Our First Foursome

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My husband, Cameron, and I have an open marriage and he had been away for 2 months for training. In his absence, I had fallen into bed with a couple that I was friends with and we spent one pretty spectacular night together. Now my husband was home, and I was eager to invite him to the party. Cameron is very handsome, more than 6 ft tall with dark hair, a strong chin, and glasses. I always joke that he looks like Clark Kent.

To celebrate his return I threw a little party. Lots of our friends from both our jobs and our awesome new neighbors were there and of course Shell and Josh. Cameron built and lit a gorgeous bonfire and I barbecued some burgers. Everyone drank and talked and had lots of fun, but as the night wore on, one by one people started heading for home and eventually it was just Josh, Shell, Cameron, and I.

Every one of us had enjoyed more alcohol than we should have, so when Josh asked if they could come inside for a while, we all knew what it would lead to. Our only TV was in our bedroom and I can’t recall what movie we put on, because people started taking their clothes off before we even got through the previews. Josh was at the far right of the bed and Cameron on the left, Shell and I were sandwiched between them. She slipped her hand into my long blond hair and turned my face to hers and kissed me. I have been longing to kiss her again for weeks, but this is the first time I had an opportunity. I love the way she smells, like her flowery sweet shampoo and the peach flavored lip gloss she uses. Her lips are soft and gentle, none of the stubble or roughness of a man’s kiss. And her fingers running over my scalp under my hair are heavenly. It makes my whole body tingle.

Cameron and Josh were watching intently while we kissed. I could feel Cameron’s hand on my arm and I could see Josh over Shell’s shoulder drooling over the show we were putting on. I pulled Shell’s shirt off over her head and she did the same to me. My satin black bra and her lavender lacy one pressed against each other and I could feel her chest heave with each breath against my own. Josh had undone her jeans and was trying to work them down over her hips. He pulled her to him and away from me, his need to touch her, exceeding his fascination in watching us together.

I turned to face my husband, I threw one leg over his and I could feel his erection pressing hard against the fabric of his pants, but he seemed uneasy. We had both taken advantage of the freedoms of our open marriage before, but he had never actually seen me with someone else. He had told me before their arrival that he didn’t think he’d like to watch me be with anyone else, even if he was distracted by Shell, but I begged him to give it a try and he caved. Now I could sense that he was nervous. I thought it might help to hinder his actual sight, so I got up to turn off the lights in the room.

I stopped just before reaching the switch to do a little more undressing. That short moment, as I slowly unzipped and dropped my skirt to the floor, left in nothing but my matching black thong and bra, with an audience of 3 gaping at me is the sexiest I’ve ever felt in my life.

I flipped the switch and we were left in darkness. The only light was the glow of moonlight coming through the curtains. I was blinded for a moment as my eyes adjusted and I worked my way back to the bed. I could hear the sound of zippers and heavy fabric hitting the hardwood floor of the cabin, and I knew the boys must have started disrobing too. I blindly made my way up from the bottom edge of the bed and found the legs of my husband. I crawled up his body and kissed him and found him much less tense. I could start to make out the outline of Shell on top Betturkey of Josh a few feet away in our king size bed and I could hear their lips smacking and their labored breathing.

I quickly moved down his body to his cock. I pulled off the shorts he had left on and started to explore his balls with my mouth. He always kept them shaved for me because I loved the way they felt on my tongue. I liked to gently engulf them entirely in my mouth, one at a time and then together and torture him. I know how badly it makes him want me to take the whole shaft in my mouth, but the torture is half of the fun. I had been playing with him for hardly a minute when the bed shifted as Shell got closer. I felt her hair brush my face as she descended over his dick and took him in her mouth. She took him deep in her throat and I could hear her gagging and I could soon taste her saliva drip down into my mouth while I continued licking his balls. I pulled away for a look around and found that Josh was holding her head there. His hands were in her hair pushing her down onto Cameron’s dick and when he saw me lift my head he leaned down and kissed me.

