ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #6

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ProfNigma Stories #6: Power Trip #6iCarly/Victorious: Power Trip #6 – Chapter 5(AU story)Spun out of last series, this AU story has the gang gaining super powers thanks to a wish. Action, twists, and shocking moments abound.Once Trina was safe and sound back at the West mansion with the others, nearly everyone began to yell at her for her bad choices and ask her how she survived nearly 12 hours underground.”Well, honestly, I don’t really know. I was in the box for a while and I made the mistake of trying to phase and sit up, but it didn’t do much good, but it let me breathe which I guess was the important thing. If you guys hadn’t found me though, I don’t know what I would have done.””Died probably,” Sam said, leaning against the wall of the house, earning dirty looks from the others. “What? She’s the one who was screwing the insane fucker that’s being buried in Jade’s backyard.””Are we sure that’s a good idea?” Carly said, looking around to Jade who was still cradling Freddie’s arm.”Yeah… no one’s going to look for him there. I think Nate’s even going to put a rock there so looking underneath isn’t even an option. Better than that asshole deserves.””His f*mily might,” Tori said, still trying to be nice to the very end.”No they won’t,” Trina said softly. “He never told me what he did, but he just said that he was free from his grandparents ever bothering him again and offered to do the same for mom and dad.””I immediately retract everything nice I said…” Tori said, feeling a bit ashamed for her sympathy.There was silence for the next few minutes as Spencer, Nate, Gibby and Andre came in and took a seat facing the others. There felt like so much that should have been said, but no one could really find the words.”I think we should dig up Freddie,” Sam said, looking at the stretching arm that Jade had d****d around her neck, Freddie’s hand gravitating towards Jade’s chest as it always had. “He might still be alive…””Sam might be onto something,'” Andre said, giving it some thought. “All those recycling ads and stuff always made a point about how rubber and other plastics never really deteriorate or break down… maybe he’s still alive and we just didn’t know?””I don’t know…” Spencer said, unsure if he could stomach the sight of his s*ster’s friend like that. “Anyone else creeped out by how it looks like a mannequin arm made of silly putty?”There were some awkward glances as that image actually seemed accurate for what they were looking at.”We have to find out,” Jade and Sam said, nearly in unison, sharing a glance that showed that while they may have been warring hearts when it came to Freddie, they were united on this issue.Sam, Tori, Nate, and Jade, still holding tight to her beloved limb, all jumped into Nate’s truck while the others took Andre’s car to the burial spot, each one hoping for a miracle but fearing what they were about to face.* * *It didn’t take long for them to get to the construction site, and the car ride was pretty uneventful. The only moment that really stuck out happened between Jade and Tori in the truck’s backseat. Tori had gently touched Jade’s arm, and whispered how happy she was that Jade was ok. Jade was surprised by the touch, but found herself comforted that her friend was there for her. All the snarkiness that she usually held tight to was whisked away and she smiled sweetly and Tori and held her hand for a few moments.The sight didn’t go unnoticed by Sam or Nate who tried not to read too much into the vibes between the two girls.As soon as the truck halted by the warehouse where everything changed, Jade and Sam were out of the vehicle and rushed to where Freddie had been buried. Tori and Nate followed behind and he made quick work of the grave, lifting and moving the dirt around until they found him… and the sight was pretty disturbing.They were certainly right that Freddie was still alive, but what lay before them was Freddie’s body which was moving normally, seeing that he apparently had been trying to dig his way to the surface, but that wasn’t the worst of it. The worst, was his head, which was in 8 pieces on the ground, each piece moving around on its own trying to reform into a functioning face.Carly had to pull away and start throwing up at the sight, joined by Tori and Andre whose stomachs couldn’t handle the sight. Jade and Sam were certainly horrified, but they just held onto hope that he might be saved. Then he spoke.”Guys,” the mouth tried to say despite being two separate pieces joining together. “I know this looks bad, but I think you… shut up… no, not you guysssss.” Apparently the ‘s’ was too much and the mouth separated. It re-joined