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# Tag Pub
My wife and I were unemployed, both having been made redundant, me after 4 months, she just before they needed to pay redundancy. Neither of us had transferable skills, as a salesman I had sold but it is difficult to find that kind of employment in your mid-40s, when there are so many youngsters after that position. We both hustled for part -time job that paid the rent and ran the old crate of a motor bike that we had.

Some weeks ago, we saw an article in local paper advertising an open day for the people who had little experience and had yen to a pub manager. We went, we were accepted, we underwent the training and finally we were offered an extremely run down pub in Busia area. The promise was that it was to be refurbished into “Tap House”; a chain of white people’s pubs and we would be the first to be considered to copycat there pub.

In the interim we ran the pub on our own with very few staff and only afternoons off. Our customers. Our customers were a very rough bunch, but that was the only source of revenue, the state of the pub being nowhere good enough to encourage new visitors. The refurb was supposed to happen within 6 months but wrangles over who owned the freehold made it drag on for 3 times that. In the meantime we drew staff from a very small population.

One such was Ivy. Ivy was about 5” 4” tall, overweight and honestly not the prettiest female you ever saw. She was 35 and a grandmother although she hardly ever saw her daughter or granddaughter. We took her on to do few hours each week even though we knew she was drawing benefits, but that was her concern, not ours. Most men will say they do not understand women, but I bet most will understand the meaning of looks and glances from a member of the opposite sex. In my situation I was very careful, the bar area was small and even casual touches can be misunderstood. I always took great pains to ensure I passed our female staff giving them the widest possible berth.

Ivy never made that possible. She was a big girl and, unlike the other girls would not pull herself in to give me room to avoid touching. Then, on one occasion when there were few customers, her hand brushed my rear as I passed. I thought nothing of it until I looked back and saw her grinning then compose her face and serve the guy who came to the bar.

Did I imagine it? No, the smile she gave said that it was meant. But she may have been testing me and if I reciprocated it could be misinterpreted? Or she could simple have complained to the wife. No, did not want to go down that road.

Then she did it again. No mistaking this time. I finished the chores I was doing and went and stood beside her at the bar. The wife was away for the afternoon visiting her daughter and new grandson so there was just the two of us behind the bar. Not enough for two to do really but I was just filling in time until we closed for the afternoon. I have absolutely no recollection of the conversation we had. Not even small talk, just inane chatter. What I did do, making sure that the few customers we did have were otherwise occupied was to reach down with my left hand and firmly squeeze her right buttock enough so that it was completely unambiguous. There was no reaction, she just carried on chatting. Then as she reached down to put a clean glass on the shelf she, in turn, squeezed my left buttock.

“When we close at 2, do canlı kaçak iddaa you want to stay behind for a drink?” I asked her.

“OK”, was the only reply and I slipped upstairs to make a cup of tea. I drank the tea, tried to read but most of the time watching the clock tick round to 2 pm. I heard Ivy ring the 10 minute bell and went down to join her. Our lunchtime trade was starting to improve but it was months before it became substantial. On this occasion the bell was pointless as there was no-one in the bar.

Ivy went the other side of the bar to collect glasses, wipe tables and sweep the floor. I asked her to close the door whilst I bent to the task of cleaning the few remaining glasses. We did not warrant an automatic glass washer so made do with a brush scrubber unit mounted over the sink. When all was tidy and the till drawer stashed in the safe I pulled a glass of lager for Julie and a half of bitter for me. Then went and joined her on the other side of the bar where she was smoking a cigarette and sipping at her beer.

I asked her if she wanted to come upstairs. She refused. This quite surprised me. Well, more than that as my cock had already started to harden and I was already extremely randy. We chatted from 2:30 till nearly 5 pm with me thinking I was going to wear her down. After an hour I knew that this was not going to happen and just accepted that nothing was going to happen that afternoon. The gist was that she did not jump into bed at the first opportunity. I found this quite strange as had thought she was highly promiscuous, but in talking to her I realized she had had sex with very few guys and was still moderately shy.

In short as she said “I want to be sure you’re not just going to take advantage of me and then boast about it.” This in itself was quite strange, here am I contemplating an affair with one of my barmaids and she thinks I’d mention it to anyone. That would have been marital suicide. She left just after 4 and I went upstairs for a quick bite to eat ready to open for “Happy Hour” at 5.

It was 2 weeks to the next time I was in the pub on my own as we took it in turns to go back to our house. The next week I was there mowing the grass and making the garden a little more tidy. In the meantime Ivy kept me at arm’s length; I had not even kissed her yet. However the odd stroke of hand and bum did happen.

“Do you want to join me for the afternoon this Thursday?” I asked.

“You sure?” she countered.

“Of course”

“OK. I’m not on this Thursday, so when do I come?”

“Just before 2. I’ll get you a drink.”


“Till then.”

I thought I could be quite cool. Ivy worked and drank in the pub over the next few days without any sign of what had passed between us. But Thursday did arrive and the wife left just after opening, saying she would be back before happy hour finished.

“No problem,” I replied “I think I can handle it. See you about 7.”

She nodded in agreement, got in the taxi and drove off. The shift went exceeding slow. I was behind the bar on my own. Ivy came in just before 2 and I served her usual half pint. This time everyone seemed to be in no hurry to leave.

“I think it’s your presence,” I said “If you go out the front, I’ll open the back door. Just wait in the hall and I join you as soon as I can.”

