Sister in Law of My Brother

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Sister in Law of My BrotherSister in Law of my BrotherBY: Londebaaz ChohanAfter finishing my 4 years of college; with an A+ grades but in a subject that did not interest me anymore; I was in a dilemma of my life to decide what to do next. Luckily I had a good savings in the bank from all the odd jobs I had been doing and thanks to all the money I got from my college as the financial aid and scholarships due to my very good grades. An old and a good friend, Marcus; told me that he knew a guy Ed who worked at his gas station some time back and vouched for him being a very honest and hardworking. He said that this guy was also a very good landscaper and suggested that if I had enough money to buy a good quality lawn mower and a trailer for hauling it around; this was the season to make some good money and he will ask Ed to join forces with me for a fair salary.Making the story short; everything worked out great, I bought a very good quality lawn mower and a trolley to fasten behind my ford and haul it easily to the different houses who hired us for work. Soon, between I and Ed, I was making a very good earning and even after paying Ed decently; I was making a very nice amount to put in the bank after paying the rent of my new apartment, paying all my bills and good spending on myself. I hate to say this but I was pretty rich in less than a year and happy particularly because my elder brother; who was about 2 years older than I; suggesting that I better start thinking of settling in life. Although for him settling in life meant to get a girl for permanent fucking, start producing k**s. I have no clue, whether he had a hunch or knew for sure that I was bisexual and had a bit fancy or extra liking for a male ass for fucking. As a matter of fact, after parents were gone; I had him in my life as a father figure and always respected him much more than our social fabric calls for. Anyway life was going on great. Oh’ What the fuck; I have not even introduced myself. I am Majeed Richards, 22 and tall as a bamboo at 6’ 2”; with a very nice healthy physique and an obsession for sex on almost daily bases. I do not want to boast but although I am not a record holder but my dick is at least 8 inches long and positively 7 inches in its girth, hanging with pride, curving over the raging Testosterone filled balls that had made all my friends jealous during the school and college days. For the reason; I said already, I just never tried to go steady with any girl. I do not know if I had not found a girl, who will let me fuck her, both in her pussy as well as in her ass or was I very picky and wanted a male boy ass when I wanted an ass for fucking. I was almost an expert to pick whatever my mood called for sex and had a fun time whenever desire emerged and did not subside until the arrangement was made. I shall confess that I had couple of very tight young boys and pretty young girls on my preferred list and they were only a phone call away; available for my personal and selfish sexual desires and satisfaction. My brother somehow was entirely opposite and settled much early with a high school sweetheart of his.I remember, it was Wednesday afternoon of August; the busy days of lawn mowing season. By now my business had expanded and I had hired 2 more workers because we were developing as a full service lawn mowers and landscapers in spring/summer months and lawn racking, snow removing in fall and winter months. By now I had also purchased 2 more vehicles to haul our apparatus. My brother called and after exchanging all the possible family gossip and more; he said; he was going to make a very odd request and promised that he will not call me for this type of nasty reasons in future but now he was in a fix because of very busy days at his office due to the changes in the higher brass and mostly undue pressure for all the staff. He needed me to send one of my workers to his in laws who lived hardly 10 minutes away from me across the rail tracks but the different town. He said that his father in law was getting old; suffering with joint pains and more illnesses and his sister in law needed help in the front and back yards. He almost made sure that it would be a request for one time only and then his sister in law, Edith, will make her own arrangements. The in laws of my brother had suffered a tragedy lately when his mother in law could not survive a traffic accident and his father almost became wheel chair bound for good. Now only with the social security, personal disability insurance and little money coming from the early retirement fund; he could hardly make a decent living for him and his daughter, this was known to me already. I told my brother that I shall take care of this and promised him that if I could not send any of my workers; I shall go myself but not before the next day; I mean Thursday. He thanked me, gave me the phone number to call and inform her of my schedule and hung the phone.I called next morning to inform Edith that by about 3 PM, either I or one of my worker will make a stop at her place to mow the lawns and take care of any and all bushes and shrubberies. Edith told me that she had almost taken care of shrubbery cleaning and she even had a good lawn mower and I won’t need any machine but asked me to come by myself to do the lawn mowing for her. It was so easy to take the hint that she did not want any of my workers but only I to be