Sensational vacation

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Sensational vacationA family on their way to their vacation destination becomes sexually aware of each other. This story took place the year of my Last teen birthday. It was the last real family vacation my family took together. I was the last year of my teen age, almost six feet tall, still a skinny teen but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have black eyes, which I got from my father. It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Goa Beach for a week vacation. My 43-year-old mom Madhuri, 47-year-old dad Sridhar, my Teen sister Soundharya and I loaded our luggage and jumped into the car for the 16 to 17 hour trip to Goa Beach. Dad driving, mom in front next to him, me behind mom, Soundharya behind dad in the back seat as our five year old Chevy Lumina pulled out of the driveway. As time passed and we drove down the long highway, my mind drifted back to the recent events that took place and my cock hardened. Soundharya, my sister and I have always been the best of friends growing up but the past two years, something has happened to our relationship. Other than sister and brother As we both developed into young men and women, we began taking a closer look at each other in a sexual way, curious about each others developing bodies. But our family is a very strictly religious addicted and morally stricted. But I can’t control my feelings I not often stare my sister. I noticed the growing swells of Soundharya’s breasts and the smooth, muscular curves of her legs, hips and stomach. Her perky little butt took a fuller more womanly shape. Soundharya now stood about 5 feet 4 inches tall, has dark shoulder length hair and a dark complexion like mom. Her boobs are still filling out but now are an over flowing B-cup and she definitely gets her nice boobs from mom. Her eyes are this sexy light, almost brown color, again like moms. Soundharya is just a picture of pure growing teenage sexual beauty.Around the house lately, I’ve noticed we have been playing this game of dare, you know, show me yours and I’ll show you mine type of thing, one always trying to out do the other. Soundharya would wear these sheer sexy undies and prance around in front of me, giving me a raging hard-on which I’m sure she noticed. I would walk around in just a pair of small loose fitting gym shorts with no underwear underneath, my semi-hard or hard cock clearly visible as it swing from side to side. We have an in-ground pool and I noticed that Soundharya’s bikini’s kept getting smaller and smaller. She would lie around the pool deck in nearly nothing sometimes. Or she would climb out of the pool and while soaking wet, with her small bikini clinging to every inch of her young tight body, prance slowly by me, always giving me a huge hard-on. Sometimes she would bend over in front of me pretending to rub her leg or something, giving me a close-up view of her perfect teenage bikini clad ass. Mom would not allow Soundharya to wear a thong bikini but her bottoms were getting real close, exposing more and more of her sexy tight teenage butt cheeks. I noticed the strings were getting longer as the patches of material also got smaller. Soundharya’s most recent swimsuit purchase was this very small white bikini. This was the skimpiest suit yet as it exposed so much untanned skin that Soundharya never wore it when mom was around.When this bikini got wet, you could nearly see through it. One time I was lying on a lawn chair as Soundharya got out of the pool, with my now favorite suit on, and walked towards me. I could clearly see her dark swollen nipples pushing out against the thin wet white bikini top. As my eyes dropped down to her barely covered pussy mound, again I could clearly see her dark black patch of hair through the sheer wet suit. My cock was rock hard for Soundharya to see as I lusted for my sister’s sexy young teenage body. “How do you like my new bathing suit?” Soundharya said in a sultry, I know I’m turning you on kind of way. In my excited state, my voice trembled as I replied, “Hard to say sis, there’s not much of a suit there. But you do look pretty damn hot in it!” She giggled as she replied, “Thanks brother. You’re looking pretty hard, I mean hot too!” As we both laughed. Other times she would apply tanning lotion in such an erotic way, I would have to head to my room and jerk off while picturing what I had just seen. Her young sexy teenage body, which tanned so easy, was always there for my lustful gaze. I loved her sexy white tan lines which, as the bikini’s got smaller, came more into my view. My little sister was just a complete fox, she knew it and how it was affecting her older brother.We would take turns going down the hall after a shower, past each others rooms, either naked or with a towel barely covering ourselves. Then our game evolved into leaving the bathroom door unlocked and each making some lame excuse to use the bathroom while the other was in the shower. We each could barely see each other through the fogged shower door but just knowing the other was naked behind it was a serious turn-on. One day I entered the bathroom while Soundharya was in the shower, “Just need to pee!” I announced. “Okay, but make it quick!” Soundharya responded with excitement in her voice. As I stood next to the plastic clear shower door, holding my semi-hard cock in my hands, aiming it at the toilet pretending to pee, I strained to see Soundharya’s naked body, just a couple feet away. I could see the basic shape of her young sexy teenage body with her sexy tan lines as she rubbed soap across her smooth tight skin. It was such a tease and sexual turn-on watching her through the shower door that my cock swelled to its full hardened length. I was stroking my swollen shaft while watching my sister lather up her smooth wet tanned body. Soundharya, knowing I was watching decided to give me a good view of her sweet ass. She turned her body and pushed her butt right up against the clear shower door, giving me an almost a clear view of her perfect teenage ass. Her sweet tanned ass was perfectly shaped with white tan lines from her small bikini bottoms was too much. I stroked my cock harder and in seconds I shot a huge load of cum towards the back of the toilet.