Sex Education & Single Parents Part 3

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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 3This is part 3 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts next day Ron picked Elly up from school. Neither of them had talked much since their mutual masturbation episode. Ron felt like he could no longer trust himself around her. In his mind he constantly saw her naked and fucking her pussy with her vibrator. Even now he could see her face with his cum dripping down it. His cock stiffened as he remembered her tongue pulling his sperm into her mouth.Elly also was quiet as they headed to her Doctor’s appointment. She too thought of their experience from the previous night. She loved what had happened and wished her Daddy did too. She could tell he felt guilty about what happened. In her young mind she could not understand how something so satisfying could make him feel so bad.They arrived at Dr. Monica’s office. Ron felt odd as he checked Elly in at the desk as he knew the purpose was to put her on birth control. Ron remembered again the way the sexy Elly looked at his cock the night before. He knew she wanted it. She wanted to fuck!”Elly Taylor?” Asked an attractive woman wearing a set of scrubs.Ron and Elly got up and started toward the exam room.”You must be Mr. Taylor. I think it will be more comfortable for your daughter to be examined without you. The Doctor will call you back when she is finished.” The woman said as she directed Elly down the hallway.In a few minutes Elly found herself alone in the exam room. She knew that Monica would be looking at her vagina and she was starting to get nervous. Her thought of what happened with her Daddy was getting her a little turned on.”Hi Elly! How are you feeling today?” Monica asked as she stepped into the room.”I’m fine.” She answered nervously.”So did you have any more bleeding after the other night?” Monica asked as she sat on the stool. Elly shook her head no. “Good! Now have you masturbated since then?” The blonde Doctor asked. Elly hesitated to answer malatya escort as the attractive older woman looked at her.”Elly there is no need to be shy with me. First I am a Doctor, second I am a woman and third we both enjoy our vibrators. In fact I have the same one as you next to my bed.” Monica said with a smile.”Yes I did it last night.” Elly said as she looked at Monica little differently.”Good! Did you insert the toy into your vagina?” Monica asked as her pussy moistened thinking of the sexy girl masturbating.”Yes.” Elly replied.”Any discomfort or did it feel good?” Monica asked with a professional voice but she felt her body grow more aroused.”It felt real good.” Elly replied as she remembered using the toy in her pussy as her Daddy shot his cum on her! Monica looked at the girl and could tell that she was aroused. Her nipples were clearly visible through the examination gown. She knew the girl would have an aroused pussy.”Good! I am glad to hear that everything is fine now let me have a look.” Monica said as she put on her gloves.Elly laid back and put her feet in the stirrups. She felt awkward as her pussy was now fully aroused.Monica looked at Elly’s teen pussy and felt her own dripping with excitement. The girl was fully aroused. Monica used the thumbs of both hands to spread her open. Monica had some college experiences with other women but it had been a long time since she felt this stimulated by looking at a pussy. She could see the aroused clit that just begged to be teased with an experienced tongue. Monica inserted her finger into the girl’s wet cunt. She smiled as she probed the pussy feeling her swollen g-spot.Elly lay back as Monica probed her pussy. She groaned as first one and then two fingers began to push in and out of her. Then her hips jerked as Monica hit a spot just inside her opening. “Is that sore?” Monica asked but she already knew that girl was jerking because of pleasure.”No! It just feels…” Elly started to say when she had to close her eyes and moan. She was about cum!Monica smiled as she rub the girl’s g-spot and then let her thumb rub the clit. Elly was ripped with a massive orgasm. Her butt hammered the table as she tried to keep from escort malatya screaming. Then to Monica’s amazement and delight Elly started to squirt. Monica was aware that this happened for some women but this was the first time seeing it happen.Slowly Elly’s body went from the intense waves of pleasure to just a tingling. Elly looked up and Monica was looking at her somewhat stunned. Elly started to turn red with embarrassment but Monica just smiled at her and that made her feel reassured.”I can see you were rather aroused. You are a very sensual woman Elly. Please don’t be embarrassed. It is not the first time I have had a woman orgasm while I was between her legs.” Monica said but did not add that usually she was between their legs eating pussy. Then she thought to herself that it had been a long time since she had sex with another woman.”Everything looks fine but you did seem aroused even before the exam started. Did something get you excited? Squirting does happen but you did seem on a hair trigger. Perhaps you were around a guy that you have sexual feelings for.” Monica said as Elly sat up on the table.”No.” Elly replied.”I will have your father join us in a few minutes but before he does I just want to tell you somethings not as your Doctor but as a woman.” Monica said as she removed her gloves and put them into the trash. “You are discovering just how wonderful your body can be made to feel. I think your daddy is awesome for buying you your vibrator. I also know that you are already curious about sex with another person. Sex can be the most fulfilling thing for a woman. You already like the feeling of being penetrated and very soon you would like to feel a real cock in you.” Monica said as she smiled.Elly shook her head yes as she listened to Monica.”Sex can also be a little scary for a young person. I see many young women here who have unpleasant initial sexual experiences. Usually they have some boy who they really like and well they just do it. Unfortunately neither of them know how to do it right. Do you understand?” Monica asked.”You’re saying that I should not have sex?” Elly asked and was rather confused.”Oh no! I doubt you would follow that advice even if I gave it. malatya escort bayan What I am saying is that you need to find a partner who has some experience at least to begin with. I started having sex when I was about your age but I was very fortunate that he was much older than me. He made it so good. He taught me about my body and his. Do you understand?” She asked the girl.”Well yes but where would I meet an older man?” She asked.”It is not just an older man! It should be a man who loves you and respects you and you love and trust him. I think you already have a man like that in your life. You see I had a wonderful Daddy too. You need to encourage him to teach you to be a woman.” Monica said as Elly looked at her with her eyes sparkling.”You are saying I should have sex with Daddy?” Elly said with total astonishment.”That is exactly what I’m saying.” Monica said as she pulled a photo of a much younger her and a man who looked to be in his early forties. “This was my Daddy and I was his special girl. I think your Daddy is special too! Has he ever shown an interest in you from a sexual stand point?” Monica asked.Elly felt liberated as she now knew about Monica’s own taboo background. Elly had become more and more aroused around her Daddy.”Last night we masturbated together.” Elly said and hoped that this was not some kind of a trap.”That is wonderful! Did he cum for you?” Monica asked as her sexual fire in her burst out of control.”Yes! It was amazing! His stuff landed all over me! I even tasted some of it!” Elly said excited to be able to share her feelings about what had happened.”That is wonderful! I’m sure he will give you all the sex you want and soon.” Monica said excitedly.”I don’t think so. He seems to be regretting it now. I think it scared him.” Elly said.”I understand. He was probably shocked by how much he is attracted to you.” Monica said.”I think he might be scared of women in general. I don’t think he has had sex since my mom left. I think he had a really bad experience. Monica I really do love my Daddy and I would do anything for him.” Elly said as she looked closely at her new confidant.”Maybe I need to encourage him a little. I will call him back now and you just follow along and I will get to be a little more cooperative.” Monica said as her smile grew with her obscene thoughts.(I hope you enjoyed this little tale. There is more but I will only publish if you show your interest with a thumbs up)To be continued….

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