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SistesAs a teenager I was into the usual things footy, music and hanging out with the crew, there was 6 of us and all went to the same school Mark and Allen James (AJ) they where brothers and next door neighbours, Tony Myself Craig and Karen & Sally Identical twins who lived 3 doors down, we always hung out together but nothing serious. As time went by we all sort of done our own thing we hung out together but not as much as we did, I started to fancy Karen and found out she fancied me, one day I got up the courage to ask her out to the pictures, knee’s knocking and sweating like hell I asked if she wanted to go, before I could get all the words out she had excepted.We carried on as a group but one hot day we all hung out at the park, having a great laugh, Karen bent down and her top fell open all I could see was 2 lovely tits with nice hard nipples, my cock went stiff straight away I pulled my hand across to hide the huge lump and carried on looking at this awesome sight. Karen noticed I was looking and looked up smiling and winking at me. I had to adjust myself as it was getting uncomfortable, I said I was going for a walk and shot of to find a nice quiet corner, finding one I unzipped my trousers pulling out my stiff cock and started to rub it.I closed my eyes as I beat my rod, it felt good and could feel myself nearly Cumming, I heard a noise and stopped to see Karen standing looking at me, “well don’t stop never seen a guy wank off” “well never seen a woman’s boobs until I seen yours, smiling I carried on rubbing my cock all of a sudden a huge stream of cum shot from my cock, “wow” Karen starred at amount of cum shot from my cock going soft straight away. As we rejoined the rest we sat chatting having a little cuddle during the day.The weekend came and the date was going well we sat in the back row not watching much of the film to busy kissing and feeling Karen’s tits, my cock was growling to get out but if it had escaped I think Karen would of squealed at the size. After the film had finished we left walking slowly home as we passed a small ally we nipped down there for a quick kiss, as we kissed I felt Karen’s hard nipples and her sexy soft ass, my cock was hard again as Karen rubbed her hand over the lump, “Mmmmm that is big” I slipped my hand up her skirt feeling her panties “no please Craig not yet but soon” “ok that’s fine I’m going to have to do something about this though”, looking at the big lump standing out, “well I’m horny but will wait” Karen says.I got my cock out rubbing it hard as Karen watched with another huge load fly from my cock, “wow that is huge, do you feel better” “yes much why don’t you touch it”?. As Karen reached out touching his limp cock she wet her lips, “Mmm that feels good can’t wait until I have that in me” as Karen smiled and said she has to get home. As we reached Karen’s I kissed her and watched her go in, I then went in myself, going upstairs I sat on the bed when my phone rang it was Karen, “what’s the matter Karen” “nothing I want you to hear me cum” describing what she was doing.“I have my hand on my pussy rubbing my lips, I am so wet thinking of your big cock, Oh my god I’m so wet my finger has slipped in, Mmmmmmmm I have 2 fingers in my baby what are you doing”?, I’m trying to get my cock stiff rubbing it like mad” “Oh mmmmm god you are so big my fingers are in and out of my pussy my nipples are hard I want you to suck them, I’m Cumming close Oh god yes, yes, yes Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmm that’s better never cum when talking to someone before are you hard Craig”? “No sorry I’m not can’t get hard after what came out earlier” laughing like mad we said our goodnight’s and hung up. The following morning I phoned Karen asking if she wanted to hang out “Mmmmmmmm what do you want to hang out” “you dirty mare your thinking of my cock” “who me no I’m still a virgin” Karen said laughing “yer you are until I get your panties off” “who said I’m wearing panties ? Who says I’m going to wear them either” Karen laughed as she hung up. I knocked on Karen’s door as it opened Sally answered and asked me in “she’s upstairs go on up” as I went to her room knocked and walked in to see Karen bent over picking up something, my eyes opened wide when all I saw was a perfect ass and the sweetest pussy slit in the world, I licked my lips as I felt my cock getting hard, Karen tried to cover her fanny “oh hi” as Karen blushed grabbing a pair of knickers she covered up her pussy “shame that I was really enjoying the view” Craig said laughing “well now you have seen it you might as well keep looking at it” as Karen pulled her knickers down and laid on the edge of the bed legs wide open. Craig’s cock was solid at the site of Karen’s pussy nicely trimmed she sat up removing her t shirt and laying down again she was now naked “now what you going to do about this” as Karen run her hands over her body, Craig was sweating as he locked the door so they wasn’t disturbed, walking over to the bed all Craig could do is look at what lay before him sitting down he nervously touched Karen on the belly “Mmmmmmmm nice it ok I don’t bite” giggling as Craig licked his lips his hand travelled up onto her tits feeling them gently Karen gasped arching her back with pleasure.