Evie’s complexion was a bit darker than Darren’s but far from what I’d refer to as dark. Where he was… butter pecan tannish, she was more mocha.

Gina and I were enjoying our conversation with them when Dana and Dom rejoined us. It had been almost an hour since they’d gone upstairs so I assumed they’d enjoyed some nice playtime together. Dana gave me a hug and a kiss in the way of greeting before she sat down and I noted that she’d not bothered with putting a bra back on. Her light gray silk blouse clearly showed how perky her nipples were and her entire demeanor spoke of having just enjoyed a few orgasms. Dom had a fair smile on his face as well, kissed and hugged Gina and then greeted Darren and Evie like they were old friends. Some quick jokes were passed about what Dom and Dana had been up to, but the punchlines were all akin to, “None of your business,” “we all know anyway,” and “if you’re lucky you’ll get some of the same later.”

We three couples continued to sit and enjoy our conversation and at some point another couple came over who knew Dom and Gina. The other couple invited them to go dance and they accepted, leaving Dana and I chatting with Darren and Evie. We discussed a wide variety of topics, even political ones, with no sense of discomfort. Where we disagreed or had different outlooks, we politely shared our thoughts and acknowledged the validity of each other’s. Most of our conversation was about our experiences in the lifestyle and what we enjoyed about the hotel parties. At some point Dana brought up the fact that she’d never been with a black man and I thought Darren was going to fall out of his chair.

Both he and Evie commented on and laughed at how so many white women seemed to specifically target the black men at such parties. Some had never been with a black man. Some had husbands who wanted to watch their wives with a black man. Some had been with black men previously and preferred them as sex partners. To me that was kind of like the bisexual women who went to swingers parties to indulge their taste for other women without just purely neglecting their husbands.

When Dana explained her outlook – that it wasn’t about color or some random fantasy – that for her it was all about personality and race didn’t matter, Darren said he was impressed. He commented about how even when white women said they weren’t prejudiced and then held up their sexual encounters with a black man as proof, it was racist at its core. Fucking a guy purely because he was black, as Darren put it, was just as prejudicial as NOT fucking a man just because he was black. Both were all about the color of the man’s skin and not about who he was as a person. He told Dana how much he really enjoyed and appreciated her outlook because it focused on him as an individual and not on the color of his dick.

I had been quiet for quite some time as that conversation played out and when Darren finished speaking, Evie looked at me and asked, “What about you?”

I laughed and replied, “I’ve never been with a black man either.” We all laughed.

“And a black woman?” she asked.

“I haven’t had the pleasure of that experience,” I replied. “But I have the same outlook Dana does. I don’t care what color a woman is. She’s either attractive or not, interesting or not, and I either get excited thinking about being with her or I don’t.” I took a breath, smiled a big smile and added, “Besides… being a perfectly sexist pig, skin color doesn’t matter. It’s all pink on the inside and if it ain’t, I need to go the other way!” Again, we all laughed.

“Well,” said Darren, “maybe that will change for you all this evening.” I nodded, Evie smiled and Dana said, “Maybe…”

For next hour or so we talked, danced, drank (very limited intake) and continued to chat. I enjoyed Evie’s company and found myself becoming more and more aroused as I thought about being with her. I also found myself wondering what it would be like to watch Dana with Darren. Something Dana and I have discovered is that we really enjoy playing with other partners if we can watch each other at the same time. Neither of us is jealous but neither of us likes being left out. A woman has three holes. She can take three dicks at the same time. A guy only has one dick and can only fuck one woman at a time. As a result of that reality, Dana had enjoyed a few MFM encounters between me and another man in the past, but I’d yet to enjoy being with two women at the same time. Optimally, I liked watching Dana with a playmate if I could enjoy a playmate Betturkey Giriş of my own, and vice versa.

At about 11:15, Darren suggested we go up to the secure floor and check out the scene. I looked at Dana, she nodded and I said, “Sure.” Evie took my hand and led the way with Darren and Dana following us. They weren’t holding hands but one time when I looked back, Darren’s hand (that wasn’t holding his drink) was full of Dana’s ass. She was smiling a big smile so I knew she was enjoying herself.

