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Owned By Black Daddy GayEric: One more time, 18 year old guy here looking to have a conversation with a normal human being!!Two responses…Cock4Cox: I can be a totally normal human being while you fuck my face with your 18 year old cock!Eric: *Cock4Cox has been ignored*Patrick: That seems like a pretty tall order on the internet, lol.Eric: I’m beginning to understand that, holy crap!Patrick: This place can be quite interesting most of the time, and occasionally someone normal pops up with a message like yours. I bet some people were just sending you crazy stuff to fuck with you.Eric: I’m not sure, but either way the ignore button has already gotten its fair share of use, lol.Patrick: Well as you may have guessed, I’m Patrick, and I’m assuming your name is Eric. It’s nice to meet you Eric.Eric: Nice to meet you too Patrick. Please don’t be offended, but are you an old man who wants to drain my load? That’s just what everyone else has seemed to be.Patrick: LOL! Well I am older, I’m 62, and I am gay, but no, I am not on the hunt to drain your load from you Eric, I just also felt the urge for some normal conversation with an intelligent young man.Eric: Well I appreciate your honesty, and I will be up front too and tell you I am not gay. Is this a gay chat room or something?Patrick: Not officially, but unofficially yes, it’s a common place for older gay men to cruise online for younger guys like yourself.Eric: And is that what you’re doing here?Patrick: I will admit that I have been here with such intentions before, but I had nothing but noble and honest intentions when I started talking to you. I thought the idea of a normal conversation seemed refreshing. Just getting to know another person and perhaps make a friend.Eric: That’s kinda what I’m hoping for, I don’t really have many friends.Patrick: Well could you ever be friends with an older gay man?Eric: Of course, as long as he was okay with the fact that I wasn’t gay.Patrick: I think I could work under those terms. Lol.Eric and Patrick shared a casual conversation for another hour or so, before exchanging email addresses and agreeing to keep in touch. Eric was happy at the thought of having made a new friend. He genuinely didn’t mind Patrick being much older and gay, as long as he was able to have a simple friendship with him without things getting creepy.The next day after work Eric sent an email to Patrick and they agreed to meet in the online chat room again. Eric found it refreshing to have a simple conversation with someone who hadn’t propositioned him in some way, just a nice casual conversation between new friends. After a while Patrick did have a request.Patrick: Do you have a webcam? Not asking to be a pervert or anything, would just be nice to put a face to the name of my new friend.Eric was hesitant, but ultimately decided he would turn on his webcam for Patrick to see since he had not creeped him out. Unfortunately there was no way to make the cam private and after starting up he received several messages, mostly from older men, proclaiming how hot he was and many going into vulgar detail with what they would like to do to him. Again the ignore button was getting a good workout.Patrick: Wow! Really not trying to hit on you, but you are a very good looking young man, bet some of the guys in here are going crazy for you!!Indeed they were, on some level it did make Eric feel a bit better about himself, at least some people appreciated him from a purely physical perspective, now if only they were hot young women and not old gay men.Patrick: Would you like to see me?Eric: Sure, as long as I’m not gonna get an eyeful of your cock, lol.Patrick: Lol, no worries, I’ll keep it G rated.Patrick had activated his cam and Eric clicked on it. He was greeted by a man who looked much like he had expected. Patrick was balding and missing much of the hair on the top of his head. What hair he did have on the side was mostly grey with a touch of dark colour still here and there. He wore glasses over his brown eyes, and appeared to be somewhat heavyset. He confirmed to Eric that he was 6 feet tall and 240 lbs.Patrick: Hope my appearance hasn’t put you off of being my friend, lol.Eric: Not at all, I really don’t care what you look like, just looking for a friend is all.The two chatted some more online, Patrick expressed some issues he had been having with his computer and Eric told him he could probably help sort it out for him if he wanted, Patrick said he would be very grateful for the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri help. They exchanged phone numbers agreeing to meet in person in the near future. They were both enjoying the chat so much that neither of them realized the evening had passed them by, and hastily said good night to one another. Eric was happy to have a new friend, even if he was not the typical friend one might expect.A couple more days had passed and Eric and Patrick had enjoyed several friendly chats with each other. However, Patrick expressed concern that the problems with his computer seemed to be getting worse, and he was worried about losing important information. Eric still felt a bit nervous about actually meeting with someone who was in many ways still a stranger in person. In order to ease his concerns Patrick proposed that they meet at a coffee shop that happened to be close to both of their places. After a few moments of indecision Eric decided if he was going to make a real friend he would have to meet him for real sooner or later, and agreed to meet Patrick the following evening after work.Unable to settle his nerves Eric decided he would arrive early and wait for Patrick there. He had also decided that if things got weird he wouldn’t hesitate to bail. Eric had arrived a half hour before they were scheduled to meet and found a table near the back which seemed to be relatively private, still feeling embarrassed that somehow people would know he was out with an older gay man, or that people might think he was gay too. He calmed his nerves