“Lay down and enjoy” as Karen sat up and unzipped his trousers pulling out what was a rock solid cock, rubbing it softly it thickened immediately “omg it getting bigger” as Karen looked at Craig, he looked at her hand only just able to go around the shaft “are you sure you want to do this Karen” as she nodded her head, she pushed herself up her bed and Craig stood up getting naked, before laying on the bed next to her kissing her softly.As they explored each other’s naked form both as nervous as hell Karen whispered to Craig “make love to me baby” as Craig reached over pulling out a condom and rolled it onto his cock, getting i between her legs he guided it into her pussy, Karen moaned softly as Craig’s cock pushed her lips open as he slipped in to her very wet pussy, they kissed as Craig slipped in a bit further finally slipping the full length in his hung balls nestled against her ass. “Hmmmmmm that feels good” as her pussy muscles gripped his shaft, Craig sucked on her nipples flicking them with his tongue, he smiled as he looked at Karen and started to move his hips up and down, Karen closed her eyes as they made love, Karen groaned with pleasure as Craig started to thrust a bit harder making Karen moan a bit louder. Craig was close to Cumming as Karen whispered she was, as Craig felt his condom fill with cum Karen groaned Cumming as well, Craig slipped out and rolled off Karen both breathing heavy, Craig’s cock hung down going softer every second, reaching down he pulled off the condom and wrapping it in paper, “well” “well what” Craig said “well was it worth the wait” Karen said “hell yer it sure was I’m güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sorry I didn’t last longer but will do next time” laughing as he said it “oh are you sure there will be a next time, now I’ve had it maybe I might want something else” laughing Craig said “well have a lot more to offer than what hangs down”, smiling he sat up and got in between Karen’s legs “what you doing” Karen said “your see as he lowered his head and started to lick her pussy “Oh god” Karen gasped as Craig slowly licked up and down her slit, Karen grabbed the quilt as the pleasure made her arch her back, Craig buried his face deep into Karen’s pussy forcing her onto the bed.“Lick my pussy” as Karen demanded pushing Craig’s head deep onto her muff, Craig was lapping up her juices and teasing her clit as Karen shook violently with a orgasm that ripped through her body, Craig sat up as Karen lay there shocked at what had just happened, “Omg how the hell did I not scream” “no idea but I know how good you taste” Craig smiled and stood up Karen could see Craig’s cock was getting firm “shall we go out for a while and come back and let me take care of that thing” looking straight at Craig’s cock.They got dressed and went down stairs Sally was sitting in the living room “had a good time up there you 2” laughing as she said it “dunno what you mean s*s” Karen smiled as I looked at Sally as Karen went out the door Sally licked her lips and put her fingers up as to say I know you have a huge cock, as we walked down the road we met a few of the guys and we all went in to town, enjoying the afternoon Karen and I decided to slope off and enjoy each other’s company. As we walked we got chatting about what happened that morning, “well I better repay you for that tonguing you gave me” as Karen led Craig into the woods finding a nice secluded spot she knelt down and unzipped his trousers reaching in and pulled out his cock and started to suck it.As Karen sucked it slowly Craig’s cock grew until it stood straight his balls hung down as Karen cupped them in her hand, gripping his shaft she started to rub it slowly teasing the slit in the head, Craig groaned at how good it felt “how would you like to fuck me again” “ I have no condoms” “well I’m horny would you pull out and cum over my ass” “ok” as Karen pulled her panties off laying on the ground, Craig