Out Of Afrika, Chapter 42

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 42A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi******Chapter 42 – Family History (with acknowledgement to John Cleland and Fanny Hill)******Our story thus far:Janice, personal assistant to Zaire, an executive at the prestigious Rhino Hawksville electronics company, inherited a box of documents when her father died. Amongst the documents was a diary which gave an insight to her family history which was previously unknown to her. It revealed that she had an ancestor, a namesake, who indicated that the female yearning for Black Cock was not a recent phenomena. She had only managed to absorb a few pages before being disturbed and diverted away from her reading. That was yesterday; now she was looking forward to getting back to the diary and to pick up on the hints of ‘what happened next’.To continue:******Both Simone and Janice enjoyed Fridays. Not only was it the end of the working week with the agreeable prospect of the weekend looming large but it was also the day when they were employed on yet another task that had been delegated to them by Oskar and Zaire, reviewing the latest batch of videos prior to their release either as DVDs or to the pay-to-view channel on Rhino TV. Rhino Industries was renowned for its strict quality standards and video production was a business stream that was closely monitored by the management given the profits that were generated from the various specialist product lines. It was down to Simone and Janice to give the final approvals and it was a responsibility they took very seriously.The majority of movies were now shot by Seydou who was a one-time executive of Rhino but had taken early retirement to pursue his other love of photography. He had set up a small production unit adjacent to the Rhino complex and it was no surprise that whenever publicity material was required it was Seydou’s little enterprise that was called upon to provide the graphic content. Given the nature of Rhino’s products it was also little wonder that a lot of the pictures were regarded as being pornographic. When the talented photographer decided to expand his portfolio into the world of video it was but a little while before he was producing the most explicit movies that were commissioned by Rhino to be marketed through their exclusive channels. The movies were a huge success and each new release was eagerly awaited. However, regardless of which format the movies were transmitted or viewed there was always in the background an almost imperceptible hum, the carrier of the mind-control feature that was known by those who had inserted it as ‘The Rhino Effect’. Its purpose was very clear, anyone viewing the movies would subconsciously hear the ‘message’ and become totally in agreement that the black man was superior in very way to the white and should be encouraged to fuck and seed the white woman … especially the married ones.Seydou had attracted many wanna-be porn stars to his stable and had no problem in finding a particular ‘fit’ for any of his proposed productions. Big/Small; Young/Old; Slutty/Refined; Innocent/Nymphomaniac, any scenario that was requested was easily filled. He even had ‘personalities’ on his books and he relished anytime that his particular favourite, Suzi Recreant, the famous newsreader for the Rhino News Network, called be called upon to fill a role.However, this week there was only the one new production from Seydou. It featured as its ‘star’ the now-famous Denise Cole, a busty girl who was a local Hawksville resident who after she left school discovered she had a talent for making such films. She was openly bisexual and enjoyed her work immensely given the demands for diverse movies with involved plotlines gave her every opportunity to swing both ways and, as she admitted, it paid very well. However, no matter that the reputation of both Seydou and Denise was held in high regard, there was still the matter of the final review before whatever movie would be released.Simone and Janice settled themselves down in Seydou’s editing suite to view his latest production, ‘Black Booted Cuckold’. As usual Seydou gave them a brief overview as to what they were about to see and this film he said was the story of a domineering wife who liked to entertain her Bull while wearing little else but thigh-high boots and having her husband submit to the final humiliation of cleaning up after her Bull had finished fucking her. The girls nodded their heads and smiled in anticipation.Seydou made sure that they were comfortably seated before turning his attention to the video control panel. As he made some final adjustments to the settings they were disturbed by a soft knock at the open door. It was Denise who asked, “Is it OK if I come in and watch with you? I haven’t seen the final cut and I want to know that I did a good job.”Seydou waved her in and she took a seat alongside the other females who couldn’t fail to see her large breasts and cleavage that was ineffectively contained by a short halter top. She had completed her ensemble with a pair of Dixie Duke shorts and calf-length cowboy boots and looked every inch the Porn Star she contrived to be; her public expected little else she figured.The movie started to run and the scene on the screen was of Denise acting the part of the wife seated on a couch wearing a long silk dressing gown which was tied loosely around