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My name is Mark, until today I lived pretty much an average life. I am happily married for many years with grown up c***dren. I am self-employed and work from home, my wife has a good paying job at an insurance company. We are not rich but what I would consider comfortable.

Recently I have been getting I guess you would call it curious about certain male/male relationships, to be exact I fantasize about sucking a cock. On day a couple of months ago I responded to a classified ad from a young gay man looking for a friend, someone to chat and text with.

Jeremy turned out to be a very nice young man who worked not far from my home. After quite a few messages back and forth, I decided to go meet him at his place of work. Jeremy worked at a local nursery.

It was an early spring day, quite pleasant but a little early for the planting season. When I arrived at the nursery the parking lot was almost deserted. As soon as I entered I spotted Jeremy, he had included a photo with one of his messages. We started walking around while talking making it look like he was just helping a customer.

Before long our conversation, as always, took a turn towards more sexual subjects. He complained that his sex life had been so nonexistent lately that he was so horny he wanted to pull it out right here and now and give it a good yank.

Without even thinking, I offered to do it for him. Jeremy stared into my eyes for a few seconds and without breaking contact, he reached down, undid his fly and took out his r=erect cock. Before I knew what was happening m y hand was stoking his hard cock.

Jeremy had a pretty much average sized, cut cock, fairly straight and with a surprising amount of precum oozing from the tip. After making sure that there was no one around, I once again stared into Jeremy’s eyes as I lowered down onto my knees. His cock was only inches from my mouth and I did not hesitate. After licking away the precum and a few gentle licks and kisses to the head, I slowly sucked it in between my eager lips and began giving my very first blow job.

Jeremy thrust his hips to meet my mouth as he kept watch, he definitely must have been very horny because it only took seconds before he said that he was about to cum. He began to remove his cock from my mouth but I grabbed firm onto his ass and forced it deep within my throat as he erupted his load of cum into me. Once done Jeremy removed his cock and I licked it clean.

After his cock left my lips, I lingered for a moment, gazing at his semi hard cock and pondering the events of the last few moments. Suddenly my daze was interrupted by a rustle to my left. There stood a young man, a total stranger, applauding the sex show that he canlı bahis obviously had just witnessed. Jeremy quickly adjusted his cock and did up his fly. I was so totally shocked that I did not even notice Jeremy sneaking away but here I was, on my knees in front of a total stranger with telltale traces of cum still on my chin.

The stranger introduced himself as Dave and praised me for the excellent show. I immediately tried to deny everything until he pulled out his cell phone and began showing me a full set of pictures of me giving Jeremy a hand job followed by a blow job.

As I stood up Dave commented that today must be his lucky day because not only did he get to witness a free sex show but now he owns his very own cock sucker. I tried to rationalize with him but he told me that from now on I was his, unless I wanted these pictures to go public.

I tried to grab for his phone but missed and he explained that he had already uploaded them somewhere and it would not help getting the phone.

Dave lead me out to the parking lot and asked where my car was. Once in the car he began photographing copies of my I.D. Fortunately the parking lot was not very full because when he was done he undid and partially lowered his pants and told me that it was his turn.

I tried to object but he said that it was either here or outside in the middle of the parking lot.

I leaned over, taking his stiff cock in my hand and giving it a little stroke as I lowered my mouth down to it. There was a drop of precum on the tip. I took a second to lick it off before sucking his big hard cock into my mouth. E was noticeably larger than Jeremy had been but I got right to work, bouncing my head up and down, my lips and tongue massaging his erect cock. I figured that the sooner I could make him cum the less chance there was that I would get caught. With my left hand cradling his balls, my right hand wrapped around his shaft and his hand on the back of my head, I feverishly sucked his cock with him forcing a little more in with each stroke.

After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, I could hear his breathing starting to increase, then without warning his cock erupted within my mouth, sending streams of cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop and when he was finished I began to remove my mouth from his cock. He held me firmly in place while he rubbed his wet cock all over my face.

Just as I sat up another car pulled in beside us, the woman driver seemed to be staring at us I don’t know if see caught me raising my head from Dave’s crotch. We sat there for quite a while with Dave asking me all kinds of questions about my home life, my work, etc.

Finally he got out of my car and told bonus veren siteler me that he would call me tomorrow.

