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Roleplay Log (Madyrn, Falara, May, and Daniela) -[14:03] Falara (falarapt): “Oh dont worry i neither did, i am it is nice to meet you Daniela” bows “i have to say this is a nice place, i surely will have some Drinks at this place later at a day” she giggles[14:04] Madyrn Bayn nickers. “If Falara wants drink now, Madyrn can help with that.” She grins wickedly and nods to Daniela. Red head knows what’s up by now, for sure, as often as the minotaur-esque horse has been around Daniela.[14:04] Daniela (daniele801) smile and keep walk to the food”Well drink is sure good what about some to eat for now?And…”giggles and look at the b**st girl dripping dick”Can I ask you what you like to drink?”[14:06] Falara (falarapt) laughs “i wouldn’t mind drinking now to be honest, but a good dish would be my biggest favorite now. To drink? I’ll take what you recommend here”[14:07] Daniela (daniele801) giggles and lick her lips while move to the food”O well there is a lot of drink here, but you know this lands are under the look of a goddess of lust and sex….so cum is a common thing to drink here, hope I don’t shock you…”[14:08] Madyrn Bayn nickers. “Madyrn thinks cum for good drink. Also thinks mead, but cum is better for helping mare with soft skin and yummy milk.” She snorts playfully, winking at Falara. “Food? Madyrn only eat non-meats.”[14:08] Falara (falarapt) looks with a surprised face “eh uh cum? oh well if you recommend that” follows the two[14:09] Daniela (daniele801) giggles a bit and lick my lips a bit unsure form the other girl reaction”Seem you don’t mind…you have done this before in public?”[14:11] Falara (falarapt) shakes her head “I haven’t, never seen this kind of ritual on my Travel” she shrugs “Its always a first time so why not”[14:12] Madyrn Bayn nickers and nods to Falara. “Mare is virgin?” she asks, admiring the elf as she allows more of her cock to slide free, drooling more seed.[14:12] Daniela (daniele801) smile and lick my lips”Is not a true ritual is only my way to pay my respect to the goddess what better way to pray a goddess of lust and sex then doing it her her city?”[14:15] Falara (falarapt) looks at Madyr to answer “I didn’t have time for sexual interaction on my Travels, there was always too much work to do, Magic kept me busy” looks at Daniela “I guess you are right, she surely would be pleased about it. So how do you usually start with it? Orderning a Cup of…”[14:16] Daniela (daniele801) smile and shake my head then let my bra end panties slide down and kneel in front of the dick I smile and start to lick it all over”It can be…but this show more my lust to the goddess”[14:19] Madyrn Bayn nickers to Falara again, nodding. “Madyrn do not worhip this goddess. But Madyrn will help mare settle in here. Maybe she will enjoy it here.” She smiles, brushing the woman’s chin. “Madyrn will help.”[14:20] Madyrn Bayn allows Daniela to do as she wishes with that cock. As long as she’s willing to share with her fellow mare.[14:21] Falara (falarapt) looks what is happeing down there, her heart starts to beat fast and she strokes over her boobs “I.. i think this is a very interesting ritual” she slowly puts of parts of her armor and crawls on all fours under Madyrs’s cock “i can’t wait to taste it” she licks over her lips[14:21] Daniela (daniele801) lick the big long dick whit no shame I smile at the other girl and droll over the big long staff”I think this is big enough for two…like to join?”[14:23] Daniela (daniele801) smile looking the other muğla escort girl kneel next to me, I play a bit whit her tongue while keep lick the dick then move my hands on the other girl ass”Your cape is a bit in the way….”[14:26] Madyrn Bayn gives a small neigh as both women begin to pleasure her equine cock. The long brown member hardens all the more, and leaks even heavier now. She rubs both women’s heads, stroking their ears as she closes her eyes. “M-Madyrn not had two women trying to pleasure cock in while. Is good…”[14:27] Daniela (daniele801) smile and lick the dick all over the tip then use my body for rub it before stand”Suck a dick is sure good…but maybe we can do even more what you think girl?”[14:28] Falara (falarapt) starts to gag while she gets shover deep on this big sized cock tries to answer Daniela but being on the cock makes her sentences unclear “mngh mppf i mpp maybe mngh could help me take it off” she starts to fonger Daniela with her left hand while she is still sucking on the cock[14:30] Madyrn Bayn neighs as she feels that throat go down her 24″ long, 5″ thick cock. She begins to release inside the stomach of the elf, bulging it as she’s forced to inhale that addictive equine musk for a bit. “Nnngh… Madyrn thinks mare would be perfect for breeding and bearing foals.”