reminding himself that he didn’t really give a fuck what any of these people thought of him.After finishing his first coffee and ordering another he checked his phone to see that the agreed upon meeting time was nearly there. Just as he was checking a text arrived from Patrick.Patrick: Hey, just arrived, are you here, or have you gotten too nervous on me? Lol.Eric: I’m here, just in the back corner, you’ll see me.Eric looked up to see Patrick round the corner and smile as he recognized Eric.”Not to sound like a creep or anything, but you’re even cuter in person.” Patrick complimented.”Thanks…” Eric replied nervously.The conversation was a bit awkward at first, but Patrick was quick to steer the topic to some of their online chats and find comfort for both of them in the familiarity. Before long the two were laughing and enjoying themselves.”So do you think you might be comfortable enough to come to my place and see if you can sort out my computer woes?” Patrick asked earnestly.”Yeah, you seem harmless enough, let’s go take a look.” Eric agreed.It was a short 5 minute walk to Patrick’s house, and along the way Patrick tried, rather unsuccessfully, to explain the nature of his computer problem to Eric. It soon became obvious that Eric would have to see it himself to sort it out. When they arrived Eric was impressed by the house, it was rather large and impeccably maintained.”You live here alone?” Eric asked.”Yup, lots of space for just me I know.””It’s very nice.” Eric complimented.Patrick thanked him and invited him inside, he offered Eric to have a seat and a drink, both of which he graciously accepted. Patrick returned with a soda for Eric and offered to show him to the computer. Eric looked around the spacious well decorated home as they moved between rooms. Patrick led him into a large room where his computer sat. The room was filled with cameras and various sex toys, as well as restraints and other BDSM paraphernalia.”Sorry about the room, hope it doesn’t put you off, just a place I like to have some fun.” Patrick laughed somewhat nervously.”Uhhh, no worries, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see anything.” Eric returned the nervous laugh.”Well is there anything you saw that piqued your interest? Anything you’d like to know about?” Patrick asked.”Uh no, not really…””Sorry, I’m really not trying to creep you out.” Patrick told him.”It’s okay, so I guess this is the computer?””Sure is, please work your magic.” Patrick said offering him a seat.Eric quickly got to work and in no time identified the virus which was affecting his computer, it was a bit of a doozy, and it had infected his system quite deeply, but Eric knew he could remove it entirely within a few minutes. Sure enough five minutes later the virus was removed, and his computer returned to it’s normal status. However, the computer immediately returned to the folder which Patrick was last using, which happened perabet to be filled with many X-rated gay pictures and videos. Before he could even look away Eric noticed that in nearly all of the pictures Patrick was front and centre, naked, and quite often fucking the mouths and asses of young men about Eric’s age, all of whom were restrained by the very devices in the room which he now sat. Eric could also not help but notice that Patrick’s cock was enormous, at least nine inches long, maybe ten, and as thick around as his wrist, it was impressive by anyone’s standards. Despite the eyeful he had just received Eric turned away as quickly as he could.”Uh, there you go, good as new.” Eric told him nervously, unable to make eye contact.”Awww, thanks, I really appreciate that. Sorry about the content, didn’t think that would pop up like that.” Patrick replied.”Yeah, I must say I wasn’t expecting to see that!” Eric laughed trying to break the tension.”What did you see exactly?” Patrick asked with an eyebrow raised.”Uh… Well, I saw you… And you were, uhhh…” Eric stuttered.”Having a good time?” Patrick asked.”I guess so, you’d know better than me.” Eric laughed nervously again.”What did you think?” Patrick asked.”Umm, I don’t know…””Find it interesting?” Patrick asked.”I guess you could say that.” Eric was feeling extremely uncomfortable.”What was interesting? Seeing those young guys taking my big cock?” Patrick smiled.”I uh, think I should go now.””But we’re just getting to know one another.” Patrick insisted.Eric rose to leave and as he did he felt extremely light-headed, he lost his balance and Patrick caught him. He looked up to see Patrick grinning at him like the Cheshire Cat as his eyes spun and he lost consciousness.Eric began to wake some 20 minutes later and felt groggy, trying to figure out where he was. It suddenly began to come back to him, and his heart immediately began to pound. His wrists felt funny and when he tried to move his arms he found they were restrained. As his eyes adjusted he realized he was lying flat on his back with his arms restrained to the box horse he was lying on top of, and all of his clothes had been removed. Another strap secured him across his waist, and his ankles were also restrained rendering him completely helpless. Eric’s mind quickly returned to the photographs of young men he had seen on Patrick’s computer in a similar position to the one he now found himself in, and he began to panic.Looking around the room Patrick was nowhere to be seen. Eric considered yelling for help, but also didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention, and as he inspected the room he figured it was likely sound-proof which probably shouldn’t have been surprising given what it was used for. Instead Eric chose to focus on escape. He felt some room to move in his wrists and began to try to twist them free from the restraints. As he moved his wrists a small string attached to them was pulled and rang a small bell. No terror in his life had ever been as intense as the feeling Eric felt hearing that tiny bell ring, the moment froze and seemed to go on forever, which was just as well because the possibilities of what was to come next began