sister and I are Close Then Mom (2)

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sister and I are Close Then Mom (2)I heared mom walk back toward the living room, so I got sat up on the side of my bed, picked up my pants that laid beside the bed on the floor, where they landed lastnight, then went to the bathroom to pee and wash up a bit, and all the time I did all of this, wondered what was going through mom’s mind, after seeing me laying on my bed with my morning wood sticking up and my bed being made, but messed up, from Clare and I making love on it last night, and wondered if she might of heared us last night or not.Stepping into the kitchen, I saw mom at the stove cooking my eggs and putting bacon on a plate.As I walked up behind her, I noticed that she still had on her house coat that stopped half way to her knees and silky looking. I put my arms around her and said, “Morning mom.” leaning down and kissing her lightly on the side of her neck.”Good morning son.” as she leaned her head over giving me more neck to kiss on.With out giving it much thought, I had put my arms across mom’s tits, I could feel her nipples were hard and poking into my arms, and my groin was up next to her butt. As I kissed her neck, she leaned back some into me and pressed her butt back into my groin some too and my dick stiffened a little bit more than it was, when I walked into the kitchen.”Your making it hard to cook your eggs. Get what ever you’re going to drink and sit down as I finish up here.” trying to pull away from me some.As I let my arms slide from around mom, I let them stay in close to rub her tits and feel her nipples as my hands rubbed across them. Turning toward the coffee pot, I let the back of my one hand rub across her butt as I turned and stepped away toward the pot.I sat down at the table with my cup of coffee as mom sat my plate of breakfast down on the table, “Are you going to eat mom or have you all ready ate?””I all read ate, but if you do not mind, I was going to have my last cup of coffee with you while you eat.””I don’t mind, I would like that.”As mom got her cup and filled it up with coffee and sat down at the table with it, I noticed how her tits moved about with her not having a bra on under her night gown. As she sat down across the table from me, I could see her cleavage and night gown when she leaned over to sit, then as she sat up straight in the chair, I could only see the start of her cleavage at the bottom of the V of her house coat where the two sides came together.”What do you have in mind to do today?” mom asked then taking a drink of her coffee.”I thought I would go out and make a list of things I need to do the repairs that need to be done, and see what all you may have and what tools I’ll need to get the jobs done.””You know I really don’t have a lot of money to spend on things.””I figured that. With what little you may have and with what I have managed to save up while in the army, we should be able to get all that I need to get something done this week end, and then next week end we will see where we sit.””I don’t want you to spend all of your savings to do repairs around here.””Don’t you worry yourself about that mom.””You better keep track of what you spend on this place and let me know so that I can pay you back for it.””Like I said mom, don’t worry about it, it will all work it’s self out in the end.””Now son. You heared me.””Yes mom, I did. And you heared me too.” then taking another bite of my breakfast.Mom took a drink of her coffee while looking at me.”What did you have planed to do today mom?””I need to go to the grocery store and buy some groceries for the week.””Can you wait to go till I have a list of thigs to get for the repairs?””I guess I can.””I plan on getting on it as soon as I’m done with a quick shower, right after I’m done here.””Will you need any help to make out your list.””I shouldn’t, but who knows.”I finished eating, took my plate to the sink to rinse off and put in the dishwasher, then went to my room, got clean clothes, went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then headed out to make my list of things I need for the repairs around the place.