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SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales)SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales)THE DINERIt was 5AM and Jim couldn’t sleep. He was too horny. It was raining.“The hell with it”, he mumbled to himself. He put on his raincoat and left his apartment. It was dark and drizzling. Two blocks away the familiar letters in yellow neon lights spelled “Roger’s Diner”. It was open 24/7. Maybe someone he knew would be there. A young couple had the corner table in the rear. They were silent and sipped their coffee. Roger nodded to Jim. Jim sat on one of the stools. “Nine o’clock, the man with the felt hat”, whispered RogerJim turned around and looked at the middle-aged bald man. He remembered seeing him in the neighbourhood. Jim was 50 and worked part-time so he had lots of time on his hands. The man with the hat saw him. They exchanged looks. Both men seemed to want some.Roger went over to the man’s table with coffee and whispered something to him. The man slipped something that looked like money under the saucer. When Roger walked behind Jim, he whispered “He’s ok”. Jim took out a 5 $ bill and slipped it into Roger’s apron pocket.Jim got up and walked down the narrow hallway which led to the bathroom. Half-way down that hallway, he stopped and opened a door. He walked into a stand-up only closet with a pipe on one side and cardboard boxes on the other. There was barely room for two people. The door opened and the man walked in. Both men occupied most of the space in the closet. Jim could feel the man’s bulge against his own. Jim reached into his pocket and took out a rubber. The man grunted after breaking their kiss. The hat man undid his belt and dropped his trousers. Jim unbuttoned his and dropped them also. Boxer shorts came off and cocks sprung out in the damp air of the closet. The man turned around and hugged the pipe. Jim slipped on his rubber and slid his cock between the man’s asscheeks. It went in easily. Jim felt his cock grow as he pushed his rod into the man’s warm ass. The men managed to kiss and lick each other’s neck and face. They were grunting and moaning but no words were exchanged. Jim reached around his lover to touch his cock. It was rock hard. He fondled it until it shot its load all over his hand. Jim concentrated on his pleasure as the two men fucked as best they could in this small space. Jim chewed a piece of the man’s shirt as he came. Jim wrapped his rubber with a napkin from the diner and put it in his pocket. The men dressed. The man opened the door and made sure nobody was coming. They both walked down the hallway, Jim towards the bathroom to throw kırıkkale escort out his rubber and the man towards the dining area.When Jim came back into the diner, Roger winked at him. The man was gone. When Jim left, it was still drizzling. ==============================================================================ROBBIE« There’s a guy hitchhiking », yelled Peggy“Yeah…saw him”, answered her older brother RobbieRobbie slowed down so they could get a look at the guy. It was getting a little dark.Robbie stopped the car about 100 yards past the hitchhiker and backed up.“You like him ?”, whispered loudly Peggy“He looks ok”, answered Robbie, a tall lanky blonde 25 year-old.The hitchhiker ran towards the car and opened the backseat door. “Come and sit up front”, said Peggy as she got out and got into the backseatPresentations were made. The young man’s name was Jeff. He was about Robbie’s age. He was going back home which was about 100 miles from where they were and Robbie was only going half-way.“That’s ok”, said Jeff, “I can find a place to sleep in your town”. Peggy was 19 and loved to hang out with her older brother. She liked boys and so did Robbie. They were quite a pair. They lived with their mother but she was rarely at home.“Where we’re you ?”, asked Robbie, getting a better look at Jeff“In Huntsville”, answered Jeff“That’s where the Reform School is…right ?”, Peggy butted in“Yes…that’s right. I was visiting a friend”, admitted Jeff“You have a friend in the school ?”, asked Robbie“Yeah”, said Jeff, “I visit him once a month or so”.“I bet there’s a lot of cocksucking going on in that place”, smiled RobbieJeff was silent for a minute. He looked at Robbie and Robbie looked back. “Yeah…there is”, said Jeff quietly“I bet there’s fucking also”, screeched PeggyThe two boys laughed.“Yeah…that also”, admitted JeffRobbie slowly put his hand on Jeff’s thigh. Jeff didn’t move. Robbie squeezed a bit then moved his hand up and down slowly. Jeff’s jeans showed a bulge. Robbie took Jeff’s hand and put it on his thigh. Jeff squeezed it. Robbie slowed the car down. He made a sharp turn onto a narrow gravel road. Everyone was silent, even Peggy. Robbie drove another few hundred yards and turned into a woodsmen’s trail, then stopped the car.Peggy sat on the edge of her seat as she watched the two young men tongue kiss on the front seat. She knew the drill. It wasn’t the first time. Peggy got out of the car and leaned against it.The two young men undressed completely inside the car. Peggy jumped up and down with excitement as the two kırıkkale escort bayan naked young men headed for the woods. Both were rock hard and their