Pervert Driver & Wife 2

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Pervert Driver & Wife 2After having my k** with Madam, she was treating me like her husband. As she has to go for hospital every few days & as she has to take care of the baby, she told boss to let me work in home & help her buy stuffs for the baby & her from the city. She made boss to make me her personal driver & helper. So boss finds another driver for himself. So, my job now is to take care of madam & drive her where ever she wants. But the truth is only known to me and Madam. She always wanted me to stay close to her. She likes being my k**’s mother. She loves to stay close to me more than with boss. But she still treats boss very well when he is in home.When boss is away she let me do whatever I want & roam to every room in her house and do whatever I want. She gives me all freedom, but when boss is around, she treats me like a servant & sometimes scolds me for my mistakes. When she scolds me in front of boss, I know she is just acting too innocent. When boss is facing away, I will show her vulgar signs while she holds me. She use to smile at me & keep scolding. Many times while she was scolding me, I have squeezed her tits and ass while boss is facing away from us. She will push my hands and body away from her and look at boss. She was very careful about not letting boss to know anything between us. She doesn’t want to create any suspicious situation in front of boss. She has warned me many times about it. She doesn’t want me to take any advantage when boss is around. She tells me to be in my place & don’t cross the limit.When boss is not around, she won’t stop me from any act. I use to watch her feeding my baby. We like to play with our baby together while cuddling each other. We bath our baby together and then we both bath together and stay close like a husband and wife all the time. When the baby sleeps, we will fuck each other in all possible positions. She wants to have another baby from me or from boss. Both her born babies are girls so, she wants a baby boy. She wants to leave gap for a year or 2 for the next baby. But I wanted to make her pregnant as soon as possible. I always wanted to fuck her skin to skin, I hate to use rubber. She knows my intention, so she won’t allow me to fuck her in her most fertile periods. If boss is not around, she will invite her relatives & have her relatives around or she will go to some relative’s house and stay away from me.I was little disappointed and angry towards her this act. When we have sex at other times, she begs me to cum inside and makes her pregnant. But during her fertile period, she avoids me. During her fertile period, she gives me lot of money and asks me to stay away from her and go to dance bars or to have drink parties with friends. I have gone to dance bars and drinks costly scotch with my friends and made few high class friends. I don’t like those rich guys but, I stay close to them as i could get some high class things through them. I could get lot of money from them & also I could fuck some high class girls.During one of those fertile periods of madam, boss has gone abroad for a business trip. So, she gave me lot of money and told me to go and enjoy with friends and stay away from her. Her relatives will arrive on that day. I was threatening her that I am planning to fuck one of her relative lady if she does not agree to fuck me. She laughed at me and said, go fuck. When they arrived I understood the meaning of her laugh. All are old ladies above 50 years old & a young boy has arrived. I am very disappointed. I went away and slept in my hut. In evening all my friends came back from work. We planned to have some drink party. I collected their share of money and I and 2 more friends went to purchase bottles, snacks and food for all of us. I bought 5 full bottles of scotch whiskey and few bottles of beer. Then we purchased soft drinks, soda & food. After reaching home, we started the party and had few drinks. My friends thanked me for the luxuries party. They have never had scotch in their life. This is the first time they are getting this kind of drink and food. I forgot to introduce my friends to you. Let me introduce them.Shahul: Madam’s gardener. 32 years old, married & have 3 k**sRiaz: Madam’s cook’s husband, In his early 40’s, having 7 k**s. He works as a toilet and floor cleaner in the nearby government hospital in our slum.Ajmal: Madam’s sweeper Bai’s husband. He is 30 years old. He has 4 k**s. He and bai, made 3 k**s & bai made another k** with me. He works as a shoe polisher in town platformsKhaja khaka: Madam’s watchman. He is 67 years old. He has 13 legitimate k**s & so many illegitimate k**s. He is a widower. He was the man of his days. Now he is older, but still he is hungry for drinks & pussies.Nawab: Madam’s servant boy who is the son of bai’s friend. He works in madam’s house. He is a teen boy, but he has experienced so many pussies including bai & his own mom. He is a spoiled brat.Jamal: 39 year old guy from my slum. Married with a horny bitch & have 5 k**s. He also works as a toilet and floor cleaner in the nearby government hospital in our slum. He and Riaz work in the same place & they are jealous of each other. They use to fuck each other’s wife, and then they will fight without reason. They can’t co-exist. Always use to complain each others.Coming back to the story, after taking few rounds, all were chatting and shouting & laughing, suddenly Nawab started to talk about a girl he saw in the street today. She is a rich girl & Nawab was explaining how she looked and how hot she is. Everybody started to get horny and they are thinking about fucking a girl. Khaja, the old man, told, “Sons, find some pussies, let us fuck her”. We all decided to bring a girl and fuck her. So we try to find a new girl that we have never fucked before. As I have lot of money I could hire a high class girl. So, I told them that I will bring someone from the lodges in nearby town. I left the hut and went to garage to take the car. Minu madam heard me opening the garage gate and through the window, asked me, “where you are going late night. With whose permission are you taking the car?”I got angry and from the effect of drink I was about to tell her to shut up and about to bark at her. Just then she winked at me and signalled her eye towards her relatives. I understood that she don’t want to let her relatives get suspicious by looking at a driver using the car late night without owner’s knowledge.She told me, “go to the town and get us some soft drinks.” She knows that I will be going out to town. She will be thinking that I am going to buy liquor. I replied “ok” and get the money from her and drive away. Minu madam was wearing a Pink/Magenta colour nighty. She looked very sexy and hot in that nighty. It is showing all the ups and downs of her body. When she walked back, I could see the outline of her panty & I have not missed to look at her bouncing, jiggling jelly filled ass cheeks.In that lodges there will be so many high class sluts. So, I decided to find one or 2 for us. I went to all lodges, but I could not find any slut who wants to spend the whole night with us. I could find only few girls who are willing to stay for a maximum of one hour. So, I got disappointed and went to liquor shop and bought 2 more bottles of scotch, and then I decided to fuck Minu madam at that night and went to chemist shop and bought Viagra and sleeping pills. I mixed the pills in the soft drinks which I bought for Minu Madam and her guests. I returned home. I called Minu madam and hand over the drinks to her. But one of the old bitch asked me to serve them as all the servants are gone. So, I went to dining room & took glass & poured the drinks & came to hall where they are watching TV and served them the pills mixed drink except for Minu madam. I gave her a fresh drink from the bottle I purchased for me & the boys. I walked towards my hut thinking about fucking Minu madam tonight & making her pregnant again. I don’t care if she likes it or not. As I have a spare key to her house, I could get in when everybody else sleeps.I went in to the hut and the guys were looking in anticipation for the girl. They were sad to see me returning without a girl. They started to drink again and harassed me for not bringing them a girl. Due to the effect of drinks, the guys are behaving like morons. Khaja khaka was crying like a baby. Jamal & Riaz were scolding each other that because of his bad luck they don’t get a girl tonight.Ajmal was saying that he would have called bai over here, but she is in her period. “I am sorry boys, even I can’t fuck any pussy tonight.”Nawab was still praising the girl he saw in the streets, “If I could see that girl now, I will bring her here and we could have fucked her brains out”I was dreaming about how I am going to fuck Minu madam in few minutes.Shahul was saying, “I have my balls full. I thought of impregnating a bitch tonight. I have buckets of cum in stock as my wife is pregnant with my 4th c***d I haven’t fucked for days”Hearing what Shahul said, a thunder struck in my brain. I got that strange idea. “Why can’t I let these hungry bulls, impregnate Minu madam”. I am sure these guys are all morons & ruthless rowdies. But they are good in keeping secrets. They won’t tell secrets to any 3rd persons. We all are good friends. So, there is no harm sharing Minu with them. But Minu? Will she agree? She won’t even let me fuck her at this time. So, I have to force her. Why can’t I have help to force her? Let me prove her that she really is a cock hungry slut who pretends to be a decent wife.I said the boys, wait. I know a lady, “I will bring her here. But you have to keep this secret. She won’t agree to fuck us, but we have to force her. She is so beautiful; you must have never imagined fucking a girl like her.” Khaja said, “Son, bring any body, let us bang her all night. Why should we have to tell to some son of bitches that we have fucked a bitch?”I know what Khaja saying is truth. They are that kind of people. Me too, we keep our promises. So, I got up and started walking out of the hut. Everybody was happy, they cheered and smiled again. Riaz and Jamal hugged each other and expressed their joy. Nawab, asked me, “shall I come with you brother, if I see the slut on the street today, we could k**nap & bring her here. She was so sexy.”I replied, “Nawab, the girl you are talking about is no match to the woman you are going to fuck tonight. Wait there and get yourself ready”Nawab opened his mouth in excitement. “Wow!”I walked past the hut and went to Minu’s Madam’s bungalow. I opened the door and went in. I saw no one in the hall. I checked the bedrooms, all 2 old fat ladies are sleeping in a room & the boy is sleeping in another room. They must have gone to sleep when they felt drowsy. That is a heavy dose. They won’t wake up till tomorrow afternoon. I went to my darling madam’s room. The door was not properly closed. I peeped through the door and found Minu madam, she has undone two buttons in the front of her nighty and pushed up her right side bra cup and pulled her tit out and feeding our baby.I waited outside till she finished feeding. After feeding the baby and putting her to sleep, she came out of the room and went to drink water from fridge. She gulped the water from the bottle and turned around to see me sitting on the couch. The water is in her mouth her cheeks are bulging with water in it. Her eyes wide open, she looked at me in shock. In the shock she forgot to gulp the water.I smiled & waved my hand and said her “hi!”She came to sense & gulped the water in fear. She was afraid thinking that I am going to impregnate her tonight. The water bottle slipped from her hand & dropped to the floor. She came running towards me and hold my hands and said me, “hey! Driver everybody will wake up, get out of here”I told her, I want to fuck her now and I won’t care who watches. She got frightened. She begged me to go. I told her, “If you don’t want to get fucked here, come to my hut. I will fuck you there” . Madam tried to push me out towards the door. But I stay glued. Finally madam agrees to come to my hut. But she wants me to wear rubber. I disagree and pulled her hand. She said, “No, not without condom” She tried to hold back and free her hand. But I pulled her towards the door. She can’t match my strength. So she came to the door fast to my speed as i pulled her. When we reach the door, she got hold of the door and resist to come out. I pulled her many times. But she is not giving up. I begged her to come, “madam, please come. Only one time please. When I am about to cum, I will pull out and I will cum on your face or mouth” But she is not coming. She knows, that she can’t let me pull out and cum outside her pussy once I started fucking her. So, she is afraid of me and herself. I stopped pulling and hugged her and pushed her inside the house and started to smooch her and squeezing her ass. While doing so, her resistance faded away and I rubbed her pussy and squeezed her ass, slowly without her knowledge, I walked her outside the hose when she has her eyes closed and enjoying my hand and mouth on her body. She is stepping backwards with me pushing her and smooching hard on her face. When we crossed the door, I closed the door and locked it. She heard it and realized that, we are outside the house & we are in the sit-out of her house. She tried to push me off. But I hold her hip and pulled her into my arm and held her in my hands. I carried her in my arms and started to move towards the hut. She knows that there is no way out. She started to plead me again. “Driver, please let me go, we can have our k**s after few more days”. Let our born baby grow a little bit more. If I get pregnant again now, I can’t take care of the born baby.” “We should leave at least a year’s gap. So that my body will be in proper condition and the born c***d will be little grown and I don’t have to take care of her all time”“Don’t worry Madam, you are a sex goddess you are made to enjoy sex. You body should be used by real men. You can’t hide behind our c***d and excuse yourself. Minu got shocked. “What are you talking about?”“Madam today I am going to fuck you. But I won’t cum inside you”“Thank you. But, Diver, I can’t control myself once i got heated up. I may not allow you to pull out, but you have to pull out and avoid me from getting pregnant” “Surely madam, I will pull out my dick from your cunt while I am about to cum. But I am not sure about my friends’ madam”“hmmm…. What? what did you just say… your friends? Driver, what you mean…??!!!”She looked towards the hut and started to fear what I said may be serious… “But driver, you are joking right… You can’t do like that… Driver… I am driver…” She started to feel worried & words fumbled in her mouth.I gave her a evil grin and she realized what I am telling is true.Minu Madam struggled in my arm and got down. She tried to recover and run away. But I got hold of her arm and hip and pulled her towards the hut. She keeps sobbing and resists walking with me.Minu madam pleaded me, “Driver, I gave you everything, why are you doing this to me… Not with your friends please, I am not that kind of a lady. I fell to you, other than that I have never thought about any other male. I am married and I have 2 c***dren and I am like your wife. Please not with anybody else. Please let me go, we can go in my house and you can fuck me in my bed.”When Minu madam said that, my cock tickled and became very hard like a rock within second. She said to me, “I am like your wife” wow, what a proud feeling. She is now, calling me to fuck her in her bed.I replied, “I am sorry Madam, if you would have told this dialogues before few hours, I would have listened to you. But now Madam, I have promised to my friends to bring a girl for them to fuck. They have done a lot of help for me madam; I can’t find a better girl for them than you madam. Please cooperate madam, they won’t tell this to any one madam”“But driver I don’t need them, I am not a slut. Please understand my sentiments and let me save my pride”“Sorry! Madam, it is too late. You have teased me a lot and that forced me to promise them. Now I can’t back up. Don’t worry about your pride madam, this is just fun. Helping each other, you will be treated with much more respect and love by all those guys from tomorrow.”Minu madam got frightened and tried to free herself. She wriggled here and there and almost slipped from my grip.I almost dragged her and reached the hut. Minu madam, cried. “Leave me, don’t spoil my life”“Don’t worry madam, all the boys are like me only. They will keep this as a secret. Start resisting and enjoy. Between i won’t tell them about out relation. You also keep quite. Let them think that you are getting fucked for the first time by another man other than your husband. ““Please, please leave me driver” While she was pleading, I pushed the door open and pulled her into the hut. My friends looked towards the door. I pulled Minu madam inside with force. She came running 2, 3 steps into the hut and stepped past me and stood in front of me. I held her upper arms just below her shoulders and held her in front of me and looked at my friends and all of them see Minu Madam and got with their jaw dropped by seeing their respected madam. They are shocked to realize that I was up to Minu madam, with their jaw still dropped in surprise and shock, they stood up with open mouth in front of us. Minu madam also stood Jaw dropped and shocked as she realizes that I have arranged all her servants & maids husbands to fuck her.“What are you doing Mohamed? Why did you bring Minu madam here? Madam, we are just enjoying with few drinks, sorry for doing it in your place… Madam…” Ajmal, Bai’s husband, started to plead as he thinks that she may fire Bai”Minu madam said, “Ajaml, Driver has gone mad, please tell him to leave me. Save me and let me go, I won’t tell this to boss, Leave me. Save me or all of you are going to be fired and punished for threatening me”Shahul said, “Mohamed, we have drunk too much. We can talk about this tomorrow. Now leave madam and be a good boy,, drink some more if you could & sleep well. We were just joking; we don’t need a girl now.” He tried to cool me & tried to let me know that they don’t want to fuck madam.Khaja also joined him and said, “Yes! Son, leave her, let her go. You are creating problems for all of us. This is not what we wanted. Let her go, leave her alone”Jamal, Riaz and Nawab are speech less. Riaz was just shaking his head like agreeing when other guys said me to leave her. Nawab was looking on my hand holding madam’s arms. He was feeling jealous and enjoying the sight of my Cole black hand on madam’s milky white body. He was looking at the contrast of our body colours and madam’s flawless skin. In fact all of us six guys are Cole black.Jamal was ogling at madam’s beauty. He has always lusted after madam. He had fewer opportunities to see madam as he is an outsider and madam never walks on streets. She used to travel in luxurious cars. So he is seeing madam this close for the first time.He was looking at madam’s pointed tits and with his eyes he was tracing the outline of her bra. He measured her sizes, curves, ups and downs with her eyes. His dick must have gone rock hard upon seeing her busy tits, slim waist and broad projecting ass & sexy hips. With lust in his eyes, he was swallowing his saliva down his throat. Looking stunned with her beauty, he was looking at her assets without taking his eye off her body for a second.I know these guys are afraid of Minu madam & her status more than they want to have sex with her. So, I choose to make them feel easy, forget their fear and dominate Minu madam. I turned Minu madam around and hugged her and started to smooch her. They all are looking dumb folded. No one moved, they stood still like statues. Minu madam tried to push me, but she can’t. My grip was so strong on her hip and I was holding her head with my other hand to position her mouth for me to suck. She was not opening her mouth and not allowing my tongue inside. I kept licking her teeth and inside of her lips and sucked her lips and held her so strong against me and pushed my dick on her abdomen. She was beating and punching my chest and struggling her legs and ass.Still with open mouth, Nawab came near me to tell me something. Probably to tell me to leave Minu Madam let go. They are all afraid of the consequence which could happen. But they have no idea what kind of horny slut Minu madam is. I don’t want to tell them about it. Let them find it out themselves. When Nawab approached me to say something, I signalled him towards her ass. He saw to where i signalled and looked back at me and raised his hand in a pleading manner and opened his mouth to plead me. I took my hand off from Madam’s head and held Nawab’s hand and placed his palm on Madam’s left ass cheek and pressed his hand and made him squeeze her ass. He involuntarily took his hand off her ass like if he had a electric shock. Then he realized that he should have squeezed it a little more. I slapped him and held his hand and placed his hand on her ass and made him squeeze her ass. Hearing the slap sound she looked at that side and realized that her teen servant’s hand is on her ass. She immediately pushed his hand away. He also took his hand off and took a step back. I held her hands in my grip and signalled him to come forward and squeeze her ass.He came forward and his shivering hand moved towards her ass. He placed his finger tip on her ass and felt the softness of her Jell bags. He started to rub her ass with his fingers. She was telling him to take his hand off and stay away. He was responding to her command and tried to move away. But i signalled him to continue. He started squeezing her ass softly. His pressure of squeezing increased slowly and finally he started to enjoy the feel of her ass with his hand. He rubbed her ass cheeks hard and pressed it inwards and outwards and he rubbed her ass crack. He got mad at the softness of her ass. He forgot all fear and started to enjoy. He kneeled down on behind her and put his both hands on her ass cheeks and grabbed her both cheeks in one hand each and started pressing and rotating and squeezing them. With all the pressing and squeezing she is receiving from both sides, she started to relax her mouth and let my tongue in. I started to suck her tongue and drink her saliva. I squeezed and mauled her right tits with my hand over her nighty and rubbed her hip with my other hand and kept sucking her tongue. She was trying to take her tongue away from my sucking, but I controlled her by squeezing her tits hard. When i she pulls her tongue i press and squeeze her tit and created pain for her and she relax her tongue and give me access to suck it again. Nawab was now freely roaming his hand all over Madam’s big ass and thighs and feeling her softness very well. He is very happy and nervous by the feeling that he is playing with the ass of a high class woman who is his master, boss. The lady he praised like god, the lady who has commanded him orders, the lady of every man’s dream, everybody he knows have praised and treated this lady like a god. Such a high class highly praised lady is now standing in front of him, presenting her precious ass to him to play. He can’t control his feelings.He was afraid that she may kick him out of her house when she survives from them. But he don’t want to miss such an opportunity to feel her soft buttocks, which is a once in a life time opportunity. Before few minutes, he has not even imagined that he will be behind his Madam’s back pressing and feeling her ass like this. He altered squeezing, pressing and rubbing every inch of her