*****With some of the repairs done that I could get done and things to fix them with, I picked up all the tools and the little bit of material left over from the repairs, and put them in the shed, and then I started cleaning up the mess from all the few repairs when Clare came out of the house with a glass of ice tea for me.”I hear my sexy brother had a hard day today with repairs around here.” handing me the glass of ice tea.”It wasn’t to hard.” taking the glass with one hand while wiping the sweat with my rag in the other hand.”Mom is wanting to know if you’re about ready for supper?””As soon as I’m done cleaning up out here and wash up some myself.” then taking a drink.”Seeing all that sweat running down your chest and arms sure looks sexy to me.””You sure looked sexy walking out her in that short skirt and tank top. Is that what you wore to work today?””No, I wore a pair of shorts and a blouse, and no pantys under my shorts.””Okay… Are you still with out pantys?””Mmmm, maybe, maybe not.” then stepping back and turned around, bent over and picked up a small block of wood scrap off the ground. The back of her skirt moved up to let the bottom half of her butt show for all to see if anyone happened to be in the trees, that are out behind the back yard of the house. Standing back up and turning toward me, “Do I or don’t I?””Only if they are in your pussy.”Throwing the scrap block of wood in the trashbag, “Now that you know, I better get back in the house to let mom know your answer about supper.”After one last swig of ice tea, I handed the empty glass to Clare and watched her walk away toward the back door of the house.At the door, Clare looked back at me, caught her skirt lifted it to let me see her bald pussy one last time, then she defne escort went in dropping her skirt just before she stepped through the door.I had to adjust my hard dick in my under pants so that I could finish cleaning up the mess.After the three of us finished eating supper, mom and Clare cleaned the table and put the dirty dishs in the dishwasher, and I went out for a short run down the street to help keep me in some kind of shape other than the work I did on the repairs.After my short run, I walked into the house to see mom in her chair watching the news on the tv and Clare sitting in the middle of the couch watching the news with mom.I went up and took a shower to wash off the sweat, saw dust and put on a clean pair of pants after my shower then went to the living room to join mom and Clare.As I stepped around the couch, I saw mom had her legs apart some, unaware of showing me her panty croch under the skirt that had ridden up her legs, she still had on, since I finished breakfast this morning. Clare was sitting where I got another clear shot of her bald pussy under her short skirt, then as I sat down on the same end of the couch yesterday evening, “What do you want to drink b*o?” as she stood up.”A beer sounds good.””Do you mind if I have a beer son?” mom asked closing her legs together like she had just noticed how she was sitting.”I got it for all of us if anyone wants one mom.””I just wanted to make sure it was okay.””Yes it’s okay.””In that case I’ll have one too.” Clare said as she headed toward the kitchen.A moment later Clare, came back with three open bottles of beers. She handed one to mom then one to me then sat down next to me on the couch, just as a movie started to play on the tv.Just a little bit into the movie, I happen to glance over at mom to see that she was watching the movie and not noticing us and her legs had separated a little bit again. I then glanced over to my sister Clare, to see she had her skirt raised with one arm where mom couldn’t see her skirt pulled up, showing me a good view of her pussy that was showing some dampness seeping through her slit onto her pussy lips.I felt my dick stiffen in my pants and had to adjust it some with out drawing to much attention toward what I was doing, but Clare caught what I had to do and with a slight nudge of her elbow, made me look at her, to see her grin back at me and look down toward my groin with her smile.Half way through the movie, it broke in with an addvertisment, mom stood up, “I need to use the bathroom, do you want another beer while I’m up, when I come back son?” “When you’re done with the bathroom, I need to go too mom.” Clare said before I could answer mom’s question.”Yes mom, sounds good.”As soon as we heared the bathroom door close, Clare put her hand on my cock and rubbed it through my pants, “Someone likes what he sees.””Yea, and some one is horny too looks like.” I said as I placed my hand down between Clare’s legs and stuck my finger into her pussy and moved it in and out with the tip of my finger against her G spot.”Mmmm, if you keep that up mom will know that we have been up to something here, or I’m going to pee right here. Stop or I will pee. Jim! Stop!” grabbing my hand and trying to pull it out and sliding away from me.As my finger came out of her pussy hole, Clare clamped her legs together and stood up and walked slowly toward the bathroom.As soon as mom opened the bathroom door and stepped out, Clare russed to the bathroom and closed the door.Mom went to the kitchen then returned to the living room with two open bottles of beer and just before