again, and he continued, “Sorry… I need to be re-joined and kaçak iddaa I think Jade, you might… Yes, I know… sorry… could help me.””Anything,” she rushed her answer, pushing Sam back, happy to be the one that he asked for. “What do I do?””You could… strip for me baby… I mean… you could fire up. Then melt me just enough to get… well, yes, I get it, you’re horny… jeez… Sorry, I’m kinda cracking up. Melt me and get me all back together.”Jade was honestly afraid of what was wrong with him, but she couldn’t help but think it would be fixed it she saved him. “Here goes,” she said, taking her jacket off, instantly producing flaming arms. Once she saw he was ready, she shot the fire towards his head.”Aaah!” he screamed, causing her to stop. “No… keep going, ignore the screams until I say our safe word!”The rest of the crew knew the seriousness of the situation but the fact that they had a safe word was probably one of the more humorous aspects of their relationship, and they waited with baited breath to hear what it was.The fires returned and so did the screaming until finally Freddie shouted out.”Peanuts!”The crack of giggling luckily sounded out the sound of Freddie’s skin crackling as Jade looked down at what she had done. Freddie was… well, he was in one piece, but he was currently shifting around, desperately trying to find a facial form that didn’t look like a mutant. On the good side, his arm had been reattached and it seemed to work fine.After nearly a minute, Freddie, fully formed, looking only slightly off, and nude from the waist up rose from his grave to face everyone.”So… what did I miss?”* * *Instead of an answer, for the next few minutes, Freddie Benson was bombarded with stiff and tight hugs from Jade, Sam, Carly, and Cat. Spencer, Andre, and Nate gave him a handshake. Gibby tried to do the same, but the moment their skin connected, Freddie’s body slumped over and his head looked like it had been put in a blender. Hiding his face from the other’s he raced towards the vehicle to wait there until he had better control.”So… that’s what he really looks like now?” Sam asked, her heart skipping a beat, and feeling almost worse than she’d felt when he ‘died.'”I guess so,” Spencer said, heading over to talk to Freddie as he was trying to shift back to normal.”That’s terrible… but at least he can change his looks,” Tori said, covering her mouth.Jade could only stare at the hole her love had been in only minutes before. Had she done this to him… too much fire maybe, she feared. She couldn’t imagine the focus he’d have to exert for the rest of his life to control that just to look normal.After a few moments, Freddie headed back towards the group, his eye slightly lower than it should. “So, that was… I know,” he said to no one again, which was starting to freak the others out, “something.””So, you kinda saved us all, man.” Gibby said, making sure he was staying away from Freddie as he spoke.”Yeah… that was certainly… hush, I’m going to tell them… I guess I can control every atom of my being. I realized as I was unfreezing in this hole, that… you guys should have checked for a pulse, and-“”Dude, you didn’t have a fucking head!” Andre laughed. “I’m no doctor but that usually means something’s dead.””Anyway…” Freddie continued, his face muscles seemingly struggling. “I realized that I was in separate parts and so was my head. I could see what my eyes saw and little else, but I could feel everything. When my arm was thawed, thanks to some immense heat- thanks babe, by the way,” he smiled awkwardly and winked at Jade, but his eye lid came up from the bottom of his eye, causing a twitch of terror from the others. “Sorry… I guess I’m having trouble. I felt my arm and I used it to go to the car’s vibration and I stretched it thin to get inside the car and tried to stay on Robbie and Trina until I KNOW IT’S THE BEST PART… sorry, the hotel.””Alright Hoss, as good a story as this one is… you ain’t right?” Nate said, wondering if the nightmare wasn’t over.”I was kinda getting to that part,” Freddie sighed. “My head and brain were split up into 5 parts when I got hit. So, 5 different trains of thought were going for over a day and I guess we’re, or I, I guess, am still getting acclimated. Thoughts sound like conversations and it’s hard to control… the government is controlling us all… Sorry, I mean… I can’t exactly control that, my looks, and holding my shape. Kinda hoping it’s not permanent.”Jade touched Freddie’s shoulder and rubbed it softly. “It’s ok, babe. Take your time.”Freddie took a deep breath before beginning again. “So once they got there, I was planning to act, but I never found the right moment since I wasn’t sure if he saw me if his canlı casino siteleri powers would work. So, I