ass. While doing it, he stretched his head up and looked at me. I was still busy kissing her mouth and now started to press her tits. I realized him looking at me and by raising my eyebrows asked him why? He signalled me, shall I put my face on her ass & kiss it? I signalled “yes” and he put his left hand on her left ass cheek and grabbed it & then with his right hand he held her right ass cheek.He pulled her ass cheeks in opposite directions and parted her ass and made her ass crack open well. He looked at me again and smiled. I winged at him and signalled to proceed.He pushed his face quickly into her ass crack. With the sudden act she jerked and then kicked her legs back on him. Her feet hit him hard with great force on his chest and he lost balance and fell down on his back. I am shocked and felt sorry for the little boy. I beer hugged her tightly and looked back at the boy. He was shocked and slowly recovered and stood back on his knees and looked at madam and then back to the other guys. Everybody was looking at him and madam. Madam was crying hiding her face on my left shoulder & chest area.While this happens, Khaja came near me and pleaded to let madam go. He told me to come outside and he wants to talk with me. I tried to hold Khaja’s hand and make him grab madam’s ass. But Khaja realizes, what is coming and pulled his hand away and slapped me. Madam quickly turned towards me and looked at khaja and realized what has happened. I was still having madam in my beer hug. Khaja then told me, “Leave her, let madam go or we all are going to die”.I am confused and asked him what he is talking about. He told me, before marrying madam, boss has a business partner who is a womanizer and after boss married madam, & few days past, that partner of boss tried to seduce madam. Madam warned him strictly. But he kept trying and later madam told this to her dad and her dad and his men beat the hell out of the guy and break his legs. Boss doesn’t know all these. He said to boss that he had accident. Few days later he came back again and tried to create problem between madam and boss. But boss came to know about what happened to his legs. Madam told him everything happened. Two days later that guy was found dead in a road accident. The driver who made the accident is a driver of boss’s. Boss sends him to his other company in south. Remember you are now having that driver’s job. So, don’t get yourself in trouble. Leave madam and ask madam for forgiveness.Now I understood why these guys are very much afraid to touch Minu Madam. I also realized why Boss is too faithful on his wife. He never got any doubt or never questioned anything when she asked him to make me her personal driver. But only I know what kind of slut this madam could be when aroused.I told Khaja to relax and told him, “there is no reason to live by missing an opportunity to enjoy this lady of our dream and I am ready to die for fucking this goddess. Think about it Khaja dada, will you ever get a beautiful perfect pussy like this in your life? Why do you have to live without enjoying such beauty? Come on khaja, let us enjoy her now and don’t think about the outcome. Madam may forgive us for the pleasure we give her and let us live. Won’t you madam?”Madam was still crying, I patted on madams shoulder and then signalled Nawab who was still sitting on his knees behind madam. I signalled him to do it again. He was afraid. I signalled him to hold her legs. He didn’t think twice. He quickly holds her both legs with his hand. He was obsessed with her ass. The feel of it has made him mad. Her jelly like soft ass and its size and shape is too much for him to resist. Looking at our act Khaja shook his head ‘no’ and moved away and sat on a chair and put his head on his hand. As Nawab hold Madam’s sexy legs over her nighty, Minu madam started to struggle her legs and try to free herself, she wanted to kick him again as she kept sobbing. I put my mouth near her ear and told her to calm down and relax. “Hold on Madam, let him make you happy. He will be nice to you. Just relax and enjoy.”She kept weeping and struggled and tried to move her ear and face away. I slowly lowered my hands towards her ass. I moved only my lower arms. I am still holding her tight with my upper arms. My arms are crossed over each other behind her. I put my right hand on her right ass and my left hand on her left ass and spitted her ass cheeks and opened her ass crack in front of Nawab’s face.With my both hands, I hold her ass cheeks apart and signalled him to put his face between her asses. He pressed his face between her ass cheeks and pushed his face along with her panty and nighty deep inside her crack. I let her ass cheeks free and now the young boy must be feeling the heat of her ass crack on his nose and mouth and the coldness of her soft ass cheeks on his face. When he pushed his face, in her deep crack, she jerked her body and jumped a bit in shock and uncomfortably wriggled her ass here and there in anticipation to push him off her ass. But that only added more pleasure for Nawab as he could feel the movement of her ass muscles and the feel of her soft jelly ass rubbing on his face is incredible. She moved her ass to left and right and then towards front and back. When she pushed her ass back, Nawab felt heaven.He was not letting his face slide out from her ass crack. He is following her movements very well. I become hornier and tried to smooch madam again. She kept moving her face away. I chased madam’s lips and finally I managed to hold it with mine. This time she didn’t pull away. She is not kissing me back, but she let me kiss her.I started to suck her lips, tongue and everywhere inside of her mouth. I licked her inner lips, her teeth, her inside walls and everywhere i could reach inside her mouth. Slowly her resistance level decreased and she is not wriggling her ass now. I took my one hand to her front and started to squeeze her left tit. I squeezed it with little pressure and slowly increased the pace. Soon I was smooch her vigorously and squeezing her tit as hard and fast as I could. She gave a cry for each hard squeeze I give her. After few minutes she started to meet my tongue with her tongue. She tried to lick my tongue. I stopped squeezing her tit and moved my hand to her hip and squeezed her hip and massaged it for some time as we kept licking each other’s tongue. I looked back at Nawab and he is enjoying a lot.He has left her legs free and he is kissing between her ass crack like a mad dog and massaging her thighs. He makes fake bites on the side of her ass and on her ass cheeks. He licks and sucks every ounce of her ass cheeks over her nighty. I was thinking,” how much this boy is enjoying her ass over her nighty, what will he do to her bare ass?” While I was thinking like that, he pushed his head deep in her ass crack and moved his face up and down in her crack. He must be licking over her entire length of her ass crack. I saw her raising her leg towards him again. I thought she was going to kick him again. Before I could warn him, she slowly moved her leg towards his chest and pushed him softly on his chest with her toes. He took his head off her ass and looked, what was on his chest.He saw it and surprised and realized that madam likes his licking and because of unbearable pleasure she is just trying to push him and make him go slow. She was not trying to push him away. He liked the feel of her toes on his chest. He just grabbed her feet and kissed her soles & toes and guided her feet on his chest again and stuck his face between her ass crack again. Realizing that she is not resisting now, I moved my hand from her ass and rubbed all over her back and with my other hand I grabbed her pussy over her nighty and then started to rub her pussy with my fingers. When I kept rubbing her pussy, she started to feel hot and took her feet off from Nawab’s chest and landed it on the ground and started to shake as she could not control and bear the pleasure she is receiving on her ass pussy. She struggled to stand on the ground. She raised up standing only on the fingers of her feet and hugged me tightly and started to moan.“annnhhhh aaaaaaanhhhh, no…. leave me aaaannggghhhh ouuuuch, my god,no ….stop please…. aaayyyyyyy aaaaa”I kept rubbing over her pussy. I placed my index finger between her pussy lips on the cleft and rubbed up and down increasing the pressure & speed for every second. Minu madam’s moaning started to become constant and becoming much louder. She took hold of my hand which was rubbing her pussy cleft over her clitoris and moaned.“Oh… driver…. Angngggggggnnnnmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm no no…… slow…. Slow…. Pleaaaaaaase draaaaaiver….slow…”I smiled at my mind, Now Minu madam has become hot, It is time to strike, she is ready to be served, she will allow anyone to touch her now, she will welcome a hard cock in her now hot cunt without any resistance. She can be served to my friends now.I looked at them, Khaja still bending down, has elbow on his thighs and his head in his palms, very worried thinking that we are putting over selves into great trouble. Others were looking at us and all of them salivating and gulping their own saliva in lust. They are still in shock and have not fully recovered. They are in confused state. They don’t know what to do. They are looking at me with lot of questions on their eyes. I signalled them to look at Madam’s face. Our Aristocratic Minu Madam had her face up towards the ceiling, her eyes closed. Mouth, half open, enjoying the pleasure she is receiving at both ends, between every few seconds biting her lower lips like a cheap slut and moaning in low tone. I just looked at my confused friends and answered them by signalling them to come to her. They looked at each other’s face and were in two minds and Riaz and Jamal quickly moved forward then Shahul slowly approached her with confused look on his face. Ajmal & Khaja were still unmoved, Ajmal was in great confusion, he wants to enjoy the beauty goddess like her, but he is not in a state to make a proper decision. Madam has made so many good for his family. Madam takes good care of his wife Bai and pays her well. He has so much respect for Madam for all the help she has done to his wife and c***dren. He looked at Khaja who is still not looking at anybody but the ground. Khaja sensed the boys moving passed him. He looked up at the boys crossing him to invade Minu Madam. Khaja stood in front of the boys and stopped them by crossing his hands in front of them. He said them to stay back. “Hey boys, where are you going? Stay back, let us get out of here and go to home. Do not play with your lives. Remember, you all have family and k**s.”Meanwhile, I kept rubbing Madam’s soft pussy and Nawab kept fondling madam’s ass cheeks where his face buried deep between her twin jelly bags, he kept kissing & licking madam’s ass crack. He gave her small bites on the inside part of her as cheeks between her ass crack, which made madam jiggle a bit. When he does that, she tightens her ass muscle and that crushed Nawab’s face between her ass cheeks. He was in heaven as his face was massaged by her soft ass balls. He could feel her ass muscle tightening and rolling over his face. When she relax her ass and comes to normal position, she shook his face left and right in between her ass crack and moves his face deep inside her ass crack and his nose hit her asshole. He rub his nose on her asshole over her dress. He inhales the forbidden smell of her ass. The most forbidden part of her body which no one else have ever reached this close. Her husband won’t do this to her as those high class idiots thinks that is not hygienic. I have never done that to her as I am not an ass lover. I just rub, press and squeeze it. I have kissed her ass cheeks, but never put my face between them. Before this no one else has ever worshipped her ass like this. This is a new experience for her. She enjoys the feel of Nawab’s nose brushing over her asshole. She pushed her ass on Nawab’s face and invited him deeper into her ass valley. Virtually she is siting over Nawab’s face and the boy likes it. He kept brushing her asshole for a while until he is short of oxygen. He pulled his head out of her ass crack. Her nighty and panty are tucked in her ass crack and her ass cheeks jiggled like two huge jelly filled balloons. He didn’t miss to see that beautiful sight of her jiggling ass. He made a light slap on her ass cheeks and made them jiggle for few more times. He is afraid to slap her ass hard, what if she kicks him again?He could not leave her ass for a moment, after giving her few slight slaps on her ass cheeks and enjoying the sight of her ass jiggling, immediately he placed his right side face on her left ass cheek and rubbed it across from left to right and reached the end of her right side ass globes. When he reached the right end of her ass, her nighty was pulled out from her ass crack. Then he placed his left cheek on her right ass cheek and repeated rubbing his face on her ass globes from right towards left. He continued to do that for a while changing the side of his face on her ass, feeling her soft bums on his entire face on both sides. When he had enough feel of her ass on his face, he went back to his old position burying his face deep in her ass crack valley and rubbing her asshole with his nose.Nawab is very much obsessed with this beautiful high class wife’s ass. He has never touched such a milky white lady before. He is touching and feeling such a soft smooth skin & flesh of a woman for the first time in his life. In fact Madam is the first real complete women we all are having. All the girls and ladies we felt in before were dark skinned and their skin & flesh will be hard and rough. Their muscles will be hardened, they were mostly skinny and won’t have soft flesh on their body. So, it is quite understandable on his side. But what surprised me is, Madam is enjoying it very much. She is pushing her ass on his face when he stimulates her dirtiest private area. The reason for my surprise is, (A little flash back)Once when I was fucking her on her bed during her pregnancy, I asked her about anal sex, she said, “That place should be used only for pooping. It should not be used for sexual acts. It is disgusting & also it causes diseases and non-hygienic. “I said, “In our slums, boys’ likes fucking girls in ass when they can’t get enough pleasure in their pussy”“Have anybody done any foreplay with your asshole? ““No, I have never had any sexual acts with anybody other than my husband and you. My husband never likes doing foreplays. You are the first one to lick my pussy.”I gave a mighty push with my dick buried balls deep in her pussy and I pulled out and started to fuck her faster. Then lowered my face to her nipples and started to lick & suck it.I play fully asked, “Shall I be the first one to lick your ass”She looked me with a disgusted face and said “Dirty dog, how many asses have you licked in the slum” “No I have not licked any slum girl’s ass yet. They look ugly and disgusting smell. I don’t like that. I have fucked my wife’s ass few times in effect of drinks. But never licked it”“Then why do you want to lick my ass? Will my asshole smells good? Everybody’s asshole will have that disgusting smell”“You are very fair & beautiful, and your ass hole is pink. So, I could bear that smell and lick it for you if you would enjoy it”“No, I don’t like to get licked there. Sometimes, when I ride my husband on top of him, he tries to insert his figure in there, but I will slap his hand away. I don’t like to be touched there. It feels disgusting”“Ok. I too feel disgusted to play with asshole. But I was trying to do it for you. As you also, feel it disgusting, we can avoid it.”“Thank you. Hmmmm Ya, fuck Me…… fuck me driver…pump fast…”She hugged me tightly and we started to smooch as I fucked her faster and faster. Her tits, bounced madly in all direction. We had a nice session there and finally when I am about to cum, I pulled out and sprayed my cum, all over her pregnant belly. She likes me Cumming on her pregnant belly during her pregnancy.(End of flashback)Now, back to the present,Nawab is stimulating her asshole with his nose and she is enjoying it very much. What about her dislike about someone playing with her asshole? The Aristocratic lady who has not allowed her own husband to finger her ass is now letting a young boy around half her age to put his nose there. Why is she allowing him? Is that because he is rubbing her asshole above her dress? Is that is because of all the pressing and rubbing she received from both ends? Or is she enjoys pleasure from the stimulation on her ass? A lot of questions raised in my mind. While I am thinking about that, she further surprised me by putting her right hand on Nawab’s head and pressed it into her ass. She stroked his hair and encouraged him to go deep and hard in her ass crack. Nawab gets the green signal from her & he realized that she is appreciating his work, so he now becomes more confident and stared to put his both hands on her thighs and started to massage all over them.I looked at the other boys. As khaja told them to stay back, they were having a conversation, convincing Khaja to have funJamal spoke, “Sorry! Khaja bhai, we can’t hold back. We are just not going to miss such an opportunity. Have you ever been with such a beautiful lady in your life? Will you be with any such high class milky white lady in your life, if you miss this chance?”Riaz said, “Khaja bhai, let us enjoy, forget about the risk. We can face it whatever is our fate. Let us see when it comes. Now let us make this day the best day in our life”Shahul said “Yes dada, let us take the risk. Invade the queen, live a day with the queen, hunt the treasure and then let us live as the kings or die as the victorious warriors”Khaja stood there speechless dropping his hands down and looked at the roof letting the boys go. He looked at the roof and asking to god, “God, I don’t know what to do. Please show me a way to get out of this. Please save us.”He looked down and his eye went to Ajmal, Who is standing in the other end looking at his friends fondling Madam. He was salivating in lust. Khaja sat on a chair in front of the table they used to drink. It is an old dining table which was used in Madam’s house before few years. Boss and madam gave it to the servants when they bought a new expensive one. He poured drinks in two glasses and looked at Ajmal who was still looking his eyes glued at madam. Khaja called Ajmal to drink and he immediately took a seat near khaja and they started to have yet another drink.They smell heavily from the sweat and drinks they had. Madam had her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure she is receiving at both sides of her bottom. Jamal was the first one to make a move. He brought his hand came forward and it approached Madam’s right tit. Suddenly madam sensed something and opened her eyes and looked at them near her. She slapped away Jamal’s hand and struggled and slipped away from me and tried to run away. She took two steps forward and Jamal caught her hand and pulled her towards him with force. Madam spins (like in films) and she ran straight into Jamal’s open arms.Jamal caught her in perfect hugging position and without wasting a second, he took my place. Yes, he hugged her tightly and started to smooch her mouth harder. Riaz, Shahul and Nawab looked at me. I signalled them to take her. They immediately approached her, Nawab went to her ass again, but Shahul stopped him and signalled him that it is his turn. So, Nawab went to her right side and Riaz went to her left. They both grab her tit on their respective sides and started to run their hands softly over her tits, feeling her softness and measuring the circumstance of her full tits. She tried to push their hands off. But they took hold of her hands and held them down and started to feel her tits with their other hand.Jamal is hugging her around her hips and roughly smooching her with his ugly lips and tongue. Their body and moth smell very unpleasant and madam expressed it on her face. She struggled and wriggled and moved her body uncomfortably. She tried to free her hands and she moved her shoulders front and back and not allowing them to feel her properly. She tried to move her face away from Jamal’s mouth. But Jamal held her head and smooched her like a true lover. He wouldn’t have smooched his wife this better, his other hand was massaging the sides of Madam’s hips. Shahul now has his face buried between madam’s ass crack & with his hands, squeezing her thighs roughly. She tried to kick him, but he was having his body very close to her legs which does not allow her to kick him. He hugged her around her crotch and pulled her on his face and buried his face in to her ass as deep as possible.Now, Nawab and Riaz were softly massaging Madam’s tits. Madam tries to pull her tits away from their hands. Practically, when she tried to pull her tit away from Nawab’s hand, she was forcefully pushing her other tit in to Riaz’s hand and when she tries to pull away her tit from riaz’s hand, she was pushing the other tit into Nawab’s hand. When she did that 2, 3 times, she realized she is realized that she is forcing them to grab her tit hard rather than freeing herself. She stopped to struggle her shoulder and let them roam their hands freely. She has already provoked Riaz, who has started to press her tits roughly; he started to squeeze her tits with force and roughly massaging her tit like he is making dough with flour. He pulled her tit left, right, up, down, front and in all possible directions and squeezed her tit like there is no tomorrow.On her right side, Nawab was softly sqeezing her tits and thoroughly enjoying her firm tits. He pressed and squeezed her tits romantically and kissing madam on her arm, collar bone & her shoulder. Nawab has not grown enough, for his age he has just grown to the height of madam’s shoulder. So, he managed to reach only madam’s shoulder with his lips. He can’t reach to her neck or face as she is standing tall. I came near them and hold top of her nighty and get ready to tear it apart. Madam looked at me in anger with her eyes wide open and shook her head in protest while Jamal was kissing and sucking her mouth deeply. I winked at her with a wicked smile and pulled her nighty with both my hands in opposite direction. Top of her nighty was torn and her black bra came into view. I left her nighty with only its top portion torn. Nawab and Riaz were watching her milky white bare cleavage very closely. She pushed her chest area on Jamal’s chest and tried to cover her exposed skin. Hiding them from the view to others. Riaz still has his hand holding on her tits, but he could not press or squeeze freely as there is not enough room for him to access over her big tits. He waited for few seconds for her to come to normal position, but she wasn’t moving. He tried to pull her back, but she wasn’t cooperating, so he tightened his grip on her tit and made her suffer in pain. Unable to bear the pain, she came off away from Jamal’s chest and immediately Riaz pushed his hand inside her bra and grabbed her tit and tried to pull her left tit out of her bra. But it is not coming out of her bra as her bra is holding her tit tightly. He left madam’s hand free and used his both hands to pull her tit out. He pushed her bra down with one hand and pulled her tit upwards with the other hand. Rest of the men near her were watching in anticipation to see her precious tit and nipples.Finally Riaz managed to pull it out of her bra and freed her left tit. It bounced out of her bra and jiggled 3-4 times and stood straight like a teen girl’s tit, pointing straight towards Jamal. Immediately, Jamal took a step back to have a better look at her pointing tit. Madam felt ashamed and in guilt, in a hurry çorum escort she tried to cover her tit with her free hand. Just for a flip second she managed to cover her tit and on the next second, Riaz held her hand down and exposed her bare tit for them to view closely. When she struggled, her tit jiggled and made the boys to see a great show. They are pleased at the amazing sight they saw in front of their eyes. Madam’s milky white tits with brown areolas and dark nipple were too much of a pleasant sight for them. Nawab, Riaz and Jamal opened their mouth with a “wow!”