her waist. Her wondrous breasts were supported by a half-cup bra which was cut low enough to allow her stiff nipples to peek provocatively through the diaphanous material of the gown. She was purported to be reading a magazine with the camera angle showing her only above her waist. The front door bell was heard to ring and she put the magazine down and shouted to her ‘husband’ to go answer. The camera panned around to show the hallway and the husband opening the front door for a large black man to enter. He pushed the husband to one side and the camera followed his progress to the lounge where the wife stood up to greet him. As she did so her robe gapped to reveal that she was wearing patent leather thigh-high heeled boots. The contrast between the white silk of her lingerie and the shiny black boots could not have been starker.The Bull growled his approval at her appearance and the dialogue that followed suggested that he had requested that she dressed in this manner. He was a man of few words and he began to unbuckle his belt before being told by the wife, “Stop, let him do that” and she gestured to the husband and told him to come and undress her Bull.The pathetic wimp of a husband did as he was bid and came into the camera shot once more. This time his features were plain to see and Janice gave a gasp, “Oh my God, it’s Herb!””Yep, I think you’re right,” giggled Simone, “I didn’t know your husband had another job. What a surprise.”They both watched intently as Herb proceeded to unbuckle the Bull’s pants and to pull off his clothes so that the big black man was just left standing in his boxer shorts with a very prominent bulge tenting the front. After a theatrical pause when Herb was commanded by the wife to ‘Come on, get on with it’ the boxers were pulled down and an enormous black cock with a large plum for a knob bounced into view. It was Simone’s turn to gasp, “Oh my God, that’s Able.”Janice said, “Who?””Able, Loretta’s husband. I’d recognize that cock anywhere.”Janice didn’t ask, she just nodded knowing that her friend had a certain reputation for attending certain neighborhood parties. They returned to the task of reviewing the movie.The wife embraced the Bull and they shared a tongue probing kiss whilst at the same time he probed her pussy through the split-crotch panties. She grasped hold of his rampant black cock with her small white hand and the camera zoomed in to show very deliberately the glint and twinkling of the diamonds of her wedding rings on her fingers as her hand wrapped around the veins of his shaft. The camera panned to one side to focus on Herb who was looking on with a look of abject dejection as the symbolism of the scene was played out.The wife then stepped back and still holding onto his cock pulled him toward her as she lay back on the couch spreading her legs and then to guide his stiff penis into her shaven pussy which peeked between the lace trimmed fringes of her open-crotch panties. She placed her boot clad feet firmly on the floor and raised herself up so that in one smooth move he slid into her, her accommodating cunt willingly receiving him until he was buried to the hilt. She sighed with pleasure and so he could not escape she wrapped her boot clad legs around his waist. The black polished boots made a perfect complement to his black shiny body.Both Janice and Simone purred with pleasure as they took in the scene quite forgetting that the purpose in them being shown the movie was to assess the quality and other production details prior to its release. They both squirmed in their seats as they clenched their legs together, fidgeting and squeezing their pussy lips in an attempt to emulate the feelings that were so obviously being experienced by the porn star on the screen before them.Seydou smiled to see their discomfort and took their reaction to viewing his work as being confirmation that once again he had created a film of artistic brilliance. Denise made no comment, she was just content to be softly rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her shorts as she replayed güvenilir bahis şirketleri the scene in her mind. She knew better than anyone present just how lovely it felt to have had that cock spearing her willing cunt as she held the assailant with her legs wrapped around his body.The action on the screen continued with Able, the Bull, fucking Denise, the wife, in every conceivable position while Herb, the cuckolded husband. stood to one side wanking his stubby stiff dickie. Janice had gotten over her initial shock at seeing her husband in this new role of movie star and had already decided that she would not be berating when she got home about his ‘deceit’ in not telling her what he got up to when he was left alone at home. Indeed, she would not be admitting to him that she was rather proud that he might have found a useful occupation given he had, so far, not proved himself to be much good for anything.The movie was coming to its inevitable end and the husband moved as bidden by the wife to come closer so that he could better see the Bull pounding his stiff black cock into the wife’s waiting maw as she knelt to be fucked doggy fashion. The camera was positioned just so and the little audience had no problem seeing and hearing her grunting her satisfaction as she was forcefully fucked from behind. The husband’s hand was a blur as he stood obediently by her side and then without any warning he emitted