[14:30] Daniela (daniele801) smile and rub my body on the back of the other girl I lick her neck and move my hands all over her body for take off her cloack then giggles and move to the houses”Let’s find a bad…for keep go on whit the next step of the ritual…”[14:32] Daniela (daniele801): Sure you have a hot body elf, your boobs are so big and nice…[14:32] Falara (falarapt) coughs a few times, stays up and follows the two[14:32] Falara (falarapt) bows at Daniela while crawling on the bed “thank you so much”[14:35] Daniela (daniele801) keep work whit my lips all over the big long staff then move my hands on the other girl boobs”What you think about get cover in cum elf?”[14:36] Madyrn Bayn nickers loudly, spraying both girls in her seed now as they pleasure her cock. “S-She-stud likes this… is amazing.”[14:37] Daniela (daniele801) lick the cum from my lips then move my tongue over the other girl lips and lick them while try to rub her dirty boobs”This is the type of blessing a servant of Dibella is looking for…hope you like it too elf”[14:37] Falara (falarapt) smiles at Daniela seeing her sucking on the Cock and strokes over her back softly, then she looks up at Madyrn winking at her when she suddenly gets sprayed in her face. she links the cum off her lips and tastes it “this tastes really dilicious, i understand why this is the favorite drink ehre” she giggles[14:37] May (meynee) looking for a place to stay she ended up here then she saw 2 girls pleasuring a b**st*oh my what a sight to see*[14:39] Daniela (daniele801) smile and look at the new come then lick more the dick horny for be seen do something like this”I hope you like the show lady”[14:39] Falara (falarapt) nods at Daniela “It is a great pleasure for me” she kisses Daniela deeply and mixes the cum with her tongue”[14:39] Falara (falarapt) giggles and waves at May “Welcome, we are celebrating my arrival.. i guess” she winks[14:39] Madyrn Bayn huffs heaviily, muscled body tensing as she drools excess cum. She nickers as the sight of May. “I-Is good… Madyrn will share if other has cock like she-stud…” She blushed a bit, the slaver b**st making sure to bring Falara’s mouth down that cock escort muğla now, and deep-throat her, force her to inhale that musk.[14:40] May (meynee): ((oops i must go now see ya next time))[14:40] Daniela (daniele801) kiss the elf back making my tongue move in the elf mouth and sharing the cum then moan”My…my body need more..I need that dick in me…”[14:42] Daniela (daniele801) move wide over the bed and try to lift up my pussy showing it and press my mouth on the elf pussy”Hope you don’t mind if I go first…”[14:44] Madyrn Bayn pulled out of Falara’s throat to allow her to speak. The equine nods, and grabs Daniela’s hips, slamming deep into that cunt, hilting all of that massive horsecock. With all 24″ of that length buried, it bulges the red head’s tummy, while the 5″ girth stretches her wide.[14:45] Daniela (daniele801) moan and droll over the elf pussy then moan shaking hard I smile at the elf and lick her clit a bit more, I shake hard under the hard equine fuck but don’t try to hold back feeling my pussy get so wide open”MMM seem you like even tongues not only dicks elf…like me you take anything”[14:46] Falara (falarapt) her mascara smeary from all the gagging on Madyrn’s cock before she presses Daniela’s head on her vagina, moaning now and enjoying what is appening there “This feels so good, you are experienced with your tongue”[14:48] Daniela (daniele801) droll more over the elf pussy I move my tongue deep in her cunt while try to milk the equine dick whit my cunt, I shake and moan then look up at the elf and smile”A good servant of Dibella must know how to please anything…”[14:49] Madyrn Bayn leans down and nickers. “Madyrn would like to breed both mares… maybe collar and keep for breeding. Is so good…” She cums inside of Daniela’s womb, bulging it out, making it look pregnant.[14:50] Daniela (daniele801) close my eyes and arch my back try to keep lick the wet pussy I shake feeling my cunt overflow whit cum and cum making my legs all wet”O yess so full so FULL..maybe you like to try it elf?”