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SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE(s) – AnnOne day about noon I came out of the back room with my hands full of shoe boxes and my uncle was waiting on this cute girl about my age. I smiled at her, she smiled back and I commenced putting the new shoes out on the shelves. She left without buying anything and my uncle then left shortly thereafter to go golfing. The afternoon was uneventful until she came into the store about 5:15. I showed her several pair of shoes and she was one of the most modest girls ever saw. She was wearing a skirt but she was so prim and proper I never got even a glimpse of thigh or panties. She kept her hands in her lap and I couldn’t see eff all up her dress even though I was kneeling in front of her. She did buy some pumps and while ringing up the sale on the cash register, we talked and I found out that she had graduated from high school last year and had been working for the phone company for the past year. Her name was Ann and she lived with her parents. I told her I was new in town and I asked her if she’d like to go to a movie with me sometime. She said “sure” and gave me her phone number. Her dad was a school janitor and her mom was a homemaker. I called her 2 nights later and we talked for a while and I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie the next night. She said yes and after supper I borrowed my Grandma’s car and picked her up. After the movie, I drove around for awhile and parked on a fairly dark secluded street. She was a willing kisser and a pretty good one at that. We made out on the front seat for a while but my hands were rejected every time I tried to get at her tits or under her skirt. Needless to say I had a huge boner and was getting mighty frustrated. I even held her hand and tried to get it onto my cock but she’d have none of that. So I took her home and I went home with a sad case of blue balls. Once I got in my bedroom, I promptly jerked off and went to bed. Our next date consisted of going out for supper, then to a movie and returning to her house. Her parents were out playing cards with some neighbors so we had the house to ourselves. I was excited as all hell let me tell you. We went to the family room in the basement, sat on the couch and she turned on the tv. I put my arm around her and we started kissing and making out. More of the same ensued, I got nothing! Nada! Zilch! I even got her lying down on the couch with me facing her but all attempts to reach for her tits and pussy were repelled. After half an hour of her hot kisses, my pecker was at full stand and my nuts were hot and heavy and aching terribly. Once more I tried to get under her skirt and she says “no” and when I asked her “why not” she replies that she is not doing any of that until she is married. “Ok” says I, kiss her a final goodnight and I leave. On the drive home though my boner is crying out for relief so I take it out of my pants, steer with my left hand and jerk off with my right. Luckily my Grandma keeps tissues in the car and I promptly fill a couple with cum. When I get to bed my cock is again ready to go, so I jerk off once more and again the next morning before I catch the bus for work. I don’t call her for a few days. My nuts can only take being blue so much! However, she calls me one night when her parents are out visiting her aunt and asks me to come over. Thinking she might be more agreeable this time, I borrow Grandma’s car and drive over. Same old shit! I can’t get anything from her. Not even a little tit!After half an hour of kissing and hugging and my pecker as hard as its ever been and my nuts aching for release, I give up. Either it’s me or my technique or whatever, nothing is going to get me into her pants. I drive home and once more beat off a couple of times in my bed before morning. Two weeks go by and she comes into the store one afternoon and since mymy uncle is out and there are no other customers in the store, she very bluntly asks why I have not called her. I try to be gentle and explain to her that I like her a lot, she is a wonderful girl but it is far too frustrating for me to get all excited and worked up from making out with her and suffering the pain and agony from constant blue balls. She is a little affronted and asks “what’s blue balls?”.So I try and draw her a mental picture of what it is like for a guy to be in a severe state of arousal whereby the male erection and testicles get all excited and there canlı bahis siteleri is no immediate release. I’m sure she doesn’t fully understand. I’ve tried not to be too crude or offend her sensibilities. However, she is pissed anyway and leaves in a huff. So much for that, I think. A week later, I have locked up the store and I’m waiting for the bus when she walks up. We talk for awhile and she says she’d like us to go on another date. I ask her “will it be any different from the others?” She says she understands somewhat what my problem is (HAH!) and will try to help me. Foolish me, I concur and we agree to a date the next night. After work I go home, shower and change and drive over to her place. My Grandma is very good about letting me borrow her car but I know it’s a privilege not to be abused. We go to a local restaurant, have supper and then to a movie. I take her home and we go into the house and down to the basement. Once more her parents are out. Once more we commence to make out on the couch and are kissing and hugging. We are facing each other and I put my hand on her front and I say “I want to touch your breasts, can I touch them”? “Just for a minute”. She sort of nods so I open her blouse and lift up the cups of her bra and gaze admirably at her boobs. They are not huge but are very well shaped. I gently rub her right boob and softly tweak her nipple. After barely a ten count she pulls my hand away. I say “that wasn’t even half a minute, you count to 60 and then I’ll stop.” I reach for her tits again and