Seasonal farm worker boys

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Seasonal farm worker boys
Although I’m happily married, with the consent and often assistance from my hubby, I’ve developed quite an appetite for young men, and they seem to have quite an appetite for me in return. Years ago I would have never dreamed of having sex outside of marriage but after years of being together my hubby started to talk about the possibility of us adding another to the mix and we’ve now been part of the lifestyle for years. More often than anything else, we bring in a single male to the mix but sometimes it’s couples or multiple males for me to enjoy. A couple of years ago my husband convinced me to seduce a virgin boy. He was u******e so I had to wait until he was old enough and on his 18th birthday I brought him into our home and had him. He wasn’t anything to write home about but from that encounter I developed an insatiable appetite for young cock.

I’m in my mid 40’s now and reasonably fit. My red hair is now a mix of red and white and I’m not as tight bodied as I once was but I try to take good care of myself. I have what I think is a decent bum, plump C cup breasts which are still firm, and a small waist. I’m fairly petite and loved being dominated by strong men.

We live in an area with massive fruit orchards and a large number of young seasonal workers. One day when my husband and I were out for a drive he pointed out a number of them working in a field and said something about how “we should hire some of those young guys to do some work on our property”. We have a large and very private property, so I knew exactly what he was thinking and I smiled at him, replying “is that what you think?” He smiled in return.

We kept driving around and went for lunch. When we were done we headed back the way we came and a lot of the workers were done for the day and were walking down the road to their temporary residents. Before I knew what was happening my hubby pulled the truck over beside some of them and asked if they’d like a ride. The workers were happy for the offer and piled into the truck. Some rode in the back seats while others were in the bed of the truck. We made some small talk before my husband asked if any were looking for some extra cash work because we needed some help around the yard. A few of them were very interested and gave us their names and numbers. We dropped them off at their rental house and headed home. Right away my husband was asking if any of them interested me. Again, I knew what he was getting at and because of that I was paying attention when they gave us their info. There were 3 that were really sexy and young. They were all around 18, two were white and very tanned, the other was as black as night. All 3 were fit and lean and I was already thinking dirty thoughts about them. My husband asked me if I wanted any of them and I told him which ones interested me. He said to leave it to him.

Almost a week went by before hubby told me that those farm workers would be doing some yard work at our place on the weekend. I got a pang of excitement when he told me. To be quite honest, I had been fantasizing about those 3 since the day we gave them a lift so I was thrilled this was progressing.

The weekend finally came around and hubby went to pick up the workers early in the morning. I enjoy sleeping in so I was still asleep in bed when he got back and put them to work on the property. When I awoke, I got out of bed and looked out my bedroom window only to see them already hard at work. I sleep in the nude so I was standing there stark naked staring at their young sexy bodies. They were sweating up a storm already and the sweat running across their bodies only helped to make them look even hotter. I stood there mesmerized by their young hard physiques with my upper body on display to them and before I knew it, I was touching myself while thinking about them. My pussy was soaking wet and within a couple of minutes I had climaxed on my fingers. Lost in my ecstasy I hadn’t noticed 2 of them staring at me until after I’d come down. I was a bit embarrassed but I didn’t make any effort to cover up. I smiled at them and gave them a little wave, then left the room to shower. I made sure to scrub myself really well and shave my pussy just in case. I dressed in a thin floral sun dress that was mid-thigh length with buttons up the front, no panties and no bra. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled knowing that I could still pull off the look without a bra.

I went into the kitchen to find hubby. He looked me up and down and smiled at me, saying “someone is planning to get fucked today”. I smiled back, nodding in agreement. He added “the boys have been working for a few hours and they’ve got most of the work I asked of them done. You should probably bring them something cold to drink and some lunch”. I agreed and made the boys some food while my hubby went out to let them know that I was preparing stuff for them. Once I had everything together I went out into the yard and brought the food and drinks to where the boys were working. I laid down a big blanket and placed everything on it, then sat and summoned them to dig in. They were shirtless and eager for a break and came over right away. They dove into the cold drinks and sandwiches as we all sat on the blanket. I kept my legs folded under me with my dress covering me as best I could for now. I made small talk with them and did a bit of flirting. I kept noticing one of the boys across from me staring at my chest when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was a hot day but there was a slight breeze and my nipples were hard and poking at my dress, no doubt completely visible to anyone wanting to look at them. The boy next to me kept taking small glances sideways at me when I was talking to the others. So far so good. They all finished up and one suggested they get back to work so they thanked me and got back to the work. I cleaned up and took things back into the house, then went back out to chat and flirt more.

