Playground Tales, Chapter 4: Playtime For Three

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Playground Tales, Chapter 4: Playtime For ThreeIt was a funny story really. I had met one guy in a random hookup with a great cock, and talking to him afterwards, he told me about a friend of his who he played with on occasion. I wholeheartedly agreed, I had always wanted a MMF, one where both cocks were there for me. We almost did it, but I ended up having to work late, and then the timing just never lined up again…A couple of weeks later, I’m on a social networking site and start chatting to a guy. Through course of conversation, it comes to light that he’s the aforementioned friend. Small world! I was on the site for hookups (c’mon, it’s me!) so needless to say I ended up in his bed too.I continued to have fantastic times with both of them, but seperately. With one, Monday is our day, the day I rip home from work at Mach 3, grab the fastest shower in the North, usually put on next to nothing (I literally showed up in nothing once, just black stockings and a coat), and then fly back out of the house to make it in time to suck and fuck that delcious cock. He knows he can talk me into just about anything after feeding me that yummy dick, and that’s how I often end up with his huge member in my tight ass. With the other, we spend more casual time together, snuggling on the couch until he grabs me and strips off whatever I might have left on, then drags me into the bedroom and absolutely ravishes me. The things he does with his tongue makes my toes curl, and I can’t help but whimper when he pins my knees around my ears and fucks me until I’ve got a huge creampie dripping out of me. I’ll see him whenever, but lately because of scheduling, it’s been lunchtime.We never managed to have the chance to have our threesome. We talked about it, planned it, spoke about the pictures we were going to take, the videos we were going to make, and all the naughty, filthy things we were going to do to each other. I was so excited, I wanted them both so badly. It was truly like having my cake and eating it too, I fucking love playing with both of them, and the very idea of having them at the same time just made my knees weak.Months passed, still talking about it, but things happen, and it came very, very close to being absolute history….Until tonight.It’s Monday, I left work early on some vague premise because I would miss the yummiest of cocks otherwise. I had just gotten home when I got a text from him apologizing, he wasn’t going to be able to make it any ways, how about later? I had been craving this cock all day, been looking forward to it. I had behaved myself all weekend long, I was starved for cock and I couldn’t get this one out of my head. Of course I agreed to later… and then he asked, if the other guy could manage it, did I want a threesome tonight?Holy kayseri escort fuck. Really?I waited in anticipation after saying yes, and then it came, 7:30pm. I ran out to get what I needed as quickly as I could, in rush hour traffic of course, then came home and started getting ready. By the time 7:25 came around, I was clean and showered, with a diamond buttplug in, my lucky black mini skirt and a tank top on, a little black thong and argyle knee socks.I got there at 7:30, already having argued via text that I was going to drink a beer first, because I had been waiting all night to do so knowing I had to drive. I was there first, and knew I could probably have it drank before he even got there, but upon walking in the door, my coat and boots still on, I was pushed down to my knees and a hard cock was slid into my mouth. Back when we first talked about it, this was how I was supposed to greet him, knock on his door, walk in, and drop to my knees. It was only fair, and I really like sucking this cock too, so I forgot about my beer for a bit. It had been a little while since I’d been here, I forgot how much fun I always had when I came, so I enjoyed that cock in my mouth, even when he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it deep into my throat, choking me with it. He told me I should get used to that for tonight, and joke as I gagged and had to back off for breath that he was the smaller one. I probably would’ve stayed right there until our third got there, but I was helped up so I could finally take my coat and boots off, and I managed to crack open my beer and get a couple of good swigs off it before he did. But that was it, once he got there, my beer was taken out of my hand and I found myself once again being dragged into that bedroom, but this time, finally, with the other guy following us. I was put on all fours on the bed, my panties pulled down my thighs. and I was given a cock to play with and suck while the other guy got undressed. Once he had, I was told to turn around, making sure I didn’t miss a Monday with that big dick in my mouth. I sucked on it greedily, relishing it as I always do, as the first guy came around the bed. It was a fucking dream come true, for the first time, I had two delicious cocks in my face, and I could lick and suck on both of them. I got them both into my mouth, my tongue curling around to lick both heads at once, and sucked them individually, first taking one deep into my mouth, and then the other. I ran my tongue between the two, fucking drooling with how hot it was. I was a little sad when one was taken away, but shortly that sadness disappeared. My legs were pushed apart, my panties stretched around my knees, and the first cock slid into my pussy, giving me my first spitroast. I felt escort kayseri like a Chinese finger trap, my pussy being bounced off of one big cock so