She brought out the freak in me!

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She brought out the freak in me!Shaw, was awakened by the golden sun streaming through a, slight slit in the black out curtains. He stretched his long muscular body. From his well defined long fingers to his bulging biceps, to his broad shoulders, his body comes to a perfect “V”. The V ends with a dark purple, 10 inch , cut, fat head, veiny dick. Last night’s activities have his entire body sore especially his eight pack core section, his long dark muscular thighs and that fat head that always seems to rise and shine before he can open his eyes. He turns on his side to get out of bed and he is aware a deep muscle soreness that runs from the top of his glutes to the middle of them. It all starts to come back to him.He met Shandra on a swingers web site. Shandra was 5’9″, 140lbs, she is medium complexion, with medium length dreads, hazel eyes, full pouty lips, skin as clear as day, round full, breast with very dark areoles. She has a slim waist and her hips are full for her slim frame. Shandra isa gym rat and her hard work has paid off. She has the body of a goddess. Shaw reminisce about her tight six packed abs, and her ass that could be used as a coffee table. Her ass is completely round and it is a perfectly heart shaped.They met and Shaw quickly realized he was out matched. Shanda is experienced in the tantric art of sex. She is originally from New Orleans and she is skilled in the ancient practice of Voodoo. She cast her spell the moment she met Shaw. Her pussy twitched and almost moaned aloud when she saw him exit his car. Her first thought was ” I’m going to make him completely mine. He will worship my full breast, he will kissed my shaved pussy, and suck my full lips one at a time. He will smell my deep, musk scent and it will entice him to bend to my needs and wants. I will make him ashamed to brag about we do behind closed door. He will lick my ass hole clean . He will only stop to make an air tight seal around my tight little brown eye. Then he will suck in deeply until it puckers and dart his tongue in and out of me. She quickly put her plan into action.She begin, by saying” I’m glad you could make it, let me get you a cool drink before we go. She turned to enter her house and she could feel his eyes almost burning a hole through the thin fabric of her sundress. Her shoulders are bare and she decided at the last minute to exclude the panties and let her pussy breath. His gaze has caused her pussy lips to separate slightly. Her clit swells with pride, and the moisture settles on her inner thigh.She looks back at her prey and she can notice details that others would miss. The obvious is the swell in his pants that out line a full 10 inches that strain to break free but run the length of his trousers. Shandra notice his pupils are dilated, his breath and heart beat are at a quick pace, the testosterone is pouring through his blood stream. The testosterone is interrupting his ability to reason. He is wild with lust. He wants to grab her around her waist and bend her head forward, pull up the almost sheer sundress and slam his 10 inch man member deep into her hairless juicy love hole over and over again.She walked into the house and went straight the kitchen she returns and he is seated in her living area, on the couch which face a beautiful full length window. the sunshines through the window and Shaw notice that it is not just his imagination but he has a clear outline of her firm thighs and swollen, fat pussy lips,shining through the dress’s flimsy material. Shandra handed over the bottle of cold water. Shaw never took the time to examine the seal of the water bottle otherwise he would noticed the cloudy material at the bottom of the water bottle, and that the seal was broken and the cap screwed off without the slightest bit of tension.He quickly finished the bottle of water and she sat on an ottoman in front of him and looked deep into his eyes as they talked about their plans for the evening. She lifted his feet to her lap and removed his flip flops and began to massage his feet. Her touch was warm like the inside of a tight pussy. He felt relaxed.Shaw tilts his head back, close his eyes and relax. He feel her wonderful hands all the way up his body, Shandra spends time kneading the special area near the balls of his feet. She knows the area that is directly connected to his sexuality. When she hit that special spot on his feet, he feels his penis fill with blood and swell to it’s maximum length and girth. It throbs and jump and twitch to get free. Shandra gives it a rub and quickly move her hands to his thighs and from the spot he needs touched, rubbed ,sucked and fucked. Shandra said in the most forceful voice of the afternoon, “strip and do it slowly so I can exam each aspect of that lovely body.”Shaw stand and begin to strip until he