The guys were doing some pruning on the trees and I stood nearby making small talk. The black boy was named Tyson and he was very chatty. I was starting to visualize touching him and I was getting really wet. The other boys were named Scott and Matt. They were both great looking and fit also. Matt was showing interest in me but Scott was oblivious. I climbed on to a nearby swing that hubby had hung from a tree for me. It was fairly high up so I had to hop to get onto the seat. I swung gently while chatting and my dress kept catching the wind and lifting as I swung forward, exposing my freshly shaved pussy. I made no effort to cover it up at all of course and was loving the feeling of the breeze across my pussy. Finally Scott piped up “Miss, it’s really not my place to say anything but you really shouldn’t be exposing yourself to us, especially because you’re married.” Well that immediately took the wind out of my sails and I pulled my dress down right away and was about to apologize when both Tyson and Matt looked at Scott and told him to “shut the fuck up and mind your business”. There was still hope. Scott excused himself and picked up his shirt and walked to the house. Shortly after that my husband called me to the house. The other 2 boys looked nervous, likely wondering if they were about to get in trouble. When I got to the house Scott was already sitting in the truck and my husband told me that he was canlı bahis going to drive Scott back to their house because I was “being inappropriate”, as he winked at me with a smile. Hubby gave me a big kiss, reached under the back of my dress and squeezed one of my ass cheeks, then said “after I drop him off, I’m going to drive back and park down the road. I’ll walk back to the house from the opposite side and go inside so I can discretely watch from a distance. Please stall a bit, I’ll be back in 20.”

They left and I cleaned up the mess from lunch. After about 15 minutes I headed back out and hopped onto the swing again. Matt piped up first “We figured you might not be coming back. Sorry about Scott, he’s a strange guy.” I told them not to worry about it and then asked if they thought I was being inappropriate. They both shook their heads no, then Tyson piped up “I hope you don’t mind me saying but I was really enjoying what I was seeing”. I smiled and asked “Do you mean this?” I immediately started to swing again, letting my dress flip up and expose my pussy to them. They both nodded their approval. While I was swinging I slowly unbuttoned the top 4 buttons on my dress from top to bottom, right down to my belly button. My dress was now fluttering open while I swung, giving them glimpses of my breasts. “Wonderful” said Matt.

The boys were no longer working. Their tools were on the ground and they were busy staring at me. I could see that both were at least partially hard based on the bulges in their pants. I asked “Do you boys like older women?” Matt said yes while Tyson said that he had never had the pleasure of being with one but certainly liked what he was seeing. Then Matt asked,” isn’t your husband going to be upset if he comes back and sees what you’re doing?” I told him, “Don’t worry, he’s dropping Scott off and then going to his buddies to watch a game. He won’t be back for hours but said for me to ring him to give you guys a lift back when you’re ready. I could see that this made them both very happy based on the big grins that came across their faces. No sooner had I finished saying so then Tyson moved to stand behind me and started to gently push me on the swing, placing his hands on my buns when he did. Matt stayed where he was by the tree and was definitely staring at me. I didn’t know what their thoughts were as far as whether they wanted to be with me, take turns with me, or share me so I was still quite nervous as to where this was going but I was definitely getting excited when I felt those big young hands on my ass!