there and I promised her bahis siteleri canlı to be there by around 4 PM and she extended a warm thanks before disconnecting.I was lucky that everything worked out with my workers and the machine and my car was spared for me to reach Edith about 5 minutes before 4 PM where she answered the door and let me in. She was dressed in loose upper and shorts, her hair was all wet and quite messy. I think she was coming out of shower. I guess, it will be better if I described Edith here. She was thin, delicate frame, young girl; having small breasts but surely she was not flat. If I saw her on the street; I may not turn my head to choose her as my girlfriend but no doubt, I would like to have her naked in my bed. She had bright blue eyes like a cat, dirty brown blond hair, beautiful firm cheeks and awesome smile. She looked athletic but may be cheer leading and not like those track and field runners, jumpers. Being thin she looked taller but still much less than my height of 6’ 2”. Anyway, come Thursday afternoon I was with Edith. She opened the door with a wet towel wrapped around her hair. She signaled me to take a seat on the sofa and walked towards the area; where I guess, there was the kitchen and soon came back with 2 cans of beer and dropped on the sofa next to me. God O’ God; she smelled great and very clean. I asked about her dad and she told me that he went to see his brother and won’t return before Sunday. She opened the beer can and looked as I did the same; suddenly remembering, she thanked me to be there for her. Soon we were both gulping the beer and she was also filing her nails. In minutes we were done with our beer cans and she got up and came back with 6 more cans in a tray, which she placed on the center table and hopped onto the sofa. As she reached for a can in the tray; I noticed her nails were shiny and well-manicured. After she was done, she reached for one of my hand and offered to file my nails but I told her that my nails were quite nice and may be better than her and she quietly placed her hand against mine for comparison and I just could not disagree; her nails really looked very nice, shiny and perfectly groomed with no cuticles against mine dirty and even ugly looking broken black nails in front of my eyes. Now her body had drawn very close to mine and I was inhaling the smell of her gentle shampoo more than before which had started to excite me tremendously. Edith had begun rubbing her fingers with mine and between my fingers and she was giving me all different talks about the ways the guys took care of them as compared to the girls.I suddenly realized that while she kept talking; I had finished couple more cans already before Edith offered to fix my nails and I agreed readily. As a matter of fact, I was enjoying my brother’s sister in law sitting this close to me and now in order to fix my nails; she took a position such that one her leg was over my lap while settling on the sofa with her both legs on it making me damned horny. As she reached for a can and also opened one for me; I was already bursting with crazy thoughts of her beautiful body. Her fingers rubbing with mine; her leg touching mine, thigh brushing me and her intoxicating breasts moving up and down with each breath were making my thoughts go wild. She kept talking about various things and I also participated or answered her questions for easy 15—20 minutes like we were the best friends for years until Edith commented that she was glad to spend time and known me better. I definitely could see her looking for same like feelings from me as I looked in her eyes deeply and I replied happily what she was looking with a very warm smile making her almost jump on me to tickle me all over my body.Just faking a fight back, in order to touch her wherever I could; I let her continue to do what she wanted till she stopped and literally collapsed over me covering my body but her back was pressed against my chest as if she was watching TV. She was still holding one of my hand and I was unable to concentrate on watching TV. I think out of 8; I had consumed 5 cans of beer making me dizzy while she rolled my hand in between her fingers making me aroused too. I was glad that Edith was not pressing against my enlarged erection when she suddenly jumped up; extremely unexpectedly to give me a lingering kiss on my forehead and announced that she was tired and wanted to go and rest a while before walking towards the bedroom. I was extremely confused for what she had done but her dancing hips was the last straw plus by now my cock head had taken over full control and I also got off the sofa and started walking after her for a relief; I had started to hope. She stopped in the middle of the stairs as if waiting for me to join her and then she was holding my hand as we entered her bedroom. She pulled all the d****s and then turned the soft lights in the headboard creating a romantic ambiance. Soon we were lying on Edith’s bed as she fidgeted and crushed her upper body resting on my chest and her aroma was all over me. I was running my fingers through her still wet hair but kind of afraid that she might ask; what was I doing but instead I felt her hand started brushing the mid of my thigh and the upper leg, making me utterly excited and now her total body was hard pressed against mine. This convinced me to get bolder and quickly my fingers were casino oyna roaming not only in her hair but on the satin silk skin of her neck as well. She started developing