Revisit to Uncle Peter

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Revisit to Uncle PeterI haven’t seen my Uncle Peter in The Netherlands for a couple of years and working full time for a large television network has not allowed me any time off, but this summer I would take a leave of absence to visit my favourite uncle. I have fond memories of years gone by and as he meets me at the airport I give him a long hug and the first thing I remember is the scent of his aftershave which brings about a little tingle between my thighs. By the time we get to his house it is late and I am exhausted from the jet lag, we have a brief visit then he shows me to my room. As I am lying in bed I realize that flannelette pyjamas are way too hot for Holland so I kick off the covers, that still is not enough so I take off the bottoms, so just wearing the top I quickly drift off into dream land.In the morning Peter checks on me to tell me that breakfast is ready and as he opens the door he is faced with a half-naked sleeping girl on her tummy, one leg out straight the other bent to the side giving Peter a unobstructed view of a sweet smooth naked peach of a pussy framed by two smooth soft rounded thighs and topped with the most beautifully shaped spank-able bottom he had ever seen, Peter seeing that I am still not awake decides to leave me for a bit to wake up and slowly closes the door pausing while imprinting on his brain the lovely image presented before him. Once I awaken fully I stagger out into the kitchen in desperate search for the coffee I smell brewing. I forget that I am still just wearing the top to my pyjamas but as long as I am standing it does just cover my bottom. I go over to the kitchen window to look out to see what the weather is like and as I lean slightly over the counter and standing on tip toes I fail to realize the view I am once again giving Uncle Peter. Peter cannot believe his luck as he sits at the kitchen table getting another view of the sweetest perfect bottom and with my legs apart ever so slightly he can see my sweet labia peeking out. Peter stares at my backside wishing he could tip me over his knee and give me a sound spanking, I turn around to face Peter completely unaware of the show I just put on for him and he cannot stand up because of the massive erection he has. Peter said he had some business in town that he has to take care of and would be gone for a couple of hours so he told me to relax and he would see me soon. Sitting and drinking my coffee after Peter had left the house I noticed his collection of adult material in the living-room cabinet so I started to leaf through it, he had all kinds of erotic magazines and videos quite a few about spanking. Given the way I was dressed in just my top and looking at all this erotic material It did not take long for me to start fingering myself and in no time I had a very intense orgasm. I also noticed on the upper shelf a collection of rubber whips, leather straps and wooden paddles, they all look like they were well used, I could not help myself so I lifted my top and looked at myself in the hall mirror and wondered if Uncle Peter would be willing to spank me like the lucky girls in the magazines.When peter returned I was showered and dressed and as he was putting his briefcase away he noticed that his magazines seem to be a little out of order, he wondered to himself if I had been looking through them. To test his theory over the next few days he gives me opportunity to see what I do and sure enough he notices that a couple specific magazines are always out of place. Peter checks the magazine latter and sees that it was open to a story about an Uncle spanking his niece. During this time we have been going shopping to get me some clothes more fitting for Holland and the weather, he buys me cute short dresses and sexy nighties, he pretends that this is quite normal for Dutch girls and they all wear skimpy clothing like this especially to bed. He buys me a couple of cute nighties because it is too warm and humid for my pyjamas. Peter only speaks Dutch to the sales ladies and as they smile at me little do I know that he is telling them I am his wife so they go out of their way to pick out the sexiest nighties. When we get home Peter asks me to model my new clothes türkçe bahis for him, starting with the short dresses and progressing to the nighties. He loves the short dresses as he exclaims how they show off my lovely legs but I am a little apprehensive when I put on the first nightie. I tell him that they did not put any panties in with them and he casually remarked that you do not wear panties with nighties. OK I say to myself and when I come out to show him I can see his draw drop open, he tries hard not to stare at me too much because you can see every inch of my naked body underneath. Peters cock rises quickly in his pants as he praises me for how lovely I look and when I go back into the bedroom he darts off to the bathroom.Peter needs to find out what my real intentions are so he arranges for a morning out with an old girl friend of his, Johanna is her name and it turns out that she is well educated about the ways of the flesh and he is sure she will enlighten me. I meet Johanna at a nice cafe and the first thing I notice is what a beautiful classy woman she is, very fit, tall, well dressed and in possession of the legs of a dancer. She is obviously a strong willed intelligent woman and not afraid to tell me all about her and Peter. They have a very special arrangement, once a week they get together for a nice evening of just spanking and sex but once a month, Johanna tells me, she needs some extra special treatment that only Peter