is naked in front of her. Shandra remain seated on her ottoman and she reach up and grab his cock roughly and she squeeze hard in the middle of his 10 inch member. the head fill with blood and the dark purple mushroom head becomes bigger, if that is possible, and it ache so bad for her carnal desires that he has to bend at the waist and count to ten.While seated she takes him deep in her throat all at once and suck hard and fast . The pain subside and wave after wave of pleasure wash over Shaw’s entire body. He feels the relief that he has desired from the first time they met begin to build, suddenly she stops and make another request. Her request is to have him promise to listen closely to her instructions and follow them to the T. Shaw is afraid because he he can’t imagine anyone with that much power and control over him, but he need to continue. Shaw is aware that this episode will, change the way he lives and thinks. He knows that once his eyes are open there is no turning back. His morality, his sexuality and his core believes will be rocked, dismantled and rebuilt to fit her desires.He agrees to the request with dread and extreme excitement. She says bend over and grab your toes. He did as he was told and he feel her nail rake over illegal bahis siteleri his balls and his dick jumps. He reach to touch his huge monster to comfort it, and she slapped him with full force on the ass. She than said” Keep your fucking hands away until I tell you you can touch it. The slap stings more than he imagined a strike from such a goddess can cause. His dick jump and a little pre-come is released. His whimpers are audio able and he moves away slightly.She tell him in a very soft voice ” I hate to be forceful and treat you so cruelly. Then he relax again.Shandra take one testicle at a time in her mouth and gentle suck it. First the right than the left. she stroke that special area between his ass and balls. Shaw screams OHHH shit, Fuck that feels good! Shandra utilize her tongue to go from his balls to his asshole. She tell him spread umm. He separate his ass cheeks and she fuck his hole with her tongue. twirling it like a corkscrew round and round the entrance. His dick jump and sputter. She goes the length of his crack and she than pull the head of his aching dick between his legs and she suck it hard from behind until his moan change to a growl. She released his huge member from her mouth and he feel her index finger enter his asshole to the knuckle. she let it rest at that spot. Shaw realized she is still dressed and she is playing his body like an instrument. She is an artist tugging her, sucking there, squeezing some places on his body while gentle blowing her hot breath on other areas.Shaw quickly realized he is a man being taken to an area that is unchartered and dangerously close to the area of the mind that is proceeded by insanity. Shaw’s body beings to shake and convulse. His knees feel as if he will collapse in a heap on the floor. Shandra stops and withdrew her index finger from his scared man hole, and his cock from her warm mouth. Shandra has a wicked smile and in her version of a deep raspy voice she says” I ‘m not letting you off, that easily.” Shaw’s dick stands at attention in front of him jumping from it’s previous excitement. He wants her to finish but loathes her for exposing who he truly is.SHandra slowly stands and leaves the room, but not before she gives her strict instructions. She says” I want your body erect with your hands at the outer seams of where your pants would be if I allowed you to where pants. She looked back to see Shaw standing at attention with his head straight ahead, chest out, his long dick bowing like a flag in the wind, and his knees locked.Shandra return a short time later and she has a beautifully detailed leather human saddle with spurs, and a riding crop, a human horse bit. and a large dildo with beautiful black horse hair, the length of a tail ,at the opposite end. Shaw knows that this is dangerous and he is fearful of what is about to take place. He mind pleads with him to flee this bizarre scene,but his body refused and disobey his minds decision to flee. He is fully aware of what is about to happen yet he is restrained from grabbing his clothing and running like hell.Shandra gave him the dildo with bottle of heat warming lubrications and she said” I hope you don’t think I’m putting it in your ass. Shaw excepted the gifts and said in a barely audible voices “think you “. Shandra smiled and stood directly in front of him and she pulled the hem of her dress up to expose her swollen, engorged, wet cunt, and she said ” thank you, what”? Shaw lowered his gaze to her pussy, and at that point he was aware of his ultimate doom. He bent at the waist and begin lubricating his ass, he was surpassed at how easy the dildo entered his ass. Shandra dressed him in the riding gear and give his ass a couple