Sister Invites Brother to Nudist Resort

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Sister Invites Brother to Nudist ResortTitle: “Married Adult Sister Invites Her Brother to Nudist Resort”Prelude: This story is about a twenty-five year old married woman that invites her twenty-three year old married brother to spend a weekend with her at a nudist resort. Story is told by the brother.The story starts now:My older sister Kathy is on the phone with me right now. She is the “Fun and Leisure” editor for a large newspaper company and is talking about writing an article about a nudist resort that recently opened over in the next county.She says, “Kenny, I reserved a cabin for the weekend at the nudist resort. My husband does not want to go because I lied and told him it was a three day christian music festival. Anyway, I know your wife Britney is out of town visiting her parents, so how about going with me? I have the company credit card and all expenses are taken care of. How about it?”I ask her, “Are you going to take your clothes off and walk around naked like everyone else?”She replies, “Of course I am, and you should do the same thing so we blend in with the crowd. I don’t want anybody to know I am there to write a story. We should act like a regular married couple that enjoys being naked outdoors with other people. So, do you want to go?”I ask her, “How many beds are in the cabin?”She replies, “One.”I immediately say, “One? Fantastic. What time should I pick you up?”She replies, “Friday morning about ten.”I say, “What about your husband? Won’t he think something is strange when I come over?”She replies, “No, he will be at work. Don’t worry about him.”Kathy is tall and slender and I’ve seen her wearing a bikini hundreds of times when we were growing up together. She has a killer athletic body and I bet she looks awesome completely naked.Friday morning I arrive at her house and park my car. On the front porch is a small canvas bag and her laptop computer. Suddenly, Kathy pushes open the screen door and I take a good look at her.Wow! She looks incredibly sexy wearing only a tube top without a bra and really short skirt! We approach each other and embrace. She gives me a quick kiss on the lips then says “We are going to have a fun time being naked this weekend. There’s even a chance that you might get lucky with me.”I immediately reply, “What do you mean by that?”She moves closer so we are looking directly into each other’s eyes then says, “Do you mean that I have to spell it out for you? Don’t you know what getting lucky means?”Suddenly she wraps her arms around my neck and begins tongue kissing me! I quickly run my hands underneath the back of her skirt and start squeezing her firm naked ass cheeks.After only two or three seconds she pushes me away from her and pulls down her skirt then says, “We better stop because the neighbors might be watching and tell my husband. Take my bag and laptop to your car and let’s get going.” A few minutes later we are traveling down a country road that winds around beautiful rolling hills and farmland. Kathy gets a cigarette from her purse and lights it up then says, “Do you want one?”I reply to her, “You know I don’t smoke and don’t allow people to smoke in my car, but today I’m feeling generous and will make an exception.”She then says, “Do you think I look sexy in my tube top and short little skirt?”I glance over at her and reply, “You are smoking hot.”Kathy briefly laughs then pulls her tube top down to her waist and says, “Do you like my tits?”I immediately reach over and try to touch her beautiful naked breasts, but she slaps my hand away and pulls her tube top back up! Fucking cock teasing bitch won’t let me touch her!She takes a drag off her cigarette then says, “Don’t be in such a hurry. You can do whatever you want to me at the resort. Until then keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. About an hour later we find the resort entrance and stop at the gate. An elderly man watching television in a mobile office comes out and walks over to my car. He asks for the name on the reservation and Kathy replies, “Mr and Mrs Smith.” The old guy looks through the papers on his clipboard then swings open the gate and says, “Enjoy your stay and have a good time being naked.”We drive a mile down a sandy road then come upon a parking lot almost filled with about fifty or sixty cars. Off in the distance there is big lake surrounded by small cabins and a building that appears to be the general store.We get out of the car then I walk around back to the trunk to get our bags. After slamming the trunk lid closed I look over at Kathy and I’m completely blown away.Oh my God, she has taken off her clothes right here in the parking lot and is completely naked. She lights up another cigarette then runs a brush through her long silky blond hair a few times. I can’t keep my eyes off her spectacular body and smooth shaved pussy! She is fucking hot!She notices me staring at her and says, “Do I look okay, or should I put my clothes back on?”I just smile then pick up the bags and start walking down the path through the trees. When I am about a hundred feet away, I hear the car door close then Kathy yells, “Hey, wait for me!” I glance over my shoulder and see her running towards me with her firm medium sized natural breasts gently bouncing around on her chest. She has an incredibly toned body with low body fat and I can see every muscle in her arms, legs and stomach flex with each step. Awesome. After walking