cock moved up and down as they walked. They stopped about 100 feet from the car. The embraced again standing up. Robbie then lay on the ground and Jeff positioned himself on top of him, head to toe. Peggy hid a few yards from her brother and his lover. She slipped her hand in her jeans. The two young men sucked on each other’s cock, licked each other’s balls and were obviously getting ready for some serious stuff. After a few minutes, Jeff got on all fours. Robbie licked his narrow white ass while Peggy rubbed her clit with one hand and squeezed her small tits with the other. Robbie mounted Jeff who let out a short cry, then moaned as his butch rammed his cock in and out of his hole. Peggy came in her jeans. She crept up silently to watch her brother fuck the stranger. When she got close they had already reached their orgasm and were lying on each other, motionless.Peggy had taken off her jeans and thong. She was walking around the two boys, bare ass. Jeff and Robbie were whispering into each other’s ear. Robbie was still inside Jeff and moved his cock slowly in and out. The two horny young men were on the verge of another fuck and Peggy sensed it. She had seen Robbie fuck so many guys. Peggy walked back to the car, lit a cigarette, and waited for Jeff and Robbie to finish.========================================================================MARTHA’S MYKONOSLarry didn’t think his wife had noticed. As far as he could make out, the German couple were living in the same hotel complex as they were, but a few cabins down. Larry had certainly received the signals loud and clear during dinner last night. The other man was about three tables away with his wife but the look he gave Larry didn’t need an interpreter. Martha, Larry’s wife had had too much to drink and was certainly not getting out of bed before noon. It was 5AM and the sun was rising on the small tourist haven tucked away along the indented coast of Mykonos. The island was known to attract gay and lesbian couples. That is why Larry had chosen it. Martha never read anything or planned anything. She just tagged along as long as there was some alcohol involved. Larry was mid-50s, good-looking for a man his age, a little overweight but not much. He had always been bisexual but lately, as his wife was less and less interested in sex, he had gravitated more towards men and had had numerous affairs back home. Martha escort kırıkkale probably suspected it but then she didn’t care. Larry got up, put on his tight shorts directly on his skin, slipped on a t-shirt and walked out to the beach. He walked away from the hotel complex towards the open beach which was 2 kilometers long. Nothing there but a strip of sand 100-feet wide and then tall grass which stood tall enough to reach most people’s shoulders. Larry had figured out that the grassy area was “man country”. As he walked away from the hotel, he encountered a few couples walking in the same direction and one man walking towards him. He was probably Greek. He wore a tiny bikini and had quite a bulge. The seduction dance began when the two men got within 50 feet of each other. Larry headed for the grass and the Greek man did also. One of the couples stopped and watched. The woman laughed and they kept walking. When the grass opened up and Larry’s cruising mate walked out, he was already naked. Larry swallowed as he admired the man’s erect cock and his muscular legs. There was no time for frills. Larry pulled off his briefs. Within seconds, the two men were on the ground, grabbing each other’s rod and sloppily kissing. The tanned man said something in Greek then in broken English. Larry understood that his partner had had sex with another Greek man a little while ago. Larry twisted around to that he could take the man’s cock in his mouth. They ended up in 69 in no time and both were sucking hard. Larry felt the man’s finger in his ass and he fumbled around to reciprocate. Larry felt the Greek man’s seed hit the top of his mouth and that made him shoot his load in the man’s throat. The two men kissed and fondled for a few minutes then left. Larry was still on the lookout for his German neighbour. It was now about 7AM and the beach was busy with tourists, mainly men looking for men. Those tourists wanting to swim or take some sun kept to the sandy part. Men cruising men invaded the grassy area. There was about an hour left before families settled on the beach and cruising was unofficially banned. Men were eager. Any solitary man was preyed upon by other solitary men whatever the age, nationality orlooks. Larry found himself in the arms of a rather pudgy Frenchman who offered Larry his ass. Larry obliged and managed to shoot another load. He thought it would be better to get back before his wife woke up. Larry walked into the cabin and opened the bedroom door slowly. On the bed he saw Martha naked underneath a larger naked woman. The two women were rubbing cunts. In a chair next to the bed sat the German man whom he thought had made a pass at him the other night. He was naked and smiling. Sometimes you do need an interpreter. ==============================================================================

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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