There were several open rooms on the secured floor. The hosting organization had set up one for dancing, with a platform and a stripper’s pole. When we peaked in, there was a tall oriental woman dancing around the pole, caressing herself but still fully dressed… so far.

There was a BDSM room with a big cross (X) for securing someone too and plenty of toys laid out on the desk and bed. There was also a sofa and when we looked in no one was tied to the cross, but there was a woman on the sofa, her skirt pulled up and legs spread wide masturbating herself with a large dildo (inserted) and a Hitachie magic wand buzzing her clit. She appeared in the throes of orgasm as we looked in and her man (at least I assume it was her man) was sitting next to her, caressing her chest through her blouse as she came.

There was a group sex room that had two kind sized beds in it and they’d been pushed together to make one huge bed. There were several couples in various states of undress on the beds and several couples mutually masturbating each other as they watched the action on the beds.

And finally there was a Sybian room that had been set up with the sybian in the middle of the sitting room area on a plastic sheet. As we looked in there, a woman was just settling down onto the Sybian. She was fully dressed except for no panties and her skirt fell to cover “the show.” None of us could see the juncture of her pussy being filled by the sybian, but that seemed to add to the eroticism of her orgasms – which started almost immediately. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as another woman worked the controls. The woman on the Sybian came repeatedly until she looked to have fallen off from near passing out.

As we were watching, I realized I was standing behind Evie and she could undoubtedly feel my growing cock pressing against her ass as my erection became more noticeable. I also realized that Dana was in the same position in front of Darren but she had reached one hand back and was stroking his cock through his slacks. He had bent his head down and was kissing her on the neck as his hands caressed up and down her sides, her hips, her ass and around to her chest. Not only could I not complain, I enjoyed seeing the look of pleasure on Dana’s face and I had been doing the same to Evie. My hands had been all over her and her skin tasted as delicious as I thought it would; just a slight touch of saltiness from a silky smooth texture.

Because Dana had no pockets, and no bra, when she’d come back down to the ballroom with Dom, she had given me her room key. As a result, she couldn’t even get back into our room without asking me for a key. When she did ask me for a room key it would be as good as telling me she was going to get fucked again. The idea of it excited me.

At one point, Evie leaned her head back and turned it to me and we kissed. It wasn’t a firey full of passionate hot and ready to explode kiss. It was a “this feels really nice and I’m enjoying it and looking forward to more later” kiss. I could taste the faint flavor of rum on her tongue and I felt like I could sense a heightened level of desire. When we broke our kiss she whispered to me, “Should we go back to your room?”

I smiled a huge smile and replied, “God, I’d love to, but I tend to let Dana lead things. It keeps me from feeling like I’m rushing her. It lets her do things at the pace she’s comfortable with.”

“Mmmm…” smiled Evie. “A good way to go about it then,” she said – and then she pulled me into another kiss. When she pulled away she added, “It just gives us more time to let the fire build.” I agreed with a smile and pulled her to me to kiss her again.

Our kiss was interrupted just a few minutes later by Dana touching my arm. I looked at her and she smiled at me as she said, “I need the key.” I reached in my pocket, pulled it out and held it out, but not to her. Instead I handed it to Darren who took it with a smile. He was behind Dana but they were holding hands and her lips had that red look to them that told me they’d been kissing a bit too. Evie and I didn’t move as our spouses walked slowly past us, Darren leaning over to give Evie a peck on the lips as they went by. As soon as they were past us, Evie looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Come on,” and pulled me after her, following our spouses.

Dana led Darren to our room door where he swiped the key and pushed it open, following Dana in as she went. Evie and I were close on their heels. Our room had two queen size beds. Dana led Darren to the farthest one while Evie stopped at the closest one, climbed on on her knees and turned to face me. It put us face to face and she looped her arms around my neck as I stepped closer and put my hands on her hips… at least, that’s where they started. As we kissed, our tongues exploring and our breathing / moaning making it clear how our desires were building, my hands explored up and down Evie’s back, caressing down over her ass and up under her skirt. I quickly discovered that she had nothing on under it; that the fishnets were thigh highs and her ass while curvy, was nice and firm.

