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Peep show funAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) – you choose which you think they are! Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch.Back in the ‘day’ in Amsterdam there existed besides the usual video booth arcades, peep shows. Something of a relic of the sixties. It consisted of a circular room, with booths along the circumference. Each booth had a window and a coin slot. You put your Gilder in and down dropped the window and you gat a few minutes of watching some woman gyrate and if you were lucky maybe a flash of pussy or tit pressed up to your window.Sadly the peep show seemed it had it’s day and it died a lingering death. By the late eighties I think there was just one left in central Amsterdam Red Light area.So in the late eighties a good friend of mine moved to The Hague for work and he invited me and my girlfriend over for a long weekend.Now I ought to mention that my girlfriend wasn’t adverse to porn but was the porn junkie that I was. She liked her porn at a distance so to speak. We’d been to Amsterdam many time’s and she loved the sex shows and video booth, and there it ended.So one Thursday even we trundled up to Harwich, parked up and took the ferry to the Hook as footies and caught the train to Dan Hague where our mate picked us up before he set off for work. Easy as!Friday we had a bit of wander around I was surprised to find the Hague had a red light district also. So that evening, over tea, I brought it up in conversation. Russ, my mate, pissed himself laughing.“Mate, it makes Amsterdam look like Disneyland!” he said. And that set my curiosity working overtime.The next day I mentioned it again to Russ and he suggested that we, as a foursome, go into town and have a bit of ‘fun’. Jane, my girlfriend was ok with this as we were going mob handed, so to speak.After a nice meal we wandered off into the red light area. It wasn’t as touristy as Amsterdam, or as big, but had the ladies of the night in red windows, sex shows and video arcade with a peep show. I suggested to Russ that we go in one and he and his Dutch girlfriend gave me a surprised look. “Sure man” he said and we dived into one.The video booths were different to Amsterdam as they had a bench seat for two and no one shouted, “one person only” at you. You must remember that in the eighties porn was just VHS! No Internet then, so video booth’s where there was 40 odd channels was pure heaven!After one booth Jane was well up for a bit more porn and suggested we go in another that had 40 channels of just people cuming. No doubt she was excited. Then she said to me about the peep show. “What’s it like?” she asked“Oh you get to watch a woman gyrate and sometimes make love to a stud”. I could tell she was very aroused by this. I continued, “No one can see you as the glass is one way”, a lie of course but the thought of getting her in a booth was so horny I had to lie, didn’t I?Russ and his girlfriend came out from a booth laughing. “Had your fill?” he asked“Can we go in the peep show one” Jane asked. Russ continued to laugh,“Sure if you want” he said and walked us down to the end of the arcade. He leaned over to me and said, “mate you know about this?”“Yeah sure” after all I’d done Amsterdam!“OK then, go for it”, He said.At the door there a bloke who took 20 Gilder off me. 20 Gilder! Hell that was steep, where’s the coin in a slot. Jane knew no different so was keen to get into a booth. The bloke held her back, “wait” he said.Wait? What was going on? Russ leaned over and again asked me. “You’ve been in one like this before, eh?” he asked“Yeah” I replied, “but 20 guilder, steep eh!”“Yeah, but there’s no feeding the slot here you get to see the whole show.”OK now it seemed a bit better. A buzzer sounded and the bloke told us a number. Each door had a number above it. He gave Russ the number next to us and Russ asked for one on the other side. Seemed a bit odd to me.I went in our little booth. It was dark. In front of us was a window that was shuttered. As our eyes became accustomed to the dark we both noticed a siding hatch on the walls either side of the window.“What are these for?” asked Jane, and I had no idea.“I don’t know, give it a slide”. Jane did, “well what’s illegal bahis siteleri on the other side?” Jane leaned forward.“Can’t tell” she said, So I moved her out of the way. It seemed like another sliding hatch to me and it was closed.Then the window shutter dropped and we looked out on to a large podium, all read plush velvet looking. Opposite us were Russ and his girlfriend. Jane spat out, “I can see Russ, and other people – you said no-one could see us” Happy she was not! Russ was pressed up against the glass laughing his head off. He kept making pointing movements to somewhere down below. I thought for a moment he was telling me his girlfriend had already gone down on him and then he disappeared into a dark shape and then reappeared, and disappeared. Looking to where he was pointing to on our window I could see a switch and pressing it turned on a light just above our window, meaning the shine from the light shopped others from looking in. No sooner than I turned on our light, Russ turned on his and disappeared into darkness again. Jane was now happy.“What happens now?” she said, and no sooner than she asked in walked a woman dressed in a blue push up bra, panties and stockings. She did a wander around the circle, stopping at each window, pressing her self against it, making kissing faces. “Typical!, just for men, again”, she said. Then our performer got on the stage and bobbed up and down as some music started. Jane looked bored. But that soon changed as in walked the male performer. A leather-posing pouch kept in what looked to be an impressive cock. For about 5 minutes they writhed over each other as bit by bit she was stripped naked.“Get our cock out” shouted Jane, and as if he heard her, he stood up and walk along the edge of the stage thrusting his pouch in the direction of each window. When he did ours Jane let out a squeak of excitement.I told her to stand up and have a closer look and she did, without any hesitation. Of course my motive was a sexual one, as now I could place my hand between her legs and rub her.