Persuading Shy Mom to Pose

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Persuading Shy Mom to PoseNo one had mentioned it to me. What had happened that night between me, my friends and my Mom had been a subject we were all reluctant to address. As far as was possible, my Mom and I had returned to ‘normal’. We talked about regular things, and had not had any sexual contact or discussions since the last encounter. That was several months ago!Likewise, I had not seen my Aunt Laura since we had our hot foursome with my Mom and Catherine. I did, however, have a small encounter with Catherine one day, while waiting for Sean to return home with his Dad from a golf game. She asked me to show her some of the pictures of our wild afternoon. We managed to look at about 30 of them before she took my young cock out and started to suck me, but we got cut off as we heard the car pull into the driveway. She kissed me deep, and said, “To be continued!”The summer was beginning, and one pleasant day, I returned home to see my parents smiling and talking at the kitchen table. “Dan” my father called, “We have arranged the holidays, and we are all booked to go to a Villa in Spain . Us, and your Aunt Laura, Uncle Gerry and their girls, and your Aunt Lana and Debbie”My stomach did and excited back flip. My Aunt Laura and my Mom in bikini’s, and my Mom’s sexy older sister, Lana, and her daughter Debbie too. All this time, my Mom was looking at me with a wide smile, but with something else behind those pretty brown eyes. “That sounds great” I replied enthusiastically.”Do you want to bring Sean?” My Mom asked, holding a strong stare into my eyes.”Sure” I said, before I swallowed deep. “I don’t want to be the only guy left with all you girls while Dad and Gerry play golf!” I laughed.I called Sean 5 minutes later, and he asked his parents if it was alright, and they agreed. We were leaving in three weeks. Surprisingly, the time flew by, and before long we were all meeting in the airport on the morning of the trip. My Aunt Laura welcomed me with a hug, but with what looked like a slightly nervous look in her eyes. Her two daughters looked gorgeous too. It had been a few months since I had seen them, and they had obviously been working on their tans for the holiday. They were twins. Almost identical. Samantha (Sam) and Jennifer (Jen). A year older than me. Both with light brown hair, and in the breasts department they took after their volumptous mother. Big blue eyes, and curvy, sexy figures. Sam was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Jen shorts and a t-shirt. They both gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, and how they both shook hands with Sean, it was obvious they were both attracted to him, as was he to them! As I left Sean to flirt with the girls, I could see my Mom and Laura talking and flashing glances at me. I was feeling bold, so I walked over to them, and asked, “So, did you two girls bring those nice bikini’s with you for the holiday?”. There as a little pause, and electricity filled the air as Laura blushed. Then both of them giggled, and my Mom playfully punched me in the arm. “We were just discussing that” she said as she looked her sister-in-law in the eyes, “Weren’t we Laura?””Yes, we were. I was curious, did you bring your camera Dan?” she asked, her voice a little shaky.”Oh of course I did Auntie” I replied with a cheeky smile as I let my eyes drift over her body.”Well, maybe we can loose the girls and your friend for a few hours some day” she said, a little braver this time.”Well, you may find Sean is worth keeping around” my Mom answered, causing Laura to flash her a sudden surprised look, and then a sexy, wicked smile slowly spread across her pretty face. “Oh, there’s Lana” My Mom said looking over my shoulder.As I turned to see my Mother’s older sister, I was greeted by the image of a mature goddess. She had cut her bleached blonde hair short, and this just made her amazingly sexy boob job look even bigger. She wore black-framed glasses, which highlighted her obviously sharp intellect, and a black linen skirt and white linen blouse. Her white bra clearly visible under it. I rushed to greet her and help her with her bags. She gave me a big embrace, and I had to fight to suppress a groan and an erection as I felt her magnificent tits press into my chest. Behind her was Debbie, her daughter. 