“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” oooooooh! I groaned as my knees weakened as I trembled with the best orgasm of my young life so far. “Are you OK out there?” Soundharya asked and then giggled, knowing what she did to her older brother. “Just fine sis, just fine.” I panted out my reply. The next time Soundharya came in while I was in the shower, I could see through the steamy clear plastic shower door, her figure as she dropped her sweat pants and sat down to pee. My cock was a rock solid eight inches as it throbbed in my soap covered hand. I had been stroking my hard shaft for several minutes, just waiting for my sister to enter the bathroom. I decided to give her something to see and remember this time. You know I just had to out do her sweet butt show. As she sat there pretending to pee, I positioned my cock and myself so close to the shower door that I was sure she could see it. I began slowly stroking the length of my rigid shaft right in front of her. I heard her gasp for air and saw her lean forward for a closer look, her face inches away from my solid shaft with only the glass between us, as I continued to stroke my swollen cock. God, I was so excited my legs were shaking as I couldn’t believe I finally got up the nerve to do this. My firm hand slowly stroked up and down the length of my erect cock, only a steamy plastic shower door between my own sister and my throbbing shaft. I could just see her face, as her mouth was open as she strained to see my cock so I moved it even closer to the plastic shower door.I watched her silhouette closely and faintly saw her right hand move between her legs. My god, she was frigging herself off too as she watched me do the same. This was so fucking hot I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled my cock hard; my purple cock head swelled and shot a huge load of cum all over the shower door. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!” Ooooooooooooooh! I groaned as I came real hard shooting three large spurts of hot white cum against the shower door, all for Soundharya to see. Soundharya had to see it as I heard her again gasp for air and say, “Oh my god!” in a very low tone and then giggled. She quickly got up and left the bathroom as I finished my shower. My heart was pounding as I ran through my mind what just happened. I leaned back against the shower wall with the hot water spraying my young excited body. I couldn’t believe it but my cock was getting hard again as I was just so hot for my sexy sister’s little hard body. After my shower, as I passed her bedroom door, the door was open just an inch so I peaked in to find my sister laying naked on her bed, knees up with her hands between her legs getting herself off. She was slowly frigging herself, waiting for me to walk by and knowing I would look in. When she saw me she closed her eyes and picked up the tempo, her fingers worked her clit faster and faster.From the door I couldn’t see much except her hands between her legs. I just watched as she brought herself off right before my eyes, no steamy shower door between us. Soundharya again took this game one step farther than me. She arched her back and hissed my name as her body shook in the throws of her teenage orgasm. “Ooooohhhhhh yessssss brooooooooootherrrrrrrrr!” my sister moaned out softly so only I could hear. I watched as my sexy sister’s body reacted to her intense orgasm. She repeatedly clamped her legs together, which pressed her hands against her excited clit. Her sexy little butt was lifting off the bed at the same time. Her head to one side as her sweet sexy mouth was open as she gasped for air. She definitely outdid me again. Now it was my turn to take this one step further. With my teenage cock now hard as a rock again, my first thought was to enter her room and fuck her silly but instead, I chickened out and ran to my room. I jerked off again thinking of my lovely sister Soundharya. I was picturing Soundharya’s long tanned legs, her hands covering her sweet pussy playing with herself, when suddenly the car shook snapping me out of my deep sexual thoughts. I heard dad complaining about something with the car as we coasted to a stop. We were about 8 1/2 to 9 hours from home when the car broke. Dad was first under the hood and now was on his cell phone. We had to call a tow truck to get the car to a garage. Apparently something broke and it wasn’t going to be repaired until the next day.Mom and dad decided that we would stay in a local motel until tomorrow and then continue our trip to Goa Beach, only loosing a day out of the seven we planned to stay there. We found this small Motel 8 in the rural south of our country side and went to check in. Unfortunately, with such short notice, they only had one room with two double beds. Mom and dad called around but found no other motels close by with any rooms so we were forced to take that one. My mind raced as I thought of the sleeping arrangements, my parents never thinks any thing wrong between their son and daughter sleep in one bed. That is I know. (wow! It is my lucky chance) mom and dad in one bed and Soundharya and I in the other? My cock stiffened again at the thought of being under the covers next to my sexy sister’s hot mid teen body. We had some time to kill so we all walked around and checked out some local stores before dinner. After dinner, mom and dad grabbed a six-pack and we headed for our room. I must say that my mom and dad are pretty cool for their age. They are still deeply in love, enjoy life and like to have a good time. Soundharya and I have often overheard their lovemaking late at night.After about three hours of watching TV, it was time for bed. Soundharya hit the bathroom first and jumped into her red foot length nightdress. While I hit the bathroom and changed next, Soundharya climbed under the covers in the bed we had, which was closets to the door. I slipped on a loose shirt and my favorite gym shorts, emerged from the bathroom and proceeded to the far side of the room. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, sat down on the edge of the bed and when nobody was looking, I quickly slipped off my shorts and slipped under the covers. I was completely naked in bed next to my sister Soundharya. She was laying on her left side facing mom and dad with her sexy butt facing me as I slid closer into the bed behind her. I was in the same position as Soundharya, laying on my left side directly behind her, close but not touching her. I could feel the intense heat between us as our young bodies warmed the blankets. My cock was getting harder by the second as my heart was pounding with excitement. I am in my imaginings what will happen tonight. As we lay there, Soundharya was slowly falling asleep; mom and dad sipped their drinks some hot milk and watched more TV. I thought Soundharya had drifted off to sleep as I heard dad softly say, “Madhuri, I’m going to jump in the shower quick, care to join me?”Mom giggled and said quietly, “Sure just give me a few minutes first.”Dad got out of bed and moved into the bathroom. I heard the shower water start as mom got up out of bed. All the lights in the room were out except the TV and the light by the sink and mirror, which were just outside the bathroom. Mom stood at the mirror and removed the small amount of make-up she wore. Let me describe my mother to you, as until that very moment I never really thought of her in any sexual way because I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri already told you our family culture it is very big dead sin thinking about i****t also. Don’t get me wrong, I knew my mom was very attractive and good looking, it’s just I never really knew how hot and sexy my mother was, especially with my sexy younger sister running around keeping my cock hard and my sexual thoughts busy about her. Thinking back and comparing mom to someone popular today, she kind of looks like that south Indian actress Srividhya, the sexy brunette from the south Indian movie, Desperate Housewives. They could easily pass for sisters except mom’s tits are bigger than Srividhya’s. The tanned face, dark hair and eyes, sexy smile with her perfect lips and especially their sexy big ass are almost identical. At 43 years old, mom has really kept herself in good shape, especially for having two k**s and all… As I watched her wash her face, I couldn’t help wondering why I didn’t take notice how beautiful she was sooner than tonight. My thoughts turned from my sister to my own mother, as my cock throbbed and was again swelling to its full length.Still removing her make-up, I began feeling this strong lustful desire for my mother. She is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and she is of south blood so she has this perfect jet-black naturally wave hair. She has rather large firm breasts for her big frame, always has a dark tan and has a perfect shaped big ass that I was now taking notice to as she pointed it in my direction as she faced the mirror. She was wearing these snug fitting faded blue tight churidar and her full gorgeous butt looked extremely sexy as she leaned over the sink, looking into the mirror removing her make-up. She had on a loose white cotton top, nothing sexy but still rather sultry looking. I could see her firm breasts encased inside her bra, stretching the white top, leaving no doubt to their size of nipples which were at least the size of g****fruits. While watching my mom, my cock hardened to its full thick eight inch length. I couldn’t resist as I slowly moved in close behind my sister, until our bodies were touching, spooning together. With my hard throbbing shaft pressing against Soundharya’s soft butt cheeks and I moved my right hand slowly onto her hips. No change of breathing, no sign that I awoke her as I continued to watch my mother. What mom did next will always be a vision of pure sexual beauty in my mind for the rest of my life? She looked over her left shoulder, checking to see if we were still sleeping. Confident that we were, she looked back into the mirror and slowly pulled her top up over her head exposing the most gorgeous set of white lace bra encased tits I’ve ever seen, even to this day.Mom looked at herself in the mirror and smiled contently to herself. She had a right to as her breasts were simply magnificent. I could see her dark nipples and white breasts through the sheer white lace material of her blossoms bra. Her tanned cleavage was stunning as the white lace material pushed those beautiful globes together in such an erotic way. I did notice the last few months that mom always wore very sexy underwear. While looking for Soundharya’s panties in the laundry hamper one day, I checked out a pair of mom’s sexy panties. I remember they were a pair of sheer red laced panties and there was this white crusty stuff in the crotch which gave me a hard-on when I stiffed it. She then stood back from the mirror a little and undid her bottom. My heart pounded in my chest as I gasped for air and pushed my hard shaft against my sister’s soft butt as mom slowly bent over and slid her bottom down her lovely legs. As her sexy panty covered big sexy the panty that covered is very tight in her big ass it came into view, I felt pre-cum leaking from my shaft as my cock throbbed with excitement.Mom wore matching sheer white-laced hot pants type panties, which I could see the sexy tan lines and white globes of her perfect big watermelon shaped ass. Mom wears a full bikini bottom while at home around the pool. These sexy white panties covered a little less than half of her perfect round butt cheeks with about two inches of laced material wrapping around to the front. She stepped out of her churidar bottom and again admired her sexy 43-year-old body as she stood in front of the mirror. Looking in the mirror to see her front, I admired her dark nipples and then I saw her black pussy hair through the thin material of her sheer white panties. God, this is a rare chance to see a son his own mom’s heaven door wow! Mom was so fucking hot and sexy. She could have easily posed as a model in one of her blossoms catalogs, which I frequently checked out each month. Her dark tan against the white lace material and the barely hidden white flesh under her bra and panties looked extremely sexy. Mom was a sight of absolute pure womanly beauty as her teenage son lusted over her, his throbbing cock nuzzled against his sister’s soft ass as I began a slow fucking motion with my solid cock against the material of my sister’s night dress covered ass.I couldn’t believe it, but it got even better as mom’s hands ran up her sides and cupped her firm breasts, pinching her now erect nipples through the thin material. Her left hand caressed her right nipple as her right hand slowly moved down her sexy curvaceous body until she reached her panties, slid inside and touched her excited pussy. With her hand inside her panties, she ran her index finger slowly up and down her moist slit. She lightly caressed her clit as her eyes closed and mouth opened while she enjoyed the self-pleasure she created. I watched as mom’s eyes glazed over and she rolled her head back to one side while her fingers worked inside her white lace panties. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I watched my gorgeous sexy mother finger her excited pussy just 15 feet away from my bed. She was really getting herself aroused as I could hear her beginning to breathe hard, even over the sound of the running shower water. Her left hand was now inside her bra, rolling her swollen right nipple between her trembling fingers. “Uuuuumm.” she moaned very softly as she neared orgasm. While my eyes were locked on my mother’s sexy body and her pleasuring touches to herself, I continued my gentle slow fucking motion with my rock solid cock against my sister’s soft ass. With my right hand on her hip, I pushed her night dress up only to find out she wasn’t wearing any panties. My hard cock was now touching her bare ass and it felt so good I had to stop sliding my shaft against her butt or I was going to cum.Still watching my sexy mom, my hand continued traveling upward until I found my sister’s soft tit flesh and caressed it in my firm hand, feeling her hard nipple in my palm. My heart was simply pounding, as I never felt so sexually excited in my young life. Soundharya’s small firm tit and erect nipple felt fabulous in my hand as I caressed