“Fuck off” she said and she tried to slap my hand away. But I continued, “Fuck off! People can see!” she demanded.“No they can’t” I said, “how many people can you see looking at the other windows?” and as they all had their lights on she had to admit that she couldn’t see anyone.“Right then”, and I popped her top button and up zipped her jeans.“Well they’re not coming off, but you can slide your hand in”Jane had always worn her jeans so tight they looked like they were spray painted on. Getting a hand in was easier said then done. But pushing down my hand squashed her tummy and forced air out of her lungs. I’d shaved Jane only a few days ago and her bald pussy offered no resistance to my finger from finding the top of her grove. Her bloody jeans however did a much better job of saving her chastity than she did.“Wriggle them down a bit” I begged.“No – if you can’t get in then just watch the show” she replied.By now the male performer was being followed around by the female who was trying to pull at his posing pouch ties. He made short thrusts away from her each time she got close Jane moved further towards the window, touching it almost as she watched them walk around the room. Leaning as she was I was now able to just run a finger down her grove, almost reaching her clit hood.I reckon he male performer saw Jane resting against the glass as he gave up being chased when he was in front of our window and the female reached around and swoosh, out fell his dick. A truly impressive 8 or 9 inches!“Oooooh” sighed Jane. “Will he be fucking her with that?” To be sure Jane was enjoying this. Now he led down and the female worked his length until he was hard enough to be led around by it, as if it were a lead, and at each window she stopped and slowly swallowed it. By the time she’d gotten to our window, Jane was almost completely pressed up against it, wanting to see each inch be swallowed.Yes’ I’ll admit I was envious of his size. It certainly seemed to be getting Jane wet as I could feel her getting more damp and I could feel her clit expanding under it’s skin hood.What I could also see, was opposite a booth that had turned it’s light off and pressed to their window, just like Jane was, was someone else girlfriend, only her tits were being cupped by hands reaching up into her jumper and she was making thrusting movements towards the glass likes was being pushed from behind, like in fact, she was being fucked from behind.The lucky bastard! He was fucking his girlfriend at a live peep show, and I thought he wanted us all to watch seeing as he turned his youwin güvenilir mi light off. I mentioned this to Jane. She was still transfixed watching her porn stud have his entire length taken in someone’s mouth.“Over there look, that window, the one with the light off, she’s getting fucked from behind”, I said. Jane finally broke her trance like gaze and saw what I saw. “Fucking hell” she said, “she is to. Do you think we’ll get to see it, see him cum I mean?”bloody hell Jane had turned in to some sex b**st. Our performers had moved over to this couple and like they took it as a challenge he pushed over his partner so she was on all fours and run his cock up and down her bum.“Oh my god”, Jane shouted out, “he’s going to fuck her” Like she was surprised or something.I said, “well what did you think was going to happen?”Jane was now pressed to the glass, trying to see everything. And I was behind her trying to watch over her shoulder. And that’s why neither of us noticed that sticking out the wall between us and the booth next door was a cock!The hatch it seemed was a glory hole! A hatch on both sides so if you wanted you could keep yours closed but if you open yours (which we had done quite by mistake), and they opened theirs then it meant you weren’t adverse to seeing something come through!There was a shout from the open hatch, Jane looked around and shrieked, “What the fucking hell !”Well it was funny, I mean it’s not like she hadn’t seen one before, hell she was just watching 9 inches of erect cock slide up and down a woman bum crack.I worked out quite quickly that it was a glory hole and tried my best to explain what it was and what happened in them. The owner of this cock waved it around a bit, impatiently.“I’m not touching it” Jane said. The thought of her tugging off a complete stranger was very arousing. I assured her that she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to, but that this was completely anonymous. The cocks owner pushed it further in.“Can I?” Jane said and then stopped talking, like she was thinking of all the things she could do.“Can you what?” I asked“Well touch it, you won’t mind?”“I’m in the same booth as you, go ahead touch it”Jane came back from the window, pushed my hand out of her jeans and leant forward, hovering over this strangers cock. She reached forwards with just one finger and gently tapped his helmet.“oooh, ooooh” she said as she jumped back into my arms, “I’ve just touched someone’s cock”“Well not quite Jane”, I said, “all you’ve done is just tap it”“I’m not sucking it” she suddenly said. Where the hell did that come from? I hadn’t even mentioned sucking off a stranger and yet Jane had gone from just tapping a stranger’s helmet for all of a second to ‘I’m not sucking it’. Obviously we all knew what was in the back of her mind. Dirty cow.Hey’ look what’s happening outside the window now” I said, and the performers had moved over to our side, him still running his cock up her bum. Jane regained her position at the window and watched, as his cock seemed to disappear in the fold of her bottom and suddenly explode out the top. Each time it did Jane squealed with delight.Jane turned around and looked towards the hatch. The cock had disappeared. She looked disappointed.“Never mind” I said I’ll get mine out. Jane wasn’t disappointed buy I could see she liked the surreptitious nature of being strangers.Now our performers moved on to exposing the woman. I was surprised to see how interested he was in see another woman spread out before her.