of swats just to be cruel. She lead him to a huge fire place with a soft bear skinned rug and she tied him to a post. Then she left him to think about how he originally got into such an awkward state of being.About an hour later shaw was awakened by voices. He was excited and thought I’m saved I will ask for help and someone from this group will release me. Suddenly a tall, dark lady with high check bones and an elegant dress entered the room with several very attractive very muscular men. The woman had a perfect figure and he could only assume her age to be about 40 years old. She was very attractive and her face was stunning. Each man was tethered to a leash with different colored collar. The woman looked at shaw, who had went from a lying position to sitting on his side with the dildo still in his ass, leaning on his arms. She went over and patted Shaw’s head and said Shandra said you were a cutie. She reached a well manicured hand to his penis and stroked him to erection. The entire time she said “good boy, thats it, you like that, you want to eat my pussy don’t you.” Shaw could barely control his excitement. He smiled and moved closer to the woman so it was easier for her to pleasure him by slowly stroking his huge dick. The woman looked back at the door and she stood and stripped out of her elegant dress with one quick movement she stood Shaw up to his feet and climbed on his dick while he stood surprised. Her pussy was soaked and they fucked in unison until her juices were splashing up on their stomachs. Shandra walked into the room and she cleared her throat loudly. The woman jumped from her position of pleasured and she said, “sorry about that, can we get this bidding started”. Shandra said in time but for now, there are no free samples. The other men were tethered to the same post that Shaw was tethered and the two women left the room laughing .The ladies were dressed in their most elegant attire. The, ruby broach, the emerald pendants and the diamonds flowed like water. Every major designer was present or should I say examples of their best work was present. There were no mask, because all of the party goers, were the secret society , they were more than members. They earned their money by controlling the minds of some of the most powerful people in the world. They were considered goddess of the universe güvenilir bahis not because they were physically stronger ,their power was linked to their knowledge of things most people failed to acknowledge exist.Shaw was having a very interesting conversation with Kendrel. Kendral was one of the men tethered to the post. He explained that the person honored for this event was Shaw. Kendrel asked Shaw if he understood that the universe just appeared masculine. True power came from god. God or Goddesses were more feminine then masculine . The men were whispering, when A beautiful woman entered the room. She had almond shaped eyes, her hair had sandy brown tint and she wore it natural in a single puff in the back. Her skin had traces of a golden tint and her slim body had the perfect attributes, large 36 D breast with large erase sized nipples, round curved hips, and an ass that appeared to be perfect. She had the men shaved and showered for the nights events in a near by bathing area with servants. Shaw was dressed again in the riding gear with saddle. The saddle fit around his broad shoulders and the silver spurs hung down to his rib cage. The bit was placed in his mouth. The dildo made him prance or high step when he walk. He wanted to impress his owners and sexually it was an exciting charge. He knew the night would bring intrigue, a sexual challenge and rock his core believes in morals, ethics, and mans illusion of power.Shaw was alone and tethered to the post. The other men were assuming their roles for the night. Shaw begin to think of his past life. He thought of home as a c***d. Shaw was born the youngest of the c***dren. He was the only male in the house and his mother and sisters doted over him. He was brilliant through school and skipped a grade early on. He was not able to skip a second grade because Shaw was a three letter athlete and it would possible hamper his chances of pursuing a pro contract. SHaw was loved by all especially women. Think of being tall, charismatic, handsome, and cerebrally gifted. For as long as he could remember women flocked in waves and he took advantage of it. Shaw was Eric Shaw the guy that every coach prays takes the last shot. Team mates and other men called him Eric Fucking Shaw. He took what he wanted and if it was your girl, wife, sister or baby moma he borrowed them and returned them to you when he was done. The strange thing is men forgive him and envied him. You know the buddy that you hang out with because his left overs at the club were your meal.Shaw had played basketball player and his jersey always hung in the rafters after he was