goose bumps all over her skin that was visible to me; a sure sign that she was enjoying what was being done to her and also responded by pressing even snuggly into me and this time locked her lips onto mine planting a very wet and wild but brief kiss. This sent the extreme pleasure waves pulsing throughout my body and I also leaned into her pressing my lips to her, making her open her mouth instantly making me follow her lead for a very passionate tongue sucking, warm breath exchange with tongues slipping into each other’s mouth. After quick seconds Edith broke the kiss and whispered softly to say that it was really nice and I only agreed with my big smile and eyes locked into her very beautiful eyes.Somehow a stupid nagging thought came to my mind that my brother might get angry; saying that he sent me here for some help to mow the lawns and I took the advantages and advanced to fuck his sister in law; considered as a taboo but soon the common sense prevailed and intellect triumphed to help me shrug the thought, thinking that before any relationship Edith was a woman with a needy pussy and I had all the necessary equipment to fulfill her needs. I suddenly hallowed her neck with my arms and pulled her over for even more deep kissing. Soon we were kissing much more ardently with saliva mingling and her hands making her pull herself into my body. The nice guy I am; I wanted to be sure that I was not imposing anything and told her that though it feels awesome but was she sure that we were not doing anything wrong. She saw straight into my eyes with surprise and disbelief, saying that she could not imagine a man of my intelligence had any stupid notions that we were doing something against the nature but of course for the prevention of an out of wedlock pregnancy, she was taking the pills. This convinced me once for all lifting a boulder off my mind and I praised her astuteness of mind and body. She also admired me for the same and now she sprawled all over me allowing me lot of liberty to go to her body instead of only playing with her neck and hair.Soon our suggestive and seductive moves made us hug with overwhelming lust and sexy passion. We were making a lot of slurping noises with our lips, mouths and tongues mingling kisses. My hands were quick to go onto her back to knead the meat of her rounded globes before coming to the front of her neck, well designed breasts and the flat belly; making her lose the control of her body, moaning softly under me. By now I was drowning in my sexy feeling developing extra hard erection in front of me and Edith was burying her face in the nape of my neck but her hands were also coming to life and spreading over my wide chest. I jumped out of my skin; when her hands came down and then one hand squeezed my big hard cock and the other felt the volume of my balls. Now with no shame or dithering left; I held her top and pulled it off, over her head to show the white, silky brazier casing her fist sized tits, topped with grownup nipples pointed towards me, I saw as I removed the bra. Having no strength to resist; I quickly started to kiss her body from shoulders, down to the nipples and the belly button. She had unbuttoned and dropped my shirt to the floor, by now; while her hands were making me go senseless and overwhelmed with sexual arousal. I could feel countless goose bumps all over my body and an erection which was extremely intense to scare me of getting it damaged or break off my balls. I knew, my jeans would soon rip off under pressure from within but Edith realized my concern and unzipped me making them fall to my ankles and I kicked it off. Quickly I returned the favor by unbuttoning her shorts, coming to knees to remove it off her, followed by slipping my fingers in the waistband to remove her underwear over her ass globes to fall off her feet. WOW!! We were totally naked for each other. Soon as we came eye to eye, there was an exchange of consensual smile making it all we did and were to do; legal, moral and the right thing to do. Edith sighed loud under the heavy feeling of the moments to come, as I gently traced my fingers to reach between her thighs. Just as my fingers reached the spot; it got all soaked with the viscous juices flowing from her pussy and she gasped much louder; hugging me tight and close. I wrapped my arms around her neck to hold her tight and suddenly realized smelling my fingers, laced with her smell. She was definitely in need of what we were doing and the juice was oozing out of her as a proof. I was not going to be a derelict or lazy in playing at the slit of her cunt and her pussy button with my fingers to produce more of the smelly, intoxicating, sex juices to make her body to be supple and all ready to give.I did want her to enjoy longer and so, moved my wet fingers to her swollen nipples but soon realized and started gently kissing, licking and sucking on them; consuming her pussy taste that was painted on them from my fingers. This was becoming more than bearable and exciting for her, which was obvious from her heavy breathing, making me still more fervor in my kissing and sucking her tits; while gently making her lay on the bed for an easy access to all over her body with my hands. Soon my fingers were nestling canlı casino siteleri in the trimmed short hair of her pubic area. She quickly parted her legs for me to reach inside her with my fingers. Keeping a focus on her vagina, now my fingers were dipping in the folds of her larger lips