While she finished her drink I slipped out, unlocked the back door and went back canlı casino in to the bar noticing that she had already left. Happily there was now a general exodus. I locked the door, cleared the few remaining glasses having already tidied and went out back to find Ivy waiting in the hallway. I put my arms round her and leaned in for a kiss. She responded beautifully opening her mouth to accept the probing of my tongue. I was all arms as I hugged her tight and kissed her all the harder. Eventually we came up for air.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked.

“No, I’ve just had one.” she replied. So I locked the back door, set the alarm and motioned for her to go upstairs before the alarm cut in. She stood at the top of the stairs and asked where to go.

“Round to the left and into the bedroom.”

I pulled her to me and we kissed again but, after a few seconds she pulled away and asked if we could get in to the bed. I said OK and went off for a quick pee. By the time I returned her clothes were on the floor and she was in the bed with the duvet pulled up to her neck. I stripped and got in beside her. I could see her gaze was in my already erect cock.

She was fat, soft and squidgy her tits full but falling to the side. We kissed whilst I massaged her tits and, rubbing her large nipples between my fingers making them come erect. Her hand went to my penis without my bidding so I slipped my hand between her legs which she parted to give me access. Her pubic hair was soft and downy covering the dome of her cunt. My finger slipped in to the crack and then into the moist chamber of her vagina. I saw her eyes close and a she gave a little sigh. I later found out it had been a long time since she had been with a man. I found her clit and massaged it whilst I gave her a kiss.

I was attempting to prolong the event but when the kiss broke she waggled my cock and said “When am I going to get this?” I soon learned that foreplay had little place in sex with Ivy, she liked to be fucked. I rolled on top of her and put my cock to the entrance of her cunt. One quick push and I slid in to her up to the hilt.

There really are few experienced to match the first time your cock slides into a new cunt. They all feel different. Ivy’s was tight and warm, surrounding my member with a warm embrace. We went in to fuck mode, me thrusting deep and she lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. Ivy came first. Unusual in itself, few women come during fucking, but she did. I followed not long after my cock happily pulsing as the flood of my orgasm washed over me and my semen pumped into her warm, wet cunt.

I had not realized the effort we had both put in to it but I felt sure you could have heard the pounding of my heart in the street.

She cuddled up to me whilst I massaged her tits and ran my hands over her back and buttocks feeling flesh yield under my touch. I could feel her hands roaming over my body too. We kissed and broke and repeated until she said “Looks like you are ready for round two.”

My cock was hard again so I mounted her and slid it back into her vagina. Slow and steady this time, the climax building up over a good few minutes. She did not cum, but I did, pumping a second lot of semen into her. I collapsed on top of her, kissed her again and rolled back off.

The clock had already moved to after four so I said we had better get up and make everything kaçak casino normal. As I walked round the bed, she sat up out of the bedclothes with her arms clasped round her tits. I took hold of her arms and pulled them aside.

“Don’t do that.” I said “You are spoiling the view.”

This was the first time I saw her tits dangling from her chest. They were full and soft and I was tempted to bury my head in them again. I don’t think she had ever had that kind of compliment before as she smiled and allowed her legs to part so I could see her reddened cunt and a small amount of semen dripping from the crack.

“Do you want to clean up?” I asked.

She said yes and went off taking her clothes whilst I remade the bed. When I joined her in the bathroom she was almost dressed when I washed my cock, we finished dressing, had one final kiss and went downstairs to get ready to open up for “Happy Hour” at 5.

I cancelled the alarm and Ivy went the other side of the bar whilst I poured her another half of lager. We chatted until nearly 5 when I saw we already had a small queue waiting.

“That’s awkward,” I said. “You’ll have to go out the back and then back in the front.”

She laughed; it was the exact opposite of a couple of hours ago. This time she came back in and ordered a pint for which she paid (happy hour was not for halves).

I enjoyed fucking Ivy. It was an affair that continued until we left the pub for a new one but the occasions seemed to be few and far between. Best times were when I could take her to our house. Was supposed to be mowing the lawn or a bit of DIY, they were rushed; I was far more interested in having my cock in Ivy’s cunt. We still fucked when she was seeing another guy which made it even more fun. I’m not hypocritical and loved to discuss how and where the other guy fucked her.

One of the occasions is worth mentioning. This was on one of my turns to have the afternoon off. I met her in Busia. I said Ivy was fat but she loved wearing miniskirts that you almost were tempted to think, show off her underclothes. Wasn’t true, but I did love the effect they had on other guys. I picked her up on a motor bike to take her over to our house where I was going to check on our new tenant.

That meant I could not use our old bedroom as we had done on several occasions, so I rode around looking for a secluded spot. We eventually found a sheltered copse on a deserted road. We went in and found a small clearing.

“This do?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said, lifting her hands under her skirt and pulling off her knickers. She lay on the bare ground, raised her skirt and parted her legs. I was treated to the sight of her cunt in an obviously aroused state; her crack was dilated and bright red from the gorged blood vessels. My cock was also in the same state. No kissing, no foreplay, I dropped trousers and underpants, kneeled between her legs and pushed my cock inside. The effect of this was also electric, excitement heightened by the danger of exposure. I came quickly and, as my cock had been in an aroused state for nearly an hour, I pumped what seemed like an endless stream of semen into her.

A couple of young lads passed not far from us. If discovered I would have been tempted to offer them a share, but we both kept quiet and they passed without obviously seeing us. Perhaps they had and were being generous.

She would never allow me in her flat and the affair ended when we moved to a new pub the other side of Busia. No mobile phones then so no way to keep in touch.

However, Ivy was not my only conquest there in the # tag pub, but it was my start of my new lost found youth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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