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Playtime Stories 15 – ABS WildlifeAs usual, a hot mix of real experiences and fantasy. The part that is fantasy would surprise you- ENJOY and Comment please!!15 Playtime Stories 15 – ABS Wildlife“Just another trip to the arcade” turned into a very memorable time. I was away on business at a convention and very horny. I hadn’t been able to indulge in nearly a month and a half. The first night of the trip I had been fairly lucky for a Wednesday. I had done a lot of cock sucking, but as a guy. Thursday afternoon I still had the itch – the itch to be a slutty gurl. I got out of the networking session at the bar near the convention center at 7:30pm and drove with my bag of slut-goodies to one of my favorite cheap motels in the area. An hour later my alter ego, Rebecca, was ready for some real business.I was dressed like whore in all black, as usual. I wore my shiny strappy heels, my sheer stockings, my leather waist cincher and garter, my Black Lycra Victoria’s bra and panties. My silicon titties were warming up from my pulsing heart and looked great. I decided to complete myself with my leather collar with the title “WHORE” written in chrome letters, just to make it obvious to everyone. My beautiful wavy auburn wig laid below my shoulders and perfectly framed my painted face. I had dark luscious shiny slutty lips, dark eyes accented with a warm rouge on my cheeks. My eye shadow was bluer and darker than usual. I felt like such a whore. The look was completed as usual with my matching black leather miniskirt and zippered vest. I made sure the zipper was up even with my bra. I looked hot. By nine I was pulled into a parking lot. I noticed a couple of guys looking at toys and videos and a few other shoppers. I went past the videos and shopped in the dildo and anal plug section. A white couple in their late thirties or early forties was there and they snickered like k**s while they shopped. The woman could have spent some time in the gym, but was not bad looking. She had an attractive face with dark eyes and strawberry blonde hair that was wavy. She wore a tight red tank top with dark red her bra straps showing and a pair of jeans. She had big tits that had sunk a bit over the years. The man was tall, about 6’6”, fairly fit, was well groomed with dirty-blonde hair and wore jeans and a green button down shirt.I walked up behind them and the guy saw me first. He looked me up and down twice and seemed to be interested. Then the woman looked up at her man and noticed him peering at me. She looked me up and down, pausing on the bulge behind myskirt and my stocking tops. I just glanced at them, smiled, and shopped. It was fun to flirt.I found a nicely sized midnight black cock-shaped plug. I stood near the couple and squeezed it through the wrapper. I made a bit of a show of it. Then I turned toward them, smiled again, and walked to the counter to get some lube and buy the plug. As I paid I made sure the clerk was with me putting the items in my purse and he was. We were the only people talking, and aside from the moan of videos in the arcade, it was the only noise in the place. As I put them into my purse I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I saw another middle aged white guy spying on me from the entrance to the Arcade. He looked ok and I was really horny. What the hell, thought as I packed away the plug. I want to suck some cock. I glanced over at the couple again and noticed that the guy was still eyeing me. I turned back to the cashier and purchased some tokens, which I loathe by the way, and then strutted toward the arcade. I looked at the guy who was staring at me over his woman’s head and I smiled in a coy, inviting manner. Then for only a second I licked my upper lip with the tip of my tongue and then smiled as I went into the arcade.I entered the arcade and the guy who had been watching me from the entrance was standing in one of the twenty or so booths and rubbing his cock through his pants. I walked directly into his booth without saying a word. He closed the door as I put some tokens into the machine. He pulled my skirt up and began rubbing me. I moaned a little as I thought… it is backwards to both pay and suck. In the end, I don’t really care, I hate carrying tokens home at the end of the night. He some tokens in too, which is just good manners, I think. I put the channel on a blonde girl in bondage giving head to a group of guys. He was grinding his hardon against my ass and rubbing me through my panties. I was totally rigid. I moaned some more and opened my purse and got my lube out. I turned to him and pulled up my skirt as I squatted down, careful to not kneel in the shiny cum puddles on the floor. He unzipped his pants to expose his hard and thick cock. I was very pleased. He was a little bigger than my 7 and 3/4” and somewhat thicker. He was curved though. His cock distinctly curved up and right, a little like a banana. I pulled him slightly downward and took him in my mouth. He felt warm and good in my whorifice. I started sucking him with long wet sensuous movements. I rubbed my stiff cock and lubed my hand by turning the bottle upside down and dripping it into my jack-off hand. Then I expertly closed the cap and set it down. I rubbed my cock smoothly and it felt so good with his cock in my mouth. In and out he went. He began to breathe hard and in unison with my cocksucking. I was still stroking