. Shahul, who was licking madam’s ass, leave her ass and came infront of Madam and his eyes widened in delight and his mouth opened without his sense. Ajmal stood up from his chair and moved forward and approached closer to Madam.Before any one recovered from the pleasant surprise they received by seeing Madam’s firm and round big pointing tit, Madam’s young servant boy, Nawab shocked her by roughly pulling her right side bra and reveal her other tit. Her both tits bounced and jiggled due to his fast & rough pulling of her bra. Madam has not expected this roughness from the young boy.Madam’s mouth widened in shock and she looked into Nawab’s eyes in shock, shame and in anger. His Madam standing their topless with her giggling tits looking straight in his eyes, Nawab got mad at that, Before she could recover, and realize what is happening, Nawab, jumped a bit off ground and caught the back of madam’s neck with his right hand, when he landed back on the ground, his iron grip on madam’s neck made her forcibly bend forward and Nawab closed his lips on madam’s mouth. He sucked her lips and that made her struggle again and she tried to push Nawab off from her. But Nawab held his both hands around her neck and had a strong hold of her. Nawab thoroughly enjoyed Madam’s mouth and sucked her lips and tongue. He tickled his tongue her tongue and everywhere inside of her mouth. Everybody was in shock as no one expected this sudden aggression from Nawab. That too when his seniors are waiting in queue.Madam tried to close her mouth and tighten her jaws. She bites her teeth and closed her mouth and in the process she bite Nawab’s tongue tip. This angered Nawab and he slapped Madam hard across her face. Madam stood there dumb folded holding her face cheek in yet another shock. A shock that no one has expected. No one has ever slapped madam across her face in her life. Not even her father or her husband or me. This is the first time Madam is getting slapped by anybody, that too from a teen slum boy. Beyond that he is her own servant who was supposed to follow her orders. Madam was humiliated to the core of her life. She stood there unmoved looking at the ground and everybody around her stood there unmoved without knowing how madam will react. Will she go mad?Madam stood there still holding her face and tears flowed from her eyes and fell to the ground. Everybody was upset and about to scold Nawab. That is when Nawab took the lead and spoke looking at madam.“Randi, Kiss me. Suck my tongue, cooperate to me and I will show you heaven”While saying that he grabbed around her neck again and kissed her other cheek and forehead, eyes and nose. He also licked her tears and eyes. Madam was now in the height of her shame and she started to cry loudly with her mouth open and tears flowing more and more from her eyes. She cried like a baby. We are taken aback by this sudden events happening in front of our eyes. This teen boy has made madam cry like a baby and we don’t know how to react and how to make her chill down. For a second, I thought of leaving madam and let her go. But Nawab was so cool, he pulled madam’s palm which she was covering her cheek he slapped a minute ago. Madam has not made any resistance. She let her hand free for him to move. Her milky white skin of her cheek was red with three figure marks on it. Nawab put her hand on his shoulder and run his palm on her cheeks and rubbed over the red marks and then kissed on her cheeks. Then he started to lick, madam was not taking the hand away from his shoulder or she is not holding. She just had her hand on his shoulder like he left. Now, madam was not protesting or cooperating, but she was standing there crying like a baby and letting Nawab do whatever he wants.Nawab again started to smooch her and this time madam did not made any resistance. She let him access her mouth freely like the way he wants. Nawab now started to smooch her in all possible angles and rubbing her neck and back of her head and then he took hold of madam’s ass and he lowered his one hand and started to run it on madam’s back and then on her top of her curvy ass and then right over her ass cheeks. The he grabbed her ass and squeeze it hard. He took his other hand held madam’s hand and guided her hand towards his crotch. We stood there still in surprise looking at the boy’s guts and his sudden aggression. He reached his crotch with madam’s hand and he rubbed madam’s hand over his cock and made her feel his cock. Madam was not pulling away. She wasn’t holding his cock either. But she was like a doll in the hands of Nawab.I signalled the other boys to take a move. They almost ran to her and surrounded her once again. One hungry young low class, Cole coloured spoiled brat already is tasting the forbidden high class aristocratic & very fair body treasure of his memsahib and the other low class black servants surrounded her for their share of the treasure of her body.Nawab squeezed her ass and kissed her mouth and massaged her hand on his hard dick. Sensing the other boys have now surrounded Madam, Nawab broke the kiss with a “ppppcccchhhh” sound and when he took his mouth away from her, saliva strings connected their mouth and droll dipping from his mouth. Immediately, Ajmal her maid’s husband kissed Madam’s mouth and started smooching her. He held her head and smooched her hard. He was caressing her head and smooching her like a true lover. Nawab kissed on madam’s right tit and still holding her right hand over his cock. Nawab was licking every inch of Madam’s tit. But he was not licking her nipples are areolas. He licked around her areolas and teased her by not licking or sucking her nipples. He slowly started to lick around her nipples on her areolas, but he still won’t touch her nipple. Mean while Riaz, bent down and licked madam’s left white tit. He was madly licking and sucking the bottom of her tit and started to lick all around her tit. Shahul took his place behind Madam and hugged her from behind and pressed his cock on Madam’s soft jelly bag like ass cheeks. He rubbed his crotch all over madam’s ass holding her hip for better control.Jamal have no idea, what to do, he got jealous of Riaz sucking madam’s tit. He pulled Riaz off madam’s tit and he himself stated to lick her tit. He was licking her tit crazily. He caught hold of her tit and made her hard nipple poke even more forward and neared her nipples with his open mouth and that is when Riaz pulled his hair and pushed him away and he went to suck her tit but Jamal won’t let him suck. They both pushed each other and none of them is reaching madam’s tit. The two ego maniacs finally decide to share her tit and then Riaz licked her white tit while Jamal licked her brown nipples. He licked and teased her nipples with his tongue and made her nipple grow harder.Nawab also started to lick Madam’s other nipple. Nawab also licked and tickled Madam’s nipple and in the middle of few licks he took her hard nipple and areolas in his mouth and suck it like a baby. He wasn’t taking his mouth away from her nipples. He licked and sucked her nipples and finally Madam stopped crying and she started to heat up and started to feel the pleasure. She was slightly moaning and pushing her tit on Nawab’s mouth. Jamal has now taken her nipple in his mouth and sucked her nipples and his rival Riaz is licking her round tit flesh. Then Jamal took his mouth off her nipple and licked her tit. Riaz took his chance and took Madam’s nipple in his mouth & started to suck it. Shahul is now having his dick buried deep in madam’s ass crack and her ass cheeks pressing hard against his thighs and lower abdomen. He was making slow, up/down movement and madam was moving front and back according to the humping movement. Ajmal was smooching madam’s mouth and Madam started to respond by pushing her tongue forward for Ajmal to suck on it. I stood there and looked at the guys heating up madam. I took the seat next to Khaja and started to have a drink.Ajmal was smooching madam’s mouth and madam started to respond by extending her tongue giving access to Ajmal to suck it. Shahul the gardener is stroking his cock up and down deep inside madam’s ass crack. He was virtually fucking her ass crack. Riaz and Jamal are fighting with each other to take turns to suck madam’s glorious now hard nipples. Nawab the little servant boy is sucking madam’s other nipple. Madam has now forgotten her manners and all morals and let her ugly, dirty servants roam their hands and mouth freely all over her aristocratic body. This continued for the next few minutes and then, Nawab knelt in front of madam and cupped her pussy over her nighty. He started to massage her pussy and he could sense the heat in her pussy. He wanted to lick her pussy and drink Madam’s forbidden Juice. He rubbed her pussy over her nighty, madam slowly moved her legs wider to let Nawab and Shahul access her most precious private areas without difficulty. Nawab got his face so close to madam’s pussy area & he could smell her pussy over her nighty. She is all wet on her panty and her pussy smells excellent. The smell coming from madam’s pussy and he could feel the heat of madam’s pussy on his nose.Riaz & Jamal are still fighting to take turns sucking on madam’s left nipples, but her other tit on which Nawab sucked a while ago is now free to use, but both the boys are busy sucking and fighting for madam’s other nipple. Her freely left tits are bouncing and driving me crazy to suck it. But when I was about to stand up and go to suck madam’s right tit, Shahul left madam’s ass and moved forward to suck her tit. When Shahul stopped humping and pulled out his crotch from madam’s ass crack she looked back and realized he has stopped humping her ass & coming to suck her tit. Shahul put his palm under madam’s bottom side of the tit and pushed it up & down like checking its weight with his hand, he checked the beauty of madam’s tit and then he bent down and planted few small kisses on her big tit and then started to lick all over her tit. After licking for 2 minutes, he started to suck her nipples and she encouraged him by putting her hand on his head and stroked his hair and pushed his mouth on her tit. Shahul sucked real hard which made her moan again in Ajmal’s mouth. Her eye balls rolled back towards the top of its socket. Nawab realized that nobody is in the back of madam. He moved to the back of madam in the half sitting position and stuck his face between her ass. He sucked madam’s ass crack like a crazy dog. He had his face deep inside her ass crack and her ass cheeks holding his face on both sides. He has no room for air to breath between her ass cheeks. He sucked and licked her ass crack for some time and then unable to hold any more without breathing, he pulled his face out of her ass valley and breathed heavily on her ass cheeks, but he still keep kissing on top of her ass cheeks. I thought he will put his face between her ass again after breathing enough, but this time he slowly started to pull madam’s nighty up from her legs and raised it to her knees. Madam tried to pull her nighty down. But she can’t do it as she was hugged strongly by Ajmal around her neck and hips, she was unable to bent. But she was able to stop Nawab from raising her nighty above half of her thighs. Nawab tried to pull more of her nighty up. But she was not letting him do it easily. Nawab started to kiss on madam’s feet and licked her feet. He slowly moved upwards liking her feet inch by inch and then he started to lick her milky white shiny legs.He liked every inch of her legs for some time and keeps moving up. When he reached her knees, she started to move her legs, but he held her legs in position and kept licking knees. He licked her knees and then back of her knees and made madam to enjoy new pleasure. Her untouched knee joints were never licked or rubbed before by any male. So she felt very sensitive there. Nawab has now left madam’s nighty, but she was still holding her nighty up without realizing that she is holding it up for Nawab to lick her back of knees. She was in no state to realize what is happening to her. She was just enjoying all the pleasure she received at the hand of these servants. Nawab has never licked any body’s legs or knwws before. But looking at madam’s shiny legs and sexy knees, he can’t stop himself from licking them. Nawab then tried to push madam’s nighty up to lick her thighs. She was holding her nighty weakly so he was able to move up and he saw her milky white fleshy thunder thighs. He can’t hold back, he immediately planted few quick kisses on her thighs and then started to lick her thighs. He licked her back thighs and then moved towards madam’s inner thighs. Madam involuntarily widened her legs and gave access to Nawab to lick her inner thighs. When he planted a kiss and made a lick on Madam’s much sensitive inner thighs, Madam suddenly came to her sense and realized what is happening. She realized that actually she was holding her nighty up for nawab to lick her legs and thighs. She immediately dropped her nighty down and it fell on Nawab’s head and rested over his head. She tried to push Nawab away. But nawab’s head was already between her thighs and she tightened his face between her thighs not allowing him to lick. Nawab got angry and pinched hard on madam’s soft thigh. This made madam shake and move uncomfortably in pain. The nighty which was above Nawab’s head fell down and covered Nawab’s head inside Madam’s nighty and end of her nighty rested on his shoulder. Madam was now left in an awkward position and she could do nothing now. Nawab has started to lick her inner thighs and made her struggle unable to stand properly.Mean while Shahul is sucking her right tit and nipple which is very hard now. He could feel her nipple getting harder on his tongue. He enjoyed that and started to suck her tit more vigorously. Riaz was sucking madam’s left tit and Jamal was licking madam’s milky white breast and the valley between her breasts. He saw madam’s costly mangalasutra resting on the valley between her tits the sindoor on her mangalasutra locket. He felt proud seeing that, because by seeing her mangalasutra he felt like her husband is watching him lick her chest and breast. He is having best time of his life. He is licking the chest of an industrialist’s high class aristocratic wife between her mangalasutra and her husband or anyone could stop him now. He felt like the richest man in the world at that moment. Then he came over to her tit and licked on the fleshy big tit, he got jealous of Riaz licking her nipples and he pulled her tit from Riaz’s mouth and her nipple came off Riaz mouth and her tit and nipples jiggled like jelly. He immediately took her nipple in his mouth and started sucking her nipple with much aggression; he kept on slightly biting and teasing her nipple and then sucks it like a baby nursing from its mom. Riaz felt angry, as Jamal pulled madam’s nipples from his mouth but then moved on to kiss madam on her shoulder, neck and cheek. Then he came back to lick madam’s breast area.Nawab has now moved on to madam’s ass. He tried to pull madam’s panty down with his teeth, but madam quickly realized it and held her panty tightly over her ass. Nawab started to lick and suck madam’s ass over her panty. I could see his head moving under her nightly over her ass region. He then pulled madam’s legs wide & made madam to spread her legs wide. Still Inside her nighty, he changed position and came infront of madam and his head moved on madam’s pussy region. Nawab is kissing & licking madam’s pussy over her panty. She was already wet because of all the pressing, squeezing and kissing she received for around an hour now. Nawab sucked and licked madam’s pussy over her panty and made her moan in Ajmal’s mouth. Nawab tried to pull madam’s panty but she was still holding her panty, not allowing him to pull it down. She was getting hot and nearing an orgasm. Shame covered her, sensing that if this continues, she will be forced to cum on this little servant boy’s mouth & face. She tried to push Nawab away, but her push was weak and never bothered Nawab and kept on licking her pussy and made her leak her pussy juice. He could taste her juice over her panty. Then he teased madam by licking the sides of her pussy which made madam little annoying and she pushed his head & tried to move his mouth on her pussy. But Nawab was not moving to her pussy, instead when she pushes him from one side of her pussy, he goes to the other side and lick on the other side near her pussy.Madam can’t control and moaned loudly freeing herself from Ajmal’s mouth and begged to Nawab to lick her pussy.“No, don’t tease me, boy please lick me there. Please… hmmmmmyaaaa lick me….”Khaja looked at Madam and was really surprised to see how madam was enjoying this forced submission. He shook his head and looked at me. I smiled at him. He signalled me to give him another drink. I opened the bottle and took the glass and looked back at the action.Madam was moaning and pushing Nawab’s head towards her pussy. Nawab now pulled Madam’s panty and she was still holding it with her one hand. Nawab got disappointed again & went back to tease her more. Then, madam realized why he was teasing her. She again spoke,“ayyyyyeeee hmmm yaaaaa Take it down, do what you want, please lick me there….please hmmmm… pleaaaaaaseeee….”Nawab got happy and pulled her pantie to her knees and put his face on her neatly shaved pussy. He hugged her around her ass and started to lick her pussy mound and the cleft of her pussy and over her clitoris. She was moaning heavily and encouraged Nawab by pushing his head on her pussy. Madam moaned shamelessly,“ya, my… aye aaaa ya …. hmmmm lick ya, lick hard, ya, make me cum, ya….’Nawab kept eating her sloppy pussy and drinking her pussy juice from her aristocratic pussy. This is the purest pussy he is licking in his life and he enjoys the softness, smell, taste and warmth on her pussy. Ajmal now closed his mouth on madam’s mouth between her heavy moans.Ajmal looked at me while sucking Madam’s mouth. I smiled and winked him to carry on. I looked at Khaja. But he was not looking at Madam or the boys. Then I signaled to Ajmal to bring madam closer to me. Ajmal immediately hugged madam tightly and meanwhile Nawab has started to kiss madam on her pussy over her nighty. Ajmal kept kissing madam’s lips and sucked her tongue and inside of her mouth and slightly pushed his weight on madam’s shoulders, which made madam to make a step back and move sideways. He positioned her right side towards me and made her make a step right in every few seconds. Inch by Inch he moved madam coming towards me. The other boys never left their position. They moved like a magnet pulled by madam’s sexy body, they resumed their position within milliseconds when madam make a little step to her right. They chased her body as she was forced to move towards me without she realizing it. She was too much lost herself because of the immense pleasure she is receiving all over her body, especially on her pussy.When they reached near me, I went near her and grabbed her now panty less ass and rubbed them up and down and felt her soft ass with my hand and then squeezed her ass globes. Nawab kept licking her pussy and I bend down and pulled her nighty above. When I reached near her thighs, she resisted and holds the nighty and my hand and pushed down. But I hold her hand and pulled her nighty above her hip. She was red in shame and trying to pull her hand free to push her dress down. But I held her hand back and slapped her bare ass told her to stand calmly. I signalled Jamal to hold her nighty and he did as I said. Her pink teddy panty was pulled down to her lower thighs and she looked like a pornstar in that position. I grabbed her panty and pulled it down her legs and forcefully lifted her legs one by one to remove her costly panty off her. She was now completely nude below her waist. Nawab was licking her pussy well and making her leak pussy Juice for him to drink.I took madam’s wet panty and pushed it on Khaja’s face. He was surprised by the sudden push on his face. Then he came to sense and felt the smell of womanhood on his nose & realized it is madam’s wet panty. He liked the smell very much. He has never smelled a pussy that smells this nice. I told him,“Look dada, the slut is enjoying what we do to her. She is so horny & already has leaked buckets of juice already from her sloppy pussy. She is enjoying well with us. You are the only one not enjoying. Come on dada, feel the slut, take her…”Saying this I pulled Khaja up from the chair and pushed him closer to madam. I grabbed Khaja’s hand and placed it on Madam’s bare ass cheeks and rubbed his hand over her soft bums. Khaja felt the soft ass of madam and looked down at her ass. Her ass was shining in the sweat and looking very beautiful. That is very much enough to shatter the last bit of hesitance from khaja’s mind to enjoy Minu madam. Lust overtook Khaja’s mind and evil entered & waked his lust which forced him to grab madam’s ass and make small squeezes to feel her ass better. I took my hand away and moved away to let Khaja enjoy her ass.As Khaja started to enjoy madam’s ass with his hand, Nawab kept licking Madam’s pussy and madam was enjoying it very much as I could see her stroking Nawab’s hair. Shahul, Riaz and Jamal were sucking Madam’s tits. Ajmal was still smooching and kissing madam’s face. I could sense that madam was closing to an orgasm as he was very horny and tightening her body at times and pushed nawab’s head forcefully into her pussy and pushing her pussy on his mouth. Madam has forgotten all her morals and discipline and like a common wh0re, she is moaning and pushing her most private area in her little servant’s mouth. The boy who usually waits for her commands is now in a position of making madam do whatever he wants. I removed my dress and stood there with only my underwear.Madam was sweating heavily as she was now used by the boys for over an hour and from the pleasure she is receiving at their hands. Her body is glistening in sweat and making us mad. She moaned loudly and tightened her body and hugged Ajmal tightly and pushed her pussy up and down over Nawab’s face madly. This happened for two minutes and madam reached her first orgasm all over Nawab’s mouth and face. Her body trembled and she was wriggling like a worm. She had a nice orgasm and drenched nawab’s entire face. Nawab still tried to lick her pussy and that is when I grabbed Madam and pushed her on the table. I made her lie on her back on the table and pushed my underwear down. I stood between madam’s legs and took hold of my hard monster cock with one hand and pushed my cock in to madam’s pussy. It went in to her tight pussy. I started fucking her fast and aggressively. Other boys now started removing their dress one by one.I banged madam hard and made her moan in pleasure. She was wriggling her body in pleasure. I banged her pussy for five minutes and looked at the boys. They are all nude now, and stroking their hard dicks with their hands. I pulled myself out of madam, but she was still pushing her pussy forward to take my cock in