she sat down, she handed one to me, then when she got seated again in her chair, Clare came out of the bathroom.”You russed into the bathroom and closed the door so fast, I didn’t get to ask you if you wanted a beer too.””I had to pee really bad, but I’ll get my own.” then giving me a look like it is your fault then grinned as she stepped into the kitchen.A short time later as the movie started again, Clare came from the kitchen with her open bottle of beer, sat down next to me again and sat in such a way, that the skirt came up as she sat down and with her arm like it was before, she got her skirt up in the front where I got my view of her bald pussy.I noticed that mom’s skirt was just slightly higher than it was at first with her legs crossed at the ankles and a bit more of a gap between her thighs that gave me a tiny bit of a view at her white pantys.When the movie finally ended, mom sat up to get up and said, “I’m going to bed as soon as I’m done using the bathroom.””Same here.” I said getting a little more panty view from mom for just a second there.Mom walked to the bathroom and closed the door as she stepped in, then Clare put her hand on my dick as she stood up, then gathered up the empty bottles and went toward the kitchen with them.I stood up and stepped over to the kitchen entry way and watched Clare put the bottles in the trash can and turn back toward me.As soon as Clare saw me watching her, she lifted up her skirt tail giving me a good view of her bald pussy as she walked toward me.As soon as we heared mom open the bathroom door, Clare dropped her skirt tail, as mom said, “Next.”When mom walked past me toward her bedroom, I went to the bathroom and stepped in to see Clare following me into the bathroom, just as mom closed her bedroom door.”s*s, what are you doing?””I want to be with my love as much as I can. I had to miss out being with you all day since I had to work today.””As soon as I finish peeing, I’ll be in my room where we’ll have more privacy.””I cannot wait that long to be with you.”As I stood in front of the toilet to pee, Clare stood behind me with her arms wrapped around me watching me with her head to the side, where she could see nazilli escort around me to watch me pee.When I finished peeing, Clare reached down and strocked my dick with her talented hand making me hard.”Let me play with your dick while I pee now b*o.”As Clare and I moved around to where she could sit down on the toilet, she kept her hand on my cock for a bit then switched hands, then when she had her back to the toilet, she bent over and put my dick in her mouth, then took both of her hands and pulled up her skirt and sat down on the toilet, once the seat was down for her to sit on it.A moment later I heared Clare’s pee hitting the water in the toilet, then she pulled up her tank top, reached around and unclipped her bra in the back, took the bra and tank top off, while holding my hard dick in her mouth and sucking on it.Clare threw her bra and T shirt in the floor next to the door behind me, took some toilet paper and wiped herself, then stood up taking my hard cock into a hand, “I’ve all ways wanted to do that while I peed. Hopefull we can do it again some time.””That was pretty sexy, but next time maybe, you should be totaly nude, which will be even sexyer.” playing with her tits.When Clare got stood up from the toilet, I reached down and stuck a finger into her pussy and moved my finger around inside of her, then leaned in and started kissing her, then I felt her tongue looking for my tongue.I heared Clare moan lowly into my mouth, then she broke the kiss and in a heavy breath, “Let’s go… to your… room.” then she turned while keeping a hold of my rock hard dick, leaned over picked up her shirt and bra, as I go a hand hold of her ass cheek, she opened the door, then stepped out leading the way to my bedroom with her holding onto my rock hard cock, and me with a hand hold on her as cheek.Once we were in my bedroom, Clare stopped long enough for me to close the door quitly before leading me to the bed where she turned and made me back up to the bed then she pushed me over onto it, on my back.Clare turned my hard cock lose and took a hold of the button in the front of my pants, unbuttoned it, pulled the zipper down, then reached up and pulled my pants down, “No get up on the bed my love.”As I climbed back up on my bed, Clare unhooked the hook at the waist of her skirt, unzipped the zipper, pulled down the skirt, then let the skirt fall to her ankles, then she reached down as she lifted a foot and pulled the ankle sock off her foot then did the same with her other foot, then she climbed up over on top of me straddling me at my waist, took hold of my rock hard cock, aimed