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Sarah’s Teen LoverSarah is a sexy housewife in her early 40’s that has spent her entire 20+ year marriage cuckolding her very happy husband. She decides that she wants to try out some “young stuff” and hubby is more than willing to help her find a new lover! ***Sarah and I have been happily married for about twenty years now. We have raised our c***dren and find ourselves now in our mid-forty’s. We are still both in very good physical condition and enjoy a freedom that most couples our age are quite envious of.Our marriage started out quite auspiciously with me catching my wife to be in bed with a couple of her college professors. It took me a few weeks to come to terms with the fact that I had actually enjoyed seeing my betrothed fucking two strangers and since that discovery it has been twenty plus years of quite happily sharing my at times insatiable bride with literally hundreds of other men.About a month ago Sarah attended a bridal shower for a younger “friend of a friend” and it seems that part of the entertainment was a male stripper that my partially intoxicated wife became quite fond of. So fond in fact that a few days after the shower when we were out with two other couples whose wives had also been at the shower, Sarah was still getting “razzed” about her behavior.We are normally quite private about Sarah’s lovers and none of our friends or neighbors know what a naughty little girl she really is. The girls were teasing her about coming on to a guy at least half her age when she said something in her own defense about young men and staying power or something to that effect that kind of ended the conversation … it was with that in mind that I decided to find out a little more about what happened the evening of the shower.My sexy little bride has been to bed with men of all ages and until that night I didn’t realize that she had become more focused on finding a younger lover.I brought up the stripper while we were in bed making love and as soon as I mentioned him her juices began to flow and pussy became as hot and slippery as I have ever felt it. It seems that she read or heard somewhere that young men have great “staying power” and that she felt that she needed to go out and find herself a young man to see if it was true.The problem was she told me, that even after all of the guys she had been to bed with that she was still a little nervous about weather a woman her age could attract a young man.I assured her that she would have no trouble at all enticing a young man into her bedroom and asked just how young of a guy she had in mind, did she want to fuck the stripper? What she said next made me immediately shoot my load into her already sopping wet cunt… my wife wanted to seduce a teenager!She wanted me to help her of course and luckily I had just the boy in mind to possibly help me out. Other than watching my wife fuck other men I have several other exciting hobbies, one of which is restoring muscle cars. We moved out of town several years ago to help facilitate this hobby and now live in a very nice secluded setting. There are several guys from the “old” neighborhood that drop by on occasion and of course “friends of friends”.There was one boy in particular that I thought might interest Sarah, his name was Seth, but I hadn’t seen him around for a while and thought that maybe he was away at college. I knew that he was a very popular “jock” in high school and was almost sure that he was around 18-19 yrs. old. I had seen him looking at some of my old “pin up” art that I have displayed in my shop on more than one occasion so I was reasonably sure he was pretty interested in women dressed in sexy lingerie. I began discreetly asking around about him and a few days later he showed up at the shop. I keep the place pretty well protected so when he arrived I excused myself and went to tell Sarah to turn on the shop monitors and see if Seth was someone she might be interested in meeting. A few minutes later she called me and told me that she was going to take a bath and change into something sexy. She wanted me to bring Seth up to the house in about an hour. I think that that initial meeting set into motion my wife’s latest affair.When we came into the house Sarah greeted us wearing a very sheer black wrap around dress, black full fashioned seamed silk stockings, black 6″ high heeled and ankle strapped “fuck me” pumps, matching black lace garter belt, half cup bra and crotchless panties!! She acted kind of startled when she saw Seth and I thought at first that it must have been his imposing 6’3″ height until I realized that it was an act to cover for her being dressed so sexy.We found güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out that Seth was 18 years old and that he was indeed going to college in a town not to far away. He was on a baseball scholarship but generally came home on weekends to try to earn a few extra bucks for spending money.He had broken up with his high school sweetheart when he left for school and after all was said I think that he was quite taken with my 42-year-old, 5’4″, 110lb, 35b Blonde Bride, and so I tried to give them plenty of time alone together.Seth stayed for dinner and a movie and sat next to Sarah on the couch while I took care of being the proper host. She entertained him with plenty of “leg show” and was very “touchy-feely” with him, the way women can be, until toward the end of the movie when she actually moved to sit right beside him.The movie was kind of an erotic thriller which gave Sarah ample opportunity to “hold on” to Seth during the “scary” parts and “ohhhh and ahhhhh” with him during the romantic ones. Sarah has a very easy way about her that attracts just about everyone. If you combine that with her great looks she is hard for a man of any age to resist and Seth was having a very “hard” time not becoming attracted to her!I watched her “accidentally” rub his cock on several occasions and caught her kissing him when I would leave the room. After the movie ended we made a little small talk and you could tell that the sexual tension was very thick in the room. Sarah was in heat and so was Seth, they wanted each other bad and I was sure my wife had probably offered herself