20 years old, although she looked much older than me, since she carried herself like her mother. Confident, intelligent and sexy.After Debbie gave me a very warm hug and kiss, I turned to carry the bags for them, and saw Seam with his mouth wide open. I guess he found Lana and Debbie as sexy as I did.The flight passed quickly, since I slept most of the way. However, when we landed, I could see that Sean and Sam were still talking and flirting. The Villa was 30 minutes from the airport, and the sun was at it’s warmest when we arrived. We all quickly dumped our bags and changed into our swimwear, while my dad and Gerry left to play some golf. The Villa had 5 large bedrooms. Sean and I shared one. The twins had another room. Lana and Debbie the third. My parents the fourth, and Laura and Gerry the fifth.The Villa had a large pool and a Jacuzzi, and enough sun beds for us all. When I came downstairs to the pool, the girls were already in their bikini’s and sunbathing. My aunt Lana looked amazing. Her short hair was exposing a perfect slender neck and her slim body denying her mature age. Her perfect tits were pressing against her small red bikini. He long legs glistening with tanning oil. And, lying beside her was her sexy daughter Debbie. Just as beautiful, and almost as effortlessly sexy as her Mother. Debbie was in a white bikini. We all lay around the pool, occasionally having a swim or a soak in the Jacuzzi for a bout 2 hours. Then Sam and Jen said they wanted to walk to the town, and Laura and my Mom agreed to tag along. “Make sure you bring back some beer Mom” I said half as a joke, but hoping she would.”Oh OK, I guess you can have a few beers while we are here” she replied as they walked into the house to get dressed. We were left with Lana and Debbie the two sexy angels. A Mother and daughter with gorgeous bodies. Lana had those amazing tits, and her daughter was not as chesty, but damn she had a great body, just like her Mom.The four of us talked for a while, and Lana asked Sean and me about girlfriends. We glanced at each other and burst out laughing. “Well, we don’t have girlfriends right now” Sean said.”Yeah, not right now” I added, “We are in favour of the older ladies at the moment!” Sean laughed at that, and Lana took the bait. “What do you mean older?” she asked, as she propped herself up on her elbows to look at us. Her tits pushed out, nipples poking slightly under the bikini material. “Well, ehhh, we have been seeing older ladies lately” I answered. “But, don’t tell my Mom”.”Older ladies huh?” she responded with a cheeky smile. “How much older? Like Debbie here?””Ehh, no… more like your age Auntie” I answered.That one caught her by surprise, and caused Debbie to sit up too. “Really?” Debbie asked with curiosity, “Ladies as old as your Moms? Wow, how do you meet them?”Sean threw me a glance, not sure what to say, so I took the lead. “We have actually had rather exciting times with older ladies lately. We have even got a few of the sexy ladies we know to pose for this camera!” I said as I held up my favourite new toy. The digital camera, which has brought me such joy. “I have to say though, that none of them have been as attractive as you two.”Aunt Lana laughed at that, as did Debbie, and I took the opportunity to snap a picture of them both. “So you think we are attractive ladies then?” Debbie asked.”Now that is an understatement!” Seam replied. “You are both gorgeous!””Absolutely, Escort I would love to get some pictures of you both in those bikinis” I asked, mustering all the courage I could. Lana and Debbie shared a glance, and then a giggle. “Come on, I bet you two would love to see how nice you both look in the pictures!” “Yeah, and remember, it would make our day too!” Sean said with a big grin.”What do you have in mind?” Debbie asked.”Debbie” Lana said pointedly.”Oh come on Mom, it will be fun, and these young guys would do anything for us for the rest of the holiday. Am I right guys?”We both nodded enthusiastically and I took the opportunity to snap a few more pics of these two sexy blondes. “OK, I guess it’ll be fun” Lana said. “Do you want us to stand up?” she asked whilst sitting up straight.I nodded and took several pics of them both standing. “Can you both stand close together, ehhh maybe cheek to cheek looking at the camera?” I asked, and giggling they complied, causing their amazing tits to press together.”Wow, you two are so beautiful” Sean said, trying to hide his erection.That