to swim through his mind and brought a whole new level of terror.The footsteps coming into the room pounded in Eric’s ears like thunder, each step getting louder and closer, making his heart jump into his throat. He looked up to see Patrick grinning at him. He felt frozen with fear, unable to speak or move as Patrick closed the distance and stood over top of him looking down. Patrick placed his hand across Eric’s chest and let out a low groan never breaking eye contact with his captive. Finally Eric calmed himself enough to speak.”Ju.. Just let me go and I swear I’ll forget this whole thing, I’ll never tell anyone.” Eric demanded, but couldn’t help but sound pleading.”Mmmmmm, I know you’re not going to tell anyone what happens here.” Patrick replied confidently.”What did you do to me?” Eric demanded again, sounding more firm.”Oh, you must mean your drink. It was just a mild sedative, enough to knock you out long enough for me to get you into the right position.” Patrick told him.Patrick picked up a bottle of water and some pills from a nearby table and returned his attention to Eric.”Here take these.” Patrick said.Before Eric could even react Patrick’s hand was over his mouth and the pills were thrown in, almost as quickly his hand was replaced by a steady flow perabet giriş of water from the bottle. Eric was left with one choice, swallow or drown. His body acting on instinct took that choice away from him as the water was swallowed down, taking all of the pills with it. After two more gulps the water flow stopped and Eric gasped for breath.”There, we should give those a little time.” Patrick said.”What was that?” Eric choked.”A couple Viagra and some other stimulants, should be enough to get quite the reaction out of a young guy like you.” Patrick smiled confidently.”What are you gonna do to me?” Eric’s fear began to show through in his wavering voice.”You saw the pictures, I think you probably have a bit of an idea.””Please just let me go.” Eric pleaded.”I will, as soon as I’m done having some fun with you.” Patrick smiled.”Just let me go!” Eric screamed.”In a while boi. For now why don’t you watch a little video.” Patrick sat at his computer.TV’s on the roof, and every wall turned on showing the desktop of Patrick’s computer. Eric watched him navigate to the folder he had seen earlier, and open a video file.”Enjoy.” Patrick stood and left the room.The video started showing a young guy strapped to the very table Eric now found himself secured to, only this guy was face down. Eric decided he didn’t want to see what was going to happen and closed his eyes. He began to hear talking, Patrick’s voice on the video, and the voice of the young man on the table. Eric began to hum to himself to drown out the sound, for the most part it seemed to be working, but the volume was so loud some things began to get through.”Who owns you boy?!” Patrick yelled.”You do Sir!” The young man replied.”You’re my little cocksucking slave boy aren’t you?””Yes Sir.””You love taking that cock don’t you boy?””Yes Sir, I love it!”Eric began to hum louder, drowning out the audio. He passed several minutes of this, and began to grow restless. His curiosity got the better of him and he opened his eyes. The TV above him showed in vivid high definition on 60 inches of screen, Patrick’s enormous cock pistoning in and out of the young man’s throat as his drool streamed down from his face. Eric examined Patrick’s body, it was mostly hairy and the hair was mostly grey, but like his head still had some of its former dark colour here and there. Patrick was built thickly, and his extra weight showed in his belly, which bulged outward slightly with a healthy covering of hair.Patrick’s huge cock slid all the way out of the young man’s mouth and looked to be completely covered in his thick saliva. Patrick immediately moved behind him and began to press his immense cock forcefully into the young man’s hole. He yelped and fought against his restraints, but they held him tight as the old man’s cock worked its way deeper and deeper into him with every thrust. Finally Patrick’s belly came to rest on his back and his full length was buried inside him.”You like that boi?””Yes Daddy! I love that big cock in my ass!” The young man replied.Patrick began to work in an out of his ass, building a steady pace. Eric felt transfixed, he couldn’t seem to make himself look away. Patrick’s massive cock was driving in and out of the boy’s hole, as he seemed to be both moaning and crying, Patrick for his part had the same Cheshire grin on his face, thoroughly enjoying using his captive however he desired.It was at this point that Eric noticed that his cock had grown rock hard watching the action in front of him, he told himself it was simply the pills Patrick had given him and not because he was turned on by what he saw. Still his eyes remained fixed on the screen as his cock twitched and strained feeling harder than it had ever been.In the video Patrick’s breathing was becoming heavier, and his grunts deeper as he drove his cock harder and harder into his captive. Patrick’s massive cock was providing so much pressure on his prostate that the boy’s much smaller cock erupted underneath him, sending his cum leaking out from under him and dripping off the tabletop. Patrick laughed.”See, you love being made to take Daddy cock so much you came just from being fucked. Does your girlfriend know what a cock hungry slut you are?””Ahhhh, no Daddy, she doesn’t.” The boy whimpered.”Maybe I should tell her then?” Patrick smiled driving his cock deep making the boy squeal.”NO! Please don’t do that Daddy!” The boy pleaded.”Maybe I should show her this video.” Patrick chuckled.”Please no Daddy!!” The boy continued to plead.”I bet I could use your phone to text her right now and tell her I’m making her boyfriend a gay little cum slut.” Patrick continued to fuck him hard.”Please no Daddy!! Please, please no!!””Why shouldn’t I?” Patrick grinned at him.See Pt 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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