Cameron was laid out on his back with his hands behind his head, surrendering to whatever pleasures we were willing to bestow upon him. Earlier, during the party, Josh had found me alone in the kitchen and told me that they wanted to stay and try this with all four of us. He also said that he wanted to make sure that Cameron got most of the attention. He felt guilty that he had already gotten ahold of me and poor Cameron had missed out on all the fun. Even remembering that talk, I found it shocking to see him pushing his girlfriend’s head down onto my husband’s dick.

His kiss lasted only an instant before he pushed me back down with his free hand to get back to servicing Cameron. I went back to work, licking and sucking every inch I could reach of his balls and the base of his dick while Shell bobbed her head slowly up and down his rock hard shaft. Josh must have let go of her head because I felt his hand slip into my panties. Without removing my mouth from Cameron I shifted up onto my knees with my ass as high in the air as I could manage, so Josh could have easier access. From the way that Shell’s breathing changed I knew he must have had his other hand on her pussy. I was so wet I was almost embarrassed by it. He worked his fingers around slowly at first, just exploring and driving me crazy, but eventually he slipped a finger deep inside me and then a second. I could feel Shell next to me, rocking slightly back and forth and I could only picture him behind us with his hands buried in both our pussies.

Cameron was getting close, he was starting to squirm his hips and he was gasping for breath. I pulled Shell up by her hair and pushed her away, so I could finish him off. I have spent many years practicing just the right moves to make him cum. I sucked hard and bobbed my head fast, up and down his dick, taking him as deep in my throat as I could, and in seconds he came in a huge spurting gush down my throat. I sat up, licking my lips, and saw that Josh had flipped her Shell onto her back and buried his face in her cunt.

I crawled up to Cameron’s left side, putting him closest to them and kissed his neck and ran my fingers over his strong chest while he recovered. I whispered quietly into his ear that I hoped he was having fun. He whispered back, “You were right, she really is extraordinary” I needed that, to hear that he wanted her. I had felt guilty too about playing with them without him the first time.

I took his hand and guided him to her chest. I kissed his neck and ran my hands over his body while he felt his way around Betturkey Giriş her massive tits. He leaned in and took her left nipple in his mouth and she writhed and moaned under the attention. I climbed over the tangle of people to her other side and went to work kissing her neck and nibbling on her hard nipples and running my fingers through Josh’s hair as remained buried in her pussy. She came before long, gasping and shuttering and writhing under all of our hands and mouths.

For a moment, we all just basked in the beauty of watching and feeling her cum, but soon Josh sat up and pushed her toward Cameron. She pushed him back onto his back and he cupped her perfect breasts as she kissed him wildly. They were making out, but most of her body was next to him and his dick, which was hard again was jutting out from his body and I couldn’t help, but to bury it back in my mouth.

I heard the sound of a condom wrapper opening. I assumed it was Cameron getting ready to fuck Shell. We had agreed that any sex with the other partner would require condoms and I couldn’t see where his hands were anymore. I longed to see that, I couldn’t wait to see him with her.

But then I felt Josh’s hands behind me on my hips. I was on on my hands and knees with Cameron’s dick bobbing up and down in my mouth and Josh was kneeling behind me and I felt his throbbing dick just begin to touch the lips of my pussy. I hadn’t gotten to actually have sex with him last time. His dick wasn’t quite at long as Cameron’s, but it was thicker and curved upward and I was dying to know what it felt like to have him inside me. He was hesitating and I couldn’t speak a word of encouragement with my husband’s dick in my throat, so I reached back with my right hand and grasped his thigh and pulled him toward me. He took that as approval and guided his dick into me.

He slid into me slowly, so slowly it was torture. Working in and out, one inch deeper with every thrust until finally, I felt his skin against mine. I never imagined that this foursome would ever include me having both of them inside me at once. I could feel my husband still inside my throat and I struggled not to gasp and moan as Josh slowly worked in and out of my pussy. I felt the explosions of an orgasm building in my stomach and I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer. I sat up as best I could, without losing contact with Josh and pulled Shell to me, so that her back was against my chest and she straddled Cameron’s dick. She slipped a condom on him faster than I have ever seen it accomplished, then lowered herself onto him in one swift move. He let out this amazing guttural moan and she started bouncing up and down on top of him. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders from behind and she could feel my body rocking as Josh thrust me into her from behind. I had the most amazing orgasm. My face was buried in the nape of her neck, helping to muffle the sound as I screamed out in ecstasy.