knelt down guiding his cock into her sweet pussy, Craig pushed in slowly as he opened Karen’s top and lifting her bra he sucked her nipples slowly, Karen wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to move up and down making Karen groan.Craig started to move a bit faster as he suggested Karen get on her knees, he pulled out as Karen turned round and got on her knees, Craig guided his cock in again holding Karen’s hips as he started to thrust forward, he could see her tits moving every time he pushed in, he looked down to see his cock moving in and out of her pussy coated in her juices “oh god I’m Cumming Craig” as he thrust harder and harder, Karen cried out as she let rip with a massive yell Cumming 2 or 3 times, Craig could feel his cock twitching, as he pulled out and rubbed his cock hard before he shot his load over her ass, Karen turned round so she could get it on her tits as well.As Craig let go his cock hung down seeping a bit of cum Karen took hold and sucked it “Mmmmmm” as she slurped and sucked it clean, “nice maybe next time you can cum in my mouth, would you like too”? Craig nodded his head as they got dressed Karen gave Craig her panties “there you go your trophy” laughing as they went, arriving back home Karen kissed Craig and went in. That evening Craig decided to pop round for a few hours knocking on the door Sally answered “she not here gone out with mum and dad, but you can come in and chat for a while” as we sat chatting Sally started to flirt a bit, she was well known for it and had just broken up with Mark, “you’re trying to flirt with me Sally” “who me no way” laughing as she got up and walked upstairs saying she wouldn’t be long.Sally re appeared smiling and sat opposite me, chatting away she opened her legs slightly all I could see was a smooth pussy, “do you like what you see Craig” “well yes but it would be wrong to even think about it” as Craig could feel his cock starting to get hard, Sally stood up walking towards Craig, and sat next to him, kissing him on the lips Craig reacted feeling her tits, Sally’s nipples were hard as she felt Craig’s bulge “FUCKING HELL” she shouted “what the hell have you in their ?” as Craig lay back for Sally to unzip him.Slowly she pulled the zip down as a lump sprung up, she reached in pulling his cock free, Sally’s eyes widened as she sat back looking at Craig’s huge cock, “OMG that is massive” as she took hold of it rubbing it slowly, Craig smiled as Sally bent down and started to suck it deep in her mouth “Mmmmm” as she sucked and licked the head “you will destroy my pussy when you fuck me” Craig reached down rubbing Sally’s nipples making her moan with pleasure “fuck me like you did Karen, I want to feel that in me” Sally said standing up and taking off her clothes. Sally had a sexy body like her sister only difference is Sally had a shaved pussy and a pierced belly button, as she stood naked in front of Craig; Craig looked as he rubbed his cock, getting up he took off his clothes “Mmmmmm nice body” Sally said “your well fitter than Mark” (Mark was Sally’s boyfriend) as Craig bent Sally over and reached into his trousers pulling out a condom “oh no need for that I’m on the pill Mark fucks me regular and always cum’s in me” “ok” as Craig put back the condom and returned to Sally’s sexy body, dropping to his knees he buried his head into the crack of her ass and licked her pussy making sally gasp.Craig stood up and guided his cock deep into Sally’s wet hole “omg your going to split me in 2”as Craig pushed slowly in smacking her ass cheek “shut up bitch I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are” “Oh god yes fuck me I’ a total slut I have fucked other guy’s besides Mark” Craig had heard she had and been told she was a good ride, as Craig grabbed her hips and started to move back and forth making Sally groan. “Oh god yes feel’s so fucking good, never had such a big cock before” as Craig upped his thrust making Sally moan louder. Craig reached forward grabbing Sally’s tits cupping each in his hand and playing with her nipples Sally moaned and sighed as a orgasm pleased her body.Craig pulled out and demanded Sally suck his cock, as she knelt down he mouth fucked her shoving his cock down her throat as far as he could making her gag, as Sally grabbed his cock wanking it hard and sucking his huge balls whilst she fingered her pussy with her other hand, Sally sat up on the sofa opening her legs she reached down pulling her pussy lips apart and said “come fill this” as Craig moved in sliding tipobet güvenilir mi all the way in Sally groaned with the feeling her pussy lips where being stretched “Mmmmmmm oh god yes” as she wrapped her long legs round Craig driving her hips up so his cock went all in, “fuck my pussy make me yell” as Craig slammed his cock in and out of her Sally begging for more and more, Sally shook and cried out as Craig shot a huge load deep into her pussy, pumping like mad Sally kept Cumming until she collapsed in a bundle, Craig pulled out as he saw a beautiful shaved cream pie pussy, Sally’s lips slightly open as the cum dripped down the crack of her ass.