Scarborough pub pull

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Scarborough pub pullAnother night another play, as you will be able to tell we are new to this lifestyle, well we decided to have a night in Scarborough we did the usual a few drinks then a great meal then back to the night life, we settled in in the Turks head on the hill down to the sea front, we got settled in a corner and started to enjoy the entertainment, after a while we needed our drinks replenishing MrsC said she would go because she needed a toilet break anyway, a few minutes passed and I began to wonder where she had gone, I stood up to look around at the bar and she was there but chatting to another man, nothing new she usually attracts the men with her ample chest, she knows it and wow she shows it, another ten minutes passed but then she returned with the drinks and a smile, a smile I had seen before a smile that said I’m loving this I want more, I asked her where she had been not letting on I had seen her chatting, she said have you not seen my text, text? No why? have a read she said, I took my phone out to read the text and sure enough there was a text she had put that a good looking gent had stopped her and was trying to chat her up, I asked her more and he has said sheepishly that he was waiting for a lady and they had planned to meet at 8pm at that bar, to that I said why was he talking to you then, well it turns out he had slipped up mentioned that he had only seen her online, with a smile on both our faces I said he thought you were an escort! Lol his escort for the night, she replied yes so I said what did you say back to him, she said I don’t know where it came from but I said “but I have already eaten” I was shocked and amazed that she had replied like that she said she didn’t mean it like that she meant it as I’m not an escort, the eaten bit was her thinking escorts were taken for a meal first and it was the first thing that came out, any way he realised he was talking to the wrong lady and quickly apologized, and off he went, but not before he had bought us these drinks, me a pint of something her a bottle of wine, I said well he ruined that then, why she said? Well if you have a bottle then he has no chance of you going to the bar again, no reply from her just a smug smile.A short time passed where we did not speak we just enjoyed the singer but MrsC still had the smug smile, thoughts going through my mind I said I was off to the bar after all it was only fair she had a glass full remaining but was very merry to say the least, I walked to the bar and stood along side the gent I ordered the beer he had purchased for us and then a bottle of the wine for MrsC the man turned to me and looked knowing he had purchased the same combination earlier, hi I said we owe you a drink and a thank you, a thank you he replied, yes you made my partners day not just for chatting her up but for complimenting her as an escort lookalike, she is still smiling, so with you only questioning the thank you that must be a yes to the drink, with a smile he agreed, I take it your lady friend has not turned up if that is the case then come and join us.Upon our return MrsC’s face dropped the smile instantly went from her face we sat down and I introduced MrsC and myself he replied with a handshake and his name as Tony MrsC looked mesmerized her eyes went from him to me and back again not knowing what to say to either her foot tapping on my foot and her hand on my knee squeezing in a panic, a few seconds of this and Tony said he was enjoying the singer but needed the toilet so he was going to go now before the music started again so he was not interrupting later, as soon as he went MrsC turned to me and said what the hell are you doing what is happening, nothing I replied don’t worry I spoke to him at the bar he was alone the ice was already broken plus he was stood up so why not, you don’t have to do anything it’s just three people enjoying a night out so why not, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled, so I followed it up with a and he was expecting a shag tonight and so am I so I will enjoy watching him and you now knowing I have told you you can if you want, but let’s see no plans, ok she agreed shock in her eyes but a yummy smile, her chair slid closer to me and her arm grabbed mine. Tony returned he too smiling and sits down facing MrsC a few exchanges of nervous smiles so I thought I would spice it up a little for a laugh, I asked Tony what it was about MrsC that made her stand out as an escort from the back? MrsC her heel went straight into my shoe and Tony looked as shocked as her, go on be honest make a married man happy would you fuck her? I must have said it a little to ataşehir escort loudly because the couple on the next table were looking, he was smiling his wife choked on her drink, I said sorry and asked again quieter, is she nice in your opinion? MrsC said that I should shut up and fast but he replied saying she is a stunner turning back to her confirming it again “you are sorry” he said, don’t apologise she said its him what kind of thing to ask someone, but would you I asked again, he knew what I meant, a short pause and he replied given the chance then yes without a doubt he would love to, to that I replied thank you she refuses to see herself as attractive anymore and I tell her there would be a Que if she opened up, in more ways than one, in mucky look from her at that moment was brilliant but it did not last long, we had always talked about similar situations it was both our fantasies and here we were and the perfect situation and not planned at all, I whispered in her ear I was only joking but just enjoy the attention, the music started again so we could not talk much out of respect and after what I had said earlier is running through all our minds plus the couple on the next table who overheard me talking, the lad kept nodding at me as if he was happy with our situation, the drinks flowed and the small talk MrsC was loving this attention she had even allowed Tony to mover his chair closer to her so he could get a better view of the entertainment, MrsC was the entertainment for me during this she had allowed me to touch the top of her leg a few leg squeezes between us but