past dozens güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of nude people, we arrive at the cabin on go inside. To my surprise it is really nice, but not very large. It’s just one big room with a bed, a table with two chairs, a small kitchen with a sink, microwave and refrigerator. There is also a toilet and shower stall behind a curtain.I throw our bags and Kathy’s laptop computer on the bed. She immediately gets the laptop then sets it on the table and begins typing. Meanwhile, I look in the refrigerator to see if there is anything inside. There isn’t, so I tell her that I am going down to the store to buy some frozen chicken breasts and charcoal to cook on the grill I saw outside the cabin.She stops typing then looks at me and says, “Aren’t you going to take your clothes off first?”I reply, “This is a nudist resort, but I’m sure the store requires shorts or swimming trunks for men. Later I will get undressed and we can walk around the lake and go swimming like everyone else.”Kathy then says, “You are probably right. Anyway, make sure you also get some barbeque sauce, baked beans, dinner rolls, paper plates, paper towels, plastic cutlery, aluminum foil, a six pack of bottled water, two bags of ice and a case of beer.I stare at her for a few seconds then say, “How do you expect me to carry all those items?”She looks up from her laptop and replies, “I read in the resort’s brochure that the store has a delivery service. Just put everything on my credit card.”[Thirty minutes later]A young guy from the store drives me and groceries back to the cabin using a golf cart. When we are almost there, I see Kathy sitting on the edge of the picnic table smoking a cigarette and having conversation with about six or eight middle age men. That wouldn’t be so unusual, but this is a nudist resort and everyone is naked.Nobody pays attention to me and the young guy as we park the golf cart and make a couple of trips back and forth into the cabin. After putting things away and filling the refrigerator, I strip naked then take Kathy a bottle of water. As I hand it to her she suddenly grasps the back of my neck and pulls me close then begins kissing me in front of all these men! She sticks her tongue in my mouth and swirls it around for a few moments then pushes me away from her and announces, “Hey guys, this is my brother Kenny. He has a fantasy about having sex with me, so I decided to invite him to this resort for the weekend. Tonight, I’m going to let him fuck me for the first time.”One of the men asks Kathy, “Is he your real brother or stepbrother?”Kather replies, “To anwer your question, we have the same parents and grew up together. I would show you our birth certificates, but we didn’t bring them with us. Kenny has been wanting to have sex with me ever since we were teenagers, so I finally decided to make his fantasy come true.”Another one of the men says, “For some reason, I believe that you are telling the truth. Can we come over later tonight and watch? You are apparently an exhibitionist and might enjoy having an audience.”Kathy replies, “You are a good judge of character. Sure you guys can come over and watch us fuck. We are going to do it right here on this picnic table. The sun goes down about nine o’clock, so that’s when the show starts. See you then.”The men take turns shaking Kathy’s hand and kissing her on the cheek then walk away in different directions. I stare at Kathy for a few moments then say, “Are you out of your mind? How could you tell those strangers that I am your brother and we are going to fuck later tonight?”She replies, “Well, like you said, they are strangers and we will most likely never see them again after this weekend. So, who cares? If they want to watch us have sex then I say let them.”I tell Kathy, “I just hope this isn’t a sick joke of yours and you won’t let me fuck you. Anyway, I don’t want to discuss it anymore right now. Let’s walk around the lake then go swimming when we get back.”[Twenty minutes later]At the far end of the lake there is a vendor selling ice cream cones, so we stop and order two.The vendor says, “You must be Kathy.”Kathy stops licking her ice creams and replies, “That’s right mister. My name is Kathy. How did you know?”The vendor says, “A couple of my friends came by earlier and they described you. Beautiful tall blonde with an awesome slender toned body and perfect breasts. Anyway, they told me that you and your brother are going to have sex tonight for the first time tonight at nine o’clock and told me which cabin. I will definitely be there.”As we continue our walk, I say to Kathy, “See what you have done! The whole nudist resort knows what we are going to do and there could be dozens of people watching us! This whole thing is getting out of control. Maybe we should get dressed and go home.”Kathy finishes eating her ice cream cone then says, “Are you saying that you don’t want to fuck me tonight?”I reply to her, “Of course I want to fuck you, but I don’t think we really need an audience of naked men watching us.”