Driving home it’s a wonder that I didn’t have an accident to this day I still don’t remember the drive. My mind was racing in two different directions. One part amazed that I had just fulfilled my long time fantasy, twice, while the other trying to figure out how I was going to get free from Dave’s blackmailing and what my life would be like if those pictures were ever made public.

I had a very restless night’s sleep that night but still got up with my wife when she went to work. As soon as she was gone I got busy doing my own work, hoping that it would take my mind off of my predicament.

Shortly after noon the phone rang, it was Dave he was coming over and would be here in a few minutes. I felt like locking the door and not answering it but I knew that that would not end well. Sure enough Dave showed up right on time. He was carrying a small shopping bag.

He entered the house and took a brief look around, reaching into the bag he removed a pair of women’s lacy pink panties. He tossed them to me and instructed me to put them on and nothing else.

I began to protest but he gave me a dirty look and pulled out his phone.

I started to walk into the next room to change but he stopped me and ordered me to change right here. Reluctantly, I unbuttoned and removed my shirt, then my pants, socks and briefs. My cock was standing out almost fully erect as I raised the pink panties up to cover it.

Dave told me to smile as he snapped a few pictures of me in the pink panties. He began to undress until he stood before me, totally naked, sporting that familiar looking hard cock. He told me that yesterday I had sucked his cock but today I was going to make love to it or else.

Dave laid his naked body down on the couch and instructed me to kneel at his side then he instructed me to make sure that I please him or else the picture with the pink panties will be on his social networking account today.

I took his cock in my and as I began sliding my tongue up and down the shaft taking a pause to kiss the head at one end and suck a ball into my mouth at the other end. The veins on his cock were swollen as it flexed its girth in anticipation of the treat that it was about to receive. My mouth opened wide as I slid down over his big shaft taking him deep into my throat. Dave moaned as I deep throated him. Today was quite different from yesterday, he was in no hurry. My mouth grew sore from being stretched for so long and my neck was sore from bobbing up and down on his cock but I gave it my all, doing every depraved deed that Dave suggested deneme bonusu even rimming his anus.

Dave was nice enough to record every foul deed that he made me do for future blackmail evidence. He would get me to look into the lens and smile with my mouth stuffed full of his cock or balls or my tongue penetrating his anus.

After a couple of hours of Dave degrading me to the best of his knowledge, he finally deposited a large load of cum, half in my mouth and the other half all over my face another picture perfect moment.

As Dave was leaving he handed me the bag and told me to be smart and use them, whatever that meant. He also told me that when He arrives tomorrow I must be wearing my pink panties and nothing else. After he left I check out the contents of the bag and found some sort of lubricating jelly and a set of three different sized butt plugs. It was all too obvious what was in store for me tomorrow.

At first I refused to consider using the butt plug but eventually realized that it would be better if I did. I inserted the small, well lubed plug into my butt and wore it while finishing my work. By the time my wife came home I had graduated up to the medium plug and could walk normal enough that she never noticed.

The next morning with the help of lots of lube and quite a bit of force, stepped up to the largest plug. I kept it in all day to stretch myself and prepare for the inevitable. Shortly after noon the phone rang, it was Dave and he was on his way over. I quickly went upstairs, undressed and donned my pink panties after removing the butt plug.

Opening the door I had my head lowered but was still shocked to see two pairs of feet, Dave had brought a friend and here I stood naked except for my pretty pink panties and sporting a huge erection. The two men laughed as they entered, Dave introduced his friend as Scott and me as their slut.

The two men undressed and Dave told me to remove my pretty panties and kneel down and give Scott the same treatment that he got yesterday. As soon as I began to service Scott I felt Dave move in behind me and without much effort he inserted his stiff cock into my opened anus. I moaned as he worked his cock deeper into me with each thrust but never took my mouth off of Scott’s cock. The pounding that my ass was receiving from Dave was driving Scott’s cock deeper into my throat than anyone had ever been. Scott was the first to cum shooting jets of cum deep within my throat while Dave continued to pound my ass.

I stayed in place cleaning Scott as I felt Dave tense up then unload his seed into me. After resting with a cold beer the two men traded places and my ordeal resumed.

The two men left shortly before it was time for my wife to come home, leaving me just enough time to clean up the house and myself and get dressed.

As well as I try to hide the truth, my wife suspects something, she thinks that there is another woman little does she know that I am the other woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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