her.I said, “Slut today, my friends are going to fuck you hard like you have never imagined. Look at their dicks. Look how you have made them hard”Madam who was lost in pleasure has now realized what was happening and came back to sense. She sat on the table and looked at the boys and her eyes moved down to their cocks. She looked one by one.Shahul was smiling at madam & showed his hard cock to madam shaking it up and down by holding its base. His cock is 8” long and very thick and he has hairy bush around the base.Ajmal was standing next to him with his big dick dangling freely. She was shocked to see his size. It is not so thick like Shahul. But it is very big. It must be at least 10”. He also have heavy bush at the base.Riaz has a big dick as well he is just a fraction small than Ajmal. He has heavy bush tooJamal has a thick and lengthy cock. He is having a length of around 9 inches and very thick than any other boys. He has cut his hair down there on his crotch and has very short hairs there.Khaja has a big dick too. He has a fat and lengthy cock. He is around 8 inch and very thick cock. Almost same like JamalNawab has the smallest of cocks in the group. His cock is 7 inch but his cock is very thick. He has very small amount of hair down there.Madam looked at their cock and got fear in her eyes and gulped saliva down her throat. The boys walked closer to madam and madam shook her head ‘no’. Madam stood up from the table and tried to run, but before she could take a step forward, I pushed her towards the boys and she was surrounded by them. Now madam was standing there between 6 nude lusty servants with monster dicks. She imagined those porn videos where a girl gets fucked by multiple Negros. Now she is in the same state. She didn’t expect her servants to have this big and fat cock.Madam saw Khaja in his eyes and asked him to save her. “Please Khaja bhai, let me go… I am not like that, please let me go. Please don’t spoil my life”Khaja replied, “Sorry! Slut, I know you want it. You were enjoying like a street whore before few minutes and now acting like innocent. Now be a nice slut and suck my dick. Come on, kneel down.” Madam was taken a back with this response. The servant, who usually waits for her orders on the gate and had run to do it many years, is now commanding her to service them like a common whore. Madam stood there speech less and started to look at the ground in shame and tears filled her eyes. Khaja placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her down. Madam tried to move away, but before she could move another two hands pushed her shoulder down and forced her to kneel down. As she was going down to kneel, Nawab grabbed nighty and pulled it up. Madam can’t resist now as her body is going down to kneeling position. Without she realized that her dress is going off, Nawab had her nighty pulled up above just around her armpits. Madam got into kneeling position with her bare knees hitting the ground and causing her soft knees landing on the ugly ground. Madam tried to pull her nighty down, but her both nipples were tweaked by the boys and that made madam to go weak in pain and loosen her hand from the grip on nighty and her hand was raised up by the boys and within seconds madam’s nighty came off her body and they throw the costly but now, half torn nighty of madam to a corner on the dirty floor. Madam can’t bear the pain on her knees resting on the rough and dirty floor. She has never kneeled down on such floors and she is nude too. Madam was crying in pain and shame. Khaja stroked his cock and slapped it on madam’s face. She was disgusted by the unpleasant smell & ugly cock. She tried to push her face away and turned her face towards right and Ajmal’s hard dick hit her face. She turned left and Jamal’s cock hit her face.She can’t move her face anywhere to safety. There are cocks all around her. She looked above at Khaja for mercy and her lips are very sexy and immediately khaja rubbed his dirty cock head on her lips. Riaz and Nawab also neared madam each one on her either sides and both hit her face cheeks with their cock head and felt the most respected face of their locality on their cock. When Khaja rubbed his cock tip on Madam’s lips, she moved her face away to right and spat to get rid of khaja’s precum on her lower lips. In the process she spat directly on Ajmal’s cock and his cock hit her lips and pressed hard. She moved away with a disgusted expression on her face and tried to move away only to hit Khaja’s cock on her left cheek and Riaz’s cock on the back of her head. Meanwhile, Nawab was on her back rubbing on her smooth & flawless back and hips. He kept caressing her and slightly squeezed her in between. Shahul who watching all these came forward and knelled back of madam and caught madam’s right tit from her back and started to press & squeeze them. He also needed her nipple at time to time. He also rubbed her abdomen and navel in between squeezing on her tit. He then pressed her other tit also, he was roaming all over the front sides of madam.Jamal came near madam and lied down on his back and pushed his head under madam between her legs. He took a deep breath and inhaled very close to madam’s wet pussy. He smelled the sweet aroma of the high range treasure of a high class lady. That too pussy of a lady who take care of the people in his entire slum. He was very much excited about his luck and what he has got now. He extended his tongue and touched her pussy. Madam gave a jerk of the sudden touch on her most private area. Then he grabbed her hips and smooched her lips which are between her legs. Madam moves her hip uncomfortably but he had a fine grip on her hips and kept smooching her pussy and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and tasted her forbidden priceless juice. A juice which he may have never been able to have in his life if he has not taken this opportunity. He run his tongue all over madam’s pussy cleft and licked and teased her clit. He then like a mad man, kissed all over madam’s pussy mount and thighs and lower abdomen. Then he started to lick from madam’s asshole and came licking all over her pussy, pussy mound and up to the top of her pussy mound. He was doing a helluva job on madam’s pussy with his tongue and mouth.Meanwhile, Khaja signalled Riaz and Ajmal, they immediately grabbed madam’s skull and positioned her face towards Khaja’s dick. Khaja forced his cock on madam’s lips and tried to push it in her mouth. But she was resisting his entrance by tightening her jaws and teeth. Khaja pressed madam’s cheeks hard with his palm and forcefully opened her mouth and guided his cock in her mouth and let her face free and held the back of her head and pushed her into his crotch and send his cock deep inside her mouth and it moved inch by inch in madam’s mouth and within a minute, hit her throat. She tried to shout, but her sounds are muffled by Khaja’s cock. She started to hit and beat on Khaja’s thighs and pinched his thighs. Khaja was not letting her go, instead he pushed more inside her mouth and invaded her throat and his cock went into her throat and madam struggled and saliva filled her mouth, and khaja could feel that on his cock. Her saliva drenched his cock and the drool started to flow from her mouth and immediately Riaz rubbed his cock on madam’s chin and made his cock wet with madam’s saliva. Khaja pulled back a little and then pushed more into her mouth. He continued this for few times and finally able to bury his entire cock in her mouth. His balls hit her chin and his curly crotch hair pushed on her nose. Madam has given away at that time, she was not struggling her head but she was struggling to bear the pain and pressure. She was pushing back on Khaja’s thighs. But he was too strong and she was unable to move an inch away from his cock.Madam could feel Khaja’s cock twitching and pulsating in her throat. She was rough handled by her watchman and she was never humiliated like this before. She was treated like a queen and today she is getting treated like a cheap bitch. Khaja moved her head on his cock few times and made her suck on his cock. Then he pulled out of her cock and let her breath for few seconds. Madam was coughing and panting like hell and spat all the fluid from her mouth as much as possible. Khaja’s cock was shining like a black iron rod dipped in oil and before she could recover, Khaja grabbed her hair and stuck his cock into her mouth and mouth fucked her again. After few strokes, he pulled out again and pushed her into Riaz’s crotch. Riaz took over and held madam’s hair and rubbed his cock on madam’s lips and wet his cock head. Madam was now not closing her mouth. She has given away completely. Riaz pushed his cock head into madam’s open mouth and brushed his cock on the insides of madam’s cheeks. I could see madam’s cheeks bulging from outside as his cock head pushed her cheek from inside. Movement of his cock head could be traced from outside on her cheeks.Then he kept his cock in her mouth, pushed his cock & filled her mouth full but only half his cock was inside her mouth. He stayed still and playfully pushed madam’s back of the head and said, “Suck me, suck me madam, suck…..”But she was not reacting. She was not moving her head or pulling away from his cock, but she stayed there with his cock filled her mouth. He raised his voice and gave her a slight slap on her right cheek.“Suck me, show me all your skills…. do it or I am going to hurt…’Her eyes filled with tears and started to flow down her cheeks and chin. He pushed her head again and made her move on his cock and filled her mouth with his cock and took his hand away. Madam moved her mouth off his cock slowly and kept only his cock head inside her mouth. She was not sucking him or completely pulling away. She was not doing it herself. She don’t want to give away her pride. Riaz raised his hand and gets in position to slap madam hard. Madam sensed what was coming and immediately moved her head forward and slowly sucked his cock in. Riaz felt proud and said,“That is it my…bitttc….madam, so, nice… ya, suck me….you know how to suck cocks”Madam slowly moved her head back and front and started to give him a nice blowjob. She started slowly and then suddenly took the pace. She sucked his cock vigorously; She rolled her tongue over his cock and made him even more excited. She massaged his balls and sucked him fast. In between she licked his cockhead and piss hole with her tongue and teased him. She made him go crazy and made him moan and grunt in the unbearable pleasure. She was giving him a great head & trying to make him cum fast. But little did she know about his stamina. Riaz held his head back and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving him.Khaja and Ajmal want to get sucked too. Khaja and Ajmal put their hand on madam’s head simultaneously to pull her to their cock. Then Ajmal took his hand off and let Khaja take his turn due to his age and respect. Khaja pulled madam’s mouth off Riaz’s cock and pushed her towards his crotch. Madam has not objected. Instead she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck his cock. She was still holding Riaz’s balls in her hand. She was massaging them and then shifted her palm to his cock and started to masturbate him fast while sucking Khaja’s cock. She moved her other hand to Ajmal’s crotch and grabbed his cock and started to masturbate him too. Her aim was to make them cum fast and get rid off that place. So, madam now resembles a scene in a porn movie, where a girl handles number of guys at a time. Madam was shagging Riaz and Ajmal while she gives head to Khaja and gets her tits and tummy fondled by Nawab as she virtually sat on Shahul’s face as he licks and sucks her precious holes and areas all around her ass and pussy.Madam Sucks Khaja’s cock with hesitation due the unpleasant smell from his dirty cock and salty taste of piss and strained cum. She felt like vomiting, but she knows, she can’t get out of this without making these guys cum. So, she continued to suck him with a disgusted expression on her face. She pulls his cock out of her mouth such a way that only his cock tip remain inside her mouth, then she hesitatingly move her face forward and with disgust, closes her eyes and take as much as of his cock she could take inside her mouth. She spat lot of saliva on his cock and tried to wash his cock head clean with her saliva. Her saliva drenched his cock and leaked out of her mouth over his cock and some over her chin and dropped to the ground. After 2 minutes, madam gets her hesitation away and started to give him a nice blowjob. Madam teased Khaja’s cock by giving small bites on his cock head in between. Khaja was not only getting blowjob from a high class milky white lady with cherry lips, but he is getting the best blowjob of his life. No, slum slut was close to give him the pleasure madam is giving him now. He was happy and excited as he is being sucked by the woman who ordered him jobs all these days.She was also teasing Riaz and Ajmal by rubbing their dick head and dick tip with her figures in between while stroking their hard cock with her soft and smooth palm. Nawab and shahul were kissing madam’s shoulder and squeezing her tits. Jamal was sucking madam’s pussy by taking as much of her pussy mound in his mouth. She was leaking pussy juice straight in his mouth and he was drinking them like the most expensive drink in the world as it is. He used his tongue and teased her by clicking on her clit. He gave a little bite on madam’s clit, which made her to jerk and wriggle her hip. She was disgusted by that act, she felt ashamed as she was getting bitten on her clit by a servant. She wanted to kick his face, but the pleasure she gets by his act is too much for her to resist him. She herself guided her pussy back into his mouth. Jamal resumed sucking madam’s full pussy and clit.This continued for some time and then madam gets frustrated as these guys are not showing any hint of cumming. She stared to suck Khaja vigorously and masturbated Riaz and Ajmal real fast. Riaz and Ajmal looked at each other and smiled. Nawab moved to lick side of madam’s armpit. He liked the smell of aroma on madam’s body mixed with the smell of her sweat. Madam’s arm was little raised as she was stroking Riaz and Ajmal. He saw the opportunity and smelled the armpit of madam and extended his tongue and gave her a lick inside her armpit. Madam was shocked by his act and pushed his face with her elbow. But Nawab doesn’t want to miss this chance to taste her sweaty armpit. He held her arm and pushed his face on her armpit and kissed her armpit. She was jiggling and try to push him, but he was not backing off. He licked and sucked madam’s armpit. Shahul saw this and did the same thing to her other armpit. This time madam did not push Shahul away but she was jiggling a bit as both the guys started to lick her sensitive arm pits.She was never treated like this before. She thought what more these perverts will do to me? Shahul licked madam’s arm pit and tasted her not so protected but untouched area. All these are very new for madam; she was struggling to take all the pleasure at once. She always wanted to enjoy this kind of pleasure but she did not like this forced invasion, that too by her own servants and their servant friends. She was in two minds, she wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible but she wanted to enjoy all the pleasure she is getting right now. Shahul and Nawab licked and sucked madam’s sweaty arm pits and cleaned her arm pits dry, but they are not stopping, they kept licking her armpit and sucked it in the middle.Madam was sucking Khaja like there is no tomorrow, but that old bastard was so cool and enjoying the blowjob of his lifetime & the pleasure he is getting from madam’s warm mouth and naughty tongue. His cock was rock hard like an iron rod; madam was in the state of crying as she can’t make this guy cum after all these hard sucking works. She looked up at khaja’s face. He was looking at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of madam’s red lips. He loved the sight how madam’s lips held his cock and moved along with his cock length. He realized that madam was looking on his face and turned his attention to her eyes, their eyes met and Khaja smiled at her and gave her a wink and made his lips in a ‘O’ shape and kissed madam on the air looking into her eyes and with his hand he signalled that she is great and doing a great job. Madam can’t bear the shame, she was embarrassed by how that old servant signalled at her like signalling to a bitch. If that shame is not enough, he spoke to her,“Bitch, I am happy that you are loving my cock, but brother Ajmal is waiting for a long time, show him what kind of a bitch you are, suck his cock like you did mine. Take him bitch…. madam”Ajmal waiting for his turn for a long time. So, at once he heared that from Khaja’s mouth, he immediately pulled madam’s head, Khaja’s hard dick came out of madam’s mouth with a sloppy “plouuuuppp” sound and hit on her nose hard. Madam tried to rub her nose. But before she could do that Ajmal stuffed his cock in madam’s mouth and moved her head too and fro… Madam resumed the too and fro motion and sucked him but now, she was not vigorous like before. She was giving him a slow rhythmic blowjob. She was still holding Riaz’s cock, but she was not moving her hand. She was just holding it. She had her other hand on Ajmal’s thighs, which Khaja then grabbed and placed it on his cock and made her hold it and stroke. Madam resumed the stroking on Riaz and Khaja’s cock. But she was giving slow strokes this time. She is not fast and aggressive like before. Ajmal was receiving a nice blowjob from madam. Madam was too good at blowjob, she was so natural on it, any normal guy would have easily cummed in her mouth in 2 minutes, but she was surprised at the stamina of all these guys. She thought only me, her driver is a rare breed, but she now realized, all her servants are rare breeds made to fuck like a****ls as long as they wants.After all these hard work and repeated fucking all these years, all of us know how to control ejections during sex. We have too much experience with countless slum girls & we know how to pleasure a girl and how to make her give us pleasure. In our slum, fucking is like a hobby to us; we fuck who ever we want whenever we want. We don’t compel any girl to sex; actually we never had to compel any girl for sex. Because, in our slum, most of our girls are open to fuck any male. So, we don’t really have any need to force them.But holding our cum against such a beautiful, smooth skinned fair woman like madam is a great challenge for the boys. But all of them are very well experienced and have great control over their cock. Nawab is the youngest, but he is a very dangerous fucker in our slum. He has fathered many c***ds in this short period than any others. He is young and he has great stamina. He could cum many times continuously without losing his hard on. For this reason, he was used as a breeder for many c***dless married girls from our slum and neighbourhood. He was very well known for his stamina in fucking.But little did Minu madam know about all these. She was bobbing on Ajmal’s cock and giving him a nice head. His black fat cock was now shining like a polished pipe. Madam continued sucking Ajmal and stroking Riaz and Khaja while Nawab and Shahul was licking madam’s armpits, neck and back. Jamal was sucking madam’s pussy and ass hole. Madam now has increased her pace a little bit and taking Ajmal’s cock in her mouth with so much of her saliva slicking on his cock. She was still hoping to make them cum as quickly as possible. Right then Jamal gets up from under madam and made Shahul and Nawab move. He then put his fore arms between madam’s armpits, held her and pulled her up. Madam thought something is wrong and pulled her mouth from Ajmal’s cock with a dirty sloppy sound. Ajmal’s cock stood straight rock hard & shining with her saliva. A String of the mixture of madam’s saliva and Ajmal’s precum connected madam’s mouth and his cock. Madam looks up at Jamal with a confused look. Others too looked at Jamal with a question on their mind.Jamal made madam stand up and then held her arm and pulled her and walked her towards the table. He pulled a chair and made madam sit on that. That is an old model big wooden chair with arm rest on both sides. Madam has never used to sit on that kind of furniture without cushion. That is a dirty chair with lot of strains and dirt on it. Madam was about to get up and speak, but he pushed madam’s chest over her tits and made her sit back and before she could make another move he pulled her both legs over each of the arm rests of the chair and made her sit on the chair with her thighs spread wide and exposing her pink wet pussy to all of us. Looking at her pink inviting pussy, Khaja positioned on his knees in between madam’s wide spread thighs and pushed his face between her thighs and smooch her pussy lips. Madam tried to push Khaja’s head, but Jamal pulled madam’s head and pushed his cock on madam’s face & then over her lips. Shahul and Ajmal sat in position near madam’s arms and they took each of her hand and sucked her fingers and licked them with their mouth. Madam was forced to sniff Jamal’s cock and she was very disgusted. She has never seen a cock smelled that worst. She took her hands off from Ajmal and Shahul’s mouths and tried to push Jamal away, but he held her head and tried to push his cock in her mouth. She pushed his thighs and tries to avoid his cock. His cock head kissed her lips and she immediately spat. He got little nice grip of madam’s head and held her in unmovable position and pushed his cock in her lips. She was not letting him in her mouth. So he looked at Riaz for help. Riaz who was near madam’s back held madam’s cheeks and squeezed hard, which forced madam to split her mouth open. Immediately Jamal’s ugly smelly cock moved into madam’s mouth. The woman who has been so keen about hygiene is now treated like a trash bin by her dirty ugly coal black servants. He pushed his cock so fast in effort to get most of his cock in before she tights her jaw. Madam immediately choked on his cock and felt very disgusted. He mouth fucked her holding her head in position and madam’s mouth was soon filled with lot of saliva. She can’t spit them all as her face was held upwards. Jamal made her drink her own saliva mixed with all the dirt of his cock and the unpleasant smell. Nawab now in half sitting position behind Khaja took hold of madam’s left leg in his hand and kissed her sole and licked it. Madam immediately got a tickling sensation on her feet and tried to push Nawab’s face away with her feet. But he was not letting her feet go. He chased her feet and licked it after few licks, she started struggling her leg and let Nawab lick it. Nawab then sucked her toes and soles and rubbed her feet on his cheek and lips. He placed her sole on his nose and sniffed and then licked it. He rubbed her sole all over his face including his eyes, cheeks, forehead and even above top of his head on his skull and back of his neck. Then he held madam’s other feet and placed each of her soles on each one on his both side of his face cheeks and rubbed her soles all over his face. Meanwhile Shahul and Ajmal were now licking madam’s armpits and neck areas. They licked her armpits and kissed her under arm and armpit and licked all over those areas and made madam’s arm pit wet with their saliva.Madam’s nipples are hard and her tits are juggling as Jamal mouth fucked her and Khaja licked her pussy. But there is no one interested on her tits this time. After few more strokes by Jamal in her mouth, madam stops struggling her head. Jamal realized it