his shaft in unison with my mouth and my own masturbation. He asked me to release his shaft and slow a little. I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth and moved my hand to his balls. I considered getting him to fuck my ass, but I could tell he was very close. He began moaning and breathing even harder. He tried to ease me away from his cock but I stayed and sucked him. Then he began to cum. He let out a long moan and leaned back against the booth. His body went rigid and I felt his semen blast into my slutty mouth. I slowed my pace and rubbed myself close to cumming as I relished his sweet sticky cum coating my tongue. I watched him tremble and grit his teeth as he throbbed several times in my sticky mouth. Then after several powerful twitches he opened his eyes to look down at me. I lifted away from his cock and smiled with his cum on my tongue. He smiled back and then I lifted my chin and swallowed the first load of the night. Ahhhh success, I thought.He stood and began to wipe himself off using a tissue. I put my cock back, grabbed my lube, and stood. I watched the movie as I fixed my skirt and got my purse. A moment later I heard him work the latch and then he left without a word. I smiled as I thought he used me and left. I love that feeling!I looked out into the hallway and closed the door for a moment. I heard the cashier trabzon escort in front get some tokens from the dispenser for another patron. I quickly straightened my clothes and opened the door to see a nice looking younger black man who was obviously sexually confused. He was dressed like a gangsta’ but he was far too clean and his hair was wavy, instead of a tight afro.He looked at me and walked on. I wanted him. I followed him and watched him browse the booths. He went into one that had a glory hole and closed the door. I tried to go to the next one over, but it had an occupant. Oh, well. I looked around and found that only one other booth was in use, and it was one of a handful that didn’t have glory holes.I decided to fix my lips and check my make-up, so I headed to the bathroom in the back. I went into the unisex toilet and closed the door. I was at the mirror when the guy who was shopping here with his woman came in. I noticed him look me over very closely as he politely said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I can wait if you mind.”I smiled and said in a slutty femme voice, “No, be my guest, I don’t mind at all!”He watched me in the mirror for a moment as he walked to the urinal and began his business.I decided that I was done with everything I’d wanted to do in the bathroom…except him. So I kept fucking with my lips and touched up my mascara. Every once in a while he’d look over his shoulder and peek at me. I noticed him staying longer than necessary. I smiled on the inside when I had a really nasty thought. I turned and picked up my purse and went into the toilet and closed the door but did not lock it. I marveled for a moment at all of the sexual graffiti mixed with personal requests, phone numbers, and lewd adds. I was surprised at how many guys wanted “straight and curious men.” I turned and faced the stall door and opened my purse. I took out my new plug and loudly tore open the wrapper. I threw the wrapper on the floor where the guy could look down and see it. I got out my lube and teased my ass a few times. Then I began to insert my fingers and loosen my boycunt up a little.As I started this I looked down and saw his feet back away from the urinal. I moaned a little as I pushed two and then three fingers into my boycunt. He stepped over to the sink and I could see his shadow as he bent down to see if he could see what I was doing. I moaned again. Then I set the lube on the floor so he could see it. I spread my legs even farther. I saw his shadow move toward my stall door. He peered through the unlocked door for a moment and saw that I was looking up at him. I put the new dick-shaped buttplug to my lips and in my mouth and performed fellatio.He stepped forward after seeing me advertise my wares and opened the door for a good view.I took the dildo out of my mouth and rubbed lube all over it. Then I sent it downward. I raised one leg and put the head against my ass. I pushed it into my tight boycunt in a fast, painful manner that caused me to moan. I rolled my eyes back in pained ecstasy and breathed hard as the mini-cock stretched my tight hole and rubbed my g-spot. He watched the whole process. I finished once it was secure inside me, but I remained in the stall. My cock was super hard now. I stroked it and licked my lips as I looked at his hard cock through his jeans. I reached out slowly and eased the door open to see him better. He allowed the door to swing open and then leaned closer. I rubbed my fingers against his clothed shaft. He was nicely hung. I opened his belt.Suddenly, he pulled away to step toward the restroom door.I panicked and imagined he was going to tell on me. Then with great relief, I heard the door’s lock snap into place. Then he reappeared and opened his pants. I looked up at him and said in a low sexy voice, “I am here to suck cock and,” I looked up at him as I sat on the throne, “I wanna suck your cock.” Then I pulled his underwear down and grabbed his cock and pulled him to me. I sat there on the toilet and sucked him like a depraved whore. His pubic hairs smelled like sweat and urine mixed with cheap cologne.He moaned and said, “Oh, that’s good, Oh yeah, that’s so good.” Then he looked up at the ceiling and kept moaning softly.Sucking noises echoed off the bathroom walls. I stroked his hard cock and worked mine at the same time. I knew he would cum quickly.He looked down at me and said, “Oh god I never knew it could be like this. Oh god it’s so good. You’re so good. Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh fuck, this is my first time with a, with a…” I felt his cock bulge as he started to cum. He moaned and jerked his head back and began to shake with orgasm. He shot a big blast of hot creamy fuck-juice in my mouth, then another, and another. He throbbed and shook. I rubbed myself nicely and continued to finish him off. About a minute later he eased away from my mouth and I looked up. I smiled and licked my lips. I showed him his woman’s love in my mouth and then smiled as I swallowed it. He quickly fastened his pants and did his belt. “So this was your first time with someone like me, or with a guy?” I inquired.“This is my first blowjob from a gurl, I mean a ah…I mean…” he said quickly. He looked at me and said, “You were great, that was incredible. I loved it. I wish I could get your number and see you again, but I gotta go, ah,” he paused. “I hope I see you somewhere again, ah, bye.”I smiled and watched the guy leave me alone in the nasty toilet. I got up and fixed my skirt and then went back to the mirror only to hear his woman’s heels as she walked across the floor toward the bathroom. The I heard her voice ask him what took so long. A mumble from him and then she said she’d meet him in the car. I was terrified and quietly ran back to the stalls and took the one against the wall this time. I locked the door and sat just before I heard her open the door. She walked in and went to the mirror and then I heard her sit in the stall next to mine and lock her door. I could see her pants gather on the floor as she sat and I saw her red t-bar panties lower to her mid shin. I heard a rustling and then some toilet paper bring ripped. I smelled her cunt. Then she peed.I was over being scared and began to relax. My cock was still hard. I smiled wickedly as I thought how I’d just sucked her man off only minutes before. I stroked myself slowly still tasting him. Then I thought I should get out while she was in the toilet to completely avoid any problems. Fuck it. I stayed and rubbed myself silently.“Nice shoes.” The woman said to me through the stall. I nearly jumped out of my skin when she broke the silence of the room. For a moment I was petrified. Then I gathered myself and thought, all she knows is her man took a leak with someone in here. escort trabzon I quickly answered, “Thanks, they cost a fortune,” I said moving them closer to see if her reflection was visible on my patent leather toes. It wasn’t really. “I can tell you put a lot into, ah, it. Anyway, I think you look very pretty.’“Thanks.”“I haven’t really ever met anyone like you.” She said. “It is obvious you know how to look really good- ah really sexy, confident, I mean.”“Thank you very much.” I said, as I thought, you seem nice, I’m sorry I sucked your man’s cock in your stall a minute or two ago. Have you been here before?” I asked making small talk.“No, but I think this store is pretty good. I have seen some really wild things here.”Not as wild as me, I thought and then replied, “Yeah, I bet. I love coming here to see all the fun stuff.”“I’ve never seen so much…ah so many nasty things. It’s incredible” She continued.“Well, if you like this store there is a bigger store a few blocks over on 7th, but they have higher prices.”“Really? Well I’ll have to check it outgo there next time I can drag my husband out.” I bet that won’t be too hard next time, I thought. Then I kinda felt bad. “Can I ask you a question?”“Sure.”“Are you gay? Oh, I mean, ah, I’m sorry. Why do you dress up?” she stammered.“No, I am very bi-sexual” I answered without any remorse.“So you are here to, what, find people, or just buy stuff or, what?”“Well I came here to buy a few things and browse a little, maybe play a little,” I explained truthfully. This place was almost always dead, so it was true.“Oh. Aaahm, can I ask you another question?”“Sure”“Did you really buy that anal-plug thing?”“Yes,” I paused and then went for it, “I have it in right now.”“Oh my god!” she said with surprised laugh. “Wow, how does it feel? I mean, does it feel good or is it just kinda, well up in there”“Well, a little of both.” I decided to get through the BS. I knew her husband was already going to remember me forever as the first hot bi-blowjob of his life. “It stimulates me and it keeps me open and ready for later…when I get fucked.” I was sort of enjoying the “girl-talk” but I wanted to push her a bit too.“Holy shit! Wow! How ah, how kinky.”“It keeps my cock really hard too.” This was not going anywhere. I decided to take it to make or break. “Well, I enjoyed talking to you.’’ I stood up and pulled my black panties up and straightened my skirt. I clicked my stall lock and as I stepped out to the mirror I said, “By the way I love your red panties.” A half truth. I love red panties on real women, but hers were lace, and I prefer stretch satin or lycra.