that another big cock was pushed into my mouth, I was in fucking heaven, even if I had very little choice, I had been told they were going to do what they wanted to me, luckily we wanted the same thing. I had one hand wrapped around the shaft the huge dick in my mouth, but I was told to move it, and I couldn’t help but think ‘oh fuck…’. I had been asked if I had been practicing my deepthroat, and I suppose I have, every Monday I try my best to get this big fucking dick down my throat, so I knew I had better take a deep breath and hold on. His hand went around the back of my head, and sure enough, I was soon being fucked hard and choking on a cock at the same time. I thought my head was going to explode, I had often tried to imagine what it would be like when these two finally got their hands on me together, but…. I was -their- slut, every one of my holes was theirs to use, and they were using them so fucking good. I would gasp for air, stroking the cock in my face while I caught my breath, but it would quickly turn to moaning as the cock in my pussy hit all the right spots, as is his particular talent. As soon as I could hold another good breath, I had that cock back in my mouth, sucking it until he pushed it too deep for me to do anything but let him face fuck me. The guy behind me pulled out and laid down on the bed, telling me to come and suck his dick for a while. I knelt between his legs, my ass up, and started to lick and suck the taste of my own pussy off of that delicious cock. The other guy moved behind me, and then once again Monday was made right by that huge member being pushed deep inside my pussy. What a nice guy he was to share his Monday playdate with his friend to finally give me a threesome, and what lucky guys they were with such a sweet little slut servicing them from both ends. At one point I was being impaled so that I was sure my organs were being rearranged while at the same time my head was being thrust down onto a stiff cock, gagging until my face was covered with saliva. He loves a sloppy blow job though, and he soon asked if I was ready to take two cocks. Holy fuck. Really?Not gonna lie, I was a little scared. I’d never done double-penetration before, only with toys that were much smaller than these two. I finally pulled my panties right off and climbed on top, a cock being slid into my pussy. As Monday usually goes, and despite being sure I said I didn’t want to two cocks in my pussy, there was soon a second cock stretching my little hole. He didn’t leave it there for long, just enough for me to feel it, then he pulled out again, tugging the little diamond kayseri escort bayan plug out of my ass and replacing it with his big cock. I begged him to slow down, begged them both to just keep still for a minute, but I had already been told that I was misinformed if I thought I had a choice this evening, so while my tight ass was being stretched to accomodate one cock, there was another fucking me in the pussy. It felt so fucking good that quickly forgot any discomfort and soon there were two big cocks pounding into me, one in each hole. I had never felt so full, and it felt absolutely delicious, it was better than I imagined, partly because of how good it felt and partly because it was these two in particular. I just couldn’t get enough of those cocks, when they both held still, I fucked them, rocking my hips back and forth to keep them moving in and out of me. I could’ve stayed like that all fucking night but…I was told to suck the cock under me again, so i climbed off and backed up, getting him into my mouth again while the other cock invaded me from behind, sinking his cock into my ass for a few seconds and then railing into my pussy, more than once I had to pull the cock out of my mouth because I just couldn’t stifle the moan that rolled up from my belly. Next thing I knew, they were trading places, again my pussy and ass were used for his amusement while the other used my throat for his. I’m almost sure my eyes crossed for a second, it felt so fucking good, I was sad again when I was told to move, but quickly that faded. I was told to climb on top of the big cock on the bed and put it in a hole, so I pushed that cock into my ass, and the second cock was slid into my pussy again, my legs in the air while both cocks filled my holes. I was so fucking horny by that point, i started begging them for cum, pleaded that I needed it. One asked the other if they shoud give it to me, and to my absolute delight he said yes, so I was fucked hard until the one in my pussy was ready to cum. He asked where I wanted it, and I again begged, whining that I needed it in my mouth. I quickly climbed off those cocks to kneel down, and got a huge load across my face and in my mouth as my reward. I just had to suck on it a little more, get it deep into my thoat one last time, then sucked gently to get every last drop out of him. I was then put face down, ass up, and fucked hard again until the second guy was ready to cum, and once again, I knelt down and was reward by another huge load across my face and in my mouth. And again, I simply had to get it into my mouth one last night, nursing on it until he was done. It was so fucking yummy, I could’ve truly died happy at that moment. Two different guy’s cum on my face, my body well used and completely satisfied, both my holes stretched by big cocks, well, three if you count my throat.We gathered up our clothes and began getting dressed, I found my beer and drank the rest of it while trying to persuade them that we should this again… and again… and again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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