and let her head free, madam didn’t realized it and kept her mouth moving up and down on his cock. escort çorum Then madam realized what was happening but she does not stop sucking him as she knows there is no way out of this for her. Shahul got up and slightly raised madam’s left arm and planted a kiss on her arm pit and then placed his cock on her armpit and rubbed his cock all over her armpit. Then he let her arm free and held her arm down with his cock buried in her armpit. He slowly moved his hips and started to move his cock too and fro between her armpit and fucked madam’s arm pit. He was making smooth and long strokes between her armpits. Ajmal in the meanwhile was kissing madam’s tits and the valley in between her tits. He stroked madam’s mangalasutra (wedding chain), licked on its locket and sucked some part of it in his mouth and drenches it in his saliva. Then, sucked madam’s right tit like a baby. He sucked and pulled her nipples to some extent and then let it go. Madam’s nipples come out from his mouth like a rubber band released at one end and comes back to position.When he let her nipple free from his mouth, it hit back hard on madam’s tit and made her tits and areolas and nipple jiggle like a jelly bag. Ajmal then got up and held madam’s mangalasutra and immediately madam grabbed his hand and not allowed him to pull her Mangalasutra. He held madam’s hand then he held her mangalasutra over his cock and rolled it around his cock. He rolled her mangalasutra on his cock and took hold of madam’s hand and guided her hand over his cock which was rolled and covered by her mangalasutra. As soon as he made madam grab his dick, he started to move madam’s hand on his cock and made her stroke his cock along with her mangalasutra. He was making madam perform one of the most perverted acts for him, stroking her own mangalasutra over her maid’s husband’s cock. Madam tried to pull away at first, after few more strokes; she stopped resisting and held his cock hard along with her mangalasutra.She was now used to the perverted acts she was receiving at the hands of these servants. After few more strokes, Ajmal took his hand and let madam stroke his cock herself. She did the same; she was stroking his cock along with her mangalsutra which her husband tied around her neck as a sign of their marriage. Ajmal was proud that his madam is doing the perverted act for him. He felt like that madam is making Boss (Minu madam’s husband) to cuckold her for his servants and their friends.Riaz who was standing behind madam sniffed her head and stroked madam’s hair. He grabbed madam’s hair and rubbed it on his face and then he licked her hair and then sucked her hairs pushing them in his mouth. He then held his hard cock and placed a bunch of madam’s hair and rolled over his cock and stroked his cock with her hair. He was enjoying the feel of madam’s silky smooth hair on his cock. All the girls in our slum have very ugly & dry hair or oil drenched hair. But madam’s hair was so smooth like silk and very sexy like waves. So, I am not shocked why Riaz was feeling her hair on his cock. Her hair has attracted him so much, so he is making the most of it.Nawab now moved madam’s toes on his chest and rubbed her toes and soles on his chest and nipples. Then he stood up and placed madam’s right soles on his hard cock and rubbed his cock head on her soft toes. He held madam’s other feet and rubbed it on his balls. He placed his cock between two fingers and stroked his cock. But it is slipping out between her fingers. So he closed his cock with her both feet and his cock was crushed between both her soles. He started to move her feet along the length of his cock. He started it slow and then increased the pace slowly in each strokes. Madam felt good to feel his rock hard dick between her toes. She could feel the hard veins of Nawab’s cock on her toes. Madam’s feet felt so smooth and warm for Nawab on his cock. He liked the stimulation by madam’s soft feet on his cock. Her soles are so smooth like a baby’s feet and Nawab was stroking her feet crazily on his cock.In our slum, no girls will have feet like this. All the girls will have hard feet due to the walking on rough areas and hard work. Most women do not wear foot wear, so their feet will be hard and rough. If anybody has his cock in between a slum girl’s foot, his cock would have pained a lot due to the roughness of their feet. But here nawab, is living his long time fantasy to fuck a smooth feet like this. Madam’s legs shined because of her soft smooth skin and the sweating she has gone through all these time. This continued for some time, Nawab fucked madam’s foot, Shahul fucked madam’s Armpit, Ajmal fucked madam’s hand and her mangalasutra, Riaz fucked madam’s hair and Jamal fucked in madam’s mouth. After about fifteen minutes, madam started struggling and wriggling and moaned heavily, she shouted,“No,…. my god… please don’t tease me, please, i need you…stick it in, please”Khaja asked,”what you want bitch..”“Please put it in I can’t…”‘What to put & where bitch….madam…”“Dont…. teaaase…hmmmmmaaaahhhh…..Put your cock…”She started to move her hip up and down and moved her head fast on Jamal’s now fully erect dirty cockJamal, realized, that madam was about to cum and he started to maul madam’s tits. Madam herself squeezed her other tit. For the next few minutes madam moved her body uncomfortably and stroked her pussy on Khaja’s face and writhed her body. Finally she came hard on khaja’s face. Immediately Ajmal and Jamal run to madam’s pussy to lick her juices. Madam came hard and her whole body trembled in the wave of orgasm. She came hard on the face of Khaja , Jamal and Ajmal.Khaja got up and stoked his cock and looked at the other boys, his entire face and half of his head was drenched in madam’s juices like he just had a bath. He moved to have another drink, Riaz, Ajmal, nawab and Jamal all licked and sucked on and around madam’s pussy as she still tries to recover from the strongest orgasm so far in her life.There was not enough room between her legs for all boys to lick her cunt simultaneously. But, somehow they managed to lick on her cunt & taste her forbidden juice which oozed out from her cunt. Then Nawab left madam’s cunt and went back to her legs. He licked her legs and sucked her toes. He then placed her soft, white feet on his rock hard jet black cock and stimulated himself with her feet. He rubbed madam’s feet together over his cock and started to fuck her feet again. It is quite a sight to watch his Cole black cock between her milky white, flawless, smooth feet. He never felt such a smooth white feet of a woman on his cock before this, all the girls in our slum have feet which will have scar marks & they were much blacker than his cock. Nawab held madam’s feet together and fucked between her feet. He enjoyed the feel of her feet on his cock. He was amazed at the softness of her feet. He liked the sensation he gets when his dick head rubbed back and forth over her soles as he pumped her foot. He gets great pleasure from her feet.Now, other boys go to have a drink. Nawab was the only one left with Minu madam. Nawab took her feet from his cock and some of his sticky pre-cum was left on madam’s soles. He let her feet free & went near Minu madam’s mouth and pushed his cock in her mouth. Like she was waiting for it, she started sucking him immediately. She sucked him very nice and made his cock rock hard in just a few blows. Nawab fondled madam’s tits and kneaded her nipples. He grabbed her hand and sucked her fingers. After a minute he spoke to her;“Shall I fuck you madam?”Madam moaned on his cock, “hmmmm….”“Tell me madam, Will you spread your legs for me?”“hmmmmm”‘Tell me, what you want…”“Fuck”“Fuck…what…?”Madam extended her arm and pointed her finger towards her cunt hole.“What it is? Tell me where you want me to fuck….Don’t you know to speak it”“h…mmm…I… My….My….Pussy”“Then guide me”“Put on a condom”“What is that…I don’t have any such thing…You mean that rubber…No, I don’t like rubber…”“But…I can’t let you….”“Shut up and guide me….”Nawab held madam’s hand and guided it to hold his cock….“Do it fast….”Madam was hesitant, but she did what he said…because she knows she has no other choice. So, she made up her mind and she was so hot. So she wants to get fucked badly.Madam took his cock out of her mouth and held it in her hand pulled his cock and guided him to come in front of her and pulled him much closer towards her by pulling his cock. He came in front, and between her legs and his cock reached closer to madam’s pussy. Immediately madam, positioned herself by placing her thighs over the hand rests on either side of the chair and pulled Nawabs cock and placed it on the entrance of her pussy and tried to push his cock in her pussy, but nawab pulled back and Madam looked at him with a question on her eyes“Why, what happened?”Madam tried to grab nawab’s cock again, but he pushed her hand away and moved forward and smooch her and rubbed his cock on her clit and pussy crack. She can’t control herself and tried to position herself in such a way to suck his cock in her pussy. But he was moving his cock away from her hole and rubbed it all over her pussy.“Please, don’t tease me, put it in….”“What do you want me to put in”“ Your cock….”“Put my cock where?”“In my pussy”“I don’t have a condom, you are in fertile period”“hmmm… put it in”“do you want me to put condom on my dick?”“yes”“but i don’t have one”“hmmm… put it in”“Shall I go to market and buy condom…”“no… i can’t control”“then, you will get pregnant by me…. your little servant boy”“hmmm…Put it in”“tell me, will you be my c***d’s mother?”“hmmm….put it in”“Stop humming like that bitch… & tells me… Will you let me cum deep in your pussy?”“yes,..”“Will you carry my c***d in your womb?”“Yes… put it in”“Will you breast feed our k** infront of me”“Yes…Please…I will…Please put it in…”“Will you raise our k**?”“yaaa…hmmmm… Yes”While teasing her, he gave a mighty push forward without positioning his cock. His cock hit side of her pussy hole and then slide into her pussy. When it hit side of her pussy, she shouted in pain and pulled her hip back in that process, she pulled Nawab’s cock out of her pussy.“Bitch, you told me to put it in and then you pull out? Shall I go?”“no…but you hit the wrong place, I am …”While she was talking he gave another mighty push and his big fat cock head went inside her pussy and her pussy walls sucked his knob and closed over his cock head. Her mouth went wide open and she screamed louder in pain and her eyes were so wide and tried to pop out. She tried to push him off her. Nawab immediately closed her mouth with his hand and told her,“Don’t shout bitch…. Your neighbours may hear you… Then you have to fuck them too…Do you want to fuck them too….? Then go on, shout“Madam was shocked by his comment & idea. She shook her head sideways signalling big no. Nawab pulled half of his dick head out of her pussy & took his hand off her mouth and placed it on her shoulders and held her & then gave her yet another mighty push & half of his cock went in her pussy and she was shocked again and was in pain due to this sudden violent invasion. She was disgusted and wants to kick him and run away. She was in anger & also She felt humiliated and feel like crying. Madam felt enormous pain and she can’t bear that pain, but before she could shout in pain & wake up her neighbours, she herself closed her hand with her right hand and placed her left hand over it. Her screams muffled in her own hand & she was in shame & pain of her life as she was getting violated by her youngest servant & she could do nothing about it, instead she has to hold her own mouth to protect her pride from her neighbours as her youngest servant is causing her more and more pain & hunting her chastity & pride away from her. His cock was not big but the circumstance of his cock is so fat and his cock is very thick, that is why madam is feeling very tight to accommodate his cock in her pussy and she could not take it in.Realizing there is no other choice; she spread her legs as much as possible to let his cock in her pussy freely without causing any pain to her. Nawab enjoyed how madam was under him, with his half of his cock buried deep in her pussy, his cock head pulsating inside the most precious hole of his beautiful memsahib, a respected woman in their society, dream girl of many high class men, his boss’s queen, mother of two c***ds, a women much elder than him, all his thoughts drive him crazy and he was proud to be in that situation. He stayed in that position for 2 minutes and let madam’s cunt gets accommodated to his cock. Madam’s pain started to fade away and she relaxed. Nawab moved his head forward and kissed on madam’s forehead over her sindoor which her husband applied on her that morning. Nawab moved her hand away from her mouth and placed his lips on her lips and closed her mouth with his. He started to make a hard smooch, forcing his tongue deep inside her mouth, licking & sucking every inch of areas reachable inside her mouth. He sucked and drinks madam’s saliva and forced her to drink his.Slowly madam started to respond, she pushed her tongue back and let him suck her tongue. This continued for two more minutes. While having a sloppy wet smooch, Nawab started to move his cock back and forth in madam’s tight pussy. She was so tight that when he pushes in he could feel the pain in his cock as his foreskin was pulled back and gets pealed. But he managed it like an expert he is, he fucked her with short strokes and penetrated her little by little made her pussy gets accommodated to take his cock. Her pussy walls formed a big ‘O’ around his cock and gripped his cock hard and sucked his cock into her pussy. When he pulls out of her pussy, the fabric skin of her pussy wall gets pulled out for more than a inch along with the length of his cock. When he pushes in, her pussy skin gets pushed inwards. It forms a big ‘O’ around his cock. After some work into her pussy passage, finally his cock managed to find its way in. For each minute, inch by inch of his cock gets penetrated into her pussy. He felt huge resistance, and pain & irritation on his cock head, but he knows, there is no way he could let her go. He must use this chance as much as possible. He doesn’t know if he will ever be able to meet Minu madam after this day.When 80% of his cock gets penetrated into madam’s pussy, Nawab felt it is time to make her his bitch… Nawab increased his pace and started to fuck her pussy fast. He varied his stroke makes short and fast strokes and then suddenly makes a lengthy hard stroke which helped him to insert his entire cock in her pussy. His entire cock was now filled in her pussy. He pulled his cock out leaving only the cock head inside her pussy and then pushes his entire length into her pussy. Madam’s started to moan as he started to plough deep into her pussy. She was having a mixture of pain and pleasure from this young boy’s cock. After couple of minutes of fucking, madam’s pain slowly subsides and pleasure increases. Madam’s moaning started to increase and she herself started to massage her tits. Nawab started to bang her faster. The chair was making a cracking sound as it moved back a little at each inwards thrust. For each stroke, he increased his pace more and more. Madam closed her legs around his hips and locked her feet together and tried to have him much deeper inside her. Madam started to raise her hip off from the chair and meet his thrust in the mid air.Madam was now on the peak of pleasure and forgot all her manners and prestige & enjoying like a bitch with her young servant. An aristocratic woman, a housewife of a high class family, a mother of two c***ds. From her very young age, she was a dream girl of many men. Her beauty has grown as her age increases. Many multi millionaires wanted to fuck her at any cost & they are willing to pay anything for a night. But here madam was forced to serve her treasure to a little slum servant boy who works in her house. She was getting fucked raw in her fertile period and she doesn’t care about getting impregnated by a little boy almost half of her age. She forgot everything and enjoying the pleasure she receive from Nawab. They both fucked each other as fast as they could, Nawab and madam looked at each other’s eyes and in lust, and they both locked their lips together and invaded each other’s mouth.Madam was in the verge of nearing another orgasm. Madam moaned in Nawab’s mouth and pushed her hip upwards and met Nawab’s forceful thrust. Madam and Nawab were both sweating like hell and their body were shining in sweat. Madam looked much sexier in that position. Madam now started to ooze precum over Nawab’s cock and his cock is all wet & shiny with Madam’s juice. Now his cock is going in and out of madam’s pussy much easier but still her pussy is sucking and gripping his cock tightly as I could see her pussy ring still gets pulled by his cock. There was a sticky white foam ring formed around his cock which was due to the pre-cum from madam’s pussy. Madam started to moan heavily and broke her kiss. She moaned freely and encouraged nawab to fuck her hard.“Come on…. faster fuck… faster….hmmmm cumming…. don’t stop…I am cumming”Madam wriggled her body here and there. She moved her head left and right and moaned heavily.“Shall I cum in you madam…? Are you ready to take my seed and get pregnant?”“Yes, Fuck hard….Cum in me…. Om my god…. i am cumming…I am…. fuck…fuck….me”“Will you carry my seed in your womb? Will you let my c***d grow in you? Will you give birth to my c***d bitch…?”“Yes, yes, I will”“Will you cheat your stupid husband; will you tell him that it is his c***d? Will he believe you?”“Yes, I will cheat him and grow your c***d as his c***d”“You will remember our c***d as the symbol of our mating today, don’t you”“Yes, I will remember this day for the rest of my life when I see our c***d”“Will you feel proud to have my illegitimate c***d?”‘Yes, i will feel happy….My god I am cumming…fuck yeaaaahh…hhhhhmmm ya fuck”Shahul came near them and fondled madam’s tits and guided his cock in madam’s mouth. She sucked him without any resistance.Nawab kept banging her for few more minutes and then suddenly stopped fucking her but madam was on fire and she kept thrusting her hip up and downwards to take his cock in her. Madam with her legs around his hip tried to push him forward and make him fuck her. But he was not fucking her. But madam does not give up; she kept fucking on his cock by thrusting her hip up and down. Nawab made one big push into her pussy and stayed deep inside her, thus he pinned madam down on the chair. Madam tried to push him back but she can’t move. So madam took her mouth off from Shahul’s cock & looked at Nawab with question on her face…“Why…. keep doing it…Don’t stop….please… fuck me…”As Nawab relaxed his hip a bit, she pushes her pussy up and tried to take his cock even deeper, but he pulled out of her with a “plop” sound and some drops of her pussy juices splashed around on from his cock and Nawab tried to free him from her locked legs, she was not letting him go. She spoke;“Please… why are you teasing me….”“Bitch…let me go….”“No, don’t leave me…Please put it in…and fuck me…fuck me….come on…”“Bitch you are so horny…haang….What about your husband, c***dren, relatives & your parents, think about the prestige and status of them. Think about your pride and honour. You forgot everything and begging here to get fucked…Think about it again, do you want to get fucked now? Do you want to cheat your husband and betray your family pride? Do you want your servant’s cock in your pussy? Do you want to get fucked like a common whore? ““Yes… I can’t care them now…Please fuck me….”“You have lot of cocks here… don’t worries about my cock…Let me go…. Beg Shahul to fuck you”Update 12She was so horny and will let anyone fuck her at that stage. She looked in to Shahul’s eyes as Nawab freed himself and went to have a drink with his cock still very hard, pointing straight and coated in madam’s juices shining like polished black rod. Shahul asked madam;Do you want my cock in you? Do you want me inside your pussy?“Yes, please make me cum please…fuck”She pulled his cock trying to guide him to her pussy. But Shahul said, “Then get up”Madam immediately got up from the chair and waited for his order. He took held her hand and walked her few steps and told her to lie down.“Lay down here and spread your legs for me.”He pointed his figure showing the empty dirty floor to her to lie down. Shahul sat on the floor still holding her hand. She was hesitant and looked around for some other comfortable place to lay and get fucked. But Shahul pulled her hand and pulled her towards the floor and signalled to lie down.“Here? Are you mad, find me a bed or at least a bed sheet & pillow”“No, bitch, we have nothing like that, now lay down”“Get one from my house”“Do you want to have my dick in you?”“But in this dirt…? I can’t lay here like a trash”“I can’t hold anymore, Lay down or I am going to find another bitch to fuck instead of you”“Don’t call me bitch, I am your madam”“Ok, madam bitch, lay down”“I can’t laaaa….”As she tried to speak he pulled her hand hard and she lost balance and dropped down on his thighs, landing her big curvaceous ass on him. She tried to recover but, Shahul wasted no time, he just pushed her on the floor, made her lay on it and went over her and positioned himself between her thighs.“Are you ready to take my cock inside you Bitch…..madam…?”“Why are you humiliating me like this, please let me lay in some better place. This floor is hurting my back”“Manage it madam, do you want my dick or not?”