Second meeting with construction worker cont. Stor

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Second meeting with construction worker cont. StorAfter the cocksucking session, Henry had reinserted the inflatable buttplug. He was fascinated with gape. Having rested for a few hours, Henry reinspected my pussy and told me that my gape was improving. He stuck the plug back in and inflated. The pressure was intense, just beyond pleasurable until my hole adapted. He bound my hands again and tightened the nutsack rope. He then took the leather belt and cracked my cheeks a few times and waves of pain and pleasure rushed through my body. My cheeks were turning red.He untied the rope from my heels so I could walk into the bedroom. As I stood, the fullness of the inflated plug, the burning nipples and the bound nuts and hands sent shivers of ecstasy. I stood in front of the bed not knowing what was in store. He told me to turn around and face him and noticed his semi hard cock. Seems that this playtime was turning him on again.”Now slut”, he said as he started rubbing my clamped nipples, “I will let you feel my big dick in your pussy soon enough. First, you need some more punishment”. Thank you Master, please train me”, I said with all seriousness in this roleplay.He grabbed the chain attached to each nipple clamp and with a jerk, pulled. It felt like he had ripped the nipples from my chest, the blood rushed to the white nipples and I let out a delayed soft moan. He kissed me and then pinched and rolled both nipples in his firm fingers. We continued kissing as he kept squeezing and pinching. Then he rubbed his palms against each boob and we continued a passionate kiss.He pulled away and began sucking on each of my fat swollen nipples and released the buttplug. I had put on another short sexy printed dress during our rest period and he took some slutty pictures of me. Now the fabric of the dress rubbed on my red asscheeks and the fabric stung as it touched me. He untied my hands, but left my nuts tied and told me to lay on the bed, doggystyle with pillows supporting my stomach. With my ass high in the air, he tied each wrist to the bedposts. Then he tied rope around each thigh and calf. My pussy hole was wincing and gaping, wide open and pulsating in this position.He tied two ropes to the nutsack rope and attached to each rear bedpost. Escort Bayan He pulled tight and my nuts stretched away from my body a few inches so that any movement would be painful.He then took my favorite big black dildo and shoved it in and out of my pussy. After a few minutes, he pulled it out. Then he got in the bed in front of me and told me to suck his hardening 8 1/2″ cock. As I sucked with pleasure, head bobbing up and down, he smacked my gaping hole with the riding crop, causing the balls to suffer as I squirmed.He got up and stood on the side of the bed and continued the assault, then alternated cheeks, hole, over and over with paddle, belt and crop. Meanwhile, his cock was getting really stiff. The long vein had popped out to feed blood to his cock and it looked like an eight inch worm on top of his cock.Henry got up on the bed and teased me with his mushroom head just inside my hole as I begged him to fuck me. My body was quivering and my pussy hole was fucking air, as each movement tugged my nutsack. He came around and kissed me and told me what a good sissy bitch I have been. It wa his lucky night when we met at the bar a week earlier he said. We kissed some more then he again forced his cock down my throat and I tasted the cherry pussy lube.I sucked feverishly as he untied my hands and then leaned over me to untie the rope attached to my balls and his cock slid all the way down my throat again. This surprise stopped him and made him moan loudly. He does like deepthroat and I am the first who has ever been able to do that for him!”Allright slut”, he said as he pulled his hard penis out of my throat, “on your back.” I rolled off the pillows, adjusted my dress and black stockings and put on more lipstick and did as he commanded. He propped pillows under my back and ass and tied my wrists to the bedpost. Then he lifted my right leg and tied it to my right wrist and did the same for the other side. My nutsack was then tied to each heel of my shoes.I was in total submission, legs spread and ass high, pussy hole puckering and gaping, nutsack pulled high away from my body. He was in complete control. If he left, I had no way to get out of this. Then he did just that. He left the room and Bayan escort went to talk to someone on the telephone. I heard him laughing and talking. Tried to listen, but could only make out a few words. Mostly talking business. He ignored me as I lay there totally exposed and helpless.When he finally came back, he leaned in and kissed me and rubbed my aching nuts for the first time and then squeezed them tight sending ripples of pain through my body. Our lips were locked and I could feel him laugh. We were kissing passionately again and he flicked my balls with his middle finger. This was a delayed intense and direct stream of pain and again I could feel him laugh.He was enjoying playing with me as his sub slut. Henry broke our kiss and set his asshole over my mouth, grabbed my ballsack and said, “Eat my asshole bitch”! I did as I was told, darting my tongue in and out, licking and sucking all around. First time I had ever done this and he was a bit hairy, but clean.His heavy balls were resting on my chin, his hard fat cock standing straight up. He started smacking my balls with his hand. This was intense rippled pain. Then he began fingering my pussy hole and rubbing and tugging my engorged, swollen pussy lips. I begged him again to fuck me and instead he smacked my balls again. “I will fuck you when I decide.”He rubbed his ass up and down my face and I kept my tongue moving. When he settled, I stick my tongue back in his hole and kept it there. He moaned and paddled my balls and ass cheeks some more.He got off and smacked his hard cock on my face, then tea bagged me. Henry’s beautiful penis had never been harder. He made his way to the side of the bed and dropped his belt across both cheeks harder then he had done today. The crack echoed in the room. Then he did it again and another time. He rubbed my cheeks and saw red welts forming. He was experienced with bondage since his ex-girlfriend liked it. This was a skill he had mastered after years of practice.He then stood at the end of the bed and aimed for my gaping hole. He was on target as my pussy lips contracted. He kept this up and added my nuts to the target. I was writhing on the bed, but was too well restrained to move much. Just a constant Escort moan cames from my lips.Henry commented about my dark red, welted cheeks and my hot, swollen brown eye winking at him. He said what a good sex slut that I was becoming and couldn’t decide if wanted to fuck in this position or let me impale my pussy on his meat.He decided that since I was only a virgin with him once, he would generously let me ride him like a cowgirl. Besides, he could always get some of this pussy in this position later.Henry got behind me and stuck his mushroom head back in. He just left the head in and smacked my ass if I tried to back into more of his pole. He would pull the head out and smile as my pussy quivered and fucked air. Then he stuck the head back in, teasing my hot cunt unmercisfully. Then he would alternate rubbing his hard shaft over my engorged cunt lips.As he was teasing me, I could feel his cockhead twitch and pulsate in my pussyhole. I could feel the sensation of the foreskin rubbing my hole and it was so exciting. I wanted to be fucked so bad. My pussy was crying out to be penetrated. “Don’t move bitch”, he said as the mushroom cockhead just layed twitching inside my opening. “Don’t squeeze your cunt on my cockhead either”, he said. When I did he smacked my cheeks with the crop which caused my nuts to burn from the movement. I had to concentrate and focus so my pussy hole would not clamp down on his cockhead. This was counter to all instinct when something was in my hole. His cock just felt the heat and natural tightness of my suffering hole. He kept this up for at least twenty minutes.There was a knock at the door. He pulled out his head, positioned his hard cock flat against his stomach as he put on his pants and shirt. He shut the bedroom door and told me smiling, “don’t go anywhere”. He answered the door and I heard him laughing and what sounded like a man and woman. He had not told me anyone was coming over and by now it was early evening. I was helpless and waiting for him to return. A few minutes passed and I finally heard the front door shut. Then the sound of footsteps and chatter coming back towards the bedroom. He was not talking to himself. The thought of others seeing me in this position was stimulating and scary at the same time. He had mentioned he was a member of a bdsm group with his ex and had told me he had some fun ideas for today. Maybe he was bringing some of those members to watch and had forgotten to tell me. Henry opened the bedroom door. To be continued as story 4.

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