After a couple of minutes of being pushed on the swing, Tyson stopped pushing, then grabbed my waist and held me back so I came to a gentle stop, then he pressed his bulge against my lower back and started to rub my shoulders. He slid his hands across the tops of my shoulders under my dress so that it slid off my shoulders and fell to my waist, putting my breasts on display to Matt who seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing. Tyson’s hands started to wander, making their way to my breasts. He fondled them, tracing circles around my nipples, then pinching them (something that makes me incredibly horny). Matt now undid the top button on his shorts and unzipped his fly, then slid a hand under the waist of his underwear. He pulled his cock out from his shorts and started to stroke it while staring at me. So far I was very happy with his display. His cock appeared to be a bit larger than my hubby’s, around 7 inches long and a bit thicker also. Matt now spoke “spread your legs for me”, while stroking. I happily obliged, spreading them enough for him to clearly see my pussy and likely my wetness. The breeze on my exposed pussy sent a shiver through my body. Matt walked forward to me, stepping between my legs. He released his grip on his cock, and it now pointed upwards while being directly at the height of my chest. He grabbed the ropes for the swing with both hands to brace himself there. I saw a large drop of precum ooze from the end of his cock so I leaned my head downward and stuck my tongue out and licked the precum from his cock, it was deliciously sweet. I flicked my tongue across his head a few times, listening to him moan before I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him forward, sucking his cock into my mouth. He was definitely a bit thicker and longer than my husband. As I worked my mouth down over his shaft, he moaned louder again and as my nose reached his pubic hair I inhaled his musky sweat. Call me strange, but I truly enjoy the smell of a man’s parts, especially when he’s working hard and sweating.

Tyson had released his grip on my breasts when Matt moved forward and was now running his hands all over my back and ass. It was soon apparent that Tyson had removed his pants as he pressed his hard cock against my back. The searing heat of his member on my skin sent another shiver through me. “Time to share” commented Tyson. He gently grabbed my hair and pulled it back towards him. I released Matt from my mouth and leaned back towards where I was being pulled. Tyson literally pulled me back so that I was lying flat in the air, my bum being my only support. I grabbed the ropes of the swing to help hold myself up as I leaned my head back to get my first good look at Tyson and I was certainly not disappointed. While I’ve had bigger cocks, this one was a masterpiece. Tyson was an easy 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I was looking up his body from my position and admiring his sweaty chiselled body as he guided his cock to my mouth. I opened up and licked at his head, then tried to take him into my mouth. Being petite, I have a hard time with a fat cock but I’m always up for trying. Tyson used one of his hands to support the back of my head which allowed me to lean back a bit more and make his entry easier. I slowly worked more of his manhood into my mouth and very quickly he was fucking my mouth with the first few inches of his gorgeous cock.

Now I felt Matt again. He was pushing my legs further apart and then got to his knees and started to lick my pussy. He quickly shoved a finger into me which made me squirm. Tyson’s big balls were swinging just above me and tapping my forehead as he fucked at my mouth. I barely noticed that Matt had stopped playing with my pussy before I felt his cock at my entrance. I was very wet so he pushed into me in just a couple of thrusts before I felt him fully inside. There I was, lying flat in the air on my back with one in my pussy and one in my mouth. I was in heaven! I wrapped my legs around Matt again to help balance myself. My neck was getting very tired and soon I had to push Tyson back from my mouth so I could sit up. Now I faced Matt who was still holding the ropes for the swing. His body was hard and lean and I started to run my hands all over him while he pounded into me. I was pretty uncomfortable by now so I suggested “let’s go sit on the blanket.” Matt pulled out of me, leaving my pussy gaped open as he helped me to my feet. Tyson asked “wouldn’t you be more comfortable if we took this inside?” I had to think quickly about this. Hubby should be inside watching by now so as much as I’d love to take them in to my bed, I couldn’t take the risk so I answered “I love fucking outside, don’t you?” They agreed and Matt took my hand, helping me to my feet and leading me to the blanket. Once there I got down perabet on my knees and smiled at both of them. They were amazing specimens. Both lean with 6 packs and veins, strong muscles without being big guys, and gorgeous cocks that were making my mouth water. I motioned for them both to come to me and they did. I grasped both cocks in my small hands and started to pump them. In my tiny hands these large cocks looked massive! I took turns sucking one while pumping the other and then alternating.