“Oh thanks,” she answered.I stepped to the mirror and gave her a few seconds to make a next move or stay on the potty. I fixed my lips and then I heard her unlock her stall. She didn’t move. I finished my lips and put the lipstick away.In a submissive and shy voice that trembled with the horror of rejection uttered “Would you like to give me your opinion of the matching bra?” What the hell, I stepped over to the stall and peeked in at her. Then I thought- the door lock. Unlike her mate I said, “Hold on a moment, and stepped over to the door and clicked the lock. I stepped back over and looked down at her and met her upward gaze at me.She smiled and said, “Wow, you are a really good looking woman. You’re makeup is so precise. I wish I could do mine that well.” Then she put her arms across her body and lifted her tank top over her nice round heavy tits. Her tits were huge, probably a c or d cup. The bra was a half cup and was very flattering on her. It was a very nice mix red lace and satin.The cups held her tits in a very sexy way and I smiled at her. I reached out to place my hands under the bra cups and firmly placed my thumbs on her hard nipples. “I wish I could have tits like that.” She just stared at me and I knew it was my turn to make the next move. I reached inside of the cups and fingered her naked nipples. Her hands fell downward and then went to my stocking clad legs. I squeezed her large nipples and she searched upward to trace the garter straps up my thighs to my ass, then around to find my panty clad cock. She stroked me through my panties while I eased the pressure off her nipples and caressed them nicely. She moaned and looked up at me. I took a half step back and raised my skirt with one hand and exposed my cock.With only a second’s hesitation, she leaned forward and sucked me into her throat. Her technique was good and she was enthusiastic. She was a bit fast for my taste though. After about a full minute of sucking she looked up at me and stood up. She turned around to present her ass and put her hands at eye level against the booth wall. I hand-fucked her slick pussy. I pushed my thumb into her and pressed my fingers upward against her swollen clit. Her musky pussy smell filled the stall. She moaned and pushed back onto my hand. I reached into my thigh-high in the back of my right leg and retrieved one of my condoms. I tore it open using one hand and my teeth.She looked over her shoulder and said in a low voice with an urgent tone “No, I want to feel your cock in me. Fuck my brains out, here and now!” I tossed the condom, planted my heels behind her knees, gripped her hips, and pushed my cock into her wet cunt. She was dripping and not especially tight. However, the angle of her position and the pubic bone created a wonderful affect. I fucked her hard and fast. I heard her fight back screams and stifle moans. She breathed hard and then she started to cum and didn’t stop. I kept fucking her and she kept quivering. On a whim, I reached around her hip and began masturbating her clit. She was sopping. As she came I felt her cunt pulse and then her crotch would get wetter. No squirting, but some serious wetness. Then she had a big orgasm and let out a high pitched bark and threw herself back against me. I almost lost my balance and fell, but I grabbed onto her big heavy tits. I fondled her as I fucked up into her sopping crotch. She gripped the top of each wall of the stall and rammed herself into me. She came some more and bounced up and fucked herself on me. Then all of a sudden I started to get too close. She knew it and started whispering, “Yessss, give it to meeeee, fuck meeeee, yessssss, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck me you dirty bitch!” That did it. I drove up into her a few more times slowly and then with one hard push upward into her cunt I started to cum. I rammed her hard enough that her hand came off the stall walls and she began to fly forward, only catching herself within inches of face-planting into the hard tile wall behind the toilet. Then she surprised me by pulling off my cock and quickly turning around. She dropped, half on, half trabzon escort bayan off the toilet seat, and swallowed my cum-cocktail covered cock. I felt her tongue skillfully complete my orgasm. She worked me back and forth a few times and then enthusiastically sucked a little too hard for my tastes but it did feel great and really nasty. It was such a dirty feeling to be in such a trashy place fucking the wife after sucking off the husband. She finished me off and I could not tell if she swallowed me or not. I didn’t really care, but in a weird way, it would have made us even.She looked up at me and said, “Wow, you sure know how to fuck. That was great. Uhm, I hate to be rude, but I should probably be going. He’s been waiting at least five minutes or so, I’m sure you understand. I’ll never forget this.”I was still high on my orgasm as she stood and kissed me. I tasted myself on her. She smiled as she wiped my lipstick off her mouth and fixed her clothes. Then she told me that I had to leave first. I fixed my skirt and saw that my lips looked great still. I looked at her and smiled. “That was great, thanks.” She said.