I had managed to slowly lift her skirt up to her giving Tony a nice view, just him I might add not our new friends on the next table, he noticed straight away and he was hooked, MrsC was aware he was looking and I could feel her shallow staggered breathing down my arm she seemed to be enjoying this, she turned to me and whispered that her knickers were her favourite ones, but that to me means the old thunder pants grannies wear, I smothered and rolled my eyes saying why! It’s one night out and you wear the most unflattering knickers on the planet, well you best take them off, and bin them I said, don’t let Tony see them things for God sake.MrsC did her best to take the knickers off without causing a scene but without success so she suggested a toilet break again I asked her if she was enjoying this and if she was ok to tease and play more, I received a long kiss and a yes and gracefully off she went twisted crooked knickers halfway down her back side, now it’s my time to talk with Tony, he stood up to allow MrsC to pass him I moved into her seat to talk quietly to him, I asked if he was ok for time and if he was enjoying it so far, his reply was what I thought “I’m enjoying your company very much, I said so are we but it’s your turn if you want more from her, not drinks I mean he looked to understand, MrsC returned and shuffled past Tony rather close, but enjoyable, at that point I received a text, upon looking at my phone it was from MrsC asking if I was ok and if yes how far dare we go with Tony, with her being back at the table before I arrived too late to reply so I told her that’s your choice just say when you have had enough, and now it’s his turn to play so put the skirt back where we were when he looks, she smiled but did not wait using both hands she slowly dragged up her skirt unroll her thighs were fully exposed, stopping short of her mound, I touched again and wow was she wet something was turning her on I touched her clit and she jumped a little I knew then Tony was what she wanted so I pulled my hand away, it was their time now, I watched thinking wow this is superb Tony glanced and God knows what he is thinking, it didn’t take him long to slide his hand onto her leg and a look at me from both as he did, I smiled and looked down again so I didn’t miss a thing, Tony’s hand made its way up MrsC’s inner thigh, I put my hand on her other leg and she shuffled slightly closer to Tony so he could reach easier, as awkward as it was he could manoeuvre enough without being seen, I helped by easing her leg towards me this caused her skirt to fully slide and expose her mound as good as we were going to get in the situation we were in, Tony moved his fingers right into her lips and instantly MrsC moved her self into a I’m holding my glass with elbows on the table position sort of blocking our view, he was working away on her clit and she grabbed my hand on the table, squeezing away as he gently touched her, a few minutes passed and she was open mouthed and breathing like crazy he seemed ataşehir escort bayan to stop MrsC moved her left hand under the table and began exploring his lap, her other hand released from my hand and went onto my cock, a gentle squeeze and a rub, here was my wife being pleasured in a packed pub by a stranger and in return she is touching our cocks through our pants, I had forgotten about the couple on the next table, the lady was oblivious but the lad was fixing on MrsC I bet he was alone at that point hoping for a play, I smiled at him then turned to MrsC kissed her on the cheek so I could say to her let’s move on we cannot do any more here, if your up for more we need to find somewhere a little quieter, she agreed and moved her hand from my lap and his and lowered her skirt composed herself and said right let’s go, and she was off no stopping her we smiled and stood up and she led us out.Outside she was just the same she was so excited and raring to go, one problem where next? Tony was in a B&B so three work get in, we were in a camper van on the sea front so a little obvious at any time, we all walked up hill to a small road and down the hill, I remembered the cinema down there that was closed, so somewhere there must be ideal, there was nothing else for it relive our youth and play in the open air, well this was a one off none of us wanted to miss, we found a spot waited for a few seconds to see if anyone was around or looking out of the Windows, not many Windows but a few voices in the distance, we all looked at each other as if to say who or what next, I grabbed MrsC and walked her to the wall as I did I said to Tony me first please, we kissed and I had quick feel of her down below and wow she was dripping, whoever sat on the chair in the last pub must have thought we had spilt a drink, I was amazed, I realised then it was Tony that did this so I kissed her again and said are you ok with this, too right she replied so I moved back to let her enjoy Tony first, he stepped forward towards her and she grabbed him, I had never seen her like this with me yes but another man this was a first, and God was it looking good, they kissed and touched each other as if they had to go soon, but we had all the time in the world within seconds his hands were groping her breasts both out enjoying the attention, he kissed her neck and down to her chest and breasts, he looked to be loving it as much as her, he sucked and squeezed them so fast it was a blur then he wives back up and kissed her again this time his hand went down to her pussy that must have been even wetter now, she moaned a lot and that was not like her at all at this stage she was normally vocal but not like this she looked to be loving it, I was laughing and telling her to keep the noises down but she was not listening or she didn’t care she was in the moment fully, Tony then stepped back and unzipped his cock, God I thought calm it lad but it was their time let them get on with it I’m the foolish one who kept pestering for something like this to happen and here we were or more like she was I was along for the ride as they say, his cock was huge no wonder she was smiling in the pub and now here he was eager as anything about to do my wife, without any talking or gestures he just stepped up to my wife