Plumber’s dream

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Plumber’s dreamI didn’t write this or take credit for this. Found it and was to good not to share. I have had a panty fetish since an early age. I had a playmate whose mother thought nothing of it to run around the house in her bra and panties, and of course my imagination ran wild seeing her in sheer panties. She was young and very pretty and had a nice body and a somewhat large but firm butt. I stole my first pair of nylon briefs from her laundry hamper and engaged in many sex adventures with her using her yellow, slightly stained briefs and a wild imagination. Kenny who is her son never knew that I wanted to hump his mother although I did make comments on how pretty she was.When I got a little older I worked for my Uncle Pete who had a plumbing repair business. I did most of the grunt work and would pick up parts and even help on a few of the repair jobs. I really liked the residential home repairs because it often gave me a chance to pilfer women’s panties from their laundry hampers or baskets. As a result of learning the trade neighbors would often ask for a little help on their home repairs and I would often help, my only compensation being the nylon panty treasures I would lift when the opportunity presented itself. This led to a few great experiences with Barbara Jenkins our next door neighbor. She always appeared so conservative, very good looking, around 30 or so but always dressed somewhat professionally wearing mostly women’s suits. This made it hard to tell just what the real woman looked like underneath, and thanks to her sink getting stopped up I got to find out.She saw me getting home one summer afternoon, it was still early around 2 in the afternoon so mostly everyone was still at work. I had thoughts of getting cleaned up and spending some time at the local pool doing a little swimming and working on a tan. She came up to me as I was heading up the walkway and asked if I had a few minutes to possibly fix her sink in the master bedroom. It was stopped up and leaking from the trap below the sink. She looked pretty in the bright sun, wearing a blue dress with a white blouse and matching blazer, high heels, and sheer black stockings. Her auburn hair in a neat bun, and just the right amount of lipstick on full lips that made me quickly think how I would love to put my cock in them. I told her I would be right over after getting a few tools.I had been in her house before for special occasions, and it was always immaculate, everything so neat it was hard to believe anyone lived there. I had never been into her bedroom and my mind quickly thought of how I would like to go through her lingerie drawer and hamper to get some of her panties. I of course thought someone as conservative as she is would wear basic lingerie but it would be fun to at least check them out. I came over and she was at the door in a flash, walking me down kıbrıs escort the hallway, saying how much she appreciated me coming over, that if I didn’t mind she had to do a quick errand and would be back before I finished.I had no problem fixing the sink, it had the usual accumulation of hair bobby pins etc gathered in the trap and five minutes later I am done. Now is the time to check out her panties, my heart pounding with excitement and my dick getting hard thinking of cumming on her panties. I went into her bedroom and looked into the bureau drawers and the first one I pulled open was her lingerie drawer. Boy was I wrong about her underwear. She had at least thirty pairs of panties in it, mostly sheer nylon briefs, some hip huggers and in one stack 5 assorted pairs of crotch less panties in different colors and styles.As I am a brief lover I checked out her briefs. There was a pair of Vanity Fair full cut nylon tricot pink in color with a single layer nylon crotch band that caught my attention. I looked at the label and they were a size 8. They were very sheer and I stuffed them into my pocket and would use them for my nighttime jack off session.I put everything back in order and then decided to go through her laundry hamper to get a pair of ripe soiled panties. As I opened up the lid right on top was a pair of sheer beige panty briefs with a double nylon crotch. I pulled them out and inspected the crotch, which was still damp. I sniffed them and they smelled great. They had a wonderful odor of her pussy, pee, and a little perfume. My dick was leaking with excitement, and I searched for another pair. I found a pair of light blue nylon briefs and I sniffed them, they were dry but they sure had her pee smell in them, I quickly unzipped my pants and wrapped the sheer blue nylon briefs around my cock and put the beige panties over my head with the dirty crotch band against my nose and mouth. I inhaled Barbara’s scent on her silky panties enjoying the wetness of the damp crotch, loving the fact this was somehow perverted made it that much more pleasurable. I started to pump my cock into her blue panties sniffing her sex on the beige ones.As I was caught up in the moment of excitement I never heard her come into the bathroom. She was standing there looking at me with a curious smile on her face. My stiff dick immediately shrank as I tried to put it back in my pants. I looked really stupid with a pair of her panties over my head and I pulled them off meekly my face turning a bright red.She said I never knew you found me that exciting. She came over to me and put her arms around my waist and gave me a deep kiss her lips pressing hard against mine in pure passion. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and I responded kissing her back, my dick growing hard as I smelled her perfume and tasted her sweet mouth. Barbara pulled back from escort kıbrıs our embrace and told me that we could have some fun together as long as we didn’t tell anyone. I told her that I thought she was so pretty and couldn’t help myself and that I liked her panties. She smiled and reached down to pick up both pairs of the panties and then pulled me into the bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed, reaching for my cock in my pants and pulling it out she quickly put it in her mouth and started sucking it. At the same time she wrapped the dirty blue panties around the shaft looking up at me smiling as she stroked my cock in her mouth. She reached around me with her right hand pulling my pants down past my knees, moaning with excitement as I pumped her face with my cock. She wrapped the silky panties under my balls stroking them as she sucked me hard her face contorted with pleasure.I was so excited I grabbed the back of her head and started mouth fucking her feeling my cock go all the way in her sweet wet mouth. She pulled back for a moment and smiled at me; She held up the beige panties and said put them back over your head so you can smell my pussy while you cum in my mouth, then it’s your turn to lick my pretty pussy she said with lust in her voice.I looked at her feeling the pressure build, watching her red lips suck in a frantic motion and I knew I was going to cum at any second. I put the silky nylon panties to my nose sniffing the stiff dried stains of her sex, smelling her pissy pussy on the delicate sheer crotch band.I pumped her mouth faster as I felt my cum jet into her waiting mouth, looking at her stroking my cock with the silky blue panties my cock head just inside of her mouth, I ejaculated in large spurts, and she struggled to take it in her mouth, a large strand hanging from her lower lip as I came in a huge climax. Oh Barbara that’s it I moaned, suck it baby. She suddenly pulled my cock from her mouth aiming the last of my load onto the dirty crotch band of the blue panties. She smiled and continued to pump my dick as she rubbed it against the nylon panty. I slowly calmed down as my climax ended. I felt spent, it was the best blowjob I had ever had. She wiped her mouth with the now cum stained panties and then told me to get on my knees.I watched her as she stood up and unzipped her skirt pulling it off quickly. She had on a small white half slip which she left on and then sat down on the bed, pulling back the slip to reveal the most sheer white panty briefs I had ever seen. Even the single layer gusset was transparent, and damp. She looked at me and said do you like these panties? I smiled, and nodded then she told me if I licked her real well I could have the panties to jack off with. She lay down and spread her legs revealing a beautiful patch of pubic hair and wonderful swollen pussy lips pressing against kıbrıs escort bayan the thin nylon. I kissed the inside of her thighs, and then her panty clad stomach, and slowly worked my way to her damp crotch. I rubbed my face along the thin nylon inhaling her scent. I could feel my cock growing again as I started to lick the damp panty, pushing the thin nylon into her hole. She squirmed a little as I tongued her panties, and then she reached down and pulled the crotch aside pulling my face into her wet labia. I was excited looking at her large pussy lips, and buried my tongue inside of her cunt licking her pussy in a fast steady pace.I found her swollen clit and licked it and she lifted her hips pushing her pussy to my face. I reached under her grabbing her panty-clad ass and licked faster and faster on her clit as she humped my face. She was moaning, and grinding her cunt in circular motions against my face. I knew she was getting ready to cum, and I licked her clit faster, as she told me, that’s it honey lick my pussy faster, oh yes that’s the way I like it, faster, oh yes, I’m going to cum. She clenched the bedspread with her hands as she bucked her butt up and down against my face, and she screamed oh yes, oh yes, and I continued to lick her pussy, holding her panty clad ass cheeks up in the air, my face buried in her wet cunt. She slowly lowered her butt back down on the bed, breathing heavily as she looked up at me smiling.Take off your pants and get on the bed with me. As I pulled off my shoes and pants, she pulled off the blazer she was still wearing and unbuttoned the white blouse to reveal a sheer white bra beneath it. Come here and kiss me. I was now naked and laid down next to her and kissed her deeply, feeling her tongue enter my mouth and lick my tongue. She reached down and pulled off her white briefs and then placed the silky panties over my cock, come on honey, you can panty fuck me now. My cock was hard as a rock with the thin nylon covering it. She pulled me into her, pushing my pantied cock far into her love hole. I was so excited I knew with just a few strokes I would cum all over her panties and in her pussy. I pulled up her bra and looked at her ample breasts, the nipples were hard and I licked and then sucked one into my mouth. She pushed her hips up to meet my thrusting, and it felt so good, silky panties and wet pussy on my cock. I could feel my ejaculation was close so I ground into her cunt thrusting her pussy as I looked down watching my cock with its silky nylon cover go in and out of her cunt. It was a strange kinky sight, but I loved the way it all felt and I started to explode. I grabbed her around the waist and pushed the panties far into her as I came. I kept cumming, and she licked my ear and told me that’s it baby, panty fuck me, cum in those pretty undies. I seemed to cream forever, and did not want to pull out so I lay on top of her feeling the ebb of a great climax.I saw Barbara a few more times after this great day of panty sex and I will write about the few times that I got to enjoy my life long fetish in future posts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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