“Yes, but…”He positioned himself better, lined his cock over her pussy and rubbed his cock on her pussy and pushed in up and down between her pussy cleft. He can’t believe his luck, he was so excited. He was rubbing his cock on the most beautiful and fair real woman he has ever seen in his life. He was over his boss’s wife, enjoying her nude glory. Before few hours he has not even imagined about this. He has seen madam’s bare hips many times and shagged thinking about her flawless smooth fair skin. He was dreaming about madam’s hips and praying to have luck to touch it one day. But now, he could touch anywhere on madam’s body not only with his hands but with his cock also. He grabbed madam’s head and started smooching madam madly, his cock was twitching over madam’s pussy and rubbing hard on her pussy mound. Madam also was so mad that she needs something to be stuffed inside her pussy right away. Madam put her hands between her thighs and grabbed Shahul’s cock. But it was so hard, she felt very difficult to pull it down from over her pussy. She wanted to stuff it inside her pussy, but she can’t pull it down to her hole. Shahul was not cooperating with her to guide his cock.Madam started to kiss him back as he smooched her. She tried to pull his hard cock from over her pussy mound and push it in to her hole but he was not moving his hips. Madam put her other hand over Shahul’s head and stroked his hair. She massaged back of his head and pulled him over her mouth. Shahul got excited and gave her rough sloppy smooch. Madam pulled shahul’s head away and looked in to his eyes with lust and begged to him silently with her eyes and with a sexy facial expression. As she signalled him to put his cock in her looking deep in his eyes, his cock got even harder and he mauled her tit with his rough palm. He pulled back his hip and let madam control his cock and lowered his lips towards madam’s mouth and she welcomed him with open lips for yet another sloppy smooch. They started to make out as madam positioned herself under Shahul and guided his hard black dick toward her pink pussy lips. His cock kissed her bottom lips and at once she placed it at her entrance, Shahul could feel the hot sensation of her pussy lips. Shahul immediately pushed his hard cock into her butter smooth white pussy; his cock started to finds its way in to her moistures cunt. Her pussy wall held his foreskin back welcoming his raw cock head in. Madam could feel his big cock head penetrating her pussy walls and finding its way into her deep cunt. She put her hand on shahul’s ass and pushed him forward and encouraged him to push it in.Shahul pushed hard to get his thick cock head in to madam’s soft pussy. Madam’s cunt was too tight that didn’t let way for him. He felt like penetrating a virgin girl. He kept pushing hard but madam’s pussy wall were pushing his foreskin back and resisting, not letting his cock in. He pushed again and his fore skin was peeled back and he felt pain on his cock. Madam also felt pain as her pussy wall was hardly pushed in. Her pussy muscle was stretch like it has never been stretched before. She pushed Shahul’s lower abdomen and tried to make him go slow. But he knows that he can’t step back because this is once in a lifetime opportunity. He may never again able to have a chance to fuck madam again. So he kept pushing hard and his foreskin was pulled back hard and he felt pain as his thin skin was pulled hard by madam’s thick pussy wall, finally his cock succeeded slowly begin entering madam’s precious pussy. Once his cock head was completely in and his foreskin entered her pussy, Shahul’s iron hard cock slowly moved in & travelled its way into madam’s warm cunt. it is almost victory for Shahul as he has achieved his dream of life. He kept pushing in and Madam shouted in pain. She was shouting and moving her head left and right uncomfortably in pain.Shahul stopped pushing and stayed still letting madam to relax and collect himself some more energy. Already 5 inches of his 8” cock is deep inside madam’s pussy and her pussy was sucking his cock tightly. He was happy in mind and his cock was severely in pain and yet he was excited thinking of the pleasure he was about to experience. Madam put her legs on either sides of Shahul’s hips and locked her legs around his back. Shahul’s cock pulsated inside madam’s pussy and she could feel it. Shahul kissed all over madam’s face and sucked her mouth and mauled her tits. Madam responded well by kissing him back, hugging him and stroking his head and scratching his back. After a minute or two both of their pain was completely gone and they started to feel pleasure all on their private parts, Only pleasure no more pain. Shahul slowly pulled back out of madam’s pussy until only half of his cock head was inside her. Her pussy sucked his cock tightly and the skin around madam’s pussy wall was pulled back along the length of his cock as he pulls out. He again slowly pushed back in until he felt resistance inside madam’s pussy. He did this few more times and her pussy started to relax and welcomed more of his cock inside. He increased and decreased his pace now and then. He varied his pace in his stroke and length of his stroke also differs at times. Sometimes he made deep hard stroke. Sometimes he made fast short strokes, sometimes he completely pulls his cock out of her pussy and then makes a big hard deep stroke to penetrate more of her pussy. Shahul was fucking madam nice and enjoying the best pussy of his life. Madam also is enjoying a completely new kind of man power and pleasure. She was roughly fucked by her own gardener like a whore in her servant’s hut and she liked it. She forgets all her modesty and pride and her family and their values. She was also enjoying like a cock whore craving for nothing but all cocks. Madam was roughly fucked by her gardener and she was enjoying it by closing her eyes.Shahul was so excited realizing the fact that he was fucking his own Madam for whom he works for. Madam raised her hips and met shahul’s powerful stroke in the mid air. Shahul now stopped thinking about madam’s pain and started to fuck her with more force and fucked her like a sex machine. Shahul was now sweating so heavily and so does madam. Both of their bodies were shining in sweat. Madam’s body was glistening like a diamond doll. She looks so sexy and she was all messed up. Shahul’s smelly sweat fell on madam’s beautiful body and mixed with her sweat. She never minded about the unpleasant smell of shahul’s sweat and body. Infact she now liked it as she was nothing more than a sex hungry whore now. Stroke becomes very powerful and madam was drilled heavily and crushed on the floor. Shahul was so excited and he realized that he can’t hold longer against madam’s tight cunt and extreme beauty. So he decided to cum deep inside her womb and plants his seed inside her and knocks her up. Shahul started to fuck her like a machine, madam’s pussy has now become so wet and that made a sloppy sound of ‘pluuuck flllluuuuukk…thaaa…fluck..” also madam was shouting in pleasure. Making sexy moans she and shouts in pleasure…. “aaaaanggggghhhhh, aaaannnaaggggg, ya, fuck ,fuck….come fuck,fuck…faaaassst, ya………bastard…fuck…”He also grunted like an a****l and their moans and grunts and the sound of their private parts crashing against each other filled the room and made others mad. Suddenly shahul felt a hand on his shoulder and shooked him. Shahul felt anger and without stopping his strokes, but slowed down his pace a little and turned his head back to shout at the guy who disturbs him. He looked at the man shaking his shoulder and immediately his anger faded away and only disappointment approached. He was still stroking, but his stroke was becoming weak and soon he stopped stroking. But madam was on fire and she was still with closed eyes, bucking her hip and fucking him. Soon she realized that shahul has stopped stroking and opened her eyes and saw him turned and looking up towards his back, she raised her vision above and saw Khaja signalling Shahul to get away. Madam got mad and angry at Shahul for stop stroking and angry at Khaja too for interrupting the fucking. Madam shouted,“Come on shahul, fuck me…. don’t stop… oh come on…fuck… start… khaja move away…let him ride me”Shahul was in confused state, he don’t know what to do as he was signalled by Khaja to move away and invited by madam to fuck her. With his cock still buried deep inside madam’s precious and soft cunt madly twitching and pulsating and oozing pre-cum in her womb Shahul was in two minds.Before he could decide, Khaja pushed him to side and said;“Don’t make it a mess; let me feel her raw skin & tightness…”Shahul replied,“Yes, Khaja bhai, she is very tight like a virgin girl. I believe, she will be the best fuck of all our lives”While talking to Khaja, Shahul moved from between madam’s thighs and his cock came out of madam’s cunt with a ‘plooopp’ sound, splashing liquid all around.Khaja replied;“Really? Is she that good? Let me check that”By saying that, Khaja immediately grabbed madam’s hand, pulled her up and made madam stand up in front of him. He slapped her across her face and before she could react he grabbed the back of her head and planted a wet kiss on her mouth and sucked her lips and licked inside her mouth. After making out with her like a crazy man he grabbed her throat, had her in chock hold then, pushed her back and made her walk backward towards the wall and said,“Really, Is it is true? what Shahul said is right? Are you that good? Tight like a virgin?”Madam tried to speak, But Khaja was so angry and he shouted….“Bitch…. shut up, I was thinking you like a daughter and had too much respect for you… I was worried to spoil your pride… But you just proved me wrong…. You proved yourself as a bitch… You showed your true side… you are a common street whore who will let anybody to stick his cock in your bitchy cunt, just for pleasure… Bitch, if you want more cock, feel my dick, let me fuck your brain out”He pushed her against the wall, let her throat free, took his hand to her back sliding it down towards her ass and run his hand on her ass cheeks and then grabbed her left ass cheeks made a couple of hard squeezing which made madam to jiggle and before she could relax, he slid his hand to the back of her left thigh and grabbed it strongly which caused pain to madam as her soft fleshy thighs were man handled. Khaja pulled her left thigh up and held her by putting his other hand around her hip. He held madam in a tight grip as madam tried to grab his shoulders and tried to balance herself. Khaja then grabbed his hard dick and brushed it on madam’s wet slit and clit. He rubbed his hard cock on her pussy mound, between her pussy lips and made his cock wet with madam’s wetness. He made his cock wet enough to penetrate madam’s cunt without pain. Khaja then lined his cock and positioned it on her pussy entrance and guided his cock in to her pussy. His cock moved inside madam’s still tight cunt. As she was very wet, Khaja didn’t have to try too hard to get deep inside her pussy. But she was very tight like a new fuck. Her cunt was so tight and it sucked Khaja’s cock so hard and invited it so deep into her. Khaja held Madam’s left thigh with his left hand and grabbed her ass with his right hand and pull her closer into his crotch as he started to squeeze her ass cheeks hard. He filled her cunt with his cock and then he waited for few seconds.Then he started to move his hip, started to stimulate her pussy with his cock. Khaja fucked her deep with slow strokes. He kept on fucking her so deep but in slow speed. He teased madam very well by making deep, but slow movement into her pussy & by her licking the tip of her nipples, squeezing her ass and rubbing her ass crack and around her asshole. He slapped madam’s tits and then sucked her nipples while ploughing his cock deep into her hunt. Khaja looked into madam’s eyes & her eyes met his. Khaja made a wicked smile as he banged his cock into her pussy. Madam’s eyes were filled with lust and she begged him with her eyes to make her feel better by fucking her hard. But Khaja maintained the same phase and teasing. After three minutes of deep and slow fuck, madam can’t hold anymore and she started to beg shamelessly to Khaja, asking him to fuck her….“Fukkkkkk…….hard….Hard…fast…faster…kahaja….You idiot….fuck faaaaast…hmmmmm….”Khaja changed the rhythm and made hard long strokes instead of slow strokes. This made madam jump off the ground at each stroke. He also squeezed madam’s tits very hard and created lot of pain on madam’s tit. Madam started to enjoy Khaja’s rough handling and tried to kiss him. But Khaja avoided her kiss and slapped her face instead, but this time not so hard slaps, but gentle slaps. Khaja wanted to tease the young bitch and he wants her to beg to him. He wants to control her and never wanted to let her take control. Khaja then held madam’s both thighs, pulled madam completely off the ground up in the air and pulled her on his crotch and made her rest on his cock and hips. But madam was not expecting it so she lost balance and almost fell on her back but she was very close to the wall so her shoulder and neck rested on the wall and she was pinned on the wall and on Khaja’s rock solid cock.Before she could realize what just happened, khaja held her by holding both her ass cheeks and begins to pull her hip up in the air and then bang her on his cock. He started to man handle madam, by pulling her up and down on his cock like a doll. . He is proud and feeling excited that he is fucking a young wife, a high class bitch, beloved wife of a big industrialist, mother of two..The feel of fucking a forbidden cunt , which many high class men were lusting for. Khaja was proud that he has got what those SOBs were unable to get all those money and wealth. He thought how those rich men would be dreaming to taste her cunt at any cost some day while Khaja is banging it hard. He felt like he is better and wealthier than all those SOBs as he has got what those men could only dream. While thinking like that, Khaja felt very excited and he showed it on madam by banging her deep, fast and with each stroke he hit hard between her thighs and she kept splitting her legs more and more with each stroke. Madam’s ass cheeks giggled like jelly filled bags and her tits bounced left right up and down in all directions.Khaja grunted and barked at Shahul;“Shahul, son… you are right, this bitch is so hot and tight. Her pussy walls are milking my dick…Never felt this tight inside when I first fucked my wife… But this bitch has already had some dicks and she is still very tight…… fuckkkk…fuckkkk…”Madam’s neck and head hit the wall as he manhandles her like a doll in his hand. He handled madam like his own doll. Khaja was working in her house for a very long time and he used to be a calm and lovely person all these years. She was so much surprised by the v******e by Khaja. She then adjusted herself and grabbed Khaja’s neck and get away from the wall and rested completely on khaja’s body. Khaja fucked her deep and nice. Madam’s huge ass and big tits bounced and jiggled like jelly as she was forcefully made to jump in the air and land on khaja’s powerful hips. Madam starts to co operate and started to jump on khaja’s cock. She started to stroke Khaja’s head and bounced on his cock. Khaja then slapped madam’s big ass and squeezed them hard while fucking her hard. He then turned around towards the boys with madam still bouncing on his cock. He slowly walked towards the boys with madam still bouncing on his cock. Madam tried to stop and look back but khaja slapped her butts and told her to bounce on him and fuck himMadam obeyed him and kept jumping on his cock as he walked. Madam suddenly realized Khaja is bending forward and she was hanging on khaja’s body by holding her hand around his neck and holding her legs around his hips. Madam tried to look back at what he was doing. Before she could realize what he was doing, she was laying on the old, dirty dining table and when she realizes that she was already receiving hard strokes into her pussy. Khaja made deep and hard strokes into madam’s pussy and fucked her wild and deep. Madam started to enjoy very much and she made some muffled and wild moans indicating that she was nearing an orgasm. Within few minutes of wild fucking, madam came hard all over Khaja’s cock and hips. As soon as madam started Cumming, Khaja pulled out of her and moved away. Ajamal, Riaz & Jamal, immediately came in between madam’s legs and started licking and stroking madam pussy and eat her pussy and drank her juices. All these while madam moved & wriggled her whole body uncomfortably bucking her ass and moving her hips up and down and moving her head up and down, left and right by holding the bed sheet hard with her hands on both sides.After the strong orgasm, madam was left lying on the table motionless, recovering from the strong orgasm. Riaz wants to fuck madam & he moved between madam’s legs and lined his cock, but Jamal wants to go first and he pulled Riaz away and they started to argue. They kept arguing for few minutes and finally they came to a decision and turned towards madam and saw Ajmal already has taken their spot and he has inserted half of his big cock into her burning wet cunt. Ajmal has mounted madam and she was still lying motionless. So Ajmal started to kiss madam and mean while he was pushing his cock into her cunt. He was penetrating her inch by inch much deeper. As his cock made its way inch by inch inside her cunt, he spread himself over her kissed her face and moved down to her boobs and licked her white milk jugs. He then took her nipples inside his mouth and started to suck them. Madam slowly started to come back to sense and tried to push Ajmal away. But he was so strong; she can’t move him away from her body. So, madam started to shout at him in angry tone…“Enough, move… move away…. can’t take anymore… I am tired….let me go…Let me go…Move….move…”But her voice fell in deaf ears. Ajmal was not listening to her. So madam started to cry mildly and begged him softly;“I am very tired….Please Ajmal, try to understand my condition….Please let me go…. I will come tomorrow….Now; let me go…Please….Move…Please…move…pleaseee…plezzz…plezz…plezzz”But there is only the evil in him is left. He doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to fuck such a high-class, flawless, milky white, young girl any more. In fact none of the men wanted to let her go… Deep inside, madam too doesn’t want to go. Only the situation and the numbers are making her feel uncomfortable. Before madam could speak more, Ajmal started to pull his cock out slowly, madam thought for a moment that Ajmal is very kind and he is so caring and she should let him fuck her another day, but she was wrong, the devil backed away only to strike back hard. Yes, when madam started relaxing herself and feeling good, Ajmal made a big hard stroke and thrust his cock in her so deep penetrating her deep inside reaching the new level where she has never felt a cock before. He buried his cock deep inside her pussy and filled her pussy with his ugly cock. Madam wriggled in pain, tried to pull herself away from Ajmal. But Ajmal was too strong, never allowed her to move an inch away from his cock. Madam was pushing her back head hard on the bed and tried to move back and with hard cries, she tried hard to pull out, But Ajamal was so cool, he kissed her on the cheek as she cried, he licked her face, then neck, then her ear lobes and he whispered in her ears;“Darling….Get ready, I am going to take you to heaven right now…”“Noooooo….Leave me…”“Yes, I am going to leave you as a complete bitch…Now you don’t cry like your c***d and try to push me. I am not going to leave you without giving you another c***d…”“No….You can’t do that”“So, you don’t want me to plant my baby seed in you?”“No…Never…”“Really…..? You don’t want my cum in you? You don’t want to carry my c***d in your womb?”“No…No…”“Let us see….Bitch, I bet, you will beg me to fuck you. I am sure; you will not let me pull my cock out of your womb when I plant my seed there…Will you pull out…”“Don’t’ do it…..Pull out…I am dying….I can’t do it please…leave…leave…”“Tell me bitch, will you beg me to cum inside you…”Madam has not replied. Ajamal has not waited for an answer either. Before madam could react, he started to plough her tight pussy with his hard, coal black cock…It is quite a scene to watch her milky white pussy swallowing and spitting that long black mamba. At every stroke, he started to move fast. Increasing his phase every second, he fucked her fast. As Ajmal increased his pace and fuck her hard, she started to enjoy again, her resistance faded away and started to moan slowly, closing her eyes and pressing her tits with her own hands as Ajmal licked her nipples. Ajmal has the longest cock of all the boys. His cock is around 10 inch long. So, madam had difficult time accommodating his cock in her pussy. After making about 20 strokes, madam’s pussy was used to his size. Ajmal put his hand on both sides of her, balancing himself off from her, in such a way that only his cock is in contact with her pussy and none of their body parts touched. In that position, he started to bang her hard and fast, he pull his cock out until only half of his cock head is in her pussy and then with much force, he pushed his entire cock into her pussy until their pubic hairs kissed each other. Madam started to move her hips up and met his stroke in the mid-air. He is fucking her like a machine with great speed. Madam started to moan loud with open mouth and begged Ajmal to fuck her hard.Mean while Jamal and Riaz came near madam and stated to share her tits, squeezing and sucking on them each of them taking one tits and enjoying her mammaries. At each of Ajmal’s stroke madam’s big tits bounced from the mouth of Jamal and Riaz. But they held her nipples inside their mouth. It is a great sight to watch her boobs jiggle while her nipples were sucked hard. This continued for few minutes and then Ajmal was fucking her like crazy. Finally madam was able to take 10” of his cock with ease and both their crotch hit each other’s with great force at each stroke. Now, madam has turned in to the ultimate whore. Ajmal fucked madam and made her moan louder and louder. After fucking her for few more minutes, Ajmal asked her;“Bitch… tell me now…DO you want me to cum inside you….?”“Yes…..Please don’t cum now….Let me cum and then you do it….”“Where do you want me to cum, bitch…?”“here” Madam pointed her pussy to Ajmal“Don’t signal me…Tell me bitch…Where? Where do you want me to cum…”“In my….In my thing…I mean… I… In my womb”“Oh…my, my bitch… that is my bitch… so you want your black servant to cum inside your womb?”“Yes, make me cum…”“So, you want me to impregnate you…”“Yes, make me…pregnant with your ugly cock”“What, you said, my cock ugly? Is that really ugly? But you are craving for that bitch…”“yes, I like your ugly cock…”“But you are so cute…my bitch…Will you be my c***d’s mother? Will you make a beautiful cute baby from my cum”“yes, I will… I will give you a cute baby…”“Now, make me cum….”“Yes, darling….You will be my c***d’s mom, my c***d will have a beautiful mom…Will you grow my baby, I mean our baby, in your home as your c***d?”“yes….Yess….“Yes, I will…”“Ok. Then get up let us change position, stand in your knees, stand in your knee and bend…”Ajmal, decided to shift positions. He then pulled Madam up and off the table. Ajmal pushed madam to her knees and he also kneeled down on her back. He bends down and kissed her ass cheeks, licked them, then tried sucking her ass flesh. After doing this for few times, he made madam to stand in doggy style. Madam was feeling difficult as her knee was hurting. But before she could resist, Ajmal mounted her and inserted his cock in her pussy. His cock went smoothly inside her pussy like a hot knife pushed into butter. He started fucking her by holding her shoulder. He then did the craziest thing; He grabbed her mangalsutra and pulled it, by holding her mangalsutra in one hand he slapped her ass with other hand and fucked her like riding a horse. .Jamal and Riaz moved close to madam and gave their cock for her to suck. She sucked them both changing cocks at times. Ajmal held her mangalsutra with his left hand, slapped her ass with his right hand and fucked her fast and deep. Her ass jiggled with each stroke. Whenever he slapped her ass, she tightened her pussy in pain and that squeezed Ajmal’s cock and send enormous wave of pleasure to his cock. He could feel her pussy holding his cock and sucking it, he could feel her warm, hot pussy wall, skin to skin on his sensuous cock head. She moaned loud with each stroke and even louder with each slap on her ass. Ajmal continued fucking her for few more minutes and then signalled to Jamal to take his place. Jamal smiled at Ajmal and then patted on Riaz who was watching his hard cock going in and out of Madam’s mouth. He signalled to Riaz to go to backside of Madam as Ajmal pulled out of madam’s pussy and moved away. Madam looked confused and turned back to see what is happening.She saw Ajmal’s cock shining like a polished black rod and it was dripping her pussy honey. Ajmal was wiping that slicky fluid off his cock with his palm and slowly stepping away from her back. Jamal approached closer to her and madam saw him in his eyes. Jamal smiled at madam as she was looking at him with lustful eyes, he pulled madam’s arm and made her stand up. He hugged her very tightly from front and locked lips with her. Her tits were crushed on his muscular hairy chest, her soft belly was rubbing his abdomen and his cock çorum escort bayan was rubbing all over her pussy and thighs. He cupped madams ass cheeks with his hand and squeezed them like preparing dough. He put his hand between her ass crack and rubber all over the valley of her ass crack and asshole. After a good make out with her, he laid himself on the ground and signalled madam to sit on his cock. Madam saw his big and very fat cock. She also looked at his ugly face and hesitated a bit. Madam was little embarrassed but lust is more in her, so she positioned herself placing her legs on either side of Ajmal’s thighs, she lowered herself and grabbed his cock and positioned it in the entrance of her pussy. She was very afraid because of his fat cock. She has never before seen such a fat and lengthy cock in her life. She has already taken the longest dick. Now she has to take the fattest cock. She was in fear that her pussy will be stretched very wide and may get torn.Madam decided to give it a try and pleaded Jamal to be gentle as his cock is very fat.