a curious little cry and his sperm began to jet from within his grasping hand and spurt after spurt of hot cum splattered over the boots of his kneeling wife. She turned her head as she began to enjoy yet another orgasm of her own and then as her passion subsided she theatrically snarled at the husband, “You pathetic wretch. I told you never to do that.”The husband froze still holding his cock with his cum continuing to drip and equally theatrically began to apologize. Obviously it was the wrong response as far as the script was concerned.She continued to harangue him as the Bull continued to fuck her, “Get on your knees and clean my lovely new boots, you wretch.”It was hardly an Oscar-winning piece of dialogue but the husband got the idea and reached for a nearby box of tissues. “Not like that you fool; with your tongue,” she hissed.The husband knelt down and as instructed began to lick and slurp at the mess he had just deposited on her lovely boots. The Bull continued to fuck her and they both looked with amusement down upon at the debased behavior of the humiliated husband. Then with the Bull’s own climax beginning to overtake him he began to pump his cum into the womb of the moaning wife. He pulled out and still spurting he dribbled his cum to join the puddles that the husband was enthusiastically lapping. As a final humiliation the Bull shuffled around and taking the upturned butt of the husband as an invitation he pushed his still stiff cock into the wimp’s anus. It was clearly the right thing to do for the husband’s reaction far from making an objection was to wriggle his butt as he felt the cock slide into him and for his own cock to become stiff once more. The movie ended with the wife telling the husband he was a good little cuckold and that once he had finished his cleaning task he was to get the hell out of the lounge and to leave her alone with the Bull. The movie faded with an image of the husband’s stubby little dick once again spurting his gratitude at being treated so lovingly by the wife.As the final credits rolled Janice looked at Simone and they both nodded their agreement that the movie met the criteria of being another quality movie that would be a valuable addition to the growing library of cuckold videos being marketed by Rhino. They both discussed the various merits of what they had just viewed and Janice couldn’t help but boast at the amount of cum that Herb had produced as he played his part. As she reluctantly admitted, Herb might not be able to do much that was right but he could always be relied upon to cum a lot when required.She turned to concur her opinions with Denise and was surprised to find that the porn star had her hand inside the waistband of her shorts and Seydou’s cock in her mouth. Clearly the action on the screen had been a trigger for them to reenact part of what they had viewed. There was no point in trying to have a conversation at that moment so Janice and Simone just sat back and watched the live action being conducted by an expert in the field.Denise snapped open the fastening of her shorts and slid the garment down so that she could better masturbate her wet pussy. With her free hand she fondled Seydou’s balls as she encouraged him to fuck her face. As she sucked she felt the cock begin to swell even more than its usual impressive girth and then just as she sensed he was about to cum she pulled away and said, “Not here; cum over my boots … just like in the film.” Seydou complied.*******Janice let herself into the house and was gratified to note that Herb was busy doing something or other in the kitchen. “Hi Honey, I’m home,” she called out as she took off her coat, “can you get me a drink please. I’m going through to the lounge.” She kicked off her shoes, slumped down on the couch and that’s where Herb found her when he came through with a Martini mixed just the way he knew she liked.”Good day?” he asked tentatively knowing full well that she would claim to have had either a hard day, a terrible day, a busy day or whatever just to emphasize that it was her that was the breadwinner in the marriage and not him. He was somewhat surprised therefore to hear her answer, “I had a great day thank you very much …. you sly dog.”Herb was taken aback. She never usually responded in such a friendly manner to his usual greeting patter. He was a little suspicious as to what was up. “Erm, and why was that; anything happen that I should know about?””Yep, Simone and me had to review some films today and I had the opportunity to see you perform in your new role. Why didn’t you tell me you’ve got yourself a part-time job?”The color drained from his face. He knew instantly what she was talking about.She saw that she had struck him dumb and relished the moment of the sense of control that she had over her pathetic excuse of a husband. “Don’t worry, you did a good job but you should have told me what you were up to. I might have been able to have helped you ‘get work’,” she said with a laugh.Herb found his tongue, “So you liked it then? I would have told you but the time never seemed right; you are always so busy.” (Which was his coded way of saying that she didn’t take much notice of what he did when he wasn’t running about after her.)”Yeah, we liked it and I guess that you got the part because you can cum so easily. Well done and maybe I’ll have you ‘perform’ for me later!” she said continuing with her jokey banter.The joking