“I had a great time, see you later.” I went out into the arcade. I looked toward the front door and over the displays to see the husband coming back through the front door and looking for his wife. I scurried to the nearest booth and closed the door . I locked it and listened. He met her at the bathroom entrance and said, “There you are. What took so long?”Her voice trailed off and all I could pick up was “I met the strangest girl in the bathroom…”The arcade trip became just a little more memorable a moment later. I heard the door of the next booth over open and then close. I looked down and realized I was in a glory hole booth. I saw a wad of tissue stuffed into the hole to provide some privacy move a little and then get pulled into the other booth. My cock twitched a little. Then I saw a really long, nicely manicured milk chocolate black set of fingers reach through and beckon me to the hole. My confused dreamy black man was still here. I could feel my cock was still partially hard because of the plug. I stepped over lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties down. I pushed my semi-hard cock through to meet a warm talented and wet mouth.The confused gangsta sucked me up flat against the wall and started to bring my cock back to life. I reached into my purse and dumped all of my remaining tokens as he sucked me. I watched a brunette getting gang-fucked as he sucked my cock. Soon I was nearly fully erect. I was also back in a mood to suck. I eased back away from the wall and out of his wet mouth. I kneeled and looked into his eyes and said, “I want to suck your cock.”He stood and pushed his chocolate silk through the sex hole. My mouth watered and I stretched to accept him into my whorifice. I went down on him. I was inundated with stimulus. I felt his veined thickness move into the back of my throat. I remembered the husband’s dick in the nasty bathroom. I thought about squeezing the wife’s big tits as I fucked her. I imagined the next time they would be together both of them fantasizing about me. I stroked my own cock and in no time I was rigid. So was my new friend. I worked him like a professional cocksucker and expected him to cum very soon. I knew my throat would be bruised in the morning.All of a sudden he pulled out. I stayed down and he dropped down to look at me. “Gimme soma dat ass. I want dat sweet ass of yours.” Then he stood up and put his dick back through the hole.I sucked him again and worked my panties totally off my body and threw them on the seat. Then I pushed out the ass plug and added more lube. I stood and lubed his big cock and was a little frightened because it was thicker than the plug by almost a half inch. I turned away from it and could see myself in the glass above the screen and thought, what a nasty slut.I eased back against his big black monster. I pushed out and let him inside me. I took the rush of pain from the stretch. Then I backed farther onto his shaft. I went down until I hit the wall above the hole. I felt his head pop into my prostate, my g-spot. I smiled and knew I was lucky. The thickness of the wall was perfect and allowed him total access to my boycunt up to the first curve. He was very talented and started to fuck me slowly. I relaxed after the fourth or fifth stroke. It began to feel so good. I looked at myself getting fucked in the reflection relished how slutty I was. I touched my cock and slowly stroked it. He started to get faster and pumped me rhythmically. I began to moan as I watched myself getting fucked through the wall by an anonymous stranger. I really got turned on and then I started to fuck him back. I bent forward a little and pushed back against his strokes. I began to moan as loud as I would in a private room. I didn’t care. He pumped against the wall up into my ass faster and harder. The wall was buckling against us. I watched myself and pumped my cock until I was a cunthair away from cumming. I wanted to see if my black glory hole lover could make me cum anally. I moaned and let things take their course. I heard him exhale hard and moan loud too. Then I felt him pump up into me with a few powerful strokes in quick succession. He was cumming in my ass. He had hit my g-spot perfectly several times in a row. He was going to give me that anal orgasm I dearly wanted. I insured the process by gripping my upper cock but not stroking. The combined pressure of the cock invading my boycunt and the constriction of my cockhead and upper shaft took me over the edge. I relaxed my grip and fondled the bottom of my cockhead as a powerful orgasm took hold of me and forced me into temporary paralysis. I felt his cock move in and out of my cunt. Each time he tapped my g-spot and forced an orgasmic quake. My first cum-shot blasted across the booth to land on the floor next to someone else’s spit-out deposit. Then my entire sex was a series of intense throbs and orgasmic bliss. My cum kept drooling out like a facet as he pumped the last of his semen into me. As he withdrew. I was motionless. I could only stand there with my ass contorted up against the sex hole as my own orgasm subsided. I throbbed and breathed deeply. Then, I felt him probe into my depths for a quick second with a long finger. I felt a spasm and crashed forward, catching myself with my hand.“Thanks for your ass,” he called through the hole and then he worked the door and left.I sat down and watched a pair of blondes sucking a black guy’s tool on the screen. A few moments later I reached down and picked up my wet panties and put them back on. After I went to the bathroom and fixed my makeup I left my motel phone and room number with the applicable dates on the inner doors of each stall and a caption that read, “Nasty but gorgeous Tgurl-whore will suck and fuck for free.”The next day was a tired caffeinated blur. Conversely, the next night was filled with cock.

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