to reach her pussy button and rubbing it. Edith was beginning to writhe and groan wild as she lost herself all senseless in a wild orgasm. Now my two fingers were dipping deep inside her cunt to help her spew more of the moisture inside her. Her body was stretched and her back raised up off the bed like an arch and breath was sucked in; as if she had touched a high voltage line. Pretty soon I could hear her pussy producing a gargling noise, in a rhythm of in and out movement of my fingers; looking beautiful and all mine. By now my hard on was feeling sore, needing to fuck. I held her legs, parting them and moved between them as if I was to ride her pussy with my body weight shifting on my arms and knees. Edith slipped her hands between our groins and held my thick cock at the opening of her pussy and made some circles at her cunt hole to cover it with her silky slippery pre cum. Keeping the eye contact with her, I pushed forward. Encountering some resistance; I pulled back slightly and pushed back inside, gently but firmly. It took me about a minute to glide all the way deep till my balls came to rest at the puffy cunt lips. She quickly raised her arms up and then dropped them to almost spank pull my butt in her to the hilt. What a joy inside Edith; her cunt muscles were unbelievably strong for a tight grip on my cock; yet soft and incredibly warm and soothing. She was squeezing her pussy muscles to grip my firm muscle tightly, sending me to heaven as I cherished those feelings; keeping the slow long strokes continue inside her pussy as well as kissing and exchanging saliva. With the time I had raised the force and the speed of fucking Edith; pushing a little harder and pulling a little further for going in again like a bullet train. She was also in total synch and meeting my thrust for doubling the pleasure, raising the heat of the moment, moaning in appreciation and needing more. It was incredible to see her grab the bedsheet on both sides with her hand and raise her pussy to let me fuck her deeper and deeper with each stroke. I could swear for not having fucked any pussy ever with such a focus as I was fucking now, doing my best to please her and getting pleasure by fucking her. After about 10 minutes or so, Edith’s body tensed, pushing her cunt against my pubic bone as she screamed to release the energy of her power packed orgasm. I went through hell to keep control of my orgasm, as her pussy muscles kept flexing and relaxing on my dong and I also kept fucking her intensely. Next one minute or so was very bizarre and odd to share its full feeling and effect. Soon she got done with her orgasm and fell flat back on the bed moving such to make me pull my hard nailed length out of her. I was at the peak of enjoying the warm wetness inside her and this sudden coming out of her cunt and enduring the cold air made me growl very loud. Edith quickly turned and took a position on her knees and shoulders; raising her hip in the air, exposing her pussy for me to fuck and rushed me to get in her pussy from behind for fucking her harder, faster and raw; using my full length to reach the new depths inside her cunt. Surely I took it as a challenge to get in her cum filled pussy and finish the job I had started so eagerly. I got up on my feet to ride her pussy using all of my might to thrust the deepest and reach the new ends. Her other hole was so much inviting and enticing to get some of it too but I kept focused on fucking her pussy, groping me tighter when I thumb probed her ass hole. Soon we were back in a rhythm and the fun was 100 times more intense as we fucked like dogs or even like pigs. Soon we both started breathing heavily and roaring louder. I realized that my orgasm was building fast and furious to cum soon. Edith also sensed my climax and turned her neck and tried to lock our lips in a passionate kiss but I was in a frenzy to fuck and thrash inside her. In next few minutes; I felt my erection getting harder and girthier to squirt my fresh brewed load inside her cunt. With all the noise of my growling, humping and huffing; Edith also could not keep a control and was pushed into another orgasm of her own sending severe contractions onto my very sensitive cock as she yelped like a bitch getting fucked painfully and knotted like a dog does to his bitch.I continued to dig deep in Edith while she milked me with her pussy muscles until the intensity of the moment ended and we collapsed onto the bed. My thick cock got pulled out of her and drooled the last drops of tasty feed on her ass entry hole. We lay there such, until I heard her telling me that it was the most enjoying time for her and she was thankful to me for satisfying her sex and I remember also uttering same kind of words. Although I did not want to but was thankful that Edith woke me up with my cock in her mouth and this time we made a very sensuous love instead of a wild and hard fucking with a lot of passionate talk and kissing in between; making plans to keep our sexy rendezvous alive for as long as we could.Friday was always the busiest day and I had to leave but not before making a call to one of my workers that I met one of old school fellow and got stuck; missing the job and told him to make sure I was free tomorrow after 3 PM to do the job; I loved to as many times as I could. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Dec. 24/2018

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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