start to rub one nipple with the palm of my hand and start licking and kissing her other breast and nipple. Her nipples are both getting stiff and lengthening when she says “60”.I stop and she pulls her blouse together and buttons it up. “Thanks” I say. We start kissing some more and I say “I want to touch you between the legs. Just for a minute ok”? She says “ok” and I lift up her skirt and touch her panties. I rub my hand over her panties. I can feel the heat of her sex through the material. I put my hand inside and touch her furry mound. “Start counting now ok”. My fingers caress her curls gently working their way over and up and down. Her legs are not parted enough for me to feel her lips but her furry mound feels hot and moist to my touch. I play with her curls and caress her mound. “60” she says and I stop.”Do you want to touch me?” I ask.”No that’s ok”.”I want you too Ann”. I unzip my pants. Having pre-thought what I wanted to happen tonight, I have not worn a belt or shorts. I enjoy going commando and I do it quite often anyway. I lower my pants and my cock is at full stand. I take her hand and place it on my cock. She feels it for a moment just pressing her fingers here and there. I take her hand and close her fist around my cock about mid-way and covering her hand with mine, I rub up and down. She catches on and I take my hand away. She slowly and gently rubs up and down. “Do you like my cock?””Sure” she says.”Do you like pumping it like that?””I guess” she utters.”I want to feel you again, while you do that. Ok?”She says “ok”.I reach down and put my fingers inside her panties and try to lower them down her legs. She lifts up a bit and I am able to get them down a ways. Her legs are now a bit parted and I have full access to her pussy. She is damp and wet. My thumb grazes her vagina opening while my fingers rub her pussy lips up and down. She is still rubbing my cock, a bit more earnestly than before. I reach a finger inside her lips and rub up and down and then around and around on the top of her mound. I can not feel her clit as such but she is liking what I am doing as her breathing has quickened and she is squirming a bit and so I intensify rubbing her lips and slowly insert a finger into her opening. My finger goes in and out an inch at a time and finally goes in further. I withdraw and two fingers go in next up to the hilt and in and out and around and around. She is tight but my fingers have full reign and find no obstruction and soon they are joined by a third finger and they are all having the time of their young lives. They develop a steady rhythm of going in and out and back in as far as possible. What she said about saving herself for marriage was totally inaccurate. This girl has done this before. Her aroma is quite strong, much more so than I have ever encountered before. It is pungent and fishy and bahis firmaları ….well not very nice! She is really into it now and squirming and moaning and gasping. Her hips are moving with the rhythm of my fingers going in and out. “Please take off your bra, I want to kiss your breasts”. She unbuttons her blouse again and releases the front clasp and the bra parts and I can see her boobies. I kiss first one and then the other and my lips tug and pull on her nipples each in turn. They are hard and hot in my mouth. “Ann, I want to make love to you. Is that Ok?”She nods and gasps “oh gawd yesss”. Her hand has a firm grip on my cock. Without getting up I reach into my pocket for a condom. I open it and put it on and kick off my pants. I take off my shirt and pull her panties off her legs and crawl between them. She reaches for my cock and places it at her opening. I slowly insert my cock and her hips raise and accept my insertion. She immediately sets a rapid pace, seemingly in a hurry to climax. I match her rhythm and thrust after thrust is met with enthusiasm. She is gasping and straining and bucking up and down. Then she is cumming. Her pussy spasms and clutches my cock with a firm grip. Her muscles are working their magic but I want to hold off. I ride her slowly and as her climax lessens, I stop thrusting and make circular grinding motions on her belly against mine.Once her breathing is normal again, I ask “did you enjoy that?””Gawd yesssss, it was wonderful”.I keep slowly rolling my belly on hers and she is literally purring.”Did you come?” she asks.”I want to cum in your mouth Ann”. “Will you go down on me?”She smiles wickedly and says “You guys all like that don’t you?””oh yeah” I reply gladly.”Ok, sure” she says.I pull out slowly and stand up. I remove the condom and put it in the trash basket at the end of the couch. She sits up and leans forward and grabs the base of my cock with one hand and latches onto my nuts with her other hand. She licks the tip of my cock and all around the knob and then up and down the shaft. My foreskin is completely retracted behind the glans and my cockhead is fully engorged and purplish in color. My nutsack is being fondled and caressed as she licks my cock, up and down. Her tongue is working its magic and I murmur “oh wow that is so goooooood Ann”. She “mmmmmmmmmmmmm’s” and takes my cock into her mouth. It is hot and wet and it feels so good to be in there. She bobs her head up and down on my cock and sucks deeply. My hands are in her hair and I massage her temples and head as she sucks. I help her with the rhythm and slowly thrust as I gently facefuck her. She takes it deep and I can feel my cockhead against the back of her throat. She murmurs “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” again and wiggles and waggles her head sort of sideways. The pressure is too much for me and I start to cum from deep within my ballsack and my cum spurts out and down her throat – I give her a river of cum and she takes it all, gulping and swallowing furiously. She keeps sucking until my cock has lost its hardness and no more cum oozes out.”Wow, you had a big load didn’t you?””Yeah, I did” I say. “Gawd, thank you so