caused more giggling from Lana and her daughter, so I decided to push the fun boundaries. “Debbie, can you lower your hands to your Mom’s ehhh arse?? That would look sooooo hot!”She does this without hesitation, and causes a gasp from her Mom and a groan from Sean and I. “Lana, can you do the same?” I ask, a bit breathless.”Like this” she says, as she grabs a handful of Debbie’s ass cheeks with both sexy manicured hands, causing Debbie to let out a loud girlish scream followed by a fit of laughing.”Ohhh wow yeah, perfect. Can you both lie back on the sun beds now hands behind your heads?” They do as I ask, smiling. “Now, can you both turn over on your bellies?” again, they did as I asked, while I snapped pics furiously again. “Now that is HOT. You both have gorgeous arses!” Sean adds, causing a burst of laughter from them both. “I’m glad you boys like it” Lana says, in a low sultry tone that made my heart pound hard in my chest.”OK, can you both get on all fours now, and look back over your shoulders at the camera?” They look at each other and whist holding their gaze; they slowly do as I ask. The two sexy blondes are now on all fours, beside a pool. Both Mother and daughter, posing for my friend and me. “God that is amazing!” I say.”I love the bikini’s” Sean says, “But I bet you two would look even more majestic in lingerie!””OH hell yes, do you have some lingerie with you both that we could photograph you in? I promise, the pics are just for us… please?” I was not sure what demon possessed them, but they smiled at me in that sexy all fours pose, and Lana said “Sure, just give us a few minutes and come up to our room!” she replied, in a sexy breathy voice.I couldn’t believe my ears. And I watched in near shock as they walked to the house giggling. All Sean could say was “Fuck! Are we really this lucky?”After what seemed to be an hour, but was only ten minutes, I heard Debbie call us. “Boys. We’re ready!” We jumped up and ran to the house and up the stairs. Then we walked in the door, and were almost killed by shock. There, sitting on one of the single beds were Lana and her 20-year-old daughter Debbie, in very sexy lingerie. Lana was wearing a pink lace bra and matching panties, and they looked like a g-string from where I was, and pink stockings with black high heels too. Debbie was wearing black lace bra and French knickers… and high heels. Both had put on their sexy glasses too. They were obviously enjoying this little taboo game. “Well, how do we look?” Lana asked.”Good enough to eat!” was Sean’s answer, which made us all laugh. I decided to go straight to the point. “Hey Sean, why don’t you sit between the girls. and they can both lean into you… ” Sean almost ran to the bed, and squeezed between the girls on the single bed. All three of them were still laughing, but the sexual energy in the room was building. I snapped some pics and noticed that Sean’s cock was at full mast in his black shorts. Debbie noticed it first, but said nothing. “Can you both kiss him on a cheek each?” I asked as I snapped pics. They did as I asked. “Dude, you look like the luckiest guy in the world right now!” “No k**ding!” he replied, while looking directly at Lana’s amazing rack, then turning his gaze to Debbie’s.”OK, enough posing for you” I said, “You come here and let me get some pics of just these gorgeous girls!” Sean reluctantly stood up and sat on the other single bed. His hard on was clearly visible in his black swim shorts. “Wow you two look incredible right now, and these pictures will look amazing. Can you both stand up for me now?” I asked as I snapped pictures.The sun was filling the room with warm light, so there was no need for the camera’s flash, and the bright light danced off the girls spectacular bodies as they stood for me. Both of them were smiling, and beautiful. Their perfect bodies in full view. The harsh light was not even exposing the smallest of flaws. These two ladies were bordering on perfection.”Now just a few more pictures boys!” Lana said, “I think we have been naughty enough for one day.” She added with a smile.”OK, just a few more pictures!” I replied, knowing that I would push these two sexy blondes as far as I could. “Can you both put your hands on your hips, and smile?