made the plan to go where he couldn’t see me. I waited in the motel room for him to come back without Trina, and when he was sl*eping- which I’m happy he did with an open mouth- I slimmed down to worm width and crawled my arm down his throat. I was going to expand once inside, but then I guess Jade showed up and I had to hold off.””Ok, so that’s seriously the grossest thing I have ever heard,” Trina announced, trying hard not to get sick.”Well, I originally had planned to take the back entrance,” Freddie joked, earning wide eyed glances from the others who clearly thought this was even more in bad taste. “So, I tried to grow slowly,” his eyes growing wide for a second and looking around “… like the danger of us talking out in the open while they watch… sorry… so his bones wouldn’t like pierce me or something, which I think was having an effect, but when I felt him try and tell Jade to kill herself, I had to act fast.”Jade squeezed his hand tightly as she kissed his cheek and held him close, savouring this moment fearing for their future together if he didn’t keep it together.”The rest of it was instinct, I knew where we were so I knew that Trina had to be buried pretty close by so I led you here and kinda hoped you’d do the same for me once you saved her.””Thanks again for that,” Trina said, sitting on the truck away from everyone else. “I, uh… I’m really sorry for all that crazy shit I did. I mean, most of it was because of Robbie, but still, just kinda feel bad.”Sam and Trina shot looks at each other, wondering if this changed anything about the two of them remaining enemies. A subtle nod and half smile from Sam certainly made it seem like they might not be so bad off.While the others gathered around Freddie and made sure he was ok, still amazed he survived, Trina and Gibby held back. They didn’t exactly seek each other out, but it was only natural that they would gravitate as outsiders of the group.The truth was, things had been ramped up so high that Gibby had hardly noticed the eldest Vega, but now that they were finally in a state of peace, he couldn’t help but notice her.”‘Sup,” he said, offering his hand. “Gibby.””Yeah… I know, and I’m not even remotely interested,” she said, barely giving him a glance before checking her nails to get the dirt out from under them.Gibby tried to speak again, but the words weren’t really coming. His shoulders shrugged as he turned from her.”But…” she said, causing Gibby to turn back, “My last boyfriend kinda tried to kill everybody so maybe you’re not the… worst… I could do.”Gibby shot her a smile and she grabbed his hand pulling onto the back of the truck.* * *Night fell quickly as the teens now hung out in Jade’s backyard. The fire damage to the house was surprisingly minimal, thanks to Tori watering the house and Spencer blowing it all out. The drinks were pouring out for everyone and with the exception of Spencer, who refused to let go of trying to be the responsible person in the house, all the teens were beyond dr*nk.Ever since Freddie’s rescue, Gibby and Trina had actually gotten very close, especially in the face region. Their ridiculous PDA would have been annoying if everyone else wasn’t distracted.Tori and Nate were likewise very focused on one another. His large arms held her close to his body as they laughed and enjoyed the party. This may have been due to the drinking but it probably had more to do with what Tori had told him in the truck. She was unsure but this whole scary experience changed her mind, and so she told him that she loved him. He nearly wrecked the truck in surprise, but it certainly made him happy.Sam and Carly had renewed their friendship for sure, laughing and discussing trying to make college plans. It hurt Sam to see Freddie with someone else, but she still held out hope he would realize it and change his mind. She wasn’t even mad at Jade anymore, which was a huge step. Carly swore never to use her powers again unless she had to, something that her br*ther agreed on and promised with her.Cat and Andre were feeling a bit sad. Of all of them, the two of them had been the closest to Robbie and his breakdown hit them hard. They each wondered if they could have helped him along the way. The quietly made a toast to their lost friend, as well as Beck, and drank to their memory until Cat decided to hit up Carly. The web star had rebuked her, sadly, and Andre told the petite and shy redhead that it was ok. The two had no romantic feelings for one another, but they felt so much closer after this experience.Jade and Freddie tried to have a good time casino şirketleri with the others but it was clear that the strain of maintaining his form was beginning to wear Freddie down. She was also worried about his broken mental state. Gibby couldn’t do anything to fix that problem it seemed, and so it became a reality that he might never get better.