my cock at her pussy, then slowly lowered herself down on to my hard dick.Clare stopped moving as soon as the head of my hard cock was just inside of her pussy lips, “Is this what my sexy big brother has been looking at and wanting all evening, since I’ve been home from work?””Oh yes s*s it is. How bad does my sexy sister want my rock hard cock inside of her pussy?””So bad that I’m going to just take it like this.” then she dropped down all the way till she had her waight on me, then she wiggled around on top of me, “Now does my sexy brother want me to just sit here on it, or does he want me to fuck up and down, on his hard cock?””I want my sexy little sister to fuck up and down on it.””Is this torchering you Jim?””Yes it is Clare.””Mmm, let me do this first.” then Clare bent over and French kissed me for a few seconds, then she started rocking back and forth on top of me.After rocking and kissing for a few minutes, Clare then sat up straight and started bouncing up and down slowly on top of me and I reached up and played with her tits as she slowly bounced up and down on top of me.After a few minutes of Clare bouncing up and down on top of me, she started moaning and speeding up and leaned back some, using her arms and hands to hold herself up in a reclined position, and noaning more and more as she bounced on top of me till, “Ooooohhhhhhh, I’mmmmmmmm fixxxxxxxinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg to cummmmmmmmmm… I’m cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!” her orgasm over took her.I felt her pussy start to cunvulsing, and clamp down on my hard cock, then I felt her pussy juices run down onto my balls, and into my pubic hair, as she sat down on me to get my cock in as far as she could.When she came down from the clouds some, I pulled her over on top of me to keep her from falling over backwards on top of my legs and even between my legs, then Clare collapsed down on top of me, pressing her tits into my chest, where I even felt her hard little nipples trying to poke into my chest.A short time passed, then Clare raised up her head, looked into my eyes, then leaned in and kissed me with so much passion.As we kissed each other, I managed to get us turned over with her on the bottom and me on top, with out falling out of my bed, then I started slowly pumping in and out of her pussy.When Clare moaned into my mouth, we broke the kissing and I raised up and speeded up with the pumping in and out of her pussy.After just a few faster strokes in and out, I leaned in toward Clare’s tits and started sucking on them and licking the little hard nipples, and lightly nibbaling on them, that caused her to, “Oooohhhhhh Jimmmmmmmmm, I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg agaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn.”Again I felt Clare’s pussy start to pulsating, cunvulsing, and clamp down, on my hard cock.I then felt her pussy juices come out around my cock and run down onto my balls.I slowly kept pumping in and out since Clare’s pussy was clamped down on my rock hard cock tight enough that I couldn’t pump in and out very fast.When Clare did come down from the clouds some, I started speeding up again with the pumping in and out of her pussy, then I felt her pussy pulsate beşiktaş escort again around my cock and more juces came out around my cock and down on my balls again. I could feel her pussy juices dripping off of my balls onto the bed.Again I had to slow down with the pumping in and out of Clare’s pussy, due to how much her tight little pussy would clamp down on my cock when she would have an orgasm.When Clare came down out of the clouds some, I would speed up with the pumping action in her pussy and with just a few strokes she would go into another orgasm again. After Clare had a few orgasms in a row, “Jimmmm, stop please, I… can’t…. stop cumminggggg… stop..”I stopped and held my cock as deep as I could in her pussy till she caught her breath, “Let me suck you off Jim, I want to taste your cum in my mouth… Man, you made me cum more tonight than I did last night… I must have been really horny tonight, just knowing we would be here now and with all the teasing I gave you this evening.””I was about to cum once there, but you beat me to it and when you came down some, I was ready to go again, but never got close again since with the way you kept cumming, which was hot to see and feel you do.” then I sat back pulling my hard cock out of Clare’s pussy.”Hell, I was cumming so much and couldn’t stop cumming. Oh man, you are good my love, man. I’ve never had such good orgasms before in my life.””I aim to please and satisfy the one I love for sure.””That you did. Now let me get you off, I want to taste your cum.” then