came to an end when she added, “Right, I need to get on with some work. You can get me a plate and I’ll eat in the study.”Herb recognized that he was being dismissed and he went back to the kitchen to do as he had been ordered. Janice got up from the couch and padded through to the study and sat herself down at the desk where she opened up the old journal and found the page she had reached and picked up the place she had left and started reading.”The months following my introduction to so many previously unknown pleasures were counted as being most judicious for there seemed to be nothing that dearest Katherine did not know in answer to my constant confusions. I still held doubts as to what I considered the preposterous idea that a Peggo, the like of which Katherine had made Emmanuel and Thomas reveal, was capable of entering a ladies’ cunnie. The very idea was beyond my comprehension given that my own virgin passage was so slight and delicate and only allowed the insertion of a finger of either Phoebe, Katherine or my own when we had had our playing times together. Katherine was much vexed at my refusal to accept that such an invasion was possible and she determined that I should have a demonstration which would dispel my doubts. I was disbelieving as to how she would arrange such a display but I should have stayed my suspicions for Katherine then revealed to me a hitherto unknown feature of the mansion house in which we resided, there was a rabbit warren of hidden passages that ran through the house which allowed the servants to traverse the house unseen as they went about their duties.It was a few days later after this secret of the hidden paths was revealed that Katherine summonsed me from my bed enquiring if I had recovered from the slight fever I had been suffering. She told me that the moment had come when my uncertainties would be assailed. She informed me that she knew this was the hour in the week when our Aunt would be entertaining in her chamber and that all would be revealed to me.Dressed only in my nightgown I followed her from my bedchamber and was surprised when she led me to an alcove on the landing which was concealed by two yellow damask curtains. We stepped through and drew them closed behind us to find ourselves in a narrow passage that was lit purely by the light that shone through grills set in the walls of the bedchambers which ran parallel to our course. Katherine bid me to stay quiet and we crept to a point where we could peep through a grill and view the interior of my Aunt’s chamber.I instantly posted myself so that once my eyes tipobet giriş had accustomed to the dim interior caused by the d****s within the chamber being drawn I could see the unmistakable countenance of my Aunt who was endowed with a large frame seated on her bed in a state of undress. A movement caught my eye and I was shocked to witness the approach from the other side of the room the equally unmistakable form of Emmanuel, the Blackamoor.Oh! how still and hush did I keep at my stand, lest any noise should baulk my curiosity, or bring my aunt’s attention toward the grill through which we peeked but I had not much reason to fear either, for she was so entirely taken up with her present great concern, that she had no sense of attention to spare to anything else.Droll was it to see that fat figure of hers flop down on the foot of the bed, opposite to the grill so that I had a full front-view of all her charms.Emmanuel sat down beside her and he seemed to be a man of very few words. He proceeded instantly to essentials, he gave her some hearty smacks, and thrusting his hands into her breasts, disengaged them from her stays, in scorn of whose confinement they broke loose, and swagged down, navel-low at least. A more enormous pair did my eyes never behold, nor of a worse colour, flagging-soft, and most lovingly contiguous: yet such as they were, this black man seemed to paw them with much gusto, seeking in vain to confine or cover one of them with a black hand. After toying with them thus some time, as if they had been worth it, he laid her down pretty briskly, and canting up her petticoats, made barely a mask of them to her flushed face.He stood to one side and took a minute to unbuttoning his livery of waist-coat and breeches and soon I had my eyes called off by a more striking object that entirely engrossed them. His breeches fell and once again I saw the sturdy stallion had now unbuttoned, and produced naked, stiff, and erect, that wonderful machine, which I had seen before when we had visited the stable, The interest my own seat of pleasure began to take furiously in it, I stared at with all the concentration I could muster and my senses were too much flurried, too much concentred in that now burning spot of mine, to observe anything more than in general the make and turn of that instrument from which the instinct of nature, now strongly informed me I was to expect to see the meeting of those parts so admirably fitted for each other.However, the Blackamoor did not long remain before giving it two or three shakes, as if he was brandishing it; he threw himself upon her, and his back being now towards me. I could only take his being engulfed for granted, by the directions he moved in but it was certain that the wide open-mouthed gap of her cunnie overshaded with a grizzly bush, seemed held out like a beggar’s wallet for its provision. The impossibility of missing so