much, that was awesome, I loved it Ann.”And it was good. Mind you I only had Dan’s to compare it with and while it was different, it was very good.We are sitting close beside each other on the couch, she has her skirt pulled over her legs and closed her blouse. I am sitting there naked but I have picked up my shirt and it is in my lap. There is a huge damp spot on the couch and I reach over to the Kleenex box and grab a couple and try to mop it up and throw the tissues in the trash basket. “Ok Ann, why did you make us wait so long to do this, we wasted a couple of weeks where we could have been having fun?”She replies “my mother is always harping at me about saving sex until I get married”. “She keeps going on and on about it”. “But you got me so horny on all our other dates, I had to masturbate afterwards for an hour to bring me down.” “I also ached like you did from not being sexually fulfilled.” “So I figured to heck with it and let you have your way with me” and she chuckles. Yeah, sure her way with me right!!”Well you are a terrific girl Ann, I think if you are honest with guys you do not need to play these silly “virgin” games.”I lean over towards her and reach under her skirt. Her legs part as my fingers start caressing her pussy kaçak iddaa lips up and down. She is really wet and slick with her own juices. My fingers work their magic on her cunt. “Have you had sex with lots of guys?’She chuckles “that obvious huh?” “Yes a few”.”Well you are very very good Ann, have you given lots of guys head?””Oh a dozen or so, you guys sure seem to like it” and she giggles. “And do you like giving head?””Yes I do. I like the feel of a cock in my mouth and my hands can’t get enough of holding your ballsacks.””Do you like the taste of cum?”She murmurs “mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss, I love the taste and the feeling of a guy’s cum gushing into my mouth, flooding my throat and bathing my tonsils”. One time this “Earl” guy shot out so much cum and it was so thick, I couldn’t handle all of it and some dribbled out, lol! Mostly though I can handle any and all loads”.My fingers are now buried deep in her vagina and I am pushing them in and out. She is squirming, humping my hand and breathing hard and fast.”Don’t stop, that feels so good, I’m gonna cum”. Her cunt once more spasms and clutches my fingers and her secretions bathe my hand with her unique fluid and the aroma is nearly overpowering. She quietens and her climax is finished. My pecker is stiff and ready for more. I lean back on the couch and guide her to a kneeling position between my legs. “Got a present here for you Ann”.She laughs “boy do you ever”.She puts a hand on each knee and her mouth engulfs my cock. She sucks it deep inside and then up and down, first slowly, then faster and faster. She is enjoying this as much as I am. My hands are busy in her hair and I rub her head and guide it as it bobs up and down. I grab the base of my cock and rub my shaft slightly up and down. My fingers touch her lips on her downstroke and my upstroke. Too soon, I can feel my jism shooting out of my cock and into her mouth and down her throat. She milks the last few drops from my cock and her tongue licks the piss slit clean. We both say at the same time “ahhh that was so good” and we laugh.We stand up to get dressed. Again I see damp spots on the couch and grab a few tissues and try to blot them up. I toss the used Kleenex in the trash basket. Her aroma seems to be all over. In the air, on the couch, on her. I give her a couple of kisses and hugs at the door and drive home. Sexually sated and exhausted but fulfilled too, lol.When I get home, my grandparents aren’t home yet. I grab a shower and go upstairs to my room and get into bed.==============================================================I am awakened sometime later by my Grandma screaming up the stairs “Bobbie you get down here right this minute”. Wtf, I think. I grab my bathrobe and go downstairs. She is crying and raving mad and she lites into me about ruining this poor girl and having my way with her and what if she’s pregnant and so on. I don’t know what to say. What the eff happened here. Seems the phone was ringing when my grandparents got home and it’s Ann’s mother, hollering into the phone, bawling her head off and accusing me of ruining her daughter. My Grandma is devastated and asks her what happened.I gather when Ann’s folks got home, her mother could sniff sex smell on Ann’s hair and could also smell it coming from the basement. She went down to investigate and found the wet condom and tissues and the damp spots on the couch. I am at a loss here. A gent does not kiss and tell but I am being accused unfairly. However, when Gramms pauses in her giving me shit, I say “I am sorry to disappoint you but in my defense, Ann was not a virgin. She is sexually very experienced even if her Mother doesn’t know it”. “She has had lots of sex partners.”Grandpa pipes up with “what if she gets pregnant?””I wore a condom, Grandpa and anyway I didn’t cum until she went down on me.”They are both shocked and Grandma says “you mean she………she…..she?'”Yes she did and she is very much experienced at that too”.Now my Grandpa is grinning from ear to ear and says “sounds like you had quite a night Bobbie”. And he is chuckling “Ahhh the good old days”.This puts a smile on Grandma’s face and she starts giggling and soon we are all laughing. When things quieten down she says “of this we three shall never ever speak again, agreed?”Grandpa and I say “agreed”. And we all go to bed.========================================================I have trouble getting back to sleep. I can hear my grandparents whispering in their bedroom for awhile. Then there is silence and holy fuck, I hear the bed squeaking. Imagine that! My grandparents still getting it on :-).======================================================

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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