… Good… now can you both turn around and look back over your shoulders at the camera… and give me a sexy, wanton look?”Giggling again, they complied. Lana exposing her magnificent g-string clad arse. Her taught cheeks completely hiding her age, and her daughter’s even tighter arse, in her lace black French panties. Their long, sexy legs stretching majestically down to their sexy high heels.”OH my God, you two are the thing of dreams!” Sean stated. He was leaning back on his elbows, not even attempting to hide his hard on now.”You really think so?” Debbie asked with genuine curiosity.”Are you serious?” I asked rhetorically. “You two are the sexiest ladies I have ever seen, and add the sexy lingerie to the mix, and you are a fantasy in the flesh!”Lana and Debbie shared a look, and were both obviously flattered at this attention from two younger guys.”Can you both turn around now, and…. Ehhhh… put your hands on your …. Ehhhh… tits? Just of a quick sexy picture… like real models?”Without a word they both did as I asked. Turning to face me slowly, and then placing their hands on their glorious, bra covered, tits. Lana had a red blush on her face. Was she embarrassed, or turned on? I couldn’t tell, but Debbie held her eyes on the camera, with a smoldering sexy look. Making my cock spring to complete hard-on. Sean groaned loudly in appreciation. I also noticed that the giggling was gone, and the room was getting hotter.”Damn you girls look so hot, I wish you would both hold that pose… but do it, without the bras?. can I get you to both remove the bras, and do that pose again??””I can do that!” Debbie said while looking at her Mom, “What do you think Mom? Want to show off those amazing new tits you have?””OK, but these pictures are our secret boys!” she said firmly, “This is soooo naughty!” she added as they both turned their backs to us and removed the bras. Sean and I shared a look and a cheeky grin. So far, so good!They silently turned to face us, their pretty manicured hands covering their obviously beautiful nipples. I gasped audibly. Snapping several pictures. “Beautiful, just beautiful” was all I could say. “What would you girls say to one topless photo of you both? Two gorgeous sexy blondes, showing their amazing tits to the camera!” I could hear a sharp intake of breath from Escort Bayan Sean when Lana smiled and slowly removed her hands from her tits, exposing delicious looking pink nipples, which were obviously erect. While staring at her Mother’s tits, Debbie exposed her nipples for me too. I must have taken twenty pictures of this amazing Mother and Daughter scene. With their hands on their hips, both of them were giving the camera and us a sexy show. “That is so amazing” was all I could say. My mouth was dry and my voice cracking with excitement. “You both have such amazing bodies, you could pass for twin sisters.””Yeah” Sean added, “Sexy twin sisters!”Debbie and Lana remained silent but held those sexy poses and smoldering eyes on me. “Since these pictures are just for us… why don’t you both remove the panties? It would be so HOT, and would fill every one of my dreams from now until I die!””Well, OK…. God you boys are so naughty!” Lana said, “I will take my panties off, what about you Deb?””I will, if you will!” Debbie said with a sexy voice, never breaking her gaze from my camera as she answered. “How do you want us to do it Dan?””Ehhhh… well, I think it would look soooooo sexy, if you both removed each other’s panties. Like Debbie, can you kneel down, and Lana turn your back to her, and bend over… and then Debbie can slowly pull your sexy panties down for the camera… Is that ok?” The blush had spread to both Lana’s and Debbie’s chest now, and the room was even hotter. “OK, I guess it would look sexy like that!” Lana said as she turned around for me and bent over. Pushing her sexy arse out into her daughter’s pretty face. She held her gaze on the camera for me. Her eyes seemed to be burning with deep lust now.”OK Debbie, can you hook your fingers into the hips of your Mom’s panties, and very slowly pull them down over her sexy arse for me?””Sure” was her only reply as she slowly did what I asked. She didn’t kneel, but rather crouched down, keeping her sexy high heels on the floor, and her knees up and spread in her sexy stockings. Her Mom looked back at her daughter now, and the started at each other as her panties started to be lowered. Lana’s gorgeous tits hanging down, her nipples now even more erect. Her panties were now half way down over her sexy arse cheeks. The thin g-string was peeling slowly from between her firm, sexy