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peggys first hot wife experienceyears ago when we were bowling on a team with our next door neighbors, we were nearing the end of the season. One night our team mates and our opponents 3 team members were misiinf in action. we were going to win without bowling since they need 2 memnbers to make up a team. we decide to bowl anyway and since there were only 3 of us. we decided to finish and go into the bar. Ed was about 6 years younger than peggy and I could see they were getting along greatly. iwent to get us 3 more beers while they sat in the booth. I watched them giggling and talking and saw ed lean over and whisper something to her. I noticed i was rock hard. we had discussed the possiblities of a threesome but never decided if we could go through with it. I was always a bit of a jealous guy with friends kissing her. she didnt want to lose me over that. I couldnt believe I was hard from seeing him kiss her. there was a bit of angst and I couldnt tell if I was really going to be happy with this. I took the beers back and sat next to peggy and kissed her. Ed was on the other side. He excused himself to go take a leak. I was still kissing peggy and as he got out of hearing range, I asked if she liked it. she blushed and said yes. Did it bother you she asked. I said what do you think, as I placed her hand on I glanced to her purse and saw her undies in the top. Ed came back just before her and brought 3 more beers. I drank half and then said My turn and went to the bathroom. She and ed were alone Escort for 15 minuted. when I got back I said I ran in to an old buddy on the way out. I set down 3 more beers and chugged the remainder of my last one. we were all feeling no pain. I kissed her again and said well. she punched me and grinned. Ed then left for the bathroom again. as he left she said he was kissing her and reached into the hole and softly felt her breast. She said i jumped only cause I wasnt used to that, and he was pulling his hand out and I stopped him. then he looked into her eyes and felt her nipples and tweaked it. She said I was so turned on then I would have let him fuck me there If I was sure you wouldnt be mad. I laughed and said did he do anything else. She said yes. He put his hand on my thigh and slid it up to my pussy and feeling no undies he slipped a finger into me. she also said he was fingering me when you were klissing me. I was hard as a rock and almost came. She said he wants to know when we can fuck. I said invite him to our party on friday. She said what party. I said the one I am going to throw starting now. She laughed and said he wants to drive me home tonight. I told him you like to get to bed early and might want to leave. I asked if she wasnted to fuck him tonight. she said only if you wont be mad. I said ok. forget about the party for now and I will tell him we are ready to leave. You aske me to stay and I will tell you ok if he offers to drive you home. He walked back with Escort Bayan 3 more beers and I said thinaks but we should get going after this. she begged me to stay. I said I got to work in the morning. she said please. Ed said he wold drive her home(literally) if I wanted to leave. I said ok but dont be too late. I kissed her and was going to slip a finger into her pussy but she grabbed my hand and stopped me. I knew he was fingering her. I left the lounge and then slipped into the back door and stood in the hall out of their sight. He was kissing her and making no bones about hiding the fact that they were making out under the table. She stopped him and said something to him and they both got up to leave. i went to the van and watched as they pulled out. He drove her back to our neighborhood and parked 3 doors down under a big tree. I parked around the corner and walked to the house and opened the back door. I waited for about half an hour and they weren’t getting out. I went to the lawn and stood against the brick watchng and waited more. it was over an hour before she got out of the van and I realized she had no skirt or pantied on. She walked to his door and kissed him . he drove off away from our house and she walked across the street. i walked to the front og th house and as she was getting closer I said damn what all did you guys do. she kissed me and said I hope your not mad. I said no, but because it was taking so long I was getting a bit jealous. she said dont Bayan Escort worry I still love you and you alone. she then kissed me and hooked her leg up around myleg and I dipped my finger into her sopping wet pussy. I said I hope you wont be mad at me but i want to eat you. She said uk thats discusting. I said please. and she said ok. I then said I also want to hear all the details. although she was a bit reluctant and I undersood she would be, She told me how they parked and she slid off her skirt. he went down on her and was eating her for a good half hour and then after she came 6 or 7 times, she wnt down on him. she said he came real quick and she admitted to swallowing which she had never done with me. Then they kissed again and she felt him getting hard again and he leaned her against the window and slid his cock into her. I asked how big he was and she said he was almost thesame as you. a tiny bit longer and a bit thicker, but not much. She said it felt so different and she never really realized that guys could be so different. she had never fucked anyone but me and now I think she was hooked. We each came several times and this convinced her how turned on I was since 2 times was out of the ordinary for me but 3 and 4 was unheard of. she enjoyed my eating her and even kissed me after I came up. she would never kiss me after I ate her before and now with another guys cum on my face. She said she loved the whole idea and said thanks for reading me those penthouse stories.. she said we should write one cause ours was hotter than theirs and then she said when do you want to do this again. I said tomorrow. She grinned and straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my semi hard cock. We never did get it hard but the making out that night was awesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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