it. Suddenly I heard my dad say softly, “Are you coming Madhuri?” Startled mom replied, “Uh yeah, I’ll be right there honey.” Little did dad know she was almost cumming when he called her? Mom slipped into the bathroom, removed her blossoms and stepped into the hot shower with dad. Mom knew what was coming next as dad loves to fuck in the shower. As soon as mom entered the bathroom, I felt Soundharya push her butt back slightly harder against my aching hard-on. I froze for a second, not sure if she was awake or not. “Soundharya, you awake?” I whispered very softly, not moving a muscle. She responded by covering my hand with hers, pressing my hand harder into her soft tit flesh and leaning back, turning her head toward me saying, “Mom looks pretty good for an older woman, huh bro?” Not sure what to do, I said, “Um yeah she sure does, but not near as good as you do.” I lied. With that comment, she smiled and pushed her naked butt back harder into my stiff cock and whispered, “Come on bro, you were so excited I could feel your whole body was shaking.”“I just never realized how freaking hot mom was.” I whispered back. “I have to admit, she does look good. I hope I look that good someday.” my sister whispered softly. “Don’t worry sis, you already look that good in your own way.” I said but this time I meant it as Soundharya is just a sexy younger version of mom. As Soundharya turned her head and smiled, I resumed my fucking motions against the soft globes of teenage butt flesh while caressing her swollen right nipple between my fingers. Her breathing was becoming heavier by the second. I then ran my hand down across her tummy until I felt her soft pussy hairs at my fingertips for the first time. Soundharya lifted her right leg a little to give me access to her moist young pussy. My fingers probed and searched, until they found the tight opening to her virgin mound. I traced small circles all around the folds of her young cunt until I found her swollen clit. She drew a sharp breath as I touched her there for the first time, sending sexual jolts of electricity throughout her young teenage body. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh yesssssssssss brooooooothhhhhhhheeeeeeer! Touch me there!” my sister moaned softly as I slowly rubbed her hard clit up and down. “Uuuummmmmm that feels sooooooooo goooooood!” she panted softly. “Go ahead Soundharya, let yourself go!” I said as I increased the speed and pressure placed on her tingling hard clit. My rigid cock was pressed against her soft ass as I still simulated I was fucking her. Her small tight ass came alive as she neared orgasm. My hard cock was sliding back and forth against her smooth soft butt cheeks. It felt so good pressing against her hot young body I nearly came myself.Seconds later, Soundharya’s body trembled and then stiffened as she succumbed to the most pleasurable orgasm of her life to that point. She moaned softly as her body went through several waves of orgasm tic pleasure until she finally pushed my hand away from her over sensitive clit. We lay motionless for several seconds as my sister’s orgasm passed. Soundharya then rolled over and turned toward me. We looked into each other’s eyes and suddenly our lips touched as we kissed each other softly. Our lips met again only this time, our lips parted and our tongues sought out and danced with each other. We kissed harder and more passionately with each kiss. “Soundharya, I want to see your body.” I asked softly. “What about mom and dad?” my sister asked. If they know kill us! “You saw how hot and bothered mom was, they’ll be in there awhile yet. Suppose them acting like in front of us good parents.” I replied looking deep into Soundharya’s sexy light brown eyes. “Okay bro, but we better be careful.” Soundharya replied nervously. I watched intently as my sister sat up and pulled her nightdress over her head. I finally got a good close-up view, even in the dimly lit room, of her sexy little mid teen body. She was so close to being a woman, but not quite there yet. Her dark tan and sexy tan lines were just perfect. I was mesmerized at the sight of her white mounds of tit flesh against her dark tanned skin.We were both completely naked, within an arms length of each other. Soundharya reached over and ran her soft little hands across my chest. I did the same and cupped her soft white tits in each hand, caressing her dark swollen nipples in my trembling fingers. Soundharya’s dark nipples were very swollen and puffy looking. She really has very nice boobs, smaller but just like moms. I couldn’t resist as I leaned forward and took her right nipple in my mouth. Soundharya moaned softly as my tongue slid across her erect nipple. I rolled it between my lips, creating even more sexual pleasure for my sweet teenage sister. As I sucked her right nipple, my right hand caressed and kneaded her left breast, causing her to moan softly. “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh.” she moaned softly. As I released her nipple from my mouth, Soundharya then looked down and found herself with a strong desire to touch my swollen shaft. Her small hand moved down and she softly touched the swollen shaft of my rigid cock. Her small hand barely able to wrap completely around it she began slowly stroking it up and down. “It’s so hard and hot, yet so silky smooth. God bro, it’s getting bigger!” Soundharya said in amazement as my cock head turned dark purple and swelled even more. “Go ahead sis, stroke it like I did for you in the shower the other day.” I asked softly. “That was so hot Bro. I nearly fainted when I saw you shoot off.” Soundharya replied in a very sexy tone.“Aaaaaahhhhhh yesssssssssss sisssssss, that’s it!” I moaned as her small hand stroked my thick throbbing eight inch cock. God it felt so good, my loving sis fingers move on my shaft especially since it was Soundharya’s hand and not mine stroking my shaft. I laid back on the bed while my sister gently stroked my hard shaft. As she sat there next to me, I moved my left hand up and caressed her soft butt cheeks. After a few seconds of her stroking my hard cock and me kneading her soft ass, she said, “Bro, I want to try something one of my friend’s at school talked about.” Before I could ask what, I felt her lean forward and take the large head of my now extremely swollen cock, between her soft wet lips. The feeling was mind blowing as I never had my cock sucked before that night. It is my own sis first time touché with her sweet lips and tongue The extreme heat of her mouth combined with the soft wetness was nearly too much for me to handle. I very nearly blew my load but somehow maintained some control. “God Soundharya, that feels great.” I said quietly. I watched as my sexy pinbahis sister slid her mouth down over my shaft and then pulled almost off, just holding the huge purple cock head between her soft mid teenage lips. I could tell she had never done