lifted her right leg and ploughed in one bit at a time, she swung her leg around him and bother her arms and started kissing each other again as he thrust into her, with each thrust she made a grunting noise then kissed again, wow I thought this is not how we had spoken about it happening but wow it still looked good, she just stood there relying on him to support her and kissed the hell out of him whilst her frantically fucked her, that was the best way to describe it, her fucked her, no love none of the things we enjoyed leading up to making love he just fucked her and boy could we hear it she made noises I had never heard, they lasted five or ten minutes I wasn’t clock watching, just looking out for locals or passers buy, she started getting a lot louder and let out a scream God he did something good to her, or this was the release she needed at the right time, he then pulled out and faced away and shut his load, heckler yes I had not thought of that bit thank God he though on, I wanted my bit after and the sloppiness at that point did not appeal to me, but my fault again I did not say anything in advance well I didn’t get the chance, this all happened so fast.MrsC stood there with her head tilted back and her legs apart looking in a right state after that short but check intense fuck she turned to me escort ataşehir and giggled and whilst straightening her hair she said shit that was amazing I’m tingling all over still, she composed herself and walked over to me your turn she said and thank you, thank you what for? I said for letting Tony go first with that she bent down proceeded to release my cock and began to suck and suck well indeed Tony by this time had cleaned up and was now watching us, he did the right thing and patiently waited but after a while MrsC stopped to stroke my cock and asked him to join us, brilliant she was going through the bucket list we never though could happen never mind was happening, she took a cock in each hand and one by one sucked and stroked us alternating perfectly enough to keep us both happy, she had done the stranger, done the double bj, what next, at this point the couple from the bar walked past the end and we were in clear view us two being satisfied by MrsC and her on her knees with her back to them, the lady turned away but the lad gave us the big smile again and the thumbs up and a “get in” as they passed, we all sniggered but she started to tell him off as they walked away, with luck she saw the good side to it and it helped them shag better after hearing us earlier and then seeing that it paid off later, from that I suggested we move further into the alley way so it does not happen again, she went back down and began pleasuring us again my turn I though thinking she might have dried up a little and I didn’t want to miss out on the feeling of my wife’s freshly fucked pussy, when she moved onto his for the suck I moved around to her rear so she could continue on Tony, I was throbbing knowing I was going to feel her just after another man had, I touched her first and to my pleasure and surprise she was still soaking wet so without hesitation in took my turn, she spread her legs and I was home she felt so good just perfect, he had done a great job now we can all play, again the moaning started she was enjoying me this time as well has him, a few minutes of that the a swap around and he got to fuck her again, he was clearly bigger than me and that was proven by the noises she was making again but when in Rome as they say, he sure did put it to good use on her, he had her tits swaying like crazy and each thrust had her deep throating me and she did not care, this Tim e said he was close so she moved of us both and told him to wait she turned to me and stepped back to the wall lifted her skirt for my turn just like Tony had, I lifted her leg lol he did and she put one arm around my neck to steady her I entered her again this time seconds after Tony had pulled out she was throbbing away perfectly as we got into our rhythm she reached with the other hand for Tony’s cock to keep him on the edge, knowing this was happening made me go harder and some of the noises she made with him started with me she was close and so was I but I wanted her to cum first so I was doing my best to keep holding back but Tony failed he said he could not hold on so that put and end to me making her cum so I pulled out and she went straight down to Tony ‘s cock within seconds he had was groaning and looked ready to pop but where MrsC very rarely swallows and we are in a back alley with a fair way to walk to clean up if he pops on her face, the answer came almost instantly she sat up a little and he wanked to finish onto her exposed breasts he can like a fountain I laughed and said God has it been a while, he laughed back say yes but worth the wait, with that she turned to me and sucked again I was there in no time because of her skills my turn to pop, she sucked stronger and deeper licked away and sucked again until I said I was ready but she didn’t stop she continued until a could hold off no longer and she took it all in and swallowed it all, after that she stood up and said that’s your treat for letting me have mine, we all straightened and buttoned up, we talked for a little while as if we were saying our goodbyes when MrsC said in my ear can we do this again? If you want yes but when? Her reply was we have our camper and I promise to be quieter, I’m up for it Tony was for sure and because she has asked of course she was up for it, we headed down onto the front and into one more bar so the fun could start all over again and believe me we did not wait long whilst standing at the bar in a crowd of merry drinkers he went straight back onto kissing her and fingering her I turned my body to block the view but also to allow me to have a play from the back let’s say she had both holes played with in there, when we all realised the dp could be on we speedily finished our drinks and rushed off to our camper on the front, we no longer cared about the passers by, that’s the next thing I will write about when I have the time, thanks for reading, and sorry it went on so long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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