staring a mark required no imagination as I saw the hanging sack, that rounded hairy bag of his swing back and forth with his movement. Then the bed shook, and the curtains rattled so, that I could scarce hear the sighs and murmurs, the heaves and pantings that accompanied the action. From the beginning to the end; the sound and sight of which thrilled to the very soul of me, and made every vein of my body circulate liquid fires: the emotion grew so violent that it almost intercepted my respiration.Katherine all the while was whispering in my ear sentiments of whether I now believed the evidence that was laid so bare before our eyes. I could no longer deny it and prepared then, and disposed as I was by the discourse of my companions, and Katherine’s minute detail of everything, no wonder that such a sight gave the last dying blow to my native innocence.Whilst they were in the heat of the action, guided by nature only, I stole my hand up my nightgown, and with fingers all on fire, seized, and yet more inflamed that centre of all my senses: my heart palpitated, as if it would force its way through my bosom; I breathed with pain; I twisted my thighs, squeezed, and compressed the lips of that virgin slit, and following mechanically the example of Katherine’s manual operation on it, as far as I could find admission, brought on at last the critical ecstasy, the melting flow, into which nature, spent with excess of pleasure, dissolves and dies away.Janice slumped back in her seat quite overcome by the eloquent description she had just read. She felt a great empathy sweep over her as she identified with the emotions of her innocent namesake and in keeping with that feeling her own hand stole up under the hem of her dress, her ‘nightgown’, and she found her less-than virgin slit and began to masturbate as she re-ran the scene of what had occurred in that big house. She was so taken with her pleasure that with her eyes closed in concentration that she didn’t hear Herb enter the room, place the plate of food on the desk or, after a few moments of him watching her frigging, his leaving.Herb, who knew better than to disturb his wife when she was so engrossed in her ‘work’ crept out of the room and made his way to the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet bowl, dropped his pants and with the vision of watching his wife and knowing what she was still doing in the study he joined her in a virtual mutual masturbation. It took no time at all before he spurted his climax into the toilet. Had she been present, she would have been impressed at the amount that once again he produced.He zipped up and washed his hands before once more he crept down the hall way and exited the house. As he drove the short distance to go spend the evening watching the Friday night football (aka the Cheerleaders) on TV with his friend Ian he pondered as whether to tell him what he had just seen or indeed if he should be told about his new career as a Porn Star. He concluded that maybe he would but would leave it for the appropriate moment like when they were showering together and he could give a personal demonstration of his recent activities.Janice heard the click of the front door closing and knew instantly who, what and where. It was Friday night, for heaven’s sake, where else would he be going? At least he had the good grace to feed her before he departed, was her other thought. She picked at the pasta dish and returned her attention to the journal.”I returned to my station and peeked once more through the grill to see the young black fellow had just dismounted and that my aunt had immediately sprung up, with all the vigour of youth, derived, no doubt, from her late refreshment. She made him sit down, began in her turn to kiss him, to pat and pinch his cheeks, and play with his hair, all which he received with an air of indifference and coolness, which was much different to his attitude, much altered, from what he was when he first went on to the breach.My pious governess, however, not being above calling in auxiliaries, unlocked a little case of cordials that stood near the bed, and drew him a very plentiful dram which she insisted he consume. What the concoction could be I had no idea but the effect was instantaneous. After a little amorous parley, Aunt sat herself down upon the same place at the bed’s foot. With the young fellow standing sideway by her, she, with the greatest effrontery imaginable, took hold of his affair, which was now crestfallen, so shrunk and diminished, that I could not but remember the difference and by chafing it with her hands, brought it to swell to that size and erection I had before seen it up to.I admired then, upon a fresh account, and with a nicer survey, the texture of that capital part of the black man, the flaming purple head as it stood uncapped, the blackness of the shaft, and the shrub growth of curling hair that embrowned the roots of it, the roundish bag that dangled down from it, all exacted my eager attention, and renewed my flame. As the main affair was now at the point the industrious dame had laboured to bring it to, she was not in the humour to put off the payment of her pains. She laid herself back, drew him gently upon her, and thus they finished in the same manner as before, the old last act.This over, the old lady then dismissed the black fellow having first made him a present, as near as I could observe, of three or four pieces