cheeks.When the g-string was fully past Lana’s sexy ass, I asked Debbie, “Can you stick out your tongue and lightly touch your Mom’s ass-cheek with it and hold the pose for one pic?”She looked at her Mom, who simply nodded at her with that lust still in her eyes. Debbie licked her lips, and then did as I asked. She actually held that pose for three pictures. It looked amazing. Then Lana stepped out of her now removed g-string. When she turned to face the camera, I saw a shaved, gorgeous pussy. Debbie slowly stood and faced her Mom, before turning around and bending over the bed for her turn. I didn’t need to direct them. Lana slowly lowered her daughter’s French panties, exposing a sexy toned arse, and when I asked her to lick Debbie’s arse like her’s had been licked, she complied, but she also kissed each cheek for the camera. Debbie was looking back at her mother through out the whole removal of her panties, even as she stepped out of them, but what was even sexier was that she was rubbing her nipples the whole time too.Sean was now rubbing his cock through his swim shorts as he watched this sexy Mother Daughter show. “Can you both sit back on the bed now, and spread those sexy legs for us?” I asked.Wordlessly they did as I asked and we saw Debbie’s neatly trimmed pussy. Both of them were visibly wet and aroused. Their pink clits were showing, and looked delicious. Again, both Sean and I groaned in appreciation of the sexy sight in front of us. They leaned back on their hands, and opened their legs slightly. Their knees were touching. “Can you both lean back on your elbows for the camera and open the legs wider?” Again they complied. Lana’s breathing was faster and heavier now as she watched her daughter spread her sexy legs for the same camera she was spreading for. This taboo scene was turning her on immensely. Her clit was also slightly larger than Debbie’s, glistening in the full sunlight bursting through their balcony window. They looked like the hottest pair of models ever. Both of them naked apart from their stockings, high heels and sexy glasses. My cock was now throbbing in my shorts as I watched them through the camera.”Can you both touch your… ehhhhh… your pussies for the camera?”” Mmmmmmmm , OK ” Debbie replied as they both reached for their wet pink clits. Lana started to rub her clit slowly as she looked directly into the camera. While Debbie was holding Sean’s gaze as she rubbed her pussy and Sean reached into his shorts to stroke his young cock. The Lana slipped a slender finger into her pussy for me.”You know what would look incredible, if you reached over and touched each other’s pussies for the camera””I don’t think so” Lana said, “I’m her Mother!””It’s only posing for pictures, just think of yourselves as two super-sexy blonde babes, turning on two young guys and modeling for the hottest pictures possible. It’s just pretend!””I don’t mind doing the sexy poses Mom, we have come this far” Debbie offered as she slid her right hand over her Mom’s thing and towards her shaved pussy. Lana took her lead, and did the same. Five seconds later they were rubbing each other’s clits for the camera. Debbie was biting her lower lip and struggling to contain her moans. Then, suddenly, Lana threw her head back and moaned loudly.”Mmmmmmmmmmmm, this is soooo naughty. Look what you boys have us doing” Then she slid a finger into Debbie’s pussy, and slowly worked it in and out.”Can you both turn over now, and get on all fours beside each other, showing us those sexy arses?” I asked.Slowly they complied, getting on their knees on the bed, side by side. Their amazing pussies exposed and the sexy tight pink holes of their arse’s. Sean obviously couldn’t take any more, and said, “I think I would like to be in another photo Dan!” and he quickly stood and removed his shorts. Then he knelt down behind Debbie’s arse, his face inches from her pussy. “May I?” he asked her.”MmmHmm” she replied.He leaned forward, and with Lana watching him, he licked Debbie’s clit lightly.”Ohhhh God!” was all Debbie could say when she felt Sean’s tongue on her clit. Then Sean sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked on it while moaning. Sending the tremors up through her body. When Lana saw this, she reached under herself and started to rub her own clit again.I stepped out of my shorts now, and Lana saw my cock. She smiled at me, and then closed her eyes in pleasure. I put the