Plumber and my exhibitionist wife

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Plumber and my exhibitionist wifeThere was a knock at the door. The plumber was on time, which was a pleasant surprise. Not as great of a surprise as what we had planned for him to witness through out his time working today.We had used his services a couple of times in the past so we knew what to expect. Just short of 6 foot tall, he stood in the entrance of the front door. He wore blue overall trousers and a black polo t-shirt which showed off the slight round stomach hidden underneath. Mid 30s, he was slightly stocky, clean shaven with short styled hair. I invited him in and told him that I’d like the boiler in the attic checking over first. He said that wasn’t a problem and would get what tools he needed from the van. I told him that I’ll go upstairs and set up the attic ladders ready for him, then go and put the kettle on for a drink and that he can make his way up and get on with what he needs to do.I headed upstairs and released the attic hatch and pulled the ladders down. My wife was in the bathroom and I gave her a knock at the door that the plumber had arrived. I head into one of the bedrooms and close the door slightly so I can observe the start of my wife’s tease through the gap.The sound of the plumbers footsteps were heard as he made his way up the stairs. The bathroom door opened and out steps my wife. She’s standing there in a wrapped towel which is tucked in together at the front, between her breasts. The towel sat resting half way down her big breasts giving a full viewing of her cleavage, looking as though at any moment the towel could slip away with the slightest of movements revealing all the rest of her huge assets. The towel ends no longer than a couple of inches past her backside. Her hair is down, still wet from her shower and the glistening sight of the water droplets shimmers off her bare body that’s on show. In her hand another towel. ‘Hi’ my wife says as he reaches the top of the stairs next to her on the landing. He looks in amazement at her trying his best to keep his eyes from looking at her breasts. He doesn’t say a word. ‘I thought I’d get a quick shower, in case you had to turn the water off.’ She said as she raised her towel in hand to her hair, rubbing it together to dry it some more. She looked towards the open attic. ‘Oh, he hasn’t put the light on for you up there. I’ll get that for you, the switch is awkwardly hidden away.’ She handed him the damp towel and stepped past him to the foot of the ladder. ‘Ok, thanks’ is all he can mutter out at this point. With her back now to him she takes a step on the steel ladder with her bare feet. ‘That’s cold.’ She giggles as it slightly takes her breath away, then starts to make her way step by step up the ladder. His eyes follow her backside as she gets higher. Standing on the fifth rung now, he has a fantastic view of the bottom of her cheeks. She climbs three more rungs up, her backside is now in full sight of the plumber who is staring up at it. He had a quick look around, probably not wanting me to catch him looking at the sight of my wife this way. She takes one more rung and leans slightly forward. Her towel doing nothing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri now to hide her modesty. Her arse cheeks slightly part and the sight of her glistening pussy lips pressed in between her legs are now clearly visible to him. He reaches down and adjusts the twitch that’s occurring in his trousers. ‘Ah, there’s the switch’ my wife says reaching over a little more and flicking the light on. ‘Thanks’ replied the plumber with a big grin on his face. My wife slowly makes her way back down the ladder then turns to face him reaching out for the towel back. Her towel wrapped around her has slipped ever so more down her breasts that its barely covering her nipples which are now slightly erect, poking through the towel. She gives him a cheeky smile, ‘I’ll let you go up and do your thing now’ and makes her way into the bedroom. The plumber heads up the ladder his grin still from ear to ear.I head downstairs to the kitchen to make the plumber a drink, the length in my trousers getting bigger at the thought of the recent exposure. My wife joins me in the kitchen. She’s wearing a pale blue knee length fluffy dressing gown, tied together at the side. Her hair now dry but not styled. She comes over to me and gives me a long kiss. ‘Did you enjoy the sight, I’m sure the plumber did?’ She then slips her hand down the front of my trousers and grabs a handful of my pulsing manhood. ‘I’m so horny’ she leans in whispering into my ear. She takes her hand out and pulls the middle of her dressing gown to the side. Her left breast fully exposed, her nipple is so hard and looking so appealing, I lean in and suck on it. Flicking over it with my tongue my wife grabs a hand full of my hair ‘Yes!’ she moans. She pushes the back of my head towards her so I’m nuzzling into her breast more. ‘I’m getting so wet.’ She moans. ‘It feels so good.’We hear a stir upstairs. ‘That will do for now.’ My wife said putting her breast back in to the dressing gown. ‘Look. Can you tell I’m wet?’ Looking down at her crotch, she parts open the bottom of both sides to her dressing gown to show me her panties. She’s wearing a pair of white French knickers. The sight of her dark pubic curls visible through the white lace. She looks up at me biting her lip, her eyebrow slightly raised. I run my finger up the inside of her thigh and slip it under her French knickers. I slide my finger over her wet pussy and over her clit, giving it a stimulant rub. There is a sharpness in her breath as I move my finger down and slide it deep in between her lips, penetrating her, feeling the inside of her warm pussy. I slide my finger out and suck the juice off my finger. ‘You are a bad girl.’ I tell her.We hear the plumber come down from the attic. Probably had a tug of himself whilst up there. I go sit at the table at the other side of the kitchen and open the morning paper. My wife sorts her dressing gown out leaving it slightly open so that at the right angle he can see straight into it to her breasts.He comes downstairs and into the kitchen putting his tool box on the floor. He looks at my wife who is standing by the kitchen güvenilir bahis şirketleri sink; a little disappointed no doubt that she is no longer just in her towel. I ask if everything is ok upstairs and he nods and says that all is fine and working correctly. My wife hands him his drink, stretching the opening of her dressing gown a touch more as she does. He thanks her and leans back against the cupboards next to my wife. I tell him the problem that we have under the sink, he nods again and takes a sip of his drink. My wife opens the cupboard door and bends over starting to clear some of the box of household products that will obstruct him. As she reaches in she slyly pulls her dressing gown up and out over where it is tied around her waist so it hangs loose at the top when she leans over. He takes a look down at her. He has a perfect sight into her dressing gown seeing her right breast hanging and slightly swinging around as she fumbles with taking the box out. Her nipple is still hard. She slowly stands up putting the box on the side. ‘Is that ok for you?’ she says stepping to the side. He puts his drink down and crouches down to look in the cupboard. ‘Lovely.’ He responds. My wife grabs the box off the top but also grabs part of her dressing gown as well. She pulls the box towards the side of her body and in doing so her dressing gown slightly separates in the middle showing the front of her panties. He is now eye level with my wife’s crotch getting a good quick look at her mound through the lace seeing her dark pubic hair before adjusting his gaze back into the cupboard trying not to get caught out knowing I’m at the table only a short distance away ‘reading’ the paper. ‘I’ll take these out your way and go do my hair.’ She says making her way out the kitchen before turning to me and giving me a wink.He goes and gets some materials from his van. He is a good 15mins before returning. Another tug in his van maybe? He’s laid on his back, head in the cupboard fiddling around with the contraption under the sink.My wife comes through into the kitchen, her hair quickly been done to make it look like it has been attempted. My eyes widen and my jaw drops at the sight of her. The words of amazement, ‘Fuck. Me.’ Almost escapes from my mouth as I stare at this phenomenal sight. She has slipped on a thin, silk, white robe, loosely tied at the front by the silk belt. The robe covering a couple of inches, if that, past her crotch. Clearly visible through the robe her huge 34F breasts hanging magnificently, her nipples pushing out what little fabric lays over them.My eyes make my way down her body. Through her robe you can see clear as anything she has changed into a red stringed thong. The front of her panties has a big heart design to it. The plumber has not yet seen her. She cheekily flashes open the front of her robe so I get a good look at her panties. Crotchless. She is in a horny mood. These are one of her favourite pairs of panties and mine. She turns. Her red T-stringed thong easily detectible around her waist and see it disappear down in between her cheeks. Her breasts bounce gracefully canlı bahis şirketleri as she makes her way over next to where he’s working. ‘Everything going ok?’ she asks. He looks up and nearly jumps up hitting his head at the spectacle almost over him. ‘Erm, ermm, yeah everything is ok, shouldn’t be too much longer.’ Looking up the front of her robe, her moist pussy lips out on show between two bits of string which barely covers her arse hole as she stands there, slight legs apart pretending to open a few cupboards, shuffling things about. He squirms trying to adjust his trousers, bulge appearing to get bigger. She leans over on the counter briefly for a moment, her breasts swinging down, her nipples getting more erect. She leans and tweaks her left nipple over her robe in front of him before standing up and heading to join me at the table. Work has stopped under the sink, as he follows her with his eyes, watching her big backside shake as she walks away. He lets off a little sigh as his head falls back down into the cupboard and carries on finishing up the work. My wife sits opposite me at the table and sticks her tongue out and back in at me. ‘How do I look, teasing enough?’ her voice lightly says across the table. ‘I could easily take you now on this table.’ I replied. She let off a little giggle ‘Soon. It won’t be long now. I’m dripping wet for you.’ I was so turned on, my manhood aching to be released from this tension.My wife twisted her legs round on the chair to face the direction of the plumber. She lifted her right leg up onto the seat of the chair, balancing her heel on the edge and started to paint her nails. Breasts squeezed together and pushing into her knee she loved the feel of the robe brush against her nipples. She straddled her other leg to the side, round the chair leg, to show a perfect view up her robe revealing her wet, enticing open pussy. She painted a couple of nails, the plumber didn’t look up to take notice. Too busy with wondering what the hell had just happened as he carried on working away. She lifted her back side slightly off the chair and reached under her cheek to grab hold of the red string near her arse hole. She pulled the string to the side and rested it over her cheek. The string either side of her pussy now positioned over the inside of her leg right leg. She leaned back on the chair, supporting her back against the wall she shuffled her backside over the front of the chair lifting her leg higher to balance in the air to paint finish off painting her toes but so her starfish could be exposed too. It didn’t look the most comfortable of positions but she held it well. All the shuffling got his attention and he set his sights on what my wife had on show for him. He packed his tools away but kept peeking up every so often to my wife. She dropped her hand and lightly brushed the back of her thigh as if to wipe something away, her fingers gently touching over her pussy and near her arse hole. She dropped her leg back to the floor.‘That’s everything done’ he said looking all hot and bothered. My wife smiled at him as he headed out the kitchen whilst having one last good look at her big round breasts and perky nipples through her robe.‘Thank you’ I said opening the front door for him, ‘I’ll expect the bill soon.’‘My pleasure, anytime. Goodbye’ he said. I shut the door and couldn’t wait to take full advantage of my wife the dirty, sexy, tease. What a morning for us all!

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