Slutty Sarah wins a wet t-shirt competition. She w

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Slutty Sarah wins a wet t-shirt competition. She wShe’s back, boys, and sluttier than ever. In this true story she tells me how she took part in a wet t-shirt contest, won it and got herself fucked afterwards. I saw her in a bar a few days ago and we started talking. Her friend had to leave, so Sarah and I sat with a drink or two. I asked her what she had been doing recently. I won’t bore you with the other things, so let’s get down to the wet t-skirt contest she entered.She’d been on holiday to America, around Spring Break time and seen an advert for a wet t-shirt competition. She told me ‘I’ve always wished I’d had the courage to enter one and I thought that no one in America knew me, so what the hell, I’d do it. It got to the day and I was so nervous, that I had to have a drink or two before I had enough courage to go to the event. I wore a short, flared skirt, high-heel boots and I took a thin, white t-shirt with me. At the event other girls and me had to register and show proof of our age. I thought my t-shirt was thin enough, but the organiser, who I was going to get to know very, very well, later, gave us tiny, tiny t-shirt that were almost transparent, even before they had water on them. He had a motorhome behind the stage and he let us change in there. One girl, when she put the t-shirt on, looked in a mirror and saw that her nipples were already visible through the material. She said ‘I don’t know if I can do it. My boyfriend wants me to, but it’s so embarrassing to think that so many men are going to see me almost naked’. The rest of the girls and me talked her into doing it. The organiser knocked on the door and came in and let us out, around the side of the stage and up the steps. There were so, so many men there, all cheering like crazy, as twelve of us girls, hardly wearing anything, turned to face them. I still had on my mini-skirt, boots and under it the tiniest g-string that I own. Some music came on and we started to dance. The organiser was on a loud announcement system and was speaking into a microphone, whipping the boys up into a frenzy of expectancy. His assistant had a large water pack on his back and some sort of sprinkler attached to it. He started at one end of adapazar escort the line and slowly walked down in, drenching the front of our t-shirts with the water. I looked down at the front of mine and it had gone completely transparent. By boobs and my nipples were showing to all those men as they shouted and cheered. As I danced around, my boobs, well they aren’t huge, but they are bigger than average, were bouncing and wobbling around. I started to really enjoy myself and I put my arms out to either side and shook my shoulders. My boobs really wobbled and that brought a huge cheer up from the crowd. I was in the middle of the row of men and most of them seemed to be looking at me. I was loving the attention. I turned my back to them, bent forward so my mini-skirt rode up, and shook my bottom at them. I turned back to face them just as the organiser said on the announcement system ‘Go on girls, show us some boobs’. I pulled my t-shirt up, right above my boobs. I couldn’t believe it. I was showing my bare boobs to hundreds and hundreds of men, and I was loving them looking at me. I shook my shoulders again and my boobs wobbled back and fore. That bought the loudest cheer up from the guys, so I caught hold of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off, over my head, then threw it into the crowd. I was dancing around, topless, loving the attention. I glanced around. Non of the other girls were topless. A couple had pulled their t-shirts up and were giving the men little glimpses of their nipples, but none were being as daring as me. I turned my back to the men and lent forward again, just as the organiser was walking down the stage behind the line of us. I couldn’t believe what he did. With the microphone in one hand, his other hand moved down and he cupped my right boob in it, then had a squeeze and a feel of it. I let him feel me for a few seconds, then I pushed his hand away. I was a bit shocked, in a way, but, to be honest, I’d enjoyed him having a little fondle of me. It’d really excited me. I was bent forward and I reached up under my skirt and pulled my g-string down, very slowly. I don’t know how much I was showing all those men, but as I pulled it slowly down, there was an even escort adapazarı louder cheer. I guessed I must be showing my pussy. I kept it like that for a few seconds, then pulled it back up, straightened up and turned to face them again.It was only then that I realised something that should have been really obvious. Not only was I showing myself off to hundreds of men, but most of them had mobile phones in their hands. There was I, thinking that only some American men I’ll never see again were looking at me, but they’d been taking pictures of videos of me, too. I suddenly realised that within a few hours, videos of me showing my boobs and probably my pussy, would be all over the internet and would no doubt be seen by men who knew me, back home in the UK. Well, it was too late to worry by then. The organiser had stopped the music and was announcing that the audience was going to choose the winner by cheering the loudest for their favourite girl, as they each took it in turns to step forward.Well, I won. Most of the girls hadn’t even shown their boobs at all, and certainly none of them had shown their pussy.We all filed back off the stage and back to the motorhome, to get dried and dressed. As we walked down the steps, there were a load of men gathered around the bottom, on the grass. They were all using their mobile phones to shoot video. I did think of covering up my boobs with my hands, but, well, they’d seen them anyway and they’d cheered the loudest so I’d won, so I let them shoot their videos of me, topless, as I walked by them.Eventually the organiser came back in the motorhome. I’d taken of my mini-skirt and was trying to dry it. All the other girls had brought dry clothes with them. I hadn’t. He thanked the girls, told me to stay behind so he could give me my $300 prize, and the other girls all left. He got the money and looked at me. My little g-string wasn’t covering much at all. He said ‘You’ve got a lovely body. How about giving me a closer look at those lovely tits of yours?’ I hesitated for a moment, then I said ‘Okay. Lock the door then’. He turned to lock it and as he did, I quickly took of the dry t-shirt that I’d put on. He looked at my body. Now all I had on adapazarı escort bayan was the g-string and those high-heel boots. His eyes roamed up and down my body. He was a nice looking man and I liked his eyes on me. He stepped forward and cupped both of his hands over my boobs.We both knew what was going to happen. I was so sexually excited from showing myself off to all those men, and I needed an orgasm or two to calm me down. He looked at my boobs as his hands groped them, then he let go with his right hand and moved it down my stomach, and down the front of my g-string. He said ‘Your pussy’s soaking wet’, and he slid a finger up inside my vagina. My hands went to his belt at the front of his jeans. Soon my hand was down the front of them and I found a huge, erect dick waiting for me. He led me to the bedroom, and, well, he fucked me. I let him have a good look at my pussy. Well, it was only fair, after all about 300 or 400 men had already seen it. He put his head between my legs and with his thumbs, pulled my pussy lips apart and sucked my clitoris. I’d only thought I’d need two orgasms, but he gave me that many by sucking my clit and fingering me. His body was really muscular and I enjoyed running my hands over him almost as much as he was enjoying my body. He got on top of me and pretty soon he was banging away. He must have felt my whole body quivering as he gave me my third orgasm, since he slowed down and stopped thrusting up me, until it’s subsided. He let me recover, then I said ‘Okay, now really fuck me hard’.And, oh hell, he did. I was in heaven, having my tits felt and his big dick thrusting in and out of me. I came again, then so did he. Afterwards, I was exhausted, but I eventually got dressed and picked up my $300. He said ‘That was fun. There’s always one girl, usually the winner, who’s prepared to be fucked after the show. And today it was some Brit girl. Thank you ma’am’.So, I was his prize of the day. I didn’t care. I had $300 and I’d had four fantastic orgasms. Who cares if he thought I was today’s slut? I’d no sooner got back to the UK at the end of my holiday and I started receiving texts and emails from male friends saying there were wet t-shirt and topless videos of a girl who looks just like me, on porn websites, and asking if I had been to the USA recently? I left them guessing’.What could I do? After a story like that, I took Sarah home and fucked her. But, I gave her five orgasms. Who’s the daddy, now?”

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