camera down. On automatic as usual, and approached the action. I took the same position as Sean, but I was behind my Mom’s older sister’s arse. My tongue flicked at her clit. My hands were on her arse, spreading her open for me. She was rubbing her left nipple with her left hand.There was a squeal from Debbie, “Ooooooooooooo, you naughty boy!” she said to Sean. He was now licking her arsehole and had two fingers up her pussy. I decided to copy him. When my tongue touched my Aunt’s arsehole, she pushed back on my face. She obviously liked it. So I licked hard, and started to press my tongue into her arse, while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Soon I had a finger two knuckle deep in Lana’s tight arse, and Sean was also fingering Debbie’s arse. But he was arse fucking her with two fingers.Abruptly, Lana pulled herself off my fingers, and turned to face me. “Stand up!” she commanded. Bayan Escort I did as I was told, and she took my young cock in her hands, and slowly pulled back my foreskin. Then she started to lick the entire head of my fat cock. Her eyes shifting from mine, to her daughter’s arse, which was, being licked and finger fucked beside her. Then she closed her eyes, and took almost all of my cock deep in her mouth. I held her short blonde hair as she gave me the best blowjob yet. Then she stunned me, and reached over to Debbie’s arse, and started to stroke her ass cheek while Sean fingered her. Her hand slid down the crack of her daughter’s arse, and joined Sean’s at her tight hole. Sean removed his fingers from Debbie’s arse, and Lana’s slender index finger took their place. Sean stood, and started to rub his cock against Debbie’s clit. Then he slowly pushed himself up her cunt. Both Lana and Debbie moaned out loud. Sean took his cock from Debbie’s pussy, and offered it to Lana, who quickly, and hungrily moved her mouth from my hard on to his. Tasting her daughter’s pussy juice on it. Debbie turned around, and sat in the bed. She stared at me, and while fingering her clit said, “I want to taste cock too!” I obliged, and moved to her face, but I was not gentle. I grabbed her hair, and started to fuck her face. Her and Lana were staring at each other. Both Mother and Daughter, with a mouthful of young cock. Lana took Sean’s cock from her mouth, and asked him “Do you want to fuck my big tits?” She lay back, holding them together. Sean mounted her, and pressed his hard cock between those glorious fake tits. His hands found her nipples and he started to fuck her tits as she pushed them together. Squeezing him tight. I took Debbie’s hand and moved it to her Mom’s pussy. She started to rub and finger her hard. Lana was moaning loudly now. I pulled my cock from Debbie’s mouth and knelt between Lana’s spread legs. I slowly pushed it into her very tight pussy. Sean and myself started to fuck Lana in a slow steady rhythm. Debbie knelt beside Sean and offered him her tits to suck, while I fingered her pussy. She started to talk dirty to us all. “Fuck my Mommy boys. Fuck her big tits Sean…. Fuck her up the tight cunt Dan!” Then her and Sean kissed deep.I pulled my cock from Lana’s pussy. It was glistening in the bright sunshine. Soaked with my Aunt’s juices. I lay down on the other single bed, and Debbie sat across me. Sinking my fat cock into her pussy. It was a strange feeling, knowing my cock had both Mother and Daughter’s juice on it. She sat up on me, and started to ride me hard and fast. “Ohhh fuck Dan, you cock is so thick. Fuck my cunt!”.I looked at the other bed, and Sean and Lana were now in the same position as us. Lana was on top, and fucking my best friend’s young cock. “Do either of you girls want to have two cocks at once?” I asked.Lana looked at me, and said “Ohhh God yes, I have always wanted to have two young cocks in me at once!”Debbie slid my cock from her pussy, and let me move to the other bed. Where I first offered my cock to Lana’s mouth, and she sucked on it hard. “Debbie, will you get your Mom’s arse ready for my cock? Maybe you can lick it a bit!” She kissed me deep, and then moved behind her mother, and spread her arse. First she licked Sean’s balls. Up his shaft, and then she touched her Mom’s arsehole with her tongue. Her eyes were on mine, as were her Mothers. Debbie had her tongue pressing into her Mom’s arsehole, and her Mom had my fat cock in her mouth. Lana was moaning around my cock as Debbie tongue fucked her tight