“Omg that was awesome never had so much cum in me before” as she looked at Crag’s flaccid cock hanging down his huge balls each side, Sally got up and went upstairs as Craig sat on the sofa after dressing, Sally returned a while later after having a shower, “well that was fun” Sally laughed “yep good fun worth every inch” Craig smiled rubbing his trousers “Jesus you’re not hard again are you” Sally said “not yet but will be soon I recover very quick”. “Oh, well I can blow you if you want but my pussy is so tender” Craig laughed “no just saying I recover quick but you can suck it anytime yu can deep throat and your sister can’t”.“Karen must love that in her she one lucky bitch, Mark is ok but don’t always make me cum and I fake it so he is pleased, he cum’s to quick you pay attention to my pussy” “well have to say you do have a sweet pussy, and nice and smooth as well, your sister isn’t” “oh well I better come and please you then” winking and smiling as she sat next to me, rubbing Craig’s trouser front, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his limp cock and started to suck it. Sally played with his balls as Craig lay back his eyes closed as Sally worked her magic on his limp meat. Craig could feel his cock getting slightly hard as he watched Sally sucking on his cock, he thought if Karen walked in he was dead, but was unable to stop Sally had now got Craig solid and was sucking his cock nearly all the way down her throat, wanking it hard Craig could feel his cock start to throb as Sally took it out of her mouth, before sucking it again Craig groaned as he felt a huge spurt of cum shoot from his cock followed by a flow that went down Sally’s throat.“Hmmmmmmm now that is what I call a blow job” as Sally swallowed every drop, and nodding her head got up and sat on the sofa opposite. “Well looks like we can’t leave it with just once can we”? “well not really as I want it more and you can’t get enough of me” as sally smiled with what she had just said. Craig had to agree she was a good ride and knew what to do with a cock unlike a her sister who was a bit slow on the up take, when it came to sex. The concentration was broken with Karen and her parents coming through the door “hi didn’t know you was coming round” Karen said “well didn’t know you was going out so thought I would pop round, but Sally has been the perfect host keeping me entertained all evening” “I bet she has” as Karen looked at Sally, she knew what Sally was like, little did she know she was right, what a ride, never had a BJ like it and she swallowed as well, loved to be fucked and could deep throat as well.We went to Karen’s room and sat on the bed “well did she try it on” “no hun she started to flirt a bit but it was harmless” I had to lie as if I had told her all she would of killed her sister, “ok well do you want to have a bit of fun” as Karen stood up and undone her top and bra, walking towards me I started to kiss her tits and suck her nipples, my hand went up her skirt and onto her ass, “fell my pussy your smile” as I slipped my hand down her panties it was smooth as silk “Oh wow you shaved it” as Karen nodded her head I slipped 2 fingers in deep making Karen groan, rubbing her clit hard she whimpered with a little orgasm “I’m fucking horny” she whispered as Karen pulled down her panties and bent over to the side of me.“I have no condoms I haven’t been to the shop”, “I don’t care I need cock right now cum in me baby I would say it will be safe” as Craig got up lifting Karen’s skirt and pulling out his hard cock he slipped it deep into Karen, grabbing her hips he fucked Karen hard as his balls swung, Karen groaned as Craig slipped right in, he reached forward and rub her clit with his finger fast, as Karen gasped, Karen’s tits swung back and forth as she groaned Cumming juices run down her leg as she begged for more, wanting me to fill her pussy with cum, Cumming again I could feel my cock as I slammed in deep pumping my load, Karen fell onto the bed cum dripping from her slit, “Mmmmmmm that was needed I have been horny for a few hours, I shaved my pussy as a surprise for you, and got that turned on had to finger