to him but Seth had no idea how he should proceed with a married woman especially with her husband in the room.I knew she wanted this young man and I wanted her to have him. I wanted Seth to proceed without fear and so I explained to him briefly that I allowed my wife to “play”. I’m not sure he understood at first but it wouldn’t take long for Sarah to help him get the message! I told Sarah and Seth that I had a few things that I needed to take care of down in the shop and asked if they minded if I left them alone.I probably wasn’t out of the room for more than a minute before they were in each other’s arms “petting” and kissing passionately!After about ten or fifteen minutes of “making out” Sarah finally slipped her teen lovers hand inside the top of her dress and with a little coaxing he began to gently squeeze her breasts and roll her rock hard nipples between his fingers.Our house is set up to make it easy for me to “disappear” from the room yet still be able to “watch” my sexy bride. I love watching each and every “phase” of the action that happens as my wife and her new lovers explore each other’s bodies and this night was no exception.As Seth caressed my wife’s tits she skillfully unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slipped her small soft hand into his briefs! She played with his cock for what seemed like an eternity as they continued to kiss.Seth was obviously enjoying himself, playing with my sexy wife’s tits while she continued her sensual “massage” of his still hidden teen cock while slowly but surly with her free hand she loosened her dress exposing her naughty garter belt, crotchless panties and stocking tops for her lover to view.She guided his hand to her honey glazed slit as they continued their now frenzied kissing and spread her stocking clad legs as he began to explore her slippery love tunnel. My sexy bride pulled his throbbing teen cock out of his confining briefs and began to openly masturbate him. I knew she wanted me to see her “prize” and I was surprised that he was pretty well endowed for his age, not only in length, but very heavily hung with enormous balls and his cock as wide as a water glass! They whispered and giggled for a little while and then Sarah stood and removed her dress. She helped Seth out of his clothes and then stepped up on the coffee table and stripped for him, removing her bra and panties while he watched and stroked his cock. When she finished her dance she turned her back to him, stepped down and stood in front of him bent at the waist, her hands on the table, her legs spread to expose her dripping slit and reached back between her legs and fingered herself while she told him how much she wanted him!He was wanted to take her right where she stood but she had other ideas. When she felt him move she turned and pushed him back on the couch. He looked confused until she knelt between his legs and took his cock into her hands and licked it slowly from his balls to his “helmet” as she looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to “suck him off” before he fucked her.She continued to slowly lick him while he squirmed in his seat, her soft hands continued to stroke him and she began to slowly suck his balls. It looked like Seth was getting close to cumming as my sexy bride helped him spread his legs and put his feet on the coffee table as she moved his ass to the edge of the couch. She was all over him now, her hands rubbed his stomach, his thighs and of course his throbbing cock as she continued to suck his balls. Sarah was getting her man ready to cum in her mouth and began asking him if he was enjoying her attention.He assured her that he was indeed enjoying everything that she was doing but told her that she had better give him a towel real soon or that she would be sorry. When she asked what he was going to do with a towel he told her that his girlfriend always made him finish himself off into a towel while she watched and frigged herself.Sarah told her young stud that she didn’t want to waste even one precious drop of his sperm in a towel, she told him that unless he was in a big hurry she wanted to take his first load in her mouth and then when he was ready again she wanted him to fuck her. “Mmmmmm, yes baby,” she said, “I want you without a condom!” My bride had her teen lover convinced that his cock was the best thing that had ever happened to her as she went back in earnest to sucking his nuts and pumping his thick shaft with both of her hands.Within just a couple of minutes she had him ready to shoot again and then before she took him in her mouth she did something that makes me want to cum instantly every time I see her do it. She doesn’t do this very often and I’m not really sure what a guy has to do to make her do it but it is ultra naughty!My sexy bride began to lick his ass hole! I think she took Seth by surprise because he grabbed her head and said “WAIT Mrs. Isacson, t–that’s my…” But she told him to relax that she was going to make him feel real good and so he let her go and spread his legs even wider as she continued to work him over.Her cute pink tongue was soon working its way into his bunghole as she continued to pump his cock. When he told her he was ready to cum she squeezed the base of his cock and took him into her mouth.”Try to hold back baby,” she whispered as she fucked him with her mouth. She took him through at least three orgasms before she finally released her grip on his sperm tube and allowed his boiling teen seed to fill her pretty mouth.He came for what seemed like two minutes as my bride tried her best to swallow the cream that didn’t seem to want to stop flowing. She choked a couple of times and had to pull him out of her mouth as he continued to spew his cum into her hair, some of it even going over her shoulder and onto her back.My bride is no quitter though, she recovered quickly each time and took her stud back into her mouth to drink as much of his love cream as she could possibly hold!!As I would learn later, my bride accomplished exactly what she had planned to do with her young lover. His first “cum” was now out of the way and he would now remain hard for literally hours!She noisily licked his semi-hard cock clean and then used her discarded dress to wipe his