Clare took my cock into her mouth.”Mmmm.” Clare sure knew what she was doing. She sucked on my hard cock down to the base putting the head of my cock down her throat.When Clare backed off and took my cock out of her mouth, “Mmmm, I must say, I do tast good. I see why you didn’t want to quit licking me last night now.””Maybe I should do that now while you suck on my cock.””Oh noooo, I’m to sensitive down there now.” taking my hard cock back into her mouth.Let me tell you, Clare made love to my hard cock like no other woman had, she sucked and licked all around my cock, rubbed it around on her face, sucked on my balls, and played with them in her little hands as she sucked the head of my dick down her throat, then she bobbed up and down on my cock, sucked the head back down her throat again. She did this over and over again till I felt my cum start to make it’s way up my hard shaft to the tip of my cock head.Clare felt my cum coming I think, because she pulled the head of my cock out of her throat, but kept it in her mouth as she kept sucking on it.I do not know how she did it, but she took my cum from the first rope that shot out to the last rope to finally shoot out of my hard cock, with out gagging or chocking on it. After Clare swallowed every bit of my cum, she sucked on my cock for a little bit more to get it all out, then pulled off my cock head with a pop, as she sucked on it to the end.”Oh wow, where did you learn to do that at.””Mmmm, you sure do taste good, that’s for sure. I have had just a little practice. I will have to do that again some time, you taste so good.””I’m glad you liked it.””Oh yeaaaa.” Clare then sat up and kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth.My tongue dueled with Clare’s tongue as we kissed and I could taste my cum a little as we French kissed with passion.We fell back on my bed still on top of the covers with Clare on top of me as we kept on kissing each other for a couple of more minutes before we finally broke from the kiss.As Clare rolled off to my side, I slid out from under her a little, to give her room on my bed, since it was just a twin bed. She lay half on me and half off with one leg between my legs and half on her side, then she laid her head down on my chest, with an arm across my chest, while I had an arm around her and the other one on her forarm, that she had d****d over across me.”I saw how you looked at mom a few times while we watched the movie tonight, and if I’m thinking right, you saw her pantys under her dress didn’t you Jim?””Yes, I must admit that I did.””Did that aid in you getting hard and horny with what I was doing beside you?””Again, I must admit, it had a tiny bit to do with it. What happened this morning had a small hand in it I think.””What happened this morning?” raising her head to look at me.”She came to my door and opened it and saw me laying here, on top of my bed like we are now, and my morning wood was sticking up for all to see.””So that is why I saw her snecking a look at your groin every so often.””She was?””You didn’t see her looking?””No, I didn’t. I was looking at you more than I was her.””I bet you would like to have her, wouldn’t you?””Now that you say that, I guess I would. Then I would know if you got your tightness from her or not.””I must say Jim, I would like to see you and her together, just to see if you can make her as happy as You do me.””Are you sure you wouldn’t be jealous?””No, because we both love her since she is our mom. Two, it might make us all closer than we are. Three, she might let us sleep together in the same bed and room instead of two beds and two rooms. Last but not least, she hasn’t been out with a man that we know of since our jerk of a dad up and left us for that other thing, that has a pussy between the legs.””How and when did you find out the last part there?””One night mom, got a bit tipsy from some wine, and she told me how she found him fucking another woman at his job.””Oh wow. You just told me something I did know.””Give it time, she may yet, if we stick around long enough.” then Clare leaned in and French kissed me again for a little bit. “I better go to my room in case mom comes in before we wake up in the morning.””I think you’re right. I love you Clare.””I love you too Jim.” as Clare sat up on the edge of my bed.I watched Clare pick up her close off the floor, then leaned over, kissed me for a bit as I kissed her back, then watched her walk to the door and open it, take a look down the hall, turn back to look over her shoulder, shake her butt at me, then left closing the door behind herself.I rolled over, shut off the table lamp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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