Now Tyson took the initiative again and said “I’d really love to find out if I do like older women. So far I sure do but I’d like to be sure”. He then pulled his cock from my mouth and got to his knees and guided me onto my back, crawling up between my legs as he did. His fat cock was shimmering with my saliva and I leaned up to watch as he placed his shaft against my opening. He started to gently thrust with his hips, sliding his shaft up and down against my pussy lips which spread for him. I love the feeling of a scalding hot cock against my pussy and I pulled him against me while he did this. I was getting very close to an orgasm now and I didn’t want him to stop. “Yes baby, keep doing that.” I pleaded. Within seconds I was there and started to shake in the throes of my first climax. I was still trying to recover as I felt him lean back and guide his cock forward. I looked down just in time to see the precum oozing from his cock as he brought it to my opening and started to thrust into me. I was grateful to have had Matt warm me up because Tyson’s girth might have hurt otherwise but with Matt’s help and all the wetness, Tyson was soon working his way deep inside me. Every thrust he made brought him deeper until it felt as though he was in my stomach and his balls were slapping against my ass. He felt incredible. Matt was standing to my side stroking himself and enjoying the show, then got to his knees next to my head and guided his cock to my mouth again. I was happy to suck him again but was having difficulty as Tyson was fucking me pretty hard now, making me short of breath. I mostly held Matt in my hand and licked his head while getting fucked. The boys were both sweating pretty hard in the sun and I was enjoying their smells and slick hard bodies. Tyson now laid right down on top of me and started to kiss my neck, then worked his way to my ear, then cheek. Before I knew what was happening, he was taking Matt into his mouth right in front of my face. This really took me by surprise! I didn’t know that either of them were bi or had any sort of relationship but I found it devilishly sexy. Matt started to fuck Tyson’s mouth while Tyson fucked me. I reached up between Matt’s legs and ran my hand down the crack of his ass until I found his anus, then I gently and slowly slid a finger into him. He moaned out loudly as my finger entered him. After a little while Matt pulled back from us and sat down saying “I need to stop before I cum.” He was panting hard, obviously too close to an orgasm. Now Tyson put his focus back on me and he hoisted my legs up onto his shoulders. I love this position for how deep I can be fucked and Tyson did not disappoint. He started taking very long thrusts in and out of me, bottoming out with each push. He was taking the air out of my lungs when he went all the way in and I was really enjoying looking down and watching his big black cock going in and out of me, glistening with my juices.

“My turn” I heard and turned to see Matt kneeling beside me. Tyson took the hint and pulled out again, leaving me lying on my back trying to catch my breath. I was still panting as Matt laid down next to me saying “get up here”. It was becoming obvious to me that Matt was the more dominant of the two to my surprise. I quickly swung a leg over Matt and mounted his cock. I started to fuck him for all I had as I was already close to another orgasm from Tyson fucking me and I needed the release. Very quickly I had fully impaled myself on him and was cumming again.

Tyson was kneeling beside us stroking himself. I couldn’t take my eyes of that gorgeous cock and the way it was glistening in the sun, emphasizing every vein and bump on his thick shaft. He crawled over to me so that his cock rested on my hip and he started to run his hand down my back until he was playing with my ass. He then slowly and carefully started to insert a finger into my rectum. Matt was gently thrusting from below me when Tyson spoke, “I want your ass”. I absolutely love being double penetrated but when both cocks are large it can be quite a task and sometimes far too painful, and Tyson’s cock was bigger than anything I’d ever had in there. I started to protest but right away Matt wrapped one of his arms around my waist pulling me firmly against him, and kept fucking me. Tyson moved behind me and put a hand against my lower back, holding me down against Matt. He got low and licked at my ass a bit, getting it very lubed up before sliding another finger into me. I was doing my best to relax myself but I still didn’t think this was going to work. Tyson was very gentle in working his fingers into me and before I knew it he’d inserted a 3rd and had me quite loosened up but I still had a long way to go to fit his cock in and I didn’t think I could. Now Tyson pulled his fingers from me and quickly pressed his cock against my opening. As soon as he started to push I knew I couldn’t take him. I protested again but Matt put a hand over my mouth and kept me pulled against him. Tyson pressed his weight against my back and they had my legs spread wide, I was completely at their mercy no matter how much I tried to get free. My ass burned badly as Tyson pushed harder and further into me and I think I may have even passed out for a few seconds. Finally I felt Tyson’s pelvis against my ass, he had somehow managed to force his entire cock into my ass while Matt was in my pussy. If you’d have told me it was possible I would have argued but there I was with both inside. It hurt so incredibly badly but I also had never felt so full in my life and was tingling all over. I love being dominated and although this verged on ****, I was turned on and started to moan as they both fucked me. I was squirming and loving it all at the same time. Matt started to prompt Tyson “that’s it man, fuck that MILF ass. Give it to her. Pound that fucking ass. I can feel your cock through her pussy, it feels incredible!” Tyson responded by moaning and fucking me faster and harder. Matt kept talking “that’s it bitch, you fucking love it!” All I could do to respond was to moan my approval into his hand. The truth was, I really was loving it.