“Look….Your’s is very big but I will try to take it….Don’t force me or push me to take it….”“alright…. Sit on me…”“I will withdraw, if I can’t handle it…..”“You could do…it sweetheart…. Sit, mount it….You can take it…”He grabbed madam’s ass and stroked it gently, he encouraged her to take his cock in her pussy. Madam rubbed his cock in her pussy lips and made his cock wet with her juices. She moaned in pleasure as she rubbed his cock on her slit.“hmmmm…..yeahhhh…..It feels so good…Hard like a iron rod…Please don’t force it in, it will break me in half…Please be gentle….hmmmmm yaaaaa…yaaa….here we go…ahhhhh…hhhhmmmm…aaaahhhh…..”Madam relaxed her pussy muscles and pushed his big cock head at her entrance. First few centimetres of his cock head finds its way in her cunt and then he felt difficulty getting in. Madam’s pussy was stretched wide to its limit, she was shouting as her pussy gets stretched more and more. She was in two minds, whether to continue or to step away, Jamal realized that and held madam’s hip, pulled her down on his cock. The pressure increased. Madam tried to stretch and relax her pussy as much as possible. But his cock won’t get in. Madam felt like her pussy is been torn away, she was crying in pain and her eyelids has gone so wide and her eye balls were bulging out of her socket and madam was so scared and she changed her mind to withdraw… So, with a loud “No….” madam was about to jump away. As she moved an inch away, Jamal grabbed a strong hold of her hip and gave a monstrous upward thrust. His cock head torn side of madam’s pussy walls and finds its way in into her pussy. His bulbous round cock head forcefully found its way completely into her pussy hole. Madam’s pussy has completely sucked his cock head inside and had a strong hold on it.Madam’s eyes were rolled back and she was crying loud in pain. Tears flowed from her eyes and she was beating on Jamal’s chest as if she was tapping out in a wrestling match. Jamal patted and stroked her back to console her. “Come on darling, hold on…. That is it…. pain is over… get ready for the real pleasure…”He raised his head and kissed her tits which were now shining as they were drenched in the mixture of her and all her servants and their friends sweat. Jamal licked her nipples with the tip of his tongue, stimulating it to send waves of pleasure into her. He licked her hard nipples and areolas, in between he took her nipples between his lips and sucked her nipples running his tongue all over and around her nipples. He then softly bite her nipple and pulled it outwards for some length and made her moan in pleasure and pain, all this while, he kept caressing her back & back of her neck. Mean while Riaz moved to the back of madam and gently placed his hand on madam’s bare back which looked like a milky marble. He roamed his hand all over her smooth back. He planted plenty of kisses all over her back. His hand stroked her hips and roamed all over the back and sides of her body. He moved his one hand over the curve of her hip where the top of her ass begins. He stroked her curve for few times and then moved his hand above the centre off her ass cheeks and he caressed the soft part of her ass cheeks, rubbed her ass cheeks and started kissing on them. After two minutes of sucking and squeezing, madam’s pain has started to subside and she was not sobbing anymore. She started to stroke the hair of Jamal as he sucked on her nipple. Jamal pushed madam’s hips down signalling her to take more cock inside her pussy. Madam also doesn’t want to back away after experiencing all the pain. Now she wants to get pleasured by Jamal’s big fat cock. Madam slowly pushed her pussy down on Jamal’s cock and let his cock enter deep in her pussy. Very slowly after every 3 minutes madam takes one more inch of Jamal’s fat cock, It took a while and lot of patience but finally Inch by inch, she took his cock inside her. When half of his cock was inside her, Jamal pulled her up a bit and made her lower herself on his cock. He made her to fuck his cock slowly and in few minutes, madam got adjusted well to his cock. But only half of his cock has penetrated her pussy, there was still resistance for rest of his cock to enter in her.Jamal lay down rested on his back and pulled madam forward and hugged her. Madam’s soft tits were crushed on jamal’s mascular chests once again and her mangalasutra was in between her tits crushed along with her tits on his chest. Now madam’s ass was split wide, Riaz was excited to see that scene from her back he placed his hand on her ass cheek and spread her ass even wider. Now, Riaz could see her deep crack clearly. He saw her pussy tightly holding Jamal’s cock; it was a sight for him to see her fair coloured soft spongy pussy eating the Cole black, rock hard monstrous dick of Jamal. His eye travelled above and he saw the shining ass valley of madam and then her pink ass hole. He bent down and took a deep breath between madam’s ass cheeks. He smelled her ass crack and breathed above her ass hole. He inhaled between madam’s ass cheeks in her ass crack and took that air to his lungs. The sweat and sweet aroma of madam’s ass made him crazy and his mouth opened in excitement and his tongue extended out of his mouth and landed on madam’s ass hole. Madam jerked up on the touch and bounced on Jamal’s cock. Riaz again licked her ass hole, this time madam has not jumped but she is moving her ass uncomfortably. But Riaz chased her ass and licked her asshole continuously. Soon, madam was used to the licking and she started to enjoy the rim rob she received from Riaz. She wasn’t Jiggling any more. Instead, she started to move her hip and fucked Jamal, in the meanwhile pushed her ass on the face of Riaz’s face and her ass hole in his mouth.Riaz continued licking for few minutes as Jamal’s cock found more space inside madam’s pussy. By that time ¾ th of his cock was inside madam’s pussy. Soon Riaz has made madam’s ass muscles to relax and he inserted an inch of his tongue inside her asshole. Then he used his figure to massage and penetrate her asshole. Jamal now, held madam’s hip and started to fuck her fast from under her. Riaz has now made madam’s asshole wet and sloppy.Madam was now enjoying the fucking of Jamal and the tongue job of Riaz. Jamal’s cock has completely filled madam’s pussy and she was enjoying the feel as his cock completely brushed everywhere inside her pussy and stimulated each and every millimetre of her cunt. As madam was in seventh heaven, enjoying the pleasure she receives, Riaz positioned himself behind madam and lined his cock to enter madam’s ass. He signalled Jamal to hold her in position and so did Jamal. He hugged her tightly and made small strokes. This allowed Riaz to line and aim madam’s ass perfectly. Without wasting much time he pushed his cock on madam’s asshole and knocked her back door entrance. Realizing the unexpected invasion, Madam immediately jerked and tried to move, but she was held strongly by Jamal’s arms.Madam tried to look back but Jamal won’t let her move, he grabbed her head and locked lips with her, started to suck her mouth. Riaz pushed hard, but he could not get in, instead his cock was bending. Madam wriggled her ass and struggled, but Jamal held her strongly in such a way that she can’t move her upper body or hand. Riaz tried hard to penetrate madam’s ass, but he can’t succeed. Madam pushed her asshole oust and resisted the invasion, not allowing the ugly dick of her servant to open her back door. Riaz saw her resistance and slapped her ass hard which made madam wriggle in pain and she cried and her voice muffled in Jamal’s mouth. Again, riaz tried to push his cock in her ass hole. Madam somehow released her mouth from Jamal’s smooch and shouted angrily at Riaz.“Hey stupid, what are you trying to do to me…You moron has showed your true colour, Unhygienic mother fucker….there is no difference between you and a****ls. Who will fuck there? It is not for putting your stupid cock; bring your cock in front of me. I will suck you. Don’t put it in there. Come here…”“You bitch, you enjoyed when I licked there. You moaned in pleasure and pushed your asshole in my mouth like a bitch. Now, when there is some pain, you are talking about hygiene, Yes, I am a mother fucker you whore, I won’t even leave such a cute ass even it is of my mother’s, How can I leave yours? Shut up and open your ass…You bitch…”Riaz tried again, but madam won’t give away, she was ready to take the pain outside, but she won’t allow the monster in her asshole and take the serious damages it may cause. She also felt that as a disgusting act, according to her, anal sex is an a****listic act, no cultural woman from a decent family could try that. Now, she can’t accept the fact it is about to happen to her. She was much embraced & that is when she really felt like she has been stripped nude. She realized who she is, her mom, dad, husband, c***dren, pride, the way she get respected by the locality and by the VIPs. Everything came into her view, she felt like lost and felt humiliated. She cried thinking about what this low class servant is doing to her. She cried thinking about how her lust has turned her into this bad of a situation. Madam was weeping like a baby. But Riaz won’t let her survive; he pushed his cock on her asshole entrance and gave her another tight slap, and pushed his dick hard at her tiny ass hole. Madam in unbearable pain freed herself from Jamal’s mouth and cried out loud from her stomach with her mouth stretched beyond the limit, her entire body muscles were tightened up, her nerves in the neck and chest area bulged and pushed her skin, her wide eyes were trying to jump out of its socket. That was a smart plan by Riaz. His plan was to slap madam’s ass hard & when she relaxes her asshole with the pain from his slap he could push his dick in madam’s ass hole and find entry into her most private hole where no one has ever penetrated. Yes, his plan was a good one, madam indeed relaxed her sphincter muscle when he slapped her ass cheeks hard, but what went wrong is, when he pushed his cock to penetrate madam’s asshole, half an inch of the tip of his cock head split her asshole and find its way between her sphincter muscle, the pressure of his push made his cock head push her asshole inwards, but instead of finding its way into her asshole, his cock bend sideways, almost causing him a Penile fracture. With that he realized, how tight her ass is and it is almost impossible to penetrate her tiny hole with his monstrous cock. At least it is impossible to get his cock in her ass without any serious injury. He sensed that, before he could fuck her in her ass, her ass needs to be well lubricated and loosened up with good slow penetration and hard fucking with some small cock like something of her husband’s size. But Riaz don’t want to give up, he can’t leave that cute ass of Minu Madam. He tried hard for few minutes and can’t even get an inch inside her. So, he doesn’t want to waste his time and energy. So, he backed away and decided to fuck her pussy instead. He then got a strange idea. SO, he split open madam’s cock filled pussy lips with his figures and pushed his cock in Madam’s pussy which was already filled by Jamal’s cock. Jamal understood Riaz’s intention and he cooperated by adjusting his cock and making room for Riaz to try and enter. After few slow pushes in the small gap between madam’s pussy and Jamal’s cock. Madam realized what was happening, she was very embarrassed and she begged them to stop. She felt unbearable pain again. Riaz was able to get an inch of his cock inside madam’s pussy. Riaz, Jamal and the other boys who were watching the crazy acts of Riaz thought, Madam’s pussy easily shrinks and stretches like an elastic.Madam realized how bad of a situation she has got herself into. But she could not escape an inch away, after few hard pushes and adjustments between the two cocks; Riaz was able to get half of his cock inside minu madam’s pussy. Her pussy was stretched so wide like bearing a c***d. For few seconds, Jamal and Riaz kept their cock inside Madam’s cunt without moving in or out. Riaz panted heavily after all these hard pushing into minu madam’s ass and pussy. He failed to penetrate her ass but he succeeded penetrating madam’s pussy along with his foe Jamal. Madam was crying like a little girl as she has been invaded by two monstrous cocks simultaneously. Madam felt embarrassed as she was double penetrated by these toilet cleaning servants. She thought of those porn stars in the porn clips taking two cocks up their pussy and ass. She realized her situation is worse than them. At least they were give lot of lube, lubrication with dildos and vibrators and trials too before performing on camera. But she had no second chance or never shown any mercy or asked for acceptance. They are using her like a bitch they have paid. They are treating her like a fuck machine. While she was thinking like that and weeping, Jamal and Riaz started to move their cock slowly and made slow short strokes. They worked in unison and slowly, inch by inch they were able to get deeper in Madam’s pussy. Madam felt like they were pulling her pussy from all the sides and tearing it apart. Her pussy was stretched too much and she was about to faint. Her eyes rolled back and she went limp, Riaz and Jamal grabbed one boob each and kneaded her nipples, which send waves of pleasure to madam and she started to moan slowly. They squeezed her tits and kneed her nipples as they keep thrusting in and out of her ultra-stretched cunt. This goes on for a while, and then the boys increased the depth of their stroke. But the pace is still slow as they want madam to enjoy her first ever DPP.Madam would have never imagined she will be taking two cocks in her pussy simultaneously. But here she is now fucked by two monstrous cocks of low class servants who used to clean floor and bathrooms. The fucking continued and soon madam’s pain disappeared and pleasure started to increase. Madam’s cry has now changed into sexy and erotic moaning, also it became louder and louder at each stroke. Madam now started to push her ass back to meet the stroke the boys makes into her pussy. All three of them are now moving in a rhythm, especially madam looks very sexy, the way she moved her hips and the way her boobs bounced, made me mad. Madam looks perfectly like a skilled porn star. Soon they started to fuck much faster. Madam the high class house wife, a respected wife of an industrialist, mother of two c***dren, has forgotten all her pride, manners and relations once again and like a cheap whore she was enjoying with open mouth, loud moans and closed eyes. She was drilled hard by the low class servants and she loves it. Madam moaned and started to shout loud,“I am …cummming … fuck…fuck me hard…. Don’t stop… it feels so good…fuckkkkkk”They were sweating like hell, madam’s strange moans and loud cry has made the boys go crazy and they fucked her hard and deep. Jamal has now raised madam a little from him and started banging her hard from under her and Riaz held madam’s shoulder and banged her even harder. Madam was has her hand over Jamal’s chests for balance and her face was looking at the ceiling with closed eyes and open mouth she moaned loud as her boobs bounced and jiggled and her mangalsutra dangled. Madam’s whole body is shining in sweat. Madam grabbed Jamal’s chest hard and squeezed it and wriggled and shouted loud indicating that she is Cumming… She came hard on Riaz’s cock and all over Jamal wetted all over his thighs and abdomen with her fluid and then collapsed on Jamal. Riaz pulled out his cock from madam’s pussy as she started to have her orgasm and then he pulled Jamal’s dick out of her pussy too. He spread her ass with both his hands and buried his face between her ass cheeks. He licked her pussy and drank her Juices. Jamal hugged madam and stroked her head, her sweaty back and hips. After that Jamal made madam to lie down on the floor and went for another drink. Riaz continued licking her pussy. Nawab then came and kneeled down near madam’s face and kissed her mouth and had a sloppy make out with her. He then shook his cock and guided it into madam’s mouth. She took it without hesitation and started sucking it like lollipop.Khaja also came near madam; he patted Riaz’s shoulder in appreciation and signalled him to move away to make room for him. Khaja then rolled madam to her belly and slapped her glorious ass mounts and made them jiggle like jelly. Then he pulled her hip up and made her to position in doggy style. He positioned himself by kneeling down behind madam and mounted her pussy from behind. This time his cock went in with ease. He doesn’t have to spend lot of energy to penetrate her moist cunt. Khaja started to fuck madam very hard and fast like there is no tomorrow. Madam had hard time maintaining the doggy position. Madam’s cunt has well accommodated to Khaja’s dick. He was enjoying each and every stroke he makes into madam’s cunt. He was flying in heaven. She have tight cunt, but khaja wants to feel her pussy walls sucking his cock tighter. So he slapped madam’s ass cheek hard. Madam felt pain and immediately tightened her ass and pussy muscles because of the sudden pain. When she tightened her muscles, her pussy walls, muscles from all sides sucked Khaja’s cock very tightly and that excited khaja a lot. Nawab understood what Khaja was doing and he told to madam that an experienced man knows how to squeeze the best out of the whores. Madam was embarrassed and doesn’t know how to respond, but she gave away her fate in the mercy of her servants. She moaned and cried louder in pain and pleasure she received by her low class, un educated, fuckers.She sucked Nawab’s cock while Khaja stared fucking very fast like express engine with deep hard strokes into her pussy and also hard slaps on her ass cheeks. Soon madam got hot again and started to show her slutty side by moaning like a whore and begging Khaja to fuck her hard. Khaja grunted and tightened his ass muscles and fucked her hard and harder. Then he suddenly changed his pace and slowed himself but with deep powerful strokes, he pumped his cock deep into madam’s pussy. Khaja grunted like an a****l and his body trembled and his ass tightened and his balls started to contrast and his cock started to spurt thick baby making seeds inside her womb. Madam realized it and tried to move away, but Khaja had her in control. As she tried to move away, Khaja lowered his body weight on Madam and pinned her on the ground crushing her body with his on the floor. Madam was crushed between the floor and Khaja’s still Mascular body. He pushed his dick deeper into madam’s cunt and splashed globe after globe of thick semen into her womb his cum overflowed and moved along her pussy walls. He was lying on top of madams with her lying flat on the ground. His thighs and croch were pressing hard on madam’s ass mount as his cock kept pulsating in her womb. He kept Cumming inside her pussy for a while and madam was pushing her ass back to get his cock deep inside her pussy.She has forgotten all the fear of getting pregnant. She is now a complete cock hungry slut who has given away all her modesty and pride just for the physical pleasure she receive at the hands of her low class servants and their friends. Khaja filled his mature seeds into his owner’s wife, a girl at the age younger than his youngest daughter; he filled the young housewife’s pussy and her womb. Khaja’s body trembled and shooked at each spurt of cum his cock ejected. Finally when Khaja finished Cumming, he was sweating like hell. He gave last few strokes into madam’s pussy and withdraws his semi hard cock out of her pussy with a ‘plop’ sound. Once his cock came out of her cunt, Madam’s pussy hole was like a large ‘O’ which immediately started to shrink and covered the pit and looked very tight again. Little globe of cum leaked from her pussy.Khaja moved away from Madam and immediately Nawab mounted madam again. He Pushed his cock in to her pussy with ease. Riaz came forward near madam’s head and guided his cock to madam’s mouth to get it sucked. Madam was tired and disgusted by the cum-treatment she just received from Khaja in her womb. She tried to move away and get up. But Nawab held her hip and pulled her towards him madam lost balance and fell on the ground in her side. Nawab followed her and placed his body behind her and held her shoulder from behind, he held her thighs and parted her legs. He pulled her thigh and leg up, placed it over his thighs and legs and moved his hip behind her ass and his crotch between her thighs and positioned his cock near her cunt. He placed his cock head on madam’s pussy and then pushed it into her cunt, filled her cunt with his cock and immediately picked up the phase fucking her real hard from her back side, but he felt hard to balance himself to maintain his pace. He can’t fuck her real fast in that position. So he pulled out from madam’s cunt and without wasting any second, he pulled madam sideways and made her lay on her back and moved on top of her pinning her under him and spread her thighs around his sides. He shifted position and mounted madam in missionary style.He put her legs on his shoulder, and moved his hips much faster like a machine and banged her real hard, sending his hard dick into her womb like a bullet. Meanwhile he mauled her boobs with his hands like preparing dough. He fucked her for long time in that position and madam enjoyed every bit of it. After fucking her for well over fifteen minutes, he started to grunt and gave a hard push, placing his cock as deep as possible inside her pussy and he started to deposit his cum deep inside her womb. After few sprints, he stopped Cumming. So he started to stroke his cock slowly inside her pussy and extracted more cum out of his cock and splashed them inside her pussy. Then he started to move his hips again and started fucking her hard again. Jamal came forward and waited to fuck Madam expecting Nawab to move away. But Nawab kept fucking her. It is already morning and the sun is shining bright outside.Nawab’s cock was still rock hard even after cumming inside Madam’s womb. Nawab continued fucking her for few more minutes and madam was surprised at his stamina. But she liked it and raised her hips up bucked her ass in the air to meet his thrust. Nawab looked into madam’s eyes and she too met her eyes with his. They looked into each other’s eyes with full of lust. Nawab kept looking into Madam’s eyes as he mauled her tits and rammed her pussy. He then left her tit after a good hard squeeze making it jump. He moved his hand to her abdomen and stroked her tummy with his figures. He winked looking into madam’s eyes and told her with a perverted smile.