done. He was now working on entering politics and but all of that power hungry, I have your seaman on my dress pussy would have to hold until he developed a plan of escape .The evening had progressed and Shandra entered the room dressed in a form fitted black riders, pants, boots and cap. Her top was open to her navel and her perky breast strained the fabric. Shaw look at her and could not believe that he still had the same lust for her. She reached down and roughly grabbed his package and said on your fucking feet. He stood and she told him, I will be riding you tonight and your ass better be impressive. she then had him kneel on both knees and she stepped into the stirrups and that beautiful ass was placed in his saddle. She interacted Shaw to release his ties from their post and she hit her spurs to move him forward.Shaw and Shandra entered a ballroom that was about 10 percent full. The room was huge and the music was loud. The music stopped as they net ered the room and black candles were light. The chandler lighting was lowered and Shaw noticed the room was eloquent but cold and there appeared to be several beds placed around the room. There were three gorgeous woman in the front of the room.The Three women women had angelic faces but the ,utter funk , bodies that are associated with, luring men, inciting men, in a devilish type why. Shandra brought Shaw before the 3 women and ordered him to bow. Shaw was tired of the games he wanted to test the waters. He simply refused! Shandra order the other men to seize him. Shaw was restrained as the women of the room looked on with fascination and awaited the next set of incidents.Shandra held her gaze on Shaw,with a slight smirky smile. She slowly began to undress. Shaw could not resist her his cock sprang into action and grow hard and stiff. Shaw then noticed the hooks and chains in the corner of the room, he quickly realized he was in danger.Shaw was chained to the wall and Shandra almost danced to him. She approached slowly and seductively. When she reached him she took his testicles in her hand and squeezed hard. Shaw almost lost consciousness, his breath quickened and she said let the Erats have him first. Then he will know what it takes to create the energy level we need. Shaw was given two dosages of a Viagra type substance and released. He was led to a room in which only an unkept bed sit in the center of the room.The room smelled of old sex. There were leather straps for securing the hands, feet and one across the midsection. Shaw was tied down. The door was closed and the lights were turned off.Shaw was petrified but the pills had begin to take effect. His thick long member begin to grow and stretch. He thought about Shandra’s eyes as she squeezed his balls. He felt the blood rush to fill each inch of his cock. He then realized he was not along. He felt hands probing and touching him. He felt a pussy on his face grinding and riding it. The pussy was very musty, it had meaty lips and it was very wet. He licked at it and sucked the hard clit when it came into contact with his mouth. Another body rode his hard cock with, no regard of pleasuring him. The person riding him only cared about their pleasure. He quickly shot his first load into the warm pussy on his cock. That person was quickly replaced by another pussy. The second pussy was sloppy and wet. She rode him and pinched his nipples. She slapped bahis siteleri his face. She cackled with laughter and she rode him like she owned him. The pussy on his face begin to buck and it squirted out a clear liquid. He was told that if a drop hit the bed he would be punish. Due to his fears and immense pleasure he drank every drop down quickly. That person was replaced by another, each time the person was replaced with a more sadistic more aggressive female. Shaw ‘s legs were spread and he was experiencing a prostate massage while being jacked off. It went from pleasure to pain and back to pleasure. Shaw lost count of the number of women that bed him. He knew the number was around 30 and he felt spent, open and sore. He wanted to rest but was refused even a moment of peaceful sleep.Just when Shaw thought they are going to kill me. I will be fucked to death.Then light came from an open door and in walks Shandra. She wore nothing and she ordered “O.K. , ladies you have had your fun. ” She gave Shaw much needed water after untying him. She then lead him to a bath. Shaw begin to cry. He realized she was his savior. She stroked his cheeks and asked if he truly learned his lesson, would he obey. He replied I belong to you. please allow me to serve you. She was gentle but strong, she was all he needed all he desired and she controlled him.Shandra entered the bath with Shaw. her full breast and nipples danced against his hard chest. The warm water mixed with a special elixir was like food to his tired worn cock.It did not take long for his cock to