myself after Sally shaves her pussy you know” “oh right well lucky Mark and very lucky me” as Craig smiled looking at Karen laying spread legged and a smooth pussy, I better get home before mum and dad send out a search party, laughing he kissed Karen goodnight and left meeting Sally at the front door, “how about another good fuck tomorrow no one will be here and I will show you how I ride a big cock, and it is nothing to what you just did to Karen”. “Ok tomorrow at my place save the risk of Karen popping in did you like what you saw” “yer you have a nice ass, very tight and your balls just hang Mmmmm see you tomorrow” as I left. The following day I waited for Sally to arrive I had spoken to Karen and all was well with her she would not be back until late evening and would not be seeing her until the next day, the door bell rang it was Sally, as I opened the door there she stood as sexy as ever opening her coat “well do you want this and more” as I looked her up and down she walked in, walking upstairs I followed her and into my room, sitting on the bed Sally beckoned me over with her finger and told me to stand in front of her, like a naughty school boy I did as I was told. “Right now let’s get your cock in my mouth” as she unzipped my jeans and reaching into my boxers grabbing the semi hard cock and started to suck it, her warm mouth felt great around my cock as she slowly sucked down the shaft, feeling my balls all I could do is watch in awe as she sucked the whole length down her throat.My cock now was solid you could of swung off it as Sally wanked it sucking it every so often, laying back Sally started to strip and got onto the bed, I took the rest of my clothes off and joined her, as w lay on the bed kissing Sally whispered “fuck me I’m gagging for it” as I sucked her hard nipples and rubbed her smooth wet slit, Sally groaned opening her legs so my fingers could slip in, “fuck me now” as I got in between her legs sliding my cock in making Sally gasp, her pussy muscles gripped my shaft as I started to fuck her slowly sucking her nipples tipobet giriş it made her cum. Sally wrapped her legs around Craig’s waste, making it easier for Craig to fuck Sally harder, ramming his cock in and out all Sally could do is moan and beg for more as orgasms ripped through her body.Craig could feel his cock getting thicker as he slowed down before he shot a huge load deep in Sally’s pussy triggering more orgasms, Craig rolled off breathing heavy his cock lay across his thigh, Sally rolled over kissing him and feeling his limp cum soaked cock, “oh god your fucking amazing” smiling as Sally kissed Craig again, Craig put his hand on Sally’s pussy rubbing it slowly both rolling about the bed Sally kissed Craig’s chest working her way onto his cock, sucking each ball deep in her mouth, Craig just lay back watching Sally.“Turn round so I can lick your pussy” as Sally sat on Craig’s face he started to suck on her clit and nibble her pussy lips Sally moaned loudly at what Craig was doing, as she started to suck on his limp meat again so he could fuck her even harder. Craig slipped his tongue deep into Sally licking the juices that dripped from her slit, she was now sucking Craig’s cock deep down her throat, Craig took his mouth off her pussy saying “get on your knees” Sally did as she was asked burying her head in the pillows Craig slipped his cock into her gaping pussy, smacking her ass cheek he grabbed her hips, and started to fuck her.Craig could see Sally’s tit’s move with every thrust as he smacked her other ass cheek “oh god smack me again I’m your bitch” as Craig spanked her again and again, her cheeks started to glow red as he pulled out nudging his cock onto her ass, slowly pushing it in, Sally sighed Craig now had half his cock deep in sally’s ass was pushing more in Sally moaned with pleasure as Craig’s big cock stretched Sally’s ring to the limit as it finally went in the full length, “fuck me feels like I’m bunged up and my ass is split in 2” as Craig slowly pushed his cock in and out of Sally’s ass, making her groan with extreme pleasure.