“I have already put my baby in here. But I can’t get enough of you. May be I will put more babies inside you.”Madam just kept looking into his eyes with lust. Nawab continued:“Are you ready to take more my babies, will you carry them inside you”Madam shook her head in agreement and closed her eyes in shame and moaned louder like a cheap slut. She has forgotten who she is. She is now not more than a whore. She is in a state of mind in which she will let any cock slide in her cunt. No matter how ugly or dirty it is, she just needs cock filled in her cunt and get fucked.Nawab kept fondling her precious aristocratic body with his hands and fucked madam with his young but experienced cock. Madam raised her hips and met his thrust in the mid-air. After fucking her for more than 30 minutes, he withdraw his still rock hard cock to let Jamal take his place. But madam was on fire, after Nawab pulled out of her, she raised her hip 3 times in the same rhythm which she maintained when he was pumping her. She was expecting more and more deep fucking from nawab. But he pulled out without warning her about it. Nawab has not cummed this time, but he must have satisfied or he wants to give others their turn so he moved away and walked towards the door pulling a towel wrapped around his hips, covering his wet, hard dick and walked outside the hut. I looked at him walking out of the hut and thought, that he May be going to get some fresh air as he has done some real hard work in madam’s Cunt. In the meantime, Shahul joined Riaz to get his cock sucked by madam.Jamal took Nawab’s place and laid on top of madam and sucked her tits, Madam’s hand searched for his cock and found it. She positioned her pussy perfectly to take his cock in and then guided his cick head into her pussy hole. Once, madam guided his cock head into her love tunnel, Jamal made a huge forward thrust and filled her cunt with the entire length of his cock. Although, madam was not expecting it, she was excited to have his big cock in her again. Jamal gave her few short powerful strokes and then he started fucking her madly. Her sloppy pussy is now a mess with cum filled into it. Jamal cock and madam’s pussy walls were all full of white sticky cum small sexy bubbles. Jamal held madam’s legs together and raised it up in air that made her pussy tighter and her pussy walls held his cock firmly. He fucked her hard for some times in the same position. Then he rolled her over to her belly and mounted her from her back. Madam was laying flat on her stomach and Jamal entered his cock from behind her and then lied on top of her with his cock deeply buried in her pussy. He starts to fuck madam’s cunt, his thighs hit her jelly bottom mounts hard and his balls hit her asscrack at each stroke and that made a lot of noise as he was fucking her from her back. The sound of his thighs and balls hitting her fleshy ass made a sexy “thuck…thuck…thuckkkk….” sound which excited Jamal. This continued for a long time. Madam’s ass was drenched in the mixture of her sweat and his sweat and it is milky white, very glossy, shined in the low light inside of that hut. It jiggled like Jelly filled bags and it looked very sexy and erotic. It is quite a sight to watch it shine and jiggle. After few more minutes, Jamal came deep inside madam and discharged his cum in her womb…He kept fucking her hard as he don’t want to stop fucking her….That brought madam to yet another orgasm. She wriggled and moaned in Joy, her body trembled as she came hard again…After the orgasm, madam laid there motionless, sparing her ass and cunt to Jamal as he kept ramming her again and again, not caring about madam’s pleasure or pain. Madam was very satisfied at that point, she wants to take rest, she wants to get away from Jamal, but she was too tired and weak barely able to speak after that strong orgasm from the a****listic fuck. Jamal fucked her hard until his cock become limp and he gave a hard slap across her both ass cheeks. Madam was least expecting it which caused madam to jump in pain and moved her hip and ass away and tried to get away from under Jamal. That caused his cock being pulled out of her cunt, but Jamal didn’t expect her to move away he thrust his hip forward humping his dick in the air. Jamal gave another slap (A playful slap according to him but that is another hard slap) on madam’s Shining ass globes as he thought, madam pulling out his cock is her naughty act. That slap caused lot of pain in her soft ass which angered madam. Madam rubbed her soft ass with her palm and shifted position turning around and sitting on the ground she looked at Jamal in anger. Jamal looked at her and smiled, but she still keep looking at him fuming in anger. Jamal apologized;“Sorry! Madam, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I thought you will love it”She still looked him with burning eyes“I will rub your ass and your pain will be gone. Show me madam”He tried to move his hand behind madam and grab her ass, but madam slapped his hand and warned him to get away by pointing her index finger. Jamal silently moved away as Riaz moved in front of madam and kneeled down in front of her legs. He grabbed madam’s shining legs and tried to spread it, but Madam won’t let him spread her legs, she tried to free her legs from Riaz’s hands. But he was too strong. She tried kicking her legs away from his grip, but she failed. This increased madam’s frustration and with fuming anger she slapped Riaz across his face. That slap shocked Riaz and he left her legs free and rubbed his cheek in shock as madam felt sorry for him and tried to apologize. Riaz used madam’s concern as an opportunity and held her legs and spread it. This time there is not much resistance from madam, but she did protested a bit as she was hesitant to spread her legs again. Madam tried to stand up but Riaz has a hold on her leg, but that grip slipped away because of the wetness in her naturally smooth and slippery legs. As madam pulled her legs and walked away, Riaz followed her; he then grabbed her upper arm and pushed her towards the chair. After reaching in front of the chair, he hugged madam from behind holding around her tits. His hard dick slipped between madam’s ass cheeks. Riaz pulled madam’s right leg up and placed it on the chair. Before madam could react, he guided his dick in to madam’s pussy. Immediately he started to move his hip and slide his cock in and out of madam’s cunt. He held both of madam’s upper arms and humped her real fast from behind such a way that her entire body was shaking like a vibrator at full speed. She could not move away or she could not reposition herself as she was heavily drilled with amazing speed.He fucked her messy pussy with amazing speed like a bullet train. He rammed her for few minutes and then changed the style of stroke. He rotated his hips and penetrated madam’s pussy with his cock as much as possible, in between he makes a hard stroke sending his cock much deeper inside her pussy and pushing madam off from the ground, madam would have fell face down if he isn’t holding her arms. Madam was too tired after all these continuous nonstop hard fucking sessions. She told Riaz to move away and give her some rest. But it fell in deaf ears as he kept penetrating & ramming deeper inside her sore pussy. Madam found it hard to stand as he repeatedly rammed her from behind. Each time he makes a forward thrust and sends his cock deep inside her cunt, his thighs and crotch hit her ass hard which pushed her forward and she could not balance herself properly. She was rammed continuously like a fuck doll.Riaz continued fucking her like that for a long time, then he grunted like an a****l and came hard deep inside madam’s cunt. Madam was just like a doll in his hand and kept moaning and pushed her ass back as he kept Cumming gallons in her. He held madam tightly hugging around her hips, and pushed his crotch on her ass with his cock deeply buried in her pussy, planting his seed in her womb. After completed cumming in her, he let madam free. Madam was completely drenched in sweat. She slowly collapsed to her knees and then slowly laid on the dirty floor with cum oozing out of her pussy. Madam was all messy now. Now her cunt overflows cum and there is no room for more cum. It is already 10:30 Am and no one had breakfast. We are all too busy in fucking the lovely Minu madam. Madam was very hungry, but she was hungrier for sex than food, so she never asked for it, but she begged numerous times for some body’s cock to be filled inside her pussy. Nawab went outside after fucking minu madam continuously for hours and he has not yet returned. So, I thought he must be arranging food and drinks for all of us.Ajaml came to mount Madam at that time, but Shahul stopped him and they had a conversation. They decided something and agreed with each other. Ajmal patted on Shahul’s shoulder and encouraged him to take the move. Shahul went near madam and lay down beside madam and Ajmal also kneeled down but between Shahul’s legs closer to his feet. Madam looks confused as she doesn’t understand what was going on. Shahul cuddled madam by placing his hand around her shoulder and Ajmal grabbed her legs as shahul grabbed her shoulders and they tried to lift her. But they can’t do it in that position. So, Ajmal put his hand under her ass and lifted her hips and placed her ass over Shahul’s cock. Madam could sense what was coming, so she tried to resist, but before she could move away, Shahul grabbed madam’s hip and kept her in his control. Shahul lifted madam a little bit above so that he could put his cock in her pussy. Shahul guided his cock in her pussy as Ajmal helped him in holding her in position. Madam started to beg them in weak tone to leave her. She said she was too tired and she can’t take any more fucking. Shahul’s cock went into her pussy so easily and immediately he started moving his hips faster and started banging her hard. I moved near to madam’s head and guided my cock to her mouth. Once she had my dick in her mouth, I fucked her mouth and throat. She was too weak and barely moves her head, so I fucked her mouth without any resistance. I looked down at her pussy and see what the boys are planning. After about 20 strokes, Shahul stopped fucking her.Shahul looked through the side of minu madam and found Ajmal on her back. Understanding Shahul’s look Ajmal decided it is time for the attack. He shook his cock twice and pulled his foreskin back and pushed his hard cock into madam’s cum & cock filled pussy. Madam is double penetrated again for the second time by the second pair of guys. Both Shahul and Ajmal simultaneously banged madam’s pussy. Her pussy was wide open and stretched beyond limit. Slowly madam started to enjoy and moved her ass to take more dicks deep inside her cunt. Soon they got into a good rhythm and fucked each other. They made madam enjoy again, they could feel madam’s pussy tightly holding their cock as they move in and out of her. After few more minutes of hard fucking, Ajmal was ready to cum and he announced it, but Shahul told him to hold on as they planned to cum together. Ajmal slowed his pace and fucked madam slowly as Shahul banged her hard. Since both men’s cock was in tight contact with each other, Ajmal’s cock gets stimulated as Shahul banged his cock in to madam’s pussy. After few harder strokes Shahul announced he was about to cum. So, Ajmal also started to increase his pace and both men grunted as madam shouted with loud moans as she neared yet another orgasm. After 10 more strokes both men started to cum deep in madam’s pussy. Madam could feel cum being sprayed inside her womb, it is a great experience to feel two guys simultaneously cumming inside her pussy. Madam got excited and cummed hard as she reaches another hard orgasm.I am also unable to hold anymore and after getting sucked by madam for a long time, and watching the live DPP very close has excited me and I came on her face, nose, hair, neck and boobs. First string of cum hit on her eye and she closed her eyes. Second string hit her forehead and hair. Then I spurted all over her mouth, neck & tits. I rubbed my cum, all over madam’s tits when she was in the middle of the hard orgasm. Both Shahul and Ajmal moved away pulling their cocks out of madam’s pussy letting her rest on the ugly floor. Then I moved away and joined the guys to another round of drinks and the guys can’t get enough of her and they want to have another round. I could sense that this will never end until the guys get tired and weak and to a stage where they can’t move. They don’t want to leave madam’s sexy body. I decided that there is no harm to let the boys have their wish fulfilled. There won’t be any disturbance except madam’s relatives. They may wake up soon. It is already noon. So, I decided to give them some c********* to keep them u*********s for more time. I told it to the boys and they were happy. They told me to buy food and drinks after applying c********* to them. I put my dress and moved outside the hut as Riaz stroked his now hard cock and walked towards madam.Final UpdateI walked towards madam’s bungalow to d**g madam’s relatives again. I felt very happy for my friends, but I felt a little sorry for madam as she was too tired. I am worried, if she could have more action with us? Could she handle us? I thought, May be after having some food, drinks and some rest, she will become energetic and sex hungry slut again. I went inside madam’s bungalow and went to the room where the boy relative is sleeping. He was still in sleep. I applied c********* to his nose and got him dosed with it. So, he won’t be waking up until late night. Now I moved to the other room where the ladies were sleeping, I found them laying on the bed, but my Jaw dropped watching what is happening there. I am dump folded with the scene I saw there. The ladies were completely nude; their dresses were thrown to all sides of the room on the floor. I looked at the first lady; her big white tits are well used and have turned red. I saw her wide spread legs and her big fat pussy, I could see cum dripped from her pussy.I then turned my attention to the other lady on the other bed. She was lying on the bed on her stomach. A costly Bed sheet lying next to her is hiding most of her body from my view; I could only see her legs, shoulder and her bulging fat ass. I went near to check her and stunned at what was happening. She was laying on top a guy. His cock was buried deep in her pussy and wet with cum dripping over it; her pussy has leaked cum and could see cum at the edge of her pussy lips. He must have fucked her in that position and then cummed inside her and then he should have slept in the same position with her u*********s body still on top of him. The guy has one of his hand around her back and another hand on top of her ass. I pushed the lady from top of him to the side and made her lay on the bed. The slut has big tits too and it was well used. I looked at the guy and it is none other than Nawab. I got angry at him because, he has crossed the line and fucked the old twats too. I slapped him across his face and he waked up in shock.“What the fuck have you done….”“I …I ….Bhaiya…I…”He was shocked looking at me there and searched words to tell me a reason…I was about to slap him again in anger, he told me;“No, bhiya don’t beat me…I am sorry for what I have done…But they deserve it bhaiya…These old sluts have humiliated me many times, Today, I got an opportunity to take revenge and I used it… Sorry! I can’t resist these two fat high class sluts”“But why can’t you tell me before”“I was afraid you won’t let me fuck them”“When did you come here?”“After Cumming in Minu madam, I got another hard on immediately, so I fucked Minu madam again, but I never reached a point of Cumming again, I saw others waiting for their turn behind me, so I thought it would be nice if we get two more pussies to fuck for all… While thinking like that, I remembered these two sluts, so I pulled out of Minu madam and came here to fuck these two sluts”“I think, you are here for over 4 hours, how many times you fucked them? What else you did to them? ”“I fucked this bitch twice and that bitch once… before fucking them, I slapped their tits, ass and face hard many times until they get red and until my anger on them lowered. After that I tried fucking their mouth, but their jaws were strongly closed and I am unable to open their mouth. Seems like, I could only break them. So, I banged this slut in missionary and after that I went for that slut and fucked her. Then I slept on top of that slut for few mins and after waking up, I came to this slut and put my dick in her and dragged her on top of me and fucked her with her full weight on me. I enjoyed being crushed by her spongy, fat chest and stomach. I planned to fuck that bitch too in same position but I was little tired and slept under this fat bitch.”“Ok. What you have done is enough, now let us put c********* on them and get back to Minu madam and fuck her. Before that let us eat something”“Please b*o, you go and fuck minu madam, please spare these bitches to me. I want to impregnate them and take my revenge. I want to fuck them as many times as possible. I will make them pregnant and teach them a lesson. I want to see these fat bitches carrying my son or daughter and roam around here in front of me”. I could only laugh at him. I agreed his request and called him for food.“Ok. But let us have food first”“Thank you Mohammed bhaiya”We drove to the town and purchased foods, drinks and some d**gs and sex pills to boost our stamina and madam’s desire for sex. Then we drove back and had food. Nawab went back to madam’s bungalow. All others stayed in the hut with Minu Madam. After having food and some rest, Madam was ready again. When she woke up, Riaz was standing in front of her with his cock, closer to her lips. Madam woke up, opened her eyes and looked straight at Riaz’s monster cock. She looked up and saw who that is. She gave him a disgusted look, I thought she will kick him and run away to her bungalow, but she again looked at Riaz’s cock and moved her face towards his cock and planted a wet kiss on his pink cock head. Madam surprised us by taking his cock in her mouth and started sucking him, that too without touching it with her hand. She did all work with her lips, tongue and mouth. We all felt happy, the next round of wild fun starts again. This time she was more cooperative and the rest of what happened is up to your imagination. If I tell that myself, it will bore you because that is almost a repeat of what happened till now from last night. Later, Nawab came back to hut and he joined us to enjoy Madam. After the marathon fucking, madam felt very difficult to walk. For the next 3 days, madam never came out of her room. Only Bai was allowed inside her room. She told that madam was ill and she is taking rest. It took her 3 days for her to come out of her room. It took 2 weeks for her to recover completely.After that, madam avoided me for few months; she behaved like no such incident happened. She behaved like the boss she is and treated us as her servants only. She never allowed any of us to approach her for sex again, when anyone of us tried to approach her she will order us some work and never talked any sex or anything about what we did to her that day. After few days, I forcefully approached her when her husband is out of city and talked with her and asked the reason to avoid me. She said; “You are my servant and you should be in your place, never talk to me like that again. Mind yourself”“But Minu madam, you are like my wife for a long time, you have a c***d from me…I know you love me, you can’t avoid me”“That is the sin I did, I trusted you, but what you have done, you put me in trouble, you used me like a roadside whore and pimped me for your friends. Those dogs made me beg and mercilessly abused me like an useless piece of trash. They…even….”Madam was unable to continue speaking, her eyes overflowed with tears, she started to cry and sob like a c***d.“I am sorry! I thought you loved it. Sorry, I was so drunk and I did it because I thought you will enjoy it”“You…… think of me…”“Sorry! Sorry! I won’t do anything like that again, Please don’t avoid me”“Again? You dare to do it again? You have already done enough…You can’t do more worst. What your friends did to me is unforgivable…What they will think of me now. Won’t they think me as a street whore? They will now…..”I interrupted her…“Stop…stop… please madam, chill down… Oh! My madam, please don’t worry; they are already afraid looking at your angriness. They won’t approach you or disturb you. I will tell them that you are very angry at us and you may tell to your dad. So, they will only ask sorry to you and never dare to approach you again” “Leave me alone…get out of here…”“Alright! I am leaving….But please say ‘I love you’”Madam was silent…“Please madam, I understand that you are my property and only I could use you and I can’t share with others…Please madam…”Madam looked at me with angry eyes, but slowly that anger look changed into a lustful look.She smiled and closed her eyes and looked through between her figures and shyly, said; “I love you…..and…….and…..your, junior”“Then give me a kiss”I held madam’s arm and pulled her closer to me and hugged her. My hand immediately grabbed her ass and we started to smooch…That smooch went for long time and I kept squeezing her ass cheeks all that time. After the long make out, I said;“I asked you to kiss me, but before I said where to kiss, you kissed my mouth, but I want you to kiss somewhere else”Madam looked at me with a naughty & lusty smile.“I want you to kiss on head”Madam tried to kiss my forehead. I stopped her and said;“Not in that head…Kiss me here on this head…”I pointed my crotch to her.She understood what I am trying to do. She again looked in to my eyes with an angry look. She pinched and twisted my thigh, but she was also hungry for sex, so she grabbed my crotch and took my dick out and kissed on my dick head. Then she gave me a sloppy blowjob. I licked her cunt and banged her hard for hours in all possible positions. That fuck was too hard which caused abortion to her. Madam got aborted and was little worried for few days, after that she became normal and we continued our relation like husband and wife behind her husband’s and my friend’s back. My friends were afraid of Minu madam and they don’t dare to approach her for sex.But unfortunately both of Madam’s relative ladies who were ****d by Nawab got pregnant. It was too late for them to abort when they found out that they are pregnant. They had no other choice but to carry the c***ds in their womb and give birth to them. One lady gave birth to a baby girl and other lady gave birth to a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. I am proud of Nawab. But no one except Nawab and me knows that the father of the c***d is actually Nawab. The women and men relatives and even Minu Madam thought that they were their husband’s c***d.After few months, the two ladies visit Madam’s home again. Nawab approached them for sex again, revealing the secret behind their c***d birth, the ladies were dumbstruck and they were angry at Nawab to kill him, but they don’t want to spoil their happiness. If their husbands came to know, they will kill Nawab and throw the babies out of their home. But the ladies don’t want to lose their c***d. So, they did what Nawab wants. Nawab humiliated them and fucked them like bitches as they cried thinking about their fate. They stayed there for few days and got fucked by Nawab many times, may be they are impregnated again by Nawab. But after that stay, they never came to Madam’s house to stay again. I never heard that they were pregnant. They must have taken ipill to avoid pregnancy this time. That must be the end of Nawab’s relation with his fat aristocratic old bitches. But my secret relation with madam continued and we are a happy fucking couple.The End

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