Evie leaned back away from me enough to reach between us and begin unbuttoning my shirt. I smiled and returned the favor, beginning to unbutton her blouse. We both looked over when we heard Dana moan and saw that Darren had her blouse completely off. He had latched his mouth onto her right boob, sucking and nibbling on her nipple – which was what had caused the moan. Dana’s hands were working at Darren’s belt and pants. His shirt was completely unbuttoned but also still on. As his mouth worked on Dana’s breast, his hands were up under her skirt just like mine were with Evie. It seemed we all knew where this was going and everyone was eager to get there.

I looked back at Evie who was smiling up at me. We kissed again, breaking apart only to continue undressing each other. She got back off the bed to ditch her skirt and dropped her blouse along with her bra. Her creamy skin seemed to reflect the light coming from the bathroom, which was the only light we had left on when we left the room and we hadn’t turned any one when we came back in. My shirt was on the floor and Evie was pulling down my pants, along with my boxer briefs, as I stepped out of my loafers. My stiff cock popped free and I idly wondered how it compared to Darren’s. After all, one of the biggest reasons so many white women host the fantasy of being with a black guy is for the BBC, right? I had to wonder… just how well equipped he was. I’m above average and have never had a complaint, but I’ve seen plenty of videos of BBC that make my 7″ reasonably thick cock look… anemic.

When my cock popped out of my pants, Evie smiled, looked up at me and said, “Nice!” Holding my cock about an inch from her face she looked over at Darren and said, “Hey, baby… look what he’s got for me.”

Darren looked over, smiled and said, “Enjoy!” Just at that moment, Dana got his pants and boxers down and his cock popped out as well. While it wasn’t porno BBC, it wasn’t insignificant either. He was probably an inch or two longer than me and the girth was noticeably greater. Dana was definitely going to feel that cock stretch her pussy and it looked longer – by about an inch – than the biggest cock I’d seen her take so far.

Mimicking Evie, as she held Darren’s cock, Dana looked over at me with a smile and said, “Hey, baby… look what he’s going to fuck me with.”

I smiled a big smile at her, moaning as Evie leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth, and said, “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all.”

Looking up at Darren, and just before she took his cock in her mouth, Dana said, “Damn straight I will.” Darren’s moan matched mine as our women began to suck us in earnest. Evie held my cock, licking up and down the sides and bottom before aiming it between her lips and sucking as much into her mouth as she could. Given that her husband’s dick was bigger and longer than mine, I figured she’d vacuum me in without pause but that was not the case. She did get a significant amount of my length in her mouth but there was still an inch or so she couldn’t get. She gagged trying as one of her hands massaged my balls. As good as it felt, I was watching Dana lick, suck, stroke and massage Darren’s package. His head was back and his eyes closed as my wife’s mouth pleasured his manhood. I felt my cock throb at the view and Evie felt it was well.

Darren and I enjoyed the oral pleasures our wives were providing… but soon both of us wanted more. Now, I wasn’t sure about Darren, but I love to eat pussy and I couldn’t wait to see how Evie tasted; how she reacted to my tongue; how fast I could make her cum. Reaching down, I pulled her up to her feet and gave her a deep passionate kiss. While I’m not a fan of the taste of my cum, I AM a fan of the taste of my precum. It tastes very sweet to me. Evie seemed surprised at the hunger with which I kissed her. When our kiss broke I said, “Sixty-nine with me?” She smiled a big smile and nodded.

I climbed on the bed and laid down, watching a delicious view as Evie crawled onto the bed over me, straddling my face and spreading her knees. Her pussy slowly lowered down to my mouth. It was shaven smooth and I could just see the pink gash of her hot opening between the darker tinged labia. I felt her mouth engulf my length once again and I reached around her hips to fill my hands with her ass. I pulled her onto my face, extended my tongue and let my first contact be a long lick from her clit to her puckered backdoor. The way her hips jumped made it clear just how good it felt as she began a slight rocking motion and almost immediately started coming on my tongue.

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