this before, but it didn’t matter, as it felt better than anything I had experienced up to that point in my life.Soundharya was on my left side, on her knees with her sweet sexy butt facing me as her soft mouth traveled up and down the length of my swollen shaft. It was an erotic sight to behold, so much so that I just had to reach out and touch her. My left hand softly cupped and caressed her right butt cheek then traveled down between her legs. I reached forward and found her hot wet pussy as I traced circles around her young tight entrance. My fingers gently worked in and out of her tight mid teenage unbroken cunt. Each time I flicked a finger across her swollen clit, causing her to moan with my hard cock deep in her mouth. When she moaned, it felt great as it sent vibrations through my throbbing shaft. This was the most erotic and intense sexual experience in my young life. We were both so lost in our sexual feelings, we didn’t realize the shower water had stopped. Mom and dad, both wrapped in towels, stood stunned and open their jaw as they watched their c***dren sexually pleasure themselves right before their eyes. Their first reaction was to scream and yell, but for some reason they couldn’t and just stood there as though in a trance, watching as their son’s huge cock disappeared inside their daughter’s sexy young mouth. They could only could watch as their son’s fingers probed and teased their daughter’s hot young pussy.Madhuri felt her pussy tingle and becoming moist again as she saw the size of her son’s huge swollen cock for the first time. She was very satisfied with her husbands cock but her son’s cock was definitely larger. She found herself involuntarily reaching under her towel and touching her sexually aroused pussy. Sridhar had fucked her silly in the shower but her body was still ready for more. Her pussy was now soaked as she watched her daughter’s soft lips gliding up and down her son’s rigid eight inch cock shaft. Sridhar also watched but he found the sight of his daughter’s young tight teenage body an extreme turn-on. His thick seven-inch cock grew harder by the second. He too found himself reaching for his sex as he watched his sexy daughter suck his son’s huge hard cock. He found the sight of Soundharya’s tight ass, with her sexy white globes of butt flesh, were very sexy as his eyes followed her smooth tight legs down to her ankles. Sridhar looked at Madhuri, while she stared at her son’s thick cock, with her hand under her towel rubbing her excited pussy and suddenly he knew what needed to happen next.“Ah Ummmm!” Sridhar cleared his throat.The c***dren, brother and sister suddenly jumped fearing the worst. Oh! God both of them shivering about what happen next. They knew they had gotten caught up in pleasuring themselves and got busted. How could they face their parents? What else they tell about this both of them want to hide from this world. They would probably be beaten senseless. Oh! God it is our last day of happiness. Grounded for the next ten years. Dis-owned for life or something. What happened next surprised all four in the sexually charged motel room. Dad looked at mom, dropped his towel exposing his swollen cock gripped in his hand and gently tugged mom’s towel off revealing her hand touching her wet pussy. He then shocked us all and said, looking into mom’s eyes for her approval, “Mind if we join you two?” I looked closely at mom’s very sexy body. Her curves were perfect; her skin was dark tanned and smooth with absolutely no flaws. My eyes locked on her huge white mounds of tit flesh, then to the pure white triangle with dark black pussy hair between her legs and back to her perfectly shaped boobs. Mom’s exquisite tits are as good as any models I’ve seen in any of dad’s Playboy magazines.As they both slowly walked toward our bed, mom said, “Looks like you’re having fun their Soundharya. Can I give you a hand?” as mom slid onto the bed, her face inches away from my swollen shaft. Dad reached for Soundharya’s hand and said, “Come with me young lady as he led her to the other bed.” I watched Soundharya’s sweet little teenage body slides slowly off the bed. She stood up next to dad’s large frame as her took her, picked her up and laid her softly on the other bed. I watched him kiss her softly on the lips and then moved his mouth down to her soft teenage breasts. My attention was quickly turned back to my mom as her right hand circled my rock solid shaft. She looked me right in the eyes and said, “Just lay back my honey and let mommy take good care of you!” I watched intently as I was about to receive my first blowjob from a sexually experienced woman that is also my own mother who just happened to be my hot sexy mom. She worked my legs apart as she laid on the bed between them. I could feel her large firm but soft breast flesh touching the insides of my thighs.Mom slowly worked her hand up and down my thick eight-inch cock while her eyes examined every inch of it. Her touch was very different than my sisters. She knew exactly just how much pressure to apply to create the most pleasure. Mom slid further up as I could now feel her hot breath caressing my extremely excited cock and her soft boobs, hard nipples touching my thighs. Mom looked directly into my eyes, smiled and softly flicked her tongue out across the huge purple cock head. Her tongue gathered the large drop of pre-cum and left a string trail as she pulled it back into her mouth. She then moved forward and slowly slid her beautiful soft sexy lips over my huge swollen purple cock head. Our eyes locked, I watched as mom slowly took a good 4-5 inches of hard cock meat deep into her hot mouth. She held me there for a few seconds and then blew my mind. Her eyes closed as her throat adjusted and she took almost all of my throbbing eight inches into her mouth. Her mouth was so fucking hot I nearly shot my load, but I managed to again somehow hold off. As mom gently cupped and caressed my balls, she began to very slowly slid her soft sexy lips up my hard shaft until she only had my cock head still in her mouth.