remaining cum out of her hair and off of her face and breasts. She crawled up onto his lap and straddled his legs, placing her drooling slit on his cock and sliding it slowly up and down the underside as it lay stretched out almost to his belly button gathering strength for its next mission!Sarah and Seth were kissing passionately again and they would take occasional breaks to let him suck on her rock hard nipples. Her pretty pink pussy lips were beginning to open like a beautiful little flower as she continued to ride the base of his cock and Seth was just about ready to fuck my bride… a sexy married woman over twice his age!They excitedly whispered about weather Seth had ever fucked any women yet and he admitted that the only fucking he had ever experienced was when his girlfriend allowed him to buy condoms and KY jelly on a couple of “special” occasions and slip the head of his massive prick into her backdoor.Seth was ready and I think he wanted to take my bride right there on his lap. Sarah had other ideas though and told him that he should experience his first “real” fuck in bed. As she led him through the house and up the stairs to our bedroom she told him that if you are going to fuck another mans wife it might as well be in his bed!!Sarah led her lover to her oversized King bed güvenilir bahis şirketleri and quickly moved to the center of the mattress and laid on her back. She spread her sexy stockinged legs wide, her satin garters straining as she first fingered the little “keyhole” on the darkest band at the top of her hose and then ran her hands up and down her legs straightening her seams while her naughty stiletto heels pointed at the ceiling.”Mmmmmm, are my seams straight?” she giggled as her teen lover stood next to the bed pumping his cock. “I want you to fuck me Seth,” she cooed as she slipped a couple of fingers into her slit and moved them in and out to show him what she wanted.He moved into position and she guided his cock to the entrance to her tunnel of love. “Pussssshhhh,” she gasped as he at first just rested his helmet in her entrance.”Puuuussshhh!” she whispered again as he began to slowly sink his unprotected penis into her pussy. “That’s it baby,” she said as he continued to work his way into her depths, “Fuck me baby, that’s it, fuck Me!” she begged as he continued to work his way deeper into her tight slippery hole.It had been a long time since Sarah had taken on an oversized cock like Seth’s and her pussy was enjoying adjusting to his length and girth! She came once as he awkwardly worked himself into her and after her orgasm I slipped unnoticed into the bedroom and knelt to watch her pretty married pussy lips slide up and down his cock as his speed increased.”That’s it! You’re fucking me now!” my bride told her lover as he began to drive his thick pole into her depths. He was totally inexperienced between a woman’s legs and Sarah was working with him to get him into a good rhythm. Her legs were down and her sexy stiletto heels were pressing deep into the mattress as she lifted her ass to meet his wild thrusts.I watched them unnoticed for quite a while, enjoying the sights and sounds of my sexy bride “taming” her young colt. When she finally got him settled down a little he proved to be quite the cocksman. He rode her married pussy slow and deep. He rode her married pussy to several screaming orgasms!I think the first time that Sarah started really getting off it scared him a little but she quickly remedied that situation! Seth fucked my wife for over an hour before his teen cock was ready to give up it’s second load of the evening.They were kissing when it happened. Sarah was on her back with her silk encased legs resting on Seth’s shoulders. They both glistened with perspiration and her stockings were starting to show signs of “play”. She was running her fingers through his hair and rubbing his back as he pumped her slow and deep with short strokes after having just finished a particularly hard and fast pounding of her orgasm loving pussy.She was telling him what a stud he was when he began to panic. He told her that he thought he was going to cum and started trying to pull his cock out of her love tunnel. Sarah was way to fast for him though and quickly wrapped her legs around his waist.Then she locked her high heels together as she wrapped her arms around him and begged him to fill her pussy with his sperm. “I need it BAD!” she hissed as he began to pump his seed into her fertile womb and yet another orgasm shook her body…Seth spent another few hours with my wife that night and then made plans to see her again the next afternoon. In order to not be held accountable for his time the next day and not knowing how much time my wife would want to spend with him, he told his parents that he needed to return to school a day early. He thought if his time with Sarah got late again he could just head back to his dorm and that no one would know that he had even been in the arms of an older married woman. He arrived at our house early in the afternoon and ended up spending the night with Sarah!! She met him at the door in a long sleeve, back less, crotch less tan body stocking and a pair of Red Suede platformed Mules with 6″ stiletto heels, her pussy was shaved and she was wearing a wide spiked red leather “dog collar” with matching wrist and ankle cuffs! I guess Seth told her that he liked the look of women with shaved mounds and all kinds of sexy, naughty attire.Sarah has literally hundreds of different “outfits” she wears to please herself and excite her lovers… But that is another story though, and since that afternoon there have been a few more adventures.Seth has introduced my wife to a couple of his young friends (at her urging) and she has showed them how a Lady keeps more than one man satisfied. Things are getting more exciting each week! Sarah is loving the “attentions” of her young studs and we are going to sign a lease this week on a condo for her in the same town that her lovers go to school in.She is already looking at furniture and talking about getting a new wardrobe to please her young studs, she says she also needs food, snacks, “refreshments” … I’ll let you know how it all works out.

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