Playing Housewive

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Playing HousewiveThings with my boyfriend Joe were going really well, so when I got kicked out of my apartment because it was being demolished, Joe insisted I move in. In the same month, the bar I worked at closed and I was left unemployed. Joe didn’t seem to mind, but it bugged me not being able to help with rent. I tried to carry my weight by cooking, cleaning, and even doing some gardening on Joe’s tiny yard. His house is small and a little dated, but has a lot of charm. The first day I moved in, we made a point to fuck in every room.After our initial honeymoon phase of living together, things were a little weird. Joe is messy and sort started expecting I would just pick up after him because he paid all the rent. It was sort of embarrassing to be so dependent on him, but I didn’t really have a choice. Joe was never mean or anything, but one morning he called me his “little housewife” and I got offended. We had a our first fight and Joe stormed off to work leaving me alone to take care of the house.Just like a lonely housewife would do, I opened a bottle of white wine at lunch. I was half way through when I started feeling warm and horny. I missed Joe and started to feel bad about our fight. He was just making a joke and I over reacted and acted kind of bitchy. I decided I was going to make it up to him. Instead of feeling shame about my role as Joe’s “little housewife”, I I decided to embrace it.I spent the rest of the day cleaning and making a quick trip to Wal-Mart. I bought some steak, candles, black girls panties with pink pacing, and some make up. The female cashier gave me a funny look when she rang up the panties, but I didn’t care, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was focused on making that night special for Joe. I got home, showered, shaved my body smooth, put on the sluttly make up and slipped into my new black panties. I lit some candles and put an apron on over my shirtless chest and bare legs, but with my backside fully exposed. I was ready to play housewife.When Joe got home I could tell he was still upset, but his expression changed when he saw the candles and the sight of me in the kitchen in only the apron and panties. Before Joe could say a word, I told how sorry I was and that I had a special night planned. Joe smiled and kissed me close. “You’re looking fine baby,” he told me.I instructed Joe to go into the living and relax on the couch. I walked behind Joe and started to grow inpatient and horny. “Dinner will be ready in a little, but I thought I’d help you relax for a little. “Let me rub your back Joe,” I told him. “You work so hard, I am so sorry I was in a bad mood this morning, but I am in a good mood now.” I started to massage Joe and whisper in his ear. “I thought about your cock all day,” I said softly.Joe was silent, I don’t think he was expecting the royal treatment, but his cock was standing up and tenting his pants. “Oh no, what’s that?” I teased. “You must be so stressed, you really need to be taken care of huh?” I reached for his pants, but I took control and unbuckled him as fast as I could. I pulled out Joe’s cock and stroked him while we got fully undressed.Joe spread his legs wide and brought me to my knees in-between them. I smelled Joe’s sweat and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri musk, it wasn’t a fresh smell, but it really got my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. Joe looked down at me and started to act more playfully dominate. “House looks good baby. Real polished,” he told me. “Now, polish my cock.” I smiled and went to work.I tenderly licked Joe’s saggy balls. Working my tongue under each ball and lifting it up off the leather couch, Joe let out a long moan. Joe isn’t overly hair, but he has some public hair and it’s a huge turn on to me. I worked up some spit in my mouth and dipped a long string of spit onto the tip of Joe’s raging cock. I started stoking him and spit sort of began flying.With my lips already wet, I put Joe’s dick in my mouth and seamlessly worked worked my neck back and forth. I rotated my head around to the give blow job some fierce fire works. Joe loved it. He throw his arms up and rested them on the couch, bewildered by the new found power his cock had over me. “Now you’re at work baby. I work all day, come home and you work on my cock, and baby, you are good at your fucking job.” Joe muttered seriously.Before, I would have thought this was disrespectful, but now it just turned me on more. Instead of feeling degraded, I felt liberated. “Well, you are the man of the house. It’s my job to keep you happy.” I closed my eyes and forced myself down Joe’s cock. My jaw hurt cramming his 8 inch cock all the way in, but pleasure over took pain and it wasn’t long before I was ramming my open mouth down on Joe’s boner. Gagging and covered in spit, I looked up at Joe and said, “My güvenilir bahis şirketleri ass is smooth for you.”Joe stood up and put me on his space not the couch. He lifted my legs and kissed my ass checks. “Such a sweet ass. This ass would look good in a minivan baby,” he joked. But then he started lubing up my ass. “But first, this ass needs to get fucked.” Joe worked his middle finger into my tight hole with one hand and stroked himself with the other.”Let me do that baby.” I said to Joe. We positioned on in the 69 position on the couch. I sucked Joe slowly and passionately while Joe prepped my ass for his bulging cock growing ever hard in my soft sloppy mouth. We went at it like this for a couple minutes of sheer pleasure, but then I couldn’t take it, I needed cock in my ass.Joe sat up and I straddled him. Our faces close together, I looked Joe in the eye as he worked his cock between my cheeks. He knew right where my asshole was and pressed his soft tip in just a little bit. Joe kissed me and pushed himself in. We both gasped and exchanged hot breathes as Joe lovely fucked me. It was gentle, kissing Joe and riding him. I could feel his cock all the way in my stomach. With Joe’s cock gentle massing my prostate, I ejaculated between hot hot bodies pressed together. I gushed out warm jizz as Joe rammed his tongue in my mouth and his cock in my ass.Sticky and sweaty, Joe fucked my harder. Pushing his core faster, Joe moaned loudly and started taking hard breathes. “Let me fill you up bitch.” Joe said and then blew a load deep into my ass. He kept thrusting and cumming, lining my colon with hot cum. He left his cock inside me and kissed me deep as he oozed the last drops of cum into my ass.We kissed, our two semen plastered bodies satisfied. We kissed until we got soft. “I came inside you baby,” he grinned. “Don’t get pregnant ok?” We laughed and clean up. I cook Joe steak enjoyed the rest of the night. Things weren’t just back to normal, they were hotter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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