“Oh god mom, that feels so fucking good!” I moaned out as my heart pounded.Mom again looked into my eyes as she slowly slid my hard cock back into her mouth. The sight of her sexy brown eyes looking straight at me as my swollen shaft passed between her soft lips was completely erotic as erotic can get. The lines of her smooth sexy cheeks, sucked in as she again pull her sweet hot mouth out the end of my thick hard cock. I could feel her tongue swirling around; increasing my pleasure.oh1 god it is incredible when own mom suck her own son’s cock. Slowly she picked up the pace and now she began to twist her head making like a cork screwing motion as she bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock. My head was spinning as I never felt anything so good in my life. My mother is a experienced good cock sucker if any award for cock sucking I bet she will get the first position. Mom brought me so close to orgasm, so many times; I thought I was going to pass out. My whole body was vibrating with this sexually charged feeling. Four or five times, I was losing count as her hot sexy mouth again slowed as I neared orgasm. My throbbing shaft felt huge in her wet mouth as I shook from the intense pleasure I received from mom’s very talented tongue and mouth.Mom increased the suction and speed her head cork screwed up and down my now huge swollen cock shaft. I watched her soft lips gliding up and down the now reddish purple teenage cock. What an erotic sight to see, my own mother suck my cock it is a rare and fluky man I am in the world. The sexiest woman in the world who happens to be your sexy mother sucking your cock with such vigor and passion. My mother bringing me to my first orgasm inside a woman’s hot wet mouth. Seconds later I moaned deeply, “Aaaaaaahhhhh!” mooooooooommyyyyyy I commmminggg as my body tensed and I shot the most intense load of my young life, deep into my mother’s hot sexy mouth oh! God it is fantastic feel I never got this in my life. My white hot cum shot deep into mom’s mouth as she tried to swallow it all, but some was forced out and ran down my erect teenage shaft. Mom pulled her hot mouth free of my still throbbing shaft, smiled, opened her mouth and stuck her cum covered tongue out at me. With a look of pure lust in her eyes, she looked deep into my eyes as she tilted her head back and swallowed the last of her son’s hot sperm.With my cum still on her sweet lips, mom slid her hot sexy body up on top of me, trapping my still erect saliva cum covered shaft against her tight smooth belly. I could feel her huge soft breasts and huge hard swollen nipples pressed against my panting chest. “How was that honey?” do you feel good what your mommy do? She whispered, as she looked deep into my eyes in such a loving way, I couldn’t describe. “That was awesome mom. I never felt anything so good!” I replied. “You haven’t felt anything yet baby.” she said with a devilish smile. Mom pushed her shoulders up and rubbed her swollen nipples and soft breast flesh against my young chest. That felt so sexy and the teasing sensations were so erotic. She then lowered her head and our lips touched like never before. We kissed passionately as mom’s tongue chased mine and I tasted my own cum. I could feel mom’s hips gyrating as my swollen shaft pressed tightly against her belly between us. It is the most rare time of a son what a chance to given me the creator. Here is a good chance to fuck my own mom it is also a sexy mom She was grinding her wet pussy into my thigh. It is heaven feel her, my own mom’s cunt hair that is neatly trimmed bush touches my body. Kissing her this way was so erotic and sexy.We paused for a second to see what Soundharya and dad were doing. Soundharya was laying on her back and dad had his head buried between her legs. Soundharya was moaning with pleasure as dad licked and pulled at her swollen clitty. Soundharya’s legs were up over dad’s shoulders and his hands were caressing her young tits. Her eyes were closed, mouth open as she moaned and gasped for air. As we watched, I could see Soundharya getting close to orgasm. Her sweet little butt was moving around, side to side, and then she pushed up hard into dad’s mouth as she shook with the best orgasm of her young life. She couldn’t believe how good this felt as she tensed and her body exploded sexually. “Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss daddyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Soundharya screamed out as her body trembled with pleasure. I looked at mom and asked, “Can I try that with you mom? I never did it before so you’ll have to show me how.” She replied, “Oh yeah baby, mommy would like that.” I want to touché my own son’s tongue in it his own mom’s pussy. Do it hard for your mom baby! As she rolled onto her back and spread her firm tanned legs for her son.I just looked at my mother’s body and was taken in completely again by her beauty. Her dark tan and tan lines, white breasts and pussy mound with all the curves in just the right places. I can’t believe I never really looked at her sexually before but after that day; I could never look at her again without sporting a hard-on. I positioned myself between her legs and for the first time, looked close at a mature woman’s hot moist pussy and the musky smell that sharply feel to my nose. Mom keeps her pussy hair neatly trimmed as she also wears some pretty small bikini bathing suits around our pool. She has this dark jet-black hair one inch racing stripe just above her slit. Her pussy slit was so wet and had this strange sweet scent. I looked at her pussy closely, not really sure where to start. Mom dropped her right hand down and spread her pussy lips open to view her son, exposing this little swollen nub at the top. “Honey, this is a woman’s clit and it’s very sensitive. Just lick around it softly, run your fingers in and out of my pussy and when I tell you, suck hard on my clit. Squeeze it between your lips and suck it hard. Flick your tongue across it, soft at first then harder. Go ahead and you’ll learn by reading my body reactions what I like best.”I positioned mom’s legs over my shoulders, just like dad did to my sister Soundharya. As my left hand caressed mom’s left hip, I brought my right hand around and inserted one finger slowly into mom’s hot wet pussy. She drew in a sharp breath as my lips touched her pussy for the first time. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to lick my own mother’s sweet moist pussy Oh! What a chance to given me the god. I followed her instructions, slowly licked and sucked at her pussy it is tasted some salty glue but I like the taste. She was so wet and excited as I zeroed in on her swollen clit. I had two fingers buried up to the knuckles in her tight wet cunt. My lips encircled her clit as I gently sucked and rolled it between my lips. Mom was getting real excited now as her hips began to move back and forth like Soundharya’s. “Oooohhhh yesssssssssss Honnnnnnnnyeeeee suck mommy’s pussy!” suck and do it for your mommy ohhhhhhhhhhh! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii she moaned out as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. “Uuuuuuuummmmm, ah yeah, that’s it baby! You are a good pussy licker” Mom moaned.I was holding her swollen clit between my lips, gently flicking my tongue across it. I would slowly drag the flat of my tongue across it and her hips started bucking upward. Mom really enjoyed the slow teasing pinbahis giriş movements of my inexperienced teenage tongue. I teased her excited clitty for quite some time when she finally had enough. “Oooooohhh, Ok baby, suck my clit hard nowwwwwwwwwwww!” mom commanded. Ohhhhhhhh! Goooooooooddddddy bbbbbabbbyyyyyy! Dooooooonttttt slowwww move fffffffffffffffaaaaaaassssssst ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Gggggggggod! Haaa!” I did as she asked and clamped her clit hard between my lips. I pushed three fingers into her hot wet gash and worked them from side to side. I had to grip her hips hard with my left arm to be able to hold her clit in my mouth as she began bucking her hips wildly. Mom was so fucking hot, it was unreal. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh yessssss babyyyyyyyyy!” she moaned as she succumbed to her orgasm youuuuuu! Ohhhhh! Baabbbbyyy whhhhhhaaatttttttt! Dooooooooooo! Haaaaaaaaaiiiiii. Mom clamped her thighs together, squeezing my head hard as she shook with her intense orgasm. God she was so sultry and sexy looking as I watched her sweet face through her throws of orgasm. I was so damn proud that I was able to give my mom so much pleasure yeah it is very proud to me I will satisfy any woman in this world.Mom looked at me and smiled as I slid up next to her. I was absolutely taken again by her perfect full breasts that I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. We kissed passionately as my hands cupped her tits and caressed her hard swollen dark nipples. Mom’s hand dropped down and gently stroked my young cock back to its full hardness. Suddenly we heard a loud moan from Soundharya in the other bed. We looked over to see my sister with her legs spread wide and dad’s hard cock working it’s way slowly into his daughter’s virgin teenage pussy. I remember feeling a little jealous as I hoped to be the one to take Soundharya’s cherry. Soundharya had this look of pain and lust at the same time on her flushed red face. She moaned deeply as dad broke her hymen and buried his cock into her to the hilt. He is a lucky man I think he never got a chance to broken a virgin pussy like my sis. I am jealous to him “Are you ok honey? Let me know when you’re ready again.” Dad said softly. Dad just held his throbbing shaft still as Soundharya’s young pussy adjusted to his thick shaft. “It’s OK daddy, go ahead.” Soundharya’s voice trembled. Dad slowly pulled his thick shaft out of Soundharya’s teenage cunt, then gently forced it back in. Each time he thruster forward, he increased the speed and force. Soundharya picked up with the tempo and soon was thrusting her young hips up in time with his downward thrusts. She moaned with lust as her father took her virginity. “Oooohhh yessssssssssss daaaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyy, fuck me!” Soundharya moaned out. I looked at mom and said, “Mom, I want you to be my first.”“You’re still a virgin honey?” Wow! It is my chance. Mom said softly with a sexy smile.“Yeah mom, I just never had the nerve to go all the way yet. I actually thought Soundharya was going to be my first.” I replied softly.“Well honey, I’ll be honored to be your first lover.” Mom said in a very loving way as she sat up in the bed.“Just lie back and I’ll ride your big cock, my young stud!” Mom whispered in my ear as she leaned forward.Mom threw her left leg over me and sat on my thighs. She took both her hands and pulled and stroked my cock back to it’s full eight inch hardness. Her pussy was just inches from my hard shaft, it is time reached to fuck my own mom yes just after some minutes I became a motherfucker. Which stood up throbbing as she arched her back, threw her head back and ran her hands through her sexy jet black hair? I was completely taken again by my mother’s mature sexy beauty. As she arched her back, her firm white tit mounds, capped by her dark swollen nipples were just so fucking sexy I nearly had my second orgasm just looking at them. Her firm tight tanned stomach, the curves of her abs muscles, the muscular V coming down to her white pussy mound was absolutely stunning. As she rolled her head back and looked at me, she smiled knowing what effects her sexy body was having on me. My eyes were glazed over with sexual lust for my extremely hot sexy mom I am proud of it, she is my own mom. My cock was rock solid, the purple cock head oozing pre-cum as it throbbed against mom’s wet pussy lips.Mom pressed my swollen shaft against her pussy the mom’s cunt wall entrance is always open for her own son my young thick big shaft is shivering its big opportunity to get I feel the touché of my own mom’s pussy skin dragging my shaft oh! God what a feel is this I can’t explain this suffer as she moved her hips up and down. I could feel her juices soaking my shaft as her pussy lips parted and slid up and down her son’s erect cock. As she slid up, she worked my huge swollen purple cock head against her aroused clit. Mom flicked my cock back and forth across her erect clit, causing her to roll her head back and moan in pleasure. “Are you ready, honey?” Mom panted softly as she trembled with excitement, realizing she was going to take her son’s virginity. She was ready to enter the forbidden cock to her pussy “Oh yeah mom, I’m ready!” I eagerly replied. I haven’t waste the time to feel the pussy wall touch of my mom.Mom slid her perfect butt forward and lifted herself up on one knee. As she held my eight inch rock solid cock in her right hand, she positioned it at the opening of her hot wet pussy. Oh! God it is the time now I am the gate way of mom’s pussy it is now….now just a second I am enter to my own mom’s pussy the outlawed world of mom and son My mind reeled at the sensations as she slowly brought the weight of her body down and my cock began to disappear inside her hot wet pussy. God, it felt so good, it is unwritten able untold feeeeeel! Oh! God it will not end. I am very thanking you oh! The intense wet heat, her firm tight pussy muscles gripping and milking my shaft as she lowered herself until my cock was completely buried inside her. Mom sat there for a moment with my hard shaft buried deep inside her and the feel of heat from her pussy is very good to my cock. I could feel her hot juices flowing around the base of my swollen shaft. Her pussy was so intensely hot inside. She again rolled her head back as she cupped her sweet tits and pulled at her nipples. I could feel her pussy gripping my thick shaft as she held me deep inside her. I moaned out, “Oh god mom that feels so good! I can hardly stand it.”