[14:50] Falara (falarapt) moans louder as the girls enters her tongue deeper inside her, she starts to drool[14:52] Madyrn Bayn nickers, before pulling out. “Is elf-mare’s turn…” She whispers, moving both women around. Once Falara is moved into position, the elfess would feel her cunt and womb flooded by the massive meat’s size. She too is impaled by 24″ of equine length, the 5″ girth stretching her wide. “Madyrn breed elf…”[14:52] Falara (falarapt) looks over her shoulder back to the b**st “oh oh could you later cum inside my second hole or on me? you can use my pussy but i must not get pregnant at the moment” she turns her head back to the girl and starts to lick her vagina wildly, cleaning the cum inside of it and starts to gulp it down. she continues licking her clit[14:54] Daniela (daniele801) moan and look at the elf then lick my lips feeling her tongue all over my ripping pussy I smile and let her keep go happy to see how bad she need cum”O you seem a good servant of my goddess look the way you take that dick…and your need of cum…you make me think I have to do more and more for be a good servant”[14:55] Madyrn Bayn has not only taken Falara’s virginity, leaving that cunt bleeding, but is ramming in hard, making sure the elf gets a balls-deep experience in such a massive cock. “Madyrn can do that, if mare doesn’t want foals.” She smiles, willing to oblige.[14:57] Falara (falarapt) looks up to the girl while moaning” i think…aah muğla escort bayan ahh i am already addicted to cum ahh. Didn’t expect it to be that fast” she suddenly screams as madyrn pumps in her big cock ball deep “aghhhh you are pretty much widing me but.. it feels great, it hurts but feels great” she enters her tongue deep inside the Girl’s vagina, wisint around[14:59] Daniela (daniele801) moan and shake more she look at the elf and smile then try to move a bit”You like she cum more over us and bless us whit her hot cum…or you like more keep go on like that?You are a cum adiccted bitch…you are a servant of the goddess I can see it clear”[15:00] Madyrn Bayn nickers louder, stretching Falara nice and wide… enjoying the feel of virgin blood and folds. She stretches Falara’s stomach forward, outlining that equine cock in full.[15:02] Falara (falarapt) she looks at the girl with a lustful face, while getting rammed from behind “ngh i… i love cum yes, i want to get it sprayed all over me, i would even bath in a barrel full of cum. Where would you like to spray your load Madyrn?”[15:02] Englien Hodgepodge (englienwidow) is offline.[15:04] Madyrn Bayn goes to pull out, so not to cum in the mare, but her load blows inside anyways. Not as deep, but Falara’s stomach is left with a bulge from half the load inside her womb, the other half painting both womens’ faces when she pulls out.[15:04] Daniela (daniele801) smile and lie down I help the elf to move closer to me and rub my boobs on hers while rub the equine dick”Don’t ask give her pleasure give her a good blowjob so she can bless us”[15:06] Falara (falarapt) breathes heavily and nods, licking with her tongue around the Cock’s tips which is aiming on her face, she hugs Danielia close to her and await the load to come[15:08] Daniela (daniele801) smile and lick the elf lips then rub my boobs on them using all my body for rub the long horse dick I smile feeling more dirty and giggles then go back on my kneel”Maybe…we can take another load I can see a bit of your clean skinn elf…”[15:09] Madyrn Bayn continues to coat their faces in cum, along with their breasts and bodies. She neighs loudly in orgasm, legs spasming as her equine dick soaks them in her musky seed.[15:10] Daniela (daniele801): Another load on the face?[15:11] Madyrn Bayn nickers. She points the next loads on their cunts and stomachs, drenching their nethers.[15:11] Falara (falarapt): i can’t even get enough loads so please yess[15:11] Daniela (daniele801): You are so a dirty cum me…[15:12] Daniela (daniele801) lick the tip of the dick while rub the base try to please more the b**stgirl[15:13] Falara (falarapt) giggles “i enjoy how you rub through your face with your cock” she slowly puts her lips on the cock’s tip and starts to greedily dirnk the leftover cum, sucking it all out of the cock[15:14] Madyrn Bayn nickers a little, frowning. “M-Madyrn balls all empty now…” she whispers. “G-Good mares drain dry…”[15:15] Daniela (daniele801) smile at the elf move then lick the equine balls and suck them a bit while use my hands on the elf boobs”Thank you for have give us your blessed cum”[15:15] Daniela (daniele801) smile and stand then look at the elf[15:16] Falara (falarapt) grins and kisses the balls ” thank you so much” she stands up and flaots half of the cum into the girls mouth “lets share it”[15:16] Falara (falarapt): Yeeees![15:18] Daniela (daniele801) kiss back the elf moving my tongue in her mouth for share them cum I rub my body on hers making bout our boobs dirty whit the horse cum[15:19] Falara (falarapt) smiles at Daniela, stroking over her body[15:20] Daniela (daniele801): Now I need some rest…hope you like the way we prise our goddess elf…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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