“As Craig fucked Sally he reached forward and played with her tits making her cum again, Sally reached back and rubbed her clit making herself moan louder and louder, he could feel my cock thicken as I grabbed Sally’s hips with one final thrust I pumped his load into her making her cry out with pleasure, pulling out and sitting back his cock slipped out as she fell on the bed twisting over, “I’ve never been fucked up the ass before” Craig smiled as he stood up his cock hung down, Sally lay on the bed looking at Craig “Mmmmmm now that is a sight, nice long limp cock my pussy sure did enjoy that, do you think Karen would do a 3 some”? “Hmmm I dunno possibly lets me try to convince her, then I can fuck you and not be worried about being caught” laughing as he sat down.That evening when with Karen Craig was getting Karen so horny she wouldn’t be able to refuse any suggestion Craig made, as he slipped his hand up her skirt and into her knockers rubbing her clit making her dripping wet, “babe” Craig said “have you ever fantasised at all about sex” “well I have to confess would like to watch you fuck someone whilst I played” “oh I see well I dunno if I could do that babe I would feel funny unless we knew someone very well but I can’t see anyone letting me fuck them”. “How about Sally would you fuck her” Karen said “hmmmm well would be ok if you joined in” “WHAT a 3 way you mean NO WAY” “why not you could watch and enjoy me as well”.Karen thought for a while and agreed she will try, the following day Karen spoke to Sally who agreed straight away, that evening Karen rang saying Sally was all for it and arranged to do it Saturday night as Parents were away. For the next few days Karen and I did not see each other as she was at collage and I was working, that Saturday I went to Karen’s going in and had a drink Sally came up and started to kiss me as I started to feeling her tits it made Sally orgasm, Karen started to kiss me as Sally dropped to her knee’s getting my cock out and started to suck it.“Oi greedy bitch make sure you leave me some so he can fuck my pussy” “you have to wait I want this in me it’s huge” as Sally laughed. Sally started to strip making me harder I looked across as Karen was now naked playing with her tits looking down Sally had now got naked as Craig pulled his cock out of Sally’s mouth and laid on the couch. Karen looked and knelt down taking hold of his cock she slowly sucked it “go on deep throat him” Sally encouraged Karen “I can’t it to big” Karen said “move over I will show you how” as Karen moved over and Sally started to suck as her head bobbed up and down going deeper Craig’s cock disappeared down Sally’s throat.“Omg how the hell did you get all that down your throat” Karen said as Sally lifted up “well you slowly suck it and move further down and try not to gag he may blow his load laughing “I fucking wish but have never got the full length in” as Karen slowly sucked his cock again Sally sat on Craig’s face making him lick her pussy, Karen was getting more confident and she slowly sucked Craig’s cock deeper playing with his balls, she could hear Craig lapping her sisters pussy, Karen decided to swallow as Craig’s cock disappeared down her throat making Craig groan and arch his back.Karen slowly sucked up and down and playing with his balls as they hung down she could feel his cock getting thicker as he moaned and pumped his huge load down her throat Karen rubbing his balls, to make sure she got the full lot, Sally screamed as she had an orgasm rip through her body. Karen finally lifted her head letting his cock, slip from her mouth as Sally got up, Karen smiled wiping the corners of her mouth “yummmmmm this was tasty” as they all got into bed Craig was in the middle like the filling in a sandwich.Craig sucked on Karen’s nipples whilst rubbing her clit making her cum in moments, turning over to Sally doing the same thing, Sally climbed over Craig and pushed him over “now for some real fun” as she went down the bed and started to play with Karen’s pussy, Craig pulled the quilt back and watched, Sally finger, lick and play with Karen’s pussy, she was gasping for air as he watched in amazement at some girl on girl action and sisters as well. “Wow never seen that before” Craig said “well watch and enjoy” as Sally went back to licking Karen’s pussy, Karen was in heaven her eyes closed her head rolling from side to side as Sally teased her clit until it was peeping out and then nibbling it lightly.Before long Karen was screaming a orgasm and gushed like a fountain, when Sally got up I replaced her doing the same whilst Sally made me hard and made me cum again whilst milking me. As life went on Sally moved in with myself and Karen having some real good fun as well as watching them having man good night’s of sex both sharing me until Sally moved out and got married, but every couple of week’s she would stay the weekend with her husband and whilst I fucked Sally to the point of destroying her pussy whilst her Husband fucked Karen, but had to re do her after as he always cum to quick……………………………

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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