hole.I pulled my cock from her mouth, and moved to her ass. Debbie sucked on my cock now. Spitting on it too, getting it ready for her Mother’s tight arsehole. Then she lifted up and kissed me before saying in the sexiest voice I have ever heard, “Fuck my Mom in the arse!”Lana looked back at us. There was a slutty gleam in her eyes. She wanted her nephew’s cock rammed up her anus. She wanted to be double penetrated in front of her dirty daughter. Just as I started to push my cock against her tiny hole, Debbie kissed her Mother. Their tongues entwined in a sensual erotic kiss. The Debbie grabbed her Mom’s hair and spoke to her through gritted teeth. “How does it feel Mom you slut?” My cockhead popped into her arse. Fuck it was so tight. Lana’s mouth was open in a wide silent scream. Her eyes were rolling in her head. “Take it up the arse Mom, you filthy slut! Do you like two young cocks in you?” Debbie kissed her again, much harder this time. My cock slowly moved all the way up her arse as her daughter talked filthy to her. Soon Sean and I were ramming her holes in alternating thrusts. “Ohhhhhhh FUUUCCCKKKK, ram it up my arse Dan, fuck me, double fuck me boys!” She screamed. “Ohhh fuck, I have never done anything this filthy!”The Debbie got on her knees over Sean’s face, but she didn’t want Sean to lick her, she wanted Lana to do it. “Lick my cunt and arse Mommy!!” she demanded. And Lana slowly, and slightly reluctantly did as she was told. However, within seconds, she was licking and sucking her daughter’s holes with wanton abandon. I reached for Lana’s tits as I fucked her arse, squeezing her nipples. The Debbie said. I want to get double fucked now.”I want your arse Debbie!” Sean said, “Will you sit on my cock with your arsehole?”She just groaned in response and we all got off Sean. My cock came from Lana’s arse with a loud pop. Fuck, her arse was still tight. She almost sobbed to me. “Fuck Dan your cock is so big, it really hurt my arse, but I loved it!” I kissed her deep, and rubbed her clit. Debbie was now squatting down on Sean’s hard cock. Her high heels on the bed, her knees wide apart, her arsehole slowly stretching to accept the young cock. “Get in there and lick her pussy Auntie Lana!” I said. “Mmmmmmmm yes Mommy… lick me!” She said, and Lana crawled into the bed, on all fours her face at her daughter’s soaking pussy. She leaned in and sucked her clit into her mouth. I knelt behind Lana and slid my cock in her pussy. And started to fuck her. Sean’s cock slipped from Debbie’s tight arse, and Lana quickly took it in her mouth, tasting her daughter’s arse. Then she guided it back into Debbie’s tight arse. I withdrew my cock from my Aunt’s arse, and moved to Debbie’s mouth.”Taste your Mom’s cunt and arse Debbie!” She opened wide and sucked me hard. Lana was now finger fucking her daughters cunt with three fingers. Then she added a fourth. Debbie had to stop sucking me so she could scream. Now it was her Mom’s turn to talk dirty to her.”I’m going to fist your slut pussy you whore. Do you want it?” She started to press her hand in harder, the knuckles moving in. “Yeah, take that fat cock in your arse and my fist up your cunt you slut!” she said. The she spat on Debbie’s clit and licked it off. Her hand popped up her daughter’s pussy. Debbie’s eyes widened in shock, and she screamed out loud.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh fuck Mommy… yesssssss!”Lana started to fist fuck Debbie while my friend fucked her arse, and I fucked her mouth. Lana sucked on her clit harder now and Debbie screamed in a wild orgasm.”Fuck… I’m cumming!” Sean said, and Lana pulled her hand from Debbie’s pussy, and Sean’s cock from her pussy. She sucked it deep into her mouth, and swallowed all his cum. Not a drop was spilled. I pulled my cock from Debbie’s mouth and shot a long rope of cum on her face. She held her mouth wide open and her tongue out. The next long rope hit her cheek and hair, then I shot the rest on her great tits.Lana moved up and kissed Debbie deep, swapping mine and Sean’s cum. Just as Lana was sucking my cum from her daughter’s pink nipples and big tits, we saw my Mom and Aunt Laura at the door. They were in their bikinis. Their hands were down the front of them and fingering their pussies. “We can’t trust you two alone with any women can we?” My Mom said.This was going to be a great two weeks.

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