They fucked me like that for what seemed like 20 minutes but was more likely less than 5 before Matt slid down slightly and wiggled his cock out of my pussy. “Let me up” he demanded. Tyson eased up and let me lean back and Matt was then able to wiggle out from under me. Tyson then resumed his assault on my ass which was now less painful with not having Matt in my pussy at the same time. Matt sat next to us, his cock at full attention as he watched Tyson having his way with me. “That’s it, fuck that MILF ass raw! You won’t be able to walk after that black cock is done with you”. I knew he was right, I would be limping for days after this but I didn’t care. I was nearing another climax and very quickly I was cumming perabet giriş again. As I did, Tyson stopped fucking me long enough for me to enjoy my orgasm before slowly withdrawing from my tender ass. Once he was out it was an incredible relief, but I also felt suddenly emptier than I ever have. It was time for me to take control of the situation.

“Okay boys, we can’t do this all day so you need to wrap this up. Who’s going to cum in me first?” Tyson looked to Matt for some sort of sign but none was needed as Scott shoved Tyson out of the way and got behind me. He grabbed my hips, pulling me up onto my hands and knees and very quickly shoved his cock back into my pussy. He wasted no time at all and was immediately fucking me hard from behind. My tits were swinging hard as he pounded me. “Go on man, fuck her mouth” Matt ordered of Tyson.

Tyson did as instructed and got to his knees before me, pushing his cock to my lips. I’m not into “ass to mouth” but in the heat of the moment I didn’t protest and opened my mouth to him. Matt was fucking me hard enough that Tyson didn’t need to do anything except kneel there as my mouth bounced on the end of his cock. I still couldn’t get much more than his head into my mouth but he seemed to be enjoying it regardless. Matt leaned forward so his mouth was to my ear, “you like sucking that fat black cock, don’t you? He’s going to cum in you soon, but me first!” He’d barely finished speaking when I felt him push hard into me from behind and start moaning out “Oh fuck yes! I’m fucking cumming!” I could feel his cock spasming and his hot seed filling me, it was wonderful!

Once Matt’s orgasm subsided he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy. Some of his semen ran down the inside of one of my thighs. He leaned back and admired his work, “fucking hot watching my cum drip from your cunt. He gestured toward Tyson, “Your turn”. I looked over at Tyson and said, “I want to watch you fuck me” and I rolled onto my back. I love watching a man’s face when he cums. Tyson wasted no time climbing between my legs. He ran his cock head up and down my opening from my ass to my clit, scooping up Matts leaked semen as he did until he had a fair bit of it on his cock, then proceeded to push it onto my opening and shoved his big cock into me again. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him tightly against me and panted out “yes, fuck me with that big black cock. I want your cum in me please!” Then I heard Matt also comment “ya man, fuck that bitch! Fuck you two look so fucking hot!” I looked over to see Matt still hard and stroking himself quickly. Tyson started to speed up his pace, fucking me even harder. It was starting to hurt deep inside but the tingling I was feeling was far outweighing any pain.