of silver coin. Katherine whispered that our aunt was a good employer and always rewarded good service.As soon as we heard him exit the room we stole up softly to my own room and to give a loose to those warm emotions which the sight of such an encounter had raised in me. I laid me down on the bed, stretched myself out, joining and ardently wishing, and requiring any means to divert or allay the rekindled rage and tumult of my desires, which all pointed strongly to their manly pole. I felt about the bed as if I sought for something that I grasped in my waking dream, and not finding it, could have cried for vexation; every part of me glowing with stimulating fires. Katherine saw my distress and the dear girl and me resorted to the only present remedy, that of vain attempts at digitation. The smallness of the theatre did not yet afford room enough for proper action, but our fingers gave me, in striving for admission, procured me a slight satisfaction for the present. Katherine was much amused by my doubts and apprehensions in this matter, only told me that she never heard of a mortal wound being given in those parts tipobet güvenilir mi by that terrible weapon. With her busy fingers she fell to visit and explore that part of me where now the heat and irritations were so violent that I was perfectly sick and ready to die with desire; that the bare touch of her finger, in that critical place, had the effect of a fire to a train, and her hand instantly made her sensible to what a pitch I was wound up, and melted by the sight she had thus procured me.I sighed, and could scarce breathe. Katherine took hold of my hand, and having rolled up her own petticoats, forced it half strivingly towards those parts, where, now grown more knowing, I missed the main object of my wishes; and finding not even the shadow of what I wanted, where everything was so flat, or so hollow, in the vexation I was in at it, I should have withdrawn my hand but for fear of disobliging her I abandoned it then entirely to her management. She made use of it as she thought proper, to procure herself rather the shadow than the substance of any pleasure. For my part, I now pined for more solid food, and promised tacitly to myself that I would not be put off much longer with this foolery from woman to woman.Having made such a wondrous discovery of the passageways I often stole to different parts of the house where unobserved I could conduct my voyeuristic survey of the carnal activities of the residents, guests and servants. Each time thereafter I was left with a burning desire to gain what I witnessed being so easily being received by the females in the household and who regardless of their station in society gained much pleasure from the intrusion.*******It was with the eighteenth anniversary of my birth approaching that one day Katherine and I were summoned to my Aunt’s retiring chamber, a room she reserved for conducting business and affairs of the estate. Present in the room was an elderly gentleman. Imagine to yourself a man rather past threescore, short and ill-made, with a yellow cadaverous hue, great goggling eyes that stared as if he was strangled; and out-mouth from two more properly tusks than teeth, livid-lips, breath like a sewer and a peculiar ghastliness in his grin that made him perfectly frightful. He was introduced to me as my Aunt’s brother who had returned home from the plantation in Hispaniola to attend to matters in his homeland, it was not specified for what purpose.I assumed the summons was for us to discuss the prospects of my being launched into society and was therefore shocked when she informed us that far from being introduced into the gentile world of the upper classes that Katherine and me were instead to accompany her on a voyage to the West Indies and her brother’s estate where for half a year we would take his place and as a result learn the nature of the family business. She said it was far more important that we should gain this understanding so that when we returned we should then be better capable with the knowledge of how the wealth of our living was generated. Our coming-out into society would take place when we returned and, she said with a knowing look and smile toward her brother, that we would be much better equipped and sought after following the education received in Hispaniola.There was no discussion or indeed was any opinion sought by my aunt as to whether we were cognisant to this arrangement. Such was her standing and position as the head of the family that no such protest or debate would be entertained, her word was law. Instead we made our plans to do as she had bidden and we followed her and her orders that we make our way to the port of Liverpool where a ship, the Trecora, awaited to take us on this new adventure. The Trecora had sailed from the West Indies to England to transport its cargo of Sugar and my Aunt was much pleased to learn of both the quantity and quality that had been delivered for such a bounty ensured the continuing fortune of the estate. In my innocence and with a scant knowledge gained from my limited education of geography I had assumed that we would be returning to Hispaniola on the following tide but was much confused when I later discovered once we were at sea that our destination was not to the West but that we would be following the tradewinds to the South. It was the captain, my Aunt’s second cousin, who revealed this to