knows how to give her. She explains that Peter has a very special table in his basement that is perfectly designed to secure a woman in any position he likes and then whip the daylights out of her after which he can ravish her at his leisure. She goes on in very graphic detail as to how this table works and as she paints a picture in my mind my pussy joins in on the fun to begin getting nice and wet. Johanna sees my skin blushing with arousal as she talks and notices me moving around in my seat, she leans over and whispers in my ear that it is alright, she gets wet just talking about it too. Before we leave the cafe we stop into the washroom to clean up and dry off, so to speak. While in the washroom, Johanna asks me to lift my dress up so she can get a good look at my bottom, as I do she kneels down behind me and takes her time inspecting and feeling my naked bottom. She tells me that I have a superb bottom for spanking and hopes that I will let Peter spank it latter, adding that she is sure he would get great pleasure in having me over his knee or securely fastened down on his special table. We are gone the whole morning and I have a wonderful time with Johanna plus I have learned a lot of useful information about my Uncle.When I arrive home after my morning with Johanna I see Peter sitting in his easy chair reading one of his magazines. What I don’t know is he has planned this to see what my reaction is and if I will be in a proper mood from my visit with Johanna. I view this as my opportunity to see how far Uncle Peter will go so I slide in beside him and taking one of his arms I cuddle up to him asking what he is reading. He casually points out that it is a story about an uncle who has a very naughty niece and he gives her a good sound spanking on her bare bottom. Really I say, and taking a deep breath I look deep into his eyes saying, she must have been a very naughty young girl to get spanked on her bare bottom, I then add in a little girl voice, do you think that I have been that naughty. Peter looks at me and says, why don’t you go upstairs and have a nice bath then change into a nightie and when you come down we will discuss your behaviour. Yes Sir I reply as I head upstairs, trying not to appear in a hurry, I look back as I ascend the stairs and see Peter watching me and my swaying bottom under my short skirt.The nightie I pick is absolutely revealing, it is black and trimmed with red ribbons, tied at the neck and falls open in front, it is so sheer that I feel naked. Peter is sitting in a straight backed chair when I enter the room and in his hand is a large wooden paddle, he motions for me to sit on his lap. First he compliments me on my choice of nightie and adds what a lovely young woman I have become but continues poker oyna saying that all girls need discipline from time to time and my time had come. I did not say anything as he told me how a good session over his knee with the paddle would make me a better person and how much I would benefit from regular treatments over his knee. I still said nothing, just thought how lucky I was at that very moment, then Peter helped me off his lap and turning me, lowered me face down over it again. He took both my hands and held them in the small of my back so I was not able to get up or move, he left my legs free to kick and squirm as he told me that was his favourite way to spank a girl. By this time I was well on my way to achieving an orgasm, all the talk with Johanna and Peter about spanking and now over his lap in such a revealing pose, my pussy was running with nectar. Before he started, Peter asked me a few yes or no questions, first was, are you a naughty young girl, I answered yes, next was, do you deserve to be spanked hard, I answered yes, then he asked, do you want and need to be spanked, and I answered yes. He said that he was pleased with my answers and that he was going to spank me hard and would enjoy every smack he applied to my bare bottom. Uncle Peter did not start easy, he went straight into a hard spanking, the crack of the wooden paddle was deafening and I began to cry after only a few smacks. Peter was telling me what a good girl I was as he smacked me hard and he said that crying was a good thing as it would release all my stresses. I wasn’t prepared for this hard of a spanking, when you read the stories you don’t fully get just how much it hurts and oh my goodness this hurt. The louder I wailed and howled, the harder Peter smack me, I was pleading with him but he said he was just getting warmed up. I could tell from his voice that he was enjoying this fully, he was telling me what a lovely dark red colour my swollen bottom and thighs were turning and what a wonderful firm full bottom I had to spank. He held me tight over his lap as he spanked me hard and fast and he was right, I did kick my legs and squirm around a lot but the squirming was also grinding my pussy into his knee and my orgasm was creeping closer and closer.Uncle Peter knew just the right time to stop and lifting me up to sit on his lap I swung around to face him, throwing my arms around his neck and spreading my legs on either side of his hips I buried my face in his chest and cried. Oh gawd the pain in my backside was unbelievable the ache and the throbbing but another throbbing was rapidly building as my position pressed my soaking wet pussy down hard on top of Peter’s massive erection, spreading my labia apart. My breathing was becoming ragged as my arousal quickly and uncontrollably mounted; only a thin layer of material separated his hard manhood from my love tunnel. I was beyond reason as my breathing became more and more laboured and my hips started to rock back and