[After walking around the lake]Kathy gets two beach towels and suntan oil from the cabin then we go over to the beach a short distance away. After spreading out the towels on the warm sand, she lays down on her stomach and tells me to put oil on her backside. I squirt a generous amount on her back and legs then spend a couple of minutes rubbing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it around.We are quiet for thirty minutes or so then she turns over on her back and tells me to put some on her front. I tell her, “I’m not doing that because my cock will definitely get hard. It’s almost got hard several times this afternoon, but luckily I’ve been able to mentally suppress it.”Kathy replies, “If your dick gets hard then just lay on your stomach until it goes away. Now, put some suntan oil on me before I get burned and turn red.”I hesitate for a few moments then squirt a generous amount of oil all over her breasts, stomach and legs. Rubbing the oil around on her naked body is giving me an erection. There isn’t anybody around right now watching us, so I’m enjoying having a boner outdoors in public. My cock is unusually hard and beginning to throb with anticipation of me fucking my sexy sister Kathy tonight.Suddenly, Kathy reaches over and grabs my cock then wraps her fingers around it. I try to push her hand away, but she holds on tight and starts laughing. I plead with her to stop because there are people walking towards us. She releases her grasp then I quickly turn over on my stomach.After about a half hour we go swimming for short time then hold hands and walk back to the cabin. Kathy goes inside then I dump some charcoal into the grill and light it.With the front door of the cabin open, I watch as Kathy takes a quick shower then spends a few minutes typing on her laptop computer. After a while she appears at the doorway and asks me if I would like a cold beer. I tell her that sounds good, so she brings the beers and her cigarettes out and sits down on the picnic table next to me.About fifteen minutes later the charcoal is ready, so we go into the cabin. I get the chicken from the refrigerator and pause to watch as Kathy prepares a tossed green salad and some other fresh vegetables with dressing that I purchased at the store earlier. She looks so damn sexy standing there naked chopping up the vegetables.I set the chicken on the counter then get behind her and start caressing her breasts. Feeling her naked ass cheeks against my cock gives me an immediate erection. Kathy starts moaning and bends over slightly then I grab my cock slowly guide it inside her pussy.We fuck for only about ten seconds then suddenly there is a knock on the door! Not knowing who it is, I quickly pull my cock out of Kathy then turn around and get behind the shower curtain.Kathy quickly regains her composure then walks over to see who it is. I hear someone say, “Hi Kathy, my name is Bob and I own this resort. I heard a rumor that you and your brother are going to have sex tonight outside on the picnic table but apparently you have already started. Anyway, I would like you to know that having sex outdoors in public is against the rules, especially when the two people are blood related. Last weekend I caught an eighteen year old guy fucking his thirty-six year old mother outside their cabin on the beach in broad daylight. That woman was a real looker too with a nice petite body. She could have a sexual affair with any man she wants, but decided to have one with her own son. That’s really sick, so I called her husband and he said they were supposed to be visiting grandma for a few days.” Kathy turns on her charm and says, “Oh Bob, I am sorry. It is my first time here and I was just joking around with the guys. I had no idea that people would take me seriously. Bob, I assure you that nothing unusual is going on here tonight.”Bob replies, “Well, okay. You and your brother can fuck inside the cabin like I saw walking up here, but don’t do it outdoors. Have a nice evening.”My cock has deflated slightly, so I get the chicken and go outside and put it on the grill. Kathy finishes making the salad a few minutes later then brings us a couple of more beers.After a while the sun drops below the horizon and it becomes visibly darker outside. I check the chicken and it’s cooked good, so Kathy goes into the cabin and brings out the salad, dinner rolls, paper plates and everything else we need.We have a really nice dinner then Kathy clears the table and puts everything away in the cabin. She comes back outside in the dark with her cigarettes. Just as she lights one up a group of about a dozen or more naked men walk up to the picnic table and ask when the show is going to begin.Kathy tells them about Bob’s visit then one of the guys says, “Yeah, he told us about it too, so we made a deal with him. We gave him a hundred dollars to break the rules just this one time. If we get to watch you have sex with your brother, Bob gets to keep the money. If you were joking around and there isn’t any show then we get our money back. To top off the deal, we have another hundred dollars cash as an incentive to fuck while we watch.”Kathy contemplates for a few moments then says, “Come back in thirty minutes after most of the people are in their cabins then my brother and I will put on a show that you won’t ever forget.”Kathy is visibly nervous as she lights up another cigarette and tells me to get another couple of beers for us. Exactly thirty minutes later naked men start showing up and begin forming a circle around the picnic table where Kathy and I are sitting next to each other. I look at her then we begin tongue kissing.After a couple of minutes she suddenly tells me güvenilir bahis şirketleri to stand up. I look around and guess there must be at about twenty guys watching us. Kathy gets down on her knees in front of me then opens her mouth and begins giving me a blowjob.One of the guys says, “Wow, she is sucking her brothers cock! This is worth the five