me in conversation over the dinner table in his quarters saying that the ship was carrying cargo to be delivered to Salone a country on the western shore of Africa where it would be exchanged for another cargo to be transported back to the islands. My Aunt concurred that she was aware of this arrangement.We were some days at sea and often Katherine and I would have to take to our quarters given our constitutions were not used to being tossed and disturbed in the manner imposed by the rolling sea and consequent pitching of the ship. We took great comfort in each other’s company as we lay clasped together in the confines of the small bunks which were provided for our sleep. I was soon to discover that mutual frigging with my cousin was a natural remedy for the ‘mal de mer’.We had few encounters with the crew of mariners, they were mainly rough sailors who were most crude in their habits and manner of speaking. Aunt entreated us to stay our distance for they were purported to have scant regard for the civilities of our station and this advice was bravely borne .The Captain, a distant relative of our Aunt, who was much feared by his crew due to his strict application of discipline by contrast to his reputation took every care to ensure that we were not disturbed and the location of our quarters at the stern of the ship was such that we were well protected from any entreaties. Aunt was accommodated in his quarters and Katherine advised me that this was a usual arrangement and I should not be disturbed if I should witness certain familiarities occur between these two ‘cousins’ when we had retired for the night. It was, she said, an aspect of their noble family tradition that such comforts were willing shared.However, it was not to say that the behaviour of the sailors didn’t have a certain fascination for Katherine and me and we gained much amusement during the evenings when we took the sea air. As we stood in the shadows there was a gap in an ill-fitted hatchway located on our private deck which allowed us to look down into the galley and the crew quarters below and to observe unseen at a distance their amusements with each other. They seemed to take great pleasure from laying on the crude bunks and to expose their brawny structures, strong-made limbs, rough shaggy breasts, hairy thighs, and stiff staring truncheons, red-topped and rooted into a thicket of curls. There they would take delight in stroking each other’s stiffening peggos and partaking in all manner of liberties with each other. There was young fresh-face fellow who had been taken on board ship as an apprentice midshipman and as I looked down upon him through the gap in the hatchway I feared for his well-being on this his first voyage as he seemed to be treated so cruelly by his shipmates. He would be passed from one to the other to suckle and fondle the cocks of his tormentors and one time I saw him have to take a stiff peggo in not its proper mouth and I was shocked to see his fundament filled by one merciless brute who delighted in his cries of anguish as he speared him so. Katherine told me that I should not be a feared for his safety for it was well-known that mariners all gained their pleasures from such sodomite intrusion and it was something which the young man would soon become accustomed and relish.It was small comfort to hear such assurances and I continued to be filled with increasing anxieties the longer our voyage proceeded, I had been assailed by so much that was beyond my innocent comprehension. I was to be even more vexed when we eventually gained our destination and learned what our cargo for the West Indies was to be.”Janice was just about to turn the page when her phone rang. Annoyed at having her reading disturbed, she picked up and snapped a ‘Hello’ only to mellow when she heard Simone voice on the line.”Hi Janice, how are you; what are you up to?””Hi Simone. Uh, not much, I’m just catching up with some reading. Why do you ask?””I’m having a few girls over this evening and we are having visit from Bishop Erasmus and some of the brothers. He wants to discuss the possibility of setting up a fertility clinic as an addition to the services that the Church of the Black Staff provides. He asked me if I knew of anyone who might be interested in supporting the idea and to invite them along. Naturally I thought of you. It should be an interesting meeting. Do you want to swing by?”Janice smiled. If she knew anything at all about the Bishop and his ideas it was always going to be about him finding ways of involving more females to his circle so that he could fuck them under the guise of providing some community service.”Ah, sounds interesting. Yep, for sure, I’ll come by. I’m guessing you’ll be using Ian and Herb to provide some help. Herb came over earlier to see Ian. I expect they are just about ready to watch the game.”Simone gave a laugh, “Yeah, I think I just heard the shower running. I’ll go and disturb them with the bad news that they’ll be needed up here to serve us instead of them having their usual Friday night fun.””Great, I’ll be over in about 30 minutes. Herb can give me a lift home so I won’t have any worries about Drink/Driving. Get the Merlot uncorked” She closed up the journal and as she left the house wondered exactly what it was that her ancestor was so confused about. She looked forward to finding out later.*******

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