* * *After the party died down, the two of them went to bed together. Jade had missed his body and tried desperately for some intimacy with him, but he just wasn’t feeling up for it. She didn’t hate just lying there and cuddling with him, but it wasn’t what she was craving. She fell asl*ep on his chest and woke up in the middle of the night to his voice.As she looked down at his face, she found herself feeling shamefully sickened by his appearance. His eyes were wide still and he was muttering phrases. He wasn’t even responding to her trying to wake him up from… whatever this was.”Topically applied fluoride doesn’t prevent tooth decay! It does render teeth detectable by spy satellites…””Freddie, baby… are you ok? What are you talking about?”He turned to her and gripped her shoulders, frightening the normally fearless girl. “The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister!”Jade jumped from the bed and threw on a robe and wondered if she should even be in bed with him. She couldn’t just abandon him, but if he was this… whatever he was. Crazy? Paranoid? Lost? Jade ran through every possibility in her mind, before she decided to cool her head a bit.The Goth teen crept down the stairs slowly and headed for the kitchen. She opened up a pint of ice cream grabbing a spoon and just going to work on it, the need for a bowl never even crossing her mind. As the chocolate chips gave her mouth the semi-sweet taste she was craving she felt pretty bad about leaving Freddie up there by himself. Jade washed the spoon out in the sink and sighed as she opened up the large freezer door, to put the ice cream away.”You know… there are actually 32 flavours… The last one was forged by Illuminati mystics and a taste will reveal the true secret behind what the government has been doing to our dairy supply.”Jade barely withheld a scream as she turned around to see Freddie, looking pretty normal, standing there peering at the ice cream container. “You… uh… you scared me, babe.””Sorry… I was just having a bad dream,” he ran his hands over her neck and shoulders, “and I figured I’d find you down here. Sorry for the conspiracy theory stuff. It’s a really weird personality quirk I guess I never knew I had.””Yeah, it’s certainly something… Did you need something down here?””Just you,” he said sweetly, and for a moment Jade forgot all about the horror and tragedy of the day and got to look into his beautiful eyes. He swept her into his arms and they shared a small dance in the kitchen before she kissed his lips and nuzzled her face into his neck and shoulder.”I love you… I was really scared I’d never see you again,” Jade whispered. “I did something bad.””I heard about what you did to Sam and Beck. Not sure how I feel about that…” Freddie paused as if he was listening to someone before nodding. “Good point… the Sam part was the upsetting bit, for the record.””Yeah… but your pal Gibby took care of her. I was actually talking about something else…”Freddie’s eyebrow raised in surprise and rose a bit too high and was not coming down even as he scrunched his face trying to make it go down. It was a strange sight, but Jade tried not to notice as she took his hand and led him up to the bedroom that was his the night Freddie and the other iCarly’s had arrived.”Now don’t tell anybody about this, ok?” she whispered.Freddie nodded and watched as she lifted the mattress up and reached inside of it. She felt around for a few minutes before finally withdrawing her hand. Inside her hand though were three large stacks of cash.”Is that… the bank robbery cash Robbie and the others stole?” Freddie asked, incredulously.”Yeah… there’s more of it too. I grabbed it from the motel room Robbie was in while they were rescuing Trina. I don’t remember a lot of what happened, but I remember the money. Took what I could without anyone noticing, and burned the rest. Feeling kinda bad about it now. Almost $100,000 there.””And you’re telling me…. Why?”Jade began stuffing the cash back in there. “I don’t know… I guess I expected you to talk me out of it. To turn it all in and all that good stuff. Or,” she said, planting a kiss on his lips softly and taking her hands in his, “I thought we could use the money to start a life together. Get outta town. Get a nice place. Start a f*mily.”Freddie smiled at her, and kissed her lips and held her close. He knew the right answer to this problem and it wouldn’t be easy to pull Jade from her fantasy, but he knew it was the right thing to do.But then again, a voice in his head thought, doing the right thing is so overrated.

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