“Just relax honey and I’ll do the work this time.” Mom said as she sat on my thick cock, completely enjoying how it filled her hot 43 year old pussy.Her son’s huge cock was a perfect fit inside her excited pussy. She hadn’t felt her pussy stretched this far in a long time. She knew she would desire more of her young son’s thick cock from now on. Intent on making his first fuck his best ever, she began a slow grind of her hot wet pussy against his huge swollen cock shaft. Mom leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips as she began to slowly move her hips back and forth. I was lost in my first sexual sensations, the first time my cock felt the soft hot insides of a woman. Mom’s pussy was so tight or my cock is very big as I felt her pussy muscles pulling and tugging at my hard swollen shaft. Her years of exercise had given her great control of her vagina muscles where she could actually squeeze and grip a man’s cock while fucking him. Even to this day, I have never felt any pussy as good as my mom’s that night. She was the best piece of ass I ever had in my life. Dad was so lucky to be able to fuck her steady but now hopefully I could too. As I laid there on my back, with mom’s hot pussy working back and forth on my swollen shaft, I reached up and caressed mom’s huge firm tits. I pinched and rolled her nipples in my fingers. I couldn’t get enough of those magnificent boobs of hers. Mom sensing this leaned forward and put her boobs within reach of my mouth. As she continued sliding her hips back and forth, working my shaft in and out of her hot pussy, my mouth found her swollen nipples. I sucked and pulled at one, then the other of her hard dark erect buds. Mom really likes her nipples sucked and began moaning my name.“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! That feels ssssssooooooo good. Doooooasssssss it mmmmmmmmoreeeeeee mommmyyyyy.” She moaned softly.We continued this way for a few minutes until mom needed to change the angle in which she positioned my cock deep inside her tight pussy. Mom was now sitting straight up and she was all but bouncing up and down on my hard shaft. I could barely stand it as the pleasure was building up quickly. The look of pure pleasure on her face was that of bliss. Her eyes closed, mouth open and her head hung back as I held onto her soft ass, trying to time my upward thrusts with her downward thrusts. We kept up this pace for several minutes. It is now the time reaches to finish my desire. Take me inside you my momma uuuuuuuuh! I want to come inside you mom. This is the dream I was living for, your cunt feels just right for my cock.” Saying so, I reached for her breasts, and caught both of them. I massaged those wonderful mounts and then she bent at her waist to lie on top of me; although her pelvic movements never stopped. In a few moments of mutual caressing and rhythmic pumping, I knew I was near the explosion point. I was going to come in my own mom’s cunt for the first time. I am coming, cumming for you; take my load inside you ohhhhhh mommmmmyeeee. Me too aahh give it to me, give me all flood my hungry cunt with your love-juice I am cumming.Yeah uuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel the tightness of my balls to push the seed to the tip of my cock. I grabbed her hips, pushed up hard and shot my white thick first load deep inside my mother’s tight pussy .Yes the son cum in his own mom’s pussy the rare thing of world I knew that Now I m lost my virginity by my mom ,I am also a mother fucker I receive the crown of that forbidden sex. “Aaahhh yeahhhhh!” I moaned as I shuddered through another intense orgasm. Mom feeling her son’s hot sperm shooting inside her found it too much and began buck wildly on my thick shaft as she had yet another orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my shaft hard as she shuddered and quivered. Mom leaned forward, my cock still deep inside her and kissed me passionately, her soft boobs pressing into my chest. “mmm, that was nice.” she whispered in my ear. As our orgasms subsided, with my cock still deep inside her and kissed me again softly on the lips, “How was that honey? I know that felt good!” she said proudly.“Mom I never felt anything so good in my life!” I exclaimed. To this day, I haven’t, as that first time with mom was never topped. As my pounding heart began to slow down, mom and I looked over to see Soundharya and dad laying there watching us. It seemed like we were all sexually satisfied for the moment. For the next few minutes, I held my sexy mom in my arms and dad held my hot sister Soundharya in his, as we relaxed watching some TV. After about 20 minutes, mom reached for my soft cock and slowly worked it back to life. Within minutes I was rock hard, thanks to her skilled little fingers. As mom stroked my now solid shaft, I tweaked and caressed her swollen erect nipples. As we kissed, my hand slid down across her smooth tanned belly, across her white pussy mound until my fingers found her moist pussy opening. I inserted a couple fingers and ran my thumb across her now swollen clit.She moaned softly in my ear, “Fuck me again honey.”“Anything you say mom.” I eagerly replied.“But this time I want to do it from behind.” I suggested.“Sure honey, whatever way you want. We have all night!” she exclaimed. As mom rolled onto all fours, I was presented the most sexually erotic sight of the night so far. My mother’s perfect heart shaped big ass with her white pussy mound exposed from behind. My face was buried in the deep valley between the two adjacent fleshy mounts of my mom’s buttocks as my tongue went on ravaging her puckered asshole pushing the crotch of her delicious back-door. As I rimmed her and pushed my tongue in, she went berserk in joy and tried to push her bums on my face literally suffocating me. I spread her ass-cheeks apart and delicately rubbed my teeth and tongue alternately on her tight opening; Ohhhhhhhhh! Honeyyyyy you goood ddoooooooooooome you suck good tooooooo mommyyy oooooooooooohy! Ohoghoh! While three of my fingers were working in her pussy and the thumb was massaging her clit. She was in throes of an ecstatic orgasm and threw her arms and limbs around. I felt a strong suction pressure on my cock. She then reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips open for her own son, exposing her pink insides. My cock again throbbed in my hand as I guided it to my own mom’s opening.Mom’s hand guided my hard cock as I slowly pushed it deep into her hot pussy until I felt her soft butt cheeks against my thighs. “You are inside your mom; I can feel you so well; I can feel you deep inside me. This is the snatch your cock belongs to.” She moaned between her panting. Mom had her face buried into the pillows, her sexy back arched as her sweet ass was up in the air for me to fuck silly. I slowly drove my thick shaft in and out as mom moaned with pleasure. Dad watching us, decided to do the same to Soundharya. Now both girls were getting fucked doggy style at the same time. I looked over at dad, feeling proud as we fucked the shit out of the two most precious women in our lives. We were so lucky to have these hot pieces of ass around. The rest of our vacation, I spent every night taking turns fucking either my hot sexy mom or my sultry teenage sister. We fucked in every position, every place, in the shower, sand, hot sunny day, whenever we wanted. Soundharya is a great lay in her own sexy way, but for me, none will ever compare to that first time with my completely hot sexy mom.

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