Pandora’s Box 2

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Pandora’s Box 2After the night of Debs taking her first BBC she changed towards sex and became even more wanton. Debs wanted sex all the time and loved me to use the new large black dildo on her pussy as I described scenarios about her taking BBC.I couldn’t believe my luck after taking years to get Debs to have sex with another guy she was now hooked and wanted more. What really sold it for her was a huge black cock. Debs favourite scenario for the first few weeks after the night with Andy was me to use the large black dildo on her telling her how he was to fuck her in different situations and I loved making her call out his name when she came, and she always came hard.After a few weeks of Debs being fucked first by her BBC dildo then me, always talking about Andy, I began to suggest we take him up on his offer about being introduced to his friends for a night. Debs wasn’t sure and scared about a room full of BBC’s. Although the thought made her really horny in reality she wasn’t sure.I kept asking her while having sex and after one particular horny fuck session she agreed. I was so horny thinking about it I was even wanking while on the phone to Andy asking him to arrange a night.Andy texted me soon after and said he’s organised a party for Debs for the next Saturday and that she would be the only female guest. My cock was so hard thinking about this night that for the next few days I was constantly wanking thinking about it. One evening while we were watching TV and drinking some wine I told her that the party was organised for this coming Saturday. Debs was so excited and needless to say she needed a hard fuck session. As a treat I had booked her an appointment at the salon on the Friday for full wax and massage. While Debs was in the salon I went and collected the outfit from the Drop Box at the supermarket. The great thing about the internet and drop boxes is that you can order anything and discretely collect it.I loaded the parcels in the car and went back to collect Debs. She came out of the Salon all flustered and admitted that having the young girl waxing her in all her intermate areas made her cum and she now needed fucking. We went straight home and I used her dildo on her as she sucked me. After her third orgasm on the BBC dildo I unloaded in her mouth and watched as she swallowed my spunk.After we showered and had some food I brought the gifts from the car and Debs eagerly opened them. She found a pair of “stripper” high heels that she laughed at saying she could never walk in them, and I said she’ll be laying down most of the time.She then opened the package with the hold ups and lace 3/4 gloves. She then opened the box afyon escort with her outfit. She pulled out a powder blue short tight ribbed mini dress. I told her to put it on and reminded her that she couldn’t wear anything underneath as it would show through. She laughed at me called me a perv and went to change. Debs came back in the room with the dress that looked like it had been sprayed on. Every part of her showed through. Her nipples were fully erect and she looked so hot. Debs went and showered and put all her outfit away. We then went to bed waiting for the party the following day.The Saturday seemed to drag so slowly, my cock was so hard and Debs was frustrated. She wasn’t happy that she couldn’t even have a rub. Finally it was time for her to get ready. I texted Andy to check everything was still OK and he said all was good. I gave Debs a glass of wine while she was getting ready and I could tell she was getting nervous. When she finished her make up and got dressed she’d done 2/3’s of the bottle and was a little tipsy. She came into the lounge and did a spin for me to see her. My cock immediately went rock hard. She asked if she looked too slutty and I explained that what was happening tonight she couldn’t look slutty enough. She giggled and finished the wine off. We left ours in the car and shortly pulled into Andy’s complex. We found his apartment and he let us in. Music was playing at a subtle level so not to upset the neighbours but loud enough to enjoy. Andy took Debs’ coat and just stared at her and said wow. He kissed her deeply and grabbed her ass. When he broke the embrace he smiled and said we are all going to enjoy this tonight. He led Debs to his lounge and I followed.Sitting around the lounge chatting were five black guys who all stopped and eyed Debs as Andy introduced her to the team. I sat in the corner my cock straining in my trousers and settled to watch the show. I then noticed in opposite corners two cameras were set up and I knew Andy was going to film the whole evening.The guys were all surrounding Debs, dancing against her and groping her and kissing her. Just seeing all those big black hands all over her had me taking my cock out and slowly stroking. I could hear the soft moans coming from Debs as the guys were giving her their full attention. The music played on and the dancing continued as Debs was being kissed groped mauled and spanked. Some of the guys were taking her hands and making her rub the bulges through their trousers. I could see that Debs was in heaven. The guys began to get more adventurous with them tweaking her nipples making them bigger though her dress and sliding their afyon escort bayan hands up her thighs and finding her wet waxed pussy. Then seeing Debs moan louder as a