After he felt me come, Josh slowed for a moment and then pulled out and I was just crushed that he had stopped. He moved away to the far side of the bed and lay on his side and then beckoned me to join him by patting his hand on the bed next to him.

Shell was still bouncing up and down on top of Cameron and either he hadn’t noticed Josh and I, or he was fine with it, because he was 100% focused on watching her tits bounce up and down as she moved.

I left them to join Josh and laid facing him and he told me to turn onto my other side. We were spooning and he threw his leg over mine for leverage, and plowed into me again. From this angle we both had a perfect view of Shell and Cameron fucking. Unlike them, Josh and I were wildly turned on by watching our partners together. I know that in every way he can be, that Cameron is mine, and to see someone else wanting him and having him like that turns me on more than I could possibly describe. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized that Josh felt precisely the same way about Shell.

Cameron flipped Shell onto her hands and knees and kneeled behind her and started fucking her doggy style and Josh and I watched from the other side of the bed while he pounded me from behind. I felt myself cum over and over and over again. Waves of pleasure rocked my whole body. I felt Josh getting close to orgasm. He squeezed my tit so hard it almost hurt and he whispered as quietly as he could into my ear. “You feel fucking amazing…You’re so wet…I can’t hold out any longer.” I whispered back, “I want to feel you cum Josh…cum for me” It was hardly a second later that I felt the explosion and the extra warmth as he came inside me. He slowed his movement for a moment, and I was horribly disappointed that it was over. But then I noticed that he had never lost his erection and before I knew it he was thrusting again. I didn’t even know that any man could do that, but I was certainly not going to complain. He reached around with his free hand and started to play with my clit. I let out a moan I could not control and his right hand slipped under my head to cover my mouth to muffle the involuntary noises I made as he pushed me into another never ending wave of orgasms. When I felt him cum again he finally went still except for the heat throbbing in our still connected nether regions.

When I had caught my breath, I looked up to find Cameron collapsed on top on Shell. I was a little disappointed to have missed to big finale of that show, but I had never felt anything like what had just happened between Josh and I, I had never been so satisfied from sex in my life.

Soon, I kissed my handsome husband and pulled him downstairs with me to the shower for a moment alone. We washed all the sweat off of each other, I admired the hickeys on his neck and the scratches on his arms that had been left behind by another woman. After 5 years together he felt new and exciting to me again and I looked forward to spending the whole next day making love to only him. For now we hardly had the energy to wash sweat and sex off of each other and kiss in the spray of the hot water.

We returned to the bedroom and he fell asleep before Josh and Shell got back from their turn in the shower.

They must have thought I was asleep too, because when they slipped back into the bed he rolled right on top of her and fucked her one more time. I pretended to be asleep, but I watched them together. They were in missionary position face to face and I could see them staring into each other’s eyes as they rocked back and forth. They were both obviously trying to move as little as possible and trying be very quiet, but I witnessed every second of it I watched in amazement as he came again, for the third time tonight. I was dripping wet again. I never knew how much watching other people have sex would turn me on until these two came into my life. He rolled toward me and she quickly fell asleep.

I was sure he was asleep too and I was left just staring at the ceiling throbbing with renewed lust and no way to satisfy it. Then I felt his hand on my leg and he pulled one leg over his, leaving them spread wide, and proceeded to expertly move his fingers over my clit and in and out of my pussy till i came again, biting his strong shoulder to be sure I didn’t cry out again. He whispered into my ear “I’ve never met anyone like you, Abby. I’m very glad that Shell found you.” Then we both fell asleep.


This is actually a sequel to one I wrote called “My First Threesome”. If you enjoyed this, you might want to check out its prequel. I am planning one more sequel with these characters.

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