forth until my body was overcome with a massive orgasm. I gripped him hard around his neck as I thrust my pelvis into his lap, Cumming over and over squirting my juices until I completely soaked his trousers. As I recovered, a sense of embarrassment over came me and I started to cry again, Oh Peter I said I am so sorry I feel like a fool, but before I can say anything more he puts a finger up to my mouth to stop me and with a big smile says, what just happened was more than he could have hoped-for and was very pleased with how I responded to the spanking. We sat like that for some time, him stroking my hair and feeling my hot welted bottom and as I relaxed, my hips began their involuntary rocking motion. He put his hands on my hips to stop me from masturbating and looking into my eyes asked me if I wanted him inside me, through wet tear stained eyes I smiled and replied that nothing would give me more pleasure. He stood me up for a moment so he could remove his cum soaked trousers and release his magnificent erection, then sitting back down in the chair pulled me back onto his lap so he could impale me on his hard pole. Peters own orgasm was close at hand as I worked my hips up and down; he wrapped his bets10 arms around me holding me close as his stiff organ pulsed and filled my tight pussy with his hot thick cum. I could feel his warm cock juice working its way down and drip out of my splayed pussy lips so I looked up at Peter and shyly asked about his special table in the basement. Oh, Peter said, I assume Johanna has told you all about it, well not all I reply, Peter added that the table is used for serious punishment only, but continued by saying that maybe I would enjoy some real punishment.It was a very unusual table, sat low to the ground and had all kinds of attachments and supports to, as Johanna put it, to secure a young woman in any position he liked so he could whip you. Peter says he got the idea from a young woman he has chatted with on the internet and over the years he has made improvements and additions to it. On the wall was an assortment of whips, paddles, canes and belts, plus items to gag and give pleasure to whom ever found themselves on his table. Peter looked and me and asked if I wanted to continue because once he starts there would be no stopping. I was mesmerized by the overwhelming erotic thoughts going through my head and I guess my dripping pussy was doing the thinking for me because I could only manage to nod my head, yes. He asked me to remove my skimpy nightie, not because he wanted to see me completely naked but he said it would get in the way of the restraints. Peter held me for a minute after I had taken off my nightie, he looked into my moist brown eyes and smiling he said, I want to be honest with you so there is no misunderstanding, I intend on whipping you very hard and I am going to enjoy it, after I whip you I will ravish you without asking is that clear. Yes Sir was my reply, good girl he said, now let’s get you tied up. Peter lays me on my back with my legs high in the air and spread wide, he places some bars into the top of the table and adjusts them so they support and secure my legs. Next he locks my waist and arms with more steel bars and last he places a ball gag in my mouth. Peter removes his clothing next so that when he is ready there will be no delay. Peter stands looking at me making sure everything is to his liking, then walks over to the wall and chooses a long whip with nine tails. The whips he has down here are all a lot more menacing than the toy-like implements he has upstairs. Peters cock is swaying back and forth as he moves about and I can see clear semen dripping from the tip, my pussy reacts to this vision by contracting and squeezing out some of my own nectar.Peters expression changes to a more intense, methodical look and taking aim at the smooth soft insides on my thighs he begins to strike. He swings the whip from side to side catching one thigh then the other, the impact is like an electric shock. The whip causes excruciating pain, now you would think that I would start to scream but as he inflames the insides of my tender thighs he causes my lust to kindle and my pussy juices to run freely. I start to grunt and moan and toss my head from side to side, excellent Peter says that is the whore I am trying to bring out of you. I try to thrust my pussy up to meet the whip but I am restrained too well so all I can do is moan waiting for my orgasms to flood over me. He whips my legs, hips, breasts and tummy until my whole body is on fire, I am torn between excruciating pain and uncontrolled lust as my tears pour from my eyes. Peter is an expert at extracting orgasms by means of a whip and as my nerves start to convulse and quiver and rack my body in climax he steps into the space between my spread thighs and plunges his erect organ deep into me. As I pull against the unrelenting restraints he slaps my face, first with his open hand then with the back of his hand, smack, slap, smack, slap back and forth he goes slapping my face, smack, slap, smack, slap. As he does this the strongest orgasm yet grips my body, I am woozy and dizzy from the slapping and my orgasms are coursing through me non stop. It takes some time for my convulsions to subside as Peter steps back, nearly exhausted, but someone else is releasing me from the table. I look back and see the smiling highly aroused Johanna, she had been there the whole time to watch the event and lifting me up gives me a big wet kiss, she smiles and says the three of us are going to have a wonderful summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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