finger probed her soaking wet pussy.Suddenly i noticed Debs had a huge black cock in her hand and was stroking it with her gloved hand as she was being groped fingered and kissed. I knew I had to slow my stroking otherwise i’ll shoot a huge load too early but watching my wife surrounded by six black guys was too much.Slowly all the guys started to undress until they were all around her naked with six huge black cocks waiting to be serviced. After a bit more dancing Debs’ dress came off and she was standing in heels hold ups and lace gloves. The guys starting to remove the last of her clothes telling her that they want her completely naked. Having your wife naked with a fresh waxed cunt and six large black cocks waiting to fuck her was just too much and I shot a huge load and immediately cursed my lack of self discipline. I went to go and clean up in the bathroom. When I came back I found the guys had moved to the dining table where Debs was laying on it, her legs wide with one guy face buried licking her to an intense orgasm. Meanwhile the others were either getting sucked and wanked by her. They kept swapping positions, taking in turns to work her cunt tits or mouth. Debs seemed to be constantly cumming with the attention. I wondered how she was going to survive because she hadn’t even had a cock in her cunt yet.After a while Debs was begging through her orgasms to be fucked. The guys just kept teasing her telling her that she need to beg for cock. Which she tried to do between each orgasm and sucking on cock. After about an hour the guys agreed that it was probably time to fuck her senseless. By now my cock was hard and in my hand again as I watched them pick her up and take her to the bedroom. I meekly followed when Andy turned to me and said, “hay man go bring the cameras and set them up coz your wife is about to be stretched wider than shes ever thought possible. I quickly obliged not wanting to miss a minute of this part of the evening.The guys were still licking, fingering and face fucking her as I set up the cameras. Then it was show time. I grabbed a chair and sat by one of the cameras watching and stroking.Debs was in the middle of the large bed naked, covered in a film of sweat and legs wide open. The guys agreed that as it was Andy’s apartment they agreed he could start on her first. Andy got between Debs’ legs and started rubbing his cock end over Debs’ clit and hole. Soon Debs had a cock either side of her face wanting to be sucked as the other escort afyon guys gave encouragement and commenting on the status of the slut they had in front of them. After a couple of loud orgasms Andy pulled out, his cock covered in Debs’ cunt juices and was immediately replaced by another cock. Andy then got Debs to suck the juices off his cock. Over the next hour the merry go round of cocks fucking her continued until a couple of the said they wanted to seed the whore and have a break.One of them called out that the slut need to be airtight and they all laughed and agreed. Debs was picked up off the bed like a rag doll. Her hair was soaked with sweat and her cunt hole just gaped. One on the guys laid down and Debs was impaled on his cock and starting to ride him. Andy then got behind her and rubbed his cock over her ring. Before Debs could complain another guy had grabbed her hair and forced his cock in her mouth. Suddenly Andy said to the guys to watch the new game of Buckaroo. They all laughed and two more held Debs down. Without warning Andy thrust his cock deep in Debs’ ass. She started to buck as she felt full with the cock in her cunt but with Andy’s cock forcing in her ass was too much for her but the guys just kept fucking her holes. Debs then got use to it and the guys released her and let their mates fuck her. Debs started to cum hard and was just allowing them to do anything. I then shot another load watching my wife being taken and being fucked airtight. First to cum was the guy in Debs’ cunt then the guy in her mouth then Andy pumped her ass with his cum. They pulled out made Deb suck their cocks clean and the next lot carried on fucking her in all holes adding to the cum.By about midnight Debs had every hole dripping with cum and gaping and laid on the bed motionless. The guys left thanking Andy for a great night and that if he organises another one they wanted an invite. Andy, still naked took the cameras to his office and downloaded the events filmed. He came back and gave me a copy and thanked me for supplying the whore wife. Andy put Debs in a spare robe and I gathered up her clothes. Debs was a little unsteady on her feet but I got her to the car and took her home. By the time we got home she had recovered some and was ready to shower. We both got in the shower and although I wanted to taste her she said her holes were too sensitive so i washed her and we went to sleep.The next morning I woke and went to my study and watched the unedited film of Debs. Cock in hand I cum quickly. Later that day Debs woke and was worried about her holes. She showed me and yes I admitted they are still gaping. We agreed to leave it a few days and hope they both retracted. She also said that cum was still oozing out, so that night I got to taste her holes.Debs then admitted she wanted to continue trying BBC’s but different ones. I started to think what could be done….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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