Now they surprised me again as Matt crawled over to Tyson who turned his head to Matt’s cock and started sucking it right in front of me again. Matt grabbed the back of Tyson’s head and started to fuck his mouth which was ruining his rhythm with me but I was still enjoying myself. Matt started to talk dirty again, “I love fucking your mouth. Fuck yes, take it, take it!” Matt arched his back and cried out “Fuck yes!” as he ejaculated again. He’d barely started to cum when he pulled out of Tyson’s mouth and feverishly jerked his cock in the air. Cum was flying from his cock. I saw some hit Tyson as Matt turned towards my face. The next shot hit my forehead, then he continued shooting the remainder of his load across my face. I was glad that none had hit my eyes (clue here boys) so that I could keep watching Tyson. Tyson leaned down and kissed me, sharing some of Matt’s cum as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

Now Matt worked his way behind Tyson. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing but I knew he was touching Tyson. Matt pushed up against Tyson who then leaned back against his chest. His cock slid most of the way out of me leaving little more than his head in me. Now Matt started to run his hands to Tyson’s front, then down to his cock. He grabbed it with one hand and started to pump his shaft. This was something I’d never seen 2 guys do before, and it was hot. The added sensation of his cock head bouncing inside of me had me going wild.

Matt spoke again “You liking his fat black cock lady?” I nodded and moaned back “Yes. Yes I fucking love it!” He turned his attention to Tyson, “You like that older pussy? Does she feel as good as I told you she would?” Tyson moaned “Ya man, she feels fucking awesome!” Matt asked “You want to cum in her pussy?” Tyson nodded. His breathing was getting faster and he was starting to moan now. “You want his cum in you bitch?” he asked me and I replied “Oh yes, I definitely do. I want that black cum deep inside my pussy!” Matt breathed into Tyson’s ear, “Go on man, cum in her! Cum in that cunt. Fill that bitch!” That was it for Tyson. He slammed into me hard as Matt released his grip, then dropped his weight on top of me, knocking the wind out of my lungs. His face was contorting in ecstasy and I could feel his cock spasm as he shot his load into my womb. I was starting to think that he’d never stop cumming when finally he slowed. He must have pumped a ¼ cup of cum into me! He laid there on top of me as he caught his breath. We were both covered in sweat, and my face in Matt’s cum. I could feel Tyson’s cock going soft in me until it finally slid from me. Matt was already dressing and Tyson gathered his clothes and started to do the same. I had no idea where my dress ended up or even when it came off but I spotted it nearby and went to retrieve it. When I stood a wave of hot cum ran down the inside of my thighs.

I told the boys to get back to work and that I’d ring my hubby to give them a lift. They agreed and I hobbled over to the house with my ass and pussy on fire from all the abuse they’d endured. I certainly would not be walking properly for a couple of days as predicted. I got in the door and hubby was standing there as expected. He was naked from the waist down and was stroking himself. “Come get me off baby. Give me your mouth” he demanded. I was glad to give him my mouth as my other holes couldn’t take any more abuse today. I looked up at him and said “Be quick baby, jerk it.” He held the head of his cock in my mouth as he jerked off just like Matt had just done to Tyson using my pussy. Shortly he swelled more in my mouth and cried out as he blew his load into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could, getting all his cum and swallowing it for him.

He took my hand and helped me to my feet, then over to a warm bath for a soak saying “I figured you’d need a soak after them. He was right! He waited about another 5 minutes before leaving to retrieve his truck and drive it into the driveway and greet the guys. I had to watch the interaction so I jumped out of the bath and ran to the crack in the blinds where hubby had left the window cracked open to watch and listen. He asked “So, how did things go?” Tyson sheepishly replied that things went well. Matt piped up, “We got most of the work done but we’re pretty wiped out. If you’d like, we could come back another day to finish up and maybe do some more damage”. Cheeky fucker! Hubby said he thought that was a great idea, then paid them for the “work” done and they climbed into the truck and headed home.

I’m looking forward to having them again and I’ve given it some serious thought to what I want now that I better understand them. I’m going to make one of them fuck the others ass while I watch and suck and kiss and fondle them. Beyond that, I’m up for almost anything again. But first I need to rest some tender parts!

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