dollars that I invested and the show has just started!”I grab Kathy’s head and start pushing my cock down her throat. She starts gagging, so I pull her head back to let her take a deep breath. We keep doing this over and over for the next five or six minutes then I tell her sit on the edge of the picnic table and lean back on her elbows.I immediately bury my face in her smooth shaved pussy. She begins moaning loudly and thrashing around while I flick my long tongue in and out of her. After a few minutes, I stand up straight then grab her ankles and pull her to the edge of the picnic table. Kathy looks at me and says, “Kenny, maybe we should stop at this point. What if my husband, your wife and our parents say if they found out we are having sexual relations. I’ve changed my mind and don’t think we should do this. These guys are going to get their money back, so let’s stop right now in go inside the cabin. We will put our clothes back on then drive home in the morning.”I rub my hard cock up and down Kathy’s pussy lips a few times then slowly guide myself inside her. She continues to complain that we shouldn’t be doing this. After the entire length of my cock is buried inside my sister Kathy’s pussy, I pause for a moment and tell her that she is right. We shouldn’t be doing this and I will pull my cock out of her.I slowly withdraw my cock about half way out then plunge it back in and start fucking her!Kathy screams, “You lying bastard! Stop fucking me right now! I’m your sister! Stop fucking me1″Kathy tries to scramble backwards to get away from me but I grab her waist with both my hands and continue roughly fucking her. She props herself up on her elbows and yells, “I am going to tell your wife if you don’t take your cock out of me right now!”I reply, “Go ahead. I will then tell your husband that you invited me here and it was your idea that we fuck!”After a few minutes of fucking she props herself up on her elbows and says, “I’m sorry for being a bitch and want to apologize. It’s just that this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my life and was having guilt feelings. I’m over it now and really turned on. We are sick perverts to be doing this but I find it very pleasurable. We should have started doing this years ago.”About ten minutes later I pull out of Kathy then tell her to get on her knees. She quickly does what she was told then opens her mouth. I stuff my cock inside then seconds later ejaculate. My God, that was awesome. I just fucked my sister then ejaculated in her mouth. What a cum slut she is! I was so focused on fucking Kathy that I didn’t realize all the guys around us were masturbating.Suddenly, one of the guys steps from the crowd towards Kathy. She is still on her knees and the guy ejaculates a big load of sperm into her hair. She notices the others are going to do the same thing, so she closes her eyes and waits. One by one they take turns stepping towards Kathy and ejaculate on her face. I think about ten guys ejaculated on her face then the eleventh guy steps forward and gently pushes his hard cock against Kathy’s lips. To my surprise, Kathy opened her mouth. The guy grabs her head and roughly throat fucks her for a minute then ejaculates making her gag and cough. The others see what just happened and do the same thing! Probably another ten or more guys wait in line to fuck Kathy in the mouth. This is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life!Kathy remains silently on her knees with her eyes closed and mouth open until the last guy finishes and walks away. She then says to me, “Are they all done and gone?”Suddenly, three more naked young guys about eighteen years old walk up and talk with me. They want to fuck Kathy, so I ask her if it’s okay. She agrees and I quickly get the beach towel from the cabin. Kathy, with her eyes still closed, lays down on it and the first guy mounts her missionary style and fucks her good. About five minutes later, he suddenly stops and ejaculates inside her.The second eighteen year old doesn’t care about Kathy’s sperm filled pussy and fucks her anyway. He lasts a long time, perhaps ten minutes before ejaculating inside her. The third and final guy has been masturbating and it took him only a minute or two of fucking before ejaculation.Kathy asks me again, “Is that the last of them? I think that I’ve had enough sex for one night.”It’s been about two hours since I have ejaculated, but seeing my sperm soaked sexy sister being fucked has made my cock hard again. I reply to Kathy, “There is one more guy that wants to fuck you.”She replies, “Okay, but thats the last one. I’ve had enough.”I tell her, “Turn over and get up on your hands and knees. He wants go fuck you from behind.”Kathy gets into position then I push my hard cock against her asshole. She says, “Oh my God, you have another erection and want to fuck me in the ass! You are my brother and this is not going happen! I’m not going to let you fuck me in the ass! That is taking perversion to a whole new level.”I thought it might be difficult and perhaps a little painful for Kathy to have anal sex, but the sperm from the guys trickled out of her pussy and is lubricating her asshole. It’s my lucky day.Kathy begins struggling but my cock suddenly pushes past her sphincter muscle and she relaxes. I slowly keep pressure and after about a minuter or two, my hard cock is all the way inside her ass.[To be continued…]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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