sense this sensational beautiful being and slowly roll itself out to it’s full ten inchs of girth and man hood. The warmth of the water repaired the damage done by probing fingers and other objects that stretched his man hole beyond it’s limits.Shandra was turned on also. Her large nipples were swollen her clit protruded out of its lips and her pussy begin to lubricate in anticipation of his hard cock. She explained to Shaw she would return him to his planet, after he fathered one more c***d for her. She explained the need to find humans with God like attributes to continue their race. She said Shaw would have to return soon to be taken by the 3 wise women.Shaw agreed to her demands and asked if he father c***dren for the women in the previous room and she said simple ,”yes”. She then asked him to stand. She took Shaw in her mouth and rocked tongue back and forth whiles sucking his dick. She licked the entire 10 in length of his cock and greedily took the head into her mouth and sucked hard once, twice the times. She used her hand to gentle stroke his balls and allow her fingernails to dance at that special spot between his ass and his balls. She then swallowed him down to his balls and her tongue massaged his cock until he thought he could no longer take her pleasure. She stopped before he came and she took his cock from her mouth and with her thumb and index finger she squeezed the head of his cock prevent him from coming one drop. She whispered save it for later it is life.She stood from the water and the water glistened on her bronze skin and pooled in tiny puddles. Her breast were perfect. She stood and wrapped a long slender leg around his bare buttocks. She allowed her beautifully painted toe nails to dangle around his upper thighs. She kissed him with those full soft lips. They felt as soft as her breast or her ass. She darted her seductive tongue into his mouth and he greedily took it and sucked it hard.The scent of her sex was intoxicating. Her pussy smelled of something countries warred over.Through out history some women were worthy of men dying or killing to be with. Shandra was one of the women that no man could ever forget. Shaw attempted to take her where they stood,but she danced away and exited the bath. She lead Shaw to a beautiful bedroom that smelled of lilacs and roses. Shandra laid on the bed on her back and spread her long legs. The enticing scent hit his nostrils and could not resist a taste of her flower. She allowed him to taste her, to drink her, she was air , water, love and touch. She was everything to him.After Shaw had a taste of Shandra’s wild nectar he knew he was, addicted, a slave, a servant of her love. He licked the length of her slit from the front to the back, resting his tongue on her intoxicating little brown eye. He licked and sucked her clit until her sex organs pulsated, like a strong heart beat. Shaw was rewarded with a deviously, delicious liquid that he drank down his throat. The liquid was like velvet sliding over his tongue and down his throat.Shandra vagina then opened as if it gasped for air and a wave of everything good, everything right, took her to a place she had not been before and she did not want to leave. She knew this feeling was temporary but she basked in its glow as long as time permitted.Shaw kissed the length of her body, up to her heaving breast ,but she had left the room and her sole floated above the bed. Her sole slowly begin to descend back down to the present and now.Shaw then entered Shandra for the very first time, and bingo, it was a perfect fit. His cock was custom made for her love canal. Shaw’s girth fit snuggly in her vagina so the maximum pleasure was accomplish with every movement of their bodies. The tip of Shaw’s dick rested right unto her cervix opening, ready to give her the opportunity to give her what their race needed to survive. Both Shaw and Shandra got in to the perfect rhythm. Their bodies danced together not like modern dancing at a hot club. It was more like a tango of give and take, in and out, like the pistons of swiss machinery.He felt his head tingle, his face flush, his muscles tense and the deep strong build up of a powerful orgasm. Shandra pussy twitched and flooded the sheets. The liquid also puddled near their crotch and splashed up on their bellies as their bodies slapped together. Then suddenly the magic moment was upon them. Shandra’s uterus opened and closed quickly, Shaw could feel it twitch and jump on the tip of his large cock. Shaw released a large load of creamy, frothy cum deep inside of her pussy. She meet his thrust and came just as hard as he came.Shaw feel into a deep sleep before he exited her warm, wet sex organ.Shaw woke up along and confused. He sat at the edge of the bed. It all started to come back to him. End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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