“Is this making you horny?” I asked“Yeah”, cam the reply Quicker than I expected and way more honest.“Really?” I said, getting so excited knowing that my girlfriend was aroused at the sight of a strange woman, opened up, in front of her.“Yeah, well normally all I can do is feel what you do, I mean, do I look like that, is that what turns you on”Fuck yes does it, is what I wanted to say, but I didn’t, I just unzipped and let my cock wriggle its way out form my pants. It’s erectness answered for me.“So would you be wanking now if I wasn’t here, is this what you like?“yes” is said not knowing if the answer I gave was what she wanted to hear.“and when you wank are you thinking it’s me up there or are you erect now because you want to be the one up there fingering her”What was it with all these questions?“Come here” I said, “it’s always for you, but there’s nothing wrong in getting excited because it’s someone else you’re looking at”“So if I wanked off that bloke next door you wouldn’t mind?”‘Not here, not like this” I said, “it’s being part of the moment isn’t it?”“So can I then? Can I have perabet that cock?”The possibility of her handling someone else’s cock just had me so excited“You want to?” I asked and leaned forward and knocked on his partition.It side aside and after a moment his cock came though again. I gestured at it and Jane placed her hand on it and laughed. I’m sure it was a nervous laugh and told her not to. He might have thought she was laughing at his cock,“Sorry” she shouted through the hatch!“Well then, you have his cock now what you going to do?She immediately started to slowly wank him. He pushed harder to the wall to get as much of his cock into our booth as possible. I turned to Jane and told her to watch the show as well, which meant she had to swap hands so she could turn around.“Now with your free hand do me as well” I instructed and she griped me hard and rolled her fingers up and down my shaft.“How’s that?” I asked. “You’re watching a sex show, wanking off me and a total stranger.”Opps. Mistake! The realisation of what she was doing made Jane recoil in horror. She let go of the other guys cock and mine and sat back down“What’s wrong” I asked, “you were doing a great job”. Jane moved forward and closed off our side of the hatch. “Not doing that” she said.By now the performers had been to each window. I thought that any moment now Jane would say she wanted to leave but then the man lifted the woman up high, and Jane’s eye widened, as he impaled the woman on his length and she rode up and down his shaft, hands wrapped around his neck, Jane dam well nearly wet herself with excitement.I noticed she slipped in a hand to her still open trousers and was obviously wanking herself.The performers moved around so we all got a 360 degre view and Jane’s eyes never left the sight of his cock being buried inside the woman, not once.I started say things like I wondered how wet she is?, and do you think she can feel his length slid past her clit? “Imagine that sliding in to you”. Jane was almost breathless and as much as I wanted to be the one fingering her I thought it best to let her do what she wanted. I did however suggest that she stand up, that way she’d be able to finger more deeply. Now the performers were on the floor and he hooked her lags right up on his shoulders and slowly pushed all the way in and pulled all the way out. Make no mistake this was one hot show we were watching. Across the way two more lights had gone out and in one window was a bloke obviously wanking, How long he’d been I have no idea but he soon shot his cum all over the window. Jane was totally fascinated, “Oh my God that bloke over there he’s just come all over the window”“And does it turn you on?” I asked“Yes” was the simple answer, “what’s that other bloke doing?” and peering forward all I could see was a figure up against a wall.“Same as what our neighbor would be doing” I said “You mean he has his cock in though the wall like that bloke next door?”Jane was almost speaking in whispers.“Sure. Want to see?And with that I knocked the hatch opened it again.For a while nothing happened and then he stuck his cock through.“Go on then, make him cum like that other guy opposite”For a second I thought Jane wasn’t going to, but she moved behind, towards the back so she could still watch the show and set about this cock in a rampant manner. She tugged hard on his foreskin. I was pleased it wasn’t me and then without any warning he came a considerable amount. It surprised me and shocked Jane. So surprised was Jane that she just held on to his cock as she surveyed the amount of sunk left on our floor. The poor guys banged on the wall and Jane jumped back and released the poor man.Now the performers were moving to each window as he pressed the woman hard to the window as he push hard in his cock from behind. When they came to ours her tits were squashed up hard and Jane dropped to her knees so her face was level with the sight of his length pushing her lips apart as he entered her. And a moment later they moved on to the next window.By the time they had did them all they went to the centre of the stage, took a bow in all directions and all the lights came on and shutters raised, Jane now felt exposed, her trousers wide open, and undone. Me I struggled to put back my still erect cock and Jane looked to the floor. There as if it were a relief map of a river was a line of spunk.“Well done” I said, “all you work”. Jane became immediately embarrassed and demanded we leave now. Opening the booth door there was a jumble of people as they all shuffled off. “Which one do you think it was” Jane said, and just as we were going to choose Russ came up behind us and yelled, “well you horny bastards, way better than Amsterdam eh”, which ensured Jane was even more embarrassed and put the final nail in the coffin of getting a shag that night. Cheers Russ, but that was the first time Jane had ever wanked off a total stranger

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